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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 13, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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to say everyone linked to both of leaders government needs to be removed that includes. a long time beautifully ally and the man appointed under the constitution to act as interim leader and who's in a presidential election it's for july the fourth protesters are also calling on some of the military's top leaders to resign including general argument going home protestors accuse of not doing enough to rid the country of what they call look for the power a group which they say has been secretly running algeria in the shadow of former president bush of flicka if you go to jail algeria has its men algeria doesn't need you there are plenty of people that can rule geria we want them all to leave. all the garden they all need to go we want to tell. they need to know that the people have empowered us to get rid of the gangs. it's not needed speaking it's forty million algerians women men all people young people are on the streets all of
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these people are asking you in the name of everything that's holy to leave the country alone to leave its people be algeria is a great nation it's greater than any of. the interim government maybe hoping that electing a new president will be enough to satisfy the protesters but the economy is struggling unemployment is high and demonstrators like these say they'll stay on the streets until all those they blame it all gee whiz problems are forced to go rob matheson. small salahadin out to syria including in the majors election campaign heats up as it enters the last lap.
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hello again and welcome back to your international weather forecast well across northern europe we have been dealing with some cooler than average temperatures over the last several days things are going to improve slowly but still we also have some low clouds and some fog across much of the area you can see that gray there across parts of berlin over here towards warsaw that is bringing some low visibilities as well across the region the so here on saturday still looking at single digits across much of the region also some cloudy conditions but down towards the south it is going to be the rain and the rain has been quite heavy at some portions unfortunately as we go through the rest of the week it's a sunday many locations are going to be seeing some very heavy rain including italy where most of italy is going to be rainy expects me a port delays there for rome sixty degrees in rain athens with rain as well is going to be a rainy day at seventeen degrees well for the know the northeastern part of africa we have been dealing with a switch of temperatures but gaza was a very warm day here on friday dropping down to about one thousand degrees cairo is going to be a warm day on saturday but your temperature will come down as well to about twenty
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nine here towards the northeast it is going to be quite nice across much of the area morocco is looking at partly cloudy conditions at twenty four and algiers you're going to be a single sunny day with temperatures at about twenty three for you. up to.
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welcome back you're watching our time to recap our headlines this hour the head of sudan's military transitional council a step down from a dollar they've been out for is only was only sworn in as the country's interim leader on thursday after the military removed president on one of the shia he's now being replaced by another general. board hun protesters have welcomed the move demanding a civilian led government crowds have been staging a sit in outside military headquarters for more than a week. and hundreds of thousands of protesters in algeria have been running nationwide calling for the removal of the ruling elite there friday's protests were largely peaceful more than one hundred people were arrested in the capital after
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confrontations with security forces. let's go back then to our story on sudan with the second person stepping down in sudan the leader of the transitional council led our. morgan joins us live from khartoum. just clarify the situation for us who are some of the protesters feeling this is enough i'm packing up. yes indeed overnight there was a lot of celebration people were excited and celebrating the fact that they were able to use their voice to remove someone yet again from power in less than forty eight hours they were able to remove two leaders there for his being president on what an issue and the second being his successor at all would it know of he was replaced by. one hand who is the inspector general of the military and people have been celebrating that some of them this morning started cleaning the streets and
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going back to their homes the number of the people who are in front of the army headquarters at the moment is considerably much much less than it has been over the past week we've seen thousands over the past week staging a sit in in front of the un headquarters voicing their demands initially for the removal of president i want to show it for the army to take their side in the four months of protests and we've seen them on thursday afternoon when the dick when the announcement was made that bashir was no longer president we've seen him once again voicing anger at his replacement ahmed out of no of yesterday just around ten hour local time when it was announced that that one hundred is taking over people started celebrating they were dancing there was singing all the sudanese songs a reminder of the old times but before president bashir this morning a lot of them have been going back home they're sort of cleaning the streets they're saying that they're hopeful and they're expecting this new leader of the
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military council to hold talks he's expected to give a statement in about an hour to outline what he has in plans and in stores for sudan now that he's effectively the leader so are the protesters seem to have an expectation that leads that there will be talks between the sudanese professionals association and the military can you confirm is anything actually scheduled along those lines. well at the moment no nothing is scheduled we haven't even heard from the new leader yes he will be speaking in a few hours in less than an hour he will be speaking to the people of sudan effectively his people because now he's the leader but we're not sure if he's going to have the same conciliatory tone better the military council under dollars of north yesterday had when they spoke to the press and said that they're extending their hand to all the political parties and that they're open for dialogue people are very hopeful and expecting that adam for the one hundred will hand over power
