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establishment questioning the existing rules of society is prison populated by a political class get it but given the just interpretations. employed one as. leader and as for that though i just befriended interested muslims in the must that has been one of their central themes that the status corrupt and therefore we need our own state where it's going to be just and mcgovern in a different way and they will be social justice for all this happened around the time where. maybe socialism communism collapsed or if you remember across college campuses there were lots of socialist young people looking for an alternative system i think with the collapse of that people became much more religious the poor of course we do know. folks will shoot you see we seem
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to be able to maneuver people who are poor be. sure to watch the people who wish disadvantaged in the society. uses message quickly resonated with people in the borno region but the level of poverty was as high as sixty nine percent in twenty eleven. the british colonise ation left the leaders of an independent nigeria with a deeply divided country the south rich in oil has a concentration of christian communities who benefited from education programs put in place by the former colonial power. in the poor and rural north the communities were majority muslim. in some traditional areas western education is still perceived as an extension of colonialism.
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today nigeria is the leading economic power in africa however more than half of its population lives below the poverty line. plagued by corruption which is endemic among nigeria's elite politicians have gradually lost the trust of the people. inside the school or up on animals ability to supplement or almost all. of the middle class and it isin the last i can from this is just. look at it only big ones so who. give up i met with them in your honor the good un. in particular really was the list of the most also important attacking a group of us was the roof because when he speaks these distance and they feel that he is the present to them and that was the starting point there was adequate it's
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interesting a lot of western educated youth who have joined the book i don't want to move out of the john much as an adult want to once had on the basis of the fund that uses i'd miss welcome. listen and they're satisfied and so the didn't and yeah that's the good and what it boko haram book or is western civilization is or those and people is this act religion or is something taught to live for b. did this some say western education is taboo is not there are not talking of western education they are talking of western civilization all the. system this is forbidden how can a woman rule of a man and how. rule of him was in you so this won't do you see the children of view politicians with children off of your resources to bring them to policemen to two groups of people to screw the services who went to the bush of the
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one to school. from those in the in the worse. what muhamad you for city. and. yusuf the most disciplined was the those that got people to do that it could lead to tell them i do believe there's also it's good deeds will kill you and i'm in the race you diminished will name only that is the be the judge you for the person can judge me no spot on me doing the pinch i mean are equal to the yusuf. on the meaning of don't don't seem somehow cause and so simple but sure subtlety is only a good girl use it is still a jihadi gotta do it don't that could exist in asia they all mock and live with
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your kids when god made of one of the. moment to see what the message they got got which you know more they could if you took a female can certainly officiate on wall. doing evil could inflict on to them a castle go in front of the budget is that there was it it misidentifies that the sickest discuss the possible didn't sit on opera yousuf them to boom would set a feast the more we see and emotional sociology don't give a new label is off and on is all for now it's a day off he was defeated told us a mock us get through skin something must get news out me i didn't know the room would occur to me back up on the floor under why didn't you. tell him to come i didn't was evident in the way similar to me in that way in the let me give him a good message in deep. on the pot and talk me your mom and then all of us is then commit a prostitute or do shit you call sit passive up with your boss could you quit in
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the region move fast and what about for a moment and he did and it does them all. over an awful pop without me back on t v . nor for profit so what's a dozen law provides execs in a joint i hear on the global governments guess what they do but even if it don't want to do mendip it just want to share it good evil good i shall have the innocence you can do to our skin it up a similar dark our vision constitution and you know it to be true down community. then mohammad yousuf received the unexpected support of the governor of borno. this man from a wealthy family was an important figure in local politics. the governor of borno presented an unnatural the lions to mohammad yousuf also shot at the books you will yet look for discord to give up the ball no keep what you did was a fair idea don't you are middle class from shi'a who present on the.
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song like them want to show you. the. suppose it to be as simple as it could be zone where would you sue for people to have any thought this is the democratic party on this if you did that it would be also building with a new movie should if. needed a home would usually to to. go to uk more par. why would you show. me do a movie should be free to run interference for him would be government money of course. the big group in. the family would shareef. why would you shoot you so this good he will decide he's the prime of his will not. loose or boot a particular or the limb of it yusuf it up when you consume it yes well it's your.
