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counterinsurgency campaign in dar for over the last ten to fifteen years has resulted in numerous numerous you know deaths up to you know hundreds of thousands in mass displacement despite arrest warrants and force al bashir has visited a number of countries in the region including syria. while the rest of the region have been experiencing an arab spring al bashir had to face little political unrest until late twenty eight seen when the government decided to triple the price of bread. it triggered protests nationwide and calls for his resignation as they accuse him of mismanaging the economy sending food prices high and causing regular fuel shortages all muddled by she would have served as president until the end of his time next year but now he'll be remembered as one of the last remaining african strong men brought down by a people's uprising sought to hide out al-jazeera. anymore head in the news hour
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including. think about silence i will reach out to many many more people a palestinian leader remains defiant after the u.s. tonight is him entering. a race against time more heavy rains forecast for iran as it battles to recover from flooding. and the sport will tell you which team got the final spot in the n.b.a. playoffs. the absence of which. you are the first. to kill its founder julian assange has been convicted in the u.k. for skipping bail he was arrested at the ecuadorian embassy where he's been confined for seven years and now faces extradition to the u.s. or challenge reports of london. they've been waiting a long time but seven years after julian assange first entered ecuador's london
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embassy to escape the british legal system police offices hold him out again ecuador had finally tired of its troublesome guest and revoked his right to asylum within hours he was in a u.k. court and the u.s. confirmed it wants him extradited i just fame with mr sanchez in the police cells he wants to thank all of his supporters today ongoings it was and he said i told you so the wiki leaks founder always said if he left his ambassadorial refuge he'd spend years in jail in the us he's wanted there for publishing government secrets but to a sandra's fans some high profile he's a courageous whistleblower because he's been told which i did not and say this helps it's been undermined you know all this stuff but fortunately he has his brain and his immune system to nice guy principles and using debit and not enough away
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from you know and he's a freedom fighter joining us on she has his supporters here in the u.k. but the district judge here in this case was not one of them he said that a sound his behavior was that of a narcissist you cannot go beyond his own self interest in finding guilty of the charge of skipping by back in twenty twelve and has sent his case to the crown court for sentencing the more serious extradition process will get under way at the beginning of may in twenty ten wiki leaks published footage provided by whistleblower chelsea manning of u.s. soldiers killing civilians in iraq the u.s. said the hack posed a grave security risk but the website also leaked e-mails from the inbox of ecuador's president and first lady sanders hosts words amused. the patients of ecuador has reached its limits on the behavior of mr song he installed electronic and distortion equipment that was not. allowed he blocked the security cameras of the ecuadorian mission in london he has confronted and mistreated guards he had
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access to security files of our embassy without permission other former supporters won't forgive him for the twenty sixteen us election they think the wiki leaks publication of democratic party e-mails may have tipped it for donald trump and even though sweden has dropped sex assault prosecutions that led to his first u.k. arrest for some he'll remain a suspected rapist will reach an ins how to zero london for hillary clinton says assad's needs to answer for what he has done but a republican who defeated her at the two thousand and sixteen presidential election is denying all knowledge of wiki leaks despite and the past praising the anti-secrecy organization. i know nothing about wiki leaks it's not my thing and i know there is something having to do with it julie was ours i have been saying what happened with i saw it and that will be a determination i would imagine mostly by the attorney general who is doing an
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excellent job so he'll be making a determination i know nothing really about him it's not my it's not my deal in life but yes he was going to surprise you and i don't really have any opinion i know the attorney general will be involved in that he'll make a decision. he has more reaction out of washington d.c. . it's been reported that obama era prosecutors decided they couldn't indict julian assange without indicting the act of journalism itself that is receiving classified information in the public interest but reveals evidence of war crimes for example of trump lawyers they think they have found a way they say that julian assange is guilty of one count of conspiracy to commit computer intrusion he was involved in the hack of department of defense computers but the that relies on three particular aspects one that encouraged chelsea manning to give him more information to the judas on protected chelsea