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to civilian government they're saying that he's not part of the old regime he's not part of the old former ruling party he's somebody with no political background and he doesn't have a tainted history like of north and president are going to be here both who have been accused of war crimes in dar for so the fact that he has a bit of a clean record and no skeleton in the closet like the the former two leaders is giving people hope that he might be able to be the one to steer the country and hand over power to civilian government but we yet to see if that is actually going to happen so we will know more once we hear from the new leader of sudan and see what he has in store for the country. who are more removed and so much. members of the minority of a community in pakistan are mourning after at least twenty people were killed in a bomb attack on friday it happened in the southwestern city of questar dozens of
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people were injured in what police are calling the first sectarian attack in months . thanks to the targeted by some new groups in the past. saturday's the last day of campaigning for indonesia's presidential election president juggle with dodo and his rival. are both due to hold large rallies in the capital jakarta more than one hundred ninety million people are eligible to vote on april seventeenth when haye has more from the capital jakarta. after six long months of campaigning this is when it all comes to an end saturday is the last day the campaign rallies can be held and then it is a waiting game before the election itself on wednesday this is the final election rally for the president of the organizers of this event saying that more that more than a million people here for this event we saw similar numbers last weekend for the final big campaign rally in the capital jakarta for the challenger to joe
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presidency. this is the same match up that we saw in two thousand and fourteen that time joko widodo won a very tight race to become president of indonesia are expecting it to be tight again this time even though the president has enjoyed a double digit lead in most of the pre-election holding that gap has started to narrow in recent weeks this is also a historic election the first time in indonesia that the presidential election will take place on the same day as legislative elections so it's going to be a very complex possibly confusing process on wednesday and in the days after which when those results are confirmed the numbers are staggering more than one hundred ninety million eligible voters right around this country heading to. around eight hundred thousand polling stations. india is marking the one hundredth anniversary of a massacre considered to be one of the worst atrocities committed there on the british
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colonial rule the killings took place in a public garden in the northern city of amritsar where british soldiers opened fire on fountains of civilians gathered for a pro independence rally colonial era records show about four hundred people died. from the number closer to one thousand on wednesday british prime minister tourism expressed regret stop short of a full apology. the wall street journal is reporting saudi arabia offered to help bankroll this month's offensive by libyan warlords khalifa haftar to take control of the capital tripoli the newspaper says have to accept the offer of tens of millions of dollars during a visit to riyadh last month citing senior saudi government advisers the report says the funds were meant to be used to buy the loyalty of tribal leaders pay five for other military purposes. ministers in lebanon are campaigning to persuade neighboring syria to reduce trade tariffs lebanese farmers and business owners say
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transit taxes on imported goods are damaging their livelihoods then to hold the reports from the car in eastern lebanon syria is being accused of imposing taxes to win political concessions. traffic is slow at the main border crossing between nothing and syria. cross border trade has not recovered to the level before syria's war began eighty years ago high cost of duties levied by the syrian government are affecting lebanese businesses. in the. year we used to pay three hundred dollars per truck now syria is charging one thousand two hundred fifty dollars per truck to transit syria and that's only for one way thousands of people are suffering from this. syria is lebanon's only traditionally friendly neighbor that is why syrian roads are vital to lebanese trade instead of the high cost of air cargo or shipping by sea lebanese traders hope to benefit from
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there we are opening of a road that crosses into jordan a few months ago but lebanese politicians opposed to the syrian government believe a political price will have to be paid. this is a new measure which. again and again pressures on the lebanese at the time when we witness some lebanese parties requesting normalization of the syrian regime and this is not acceptable by all means at the start of syria's civil war eight years ago didn't cut diplomatic ties but hasn't had official links. the syrian government wants to end its isolation the west however is refusing to recognize president bashar assad's government until it implements political reforms it has also pressured its allies in the arab world to put. we integrated syria into the arab fold. syria's decision to reopen the border crossing with jordan late last
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year to jordan softening its stance towards assad but it seems jordan's moves to normalize relations haven't been enough jordan's exports to syria are down by seventy percent and. the syrian jordanian technical committee reached agreements one of them is related to the fees that trucks need to pay jordan is abiding by the agreements but syria is not syria is not facilitating the entry of jordanian products syria has regained control of land crossings restoring its pre-war status as a crucial transit corridor in the region it is leverage that some believe the syrian government is using to open the door to legitimizing its rule. because eastern lebanon. fell as well as former spy chief has been arrested in spain just weeks after the u.s. issued a warrant for him who. is wanted by washington for allegedly trafficking cocaine