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show you know what i say also commit on the mideast on paper radical i look at your lives. and i look at what it's like i was about a lot of guns and i'm not but i don't want you know if i will i live in the social fabric i don't. know you know who can carry a particular in that i'm going fact i want to quote always question do you. have your own body name or a place you. remember. pointed out and made pastika corkey fox and my counter example is authority i respect what conspiracy. said and then ask and that's going to make one is i think i would have got that he did i'm going to zip it up whatever he could i. couldn't talk about. what needs i didn't like about any country in the you go but i don't like. you know
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the government. going to let you go buddy when i ran the idea it was understood i go out. there was that induced that way so to see extremist good. eats and then when. he became. the government of the day he became bitter and then that is to come with you for sort of stood up to your problems are willing to come back to. you see. you see more. people to work with you to. because they're here for. the rest seem so you mixing not no. or is he just in what is now a political figure the federal government actively. to go to strategy to
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you see his office gets in june two thousand and nine a federal government task force called operation flush stopped a group of boko haram members then known as yunnan your sophia they were riding motorcycles as part of a funeral procession the task force sought to enforce a law that required the wearing of helmets the motorcyclists refused to comply the task force opened fire on a good deed yourself not a crash history if you expect. me that's the traditional politician i oh can i speak why not have there been any treatment there wasn't any trail must. question for something you can. ask about you know i don't know what evidence comes off as. to canuck a fuck up at that point because he had to be had it been a case i now wonder how to be we we will use whatever would make wilson you had to be in it in kind of a really big and then move by those in which you were
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a lad he did not know. what you tell the same unidos akashi in raw i lead because you saw what. i learned it could be because it's all. ok covered in the head of being a queer d.i.y. singlish you know it's a rock i will kill them. mimic punish i would kill do him punish some cause you're so good back that take it you're acting because i don't need it you are the bulk of a class i'm a bunch of law. states but i'm now a moment of trimming here and i'm not on the clock and. the outpouring of emotion triggered by the shooting provoked a real tension among the followers of the group. the sermons of muhammad use of were fierce but behind the scenes the leaders of boko haram urged caution. and
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to make his position however became untenable to the hardliners of the movement led by abu bakar chicago called for immediate revenge why would she want to commit jihad to just wish more to know that you folks who tried. to thirty bullets in the statements of people there because chicago. people forced. why would you shoot armed. because she told field v. time to act is now you will be struck while a movie i only supports you don't it's on t.v. if it's missing piece us unless you know how to go and you have legs you have hans when you start the jihad is it's more awesome when i saw this in our. film. the police. guard and i do believe it. but. don't all summer love you
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secretary but you know could lead to some plainness you was a glee this time it was so attentive. the book or her whole cd at stake for almost a week now is the genesis when we don't know what had happened anyway but let out on the whole can now turn upside down there was no cliche and hours no museum mosques. churches at that. all of this evil is evil is you see the civil society has been about to be went all around peach basically. the army was ordered to do just to kill destruction which due to. the middle here our children on out of the grill moldable no can i summited your view it could you could mean that's anointed to. know this emergency
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could also mean that sunday a trip to the can but don't see could you see. the light i'm not the most unlikely. but it. was the most of you look at your. it was a good point. number two thousand and. ten. neutral site is in the sky looted. military opposition was taken in by stanley knew that was between the two from monday to thursday felt when if it would be dismissed. after the military
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engagement some of them of that sum up is cute you said was ballasted the one hundred i wouldn't. want only nanda the. q. . to read only what you. probably are but i don't care if i break. into this industry. when a new younger man lead the doll in industry. context not usually on the context of ne because you me on that close to twenty minutes he said i mean i. only do one commented on bad or a selected year ago. this is the first time that chicago the man who would become the successor to mohammad yousuf was designated as second.
