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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 101  Al Jazeera  April 12, 2019 3:32am-4:01am +03

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elections people here say they're unhappy with the lack of service delivery the lack of houses they also want better transportation and education delivered to areas just like this beyond that police van you can see about two or three hundred protesters have gathered at that point where they are continuing to throw stones police are doing the best they can to push them back they've been pushed off the main road here but the standoff continues. an american investor charged with embezzlement in russia has been released from prison and detention and placed under house arrest michael culver he has already spent two months in jail the founder of the private equity fund called bearing vast stock denies fraud he says the charges are being used to pressurise him in a business dispute over a russian bank stop us and has more from the russian capital. nearly two months after he ended up in
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a most crowded time transcendant county is now free to go home but still there he will be tightly guarded waiting for his trial we are seen as one of the most successful and more oil foreign investors in russia and his arrest a shock to many american business people is a lesson for boycott the simply to confess before them in june for more than twenty years invested in russia and one of his successes is the rise of young decks the russian version of google has been charged with a thirty nine million dollar fraud case related to first actually bank he has denied the charges and has said that his arrest as a result of a business dispute with his well connected partner. russia has seen a number of high profile arrests over the years i'm unclear charges some have called a politically or economically motivated but just a few days ago to the surprise of many theater director kirill seriously niko was released from house arrest after two years on what some have called probably greater charges but analysts say it's too early to call these releases
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a trend. the turkish government has promised financial reforms to revive the ailing economy in the past year turkey has faced high inflation and recession while the national currency the euro has plunged nearly thirty percent in value many consumers and finding it difficult to afford imported goods has more now from istanbul. turkey is troubled economy is affecting with people who can afford to buy . onions a mainstay of turkish cuisine have almost doubled in price in the past few weeks consumers are feeling the squeeze much better. told me the prices all things i wanted i had to give them back they were too expensive for me turkey is heavily dependent on foreign imports on everything from food to building materials the national currency the lira has plunged by a third in value causing costs to saw for the past three months the government has
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been trying to control the soaring cost of food by buying goods directly from farmers and selling directly to consumers by cutting out the middleman they hope to push down prices they've also lifted some tariffs on certain goods as well but many are now questioning how long this manipulation of the market can really last overall inflation is now at twenty percent last year the economy went into recession for the first time in a decade some analysts fear there's more to come the country deliberately focused on. industrial production and services and for the last decade or so on services i grew culture has been neglected and as a result obviously we became more dependent on foreign imports turkey's finance minister insists the worst is over the government to promise to inject billions of dollars into state banks and support turkish exports. turkey's main focus now is
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already forming the economy in order to achieve the goal of the instructor it's necessary to introduce structural reforms. the impact of the economic downturn could be seen on istanbul skyline it's a city of stalled building sites for the past sixteen years present turn construction into a vehicle of growth new developments have gone after breakneck speed but with the leader of hauling the cost of importing raw. materials and surfacing form of the loaves of saud last year the u.s. double tariffs on turkish steel and alum india amid worsening relations for two countries on an observation increasing number of issues including turkey's growing ties with russia and plans to buy a russian missile defense system president said the u.s. tariffs were a big obstacle to turkish trade. rising prices were a major election issue for many turks the ruling party's popularity for so long
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built around strong growth and improved living standards now depends on creating a road to recovery the park al-jazeera is double. now a crumbling economy and acute food shortages are forcing millions of venezuelans to leave their country in search of a better life however the massive migration is creating a new crisis affecting the many children who are being left behind jamal has more now from the capital caracas. at age sixty two or more lopez didn't expect to still be raising children but that's exactly what she's doing she's responsible for her three grandchildren dennis smiley carlos and armando facing a dire economic situation in venezuela their mother was forced to leave the country in search of work it's a situation that's been repeated across the country with parents leaving their children in the care of their extended families or neighbors out of despair and then running a broken my daughter left seeking a better future she was already
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a widow with three children and even though she worked hard to hear what she'd make wasn't enough i tried to support her but all i get is six dollars a month in pensions she no sense of money so that the children can eat at least. hyperinflation caused in part by u.s. sanctions has reduced the country's cash flow by more than fifty percent with unemployment on the rise children are increasingly being left behind while their mothers and fathers search for work. the second up clinic in caracas specializes in helping children deal with trauma its head psychologist tells me that in the past few months his clinic has witnessed an exponential rise in the number of children suffering as a result of being separated from their parents we see the pressure and sidey the sense of abandonment from their parents we see through a. performance of the school the impact on children as
