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today in khartoum now that being said i do think that the concealer treat tone is very significant because it shows that this this new leadership is and battle that he doesn't have the confidence to tell protesters now we have a transition you should go home clearly they are in their way. sensitive to the pressure of the street and they feel like at least that they have to just to find themselves and to reassure people and that shows i think that the strategy of the opposition which is to maintain the pressure is working. how long how long do you think these protests can can go on and what in your mind needs to be done to to come to a last thing solution you think it could go on for ever. for as long as the game doesn't change is its threat to the sudanese people are willing
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to put pressure to continue putting pressure on the sudanese army to stand up and play its role. as a present to all of the national sovereignty i think we were trying to avoid any rupture in the hierarchy of the sudanese army by accepting this de facto reality of some of his engineering the transition but what we see now is we see. some officers are trying to bypass the me so the army is going to feel compelled to take an action again is this group of and his. group of ideologues who have hijacked the platform it's just some sort of a hijacking of a platform it's not going to be accepted neither by the people nor by the army so
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we have we crossed or ties it. we can either if they do if the army decides to remove more of. bush and bring in man we says that this is the head of the sudanese intelligence yes that's right if you remove unwanted figures then i think the sudanese politicians or at least the union professionals union will be able to discuss some sort of a transitional move with them. and i think it's doable if if they don't then it's likely to happen and it's going khartoum is just going to be in bloodshed it's just going to be a swamp of blood and god forbid if that happens then the region is going to be totally disestablish lies not only sudan but the whole sudan it built and this
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is what the international community has to face i mean they need to take some precaution in the majors and they cannot just wait until it happens they need to figure this out ahead of time and just put pressure on this again because that a human is already weak it's getting some some money from here and there they are receiving bribes from some neighboring countries and this is what is hitting the sudanese people morse because they feel that for almost thirty years and even more their integrity has been compromised their sovereignty has been compromised and they need they need to have good relationships obviously was the whole world especially the african countries and other countries but but in order to do that they need to have. leadership that is that is willing to listen to the sudanese people pay tribute to the stakeholders before going out to the outside world.
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well it brings up the point there about the danger of this spiraling into violence how did you share that fear that things could turn violent at some point in the future in sudan. also it would mention god forbid that things turn violent but we've seen a lot of videos we witnessed that hundreds of thousands of people experience this fear millions of people into the next. sorry millions of families actually worried about their kids children walking around in the street going to schools. there was a general feeling of warre and and an uncertainty when people go out on the street as if something bad is going to happen and all of this is because of the of the regimes militias who are identified.
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figures there they're driving around the cities. covering their faces using weapons against peaceful protesters will keep repeating the same things to me is that mean which means peaceful peaceful it will always be peaceful and this from the side of the public from the side of the protest as a matter what happens when never lift a weapon and if you think about it. probably if you count thirty out of one hundred houses in every city and how soon we can think. of every house and helpful i would say they would at least have a weapon or or they would have the ability to acquire a weapon so it's not a point for fear from the public to go out in the street is the point of dignity of stuff respect for maintaining the position of being on the right side always constantly we've done it before in one hundred sixty four we've done it before nine hundred eighty nine and now we're doing it and i think the youth the people who are
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needing distribution i would say is not a part that the people i read or needing this ribbon commission are educated people are not. they're not people who build their knowledge on their past they go on story we read we. added to the stories that we hear from our companies and we read we research we understand who is the boss to be aware and mismanagement of the country is happening only due to the fact that. their responsibilities and authorities have are being given to those who don't really deserve it and do not seek anything other than self benefit. is there a fear on the street. from or concerned about having. an attack from any area yes there is of course there is this fear today it was friday prayers i was there there was a general fear that things might go without it but let's just hope for the best and
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let's hope that the sudanese government will have enough blood on their hands and they will listen to the street because the streets will always always always when i want to ask you as well mama do about the economic situation there huge economic challenges in sudan of course because these protests began as as protests against the high food prices and fuel prices and so on so whoever is in power in sudan is going to have to deal with that on that. definitely i mean you can can you think about a country that the leader of the country they're living the best the fanciest and the most comfortable life meanwhile their neighbors who are about ten or fifteen meters away from their house they actually struggle to maintain a normal a very average life of three kids and how that you need to feed them not a luxurious life we're only talking about being able to pay expenses for your kids'
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schools for for buying them clothes for having once in a month taking them out to have started to do that can you think of a country that the current terrier aged from. from in two thousand and ten one hundred u.s. dollars used to be worth of two hundred eighty pounds two thousand and seventeen one hundred u.s. dollar with about a thousand and seven hundred pound what two thousand and eighteen in march two thousand and eight pm the hundred dollars from three thousand and two hundred pounds until today it bumped up up to seven thousand eight hundred lb this isn't this is an unexpected for human beings to live in can you believe that a doctor who graduates fyfe years of medicine medical school and then thirty two extra years of their life in practice they get paid a salary of what is the equivalent of about sixty u.s. dollars for working in an entire month an entire month and you get paid sixty u.s.