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you ran venezuela's military intelligence for over a decade and was a close advisor to the late president chavez in february became the most influential figure to declare loyalty to opposition leader. if the o.p.'s says it's prevented attacks planned by the armed somali group the attorney general said the plotting the plotters rather were targeting the public have been arrested separately announced fifty nine people including members of the armed forces have been detained on suspicion of corruption. north korean leader kim jong il and says he's willing to meet the u.s. president the third time if washington comes to talks with quote the right attitude kim made the remarks during a speech to parliament he said he would give donald trump until the end of the year to decide on another meeting february their second summit on ending pyongyang's nuclear program broke down your idea of making reparations to the ancestors of
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enslaved people is being actively discussed in the united states it's become an issue in the presidential race and now on college campuses i think all hain has this story from washington. short cologne is not your typical first year student at the prestigious georgetown university in washington d.c. and not because she's a few decades older than the typical student look at what my family did. look at what my family. her family is the reason georgetown didn't go bankrupt one hundred eighty years ago robert and mary mullaney my four times great grandparents were sold with their ten cells that they were slaves owned by a roman catholic order the jesuits who ran the school and among the group of two hundred seventy two slaves that were sold by the school so it could continue to this day a couple of years ago georgetown officials apologized and offered the descendants
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of the slaves like cologne preferential treatment for admission to the school but now two thirds of the students have voted to do more they want to pay an additional twenty seven dollars and twenty cents every semester for a kind of reparations fund it's not just being talked about by students but several democratic candidates for president have endorsed a nationwide system some ideas improved education for african-american students or a bond given to children at birth that they can cash in when they are adults in an attempt to close the income gap we have to remember that slavery went from at least it well we're talking about it under the united states went from seven hundred seventy six to eight hundred sixty five so we're talking about eighty nine years so i think in my opinion we have eighty nine years to fix it and we know that our wealth in order to close the wealth gap it would take two hundred twenty eight years and that would be everything being equal it would still take two hundred twenty years to close the wealth gap i think reparations can be
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a step still this is a controversial discussion but one that cologne believes needs to be talked about and to those who say this is history a part of the past days or so with thousands of years ago we still talk about him the fundraiser. four hundred thousand dollars a year the plan is to spend that money on charities to help the descendants where most of them live in louisiana and maryland the board of regents still has to approve it and it's not at all clear that they will decide that this should be the first of its kind reparations program in the country. al jazeera washington. and let's take you through some of the headlines here and al-jazeera now head of sudan's military transitional council to step down. was only sworn in as the country's interim leader on thursday after the military removed president or model bashir he's now being replaced by another general.
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and the protests in sudan appear to be quietening down for now people who are staging a city that outside the military have courses have begun to disperse. hundreds of thousands of algerians have rallied nationwide calling for the removal of the ruling elite friday's protests were largely peaceful more than one hundred people were arrested in the capital following confrontations with security forces. saturday is the last day of campaigning for indonesia's presidential election president juggle with his rival for both be alto are both due to hold large rallies in the capital jakarta more than one hundred ninety million people are eligible to vote on april the seventeenth. the wall street journal is reporting saudi arabia offered to help bankroll this month's offensive by libyan warlord khalifa haftar to take control of the capital the newspaper says have to accepted the offer of tens of millions of dollars during
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a visit to riyadh last month citing senior saudi government advisors the report says the funds were meant to be used to buy the loyalty of tribal leaders pay fighters for other military purposes. venezuela's former spy chief has been arrested in spain just weeks after the u.s. issued a warrant for him to go is wanted by washington for allegedly trafficking cocaine he ran venezuela's military intelligence for over a decade and was close to late president chavez in february he became the most influential figure to declare loyalty to opposition leader one. north korean leader kim jong un says he's willing to meet the u.s. president a third time if washington comes to talks with quote the right attitude kim made the remarks during a speech to parliament he said he would give donald trump until the end of the year to decide on another meeting. thursday headlines the news continues here
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after inside story. on counting the cost big on symbolism big on rational record but what has brazil's president got to show for a country struggling to recover from a recession and is india's prime minister seeks another term we're asking has the actually kept his election promises counting the cost on al-jazeera. the day after the coup in sudan the military says it doesn't want power and is ready for dialogue but with no end to the protests is it ready for concessions how challenging will transition to be in this country this is inside still. hello welcome to the program and has
