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tv   Frontline Nicaragua  Al Jazeera  April 13, 2019 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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b. no effort by the international criminal court whether it's in afghanistan or another country saturday is the last day of campaigning ahead of indonesia's general election president joker widodo and his rival probably was so beyond hope are both due to hold large rallies in the capital jakarta more than one hundred ninety million people are eligible to eligible to vote on weapons today al-jazeera is way to have a report style from jakarta. after six long months of campaigning this is when it all comes to an end saturday is the last day the campaign rallies can be held and then it is a waiting game before the election itself on wednesday this is the final election rally for the president joko widodo the organizers of this event saying that mall that more than a million people here for this event we saw similar numbers last weekend for the final big campaign rally in the capital jakarta for the challenger to joko widodo
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his presidency. this is this a match up that we saw in two thousand and fourteen that time joko widodo won a very tight race to become president of indonesia are expecting it to be tight again this time even though the president has enjoyed a double digit lead in most of the pre-election polling that gap has started to narrow in recent weeks this is also a historic election the first time in indonesia that the presidential election will take place on the same day as legislative elections so it's going to be a very complex possibly confusing process on wednesday and in the days after which when those results are confirmed this the numbers are staggering more than one hundred ninety million eligible voters right around this country heading to around eight hundred thousand polling stations still to come here on the news a demand for justice and reparations to the united states by some african americans who tell you. how to tackle on top. go woods fails to knock him off his stride as
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he gets on course for a first major title in the eleven years of the masters sun i will be here with more and this. isn't the problem for your town that they may not have a health question mark over him but he does have a corruption question mark or really doesn't look good for the image to get a ticket not going to do it he will probably not knowing that is what you say when he read you get why there's a lot of disillusionment with the u.n. across the globe that is called for and then breaks doesn't build confidence or break spoke to join me mad the hot sun on our front of my guests from around the world take the hot seat and we debate the week's top stories and take issues here on al-jazeera. the big breaking news story can be chaotic trying to behind the scenes. people shouting instructions and you're trying to provide the best most curious up to date information as quickly as you can. it's when you come
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off on things thinking to realize witness history in the making. breaking news from the head of the military transitional council general abdul fatah bo han has accepted the resignation of the head of the national intelligence and security service and so he lived out a call to launch a series have a blog and can tell us more about the significance of this.
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well one of the conditions that have been placed by political parties and the sudanese professional association which has been spearheading the government process for the past four months is the abolishing of the in the national intelligence and security services which was headed by one man now he has resigned and people are very happy we can already hear the celebrations on the streets nowadays they have been eagerly following the national news since they started protesting and for them that means that the security service that's basically a victory that means that the head of the military council. one hand may actually be listening to them even before he has issued a statement we yet to hear from the new leader of sudan who has who has been sworn in last night who would we not we're not sure what his roadmap is nobody knows he's currently in consultations with other military heads and security heads about the way forward concerning the fact that his predecessor did not last twenty four hours
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so there are celebrations right now on the streets people are very. joyful they're celebrating they're waiting to hear though does that mean the end of the national intelligence and security service a body that was responsible for the past four months of killing protesters of targeting protesters and dissidents and am and not just for the past four months alone but for the past thirty years this body has been feared by many people whether it's normal ordinary people who are working in the markets just because if they do voice antigovernment protests and government sentiments then they're likely to face imprisonment for days without any charges and without being taken to court so for people on the streets his his resignation being accepted by general abdul fatah means there is a chance that that body will be abolished then the thing to do once again the new head of the military transitional council in sudan has accepted the resignation of the head of the national. intelligence and security service more on that in the
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coming hours here on al-jazeera another making the idea of making reparations to the ancestors of enslaved people is being actively discussed right now the united states it's become an issue in the presidential race and now on college campuses patty culhane reports from washington. short coloma is not your typical first year student at the prestigious georgetown university in washington d.c. and not because she's a few decades older than the typical student look at what my family did. look at what my family. her family is the reason georgetown didn't go bankrupt one hundred eighty years ago robert and mary mulholland me my four times great grandparents were sold with their ten cells and they were slaves owned by a roman catholic order the jesuits who ran the school and among the group of two hundred seventy two slaves that were sold by the school so it could continue to