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dollars in salary now hi can you believe that i thought should government is trying to initiate dialogue how can you initiate dialogue if you can't even give. normal people or working so hard and studying most of their life and only chance to have a normal life i mean the term normality is very subjective but let's talk about the right there are so many artists in sudan because so many musicians care so many athletes they don't they're not asking for support they're asking only for a chance for expressing themselves. what i do want to jump in here is what who is saying is absolutely right but i think. the structure the level unless and until a political settlement is a reach for sudan's problems which sudan is not only khartoum i mean you
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do have the. fifty seven percent of the sudanese land according to the un is declared. a war zone so unless and until you reach for a political settlement with all groups you can develop you can put our national development strategy needless be able to attract you know highly qualified men and women to the do to enhance i mean the institutional capacity of a nation which has been deliberately destroyed an economy which has been totally destroyed but. alluded to a very important point which is the whole issue of dignity you know the sudanese people now they feel very much humiliated by noise and noticing that the people who have committed atrocities against their own kid that in who have killed people deliberately embezzled money it's about amount of money that is you know is
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timothy to have be visit out of the country is like one hundred twenty billion dollars you see the horse people walking industry it and the military council is saying is not saying that we have put them together and saying that you know we have reserves we have put them in somebody and they are even providing them protection protection from whom i mean these are peaceful protesters people who expect you know the clean minutes to be brought to justice but prior to bringing them to justice you have to put them in jail we hear rumors that the. it's mine is enjoying life in his own farm nothing is there so many criminals are outside and this is very human lifting to a mother whose giant has been killed or short in the here or to test gianbattista i want to just widen this out a little bit in the time we have left if i can there's been
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a lot of comparisons drawn between what's what's happened in sudan and the scenario that's been playing out in algeria similar situation their longtime leader forced out of power because of continued protests the military steps in to. to to carry this out and be kind of seen as the voices of voice of the people as it were what powers would you draw. for from that and is this part of a pattern that we're seeing in this region. well i don't know if i would venture any policies algeria because this is not like a country of expertise but one parallel would be actually read with tunisia benelli sled and the fourteenth of january two thousand and eleven because of a mutiny from the ministry of interior and now the story that has come out that has kind of built itself in the media and in academia but the success story is that
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somehow the country was kind of predetermined to be successful because of its strong civil society strong state and so on but when you look at what happened in the first weeks of the transition actually been at least close i they inherited power and the reason they had conceded to elections for a constituent assembly is because the opposition kept the pressure of the street pressure for over the period of a few weeks and i think this is an important lesson to for sudan and i think this is a lesson that the sudanese. he did all right i'd like to go back to the risk of violence i do think i do think there is a real risk of violence in the most likely scenario would be part of the regime attempting a coup against the military council but it's important to bear in mind that this risk is in everyone's mind including in among the leaders of the military and security apparatus going to have to leave it there unfortunately we are outside
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thanks very much to all three of us. do i was eight and giambattista got a plan thanks very much for being with us and thank you for watching us always remember you can see this program again any time just go to our website and use it at dot com and for further discussion you can all always go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter handle at a j inside story for me has i'm sick and the whole thing here if i find out.
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as protests over welfare cuts exploded nicaragua's phone trying government launched a brutal clampdown. now after a year of deaths detentions and political suppression crisis negotiations are underway. but could the dark days a civil war still retire. people in power investigates a frontline nicaragua walk on al-jazeera. new leaders place children in this refugee camp the latest victims of the unending sectarian violence in central african republic among them are survivors of unspeakable violence ten year olds in work as mother is dead her father is gone killed because they were christian by their own muslim neighbors this is the least you home an overcrowded refugee camp of twenty three thousand people surrounded by armed militia groups celine wants
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answers she says she wants to be asking the questions and so we traded places inch took the microphone will we find peace how can we make the violence stop when will i be able to return home. this is the opportunity to understand the very the french way where there before happens we don't leave. hello again adrian from going to here in doha the top stories on al-jazeera another high profile figure in sudan has stepped down following thursday's military coup the intelligence. chief is the latest person to hand in his resignation he follows the head of the military transitional council who resigned less than twenty four hours ago making way for another general abdul fatah bonn to take over the leadership. of morgan is in khartoum and we do know that the head of the military
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council effectively the leader of sudan is in consultations with security top officials as well as military officials on who should be in the council and who should still be part of the government now people are celebrating the fact that. the as he's known is no longer the head of national security and that his resignation has been accepted because the national security intelligence the national intelligence and security services or nest as it's known is famous for targeting anti-government dissidents during this years regime people have been announcing people have been conditioning the fact that this body then has to be abolished if talks are to go forward between political parties and the sudan sudanese professional association which has been spearheading the protest for e.u. nations have agreed to take sixty four refugees and migrants rescued off the coast of libya ten days ago they've been stranded on