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a secret we have no ambitions to hold the reins of power those were the words from the head of sudan's military council's political committee in response to ongoing protests in the capital hard to they follow the removal of longtime president on wanted bashir after thirty years in power. said the army has no ambitions to lead the country and will respect the demands of the people he also guaranteed a new government run by civilians not the military stability security and order he said on their key priorities will that be enough to satisfy the protesters could this be the dawn of a new era for sudan or the head of the military council's political committee also said the army will simply keep order joining the transition period but will act if there's violence or on unrest. let me add to that. we will not interfere
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we will closely monitor from a distance we will not dictate any orders but we must be practical and realistic this is simply to maintain security and public order that's why i request the sudanese people support the military to stand behind the military and we are unknown figures you have just come to know us may god bless the leader of the previous coup we are his children we will support all the people's demands and we will protect the people's demands yet we will respond firmly to any chaos. so let's bring in our guests now joining me here in doha is worried my debo the founder and president of sudan policy forum from heart to him via skype mamadu i was eight a sudanese civil rights activist and filmmaker and in berlin. sudan research a and ph d. candidate at yale university good to have your with us so well lead what did you
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make then of the press conference that took place this friday from the head of the political council of the military council essentially saying that we're not interested in power that we're here to carry out the people's wishes and so on he seemed to be saying all of the right things but is it going to be enough for the protesters who have been out in the streets for weeks now. as a matter of fact they are seeing all of that i think this was the wrong heart was the wrong intention i believe that all what has been said today goes in line with what role if the head of the council has said the military coast this is a top who remove us i'm going to shift from power. i consider. what they have done and what they have said as a spit on the face of the army and the sudanese people they could have called they
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needed all of this was the civic polity with the professionals union and some other political parties and was the armed arm is the sudanese army main is structure of any state they chose to do with this so-called coup or with security so that the security council and that's that's not. a body that's in to get to the sudanese army so that they have they in a way they have betrayed their own people. i mean their own colleagues in the military army and they cause to. to circumvent the political dialogue there was a dialogue there was a declaration of freedom and change and they could have done it the right way in a state they chose this way and they are not totally naive nor there nor are they
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innocent i mean they are ill intentioned and they cause to do this simply because they are part of the extra game so it's just that he deems that he inventing itself and when i say it's it's a spit on the face of the sudanese people i mean to say that they have taught that by so doing they have totally up boarded the sudanese people's mean objective which is this a sochi associating themselves totally from the previous three games. we know that they have main challenges in doing this they have a structure of talent and behavioral and institutional telling i'm going to start with the structural one. chose not to dissociate associate itself from the islamist ideology which has been the cause behind decision of the south the
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genocide in darfur. it has harbored terrorists who have terrorized that region the african region attempt to terrorize to terrorize the arab world and the international community and even worse they have totally compromised the independence and the integrity of the nation by offering it for sale i mean the president was just the president for sale and that's and that's why no one wanted to give up on him until the very last moment when they realize they he's no longer a president so that's that's just the ideological structural telling now we can go on to the behavioral issue which is it me off himself the hit of this military council. the guy is accused of the genocide in that for we all know that if if you're coming out of a totalitarian regime you need to make some sort of an agreement with the army
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however i mean you everyone expected them to choose somebody with an integrity and a clear moral history instead they chose to go with the largo show and even of whereas we know that there are excellent men in the military who would have been very much accepted by the sudanese people and the transition could have been well adding with serious quality. mamadou take on this what was the mood in hushed toomer right now after the latest announcement from the military this friday i mean do you take them at their word when they say that they're not greedy for power and that they want to work. with people and have a dialogue with people moving forward. i can i can speak about. how the mood is overall in the entire country not only in khartoum but also in these
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people feel one thing and i think in the first time in thirty years i would say ninety percent of the sudanese people feel happy they're proud of that she meant but at the same time the happiness cannot be complete because as my colleague mentioned earlier. they're playing the thing game they're just turning around the table selling their cards seeing. who can represent their ideology their ideas rather than and bashir when he was forced to step down over all the movies festive it's positive people are anticipating other speeches from the national from the sudanese professional association. nobody's believing a word single where it's going to be no it's not and they're quick very clear from the city streets and we want to dissect the national cause their party omar bashir is regime and all his followers and we won them to be out of.
