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two year interim period as a maximum during which or at the end of which the old will be handed over to a civil government be formed by the people in the state institutions be as structured the group to the organized in line with the law. corruption be combated. those proven guilty of corruption are abating all well as assisting as accessories to be held accountable how putting an end to all forms of nepotism including those who have been guilty of murder. the duty of the military council during the interim period will be limited to the following that enforcing the rule of law and dependents of the judiciary constitutional court. lead
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enforcing peace order security across the country the removal of all obstacles for three businesses are. the enforcing the spirits of tolerance among the people who work in providing services to the people to enable them dignified life for avoiding health the political atmosphere to all the components and political parties including the formation of political parties and groups in order to practice the political process whereby the peaceful transition of power is guaranteed we salute of the members of the military council salute the people of all walks of life who took this three second pfizer every precious and dear including in their own blood we also salute the group's political parties in zero zero zero zero zero am and others we. wish you.
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well help us install normal life we also invite urge political parties the opposition and chinos. to deal with the current situation in. absolute neutralism understanding and cooperation you are stronger than. never and here we wouldn't fail. you know the rapid deployment force. forces and other security personnel for their continued efforts and concerted supposed to the people maintaining. security for you and also we salute the armed forces whatever the. honest men who have endured. the grave suffering
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still marching towards a better future to thank you in another. that was all but one the new leader of the transitional council the military transitional council in sudan speaking live on sudanese television let's bring in al-jazeera have a morgan who's in khartoum. apparently we don't have the moment we're just trying to restore. communications with khartoum let's speak to what mohamed to osman that is on the line from khartoum. what do you make of what we just heard to me is it was more or less the same that we heard from i would have been of the last head of the transitional council who stood down less than twenty four hours after being appointed to the job apart from the fact that the curfew will be lifted they will no longer. insist upon
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that curfew what do you think has been. thank you for having me. i think the care if you would defy by the protesters the protesters defied the care for you from the first day it has never been implemented but i think if if i have one comment on what i just heard from the new chairman of the transitional military council is that he spoke a lot of good word he said a lot of good things but i don't think the opposition will accept a two year. transitional period they have already rejected when the previous head of the transitional council proposed it and they are going to reject. project this to transitional period again so i know they say that
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they might be able to shorten the period but i think the opposition will keep up the pressure. on the military council to hand over power to hand over the government formed by civilians but i think eventually the most likely scenario is that we will end up with the hype formation from the army and from civilian positions forces the army is likely to be. in portfolios like the mystery of defense ministry of interior the rapid support forces civilians will be given the rest of government portfolios. we will have to deal with has to be some compromise and that's what we are looking at the moment i think you think that the protests will continue until such time as the ministry counsel brings. those civilians into government is it as we heard just prior
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to general abdel fattah behind statement the professionals and a group of leaders from different political parties speaking in khartoum setting out that demands you think the army the military will. will bend to their will some won't. partly yes eventually they. will have to. sort of compromise. i think most likely we will end up with a high government. position will not. retreat but they will keep up the pressure on the military council power and government. they will the military council i don't think that the army generals. want to hold. on to like two billion dollars. but they would like to keep six people for the.
