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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 13, 2019 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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usually. we can just. for a while. we. only will. thank you very much for your analysis and forces fighting for control of libya's capital of launched new air strikes planes belonging to warlord khalifa have to drop bombs on the town of vines are just south of tripoli public and private property was damaged in the attack while forces loyal to the u.n. backed government targeted positions south of the town is believed to be a base for half of those military operations fighting has been going on for more than a week now. is live for us in tripoli so how is the capital being impacted
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by this so far. well a state of panic among civilians civilians especially with the military confrontations getting near populated areas have those warplanes have been targeting government locations with strikes. the latest target is the headquarters of the security apparatus in tripoli in the neighborhood called. branch and this is the latest target by have to us forces but could not be it doesn't seem to be for the last especially with have to. intensify airstrikes in there in and around tripoli also yesterday have to warplanes targeted a location in the western of course of the city of his while our injuring two
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civilians and causing. a state of panic among civilians and is what our city regarding the military confrontations. on the ground a military sources with the government say that the government forces are managed to recapture the locations that were taken control of by have to his forces three days ago now as their military confrontations getting near their civilian areas random killing has been the reported and the government is accusing have to his forces of using heavy weapons random rockets have been landing in civilian areas and the. organization has raised concern over a civilian safety in the. nearby the fighting. around four thousand civilians have been forced to leave their homes because of their
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recent clashes about generally speaking it has been it has been both rival. factions on the ground have been exchanging hands on strategic locations in the southern outskirts of tripoli including the disused international airport also remember that in eighty get airport the only operational airport in the city was also targeted by have those warplanes two days ago. in tripoli. still ahead on al-jazeera farmers in lebanon want syria to low and try terrorists that are putting a squeeze on their livelihoods. and
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it is still cold in northeast china and siberia knows caus it was but cold enough for a bit as snow and that's the thing that brings it with a cold front that it's not obvious on sunday except the six degrees in vladivostok and it's still warm in beijing at twenty four but bring about a cold down add to it they want in the motion and from the sas newton you get a combination of produce an area of low pressure spinning up here at the sea of japan a city of a whole card a significant rain wind for a time of a home she republique overnight you may just see the snow goes here north korea the high ground at least when you have a sixty degrees in pyongyang so it didn't last long as what we have been a lot of hostile to. now is that line of rain develops we've got the spring rains developing and being quite heavy in china has been flooding in grand dong as you probably know and it's going to be more because this system that i think tends to align itself now east west and drift through hong kong giving you a went overnight but probably
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a drying monday into much of the main that looks dry during the day on monday still be quite humid there and though still obviously be arraigned on the ground now the cloud the rain also gathering for a good part of southeast asia this is feeding up into the gulf of thailand but the heaviest showers last two for the south.
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welcome back now hundreds of thousands of algerians of rallied nationwide for an eighth week calling for the removal of the ruling elite more than one hundred people were arrested in the capital on friday after a confrontation with security forces but they say eighty officers were injured as rob matheson explains. clad in traditional roles this woman cries out to crowds of young protesters. said you my children are the algerian you feel like flowers in the spring you are the future i'm with you algeria will be. in response the crowd cheers long live all cheering demonstrations again on all
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jarius streets despite increasing efforts by security forces to reduce the size of the crowds there was a role the brawl king's there was. that impeded people from joining the couple. years there was also the use of what can then against a student. days ago there was also the use of sound. so i think this is also the military is sending signals that the message is we heard you indeed we gave you a few concessions about do not ask for too much it's been ten days since he's beautifully has stepped down after two decades as president following weeks of public demands for him to go but the protesters say everyone linked to both of leaders government needs to be removed. that includes our own santa
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a long time beautifully ally and the man appointed under the constitution to act as interim leader and who's in presidential elections for july the fourth protesters are also calling on some of the military's top leaders to resign including general are going to whom protesters accuse of not doing enough to rid the country of what they call the or the power a group which they say has been secretly running algeria in the shadow of former president bush of flicka judges if you go to jail algeria has its men algeria doesn't need you there are plenty of people that can rule geria we want them all to leave. all the garden they all need to go we want to tell guy they need to know that the people have empowered us to get rid of the gangs you are nuts. it's not needed speaking it's forty million algerians women men old people young people are on the streets all of these people are asking you in the name of everything that's holy to leave the country alone to leave its people be algeria is