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a result of the political crisis in the sanctions on venezuela is far reaching aside from those being separated from their parents manu tradition is on the rise and schools are being affected true with teachers going on strike over lack of pay one of the trademarks of the socialist government from the days of president hugo chavez was its investment in education its introduced policies that allowed for poor venezuelans to go to school and university but with the climbing economy and the impact of u.s. sanctions the government isn't able to provide education for everybody and that's why schools like this one in one of caracas is for villas or shanty towns run by the local church and funded by international n.g.o.s are becoming ever more important. sister rizana herrera tells me that she too has seen things getting worse for children in recent weeks and it means that the church and its partners need more resources to help them in minnesota. the current situation has led to kids being my larry he's got several consequences on the children psychologically
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biologically and intellectually my colleagues tell me they've noticed the children are now slower at learning things they don't understand things as easily as before they fall asleep or sometimes even faint. sisters on the teachers the children that god will never abandon them for irma every day she comes back home she must think of ways to reassure her grandchildren that their mother hasn't abandoned them either. caracas. it is far with the sports news peter thank you so much two of the three australian cricketers who were banned for ball tampering are back playing in the indian premier league and the third cameron bancroft has been signed up as captain of the english county side durham but as lee whelan groups reports everybody is happy about it. a year ago australian cameron bancroft was at the center of one of the biggest scandals in the history of cricket he's cheating by using sandpiper to manipulate a board in
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a test match destroyed his reputation and was altered in nine months by now he's back in the unexpected surroundings of daraa in the north of england he used his in forced hiatus positively teaching yoga and spending time on charity projects but did consider quitting cricket as the backlash took a psychological toll how has it been for you really i'm for the last twelve months yeah i've had mine that. you know i've been really flat really down. in a graving process a great size and you've got to be really really honest with yourselves and. you know particularly as men you can sometimes really hold on to things kind of thing that's not your i think that's lost and you know i lived out in a really hard why but also i feel like i let a lot about myself which was really really good bancroft was one of three australians exposed as cheats in the match against south africa last march having tried to hide the sandpiper he used on the ball down his trousers the experienced
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team might david warner and captain steve smith was seen as more culpable bond for three months longer than him he was her. own cross-town di being with the light by a western australia taking down i lost weight he knows he's got a lot of work to do here so when i've he's english critics particularly starting with this championship match against suffix. he might face a chilly reception at some grounds but most darren fans are grating their new captain warmly he's going to be a successful. horse. were you surprised when you first heard you were signing him a little bit a little bit but you know it's. his punishment now. move on what we do is well i think there's no donor in it i was just thrilled i think it's fantastic that we got lucky going into going to. bancroft gave
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a reminder of his ability with the bot going a patient thirty three grams he knows such runs for darwin who put him in contention to be recalled to the australian for this summer's ashes in england possibly alongside smith. thanks reputation may be beyond polishing but what he can prove here is his temperament talent and resilience lee wellings. the world athletics governing body the has closed an investigation into its own president sebastian coe has been cleared of misleading british lawmakers about his knowledge of the russian doping scandal investigation focused on how much co actually knew in two thousand and fourteen when he received an e-mail about a formal complaint filed by a russian marathon runner the i concluded there was no basis on which any disciplinary case could be established. the quarter finals second tier club competition the europa league begin later this thursday arsenal host napoli in the
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pick of the last eight ties this is arsenal's final chance of winning a trophy i am race first season in charge the last time the club tasted european success was winning the now defunct cup winners' cup twenty five years ago they come up against a napoli side sitting second in syria we have gone through this but we know we really need to be. very consistent in into march. with a big preparation with the west but then also we. believe in. but governing body of australian rugby says it intends to terminate the contract of international player israel's. the thirty year old posted anti gay comments on social media and has been warned about similar behavior in the past was expected to represent australia at this year's world cup the joy preston's of claim the final eastern conference playoff spot day one hundred fifteen to eighty nine
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victory over the new york knicks enough for them to finish eighth in the standings the bad news for the pistons is that they now have to take on number one seeds the milwaukee bucks best of seven series starts on sunday. and dirk nowitzki signed off from the n.b.a. in style the german finished with twenty points and ten rebounds in his final game for the dallas mavericks before heading into retirement the forty year old won the championship back in two thousand and eleven. chris davis once had fifty three home runs in a single season but that is a distant memory right now the baltimore orioles players on a record breaking run the thirty three year old's extended is hitless straight to fifty at bats that feel too sorry for him at least seventeen million dollars this year and his orioles contract guarantees him a further ninety million dollars after that. and that's all you support for now
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much more coming up later but for now back to you peter farrow thanks very much susie at the top of the hour lots more news i guess. brooks it of course i'll see you on this channel from fifteen tomorrow. and went on line. to the answer for them not only if you join us on saturday all of us have been colonized in some form or some fashion this is a dialogue we are talking about