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to decide the what are your ideals or dreamy or remove i don't need your advice that i will back up to go your point destroyed the police you know one kid on the other why you like are talking among us what are you sitting on west west past me i doubt. you used to. have a car battery and even in. fly
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cats are airways and experience economy class like never before qatar airways going places together. child joy bringing my neighbors my neighbors children so they can see and get more comfortable five children are at the heart of america's love affair with weapons fact that of their osama makes a report on a risky and therefore new machine and it's fun but the new generation is fighting fire with reason we are fighting for voices to be heard because you don't want to see if you do speak it. never again part of the radicalized youth series on a al-jazeera as i would winning investigative documentary program people ask me a lot i need a woman going missing or being murdered what's the reason faultlines goes beyond
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the headlines causing the powerful to account have you heard of the story not involved in that examining the u.s. and its role in the bombs someone has to get the gun i'm shooting people right now . back with a new series that's the reality that we live in coming soon on al-jazeera. and for the going to hear a doha the top stories on al-jazeera another high profile figure in sudan has stepped down after thursday's military coup the intelligence chief is the latest person to hand in his resignation he follows the head of the military transitional council who resigned less than twenty four hours ago making way for another general . han to take over the leadership more now from al jazeera morgan in khartoum.
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and we do know that the head of the military council effectively the leader of sudan is in consultations with the security top officials as well as military officials on who should be in the council and who should still be part of the government now people also liberating the fact that. as he's known is no longer the head of national security and that his resignation has been accepted because the national security intelligence the national intelligence and security services or nest as it's known is famous for targeting anti-government dissidents during this years regime people have been announcing people have been conditioning the fact that this body the mess has to be abolished if talks are to go forward between political parties and the sudan sudanese professional association which has been spearheading the protest. forces fighting for control of libya's capital of launched new air strikes planes from the un backed government targets targeted forces loyal to the warlords. after us forces bombed targets on the outskirts of
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tripoli. for the first time in four years yemen has held a parliamentary session with president hu months or hadi in attendance sultana become the head of yemen's general people's congress was elected speaker. syria says that israel launched an air strike on a military academy which has injured at least three soldiers several buildings were destroyed in the town of five in hama province local media says that syrian air defenses shot down some of the missiles for e.u. countries have agreed to take sixty four refugees migrants rescued off the coast of libya ten days ago they've been stranded on a rescue vessel near malta with conditions getting worse by the day they have now been taken to port and will eventually be relocated to germany france portugal and luxembourg and saturday is the last day of campaigning ahead of indonesia's general election. those headlines these continues here on out of here in twenty five
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minutes from now let's get you back to around. egypt's strongman is ruling within a fire and faced and the silence from his allies is deafening the u.s. was perfectly happy to trade off the march for sea for security while western leaders turning a blind eye when even the citizens have fallen victim to his repression executions torture censorship is not acceptable and you want to hear such strong words from let's say berlin or paris or london man in cairo on al-jazeera one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else would be for it as it is very challenging liberally particularly because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are with the people we live to tell the real story so i'll just mend it is to deliver in-depth journalism we
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don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. when you suppose i rest he would have you also tackled caught by that and that would that is this feeling of democracy it would have been taken to court then the court would know what they were by did and then if used to be skittish let's get it it is to be done in physics and let me quiz went into it but unfortunately we learnt that there is a data from the incident to government the government of the dick to just shoot you sitting. in for kit it dreams of a trip. but with a victory and also more little to do on the go to. this article it will be put in
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city two to move it can this you know. political show exposure to shield him enough so personally dogs on the moment you saw others on the. we're going to take you live now to khartoum in sudan where the sudan professionals association is holding a press conference we're going to listen in this is the group of the coordinated that organized the people's protests that lead ultimately to the fall of president omar al bashir is listening who have been all is siding with the people we must the men the military men the men of the armed forces who have always been doing all what the can to support protect and safeguard the people they have previously proven
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this am. they have always supported the people and this is the true duty of the armed forces it is those side with the people not to act against the people. as what happened july nineteenth seventy one or june thirtieth nineteen eighty and i and they abused the armed forces and acted against the people in the name of the armed forces. they together with the people have been victims to those cloaked as good virtuous men while they. are. again it is the duty on the sponsibility of the armed forces to protect the people and save god the people
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and enforce the rule of law. the armed forces men hold fall'n in the ramadan and those fallen in nine hundred eighty five have done their best with the aim of ousting dictatorship and establishing a civil state. we are in freedom and change and all the opposition parties refuse to hand over power to in the military. we hold for a totally civil state civil leadership. i have to ask your permission simply because we are heading to a meeting with the general second trait of our party in order to
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deliberate on this issue once again a trade that we need a totally civil rule and we will discuss the issues of the national legislative society we will also deliberate on the cabinet of ministers and. the followers to be forming the upcoming government thank you for listening. hand over the floor to mr muhammad the most of the. we have to stand to stand up by standing ovation for the great people of sudan we stand up to salute the people of sudan.