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a great nation it's greater than any of. the interim government maybe hoping that electing a new president will be enough to satisfy the protesters but the economy is struggling unemployment is high and demonstrators like these say they'll stay on the streets until all those they blame it all gee whiz problems are forced to go rob matheson odyssey. valen is a researcher the european council of foreign relations joins us now from london good to have you with us does it look to you like the military now is beginning to think about how to crack down on the protesters more than respond to their demands at this stage. well it's clear that they are beginning to take increasingly rare press of measure. on tuesday and wednesday during masjid
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and protests we already saw an increasing turn to repression and it was very clear yesterday when tear gas was used at the very center of the protest said plus so dull that. the this was a real turning point in terms of the use of repression. however those far it has still remained relatively. limited. but it may be a sign that they are looking to take an increasingly hard line does that mean that the mood in your interpretation for example doesn't really powell. on wednesday gave a speech in which he made it very clear that what he had put on the table in terms of
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a transition process led by the. interim president and within the kind of with with a certain number of. of supporters of. the former president good to flee. being pushed aside that this was what was on offer for now. and he began to to point to foreign influence. being behind the continued protests so he's clearly trying to to to be a. foreign influence and to suggest that these protests are not what a good nationalist algerians should be continuing with. did you make of the international response to the west indies in response to this. well the west has actually been increasing be quiet after some initial responses
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from president mike home france in which he well. president bush a few because eleventh of march announcement that he wouldn't run for the second term but that he would oversee the transition process there was uproar in algiers from the algerian protesters from generally in algiers there is a resistance to foreign influence and particularly to french influence and a desire for western powers to stay and so after that the french political elite became a lot more careful and the statements were largely be indicating that they that they. that they supported the transition process however i think that they're staying clear of making strong statements for fear of angering
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both algeria ariens in algeria but also the largest foreign frons. all right so we've been talking so much clear with even. syria says israel launched an air strike on a military academy which is injured at least three soldiers several buildings were destroyed in the town of myself in hama province local media say syrian air defenses shot down some of the missiles. ministers in lebanon are campaigning to persuade neighboring syria to reduce its trade tariffs lebanese farmers and business say hi trying taxes on the imported goods and damaging their livelihoods al-jazeera zero holder has more from the car in eastern lebanon. traffic is slow it could be border crossing between nothing and syria. cross border trade has not recovered to the level before syria's war began eighty years ago high cost of duties levied by the syrian government are affecting lebanese businesses. in the
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letter of the. year we used to pay three hundred dollars per truck now syria is charging one thousand two hundred fifty dollars per truck to transit syria and that's only for one way thousands of people are suffering from this. syria is lebanon's only traditionally friendly neighbor that is why syrian roads are vital to lebanese trade instead of the high cost of air cargo or shipping by sea lebanese traders hope to benefit from there we opening of a world that crosses into jordan a few months ago but lebanese politicians opposed to the syrian government believe a political price will have to be paid. this is a new measure work. again and again pressures on the lebanese at the time when we witness some lebanese parties requesting normalization of the theater in the theaters and this is not acceptable by all means at the start of
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syria's civil war eight years ago lebanon are didn't cut diplomatic ties but hasn't had official links. the syrian government wants to end its isolate. the west however is refusing to recognize president bashar assad's government until it implements political reforms it has also pressured its allies in the arab world to put on hold we integrating syria into the arab fold. syria's decision to reopen the border crossing with jordan late last year to jordan softening its stance towards assad but it seems jordan's moves to normalize relations haven't been enough jordan's exports to syria are down by seventy percent. of the syrian jordanian technical committee reached agreements one of them is related to the fees that trucks need to pay jordan is abiding by the agreements but syria is not syria is not facilitating the entry of jordanian products syria has regained
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control of land crossings restoring its pre-war status as a crucial transit corridor in the region it is leverage that some believe the syrian government is using to open the door to legitimizing its rule. because eastern. for countries have agreed to take sixty four refugees and migrants rescued off the coast of libya ten days ago they'd been stranded on a rescue vessel with conditions getting worse why the day we've now been taken to and eventually will be relocated to germany france portugal and luxembourg. francois is a professor of environmental geopolitics and migration dynamics at the paris institution for the whole science he says europe is failing to address the issue. as long as there is no political solution at the european level this prices will
