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a partial password by stating that he had no luck so far so the only quote there is from julian assange and showing no luck so far and that's the d.o.j. his characterization to the public just as characterisation but it is referring to his attempts to crack a password or partial password given to him by chelsea manning but not giving us all the information or to ever take their word for it but those four words mean he was trying to crack a password it's pretty thin then clearly there's no evidence that he succeeded he actually helped bradley manning anyway but it is a conspiracy charge and the other part of the conspiracy charges that was trying to protect chelsea landings identity that is protect his source which is something that any journalist would do so even though the government is trying to say look this is nothing to do with a journalist's right to publish information even to buy their own diet but there are some real questions there about what this means for all of us if we do deal in classified information in the public interest chelsea manning was pardoned granted a different president did the pardoning i would think here that julian assange is just too toxic to maybe assume on his part that he could be had he done the same
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road. why i think we're a long way from thinking about that and also we should remember chelsea manning is currently in jail because this grand jury this grand jury investigation was convened while this indictment was from last month we knew the grand jury investigation was underway in november when the d.o.j. bungled. something a document of ever giving in relation to another case and they let slip that they actually were investigating us. and that's actually another reason why why there is such concern because the government is saying hey look we're just going for this for this charge one minor charge of hacking maximum five years he probably won't even get bad but it's notable that for a start that matter most of the language in this indictment does mirror the espionage act of nine hundred seventeen which face it which carries the death penalty and secondly we have this grand jury investigation in virginia which is continuing to investigate which means that if it does end up in the u.s.
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plenty more charges could be coming which couldn't in turn have enormous implications for the practice of journalism both in the u.s. and around the world so the u.s. is trying to say look look don't worry just five years about hocking but we know that there are more investigations underway into during the silence which could carry far more severe penalties and could really object with the right of journalists to publish information that governments either in the us or anywhere in the world don't particularly want to be public because they're embarrassing will show criminal wrongdoing thanks. still to come here on al-jazeera the polls close in the first phase of india's election widely seen as a referendum on prime minister narendra modi's first term in office. the choices we face the timetable is clear. and the day after meeting the e.u. the prime minister to resign made tells u.k. m.p.'s time's running out to strike a deal. i
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want to fly but they have more wet weather just making its way towards iran as we go on through the next day all says move out of the way you can see how this latest little line of cloud line is storms drift across iraq this one here just making its way some around basra just into the southeast all of iran iraq will make his way for the ace was this is to say to the southwest of iran as you can see the the flood waters do remain high the sun is out it's not raining a lace but we are still expecting more showers that will cause further problems and hence people moving their property after the way try to get to higher ground away from the flooding scattered showers they make their way back in this week i three friday is a similar picture as we go on into sas i think but the cloud around
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a child's to some wet weather just about anywhere across iran at this stage where the weather will be over towards afghanistan brush the weather over towards the ads and beirut to twenty four degrees celsius and pleasant sunshine coming through a lot of sunshine to across the robin is that we have got some cloud of rain you can see possibility of wanted to spots of rain them to the u.a.e. northern parts of amman southern areas of saudi arabia i'm also saturday. methamphetamines for me and my flooding into countries across i. one o one east off why all forces caught say to stop the med. on al-jazeera.
