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tv   21 Up South Africa P2  Al Jazeera  April 13, 2019 4:00am-5:01am +03

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the military transitional council was responding to the sudanese people's aspirations for china and works to protect the lives of its citizens as well as their well being this council will be the guarantor of a civilian government to be formed and collaboration with the political forces in stakeholders no party will be excluded from the political process including groups will write the speech of the constitution could be lifted at any point and the transitional period could be shortened depending on developments on the ground and agreements with stakeholders. and while the sudanese chargé d'affaires said that the support of the international community was welcome and sought by the military in sudan he stressed that this is a quote domestic affair and that the international community should get directly involved at this time protesters in sudan and many in the human rights community would disagree they point out that president omar al bashir has an outstanding
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warrant from the international criminal court for crimes against humanity for allegations that he committed genocide and allowed work crimes to happen in the darfur region the current military general who's in charge of sudan was in charge of those military operations and also had a hand in and the situation in darfur and was sanctioned by the u.s. government for atrocities there so this is what protesters and human rights activists are pointing out the u.n. notes that that i.c.c. indictment is still valid and still outstanding but at this stage the international community is not taking any steps to push bashir and that and that direction they say they will meet again next week if the situation warrants it thank you very much christensen amy but the latest reaction from the united nations. well over charles area now police are saying they've arrested one hundred eight protesters in the capital algiers they were among hundreds of thousands of people calling for
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a complete overhaul of the political system vast algeria is under the interim leadership of. a longtime ally of the former president beautifully matheson has more. clout in traditional robes this woman cries out to crowds of young protesters. the my children are the algerian you know something like flowers in the spring you are the future i'm with you will be flourishing. in response the crowd cheers long live all the demonstrations again on all jarius streets despite increasing efforts by security forces to reduce the size of the crowds there was a roadblock king's there was. that impeded people from joining the capital. years and there was also the use of what cannon against a student
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a few days ago there was also the use of sound cannon so i think this is also the military is sending signals that the message is we heard you indeed we gave you a few concessions about do not ask for too much it's been ten days since he's beautifully has stepped down after two decades as president following weeks of public demands for him to go but the protesters say everyone linked to both of leaders government needs to be removed. that includes ben salah a long time boot of legal ally and the man appointed under the constitution to act as interim leader and who's announced presidential elections for july the fourth protesters are also calling on some of the military's top leaders to resign including general argument going home protestors accuse of not doing enough to rid the country of what they call look for the power a group which they say has been secretly running algeria in the shadow of former
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president bush of flicka if you go to jail algeria has its men algeria doesn't need you there are plenty of people that can rule geria we want them all to leave. all the garden they all need to go we want to tell. they need to know that the people have empowered us to get rid of the gangs. it's not needed speaking it's forty million algerians women men all people young people are on the streets all of these people are asking you in the name of everything that's holy to leave the country alone to leave its people be algeria is a great nation it's greater than any of. the interim government maybe hoping that electing a new president will be enough to satisfy the protesters but the economy is struggling unemployment is high and demonstrators like these say they'll stay on the streets until all those they blame it all gee whiz problems are forced to go
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rob matheson. was convoying on the program the u.s. secretary of state calls on the saudi crown prince to cut ties with his top aide and his alleged role in the murder of jamal khashoggi. in. watch this space and now this significant step towards terrorist heading out of this wow. hello again and welcome back to your international weather forecast well across northern europe we have been dealing with some cooler than average temperatures over the last several days things are going to improve slowly but still we also have some low clouds and some fog cross much of the area you can see that gray there across parts of berlin over here towards warsaw that is bringing some low
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visibilities as well across the region the so here on saturday still looking at single digits across much of the region also some cloudy conditions but down towards the south it is going to be the rain and the rain has been quite heavy at some portions unfortunately as we go through the rest of the weekend it's a sunday many locations are going to be seeing some very heavy rain including italy where most of italy is going to be rainy expects me a port delays there for rome sixty degrees and rain athens with rain as well is going to be a rainy day at seventeen degrees well for the know the northeastern part of africa we have been dealing with a switch of temperatures but guys it was a very warm day here on friday dropping down to about one thousand degrees cairo is going to be a warm day on saturday but your temperature will come down as well to about twenty nine now here towards the northeast it is going to be quite nice across much of the area morocco is looking at partly cloudy conditions at twenty four and algiers you're going to be a single sunny day with temperatures at about twenty three for you.