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a rescue vessel near malta with conditions getting worse by the day they've been taken to pause and will eventually be relocated to germany france portugal and luxembourg francois gunmen is a professor of environmental geopolitics and by gratian dynamics of the paris institute of political studies he says europe is failing to address the migration issue. as long as there is no political solution at the european level this prizes will continue. a few months ago almost a year ago last june each was decided to have famine and humanitarian these and back asian block form but these platforms they've never seen the day light and therefore this means that this will continue and this will continue to go also exploded by pretty cynical stream east in europe but this is due to continuing to future especially know that stream is coming and that the mobile boards will continue to christening last three day u.n. secretary general antonio the terrorist was in libya and was the gate you know
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seeing the at bowling condition of the jails and santos was that saddam's years of clearly libya right now is not a safe place for migrants and as that is he goes and therefore they will continue to attend to cross thing i think what needs to happen is degrees short of humanitarian agency for us i don't see this by gaining us to stop clearly deplaned regulations does not walk this issue of us and them needs to be dealt at the european level so that we don't a these relations issues apne on a boat with people stranded in appalling conditions to meet the first thing to do is to create safer legal routes agro the media and so that people don't have to risk their lives on boards anymore and to to create a european see for asylum so that the people can be relocated you know. fashion forces fighting for control of libya's capital have launched new ass trikes planes
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and i'm going to war khalifa haftar dropped bombs on the town of just south of tripoli meanwhile forces loyal to the u.n. backed government targeted positions south of the town is pleased to be a base for halftimes military operations fighting has been going on now for more than a week for the first time in four years yemen has held a parliamentary session. president abdul rubber months will hadi was in attendance the meeting was held in the eastern city of sultan alba conny the head of yemen's general people's congress was elected speaker of syria says that israel launched an s tricon a military academy which has injured at least three soldiers several buildings were destroyed in the town of mass yaf in hama province local media say that syrian air defenses shot down some of the missiles saturday is the last day of campaigning ahead of indonesia's general election president djoko were due to of his rival trouble began to oppose due to hold large rallies in the capital jakarta there's a headline as the news continues here on al-jazeera after boko haram next.
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lowering northeastern nigeria a nearby refugee camp poses nearly twenty five thousand men women and children including this little girl named by. nigerian soldiers found her in the some piece of forest she was walking aimlessly in shock unable to speak.
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the soldiers took her to the refugee camp and entrusted her to a family. she was thinking of to plus you know it just seems flat out the worst was that she admits that she could anybody who she still to what she was seeing him was if somebody with him one would you can sure just around the world. good improvement is not limited to what keeps the us. is gradually learning to live again she has lost her home and her entire family. since twenty ten people living in northeastern nigeria live in constant fear of being in time. there but i was like all right. in this recorded message boko
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haram swore allegiance to the islamic state in the spring of twenty fifteen the nigerian group led by abu bakr chicago then took the name of the islamic state of west africa. provoked global outrage in april twenty fourth when the group kidnapped two hundred seventy. six schoolgirls in chibok in northeastern nigeria the kidnapping received global condemnation. michelle obama joined the solidarity campaign to demand the release. of promised to sell them into slavery but i do not at the want to how to how. little or not or elaborate. on since the start of the insurgency the violence has resulted in more than twenty three thousand dead and over two million people
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displaced. to understand how the armed group has become so dangerous it is necessary to return to northeastern nigeria. to the capital of the state of borno might a goody the birthplace of boko haram. here islamic law has been practiced by the muslim community since the eleventh century but the degree of its implementation has fluctuated throughout the course of history with the return of democracy in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine that people hoped for an end to widespread corruption within the elite and for fairer distribution of wealth. to bring an end to corruption in politics the muslim
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majority in the north of the country wanted to see islamic sharia law applied more strictly. would take advantage of this popular demand. in two thousand and two thirty two year old man started to gain. popularity in the town of my dignity in some mosques his sermons were deemed to be too extreme but his personality and charisma increasingly made an impression that i want to look at about one third believe one thing and i guess i would imagine that were to turn up and that the irony. then is at. a less hour that unlikely kemal hamdi mohammed use of the founder of boko haram quickly attracted new followers. from a new show several times before instead this man claims to have direct contact with
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boko haram he has closely followed the evolution of the group and its leaders fallenness ruler is not his real name he would be a very. lovely person to be around who was a nurse for the poor so that's why. he was. emerging why the gift. of public speaking he had this. enormous ability to call in the minds of people ordinary people who are in support of him they were in support him not so much on the basis of know the adage you can't point out of them but they were put to him because they felt that use of is present ideas that ordinary present cannot express he did no less than the politically darcy do knows that i do knows they want. to see the last film and video of many police in the design of the people to get into power and do you screen the people hope.
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after. he knows that apt. is the system used to pull two shows used. to see. a truck two people well not. really believe me or you don't know can last a good. lie in the darkness and like how about a man who kills you that i'm going to give a shit i'm going to get what i've got. i think we. might lose a few to impress could pretty. ballot. bowl know if i'm a good muslim and. not a patch. on the amount of the roof. and
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establishment questioning the existing rules of society is present after it is my political class get it but the just into petitions. and when i. leave for that though i just befriended interested muslims in the us that has been one of their central themes that the status corrupt and therefore we need our own state where it's going to be just and govern in a different way and they will be social justice for all this happened around the time where. maybe socialism communism collapsed or if you remember across college campuses there were lots of this young people looking for an alternative system i think the collapse of that people became much more religious the poor of course we do know. sexual should receive the theme.


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