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you're watching al-jazeera and peter a reminder of your top stories this hour sudan's military has staged a coup after weeks of anti-government protests the defense minister says president or while the shia has been arrested and held in quotes a safe place the military will be in charge of a transitional council for two years and a state of emergency has been put in place for three months. the founder of wiki leaks been arrested in london and is facing an extradition warrant from the united states on charges of hacking police dragged julian our songs from the ecuadorian embassy where he spent the last seven years or inspected him for what they said
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were repeated violations of his political asylum. the south korean president when jay ins in a meeting with u.s. president donald trump right now in washington their aim to restart denuclearization talks with north korea is to trump walked away from a failed summit back in february after kim jong un insisted all u.s. sanctions be lifted on his country mr moon has been mediating efforts between washington and pyongyang let's talk now to my colleague washington correspondent for the south koreans what do you think the takeaway will point will be that they will then relate to the powers that be in pyongyang. well a lot of that is still being discussed we know that there was an effort in an idea being bandied about that potentially the south korean leader would present this concept to u.s. president or will china trump rather of a potentially smaller deal in order to restart talks by this meeting if the north
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korean leader committed to steps towards denuclearization not the complete denuclearization the u.s. is looking for that there might be an allowance for some joint economic projects between the north and the south but asked directly about this peter in just the last few moments in the oval office the president seemed to shrug off that suggestion saying that right now what he's looking for is the bigger deal that there could be smaller deals in the future but right now it is the big deal denuclearization of the korean peninsula that the u.s. is still working towards the president continues to try and sell the idea of sort of the economic potential of north korea that that is something that would be enticement in terms of trying to get the north to take these steps towards permanent denuclearization but again this is a very tough challenge for the south korean leader given the fact that there have been escalating tensions between the united states and north korea after that failed to annoy summit the choreography of these things always so crucial so interesting to watch as well i guess but mr trump surely can't march himself up to
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the top of the hill and say ok we'll have a third summit because he might risk coming back for a third time with nothing concrete to sell to anyone. you know incredibly though he hasn't ruled out a third summit as he was speaking in the oval office you know he says he believes that tremendous things will happen but the happen over time he seems to be buying himself time in the oval office saying just moments ago that this is a step by step process it will not go quickly he also pointed out that he had the opportunity to put in place even harsher economic sanctions than already exist but that because of his strong relationship with the north korean leader that he decided not to do that giving us a bit more clarity on a tweet last month that had something sort of similar to that effect so it appears that donald trump still feels there is an opportunity for a third summit that he's not ruling that out but it seems to be far away at this point and there's a lot of pressure on the south korean leader right now given the fact that he
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personally has invested in this in pursuit of better relations between the two koreas. the start when these talks seemed to be making progress he himself had about a ninety percent approval rating that's now down about fifty percent so a lot of pressure on the south korean leader here at the white house as he meets with donald trump kimberley many thanks. an american investor charged with embezzlement in russia has had his sentence reduced to house arrest is michael kelby he's already served two months in jail the founder of a private equity fund called bearing boss dr noise for what he says charges are part of a corporate dispute over a russian bank which his company code has some business executive saying his arrest has affected investor confidence in russia. the polls have closed in india after the first day of voting in a six week election nine hundred million people are eligible to vote in seven
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phases which ends in late may from the city of noida in uttar pradesh my colleague elizabeth warren and reports on the key issues for the voters. happy to have their say voters lined up across the country to choose who ran the world's largest democracy for the next five years from indian administered kashmir in the north to answer predation the south ninety one constituencies across twenty states voted in the first phase of a six week election which ends on may nineteenth where the two hundred million people author predations and the as most populous and politically important state they say the road to the prime minister's office cuts through water for days and the big issues affecting the country are in sharp focus here. i wonder will up meant for my village electricity could draw it's good to cities for my children good schools they have not. met in their more he came to power promising
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development jobs and a stronger economy but unemployment is at a forty five year high and the economy has slowed a bit though i heard a lot of expertise and who i watered and now i want someone new but third world whatever is going to be in that manifesto the main opposition congress party is hoping to capitalize on. sentiment that promised voters millions of new jobs as well as a guaranteed minimum income for the poorest. and the government is facing criticism elsewhere too many voices in the northeastern state of us some are against a bill citizenship to refugees from neighboring countries so long as they're not muslim while that legislation has been criticized as anti muslim in other parts of india those who oppose it and say they'll become a minority in their own state margaret this citizenship bill should not pass otherwise our future in assam is in danger but despite all these issues the
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government has focused its campaign on national security following february's attack an indian administered kashmir aid in which at least forty soldiers were killed a group based in pakistan claimed responsibility and india responded by launching air strikes against targets across the border in libya nord fighting this election runs performs its. own. weather that pays off for the b j p will be known when the results are announced on may twenty third elizabeth purana al-jazeera noida. in south africa protesters angry at high prices and poor government services have blocked roads with burning barricades police confronted them in pretoria similar protests are being held in other cities in the run up to next month's general election from either miller from the capital .