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what began as a small extremist group in africa's most populous country we didn't get those infected from the government to just shoot him soon turned into a battle front for the nigerian government. yet why. the tourists for abducting more than two hundred schoolgirls the killing and displacement of thousands of people al-jazeera investigates the origins bloody rise of folk who were robbed on al-jazeera. welcome back just a quick look at the top stories now sudan's interim military leadership promises it
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will make way for a civilian government and has no ambition to hold the reins of power but the protesters have vowed to continue demonstrations saying the military council should hand over power to a civilian government immediately police in algeria say they've arrested hundred eight people in clashes in algiers hundreds of thousands of demonstrators returned to the streets of the capital work for an eight successive friday former president abdul aziz beautifully to step down from power ten days ago but demonstrators continue to demand regime change. when all the stories are following closely at least twenty people have been killed in a bomb blast in the pakistani province of lucius don police are saying this happened in a fruit market in the southwestern city of quite a the market is owned and run by members of the hazaar a shia minority has been targeted by sunni groups in the past come on hyder reports from karachi. the explosion is believed to be triggered by.
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the open fruited bridge to remarket the full force of the broth along with the people serving there. we were busy at a watermelon auction then there was a huge blast the blast happened on a potato warehouse and when we rushed over there there were bodies laying on the ground. people suspect the motivation of the killers was sectarianism. senior officer said several chairs were among the dead along with people start to be working on the door and among the day or there's one better military officer part of a patrol group that was predicting this year people. there were other people to including the historic community and the security forces personnel who were targeted until we were at the crime scene and investigations are ongoing we're trying to figure out how this incident happened and what kind of explosives were used. the shears out from the house are
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a community they have been targeted before. he bought it have been several attacks on the people here in the past this is a very brutal act and should be condemned i have spoken to the police chief to the health authorities and to the interior minister to expedite the search operation against the terrorist more than five hundred of them have died in attacks over the past five years and on friday many took to the streets to call for more protection . the pakistani prime minister brown honda and the president. issued. its word nor did we can get rid of the country in the fight against. karachi. u.s. president donald trump says he's considering sending immigrants in the country to sanctuary cities and cities include new york and san francisco where local authorities don't cooperate with federal immigration and customs agents president
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says the move is in part to retaliate against the democrats alan fisher has the latest from washington. this whole story has flipped around in the last couple of hours of you spoke to the white house first thing on friday morning you were told while things are talked about all the time this is a plan it's no longer under active consideration and then donald trump suddenly comes out with a tweet and says you know that story you may have heard about but i was possibly moving undocumented migrants who come across the border to sanctuary cities or that is under active consideration so what was the plan while back in november last year the department of homeland security was approached by the white house and said look is there any possibility that we could move all these people coming across the border into sanctuary cities this was seen by critics by opponents as donald trump essentially punishing those who were a pause to his view on immigration sanctuary cities are look callate is administrations authorities that do not cooperate with immigration over
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undocumented migrants they would never simply hand these people over that has infuriated donald trump he has talked about it many times you know people like nancy pelosi who represents an area in san francisco which is a sanctuary city has said this is donald trump essentially using undocumented migrants as political pawns moving them around the country to make a political point and he's using children in this way and that could possibly be bordering on the illegal now there is every possibility that this idea hasn't gone away the way the white house were telling is several hours ago but as donald trump is says no under active investigation and something that they are definitely looking at something that would pleases base so there is the possibility that this may come up again even though as they say we were told very clearly this is one of those ideas that gets discussed gets kicked around but it didn't go anywhere and
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was certainly shot down by the department of homeland security. the u.s. secretary of state is reported to have held talks with the saudi crown prince according to the guardian might bump had been soundman to cut ties with a close adviser linked to the murder of jan less jamal khashoggi that's a tiny has recently been sanctioned by the u.s. for his and edged role in the killing jordan has moved from washington. according to the guardian newspaper the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o has told the saudi crown prince that he needs to cut all ties with his close political adviser and former social media chiefs honey the remove paper says that mike pompei o told mohammad been solemn on that. ongoing presence is undermining saudi credibility when it comes to the investigation of the murder of the saudi journalist jamal the last october that goes to the fact that