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ministry of defense as a. security other security or. we will have to see if the opposition is prepared. to compromise. for. the most. outcome. of this situation is likely to be a compromise the hype. formation could still be so many thanks indeed mohamed osman . in khartoum also in comp to. al-jazeera have a more than we'll talk to her in just a moment but first let me just remind you if you joined us within the last few minutes saddam's new leader abdel fattah behind has just been speaking on sudanese television he called for the curfew which was put into place by his predecessor it
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only of been appointed what twenty four hours before for all those detained during the protest to be released and to anyone who engages in corruption to be held to account on the sudanese law earlier we saw a group of leaders from different political parties giving their own press conference they reiterated the call for a civilian run government so hibbs. courtroom what are we to make of what we just heard. we've heard from the leader of the military council at the one hand saying that he's open to dialogue not just with the political parties but with civil society as well so he is very much taking the same conciliatory tone that his predecessor had taken just hours before he resigned and had to be replaced he basically says that dialogue seems to be the only way there are a few differences that has turned up in his speech between what he wants and what the military council wants and what the political parties under the umbrella of the
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declaration for freedom and change movement want they are saying that they want the declination of freedom and change movement wants a four year transitional period they do not want anybody from the military to be part of the transitional government and they don't want anybody from the previous regime now what we've heard from the minute the head of the military council. saying that the transitional period would be only two years which is two years less than what the freedom of over the declaration of freedom and change movement want so obviously the only way forward now is for the two sides to sit down it's not clear yet when that would happen if they would sit down adrian but at the moment there seems to be a little bit of a difference between the two desires of the two camps how do the people protesting and indeed these political parties this umbrella group the sudan professionals association feel about. the guy who's now in charge one of the problems with his predecessor who is only in post for twenty four hours of words that people felt
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that he had too many links to the regime of omar bashir. does not is not known at least to have a political affiliation and he doesn't seem to have the same number of skeletons in his closet. like his two predecessors president bashir and our did know of both who are accused of work crimes in the western region of darfur he is known to have been involved in the sudanese participation and decided that coalition the work in yemen but that's up to the political parties some of them had voiced support for this participation while others have voiced their rejection an objection to parse participation in the war so we're going to have to wait and see what's kind of dialogue they have and if people are happy with that what we do know however is that the sudanese professional association that has been spearheading the calls for
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protests not just for the past six days but for the past four months made it very clear that they want to continue the protest they want the people who have been listening to their calls for demonstrations and for the sit in in front of army headquarters around the country they want those people to continue and they're saying that they have their march and their battle is far from over they have i have one more question which i'll put to you in just a moment but first let's listen to. one of that group of opposition leaders that we were telling you about who held a press conference which is still going on actually. reiterating their calls for a civilian government a spokesman for the baath party so that they're about to have meetings with military leaders. workers the army together with the people have been victims to those people cloaked as good virtuous men it is the juicy and responsibility of the armed forces to protect the people and enforce the rule of law the armed forces men who have fallen have done their best in alstom dictatorship and establishing
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a civil state we and all the opposition parties refused to hand over power to the military we want a totally civil leadership so it seems the military is moving ahead with its promises it's beginning to try at least to build trust with these groups it's already holding meetings with these political groupings. well yes adrian it seems like the call for dialogue is being heard from both sides both sides wanting to sit down with each other and to talk to each other to try to come out with a list of names of members of the transitional council now the question will be what are they going to agree on as we've heard from the from the declaration of freedom and change movement and they don't want people from the previous former ruling party and from the previous regime they don't want people from the military to be involved in the transitional period it's very hard to see the military council saying that you know we're going to step back and we're going to let you
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run the show they've already made it clear that they will be taking care of the security and order in the country so obviously will have some kind of involvement in the way the country is being run how deep that involvement goes is yet to be seen they are going to have we're going to have to wait and see them as they discuss and try to form a list of names for the transitional council but at the moment it seems like they are on the road to dialogue. here but maybe things did. live in the courtroom. let's move on to other news forces fighting for control of libya's capital of launched new air strikes planes from warlord probably thought after our side attacked a government building on the outskirts of tripoli no casualties were reported meanwhile forces from the un backed government targeted positions south of. the town is believed to be a base for half past military operations fighting has been going on now for more than a week more than a thousand people gathered in tripoli on friday to denounce half hours of offensive