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manning's identity and already those two are causing concerns those two parts of the entire with a cause of concern among journalists because that would appear just to be drone listed behavior not criminal behavior but three the trump prosecutors use these four words in the indictment no luck so far and they use those four words to make the case that those words are discussing a sounders attempts himself to try and break a pos would or a partial password that chelsea manning had supplied them it's pretty thin stuff there a lot for an extradition judge to consider because clearly if the u.s. is successful in extraditing june innocence from london then other governments around the world will also feel they're able to extradite journalists who print information that shows their governments in a poor light there's a lot riding on this so if you're ever sent us one of the scientists legal adviser explains the charges against the whistleblower. they've charged him and i think
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this is carefully he's been deliberately play by the americans and the british spin doctor ought to be charged with one of it which carries a five year prison sentence we know they've got more and they've got sixty days in which they can add further charges and they can even add with the approval of the british government charges after a successful x. tradition so this is no there was an indication last year the charges they want to bring against him carry up to forty five years in prison so early day. today which was disgrace in my view but from higher judges he'll get a very fair hearing as to whether america has these kind of exorbitant jurisdiction that can pluck out a publisher if they can pluck out a sonders they get the editor of the guardian the beagle and so forth they've got this theory you know america boasts about freedom of speech and the first amendment
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but the trumpet ministration is arguing that the first amendment doesn't apply to non americans to british show or. arab or straight in journalist so they can deny him the protections but can they get him can they reach out across the sea and bring some money in who's publish true information united states has denied entry to the co-founder of the boycott divestment and sanctions movement or b.d.s. which protests israeli oppression of palestinians he was pulled aside as he tried to board a flight in cell of the arab israeli citizen was leaving for a speaking tour and to attend his daughter's wedding a u.s. state department official said the surf easels were never based solely upon political statements or. argued he says the incident won't hinder his campaign. when we continue our b.d.s. movement for kind of sting in rights because they will not deter us yes it hurts
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for me to miss my daughter's wedding but the events that were planned for me in the united states whether qatar or it kind of his school of government or new york university or the u.s. congress or many other events are going ahead i will be there. rather than in person but that events would continue my interviews with the media i was supposed to have three or four media interviews a.p. new york times reuters it has exploded to many many many requests for an interview so they cannot silence me and i will reach out to many many more people after this ban and we will continue intensifying the b.d.s. movement to pressure israel to recognize our basic rights under international law this movement is categorically opposed to only forms of free system and discrimination be it and to black and to muslim or anti jewish and racism and we're very morally consistent yes movement we do not work with any and to jewish the good
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sense of any sort we're a movement for human rights and we call for the rights of all people respected of identity but israel's lobby in the us is terrified of the growth of the us movement and its impact with churches trade unions college campuses and that makes artists and g.b.t. activists and others joining b.s. it's really mainstreaming and that is terrifying israel's regime. and as i was face craft has crashed on the moon shattering hopes of historic controlled landing and man robotic lander encountered a series of technical failures during the twenty one minute landing sequence the spacecraft travel through space for seven weeks in a series of expanding orbits around earth before crossing into the moon's gravity last week. for months at backward to another giant leap forward for space x. it's launched its first paid cargo into space that accomplished something else too that your eyes may not quite believe enter chapelle has more. to.