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a legal front you have seen what it can do to somebody people are using multiple drugs including the funnel and some people are seeking it out everyone has a voice from the us your thoughts your twitter and you could be on the street join the colobus conversation amount is iraq's. new leaders place children in this refugee camp the latest victims of the unending sectarian violence in central african republic among them are survivors of unspeakable violence ten year olds his mother is dead her father is gone killed because they were christian by their own muslim neighbors this is celine's do you home an overcrowded refugee camp of twenty three thousand people surrounded by armed militia groups celine wants answers she says she wants to be asking the questions and so we traded places inch took the microphone will we find peace how can we make the violence stop when will i be able to return home. what began as a small extremist group in africa's most populous country we've done that thanks in
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back to from the government to just shoot soon turned into a battle front for the my jury and government. why. the torrijos for abducting more than two hundred schoolgirls the killing and displacement of thousands of people al-jazeera investigates the origins bloody rise of iraq on al-jazeera. a miniature currency down protest to celebrate the ousting of president omar al bashir but there's uncertainty over what happens next. either i'm certain this is al jazeera live from london also coming up evicted and
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under arrest wiki leaks founder julian assange on g.'s drak from the ecuadorian embassy in london and convicted in court donald trump p.c. south korean president and says they'll discuss the possibility of further meetings with came john. on the world's biggest election indian start voting in a major popularity test for the ruling be j.p. . the thirty year rule of sudan's president is over after in military crew omar al bashir was arrested and is being detained in what's being described as a safe place he's been replaced by vice president and on the general for the hour now under military council will run the country for a cheery a transitional period of three months state of emergency has been declared and a curfew is in being imposed from ten pm to four am the first comes into force in an hour saddam's main protest group rejected this statement and call for
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demonstrations to continue despite tens of thousands celebrating on the streets have a morgan has more from. this was how the end of thirty years of rule looked when president obama to be sure was deposed by his vice president and defense minister tanks trental through the capital cheered on by protesters followed by an announcement. on state t.v. students fourteen million people had waited six hours to hear. being the minister of defense the chairman of the committee to get rid of this regime and to arrest the head of the regime in a safe place i also declare the formation of a military transitional council to supervise the to be a year of period and. more than one hundred eighty others close to it bashir have been arrested and political prisoners released is
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a protester who was arrested by sudan's intelligence agents in january. a lot of emotion. and. hope for the country. high bred crisis provoked the first protests four months ago they quickly expanded into demands for the president to end his thirty year rule declared a state of emergency in february introduced a revolt against him but since saturday thousands of demonstrators have been camped outside the military headquarters in the tomb near the president's official residence at least twenty one people were killed when security forces tried to break up the sit in six of the dead are reported to be soldiers who intervened to defend the protesters from security forces the military high command has said it understands the demands for the shias to go and is also determined not to allow chaos what happened in the last twenty four hours it was obvious that the people
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demand has increased the number of participants of the people as enthused as well there was no direction to the military in part of the leadership in particular and i think that put more pressure on the military institution as a whole for that reason i think they felt the heat and they have to make action i but the takeover is unwelcome by some protesters on the streets who say they want except a military transitional government a sentiment echoed by some opposition leaders in. the statement read by the minister of defense is categorically rejected by us we will not accept a half victory we need a whole and complete victory as anticipated and wanted by our martyrs so we have decided to continue the sitting in front of the general command headquarters the citizens will also continue to take to the streets here in the capital and everywhere nationwide don't be scared and don't retreat we will continue our path
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until the end. minister denise fear that with all bashir gone and many rejecting the new government there could well be that chaos army commanders want to or you. and i have been doing joins us live from khartoum here quite a day but it might not be over yet demonstrators saying they will start on the streets so what happens when the curfew still was well so over the past few hours since the announcement was made by the new leader of the of the government the new leader of sudan i would have no of people have been continuing to march the army headquarters initially there was a four year people were very happy that president bashir is thirty rule worse finally over but as the hours progress they realize that they were still under military rule so people continued to flow to the army headquarters and continued to stage their threats and they're saying that they are not happy with the results now an hour to go before that curfew that has been announced by the military is set to
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start and take effect but people are saying that they're not moving we've spoken to some army soldiers on the road earlier as well as protesters who are going to sit and they said that this is not the end for them they will continue people have been saying things like they've replaced one thieves with another they've replaced one side of the coin with the other side of the coin so for them it's still very much the same thing and it's not the end of the march for them they're saying that this has not been what they've been this is not with they've been protesting for for the past four months when they went to the army five days ago and they're sitting in front of them demanding that the army take a stance and either and declare that it is against the president they were not expecting that the army will take control they want to be army to take control from president bashir and handed over to civilian transitional government now obviously but has not happened so we're going to have to wait for the next hour and see if the army is going to use force to try to disperse the hundreds of thousands who are currently sitting in front of the army headquarters what more do we know about them on the who's effectively in charge of that military group general after the hour.