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kelly not for me to deliver and there she was in disguise we'll go back to that if we can before the end of this half. the united states has denied entry to the co-founder of the boycott divestment and sanctions or b.d.s. campaign against israeli oppression of palestinians omar barghouti who's palestinian was informed of the denial before boarding a flight in tel aviv he was intending to go on a speaking tour and attend his daughter's wedding neither the u.s. state department nor the u.s. embassy in jerusalem have offered any comment. britain's prime minister is resuming talks with the opposition to try and find a way out of the brics it deadlock forty eight hours before britain was due to crash out of the european union an emergency summit of e.u. leaders agreed to the six month extension to resume aid told parliament she's hoping to get the withdrawal agreed passed next month to avoid taking part in e.u. elections. the choices we face are stark and the timetable is clear i believe we
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must now press on at pace with our efforts to reach a consensus on a deal that is in the national interest i welcome the discussions that have taken place with the opposition in recent days and the further talks which are resuming today this is not the normal way of british politics and it is uncomfortable for many in both the government and opposition parties reaching an agreement will not be easy because to be successful it will require both sides to make compromises bernard smith has more now from london. prime minister to reason may says the whole country is extremely frustrated opposition leader jeremy corbyn says asking for a second extension is a diplomatic failure but both the conservative and opposition parties say they will continue talks to see if they can find some way of coming together ideally before european elections towards the end of may then the government hopes to get its withdrawal greil agreement through parliament before it has to take part in those
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elections when the problem is there are still these red lines at the government house that the labor party says they must give way on particularly on a customs union which keeps the u.k. closely aligned to e.u. rules regulations and tariffs the government says it doesn't want to customs union is not going to have one labor says it wants one and then even if both sides manage to come together the problem with the withdrawal agreement is that it still can sainz this cause that guarantees an open border between northern ireland and the irish republic whatever happens in future talks between the e.u. and the u.k. and that backstop is what has stopped previous attempts by the prime minister to get to a deal through parliament there's no indication that m.p.'s will be any less divided on this in six months than they are now. the venezuelan president says he's reached a deal with the red cross to allow in humanitarian aid of the weeks of blocking us shipments at the border nicolas maduro announced his about face in a t.v.
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address and he accused the u.s. vice president of quote racist supremacy saying the pentagon's planning an invasion to overthrow him mike pence was the emergency session of the u.n. security council yesterday urging recognition of the opposition leaders. as being the legitimate president. ascended to the vice president of the united states mike pence was making yourself ridiculous for a security council in the united nations if you can understand it is arrogance it is racist supremacy and they believe me as superior to us. believe they give orders to venezuela to the world they believe they are the empire that gives orders that governs the takes that gives no mr parents venezuela you should know the president of the republic is not put here by you mike pence or donald trump ok let's take you back now to that story out of south africa protesters really angry at high prices and poor government services blocking roads with burning barricades up the story.
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we're in pretoria west where there's a standoff between police and protesters in the more a settlement the police are firing rubber bullets and this is been going on for hours while protesters are throwing rocks and stones they've let fires we also know that they've thrown a few petrol bombs this hasn't abated yet and police are concerned about just how long this will continue protesters here say why not better service delivery and this is one of several protests we're seeing in pretoria as well as other places in the country it's just two weeks before a general election in south africa and often protests like these flare up ahead of elections people here say they're unhappy with the lack of service delivery the lack of houses they also want better transportation and education delivered to
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areas just like this beyond that police van you can see about two or three hundred protesters have gathered at that point where they are continuing to throw stones police are doing the best they can to push them back they've been pushed off the main road here but the standoff continues. lots more news comment and analysis on our web site the address after zero dot com our top story as well sudan's military says and power from the president. bashir the headlines start right now. these are your top stories so far this hour in sudan the military has taken over in a coup after weeks of anti-government protests the defense minister has confirmed that omar al bashir has been removed the army is in charge of the transitional council for two years on
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a state of emergency has been put in place for three months morgan has more from car too. it seems that more and more people are getting disappointed by the announcement initially as i suppose that earlier not all of them had gotten the news the only thing that they were listening to is the fact that president bashir is no longer the president of the governor of the country after thirty years of rule but now more of them are becoming aware of the fact that the military council has taken over and that they will be under military reign for two years until elections are held that's according to them not what they're protesting for they've been protesting for a new government new faces led by civilians and not by the military. the founder of wiki leaks has been arrested in london and is now facing an extradition warrant from the united states on charges of hacking police trying to join in a song from the ecuadorian embassy where he spent the last seven years. of big sit him for what they said were quote repeated violations of his political asylum sones appeared before a court in london
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a little earlier he's been found guilty of breaching his bail conditions in the u.k. . the south korean president when j. ns in a meeting with u.s. president donald trump in washington the aim is to restart denuclearization talks with north korea after talks failed back in february with kim jong un mr trump walked away from the failed summit back in february after kim jong un insisted all u.s. sanctions be lifted on his country. britain's prime minister to resign may is resuming talks with the u.k. opposition to try and find a way out of the brics deadlock forty eight hours before britain was due to crash out of the union european union an emergency summit of e.u. leaders agreed to a six month extension. an american investor charged with embezzlement and russia has had his sentence reduced to house arrest michael kelby has already served two months in jail the founder of a private equity fund bearing boss stalked anonymous for what he says charges are part of a corporate dispute over a russian bank which his company co owns the right up to speed with all the top
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stories up next it's inside story i'll see you soon but it's. a new era in the sit down following mass protests the military council is to rule the country after its former president's removal and arrest a two year transitional periods will be in place but how smooth is that likely to be and does that satisfy the protesters this is insight story.