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protesters say they'll return every week until afghan forces withdraw are serious about what up to what was with the protesters. they chant again is to one man the world a lot of the khalifa haftar. seen by his supporters in the east of libya as a hero but here in the west as a world criminal. hefted is a replica of the former dictator. he has a message to the foreign powers supporting him we don't want to be more dictatorship we have many years over dictatorship and i want two thirds of the international to help both. freedom lovers. we want. to have democracy we want to. look at the government have to his forces started a military campaign sold of tripoli on april fourth since then forces allied with
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the u n backed government have been striving to recapture a strategic locations including disused airports. the protesters feared what would happen if have to his forces into tripoli. wants an army but not an army that kills civilians and destroys infrastructure all the protesters here in the square are normal civilians they're not i saw or part of him. the extremist organization of dozens of people have been killed since forces loyal to the world a lot of hell if there have long said a military campaign a week ago to take control of their capital tripoli libyans here say they will continue their protest every friday until have their his forces moved back to the east. after warplanes have been targeting several locations in and around tripoli including my eighty gig airport the only operational airport
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in the city the government accuses have to his forces of using heavy weapons in populated areas indiscriminate shelling has killed many civilians and forces thousands to leave their homes the protesters oppose these tabulation meant over another totally tarion region. the worry that if have their takes control of tripoli they will be silenced without. tripoli. he is the director of the tripoli based think tank the shadegg institute he says that after is likely to rely increasingly on his our force. in terms of his ground forces very ineffective force and so the good answer to a war of attrition you know they're taken is that in reality takes years and that was the case and. and so i think to the uk there are times that it is his primary
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military doctors the u.a.e. egypt the. bronx who are in a superior military planning gathering and the u.a.e. really has the firepower and. that gave him that kind of strategic and that's an advantage and. which allows him you know is the city but i think to be left in ruins and that's the concern that in tripoli where two thirds of the population of libya live many of the hundred thousand from the tens of thousands from. out there you know effectively displaced residents that city in the last wars that you thought and dozens of seeing and seventeen so you're looking at almost three million people towards western libya now that's almost two thirds of the population of libya. and that could be a massive massive kind of you know how to take a golf. this time yesterday we were telling you about that storm in the u.s. that has everything but the kitchen sink spring weather a rip mckelway is here to tell us more yes likely the violence this weather isn't always in the same place year in year and at the moment look it's just to pick up
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on what was being said yes they were in lubbock in texas in west texas they see this one winding circle here and that's the sharp line that's a cold front upon which you get some violent wind shifts now it wasn't so much the violence is persistence of new mexico into west texas this is just outside lubbock and this is the result of accidents caused by almost blinding dust picked up by winds in excess of one hundred sixty kilometers per hour now it's usually on the shop on this you can sort of sudden pick up of the wind and you can see the shot was that line the cold front has dispersed which would suggest the edges been dispersed over a bigger are indeed in the spring although you do get these cold patches where risto falls it's what comes up from the sides from the gulf of mexico that tends to make the difference and that's what drove the moment this thing is returning is a warm front it's warm moist air that will be
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a big thunderstorms indeed that's already happened we saw in east texas and arkansas earlier just before dorm this sort of thing building and it's going to be the next few hours that running up in this general direction significant thunderstorms a likely however as i say i think it's dispersing not still there is still cold enough to snow for example up in new york state. many thanks indeed this is the news hour from our series still to come the u.s. president wants to send migrants to cities controlled by his political opponents will tell you why. i'm restless and what was once known as iraq's revolution city will tell you why many say they're losing trust in their politicians and in the sport the record breaking bad when ride today history with the final race out of final victory. isn't a problem for your candidate they really don't have a hell of
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a question mark over him but he does have a corruption question mark over it doesn't look good for the image the article is not going to do and we will probably not knowing about it what are you saying the real you get why there's a lot of disillusionment with the u.n. across the globe these five that it's called for all of the breaks doesn't build confidence it breaks will join me may the house on up front of my guests from around the world take the hot seat and we debate the week's top stories and big issues here on al-jazeera. examining the headlines setting the discussions a warning from air bus over the risks of a no deal breaker sharing class and all stories with a global audience you have your own intelligence network on the ground to tell you where to go and don't go explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform motivate and inspire presuming people are truly afraid their well is watching on al-jazeera.
