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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 12, 2019 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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sudan during this transition period. but always good to talk to you many thanks indeed for being with us again solomon that. protesters are back on the streets in algeria it is the eighth consecutive friday of demonstrations they say they're not satisfied with the departure of president abilities beautifully of this month and want an overhaul of the political establishment the interim president has announced new elections for july fourth. is a research fellow at the school for advanced studies in the social science is based in france he joins us now live via skype from algiers before we get into the nitty gritty of this i know you're not there you go home at the moment but you're looking at pictures of the protests on local media. in terms of the size of the crowd is it bigger than that it has been in previous weeks the same of that fewer people there this week. no i think there is no sign of terri no sound the sound of the
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protestors but even more i believe we are reaching some kind of group becoming not sure yeah actually to date you know that it has been two months of the most and then decide of the regime there has been no satisfying at non-students actual no sign that delusion human needs ridiculous incident in most respects so i believe there's a story this week there has been this deep feelings and deep statement from the demonstrators that they refuse repression you know debt has stepped out it has been some kind of some taste and on the side of the delay she had to repress the demonstrations and policemen have been. actively being beat it had been beaten in a street to that trying to prevent them to demonstrate still all of this whole week demonstrators now cheers get a break and all the whole side of that and as it were in the contract with us as well began to read in order to say no to rip christian this is all you can it's
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important evolution is just beginning it's that it doesn't make sense part of the maastricht has any mark soon reach a solution within the during the constitutional framework they state that this act and only discuss addition is totally used by the regime in order to stay in place so they are not merely waiting for any kind of a solution on the gas station on the regime site which is an important development actually ok so i had to why do they keep coming out to protest that if they're not waiting for any any development the interim president has said they'll be new elections on july fourth what's to stop the the the authorities just sitting by letting people protest the largely good humored that they're not the nonviolent. you know what's the point of people coming out week after week if no action is taken if it doesn't lead to any kind of action. truly important points first and has been to first. try and assist that stand up to demonstrate his knowledge you're
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not supposed to have been trying to reconstitute with each other you know death for people who have been experienced this kind of stupid worry don't in the ninety's it was very important to be able to stick together into street and look at that aside their. differences and that's what i do not think it was a very important steps in cannes and there have been discussions on the need to elect representatives are not just as leadership passed. because there is a kind of mistrust. in the laws any kind us political leadership and political classes of the opposition benches that have been trying to think about how to. harness and space the representatives and it had been some names uniting and then at trying to kind of constance just now turn to important step will scented important reason for why people are taking the streets week after week they are not trying to again that is their own institutional transition they actually took for
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example not recognising the also revealed that ministers they are trying to pull are in on strikes into the public companies and state companies and the actually to lead this is how can is a. modern turn the elections are tonight is their only elections which were not will be not directed to a lot of issues of a new president it's not smart to alter the election of the national constitution test only so you see there are two cowards and that's and i believe that unfortunately it does seem to continue to amend has the its own decisions and to us that had seeped out and people will do not exist well the object people we are denied their own transition and that's a risk of progression of course and that that's that's the main spiritually not you know. i'm a really good to talk to many thanks indeed imo because of that analogy is that you have got on there is a resident scholar at the carnegie middle east center in beirut she says the
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protesters in algeria well the momentum is unstoppable. they know now what they can achieve with their protest every friday but also with the daily protests you know shouldn't have been organizing the daily protests the union people row yours judges and so on so forth so i think the momentum is here and the start to call is a really winding up if i may say and i do believe because i lived it with them on several you know march that the algerians are not going to go back home before their demands are met and today their demands are very near white at the beginning they were asking for president would flee to leave today they are asking for the three b.'s to us meaning buried there but do we and been silent to leave and they are not happy with the president of transition being been silent because he is