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u.s. intelligence has said that mr he was very likely involved in the planning and carrying out of mr murder and it also has suggested that he is very much involved in ongoing efforts to or press political dissidents within the saudi kingdom so far the state department has given a no comment response to the guardian al-jazeera has also reached out for comment on this report about the prompt a zero pressure allegedly to make mr solomon give up this or what tonnie as a close political advisor. at least five civilians have been killed in fighting on the outskirts of libya's capital rockets and shells fired by forces loyal to general haifa have to hit a residential area west of tripoli more than fifty people have been killed in the fighting over the past week and thousands more have been displaced meanwhile u.s. media is reporting that saudi arabia has promised tens of millions of dollars to
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help pay for half dozen operation to take the capitol hill street journal says the offer came during several visits by half that to riyadh days before the military campaign started. shun from the arab center of washington says that riyadh wants to play a role in libya there was an increase in support clearly but that implies a change in the political role i clearly i think saudi arabia wanted to its participation in the conflict in libya and that that probably contributed to the visit on march twenty seventh general to the kingdom and his meeting with both the king solomon and the crown prince and immediately after his return he kind of escalated if you will his role his confrontation with his competitors in libya so clearly he got the political indorsement first and i'm
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sure he got. the support the financial and military support afterwards even though this is not necessarily the only party in the gulf or in the middle east that has been supportive of that over the past few years. international criminal court has rejected a request for investigate possible war crimes committed during the eighteen year conflict afghanistan judges at the court say there's not enough evidence of state court or state cooperation last month the u.s. secretary of state might pompous and washington revoke denying visas to i.c.c. stuff investigating such allegations. now space x. has made a giant leap and lost its first paid kaga into orbit the firm's falcon heavy rocket is the most powerful vehicle flying today and has a hefty price to match its impressive size and reports.
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to i the world's most powerful rocket takes off from cape canaveral in florida on its first commercial flight under the power of five point one million pounds of taurus falcon heavy is headed to space already towering more than twenty three stories in height the space x. falcon heavy packs twice as much power as any other rocket on earth. i this time and heavy is carrying a telecommunications satellite into orbit but its future missions will push military satellites and ferry passengers into space for a cheaper price per mission than ever before burn will begin roughly ninety million dollars per month which i. i
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i the company is bringing down costs by reusing its powerful first stage boosters which land themselves at a nearby site. and for the first time a third rocket lands on a remote landing pad in the atlantic ocean this three for three landing is a technological feat for the company which wants to dominate space transportation. al-jazeera. morning everything we're covering right hand al-jazeera dot com is the address. recap the top stories for you now sudan's interim military leadership promises it will make way for a civilian government and has no ambition to all the reins of power but protesters are to continue their demonstrations saying the military council should immediately hand over power to
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a civilian government. well the united nations security council has also met to discuss the political unrest in sudan it's hurt that all sudanese people will be invited to shape the country's future. the look at the him what it will be like the military transitional council was responding to the sudanese people's aspirations for change and works to protect the lives of its citizens as well as their well being this council will be the guarantor of a civilian government to be foregone collaboration with political forces in stakeholders no party will be excluded from the political process including groups who are over the suspension of the constitution could be lifted at any point in the transitional period could be shortened depending on developments on the ground and agreements with stakeholders the police in algeria say they've arrested one hundred eight people during clashes in algiers hundreds of thousands of demonstrators return to the streets of the capital for an eight successive friday
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a former president as he's beautifully stepped down from power ten days ago but demonstrators continue to demand regime change. in our headlines at least twenty people have been killed in a bomb blast in the pakistani province of lucius stan police saying that it happened in a fruit market in the southwestern city of quite a market is owned and run by members of the hazaar a shia minority has been targeted by sunni groups in the past. u.s. president donald trump says he is considering sending immigrants to the country to so-called in the country's so-called sanctuary cities the cities include new york and san francisco are local authorities don't cooperate with federal immigration and customs agents. and the u.s. secretary of state is reported to have held talks with the saudi crown prince according to the guardian newspaper might pompei or has urged one hundred been summoned to cut ties with a close adviser linked to the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi last october you're up to date with all of our top stories there will be more news later on but
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coming up now up front. one of from today we'll debate the nearly fifty year old us war on drugs was in a lot of big trillion dollar failure but first donald trump on the taliban are saying it's time for foreign troops to go home but the afghan government isn't ready will they ever be well off this week's headliner the chief executive of afghanistan.