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we have ushered into an e.u. era plays be seated. here again we salute the sudanese people namely sudanese women who took to the street hand in hand with all. their fellow country men we have never suspected that our crisis will be a resolved by the steel will of the people who have been
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always confident that the solution lies in the hands of the people. our main goal was to topple that e.g. this is the key the key solution to all the problem in sudan. you know your solution can be enforced. until this to tell it terry and regime that has been ruling with steel shackles for three decades i mean is this banded here. it is g.m. established a deep state why it circles of corruption man appeal a thing the resources of the country and that therefore the only solution lies in this spending this corrupt regime. and even your.
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money if we do not to kneel our journey forward when our insurgence will be in vain and we will go back to square one we will continue to work together in order to totally eradicate this corrupt to tell it to the energy. it was the head of security who toppled the see it and appointed been out of the we are seeking a total solution to this problem and we cannot accept. the former regime's figures and the armed forces to remain in office when. the armed forces responsibility is to take duties to safeguard the people and to protect and safeguard the home soil and. this is
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similarly we cannot be dictated all those from the international community it is we the people who started that evolution then insurgency and it is us the people who will continue to determine our future. again and even if there are still some political detainees but isn't as of conscience still behind bars we demand the immediate release of all these detainees my. view is that as the people imposed their own will they are gaining confidence and marching forward and that's why we will continue to act in this spirit. the international community is used to
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provide lending a hand and to act as a guard and see. that the rule is handed over to a civil leadership without in the oldest being dictated it the international community cannot dictate all those specifying the transitional period length or what so ever we get the goal clearly ject. any mandate any foreign mandate and we are acting on the basis that mutual respect will be it is separate created with the world community and the world's countries very. briefly. we cannot accept that sudan will be a battlefield for international or regional. conflicts.
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checked any military foreign military bases being set up in the sudan we cannot be part of any proxy. acting against the interest of our people or the peoples of the region we are speaking of for years turns ishmael period and entered him government to be fully and totally elected by us the people where those will be able to establish total democracy and. civil state. we can not go back into this cinches service to an all inclusive national constitutional forum be held where of all the people of sudan from all walks of life and all the components of the social fabric and all political parties will be engaged. if concluded all will be able to culminate old what we have achieved and take our
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country. into total democracy together we can shape the future of our democracy lay down our cannot. to be britain respected by all established on the foundation of justice. social equality peaceful era to earth a sense of power and the establishment of democracy and so that. this is the. political parties forming the alliance. invited to speak that's why each will be allocated a very. short period of time you see that i requested to be brief as much as it starts tomorrow not.
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enough with our smug. smile. on the contrary i would not be speaking much i would rather listen to you however our must salute all the representatives of the media who have been admitting vividly because of siding with the people exposing the regime. delivering their message and discharging and no building duty i salute all the journalists. urge years to continue to play this noble role until total change is achieved our people's aspirations. materialized and the country we all wish for is no stablish my hope and my only
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wish light would lead to emphasize that we as part of the alliance. are acting together. at a high level of harmony with coordination with an understanding in order to be able to stand up to the upcoming. cities. as venting about however. we hope we will continue with the same pace simply because no one who many of us to goes lying on the head. we are the mad think again is a deep state that has been reinforcing itself over the past city decades or so this deep state has been. that's my goal pulling the people so riches it is sources. and that's why this deep state will fight fair all just
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really to undermine our revolution and to shape. our determination however we are confident that our people are way out of this am and we hope that we together will be able to join hands and march forward without further ado you will. hand over the my so i can give you more room. to questions the more. looked up in the. who. gets peace of blessings be with you i. would like to thank. journalists for being here today with without repetition of.