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one of the signs of the former regime and they want all of them to be to get out as they repeatedly said said it. this is the news from al-jazeera still to come on the program wiki leaks founder julian assange faces extradition to the u.s. after he's arrested at the ecuadorian embassy in london. trapped in a remote camp with worsening conditions we'll have more on the plight of tens of thousands of internally displaced syrians. phil mickelson gets on course to become the oldest of a major at the age of forty eight will be here with that and the rest of the sport a little later. a magnitude six point eight earthquake struck east of the island of super ways in indonesia some people living in central sulawesi
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a bit advised to move to higher ground a tsunami alert was issued but then withdrawn so far have been no reports of damage but we can find out more from our serious way to haiti is live from the south from jakarta was a big quake wayne it was in the sea but no damage. at this stage adrian that appears to be the case and as you mentioned just a few moments ago we received notification from the indonesian or thora to use that the tsunami alerts had been lifted at this stage again no reports of any significant damage but again a frightening time really for the people of this province of central sulawesi because as you may recall it was just in september last year that the city of palu was struck by that's very large earthquake and devastating tsunami that left several thousand people that did this earthquake was quite some distance from palu probably about four or five hundred kilometers to the south east in
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a straight line but the quake was felt in palos city and there were reports of people in that area running from buildings in panic and certainly they were scenes that were repeated along the coastline very close to the epicenter people coming out on to the streets concerned about this quake but again no reports of any significant damage the other good sign was that it appears that many people heeded the advice of the or thora these to get to higher ground after the earthquake struck in case there was going to be a tsunami because as we mentioned a tsunami alert was issued but a few moments ago that was brought to an end by the indonesian authorities where many thanks when they live in jakarta. at least five civilians have been killed in fighting on the outskirts of libya's capital rockets and shells fired by forces loyal to the warlord khalifa haftar hit a residential area west of tripoli more than fifty people have been killed in
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fighting over the past week well the latest civilian casualties are adding to the worries of many tripoli residents who fear that the fighting could reach their neighborhoods holed up the work of reports. that day for ibrahim in his barbershop since fighting erupted on this southern outskirts of tripoli last week not many customers have come through his doors he's afraid his business might suffer further if the unrest continue. the current war is resulting in a low traffic of business and an increase in the price of goods including the materials that i use here i hope they can get back to negotiations. others from outside libya just as worried that he's sufi says he's brought his life savings from his home country sudan and started this green grocery. my fear is that if war comes to this area i'll have to leave and then i'll lose my
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grocery store it's my property but unfortunately i can't get rid of it overnight. but actions are not responding to international calls for deescalation civilians here are worried that the fighting on the outskirts of tripoli is not going to end anytime soon. forces loyal to the world for have to our fighting forces allied with the baghdad government in civil locations. the battle for control over strategic sites including military camps and a disused international airport. civil rockets have landed in civilian air. yes forcing thousands to leave their homes. in the north of the city after planes also untagged airport the only airport in the city
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the fighting has led to the postponement of a huge peace conference due to be held within days in the city of adamus ibrahim is praying the fighting each other parts of the city he says any new unity government should be formed to include the rival factions to help in the conflict. it doesn't matter who wins. he doesn't lose what he has built up over the years. at least twenty people have been killed by a bomb in the pakistani province of police happened in a fruit market in the southwestern city of the market run by members of the shia minority who've been targeted by sunni groups in the past and reports. a powerful bomb a soft target the explosive device is believed to have been hidden among bags of potatoes those shopping in the open air fruit and vegetable market took the full
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force of the blast along with the people serving them. we were busy at a watermelon auction then there was a huge blast the blast happened on a potato where hers when we rushed over there there were bodies lying on the ground . police suspect the motivation of the killers was sectarianism. a senior officer said several shias were among the dead along with people thought to be working on the stores also was at least one paramilitary police officer part of a patrol group that was protecting the shia people. the shias from the community they've been targeted. the fool more than five hundred of them had died. is a community a calling for more protection. pakistan's prime minister. and the president.
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issued statements of condemnation saying the resolve of the nation in the fight against terror. andrew symonds. that's coming up. in karachi. a number of people who are. mourning. and.