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abdullah abdullah thank you for joining me up front the war in afghanistan is now the longest war in u.s. history eighteen years in president donald trump wants to pull u.s. troops out but you say they need to stay quote until the war is over and peace is restored so basically they should never leave. the point is that it has been forty years since the world is growing government in afghanistan. eighteen years since the with of the. need to use the afghan people who are more keen to see peace achieved in their soil. and at the same time the diffuser for our purposes are also we understand it the united this is an initiative which is for peace which is which
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has the support of the afghan people in the afghan government we hope that we will we will achieve peace through these if words in that if were switch off. but just to be clear if donald trump says we're leaving this year and of the if he sets a date for withdrawal of all u.s. troops do you have an objection to that do you understand why that has started at some stage. you need is for the present. to make that decision. to make that decision isn't it the case that if u.s. troops were to pull out of afghanistan it would be disastrous for your government your government wouldn't survive without u.s. troops protecting it if it happens will happen without taking into account it will have consequences but that's why they have been tense upright . in support of peace process with the taliban in
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their discussions in concert with the afghans. as well as with the government of afghanistan although your government doesn't seem to have much faith in the u.s. government right now does it you've suggested that the u.s. envoy to afghanistan zalmay khalilzad who has been shuttling back and forth between the taliban and your government is quote selling out afghan security forces and has admissions to take over afghanistan himself and the americans are furious with your government now for saying that aren't they. not reflecting the views of the people of afghanistan as a whole it was so dramatic. it was unfortunate that it happened. so you don't agree with the national security advisor that the u.s. official. is trying to set up a caretaker government of which he will be the viceroy you don't agree with those remarks. not the taliban which are. those groups
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which are of put a long war in afghanistan well let's talk about the taliban the u.s. and the taliban have now held five rounds of direct talks in october do you agree with the national security adviser when he says there's no point in talking to the taliban that the u.s. is simply legitimizing the taliban by sitting down with them do you agree with that view. which are fighting the taliban which are still having contacts with the terrorist organizations including al qaeda when you have a problem with the group you talk to them but at the same time when it comes to the decision or far country in our nation it will be decided between the afghans if the taliban say we would like to be able to run in the next election we want to participate in the next round of afghan elections are you ok with that. yes of course absolutely if taliban give up the day give up the uprising in
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violence and severe their links with the groups in turned themselves into a political entity and fight for their cause politically enjoying the political process and the transitional government in all view of the taliban because. is that . we are not. even the first step which is opposed to the principle on two sides of the table i understand that the majority of the idea in principle. in principle when do you have. peace processes which which is a good upon from. this part of that part that in twenty one it cannot happen without it but sometimes there are calls for an interim government for the sake of having an interim government understand. that your title
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is chief executive of the afghan government but it's an afghan government that controls according to one u.s. government study betting fifty five percent of the country's districts less than two thirds of the afghan population that's the devastating reality isn't it you call it wish the taliban away they control vast chunks of your country there is a serious challenge these in and out our people are given casualties in our people are suffering and. that should come to an end and taliban also understand that. if they want to continue the war forever that's their choice if they want to come in sit in talk about the un it's an opportunity your country's elections were originally scheduled for this spring and of twice been postponed until september your running in the presidential election against the incumbent president ashraf ghani you've run twice before you've lost twice before what makes you think this is the time lucky. the conditions in the previous
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elections were different and i will not go back to describe. audience what happened didn't happen. has not started in we have to address at this stage piece crosses the top most. hold elections is equally important what us more transparent elections. fair elections is what the afghan people deserve and you've been endorsed by the current vice president abdul rashid dostum the former wall or dostum is also join your election team this is a man accused of a long list of war crimes in afghanistan and yet he's the vice president right now he may serve and again under you no wonder so many afghans and so many members of the international community are worried about the future of democracy and human rights in your country. in the country
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which we cannot ignore because. i am not talking about everything. against this individual or that individual but. has supported me my ticket. continue to have influence in the politics. vice president dostum has been accused not just of suffocating and massacring taliban prisoners and torturing people by tying them up to tanks but also more recently of raping and torturing his own chauffeur and having tortured and raped a political rival with an assault rifle doesn't shock you is not something that should disqualify you from high office in a democratic afghanistan. in a different ticket last time. he was the. result of elections in. public about.
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what had happened in the past in mistakes of the past. his party his son. and he himself has supported my ticket in. no problems being indorsed by a man accused of rape by more than one person. the. process is the. legal process. which was under way. that has not. moved conclusion as your self described it but look at the situation in afghanistan today peace is a priority for us all of us have made mistakes to learn from our mistakes and we need. to be honest one final question.