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the world's most powerful rocket takes off from cape canaveral in florida on its first commercial flight under the peril of five point one million pounds of tourist ferric and heavy is headed to space already towering more than twenty three stories in height the space x. falcon heavy packs twice as much power as any other rocket on earth. i this time rock and heavy is carrying a telecommunications satellite into orbit but its future missions will push military satellites and ferry passengers into space for a cheaper price per mission than ever before burn will begin roughly ninety million dollars per month which thanks. i
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was thank you i the company is bringing down costs by reusing its powerful first stage boosters which land themselves at a nearby site was and for the first time a third rocket lands on a remote landing pad in the atlantic ocean this three for three landing is a technological feat for the company which wants to dominate space transportation and or chapell al-jazeera. to speak to any thompson in orlando florida by skype she covered the space x. launch today for space dot com thank you so much for joining us so how long has this been at this accomplishment been in the making. well a little over a year so i asked here in february space-x. flew its first falcon heavy demo mission which carried brad tesla piloted by star man in
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a little space so that was the first demonstration mission and then this is the first operational mission with a paying customer so explain the significance of these amazing pictures that we have seen. ok you got excited over there. and you know it's so exciting it's really incredible to think that just a couple years ago landings were considered science fiction and now in space x. landed not one but three this is so what do you think the next step is what is the takeaway from this. takeaway is that. space x. is going to be able to help facilitate more missions in more companies and private entities to be able to get off the ground because they've reduced the cost of spaceflight so by reusing these boosters the price of missions drop
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significantly who is this used to i mean the technology obviously is amazing but who is is this avenue appealing to. well for example the israeli lunar lander that unfortunately didn't make a successful landing on the moon today they were able to launch their mission cost around one hundred million dollars and they were able to. ride on a space x. rocket tucked inside the payload fairing with a couple of other satellites so basically like a cosmic carpool. ok let's talk about a people corporal when is this when is it really realistic that in some white there will be a civilian use for this. i would think so yes so starting this summer space x. is targeting i want to say july to actually ferry people on it's crew
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dragon capsule so that will be the first test and it's going to have two astronauts that are going to go to the international space station and then. eventually on to the moon and mars space x. is also working on a larger vehicle called the star ship that is actually going to be able to carry on hundred people in space a hundred people while that's all right only one bag getting me tom said thank you so much for joining us from orlando we appreciate it. thank you. still ahead on al-jazeera. the choices we face all stock and the timetable is clear britain's prime minister defends her decision to delay or exit. the children left behind as parents are forced to find work outside of venezuela. and that's where the baseball player breaking the wrong sort records are has that story coming out.
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hello again and welcome back to international weather forecast all of the next few days here across parts of china it is going to be quite wet we're talking first starting down across much of the southwest now you start seeing these thunderstorms right here on the satellite that is part of the activity we are going to see with some very heavy rain across this region so heavy we could be seen some localized flooding as we go from side a and into saturday as that rain moves more towards the north and the northeast and in here we could be seeing anywhere between one hundred to two hundred millimeters of rain across the region here across south asia well plenty of rain to talk about we're going to be seeing a lot of rain up towards the northern part of the philippines as well so from the it is going to be partly cloudy to mostly cloudy in the afternoon and those showers
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starting in the afternoon and evening with the tempter there of about thirty four degrees malaysia has plenty of showers as well temps are staying into the low thirty's and bangkok we do expect see more rain in your forecast and clouds a very high temps a few of thirty six degrees and still that he wave continues across india we are talking temperatures across much of the region hitting either forty or above across the areas i want to show you the forecast map here on friday we're not pursing about forty two degrees new delhi at forty and as we go towards saturday not much of a change in the forecast but down towards the south bend the lou attempts are thirty six. the weather sponsored by catalona is. methamphetamines from me and my a flooding into countries across asia. one o one east asks why all forces caught say to stop the myth. on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. and for you. but i mean the fish every week a news anchor brings a series of breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump town through the eyes of the outstanding nice that's. right out of a hamas group that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what that phrase means joined the listening post as we turn the cameras on the media focus on how they recruit on the stories that matter the most embed is a free palestine a listening post on al-jazeera.