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after seven years living in the ecuadorian embassy in london wiki leaks founder julian assange is in british custody and facing extradition to the u.s. he was arrested on to ecuador as government withdrew his asylum within hours he was convicted by a u.k. court on charges of breaching bail morry chalons reports from london. they've been waiting a long time but seven years after julian assange first entered ecuador's london embassy to escape the british legal system police offices hold him out again ecuador had finally tired of its troublesome guest and revoked his right to asylum within hours he was in a u.k. court and the u.s. confirmed it wants him extradited i just fame with mr sanchez in the police cells
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he wants to thank all of his supporters today on going to morsi and he said i told you so the wiki leaks founder always said if he left his ambassadorial refuge he'd spend years in jail in the u.s. he's wanted there for publishing government secrets but to a sandra's fans some high profile he's a courageous whistleblower because he's been told which i did not and say this helps it's been undermining you know all this stuff but fortunately he has his brain and his muse distance and this odd things of also missing davidge and not enough away from you know and he's afraid of life joining us on she has his supporters here in the u.k. but the district judge here in this case was not one of them he said that a sound his behavior was that of a narcissist you cannot go beyond his own self interest he found him guilty of the charge of skipping back in twenty twelve and has sent his case to the crown court for sentencing the more serious extradition process will get under way at the
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beginning of may in twenty ten wiki leaks published footage provided by whistleblower chelsea manning of u.s. soldiers killing civilians in iraq the u.s. said the hack posed a grave security risk but the website also leaked e-mails from the inbox of ecuador's president and first lady sanders hosts words amused. the patients of ecuador has reached its limits on the behavior of mr song he installed electronic and distortion equipment that was not allowed. he blocked the security cameras of the ecuadorian mission in london he has confronted and mistreated guards he had access to security files of our embassy without permission other former supporters won't forgive him for the twenty sixteen us election they think the wiki leaks publication of democratic party e-mails may have tipped it for donald trump. to zero london police in kenya have confirmed reports that gunmen kidnapped two cuban
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doctors in the northeast of the country the attackers shot dead a police officer in mandela before driving off with the pair the city's close to kenya's border with somalia and ethiopia today mourning in monday at a town at around him to cuban doctors were under police escort from there it is demanded a hospital in a county hospital vehicle under the escort of two police officers one officer from out of the station police and the other one from kenya police service respectively along the way they were blocked by two provokes a vehicle to provoke scars and fortunately there are police officer was shot and five telly wounded the criminals. and the occupants across the border to somalia. now with news of a storm that has everything but the kitchen sink and perhaps cats and dogs here's
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meteorologist kevin corriveau you know that's just about it with this particular storm and these happen when we get into spring we still have the characteristic of the some snow and some summer and that's exactly what we have in this particular situation we're talking about the storm right here and take a look how big it is all the way from the gulf of through parts of canada and with that to the north we're dealing with blizzard conditions right now take a look at the video that came out of south dakota and what they're dealing with a looks like a mid winter scenario of course we were talking about road closures we talked about airport delays thousands yesterday today is almost the same thing one person dead in parts of colorado because of the weather and also we are talking about white out conditions because of the wins in this particular scenario today is getting a little bit better the storm is making its way up here towards the northeast but these are some of the totals that we saw with the storm sixty two centimeters in parts of south dakota sixty nine centimeters of snow here in parts of colorado but that's not the only thing we're also talking about the wins it was one hundred
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thirteen club repairer gusts here in minnesota as well as doubt here one hundred sixty four in new mexico so we're getting a little better in terms of what we're seeing here is the system right now up to the north it is still going to be quite snowy anywhere from the great lakes of through parts of canada but it's going to be down towards the south of the next couple days that's going to be a new scenario with the tail end of this system and down here across texas notice the the area of rain that's going to begin to move to the east and we are going to be seeing the threat of severe thunderstorms. well kevin many thanks indeed still to come here on the news out trouble for a t.v. network this dedicated to india's prime minister and i. watch this space some other significant step towards tourists heading out of this world. that in sport one of the world's fastest horses set to race for the last time the details coming up at around twenty minutes.