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is it the truth that whether or not you will ashraf ghani is elected president come september the problems of afghanistan war poverty corruption food insecurity regional meddling they're not going to be solved by just changing the guy who sits in the presidential palace are they they're pretty deep rooted. some of those some of those problems unfortunately. much more. now we're hearing from the transitional military council in dubai. there's the transitional council in sudan they have already spoken about delay. as well. as my successor.
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to come out. among. the sheer. from his position as the. chairman of the. transitional council. because he has convinced me and all you was able to be concerned convinced to keep him in his position even for a while with. so this would not be in accordance with the rules of the military and i would like to. hear it or not. the shah this is a responsibility in trust. so i skated it is very important that we think. of this country until principalities
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and i do hope that those leaders. would have reached the point of working together soon. what on dishes for the benefit of. nation without having to look at special interests or other interests big or small that may preclude progress. or not. to say that this great people and the great army. would like to recommend that you are together and to hope and hope that you would reach. solutions very speedily and i would. hope that this. decision is not misinterpreted. i also. emphasized
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that i hope this decision is not misinterpreted and i wish all my brothers all of them wish them success too or in what is beneficial to our country long live so the. peaceful. country and gold. a blessing be upon you both of whom are wealthy and to be honest with them. so we've just been listening to the transitional military council there in sudan essentially striking a conciliatory try tone reaching out to protest his who have remained on the streets in defiance of a military ordered curfew now there were reports a bit earlier from the state news agency saying that this military council which has essentially taken over they say for a two year transitional period before elections are supposed to happen but they've
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essentially taken over after the ousting of president tomorrow bashir now there were reports earlier that a meeting with political parties and that the armed forces have been delayed until an unspecified date so that by the state news agency but there are concerns on the part of protesters that you essentially have all of the same people in charge we spoke to a protester a little bit earlier how meed el duque he is a professor at the university and hard to know he's been participating in these protests we heard from him earlier and he was saying that protesters are determined to stay on the streets and to continue demonstrating by the military headquarters a because they want to see not just the the end of the moral bashir presidency they want to see deeper change more long lasting change in the country essentially the protesters don't trust the military council as it stands at the moment to hand
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power over to civilians they are saying that either the has to be in immediate change so that those people that are that have taken charge of this transitional period those individuals have to include civilians it cannot be a purely military council the demonstrators are saying civilly. is have to be involved in that transitional period the alternative is that the transitional period is less and so they're saying two years is too much it should be around six months also and that would be something that would appease the protesters but the military is saying that they have no ambitions to take the reins of power in the country they are saying they want to speak to everyone they want to speak to the civilians they want to speak to the political parties they include the ruling and c.p. policy and that which has also aroused the the suspicion in the skepticism of the demonstrators because they are saying that those are essentially all the same people the same faces in charge of those people need to be tried for their roles in
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war crimes in the country and their role in the killing of protesters during the course of these demonstrations but here we have a continued determination in defiance on the part of these people to to keep make their presence known on the streets and perhaps they will not be pleased about the meeting between political parties in the armed forces has been delayed the military a not saying when that meeting is supposed to take place but that too that too might. it's unlikely to please the protesters and it is likely to to fuel their concerns about essentially the intentions of the military and what their ambitions might be and whether they intend to sort of hijack this coup which has been prompted by and led by the people and whether that the military
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could now potentially take charge although the military saying that they intend to speak to all parties in the country they are claiming that they want to be inclusive. that message is viewed with great skepticism by the people on the streets after these several months of demonstrations which have taken place finally leading to the ousting of one of africa's longest serving presidents i'm not sure if we have him morgan on the line or we try it with what we are trying we are trying to assist apologies that we are trying to establish connection with our correspondent in hard to know she is in the sudanese capital and we will definitely try to speak. as soon as as soon as we can but reports coming in now that the the military council chief is saying saddam's military council chief is saying that he intends to step down so we've just been
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hearing from that transitional military council and the head of the military council is saying that he intends to set down and that will be a move that is a. appeasing the protesters because they have been concerned about what might happen next they don't particularly trust the military when they say that they are simply there to to guide the country and to ensure that this transitional period is one that is stable and to ensure that there isn't any chaos but. we have seen some very fast moving developments in the past twenty four hours you've gone from a situation where protesters were demonstrating by the military headquarters they very much wanted the military to take a position on the situation they would demanding regime change then president to omar al bashir suddenly steps down he is arrested the military take over there is
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a press conference with the military council they took questions from journalists but nonetheless we have seen some dramatic moves in just the past twenty four hours and initially there was a sense that the protesters on the streets were reasonably pleased with what had happened they felt as though they had seen some result from the demonstrations but then it became clear that this military council when we were getting more details about who was in charge and who was part of this council that was definitely concerned about whether this. could lead to the military trying to. dominate the transitional process but basically the military in their press conference said that the plan now is to have a two year transition period it would be led by the military and that would be followed by elections they said that they were not prepared to allow any k.