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this day a couple of years ago georgetown officials apologized and offered the descendants of the slaves like cologne preferential treatment for admission to the school but now two thirds of the students have voted to do more they want to pay an additional twenty seven dollars and twenty cents every semester for a kind of reparations fund it's not just being talked about by students but several democratic candidates for president have endorsed a nationwide system some ideas improved education for african-american students or above and given to children at birth that they can cash in when they are adults in an attempt to close the income gap we have to remember that slavery went from at least that what we're talking about it under the united states went from seven hundred seventy six to eight hundred sixty five so we're talking about eighty nine years so our in my opinion we have eighty nine years to fix it and we know that our wealth in order to close the wealth gap it would take two hundred twenty eight years and that would be everything being equal it would still take two hundred
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twenty years to close the wealth gap i think reparations can be a step still this is a controversial discussion but one that cologne believes needs to be talked about and to those who say this is history a part of the past days or so with thousands of years ago we still talk about him the fundraise about four. hundred thousand dollars a year and the plan is to spend that money on charities to help the descendants where most of them live in louisiana and maryland the board of regents though still has to approve it and it's not at all clear that they will decide that this should be the first of its kind reparations program in the country. al-jazeera washington . now this for his son a thank you very much to adrian while tiger woods has put himself in contention at the half way say to alfie in moscow. the fourteen time major winner had a great second round but it wasn't without its occupation has it's always reports.
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it's not always easy being tiger woods. nice recovery short on the green. followed by tiger himself needing to recover as a security guard slate enties on call. but with the american in fine form on friday he could afford to take it lightly now it's all good you know that accidents happen. i've had galleries run over me. you know and when you play in front of a lot of people. things happen. what happened after that was a birdie putt on the way to a masterful sixty eight. putting himself just one shot behind the leaders. tiger now looking untouchable as he hunts for his first major title since two thousand and eight. one shots ahead of him with five more major winners in
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a share of the lead south africa's louis oosthuizen one of those hulking seven on the path going into day three paul reese al-jazeera. race number one thousand in formula one will be headed by a vault south of mercy this took a one two in qualifying for the tiny xc on clear thailand's alexander one had to miss out after a crash and final practice total is also. your carriage. sort of. a wall tempi lewis hamilton was just behind his mercy this teammate and will start second ahead of the ferrari is sebastian vettel and chassis. and the reigning woman is about to become the first female boxer from her country to step onto the canvas in an official fight. will take to the ring and an amateur bout in france on saturday the day before she is hard where the former men's that
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world champion. took up the boxing four years ago at the age of twenty but has not been able to train publicly in iran iranian women have previously had to fight illegally in turkey and now at the end of the day there are limitations that apply to each and every country you can't just say that about iran there are some good things about iran and there are. some not so good things to do but at the end of the day one can achieve what you want them to fight is over them will be able to what one of what's been described as the biggest in women's boxing history clary says shields and christina hammer both a made the weight in new jersey on friday ahead of their middleweight unification about american shield is a two division and champion and two time in a big gold medalist. in football to draw a has been made for this year's africa cup of nations in egypt which begins in june
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the continent's top ranked it seems senegal have been drawn with algeria record seven time winner as egypt and three time champions nigeria have been given pretty kind of roles moral call and the ivory coast to have been drawn together africa's second best team to his year are in group the defending champions cameroon will face ghana and what will be the pick of the group stage matches and the african champions league title holders as bill also often is getting ready to take on algiers custance in the second leg of the quarterfinals it is inside our favorites to book their place in the last fall off to their three two win in algeria last saturday as films that have won the tournament three times and will be aiming to win back to back titles in the other quarter final a match with that of cousin blanco are hosting a horror of guinea the first leg and game he finished in the gold a stroll the american side the world champions in two thousand and seventeen while giving are hoping to make it to the semifinal stage for the first time in their
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history. argentina club a san lorenzo has become the first in the country to get professional contracts to female players among them up a was a market in a sanchez who has been and legal battle with the argentinian football association over pay for women fourteen others were also signed up to the team. in the n.h.l. playoffs five some champions pittsburgh are in danger of an early exit the penguins went to kneel down and their series against the new york islanders new york getting a three two one win on friday with penguins losing their cool four out the game is the first time of the islanders have won the first two since one thousand eight hundred three. australia has won the horse wins had a historic and her career on saturday winning a raechel thirty race in a row the seven year old woman known as the use of bolt of horse race and delivered
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another dominant performance in front of a forty two thousand sellout crowd in sydney she heads into retirement to win the world record twenty five group wanted to raise and the prize money total twenty six point four million. that's up from eight to seventy six day and that's it for that is out more news coming up in just a moment. we live in a time of war and tragedy is crimes against humanity. activist repression . enforced disappearance arbitrary arrests.