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power and then afterwards we want fair elections that. we get to decide how the country's future would be. don't put what we saw the day off to kind of mol mol flesh being put on the bones if you like in terms of of what the what the picture is going to be moving forward and the military say they are responding to the wishes of the people are they. well i think the sudanese are taking these announcements of a healthy dose of skepticism as we've already heard i think there are two reasons for that first is the identity of these people who in their inherited power seller . was is the head of the national intelligence security services which has been as a forefront of the repression against against a political position in sudan and of the sle. the now is. the head
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of the military intelligence during the conflict in darfur and coordinating ginger with me to show us so the identity of the city of this system in figures in the new in the new in the new system should should give pause the second point i think is that these statements that have been made today in this press conference are already at odds with some of the actions that the new military council took to kiss today particularly the claims that. the meter is going to let demonstrators in the streets is to declare ition of a curfew the claim that the military to want to hold onto power he's contradicted by the fact that as has been said already that they've not given civilians any role in the process so far now that being said and so the reaction is clear and people are seeing on the street today in khartoum now that being said i do think that the
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conciliatory tone is very significant because it shows that these this new leadership is and battled that he doesn't have the confidence to tell protesters now we have a transition you should go home clearly they are in their way. sensitive to the pressure of the street and they feel like at least that they have to justify themselves and to reassure people and that shows i think that the strategy of the opposition which is to maintain the pressure is working. how long allan do you think these protests can can go on and what in your mind needs to be done to to come to a last thing solution you think. it could go on for ever. for as long as that again doesn't change is its strategy at the sudanese people are
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willing to put pressure to continue putting pressure on the sudanese army to stand up and play its role. as that it presented to all of the national sovereignty i think we were trying to avoid any rupture in the hierarchy of the sudanese army by accepting this de facto reality of some of his engineering the transition but what we see now is we see. some officers are trying to bypass the army so the army is going to feel compelled to take an action again is this group of and his. group of ideologues who have just hijacked the platform it's just some sort of a hijacking of a platform it's not going to be accepted neither by the people nor by the army so
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we have we are at cross at autopsy. we can either if they do if the army decides to remove more of. bush and bring him out and we says that this is the head of the sudanese intelligence yes that's right if you remove unwanted figures then i think the sudanese politicians or at least the union the professionals union will be able to discuss some sort of a transitional move with them. and i think it's doable if if they don't then it is likely to have been and it's going khartoum is just going to be in bloodshed it's just going to be a swamp of blood and god forbid if that happens then the region is going to be totally dismissed happy lies not only sudan but the whole sudan it built and
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this is what the international community has to face i mean they need to take some precautionary measures and they cannot just wait until it happens they need to figure this out ahead of time and just put pressure on this again because that a human is already weak it's getting some some money from here and there they are receiving bribes from some neighboring countries and this is what is hitting the sudanese people morse because they feel that for almost thirty years even more their integrity has been compromised their sovereignty has been compromised and they need they need to have good relationships obviously was the whole world especially the african countries and other countries but but in order to do that they need to have. leadership that is that is willing to listen to the sudanese people pay tribute to the stakeholders before going out to the outside world.
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while it brings up the point there about the danger of this spiraling into violence how did you share that fear that things could turn violent at some point in the future in sudan. also when he'd mentioned god forbid that things turn violent but we've seen a lot of videos we witnessed that hundreds of thousands of people experience this fear millions of people into the next. sorry millions of families actually worried about their kids children walking around in the street going to schools. there was a general feeling of warre and and an uncertainty when people go out on the street as if something bad is going to happen and all of this is because of the of the regimes militias who are unidentified.