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watching al-jazeera these are the top stories thousands of people defy curfew orders to demonstrate outside the army headquarters in sudan a military imposed a curfew hours after a topple president omar al bashir stands defense minister has been sworn in as the head of the new military transitional council says the body will rule for two years before elections take place. a british court has found wiki leaks found. guilty of skipping bail in two thousand and twelve a song to deny the charges faces twelve years in prison earlier he was dragged out of the ecuadorian embassy after ecuador cancelled his asylum status. by fighting continues on the outskirts of libya's capital tripoli between forces loyal to the u.n. backed government and the warlord general cliff a hospice are after hours offensive was that by tears for assistance on thursday as the internationally recognized government says it captured more than two hundred of
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his men at least fifty six people have been killed in fighting between the two sides in the past week and civilians in tripoli are worried the fighting could reach their neighborhoods would abdel wahab reports. appointed day for abraham in his but. since fighting. erupted on the southern outskirts of tripoli last week not many customers have come through his doors he's afraid his business might suffer further if the unrest continue. the current wars resulting in a low traffic of business and an increase in the price of goods including the materials that i use here i hope they can get back to negotiations. others from outside libya just as worried that he's soft he says he's brought his life savings from his home country sudan and started this green grocery. my fear is that if war comes to this area i'll have to leave and then i'll lose my
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grocery store it's my property but unfortunately i can't get rid of it overnight life looks normal in tripoli city center but actions are not responding to international calls for deescalation civilians here are worried that the fighting on the outskirts of tripoli is not going to end anytime soon. forces loyal to the world for have to our fighting forces allied with the baghdad government in several locations. the battle for control over strategic sites including military camps and the disused international airport. several rockets have landed in civilian areas forcing thousands to leave their homes. in the north of the city after the planes also attacked him eighty airport the only operational airport in the city the fighting has led to the postponement of
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a you and let peace conference due to be held within days in the city over the dam is it true he was praying the fighting each other parts of the city he says and you unity government should be formed to include the rival factions to help in the conflict thirty he says it doesn't matter who wins as growing as he doesn't lose what he has built up over the years mom would have engineered our. president says he wants to continue sanctions against north korea for now made the remarks while meeting south korea's president at the white house reports from washington d.c. . under pressure to get the united states and north korea to resume talks south korea's president met with u.s. president donald trump at the white house and praised the work he's done so far.
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kim and you initiated personal diplomacy with him we saw dramatic significant reduction of military tension in the korean peninsula and now pieces prevailed and also in terms of the north korean nuclear program all the korean people now we believe that you will be able to solve the problem through dialogue the u.s. wants permanent denuclearization of the korean peninsula south korea is pressing for compromise clued in potential joint economic projects between the north and the south if north korean leader kim jong un takes steps toward denuclearization and idea trucks so far there are various smaller deals that maybe could happen things could happen you couldn't work out step by step pieces but at this moment we're talking about the big deal as we have to get rid of the nuclear weapons tensions have been escalating failed somewhat with kim annoy in february way from kim's offer to dismantle parts of the aging yongbyon nuclear facility in exchange for
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economic sanctions relief and even as the u.s. last month canceled joint military exercises said to agitate the north has not ruled out resuming nuclear and missile tests kim has also issued a stark warning aimed at the united states promising a blow to hostile forces who miscalculate the impact of economic sanctions on the north still this has deterred from another meeting with kim who is dialing back expectations. step by step it's not a fast process i never said it would be still south korea's moon jay in is under pressure from north korea to get donald trump to compromise moon's own political legacy is on the law i guess he tries to kick start talks amid heightening tensions and uncertainty kimberly health at al-jazeera the white house. and a landmark decision south korea has overturned
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a ban on abortion which had for more than sixty five years its constitutional court ruled the law limits women's rights under the one nine hundred fifty three ban women who had abortions could be fined in jail that except in cases of rape incest or risk to their health and doctors who perform the procedure or face prison and there were rival protests outside court as the ruling was delivered. voter turnout was more than sixty percent in the first day of india's six week election nine hundred million people are eligible to vote and seven phases in the city of new in an entire pradesh elizabeth ronna reports on the key issues. happy to have their say voters lined up across the country to choose who ran the world's largest democracy for the next five years from indian administered kashmir in the north to answer petition the south ninety one constituencies across twenty
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states voted in the first phase of a six week election which ends on may nineteenth where the two hundred million people author of their shoes and the us most populous and politically important state they say the road to the prime minister's office cuts through and the big issues affecting the country aren't shop focused here maybe. i want overlap meant for my village electricity good draw good to cities for my children good schools. that endure more he came to power promising development jobs and a stronger economy but unemployment is at a forty five year high and the economy has slowed. i heard a lot of expectations from who i watered and now i want someone new but said well what about it going to be in this manner but the main opposition congress party is hoping to capitalize on that sentiment that promised voters millions of new jobs as