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it is good to have you with us holloway for him from going to hear. the news on al-jazeera the headlines. this new military ruler has just said that he will lift the curfew imposed on thursday and release political prisoners he also invited all political parties for dialogue but another high profile figure in sudan has stepped down following thursday's military coup the intelligence chief is the latest person to hand in his resignation he follows the head of the international of the military transitional council to resign less than twenty four hours ago making way for general abdul fatah to take over the leadership. stay with us we've been saying the
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new head of the military transitional council made an address on sudanese television just a short time ago we took it live here on al-jazeera abdul fatah behind called on the people to help with the political situation and announce some changes to the emergency situation. in order to provide an atmosphere for your desire to establish a state we declare that the curfew be lifted all detained under martial law will immediately be released human rights will be reinforced in line with international laws the provincial rulers will be relieved of duty and an invitation will be given to all the people political parties and organizations to engage in dialogue a ceasefire will be enforced across the country and we invite those carrying arms to lay them down sit at the negotiation table and agree to peaceful coexistence syria says that israel launched an air strike on a military academy which has injured at least three soldiers several buildings were destroyed in the town of massey off in
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a province local media say that syrian air defenses shot down some of the missiles for e.u. nations have agreed to take in sixty four refugees and migrants who were rescued off the coast of libya ten days ago they had been stranded on a rescue vessel there malta with conditions getting worse by the day they've now been taken to pause and will eventually be relocated to germany france portugal and . francois is a professor of environmental geopolitics migration dynamics at the paris since to choose a political studies he says that europe is failing to address the migration issue. as long as there is nobody consideration at the european level this praises will continue. a few months ago almost a year ago last june each was decided to have permanent humanitarian these are blocked from but these platforms they've never seen the daylight and therefore this means that this will continue and this will continue to be also exploited by police
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been extremely east in europe but this is due to continuing to future especially know that string is coming and that the mobile boards will continue to christening last week the u.n. secretary general antonio the terrorist was in libya and was the gate you know in saying the at bowling condition of the jails and santos was that. clearly libya right now is not a safe place for migrants and as atoms he goes and therefore they will continue to attend to cross thing i think what needs to happen is degree short of humanitarian agency for us i know. this by gaining us to stop getting ready to deploy in regulations does not walk this issue of us item needs to be dealt at the european level so that we donate to these relation issues apne on a boat with people stranded in appalling conditions to meet the first thing to do is to create safe and legal routes agro the media and so that people don't have to
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risk their lives on boats anymore and to to create a european for us item so that the people can be relocated you know long term fashion odland is breathing a sigh of relief at the prospect of a no deal breaks it seems to be ruled out at least for the time being but the country remains weren't any sort of breaks it would be. very damaging to the irish economy most at risk is the huge agricultural sector i'm serious lawrence lee explains. between them this herd of seventy cows produces harf a million liters of milk every year and a full third of that is drunk in britain it's true of an across the border to northern ireland's just over that hill but lorcan is a worried man a brick sits without a trade deal especially with new boarders would put his entire business on the line but on certain days they're all the time because like i'm completely dependent on the meat from these cars and laid off the product is made for my meat talkee to
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forty percent of that ends up in the u.k. so of course i more eat course i'm worried it isn't just milk nearly a third of all beef consumed in britain is irish even more cheese and butter talk about trade deals and borders can sound confusing here it's about what goes into people's mouths the cheese on the pizza was made here in the republic of ireland the cheese was then driven across the border into the u.k. where the pizza was manufactured and is then sold across both countries years of an open border have led to this complex web of food production and distribution to the benefits of both republic of ireland and the u.k. and it's one which farmers here believe would be entirely jeopardized by no deal bricks it. deals between islands in the u.k. are worth a full six billion dollars a year hardly surprising island is worried when break says it was for supporters of
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by the u.k. people to leave europe there was two requirements for. be there beef and dairy one was that we wouldn't have a bar but the second was that our straight or the ship would remain status quo and there is a grid to a greater degree of uncertainty about that today as there was twelve or eighteen months ago during the bricks and referendum concerns of irish farmers counted for zero but maybe they should have massive more no bricks it deal no food from ireland could make british people go hungry if a hard border went up there would be food shortages in the u.k. there would be a lack of beef products because they rely on irish beef the price of beef what escalation so far that your average person in the u.k. simply will be able to afford if we can avoid that hopefully we will avoid those that point is entirely lost in the brics a debate in london where politicians seem entirely unconcerned about the impact on islands of the u.k. leaving the european union and hopes the prospects of empty supermarket shelves