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continue. a few months ago almost a year ago last june it was decided to have permanent humanitarian these a vacation platform but these platforms they've never seen the light and therefore this means that this will continue and this will continue to be also exploited by police as an extremist in europe but this is doomed to continue in the future especially know that stream is coming and that the mobile boards will continue to christening last week the u.n. secretary general antonio the terrorist was in libya and was again you know the at bolling condition of the jails and centers for. clearly libya right now is not a safe place for migrants and as items he goes and therefore they will continue to attend to cross thing i think what needs to happen is the creation of a humanitarian agency for asylum. this by gaining us to stop clearly deplaned
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regulations does not walk this issue of us and and needs to be dealt at the european level so that we don't a relation issues up any on a boat with people stranded in appalling conditions to meet defrosting to do is to create safe and legal routes growth media and so that people don't have to risk their lives on boards anymore and to to create a european can see for asylum so that the people can be relocated you know again of long term fashion of saturday's the last day of campaigning ahead of indonesia's general election president and his rival. both to to hold large rallies. the hundred ninety million people are eligible to vote on wednesday with. well let's take you through some of the headlines in al-jazeera now another high
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profile figure in sudan has stepped down after thursday's military coup the intelligence chief is the latest person to hand in his resignation it follows the head of the military transitional council who resigned less than twenty four hours ago he made way for another general. hard to take over the leadership here but morgan has more for khartoum and we do know that the head of the military council effectively the leader of sudan is in consultation with our security officials as well as military officials on who should be in the council and who should still be part of the government now people are celebrating the fact that. as he's known is no longer the head of national security and that his resignation has been accepted because the national security intelligence the national intelligence and security services or nest as it's known is famous for targeting governmental dissidents during this years regime people have been announcing people have been
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conditioning the fact that this body then has to be abolished if talks are to go forward between political parties and the sudan sudanese professional association which has been spearheading the protests forces fighting for control of libya's capital have launched new air strikes planes from the u.n. bags government targeted forces loyal to warlord khalifa haftar after us forces bombed targets on the outskirts of tripoli for the first time in four years yemen has held a parliamentary session with. more than one hundred thirty government officials participating in the beating held in the city of so you so vulnerable the head of the evans general people's congress was elected as. syria says israel launched airstrikes on a military academy which is injured at least three soldiers it's inside story now
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stay with us. the day after the coup in sudan the military says it doesn't want power and is ready for dialogue but with no end to the protests is it ready for concessions how challenging will transition be in this country this is inside still. hello welcome to the program and has
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a secret we have no ambitions to hold the reins of power those were the words from the head of sudan's military council's political committee in response to ongoing protests in the capital hard to they follow the removal of longtime president on wanted bashir after thirty years in power. said the army has no ambitions to lead the country and will respect the demands of the people he also guaranteed a new government run by civilians not the military stability security and order he said of their key priorities will that be enough to satisfy the protesters could this be the dawn of a new era for sudan or the head of the military council's political committee also said the army will simply keep order joining the transition period but will act if there's violence or on unrest. we will not interfere
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we will closely monitor from a distance we will not dictate any orders but we must be practical and realistic this is simply to maintain security and public order that's why i request the sudanese people support the military to stand behind the military and we are unknown figures you have just come to know us may god bless the leader of the previous coup we are his children we will support all the people's demands and we will protect the people's demands yet we will respond firmly to any chaos. so let's bring in our guests now joining me here in doha is worried my debo the founder and president of sudan a policy forum from hard to skype mamadu i was eight a sudanese civil rights activist and filmmaker and in berlin. sudan research a and ph d. candidate at yale university good to have your with us so well lead what did you
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make then of the press conference that took place this friday from the head of the political council of the military council essentially saying that we're not interested in power that we're here to carry out the people's wishes and so on he seemed to be saying all of the right things but is it going to be enough for the protesters who have been out in the streets for weeks now. as a matter of fact they are seeing all of that i think this was the wrong heart was the wrong intention i believe that all what has been said today goes. was one of the head of the council has said the military coast this is a top who remove us on one of the shia from power. i consider. what they have done and what they have said as
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a spit on the face of the army and the sudanese people they could have called they needed all of this was the civic polity with the professionals union and some other political parties and was the armed army is the sudanese army main is structure of any state they chose to do with this so-called coup or with security so that the security council and that's that's not. a body that's in to get a sudanese army so that they have they in a way they have betrayed their own people. i mean their own colleagues in the military army and they caused to. to circumvent the political dialogue there was a dialogue there was a declaration of freedom and chain and they could have done it the right way in a state they chose this way and they are not totally naive nor there nor are they