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hello and welcome to the program on how he had seen and sudan protesters have been calling for a complete change of the political system what they've got is an end to the thirty year rule of omar al bashir through a military coup but the alternative is unlikely to satisfy many the defense minister says omar bashir was removed and arrested and the army will not be in charge for the next two years the constitution has been suspended parliament's the central governments and regional governments have all been dissolved and a state of emergency has been declared this is what the defense minister had to say . the supreme committee decided to employ a man and what was not in the mind of other people and acts as ishmael period of two years the forces
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will take power with representation of the people to. pave the way for the sudanese people to live in dignity and here i declare in my capacity as the defense minister chairman of the supreme committee to get rid of this the regime and to arrest the head of the regime in a safe place and. being the minister of defense the chairman of the committee to get rid of this regime and to rest the head of the regime in a safe place i also declare the formation of a major train a transitional council to supervise the to be a year of period. two accounts in the constitution of sudan phone two
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thousand and five. to declare the state of emergency for three months and man in one month. from ten the evening to food in the morning. airspace is closed for twenty four hours and all terminals are closer to and further notice. the president say the cabinet and the other secretaries will be intitled to perform the work needed the governments of the governed the rates will be. the mayors and governors will do that and needed a job normally work will go as it is in the judiciary the constitutional. court and. to call all the military groups to join us in the building they're gonna fling
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lookin at men today in the live the older alive of the citizens no revenge no work the russians no a property keep being. in. vijender all the public all will be all is there we will fight crimes in all its saves is serious fire will be declared all over sudan well let's take a look at how we got see this point omar al bashir came to power through a military coup in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine he was then appointed chairman of a transitional government and dissolved the political parties and trade unions in one thousand nine hundred ninety three he abolished the military government and declared himself the president of sudan in two thousand and five his government signed a deal to end a twenty one year long civil war between the north and the south but she wasn't
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divisive by the international criminal court over war crimes in the darfur region that's in two thousand and nine and in two thousand the eleven he oversaw the cessation of site sit on into an independent state he was last reelected president in twenty fifteen more stop position parties boycotted that vote and in march this year stepped down as chairman of the ruling national congress party after months of nationwide protests against his rule. well let's bring in our guests joining us from hard to miss half is muhammad's the director of justice africa in washington d.c. is david shinn the former deputy chief of mission at the u.s. embassy in sudan and a former ambassador to ethiopia and in kenya on skype is kuka a member of a jury if now. a nonviolent resistance movement in sudan thank you all for joining
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us if i could start with you. your protest group was among those calling for omar al bashir to go he has now gone are you satisfied now in our we were calling for the good best just for and we're talking about the whole we're talking about the whole system and his vice president of peru came out and right now and said that he's the new leader and stated in two years of transitional government and three months curfew is one of the people who is calling to kill the broadcasters so we're not satisfied at all the struggle continues and nothing changed and we think we have the momentum we're very strong. people are out in numbers there's millions out in the street every event is with us even people in the army a mid-level and or younger folks are with us so where we think we can do it and we're going to continue ok let me turn to you have his muhammad's. bashir
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has no go on but what we have night it's not satisfying the protesters what do you think will happen next i think people are going to continue to protest because this is just like a palace coup is nothing happening the issue is not only bashir is a hold of him and now is clear on my word to use to do i pass through many for a fist as in the center of khartoum they start shouting slogans be fusing the whole statement and this is statement totally is not satisfactory to them and i think what they are going to do is continue protesting until real change happen. they don't actually accept this because it's clear is not addressing the main issue. putting the the country in a power of restoring genuine democracy or rule of law accountability that is what
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is missing the statement is victory is not clear and clear is just seem to them like a policy i don't think that is going to be satisfactory to them of all these young men and women protesting for. sorry to cut you off if i were to play devil's advocate though he's mohamed i would say that the army have said they are willing to transition to a democracy in this will take two years that's the time period they have given presumably so that the country can get ready for a transition to a new election. realistically what they are what the protesters are calling for this simply can't happen over night. yeah but but the problem is if you want to really start a transition after you have to do it correctly and you have to start initiate a correct roth for the transition but if the status quo is still at it is and all these people who are now in the supreme council of the change are the same people
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the same mentality no change i don't think that is going to take us and the other seems to be astonishing is not and also too many problems still tears of their gym of the n.c.p. have created over me when i look need to be done to actually put the country in the right be of for democracy and look at the transition and i think that has to stop from the thirty's day but i see just this is stephan and i don't see this at the factory and i do think the mentality of these people who actually taking the lead is that it's a same mentality and i do think they're going to bring the change which is needed which put the country on the path of doing transition to democracy i think this is for people is just west of time and is just repeating getting what's going on for set yes and i don't think that is going to be accepted and i do think that is going to satisfy the protesters and i'm sure they going to continue protesting until the view of change happens ok let's bring in the whites if you then david shinn you're