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also instability or violence in the country they've also said that they would listen to protesters but that isn't enough people are continuing to protest these are peaceful protests that have been taking place and of course the key question will now be who replaces the head of that transitional council this could well be a move that has been made to appease the demonstrators and to pacify them in some way but it's very unclear and probably very unlikely that they are going to leave the streets any time soon they've been out there for several nights now. and they are determined to stay the certainly the people that we've been speaking to and some of the voices that we've been hearing from the streets they don't really trust the military to hand power over to civilians they are saying that they don't want to wait another year or two until there are elections they want to be involved now
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they want to be involved in the transitional process they want to be involved in this interim period and so it's not clear what is going to happen next because they don't just want a council that is made up of military leaders they want the civilians to be involved in that they want civilian inclusion that is what the people out on the streets are demanding they are saying that the military is not an institution whose purpose is to govern in this way the idea is that they are there to protect the people but actually we do have morgan now she joins us live from hard to so we have this news that the head of the military council is stepping down have what is the reaction there in the country likely to be. well it's been barely minutes it's only
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a few minutes since the announcement was made on state television but already we can hear people saying which is the sound they make when they're extremely happy you can hear people cheering there were sounds of gunshots celebratory gunshots just a few minutes ago and it seems like people are excited that the military council that the military council head. has stepped down as well as his deputy who was the former chief of staff so right now sudan is going to be led by a man called. general abdul fatah who is the inspector general of the army and it's not clear if he's going to have the same tone that the military council who had earlier when they said that they will be extending their hand and opening dialogue with or political prop parties at the moment the people are celebrating on the streets they're saying that they managed to topple president almost bashir after four months of protest and less than forty eight hours after the military council had taken over they managed to bring the that down too and they're waiting
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to hear what this new general general abdel fatah who is going to be taking over there waiting to hear from him to know what kind of vision and what kind of plan he has and see if he is going to be the person that they want to be representing them during the transition period or whether they should continue with their satan and we have seen people defined that military ordered curfew they have remained on the streets is there any concern about how the military might respond right now it seems as though they are trying to reach out to the protesters and to pacify them particularly with this this latest decision. the way it's looking right now maria is that the military will let them celebrate and will let them have their city in front of the army headquarters they're going to see the people's reaction and see if the people are happy with that position and if not it's not clear where sudan will be going from here because remember it's only. yesterday morning when bashir was still the president and by afternoon the military
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council was in charge and today this evening we have a completely new person who is in charge inspector general of the of the army and the way we're looking at it right now because of the celebratory gunfire because of the army who have been watching the protesters defy the curfew last night and when you were out on the streets earlier who have been cheering them on seeming to get be giving them the support it doesn't look like they're going to react violently it doesn't look like they'll tell them or force them away from the army headquarters base where they've been organizing the sit in for the past six days it looks like they will be waiting throughout the night to let these people celebrate if they have frustrations let them vent it out and then tomorrow we'll be hearing from the new commander of the military council of the transitional government. and had to tell us about the atmosphere there and hard to know because you know of to three decade rule of president omar al bashir we have seen some sudden and dramatic changes in such a short space of time what what are people saying what are you hearing does it feel
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like this is really a historic moment for the country. right now the situation is very fluid for the country as i said just yesterday in the morning president obama had bashir was still in power and by afternoon the military council was in charge headed by. the defense minister and vice president and this evening just a few minutes ago he has also stepped down and handed over the reins to. inspector general of the army so it seems to be very fluid the situation is continuously moving but the mood in the streets earlier was one of frustration one of anger people was saying that they were going to continue with their state and they were going to continue defying the curfew because when the when the former defense minister was in charge they were saying that he does not. them he was part of the regina he was part over of government therefore they would not accept to be led by
4:47 am
the military at the moment the way yet to hear from the new leader of the transitional council. see what kind of plans he has people don't seem to be focusing on but right now they seem to be focusing on the fact that they managed to achieve. the former defense minister and military council chairman more from his visit position be feel like they now have the voice and whoever comes after him if he does not provide a plan and show that he's going to hand over power to civilian transitional government they feel like they have the power to remove him away as well. what is the plan currently because the military has spoken about there being a transitional period followed by elections what do these people want to see do they want elect do they want a swift process leading to elections. well