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al-jazeera is on board winning investigative documentary program people ask me a lot i need a woman going with him her being murdered what's the reason food lines goes beyond the headlines causing the powerful to account have you heard of the story not involved in that examining the u.s. and its role someone has to get the gun i'm shooting people right now. back with a new series that's the reality that we live in coming soon on al-jazeera on line. with the answer for them not to do this or if you join us on sat all of us have been colonized in some form or some fashion this is a dialogue we are talking about a legal front and you have seen what it can do to somebody people are using multiple drugs including a funnel and some people are seeking it out everyone has a voice from the us your thoughts your twitter and you could be on the story and
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join the colobus conversation on mt is iraq. about to get a very unforgiving hear joe. with the news from top stories this hour saddam's military is defending his coup which removed president omar al bashir from office it says it has no ambitions to hold on to power but the protest organizers are calling for further demonstrations. it is the eighth consecutive friday of demonstrations around jiri a protest to say that they're not satisfied with the departure of president of the flick of this month's want nothing short of an overhaul of the political
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establishment at least twenty people have been killed by a bomb in southwestern pakistan it happened at a market in the city of quite a police say most of the victims were shia muslims. tens of thousands of displaced syrians awaiting to leave the remote refugee camp which is on the border with jordan conditions there a worsening that have led to nearly two thousand people leaving they've used a corridor or opened by the russian military and have gone back to their villages which are now under government control but many others are now seeking safe passage to the opposition controlled north as al-jazeera zaha the reports. forty thousand syrians are trapped in this remote corner of syria where there is little to sustain life there is a way out of rock band camp through a core door opened by the russian military it leads to their villages and towns which have returned to government control after years of fighting worsening conditions in the camp is why almost two thousand people left even if it meant
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returning to their homes without security guarantees. the situation is horrible there is no aid our children have been deprived of an education we want to go back to our hometowns the campus surrounded by syrian government forces but it lies within a so-called confliction zone agreed to by the u.s. and russia and american military bases nearby. it is close to the road between damascus and baghdad once they may. supply route for iranian weapons into syria the syrian government and its allies want u.s. forces to leave the area. by. alternately. russia repeatedly blames the us for preventing
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syrians from leaving the camp and blocking aid delivery accusations the u.s. military denies russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov says the solution is to end what he calls the american occupation of the who are the americans unilaterally announce the creation of some kind of site zone in the region with a radius of fifty five kilometers it's unclear how big splaying the unlawful presence there the occupation is inside the site zone the u.n. wants on handed access to the camp to provide life saving aid many of the displaced won't leave without international security guarantees afraid of what awaits them in government held areas human rights groups have reported arbitrary arrests and forced conscription and the army. they are going back to live under the regime the regime can't be trusted they want they can open the road to the north so we can leave but russia and syria are not offering safe passage to rebel held areas the
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u.s. and human rights groups are accusing the proto basket's alliance of using rock band to force american troops out of the area that seems unlikely because there is no indication of the americans leaving what is likely is worsening humanitarian conditions for tens of thousands of syrians who many say are bargaining chips in a struggle for power out of beirut the united states has denied entry to prominent palestinian activists despite him having a visa co-founded the boy cults died. vestment and sanctions movement he was prevented from boarding a plane in tel aviv he had been due to speak at several venues including a chicago synagogue and to attend his daughter's wedding u.s. officials say the refusal was based on an immigration matter it's been almost two weeks now since turkey held municipal elections but the result in the largest city istanbul is still unclear early results put the main opposition mayoral candidate ahead of president earlier ones
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a k party alack party which is now challenging the result the election is seen as a test of earlier ones popularity at a time of growing economic uncertainty need parker reports from istanbul. it is a city divided by more than the bosphorus strait istanbul is split in half into voters who backed president ruling ak party and those who support the main opposition people's republican party the c.h.p. . that division was recently seen here at the ballot box in elections for a new mayor on march thirty first initial results but the opposition candidate. narrowly ahead of virtue and candidate been. the c.h.p. party also won in the capital ankara but by a much bigger margin. the out party responded by contesting the istanbul result president claims that almost all of the voting in istanbul was marred by