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in washington d.c. what do you make of the developments this thursday. clearly if the overwhelming majority of the protesters are dissatisfied with the current plan laid out by the military there is going to be continuing difficulties in the country and something better will have to develop over time i can't obviously speak for individual countries around the world but i suspect there's a lot of skepticism over a plan that goes out at least two years before the authority of government is turned over to civilians i don't understand why it would take that long i think there has to be a short period where you maintain stability in the country and probably only the military can do that but that can be negotiated with the protesters and it certainly can be a much reduced period of time with some important changes in leadership also what
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changes in leadership david shinn do you think should be brought in that i think the military probably has to identify some of the key civilian leaders that have been involved in the protest movement or perhaps technocrats who are not necessarily part of the protest movement and make them part of the current government in effect bring them into positions where their views are taken into account now not two years from now ok. who would you like to see both in instead of. the prime that's been lying by the military. ok so listen let's make this clear we've been fighting these parties have been on our on from mitt december from then. protesters have come together united have a very clear vision for the transitional into democracy so we have we all are under the freedom and changed to clear ration and within that we have
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a very clear way how we want the country to be able to vote and transitional period that will fix the country and get us ready for democracy and this period we had already set for four years we had already set in the technocratic government and we had already decided this will be a civilian government not. a military government so we are very united and we know that what we want and that's why we know how to we know that we want to that's why we know that what this government is not so it's not a period where we just want the government to come in we want to figure it out this is not where we're at right now given if the news of the trouble again is government has been going on for thirty years as a movement against this government who are very well established with very well connected we are very well working together let me pursue this point in the cartoon with the fees mohammad's we heard from kooker there that the open the protest
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movements have lined up the outlines of. a caretaker administration civilians they would like to see as part of this the army clearly have not gone with that option what do you think that signals about the army sent tensions do you think of his mohamed that the army does not plan on ceding pirates all. i think believe me i don't think they understand clearly the demand of the protesters and there is a number of groups were actually leading this protest like the professional union and other political parties and as a. group and i think that the money is clear and they came out with clear political statement how they want the transitional period to be shipped and i see that need to be addressed there is couple of issues which is facing sudan not only start from this again but from since sudan independent over six years ago and this issues have to be at this i think we need to address the root causes of the conflict in sudan
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which is led to suspicion of south sudan we need to end the modernization we need to we need to address the issue of poverty distribution and equality within society and also that need time and need to be seeking and i don't seems that the way this statement came actually should that these people understand how to carry out this change as in they have to negotiate with the civilians organization which is leading. the protest and abuse them on a clear road map for transition and in that also include the terms of the transition and i don't think two years is enough because we have war all over the places we have more than four million displaced every few days we have poverty i have seen we need to establish a good transition to ensure the next stage of democracy is sustainable i think i learned from october one thousand sixty four and one nine hundred eighty five
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a short term vision is not good is not going to does the problems we need a long plan dition this couple of issue that is accountability that is transitional justice all the things to be addressed and also the constitutional principle and period there is that then we not going to have a jew in. a profile of. her again we need to withhold that and. the military has to when somebody people don't have to take action alone without when something because otherwise this is going to fall on people i'm not going to trust them on the no we're from them i think the purpose is not going to ok at david shinn you have you have worked in suits on you have been anything you appear as well from your experience in the region do you think the army is capable of going into listening more it's to the extent that it's has lights they are certainly capable of it the question is whether they have the will to do
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it i agree with with how it is that there has to be a negotiation now between the protest groups and the military it's true that the issues that he described will take far longer than two years to resolve but the immediate problem is who is going to be and control of the country right now and there has to this has to be a an effort to to maintain control on the one hand so that someone is making decisions and doing it in a relatively peaceful way and inevitably that involves a military there's got to be part of the discussion because they have the guns but there have to be negotiations with the protesters right now and cook at do you think the protest movement is willing to work with the military do you think there is scope for maneuvering to work with the military through this transitional period . not this military not this military not even allah not this government we
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the statement has already come out. the freedom and changed the curation we're not going to negotiate with this government we do not hold this government as our government and we're going to fight against it it has to fall so it's putting us back to the same step this is not a government that wants to negotiate the way they started the way they took over power in the way they didn't negotiate didn't talk to us means. we can't just deal with them so there's not going to be a negotiation at all what. is there are side effects or what other military is that that is the military that you have to move on it seems that the sites never are absolutely loggerheads how do you progress from here so basically we were sudan was was really sudan with the military some of the others so these are the leaders who where the country leaders and the government and the army so when