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well as a guaranteed minimum and come for the poorest. and the government is facing criticism elsewhere too many voters in the northeastern state of us some are against a bill which will grant citizenship to refugees from neighboring countries so long as they're not muslim while that legislation has been criticized as anti muslim in other parts of india those who oppose it and say they'll become a minority in their own state margaret the citizenship bill should not pass otherwise our future in assam is in danger but despite all these issues the government has focused its campaign on national security following february's attack an indian administered kashmir aid in which at least forty soldiers were killed a group based in pakistan claimed responsibility and india responded by launching air strikes against targets across the border. fighting this election once performs its. whether that pays off for the b j p will be
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known when the results are announced on may twenty third elizabeth purana al-jazeera noida. britain's prime minister as defended an extra six month delay in leaving the european union trace may has told parliament that securing an orderly requires compromise the debate follows a decision by the e.u. to delay the departure date until the end of october and smith reports from london . corporation now granted an extension to britain's membership of the european union strive minister to resume a told parliament it was something she'd never wanted the choices we face are stark and the timetable is clear i believe we must now press on at pace with our efforts to reach a consensus on a deal that is in the national interest i welcome the discussions that have taken place with the opposition in recent days and the further talks which are resuming today this is not the normal way of british politics and it is uncomfortable for
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many in both the government and opposition parties the six month brags that extension the e.u. has given the u.k. was longer than mrs may had wanted but shorter than that suggested by european commission president jean-claude juncker and other leaders the compromise was because of french president emanuel mccrum he'd said a long delay would undermine the project of european integration. u.k. opposition labor leader jeremy corbyn described the need for a second extension to bragg's it as a diplomatic failure but he said he was committed to continue talks with the government labor will continue to engage constructively in talks because we respect the results the referendum and we are committed to defending the jobs industry and living standards by delivering a close economic relationship with the european union and securing frictionless trade with improved rights and standards mr korwin also left open the option of
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calling for a referendum on any deal with grief with the government if the political parties agree a way forward then the u.k. could avoid taking. party in european parliamentary elections and leave the e.u. before the october thirty first deadline even if both sides do find some way of coming together the e.u. withdrawal deal will still contain a clause guaranteeing an open border between northern ireland and the irish republic whatever happens in future e.u. u.k. negotiations and it's this backstop that has prevented previous attempts by the prime minister to get to a deal through parliament and so far there's no indication that m.p.'s will be any less divided on this in six months than they are now bernard smith al-jazeera london. an american investor who denies committing fraud in russia has been released from prison and put under house arrest michael calvery has worked in russia for thirty years he says he is being pressured by rival shareholders in
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a dispute over a bank is one the supporter of prominent russian business been saying the case has hurt and investor confidence step bos'n has more from moscow. nearly two months after he ended up in a most crowded time chanst and cook county is now free to go home but still there he will be tightly guarded waiting for his trial seen as one of the most successful memorial for an unpatched in russia and his arrest shocked many american business people even threatened to boycott the sin petersburg impressment forum in june for more than twenty years ago we invested in russia and one of his successes is the right of young dex the russian version of google has been charged with a thirty nine million dollar fraud case related to frostbite three bank he has denied the charges and has said that is a rash as a result of a business dispute with his well connected partner. russia has seen a number of high profile arrests over the years i'm unclear charges some have
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called a politically or economically motivated but just a few days ago to the surprise of many theater director period seriously nico was released from house arrest due to use on what some have called probably greater charges but analysts say it's too early to call these releases a trend. in iran say u.s. sanctions are hampering their ability to help people hit by massive flooding southwest urana suffering some of the worst or the worst flooding in decades and more rain is on the forecast the government has ordered tens of thousands of people to leave their homes in the city of avaaz the capital of kusa stan province hundreds of villages in the oil rich province have been emptied of people same as robbie has been monitoring the aid effort in the capital tehran. landing into her on the first flight for the u.n. high commission for refugees thousands of blankets cooking supplies sleeping mats and tents to help flood victims the u.n.h.c.r.
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works in iran primarily with refugee communities aid workers say at times like this helping with flood relief is the right thing to do but it was not easy u.s. sanctions meant weeks of extra bureaucracy. almost a few weeks ago now to the most heavy falls happens you can still see differences here impact. for example behind me to reverberate. on the sites she nobody communities especially communities closer to reverse where walter is she still standing in a house shortly as much. as it's clear that. there will be still work to do in the short term. especially the recovery face is going to be important the world health organization and unicef are also helping out and will do so are germany iraq. pakistan russia and turkey but sanctions seem to be impeding a coordinated crisis response they still are.


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