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regularities. tauriel baldwin and the results and when they do we have objections we will appeal wherever needed it doesn't matter whether we get a positive outcome or not. so far the country supremely actual council has granted only a partial recount across a stumble and has yet to reveal the final result. for meanwhile the c.h.p. candidate it's been attracting attention his supporters believe he has the makings of a future president is this summer i'm destined to become america's turkey's cultural and economic capital feeling a group very blue the president earlier ones policy. is confident that he is the winner. there's only one thing the ruling party expects and this is to a null this election in have a rerun i strongly oppose that this election's been won there are zero doubts or hesitations over the results and. losing istanbul to the opposition would be
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a blow for president. he launched his political career was the city's mayor in the one nine hundred ninety s. but people's concerns about the government's handling of the economy appear to have been reflected in the results of the national currency the lira has plunged nearly thirty percent in recent months inflation has risen and turkey is now in recession the ruling party was so confident that it would win here in istanbul that the morning after the election these giant posters sprang up across the city thanking people for their support. but those banks may be private sure. need barkha al-jazeera is double. television channels last month to promote prime minister narendra modi has been banned from airing political content the election commission stepped in after receiving complaints first tamil reports from new delhi. the channel was called
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namo t.v. short from their end their mo the television quietly began broadcasting at the end of march notably without a license because of a loophole in the law if you saw the channel what you would see would be speeches by prime minister narendra modi as well as programming praising him the government and the party the opposition parties quickly pounced on this as a clear violation of election laws but it took time till the day after the first phase of the election for the election commission to act and it's not just this channel until recently there were concerns that a biography called pm the renderer mo the would hit theaters this month in india now this was a film praising the prime minister and if you saw the poster you would see the actor playing the prime minister surrounded by smiling children this was a clear violation of election laws but again it took time for the election commission to act and that's been the main concern here that the election commission has been dragging its heels on any potential violation involving the governing party has gone to the point where several retired civil servants have
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penned a letter to the president of india calling the election commission's response weak kneed they're concerned that the independence of the election commission may be threatened by them not taking action or even delaying action and that's been a growing concern in some parts of the country that several suppose that independents the two sions in india are losing their independence the election commission just being the most latest example. a senior u.s. military officer has said that the armed forces are ready to move into. craig fala heads the u.s. southern command and told foreign policy magazine that in defense may be needed if sanctions fail to force president nicolas maduro from power al-jazeera newman reports now from portobello in northern venezuela. what does the sinister star wars character darth vader and u.s. economic sanctions against venezuela having common get everything according to u.s. national security advisor john bolton he likens the sanctions to darth vader
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choking his enemy's throat that he says is what we're going to do to the regime economically. the economic crisis already existed long before the sanctions but the u.s. strategy is designed to provoke the total collapse of what it sees as the enemy. the u.s. treasury department has designated not just venezuela's vital oil industry but its entire banking sector as a target of u.s. sanctions and that makes the news whale almost untouchable for companies and banks the do business with the united states this is one of venezuela's main ports for bringing in everything from food to fertilizer to manufactured goods but as you can see there is very little activity here according to the government this is because u.s. financial sanctions are scaring off shipping companies and those who do venture to dock here are charging a premium. the sanctions are of course taking
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a toll on that israel is already crumbling economy and on ordinary citizens the theory being that they will provoke a painful but a relatively quick ouster of president nicolas maduro. recent history however disproves this theory. look at the sanctions against cuba that they remove the castro. no they only hurt the lives of the cubans they remove assad in syria that they take out saddam in iraq or in zimbabwe know that you get rid of all of them because you applied sanctions no. in fact in the last three months the government has been busy finding ways to circumvent the sanctions and israel is foreign minister travelling the world over closing economic cooperation deals in countries like turkey syria and south africa out of reach of sanctions. not to mention military and oil industry with russia. the sense of an israel or was
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isolated when nothing could be further from the truth we are working hard to diversify our commercial ties with all the countries there was much bigger than the united states and it's not the fifty countries that follow washington's order. these efforts are unlikely to reverse the profound economic crisis but could give me more room to maneuver the u.s. vols to tighten the financial news even further but if that doesn't work the united states could be tempted to resort to other more direct methods of obtaining regime change with all that they implied. when it took an israeli judges at the international criminal court of project to request to investigate war crimes in afghanistan the request was made by the i.c.c. chief prosecutor the judges said the current circumstances in the country.


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