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we went to protest and we are able six and decided to go to the military headquarters so they will defend us against the national security services who are fighting us at the time. people from military stood against the orders from even out the guy who's mad running it and instead of dispersing us stood next to us and defended us even fought and some of them got killed defending us from the national intelligence services so these are the people we want these are the people we want to take over power they're the ones we want to become the army still feel the first step to where it's reaching a sudan that is peaceful and can go forward is to get rid of this army to get rid of you know that leadership and to keep the core of the army which is that middle level and younger officers. for the upper the first by people whatsoever from this people from the army we cannot negotiate with them he cannot sit with them as
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a table they are the problem ok david shinn in washington d.c. we heard there about different layers within the army is there a fear on a whites a regional level that we could see the army. as a whole fragments because the one person who were keeping these disparate factions together was all maro bashir. i suppose that's possible it's difficult for me sitting in washington to know about it the schisms within the military and if your other guests are correct and these schisms exist that scenario can play out i'm not in in a position to judge that but it's also possible that these schisms may not exist to that extent and one thing you want to avoid at this point is wide spread bloodshed in the country that would be the worst of of all outcomes if there's if there is
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a way to negotiate with the military and perhaps there is not but if there is a way i think it should be tried and if it is found to be impossible then obviously these protests are going to go on pretty much as they are today i have fists mahomet's in her heart too in. the threats of violence the fear of violence is something which looms large here if the military are not willing to and since in the goosey a shit do you worry that their kids be bloodshed. yeah i think i think there is a way of avoiding bloodshed because i think sudanese are wise enough to avoid it and now if the n.c.p. militias are being put out of functions that will help because they're not disciplined and they will do their best to try and stop any change but at least for that it's been to some extent eliminated they want to still be some element somewhere where ready to you know to resist and to fight on not allow
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a dimension to happen but i think for the army to ensure the got the support of the people they have to take certain steps you have to consult with the people if they don't do that then i don't think the process to me is going to stop and that might risk more violence because of the protests can continue by the they might be faced with some attack or some because there's too many elements there's too many militias and bremer thirty whoops is still some might be some of them out there but we what we want is for the army to generally engage with the political with the with the people with the protest ensure that you took everyone with them on the changes and to make sure that we have a smooth transition to democracy and that happens because this most of this general ban not blameless some of them are actually they they take some of the blame of the rig important fifty years for them really to store the capability they have to talk
2:43 am
to the people they have to take the opinion of the people and account i have to ensure that we have we're doing transition just saying ok we have a interim period and then we'll have elections that is not good enough ok let me move to your house or cook. are you worried that this could escalate further. and i mean that's always a worry me and up in our way. about eighty people got killed a lot of people got injured so yes there is always the worry but i don't think it's going to escalate to the point of civil war or people fighting i feel like it's been oh has always been known that he doesn't have the support of his own army people are not accepted by his own army not upset about him and i think once the people once the army pfizer the people are rising against him they gonna let him go they gonna split in the army was going to be very clear it's going to be
2:44 am
a split from the leadership a few people on top and the rest of the army and i think the army has a raised it with the people and they're already sitting with them in the streets and i don't think their weight will be in them to actually use their guns and the machine guns to kill fellow civilians they were not trained to kill sunnis people and they're not going to do it unlike their national security services and the militias that i guess i was talking about and they have been almost neutralized so i think now the struggle even easier ok we're fast running out of time gentlemen sir just quickly a final words very very quick if you will start with david should what do you think will happen next. i'm hopeful that it will and without any more widespread bloodshed i'm also hopeful that there in fact can be useful negotiations quickly between the protesters and the military to come up with a plan that is far better than the one that has been proposed so far and that will
2:45 am
shift responsibility to civilian civilian government quickly well i'm afraid we have run out of time but thank you very much all three gentlemen for that discussion great so have all your views that that's how feasts mohammad's david shinn and how taking part in this discussion and thank you chief for watching you can catch up on inside story any time on our websites al-jazeera dot com the discussion of course will continue online to have your say go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle is at age inside story and i'm at stalham a hit for me and the whole team here by phone and i . we live in a time of war and tragedy is crimes against humanity. an activist
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repression. enforced disappearance arbitrary arrests. extrajudicial executions brutal torture the list goes on. the investigations who judges the criminals. who compensates the victims the international conference on national regional and international mechanisms to combat impunity and ensure accountability under international law. organized by the national human rights committee. united nations human rights office of the high commissioner. european parliament. and global alliance of national human rights institutions.