4:48 am
at the moment they are not talking about how long this transitional government should be that's not something they're concerned about what they are concerned about is will they be. to be a civilian transitional government leading the next upcoming to years or will it be a military government they don't want military representatives representing their country or leading them during the transitional era they don't want people from the former regime they don't want people from the ruling party they want someone who is not tainted by the history of the former regime they want someone who they believe that they can trust in him and that is their main concern at the moment again i as i said it isn't it's not clear whether. it's going to be that person has that capability to appease the people who have been on the streets for the past four months the people are waiting and celebrating while they're waiting because of the fact that they managed to remove somebody they do not want from power. and i think we have just said a clip of what we heard earlier from the from the military transitional council in
4:49 am
sudan let's just listen to some of that. really what. this is for the benefit of. without having to look at special interests spiegel's small that may preclude progress. or to say that this country has great people and the great. i would like to recommend you work together and hope that you would reach a solution very speedily i would also hope that this decision is not misinterpreted i wish my brother success in what is beneficial to our country. a peaceful and honorable country. and with such sudden change also comes fears that there could be potential instability in the country that had already been reports of a break or at least you know perhaps something of. a disagreement possibly between
4:50 am
the more senior ranks of the military versus the middle and lower ranks could we see possibly divisions fracturing within the military going forward. well it's not clear if everybody in the military from the military side is on board with the fact that the former defense minister has stepped down and that the inspector general of the military has taken over at the moment however mario on the streets people are celebrating they're saying that we managed to bring them down again you can hear it even from the office people celebrating you can hear the celebratory gunshots you can hear the people and there are a chance that we have managed to do it again and in such a short period of time but there are concerns yes that's not everybody just like they were not all on board with the fact that president bashir was sacked or relieved from his position and just like they were not all on board with who has to replace the replacement and successor was there are concerns that not everyone in the military is happy with the new successor who came in less than forty eight
4:51 am
hours after the old one so it's not clear yet how the military is taking if you can hear probably the celebrity gunshots outside but it's not clear if the military some of them will be will be against the sort of not we're going to have to wait until tomorrow and see reactions not just from fellow army commanders and security forces and the police but we're going to have to see from the people as well and from regional leaders let's not forget that when the military council took over yesterday the african union has expressed concern about how power has shifted from president i'm going to be here to the military council so we're going to have to wait until tomorrow to see whether. this is accepted by everybody in the military everybody in the country and regionally and internationally just remind us of where these protests began we've seen four months of demonstrations in the country is remarkable what these protesters have managed to achieve after four months but of course it all started with people struggling to survive inflation the price of
4:52 am
bread and other goods rising. where does the economic situation stand at the moment what do the protesters particularly the youth of this country what what do they want to see in the way of change. well for many people who have been protesting especially the youth the only person that they've known empowers president i want to assure the only figure that they've been seeing leading the country was president ahmed bashir his regime has ruling party where they wanted when they started protesting four months ago was a change from that they wanted to see new faces because they were saying that the inflation which was the one of the second one of the one of the highest inflation rates in the world they were playing they were blaming that on his government and the way he was running the country if there was any specific point to be picked when when sudan started going downhill economically and politically it would probably be around south sudan's independence in july two thousand and eleven when
4:53 am
they went with seventy five when the seceded with seventy five percent of the oil fields which were that which was the main source of income for sudan since then prices started going higher and according to the world bank more than half of the country's population live below the poverty line so have of them below the poverty line toppled with coupled with inflation made life unbearable and people started protesting in two thousand and eleven two thousand and twelve two thousand and thirteen and twice in two thousand and eighteen in january and december but the one in december was the one that managed to really shake the government we've seen president i'm going to share former president are going to share declare a state of emergency reshuffle his cabinet basically trying every single mean he has and every single way and method that is available in front of him to try to appease the people to try to stay on to power but six days of sit in five days of six and in front of the army headquarters with people thousands of people demanding
4:54 am