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corruption dictatorship oppression. to tell italian ism. has been prevailing for the kates. stunt by the sudanese women young females who have acted in a really surprising fashion. they have been side. by side shoulder to shoulder with the sudanese men in every corner. and i also would like to salute the sudanese young. they have been acting in a very creative fashion. improvising slogans chanting chanting demands. and we together
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succeeded in removing the biggest obstacle represented in the ousted bashir. another positive aspect. was the release of political detainees. who were later. carried on people's shoulders. third positive achievement was that a movement of. we will continue with the same spirit and move towards the former jeems figures. and we will continue with the same spirit until this corrupt regime is eradicated totally and completely. may god's peace be with you.
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and the child in the city journalism oh no journalism this is the slogan we hoist and also salute the sudanese people the. men who say he's who word why these. people in the main he says he will be why. are we still taking to the streets of all although the regime has gone. you know. he. would like to assure that all what has been taken as measures was by a military wing the simply because. the models of our current figures go from bashir. to been out of view
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we as the opposition are is still holding steadfast to our demands. simply that the entire dictator the team must be disbanded with old maids and situations legislations. this includes the security committees the prosecution. we only managed to date the country of question and been now we will continue to remove all the former regimes figures. of arms. can all guns is the dish and we are acting with against here the military wing media in love there is limited movement that's why we will end tense five hour demonstrations until all the demands are met.
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here. we will open the floor to questions. and journalists have the opportunity to raise questions please introduce yourself. the scene which you know please your name and the organization you know to present a problem please go ahead.
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here. the alliance has not touched upon the issue of war and peace in. the fall. we have heard that the groups. have certain reserve ations. against the transitional period. how true are these reporters.
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based on our presence among demonstrators on the ground. many of them ask. wall. why the interim government is not full from among the forces and that i think some of the opposition and average lay men and instead of living into total anarchy. we are living in a legal and. governmental vacuum. this government a form can easily gain legitimacy from the public from people on the street. please move forward.
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oh. it is reported that you are. ex occluded from. dialogue how can. you convey your demand. paid to is the demonstrators who have been calling for you to join. the dialogue. we hope that the dialogue will be inclusive enough to bring about unanimous
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agreement on the compelling issue is. it is also reported that the military wing of the islamic movement so he. is that. in total control of the situation. and. it does note that. most of the opposition parties welcomed that immovable and the placement of the head of the interim military council. oh. what
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a ballot the remaining demands raised by the opposition. is it considered to be. that the opposition have rich reach it. and how do you come and on the role currently play by the army. and why i believe we have to answer a number of questions then. resume asking. what if the military council rejects your demands how would you act how would you respond.
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i will answer in the same order the questions were asked. to hurt him i did it with my heart was enough with the issue of war and peace in the force because. the groups are objecting hygienists transitional period to the issue of war and peace and rebuilding and development in their four will be a key item on the agenda of the upcoming government that will hand will take over for the upcoming transitional for period four year period and therefore we must throw a distinction between the duty is to be entrusted to then turn in government for four years and what is required to achieve at the moment the
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war and peace in the four. and nobody mountains. development projects ending war all these issues are top to tease for the upcoming interim government the government that is supposed to rule for four years the upcoming four years. now we are not demanding the military council. to seek a solution for the full again simply because we do not deem the military council as the ruler of the country. if the armored groups are objecting to the full year in term period vs reports on two. since december last we saw and the declaration of freedom
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and change including the five items including that if illusionary groups professionals groups n.g.o.s and the opposition parties including the alliance all these forces. including. all these parties have agreed that the internal period shall lot at any event be less than four years this includes all the armed groups that we all agree that then turn him period shouldn't be less than four years so all these reports are untrue and baseless. the second question why. the government be formed from the opposition
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forces and be gaining illegitimacy from the people. this option. is raised and we declared in the name of our alliance the national alliance that this option the government of the people the civil government of the people. and to discharge their inter him and transitional duties for the upcoming period. is always a it is a very likely demand and it is one of the choices. to be adopted by the alliance for years as was being there is part of them armed forces. holding the reins of power. and. they have the upper hand. therefore