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extrajudicial executions brutal torture the list goes on. who investigates who judges the criminals. who compensates the victims the international conference on national regional and international mechanisms to combat in kenya and ensure accountability under international law. organized by the national human rights committee. united nations human rights office of the high commissioner. european parliament. and global alliance of national human rights institutions. what began as a small extremist group in africa's most populous country we have to from the government to just shoot soon turned into a battle front for the nigerian government. yet why. the torrijos for abducting
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more than two hundred schoolgirls the killing and displacement of thousands of people al-jazeera investigates the origins and bloody rise of iraq on al-jazeera. go. to late is gone in less than forty eight hours now another new face takes a political transition. i'm sorry say this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up.
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here is new leader under pressure many see him as an ally of the former president. reaches a deal with other european nations and taken dozens of refugees and migrants stranded at sea. indonesia's election campaign heats up as it enters the last few days. another high profile figure in sudan to step down after thursday's military coup the intelligence chief is the latest person to hand in his resignation he follows the head of the military transitional council who resigned less than twenty four hours ago making way for another general. to take over the leadership ever morgan has the latest from khartoum. the power of protest the curate's the second victory in as many days on thursday these demonstrators were celebrating the removal of
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president already this year by friday his replacement the general who had orchestrated the end of the shoes thanks to your rule had also gone. this is for the benefit of the nation. without having to look at special interests big will small that might preclude it from regress. i'm honored to say that this country has great people and a great many i would like to recommend you work together and hope that you would reach a solution very speedily i would also hope that this decision is not misinterpreted i wish my brother success in what is beneficial to our country long live sudan a peaceful and honorable country. admittedly off is seen by many as part of the old regime and could not represent them in the military council he had it appears to have lessened. the was i think there's no weak tree like the one
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we've seen today and the way the military stood with doesn't listen to our demands is something that has never happened before we will be talking about this victory to the future generations. the new leader abdul fatah what han is the inspector general of the military and like former president bashir and his predecessor and now all of who are both accused of war crimes in the western region of darfur he doesn't seem to have a tainted past raising hopes that he may be able to appease the thousands who have been protesting for months the protests began in december over a steep hike in bread prices and the deteriorating economy since last saturday thousands have been demonstrating in front of the military headquarters in her town demanding this year's resignation. according to the central committee of sudanese doctors dozens have been killed in violence with security forces which have repeatedly tried to disperse the sit in by force while the decision of opting for the one hundred seems largely welcome some say a civilian council is the only option for
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a transitional government. that actually be able to be on the street until we see a handover of a to a civil government in. we want to see a civil government taken over for the transitional period you know we could have a. government but the leaders ship of the government should be coming from the city of the country is that to hear what's plan to happen for to hunt has for the military council and now the us and the transitional period ahead but for now the people of sudan seem to be focused on celebrating the fact that they were able to lead to leaders out of power in less than eight hours. her morgan joins us now live from khartoum let's start with the latest line that came in a short while ago hiper that the head of the intelligence services is stepping down what does that tell us about the shakeup going on right now.