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innocent i mean they are ill intentioned and they cause to do this simply because they are part of the extra game so it's just that he deems that he inventing itself and when i say it's it's a spit on the face of the sudanese people i mean to say that they have taught that by so doing they have totally up boarded the sudanese people's mean objective which is this associate associating themselves totally from the previous to the game. we know that they have main challenges in doing this they have a structure of talent and behavioral and institutional telling i'm going to start with the structural one. chose not to disassociate associate itself from the islamist ideology which has been the cause behind decision of the south the
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genocide in darfur. it has harbored terrorists who have terrorized that region the african region attempt to terrorize to terrorize the arab world and the international community and even where they have totally compromised the independence and integrity of the nation by offering it for sale i mean the president was just the president for sale and that's and that's why no one wanted to give up on him until the very last moment when they realize they he's no longer a president so that's that's just the ideological structural telling now we can go on to the behavioral issue which is it me off himself the hit of this military council. the guy is accused of a genocide for we all know that if you're coming out over to totally t.v. and redeem you need to make some sort of an editing meant was the army however
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i mean you everyone expected them to choose somebody with an integrity and a clear moral history instead they chose to go with the law gauche and even off whereas we know that there are excellent mean in the military who would have been very much accepted by the sudanese people and a transition could have been well i mean with the city's quality let's get mamadou take on this what's the mood in her tomb right now after the latest announcement from the military this friday i mean do you do you take them at their word when they say that they're not greedy for power and that they want to work. with people and have a dialogue with people moving forward. i can i can speak about. how the mood is overall in our country not only in her but all sudanese people
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feel one thing and i think the first time in thirty years i would say ninety percent of the syrian you people feel happy they're proud of their children but at the same time that happened it could not be complete because. michael you have mentioned earlier. they're playing the thing game they're just turning around the table selling their cards seeing. who can represent their ideology their ideas rather than and bashir when he was forced to step down over all of them would assessed as it's positive people are anticipating other speeches from the national from the sudanese professional association. nobody's believing a word single where it's going to know it's not and their quest very clear from the start any street and we want to dissect the national cause their party omar bashir is regime and or his followers and we won them to be out of.
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power and then afterwards we want fair elections that. we get to decide how the country's future will be. but he still what we saw the day often is kind of mol mol flesh being put on the bones if you like in terms of of what the what the picture is going to be moving forward and the military say they are responding to the wishes of the people are they. well i think the sudanese are taking these announcements of a healthy dose of skepticism as we've already heard i think there are two reasons for that first is the identity of these people who have in their inherited power. was is the head of the national intelligence security services which has been as a forefront of the repression against against a political position in sudan and of easily. been out of. it was the head
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of the military intelligence during the conflict in darfur and coordinating ginger with me to show us so the identity of the city of this system in figures in the new in the new in the new system should should give pause the second point i think is that these statements that have been made today in this press conference are already at odds with some of the actions that the new military council took to guess today it could secularly the claims that. the meter is going to let demonstrators in the streets is the declaration of a curfew the claim that the military to want to hold onto power he's contradicted by the fact that as has been said already that they've not given civilians any role in the process so far now that being said and so the reaction is clear and people are seeing on the street today in khartoum now that being said i do think that the
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conciliatory tone is very significant because it shows that the this this new leadership is and battle that he doesn't have the confidence to tell protesters now we have a transition you should go home clearly they are in their way. sensitive to the pressure of the street and they feel like at least that they have to justify themselves and to reassure people and that shows i think that the strategy of the opposition which is to maintain the pressure is working. how long allan do you think these protests can can go on and what in your mind needs to be done to to come to a last thing solution you think. it could go on for ever. for as long as that again doesn't change is its strategy at the sudanese people are
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willing to put pressure to continue putting pressure on the sudanese army to stand up and play its role. as that it presented the role of the national sovereignty i think we were trying to avoid any rupture in the hierarchy of the sudanese army by accepting this de facto reality of some of his engineering the transition but what we see now is we see. some officers are trying to bypass the army so the army is going to feel compelled to take an action again is this group of and his. group of ideologues who have just hijacked the platform it's just some sort of a hijacking of a platform and it's no good.


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