that the army take a stance is finally what brought him down and again the same people the same thousands of people sitting in front of the same place the army headquarters demanding that the army hand over power to civilian transitional government is what brought down the the transitional the military transitional council less than forty eight. hours later and we have seen dissipating in these protests women playing a role we have seen those living in urban areas the so-called middle classes we have seen also farmers in those rural areas just remind us of the diversity of these demonstrators those involved in the demonstrations. well this is the this current wave of anti-government demonstration was like no other mariam included people from different layers of sudan society and it included people from the urban and rural areas and it seemed to include nearly almost everyone every part of sudan was represented all the state at some point came out
4:55 am
voicing their frustration and against the government youth who are participating in the protests elderly people who have probably been here before i'm sure is time in sudan and have seen various governments and have seen probably various revolutions let's not forget that this is not the first popular uprising that sudan is experiencing in fact it is the third popular uprising since the country's independence in one thousand fifty six so people probably have to alter people probably have seen other governments and but then they also vented there for their frustration they expressed their anger at the way president are going to share was running the economy and running the country so this this current wave or the form of the wave of the end to government protests that started in december seemed to include really every single layer of society in south sudan and seemed to be the one that made people realize that they do have the power if they're not happy with
4:56 am
their government to bring it down and since they managed to do that twice over the past forty eight hours i think we can safely say that if they're not satisfied with general. abdul fatah if they're not happy with his work then they will probably probably continue with the protests right and of course this announcement has just been made. say that the current head of this transitional council is going to step down and will be replaced by general abdel fatah han now we know that people are already dissatisfied with the makeup of of this transitional council they were saying many of the same faces were in charge many of those people need to be tried for war crimes etc do we know much about general abdul fatah or what is his background. well we do know that he is from the military background he is the inspector general of the military what
4:57 am
we do know is that he was not a prominent figure he was not a problem figure like the previous commander of the military council. who was also the defense minister of former president bashir what people were expressing frustration anger about was the fact that the former head of the military council and hours of north was the defense minister of bashir not once but twice he was his vice president he was his military intelligence chief he was the chief of joint joint military staff so they were saying that this is the man who is currently leading the transitional government who at least was supposed to be leading the transitional government for two years but he's very much part and parcel of the old regime of the ruling party and they did not one that on the other hand general. is not somebody who's known he doesn't have the same tainted records according to them that most of the regime officials had he's not known to have committed crimes or. was sanctioned by the u.s.
4:58 am
for crimes in the western region of darfur president bashir himself former president bashir himself is wanted by the international criminal court for work crimes in the western region of darfur. doesn't have any kind of record he seems to be somebody who at the moment at least the public is very happy to celebrate having him leading the transitional period for the coming few days at least and that's crucial isn't it because the protesters were very skeptical and mistrustful of what had happened in just the past few days there was this concern that you had the regime the existing establishment overthrowing bashir yes but all this under the guise of trying to trying to preserve the establishment how important is it that says. millions now play a role in any transitional or interim period that follows. local touring the fact that the anti-government demonstrations and the protests through
4:59 am
world led by civilians are not military it is very crucial to try to include them we're going to have to wait for a response from the sudanese professional association as well they have been spearheading the calls for the protest since december last year and they've played a big role in the uprising that toppled president bashir as well as the continuation of the sit in and the protests that eventually made. general. and hand over power to general abdel fattah sorry excuse me so we're going to have to wait for reactions from the sudanese professional association we're goes we're going to also have to wait for reactions from the opposition parties what did you think the military council just hours ago announced that it is open for dialogue that it wants to include all political parties and all areas of societies in sudan so we're going to have to wait for a reaction from the sudanese professional association that have been leading the youth and the civilian population and we're going to have to wait for the political parties and see if they're happy with the new face that will be leading sudan and
5:00 am
we go and we're going to have to wait until tomorrow morning to see how people are taking this reaction this announcement currently they seem to be very happy rejoicing in the fact that they have the power and they're they have the voice to remove anybody who they do not want to leading them so we're going to have to wait until tomorrow and see if they are happy with general abdul fatah or if they feel like he too has a tainted past that is not very well known and they will try to also remove him from power and as you say it's very important to see now how the protesters digest this news that we've had tonight thank you very much really appreciate it morgan there for us and hard to there is obviously a great deal going on but we also have christian salumi she joins us live now from the united nations in new york and of course we have parts of the international community calling for the civilians to be involved they want. involved in this transitional process they also call for violence to be avoid.


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