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well at the moment sami we do know that the head of the military council effectively the leader of sudan is in consultations with the security top officials as well as military officials on who should be in the council and who should still be part of the government now people are celebrating the fact that. as he's known is no longer the head of national security and that his resignation has been accepted because the national security intelligence the national intelligence and security services organise as it's known is famous for targeting anti-government dissidents during bush's regime people have been announcing people have been conditioning the fact that this body this has to be abolished if talks are to go forward between political parties and the sudan sudanese professional association which has been spearheading the protests and the military council now the fact that . one has accepted the resignation is
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a signal of some kind of hope it seems to show the people in the streets are celebrating that he's willing to listen to some of their demands it's not clear if the whole national security body will be abolished there is no indication that this is going to happen but at the moment people are celebrating the fact that somebody who has been in the position of the head of intelligence from two thousand and four for five years and then again green feted in twenty eighteen has been removed from power from power after he's been targeting dissidents for a long time and how was the gathering outside of the army headquarters shaping up to go. well the thousands of people who were sitting outside the army headquarters for the past six days that number has considerably to decrease the downscale now people have been celebrating overnight about the fact that they managed to bring two leaders down and have somebody who doesn't have the same tainted past as the two previous leaders for president bashir and of two people who are accused of all. in the western region of darfur now
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people celebrated the fact that. the one doesn't have the same tainted history and skirt in the plaza that they know what he was involved in the sudanese participation in the side led coalition against their men and it's not clear if that will be a sticking point between the military council that he now leads and their political party some political parties have been opposing the sudanese participation in the war so his people are not as much on the streets as they were over the past hour six days and the past four months but they are saying that they are ready to go back on the streets and protest if the statement that is he is expected to be heard from her to what harm does not appease them and signals that there will be no civilian council which is what they're looking for in the transitional government or morgan there from khartoum i'm doing what is a professor of politics at the institute for graduate studies and joins us by skype
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now from london good to have you with us looking at the latest resignations we had to go. is gone apparently all of that a good sign that perhaps the military is looking at a more civilian transitional period. the. moment. the. work. this is number one but also i think within itself is a who is teaching. is. operating within. with his own intel and dynamic and let us remember that. the
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military are also professionals so they are like other professional organizations in the country they are doing it by their own boss who professional ethics in their own professional priorities. i mean what an aspect of it is to keep that. and keep a diary of that army together and it. will leave or at least another organization for sleeping in the n.a.s. which is important stuff and i think fact if it was done properly in the country so i. expect i mean i think i probably have some information that this has been false not only to the popular demand but also internal dynamics within the military itself so we i think we are seeing religion plus canyon. is there a process going on right now for talks between the s.b.a.
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for example some of the civilian leadership of the protest movement and the military about reshaping the transitional period. yes i think the directors who were sisters are probably now have more of the chances of success since the military have removed a number of the personalities of the protestors and the professional association and aunt would have liked to be speaking to them so i think they hear. we have heard from the from their mutual stocks person that they're not open to moving ground which was having a civilian decision they're ready to have actually that's immediate in government. right now if they can get a consensus around it but i think the you will be in the military establishment
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that they have got to be a kind of stabilizing state was in fact there will be. so about getting. your medication or all of keeping the peace not only in the sense of keeping the peace as. the protector of civil peace but also keeping the peace between the rival camps in the country. they don't want to see. which will pick up and start for example of those we have seen some people walking. off. government leaders without really. eliminate any sort of. beautifully forcible conflict and that's.
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also usually only has to be this kind of stability. system within the within that he can just have from one. come to the other. with new talks between them i think this is very important and only will will will deepen the success of chris. thank you very much for your analysis and forces fighting for control of libya's capital of launched new air strikes planes belonging to warlord to never have to drop bombs on the town the vines are just south of tripoli public and private property was damaged in the attack while forces loyal to the u.n. backed government targeted positions south of the town is believed to be a base for half those military operations fighting is been going on for more than a week now. more than than one had is live for.


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