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well on line. to the answer for them we've not got this or if you join us on saturday all of us have been colonized in some form or some fashion this is a dialogue we are talking about a legal front and you have seen what it can do to somebody just people using multiple drugs including a funnel and some people are secular now everyone has a voice and that's your boss here twitter and you could be on the street join the global conversation on mt is iraq. and. he came from a wealthy background in paris and became an artist against his family's wishes he
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went on to bring a fresh perspective to oriental list painting falling in love with some harlem culture making his home and converting to islam. al-jazeera world tells the story of gnostic and his unique artistic or. the french oriented list on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. told well come on peter w. watching the news hour live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes saddam's military deposes president. after widespread protests but uncertainty remains over what happens next. with the top stories from
2:49 am
europe including found. courts and found guilty after ecuador and seven years of asylum plus. the choices we face are stark and the time table is clear the u.k.'s prime minister fanfare a decision to delay bracks it which has now been pushed to the end of october. sport in australia cricketers six redemption cameron bancroft makes his debut after serving for cheating. ok let's get going begin this news with breaking news out of sudan where the president omar al bashir has thirty year rule is over after months of protests calling for him to quit the military and she has been detained the country is now under a three month state of emergency and she has been replaced by his vice president
2:50 am
turned army general are. now he'll lead a military transitional council for two years after which elections will follow said all political prisoners will be released immediately tens of thousands of people took to the streets of the capital khartoum celebrating but the sudanese professional's association which has been leading the protest movement rejected bush years as quote a military coup and plans to hold more protests let's go live now to khartoum and our correspondent the morgan so here i'm seeing the authorities are saying that the nighttime curfew will very much be kept in place. yes and the military. led by the defense minister off earlier said that there will be a curfew in place starting ten o'clock local time which is around twenty they made it very clear that they do not want the protests to have been the protesters who have been staging a sit in in front of the army headquarters for the past five days and today were
2:51 am
there celebrating before their mood turned after the declaration was announced that there will be a military council during the government now they said that they don't want these people there they've already gotten their message they have done what they could do the end of bashir is thirty year old and now they are in charge and they will be running the country for the next two years so we're waiting for the next so we are for the next couple of hours to see what will happen and how tough will that curfew be imposed if people would actually go from from the army headquarters where they've been for the past five days we've seen more people actually flowing in from different parts of the city of homs assume they said that they are not happy with the results they're not happy with the announcement they don't want a military takeover and they don't want. government and regime to be replaced by somebody who was once part of the system they want to civilian rule a civilian council to run the country during this transitional period and i guess the key question of the night as well and into tomorrow morning local time is where
2:52 am
is bushehr people need to know where he is people want to see him. well at the moment nobody knows where he is when the announcement was made around two o'clock local time the defense minister from the from the vice president effectively now the leader of the country said that bashir is under arrest in a safe location he did did not disclose that location so it's not clear where he's being held at the moment we know for sure he has not left the country because the airports have been shut and all flights out of the country and into the country have been effectively stopped and that will be the case for the next twenty four hours all land borders have also been closed as well as. all the sea borders and seaports also closed so at the moment nobody can go into that nobody can get into the country and nobody can leave so nobody knows where bashir is nobody has heard from him even before the announcement was made and let's remember bashir has a specific very special stance at the moment he is
2:53 am
a sitting president or former president and i am i to say that he's a former president who is wanted by the international criminal court for work crimes and crimes against humanity and genocide in the western region of darfur so even if he does want to leave the country and seek refuge in another country he doesn't have a lot of options because he does not want to end up. in the hague under the international criminal courts and he does not want to be tried for the crimes he's been charged with so at the moment nobody knows where bashir is and nobody is certain what's his fate will be except the military which is now in power for thanks very much well that's where we'll solve this for some reports on a dramatic day. this could be the end of thirty years of one man's rule in sudan looks like times rolling through the capital cheered on by protesters demanding the president or model bashir. i declare being the minister of defense the chairman of the committee to get rid of this
2:54 am