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well all of that north is not new to the government and he's certainly not new to be here he was a former military intelligence chief he was also be chief of the joint staff committee or for sudan and he was also a sanction by the u.s. in two thousand and seven for alleged crimes in darfur just like president bush who was indicted in two thousand and seven for work crimes and crimes against humanity and genocide by the international criminal court for in the for the crimes committed in darfur so he's not new to the regime and that's part of the reason why people are saying that they're not happy with the with no of as the new leader of the country they're saying that he is very much part of the system he is from the ruling party has been bashir is the vice president and minister of defense so they're saying that he's very much from the same regime that they've been trying to fight and they're not happy with that and what's going to happen next for sudan is yet to be seen with the curfew set to take place shortly and protesters not happy with the announcement that has been made hours ago great to get the very latest
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from here morgan there live for us in khartoum well let's take a look at share his leadership has been defined by conflict and violence front has taken over as leader he had a long career in the military rose to the rank of colonel that position to him to lead a bloodless coup in one thousand eight hundred nine and take power during the twenty one year civil war between the north and south in two thousand and three several ethnic groups in darfur launched a rebellion against his government accusing it of oppressing black africans the government backed crackdown on those ethnic groups led to more than three hundred thousand people being killed the international criminal court later put out a warrant for al bashir is arrest on charges of genocide crimes against humanity and war crimes which he denies but his fight that he's never been tried and he went on to win consecutive elections in twenty ten and twenty fifty will pay to know if it is an advisor to the africa program at the united states institute of peace and
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joins us now live. from washington d.c. thanks very much for coming on to al jazeera just picking up a little bit on what had been morgan was telling us that in khartoum people aren't happy they this when it wasn't what they were protesting for and i'm thinking particularly about the sudanese professional association who led much of this protest. that got a three month but what do you think will happen after that to keep the people on the streets backing the military here well thank you sue for having me and i think as you're as we just heard from your correspondent on the ground it's increasingly clear that a military government with or without bashir will neither have the political nor the economic resources necessary to address the crisis of legitimacy in the country and the crisis facing the economy and so i think we're looking at a very unstable potentially road ahead with a military government if it tries to do so absent much indication that it can
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succeed in that endeavor at the moment it doesn't seem to be any roadmap for the generals to hand over power to the civilian rule but that must be in their mind surely it must be pressure coming from outside of sudan. i suspect that's the case i think it's vital at this very at this inflection point for the country that the united states that its european partners and that indeed states in the region coalesce around an international consensus around the type of civilian led transition in south sudan that they can support and that they can indeed provide the economic resources to stabilize the country to deal with the economic emergency that was the proximate cause of the demonstrations when they broke out in december and to set the country on a new path forward i think absent that international consensus absent leadership from from washington from london from other capitals in europe and as i said from
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from states in the middle east and from sudan's neighbors what we could see is actually a slow devolution of the security situation in the country with potentially grave consequences not just for the people of sudan but for the broader region which is facing no shortage of challenges and instability as we see in algeria libya and elsewhere and feeding into the security situation there's a lot of talk that there's a split in the security forces what kind of impact would that have if they do indeed split between two. well i think the question is not whether they split within into two groups but indeed if they split into the literally dozens what we've seen over the last decade or more is a real proliferation of a regular militia throughout the country that are accountable to different figures in the regime and different elements of the official security sort of services i think the risk that sudan faces if there is not a international in the domestic side or gravity around a civilian led transition is that the security the security elements fragment and
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you see chaos unfolding in the country i think again you need not only that that international consensus to form to prevent that from happening but any civilian led transition or indeed any transition needs to meet to the aspirations that the sudanese people have been expressing for some for some months and weeks and indeed as we just heard from your correspondent continue to express even at this hour after the announcement of bashir removal from power very grateful for your thoughts and for joining us paid to not speaking from the united states institute of peace. now of course in london has convicted the founder of wiki leaks for skipping by eleven twenty twelve going to some machine pleaded not guilty faces up to twelve months in prison for the challenge and the forty seven year old was dropped from.


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