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figures they're there driving around the cities. covering their faces using weapons against peaceful protesters will keep repeating the same thing sydney is that mean which means peaceful peaceful it will always be peaceful and this from the side of the public from the side of the protest as a matter what happens when never lift a weapon and if you think about it. probably if you count thirty out of one hundred houses in every city and how soon we can say thirty percent of every house and helpful i would say they would at least have a weapon or or they would have the ability to acquire a weapon so it's not a point of fear from the public to well out in the street is the point of dignity of self respect maintaining the position of being on the right side always constantly we've done it before in one hundred sixty four we've done it before nine hundred eighty nine and now we're doing it and i think the youth the people who are
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needing to serve a notion i would say is not a part that the people i read or needing this ribbon commission are educated people are not. they're not people who build their knowledge on their past they go on story we read we. added to the stories that we hear from our companies we read we research we understand who is supposed to be aware and mismanagement of the country is happening only due to the fact that. their responsibilities and authorities have are being given to those who don't really deserve it and do not seek anything other than self benefit. is there a fear on the street. from or concerned about having. an attack from any area yes there is of course there is this fear today it was friday prayers i was there there was a general fear that things might go south but let's just hope for the best and
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let's hope that the sudanese government will have enough blood on their hands and they will listen to the street because the streets will always always always when i want to ask you as well mama do about the economic situation there are huge economic challenges in sudan of course because these protests began as as protests against the high food prices and fuel prices and so on so whoever is in power in sudan is going to have to deal with that on that. definitely i mean you can can you think about a country that the leader of the country they're living the best the fanciest and the most comfortable life meanwhile their neighbors who are of ten or fifteen meters away from their house they actually struggle to maintain a normal a very average life of three kids and out that you need to feed them not a luxurious life we're only talking about being able to pay expenses for your kids'
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schools for for buying them clothes for having once in a month taking them out to have started to do that can you think of a country that the kind terrier races from. from in two thousand and ten one hundred u.s. dollars used to be worth of two hundred eighty pounds two thousand and seventeen one hundred u.s. dollar with about a thousand and seven hundred pound what two thousand and eighteen in march two thousand and eight pm the hundred dollars from three thousand and two hundred pounds until today it bumped up up to seven thousand eight hundred pounds this isn't this is an unexpected for human beings to live in can you believe that a doctor who graduates fyfe years of medicine medical school and then thirty two extra years of their life in practice they get paid a salary of what is the equivalent of about sixty u.s. dollars for working an entire month an entire month and you get paid sixty u.s.
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dollars in salary now hi can you believe that i thought should government is trying to initiate dialogue how can you initiate a dialogue if you can't even give. the normal people who are working so hard and studying most of their life and only chance to have a normal life i mean the term normality is very subjective but let's talk about the right. there are so many artists and there's still many musician only actually they don't they're not asking for it or they're actually only for a chance for expressing themselves. what do you want to jump in here what they saying is absolutely right but i think. the structure the level unless and until a political settlement is a reach for sudan's problems which sudan is not only khartoum i mean you
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do have the periphery and fifty seven percent of the sudanese land according to the un is declared. a war zone so unless and until you reach for a political settlement with all groups you can develop you can put our national development strategy needless be able to attract you know highly qualified men and women to the do to enhance i mean the institutional capacity of a nation which has been deliberately destroyed an economy which has been totally destroyed but. eluded to a very important point which is the whole issue of dignity you know the sudanese people are now they feel very much humiliated by the noise and noticing that the people who have committed atrocities against their own kid that in who have killed people deliberately embezzled money it's about amount of money that is
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you know is timothy to have be visit out of the country is like one hundred twenty billion dollars you see those people walking industry it and the military council is saying is not saying that we have put them together and saying that you know we have reserves we have put them in somebody serves and they are even providing them protection protection from whom i mean these are peaceful. those people who expect you know the clean minutes to be brought to justice but prior to bringing them to justice you have to put them in jail we hear rumors that the us man is enjoying life in his own farm nothing is there so many criminals are outside and this is very human a mother whose giant has been killed or short in the here or to test john baptista i want to just widen this out a little bit in the time we have left if i can there's been
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a lot of comparisons drawn between what's what's happened in sudan and the scenario that's been playing out in algeria similar situation their longtime leader forced out of power because of continued protests the military steps in to. to to carry this out and be kind of seen as the voices of voice of the people as it were what powers would you draw. from for that and is this part of a pattern that we're seeing in this region. well i don't know if i would venture any policies algeria because this is not like a country of expertise but one parallel would be actually read with tunisia benelli sled and the fourteenth of january two thousand and eleven because of a mutiny from the ministry of interior and now the story that has come out that it's kind of built itself in the media and in academia but the success story is