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might focus some minds gloriously al-jazeera on the irish border. protesters from the yellow vest movements are rallying again across france to mounting social economic reforms the twenty second consecutive weekend of demonstrations and these are pictures from the city of toulouse which has been dubbed the national capital of yellow vests for this saturday protests are also taking place in paris must say and lille it's the first time the demonstrations are taking place since the anti rioting law came into effect on thursday the movement prompted president emmanuel mccraw to open a national debate in january tens of thousands of indonesians attended presidential campaign rallies ahead of next week's general election president joker with supporters filled a stadium in central jakarta his main rival the former special forces command the rebel began to held his final rally on friday more than one hundred ninety million
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people eligible to vote on wednesday india is marking the one hundredth anniversary of an attack considered to be one of the worst atrocities committed on the british colonial rule the british high commissioner to india was among those who paid homage to the victims of the massacre it happened in the northern city of where british soldiers opened fire on thousands of civilians earlier this week britain's prime minister to resign may expressed regret but stopped short of full apology. rescue teams in brazil are searching for survivors after two condemned buildings collapsed in rio de janeiro killing at least seven people thirteen others are missing neighboring buildings have been evacuated the five story buildings were in the area controlled by illegal militias and did not have permits former rebels belonging to ethiopia's national liberation front are going through rehab rehabilitation after recently returning to the country from neighboring bases the
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reintegration process forms part of a peace deal reached with the federal government zeros mohammed reports now from the eastern city of gigo. these men are formal fighters for the ogaden national liberation front which has with the three decade conflict in east and if you appear. the group recently signed a peace deal with a few pink covenant. up to two thousand fighters have now this armed and up preparing for integration into society. and i am happy that the people of this region are finally united our presence here doesn't mean we have relinquished our objectives and demands we have just chosen to seek our rights peacefully. at the end of their training here at the regional capital the formidable somehow of a choice between returning to civilian life or joining the regional off a draw security force one hundred i will believe then i had the us we are giving
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them listens to help them reintegrate what happens from now on depends on the choices. for almost thirty years the or get in region of eastern ethiopia has been the epicenter of a bid to separatist a war that pitted impoverished nomads against one of the biggest m is in africa. formed in one thousand nine hundred four the organ in national liberation front or n.l.f. as it's known here had been fighting for the rights of ethnic somalis living in history through a pia to self-determination including the option of a session. in two thousand seventy three zero pm forces which the large scale offensive against the group of states fighters attacked a chinese run oil facility in the region killing seventy four people they feel pm parliament just a few months ago removed the good and national liberation front from its list of banned organizations a spot of prime minister ahmed programme of political reforms the prime minister
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who took power last april is presiding over a push to shake this nation of one hundred million people from decades of security upset rule. it's the o.p.'s breck nick diplomatic full with a trail since last year also helped transform a train government from a chief sponsor. to a mediator. the group's leadership is now walking on time to get into a political party with the hope of taking part in the elections next year so we have to bring unity among all people we have to bring it. we have to believe in solutions we don't have incisions they're both there's a lot of you know culture of corruption culture of intimidation we have to make these it through a democratic area the region the oil in contains fault billion cubic feet of oil deposits according to the government about how the on the hunt on him how could he go with peace now achieved the next step can only be taking advantage of the god
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given resources in our region to develop our people economically we have resources not available in other parts of ethiopia a chinese farmhouse completed walk on two gas fields in the ogaden region. last month ethiopia signed an agreement with djibouti to have a pipeline constructed to export the gaza through ports in djibouti it will be a while though before three appeared joins the league of oil producing countries as the pipeline could take at least two years to complete. meanwhile ethiopian government says it's prevented attacks planned by the somali based on group al-shabaab the attorney general says the plotters who were targeting the public have now been arrested separately he announced that fifty nine people including members of ethiopia's armed forces have been detained on suspicion of corruption. it was previously known as revolutions city but today said our city is one of the poorest and most a gleg to districts.


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