redeem and to the head of the regime in a safe place i also declare the formation of a mandatory transitional council so simple why is the to be a year of period. more than one hundred officials and close aides to president abbas here are said to have been arrested an order is reported to have been given for political prisoners to be released. you know for it's beautiful meaning nothing is. already out in the streets and of breaking in or in the car. women are singing and dancing everybody happy protests over rising bread prices began four months ago they quickly widened into demands for the president to step down president al bashir declared a state of emergency in february. but since saturday thousands of demonstrators have been camped outside the military's khartoum headquarters several people have
2:55 am
been killed as security forces try to break up the demonstration five of the dead are reported to have been soldiers said to have been defending the protesters the military says it understands the demands for bashir to go it says it's also determined not to let saddam fall into chaos what happened in the last twenty four hours it was obvious that. the. demand has increased the number of participants of the people has increased as well there was more of a direction to the military in part of the leadership in particular and i think that put more pressure on the military institution as a whole for that reason i think they felt the heat and they have to make action but some protesters say they won't support a transitional government which involves the army others fear the government will collapse and sudan will descend into the chaos the army says it wants to avoid rob matheson. now there is growing international condemnation of the coup in sudan
2:56 am
a special meeting will be held at the u.n. on saturday has been called by western diplomats including the us france and germany who say they want to see the country move toward civilian rule right now the african union says it's also closely monitoring the on going developments the a huge chief said the military takeover is not the appropriate response to the challenges facing sudan and the aspirations of its people al-jazeera looks back at omar al bashir is decades of rule which have now come to an end. almost a year a man whose career has been defined by war he led sudan through various conflicts and you're in the breakup of africa's largest country he was the last month to lead a united sudan al bashir who came to power in a bloodless military coup in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine overthrowing a democratically elected government he ran the country as a military ruler for more than twenty five years where conflict was almost constant
2:57 am
. two civil wars between the north and south cost the lives of one and a half million people. and the continuing conflict in the western region of darfur killed more than two hundred thousand people and fourth two million others to flee their homes. a fragile peace took hold in two thousand and three and after two years of negotiations the rebels signed a peace deal with the government to end the civil war. that's agreement led to a referendum for independence in south sudan making it the world's newest country in twenty eleven. alba she was the only serving head of state to be indicted for war crimes international criminal court in the hague issued to arrest warrants charges stem from the war in darfur all human rights groups say the charges are valid or always she has been charged with very serious crimes including the crimes
2:58 am
of genocide war crimes and crimes against humanity these are all related to the country's very very abusive counterinsurgency campaign in daraa for over the last ten to fifteen years that has resulted in numerous numerous you know deaths up to you know hundreds of thousands in mass displacement despite arrest warrants and forced al bashir has visited a number of countries in the region including syria. while the rest of the region have been experiencing an arab spring al bashir had faced little political unrest until late twenty eighteen when the government decided to triple the price of bread. it triggered protests nationwide and calls for his resignation as they accuse him of mismanaging the economy sending food prices high and causing regular fuel shortages all muddled by she would have served as president until the end of his term next year but now he'll be remembered as one of
2:59 am
the last remaining african strong men brought down by a people's uprising sort of al-jazeera. all small ground still to cover for you here on the news hour including the co-founder of a campaign to boycott israel has been denied entry into the u.s. . polls close in phase one of the indian election widely seen as a referendum on prime minister narendra modi's five year rule. for the sport far off which team grab the final spot in the n.b.a. playoffs. the founder of wiki leaks has been arrested and appeared in court after ecuador revoked his asylum status at his embassy in london julius on chance already been found guilty of breaching his bail conditions and now faces a court battle over a possible extradition to the us with more from
3:00 am
a european broadcast center so. thank you. lawyer says he'll fight any efforts to extradite him to america where he's accused of conspiring to break into a classified computer at the pentagon and will first be sentenced to escaping bail in twenty twelve when he took refuge in the ecuadorian embassy to avoid sexual assault allegations in sweden we have more from our correspondent in washington but first this report from. this was the departure julian assange had to fit a humiliating and seven years stay in the embassy until the ecuadorian government revoked his right to asylum. british police moved in to take him into custody on thursday afternoon a british court found a songe guilty of skipping bail in twenty twelve his lawyer said that he would fight a u.s. request for his ex.


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