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that somehow the country was kind of predetermined to be successful because of its strong civil society strong state and so on but when you look at what happened in the first weeks of the transition actually been at least close i they inherited power and the reason they had conceded to elections for a constituent assembly is because the opposition kept the pressure of the street pressure for over the period of a few weeks and i think this is an important lesson to for sudan and i think this is a lesson that the sudanese. he did all right i'd like to go back to the risk of violence i do think i do think there is a real risk of violence in the most likely scenario would be part of the regime attempting a coup against the military council but it's important to bear in mind that this risk is in everyone's mind including in among the leaders of the military and security apparatus are going to have to leave it there unfortunately we are outside
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thanks very much to all three of us. mamadu i was eight and gianbattista get a plan thanks very much for being with us and thank you for watching us always remember you can see this program again any time just go to our website and use it at dot com and for further discussion you can all always go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter handle at a j inside story for me has i'm sick and the whole thing here if i find out. isn't the problem for your town that they may not have a health question mark over him but he does have a corruption question mark or really doesn't look good for the news business at fifty has made it very i'm going to do it we will probably have known about it for years i mean really do get why there's
4:47 pm
a lot of disillusionment with the us across the globe too far that is called for and breaks doesn't build confidence or breaks to join me near the hot sun on our front of my guests from around the world take the hot seat and we debate the week's top stories on big issues here on al-jazeera. al-jazeera this is this opportunity to understand a very different way where there before something happens and we don't live. in an ordinary week dr event atar adopt a sergeant the only functioning hospital in butch town in north eastern south sudan and his steam operate in around sixty patients the united nations refugee agency nominated him for the prestigious nansen award which you won in recognition of his work and the incredibly difficult to constance's. south sudan has been in conflict since twenty thirteen the war has divided the country along ethnic lines two
4:48 pm
hundred thousand people most of them refugees from sudan's blue nile state even this remote town and looked to be a band hospital for all their medical needs they would has destroyed almost the infrastructures which are especially in the. almost on way including beetles of stewart living in the presence of who you know visions of the mother to working to their capacity that they're supposed to. sudan's interim leader resigns less than forty eight hours after the military forced the president. and sam is a that this is al jazeera live from down also coming up. i. have
4:49 pm
giri is the leader also on the pressure many see him as an ally of the former president of. indonesia's election campaign heats up as it enters the last lap. and the us president wants to send migrants to cities controlled by his political opponents. will begin in sudan where the head of the military transitional council has stepped down he's been replaced by another general abdul fatah. protesters welcome the announcement demonstrations are being scaled back the council will rule for up to two years after the military forced president ahmed al bashir to resign but morgan has the latest phone call to. the power of protest the curates the second victory
4:50 pm
in as many days on thursday these demonstrators were celebrating the removal of president obama in this year by friday his replacement the general who had orchestrated the end of the shoes thirty year rule had also gone. this is for the benefit of the nation without having to look at special interests big or small that might preclude its progress we honored to say that this country has great people and a great many i would like to recommend you work together and hope that you would reach a solution very speedily i would also hope that this decision is not misinterpreted i wish my brother success in what is beneficial to our country long lives today and a peaceful and honorable country. ahmed it is seen by many as part of the old regime and could not represent them in the military council he had it appears to have lessened. the was i think there's no weak tree like the one
4:51 pm
we've seen today and the way the military stood with doesn't listen to our demands is something that has never happened before we will be talking about this victory to the future generations. the new leader abdul fatah what han is the inspector general of the military and like former president bashir and his predecessor and know of who are both accused of war crimes in the western region of darfur he doesn't seem to have a tainted past raising hopes that he may be able to appease the thousands who have been protesting for months the protests began in december over a steep hike in bread prices and the deteriorating economy since last saturday thousands have been demonstrating in front of the military headquarters in her town demanding this year's resignation. according to the central committee of sudanese doctors dozens have been killed in violence with security forces which have repeatedly tried to disperse the sit in by force while the decision of opting for the one hundred seems largely welcomed some say
4:52 pm
a civilian council is the only option for a transitional government. that actually be able to be on the street until we see a handover of a to a civil government. we want to see is civil government taken over for the transitional period you know we could have a. government but the leaders of the government should be coming from the city of the country is that to hear what's plan to happen for to one has for the military council and now the us and the transitional period ahead but for now the people of sudan seem to be focused on celebrating the fact that they were able to lead to leaders out of power in less than forty eight hours. let's go back to our story on sudan well deserves morgan joins us live from called him so let's start out with an update on the process situation how is that shaping up. well
4:53 pm