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we are acting in harmony and quietly and therefore this leads us to the next question is that we are not speaking of a military council ruling the country again the military will not rule the country for the interim period the military will not rule the country the rule will be handed over to the several government civil political forces you might as well are you may say including the legislative council the cabinet and the ministers. it is the duty of the army to me to secure and ensure that this mission is accomplished the army is not required to take the reins of power the army is not required to
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nominate or up point any official or minister of them we cannot accept that the april one thousand eighty five events be reproduced at that time we accepted and i loud the military council to engage in the process of. that time and from that time on all the legislative executive and other. key elements were in their hands remains in their hands we should learn the lesson and we cannot repeat them once again. this is not the next question. was about how. the
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opposition welcomed. the statement of the immovable of. the right to be honest we just. do not welcome. you have. been in paris and with all due respect however we welcome the move of that immovable of bento of as it has been the tie it to result of the people's alliance with the massive protests demonstrations and selig that eighty what happened was at true triumph at to victory of the people's will and that's exactly what we have welcomed again we welcome the move yet we have certain reservations against the person of up to fatah about this about. this move was that is sult of our people's efforts. on
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the streets i get it so our position remains as it is. we have not abandoned our demands or retreated. the next question about what if the military council rejects our demands the answer is all options are open. we have what we can not give the military council to rule reject or accept. the will and the power rests in the people's hands it is the people who decide not the military council but we say it out loudly and clear. we can not use this she had accepted that our struggle our sacrifice super lot of the fall in go down the drain we cannot
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accept. the power to manning. the hands of the military. the question that's real question is what if we reject their council of what if the people reject the military council what would the military do and this is what would like to reinforce and the hearts and the minds of the people here. is my so the ability council has no power or authority to order jet all options are open and it is the will of the people that prevails. and you know i mean again their duty of the r.b.a. to seek you mean i mean the process. to shape it. up. if. my comrades would like to add or comment the floor jaws.
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if you're just joining us this is al jazeera live from doha at the moment a group of leaders from different different political parties in sudan and in speaking in camp to as the government shake up there continues and this comes out to get another high profile figure stepped down just a few hours ago these political parties are part of what makes up the sudan professionals association the people who have been behind. the. protests in sudan now the new head of the military council general abdul fatah is speaking on sudanese television let's listen in to work to what he's saying.
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i know you want to. martin you know sort of our last one of which is waiting on our english translator to want to join us on this frequency standby here in the home country of the rolling with his team today they're carrying the same initiative in this ponce to the people's demands. taken pride in all the components and the figures of the team by the grace of god almighty your cooperation and your patience your. glorified revolution will achieve its ago. it is our duty to salute all our people and our young use who have set a glow us examples namely sudanese the sudanese women by fully at the opting the peacefulness of the revolution.
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proving their patriotism loyalty and devotion to the home soil of the country we salute them and we request them urge them to continue to march forward until justice. and peace are established as a result of the revolution and here we must pray to god almighty to accept in is mercy the fall of martyrs. in order to provide an atmosphere for your desire to establish a state we declare that the care feel be lifted. all detained or sentenced under the martial law will be immediately released. human rights be reinforced in line with
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international laws charters and treaties signed by the sudan. the provisional but eventually rulers be believed from duty. and and visitation be given to all the people of sudan political parties n.g.o.s to engage in dialogue a ceasefire to be reinforced across the country an invitation be renewed to those carrying arms to lay down arms sit to the negotiating table and agree to peaceful living my noble countrymen. military council will be formed to represent the sovereign state until an interim government is formed that's why then term military council commits the following.
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two year interim period as a maximum during which or at the end of which the old will be handed over to a civil government be formed by the people in the state institutions be it is structured regrouped reorganized. in line with the law. corruption be combated those proven guilty of corruption abating all well as assisting as accessories be held accountable how putting an end to all forms of nepotism including those who have been guilty of murder. the duty of the military council dealing they in turn period will be limited to the following that enforcing the rule of law and dependents of the judiciary constitutional court.


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