sami people are very hopeful they're waiting to hear a statement from the new leader of the military council out of hand but they've been very clear that their desire is that they want sudan to be led by a civilian transitional council not one led by the military they were saying that when they started protesting in december last year they were not protesting just president obama and bashir their preset protesting his rejean his rule his ruling party and they wanted a civilian independent council to be taking over the transitional period now it's not clear yet if this new leader out of the one hand will hand over power to a civilian leader and step back and leave the military council to just maintain security and order we're yet to hear from him he has been sworn in last night and he will be giving a statement to the nation shortly but people are saying that while they are scaling down the protests and the sit in front of the army headquarters all of them are hopeful and expecting that he will say you know we've listened to you and civilians
4:54 pm
will be taking over they're saying that if a military council is indeed the one going to take the lead and all the members are from are from from the military personnel or from the old regime then they're going to have to go back to the protests right now most of the people have dispersed they're no longer there no longer thousands and thousands in front of the army headquarters like they were just last week just starting last week until yesterday night most of them are going back home they're cleaning in front of the army headquarters where there were things where this stage the sit in for six days and there are a few people still there waiting expecting and ready to go in case the statement that comes from up to five to what harm does not meet their expectation there are expectations. there will be talks between the mood in the suv news professionals association and the things scheduled along those lines the. well at the moment there's nothing scheduled the new leader of the of the military council
4:55 pm
other hand has not even addressed the nation people don't know what he is going to say but they are saying that they are very hopeful for one main reason and the fact that he is not from the ruling party at least not openly people know him as somebody who does not have any political affiliation and he doesn't have the same tainted history that president former president our men and bashir and his replacement off had both were accused of war crimes in the western region of darfur . on the other hand doesn't seem to have any skeletons in the closet so people are saying that a man like this may be able to understand and because he doesn't have any political allegiance to any political party they say that he may be able to extend a hand and announce that he's open to dialogue with a political parties again where we're yet to hear from him and his schedule to know what he has in store for the future of sudan but at the moment as much as there are people who have left from the army headquarters not just in hudson but other states
4:56 pm
there are people still waiting to hear what he has to say saying that if he does not see this power is going to be handed over to a civilian council that would be running the country then they are ready to go back and protest once again or so and so much for morgan the. director of justice africa a group that works on human rights he joins us on skype from khartoum good to have you with us how do you see the overall situation comes to human rights is the curve going up for. yeah i think that is possibility of the. military leaders is to respond to the demand of the people because the league but you are getting is from the protests of because why where they get there . they tell us that they going with the people and i think we want we need to do is we need to see action before the proof of the building is on the eating you did
4:57 pm
an action which is really clearly stated that we have actually been worse but us of the safety is in c.p.p. and now we are in a new era which is going to be used for human rights democracy civil rights that will be remains to be seen but. until i see at least an action from the military leaders i think. protest is going people are going to be ready to go back again to the streets and protest we need an action plan we need. the civilians to have a role in the condition and we need to set a clear programme and agenda for the cognition which is addressing the underlying causes of the problems of so that in your understanding why do you think the army has been reluctant to hand over the transitional period to civilians is it because they you think they really do have a desire to stay in power or that really isn't
4:58 pm
a civilian leadership capable of running the country. i don't think i don't think that people if you if they shove actor think abbey the most of the people and earlier today the news in the news conference of the chairman of the political committee he said clear we don't know anything and we don't have any provision that just underlying problems which is second to none what i think the problem with this country is being governed by one part two and a good step for said it and most of the elements within the league the super battery the part of the system and part that of that regime to actually distance themselves from it i think it depend i think the pressure of the street which will force them to take action and distance themselves from that the still the mentality of the kenyan mentality is still there people are still you know they have well read up they listen to instructions they don't actually know what democracy they
4:59 pm
don't know the right of the people they don't understand that they will upset this at the culture of democracy but they have to live in but this who like to do forth and so have a civilian administration which every country in the interview yes the role of the army is to carve up the circle because this is a constitutional role of the army but if the army try to intervene and run the politics then while we have a problem and the problem would you see done setting now because we have over fifty two years of military rules and because you from our say sixty five years of independence that is why sudan in the lead is but that is why you cannot advance like other nations that is why we spoke the social if you make up political progress of this and we need to move under civilian rule is the rule which is supposed to be. adopted and we have to respect that and is carry out its role in the constitution of government of the country and is part of the set. the
5:00 pm
decades of shares are also marked by conflicts and claims and allegations of human rights abuses are you confident that justice will be served that is one of the most important that is more. important. foundation democracy we need to have justice we need you know the count the part because of all these crimes for we can start fresh and we can stop and if we don't address that that is the problem that we are going to get its ups. and we have many of the things we need people solution a much about it before the country the government. which is divided into chinese up. what to do you know and. giving sudanese we never had one war against an enemy outside to that big killing the people.


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