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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 14, 2019 1:00am-1:34am +03

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for control of libya's capital have launched new airstrikes. planes from the wall or telephone have to decide to attack the town of lyons are southeast of tripoli a school and refugee center were hit but no casualties have been reported another strike hit a government building on the outskirts of the capital meanwhile forces from the un backed government targeted positions forgot the town is believed to be a base for half the us military operations fighting has been going on for more than a week. still to come for you here on al-jazeera indonesia's election campaign heats up as it enters the last few days. and restless in what was once known as iraq's revolution city tell you tell you what many say they're losing trust in the politicians.
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had of the flooding spring rains have started thereabouts repeat themselves was a bit of a mess from the satellite picture point of view it has been concentrated rain particularly in ground zero the rains of proved fatal recently because of the flash flooding and as i say the potential for more the same is there this is the green the heaviest rain moving sags leaving hong kong with probably a dry they were having dropped the rain overnight of course it funnels down through mountain passes knots where you have the problem is going to humid day if a drying day throughout southern china during monday start the end of it there that the rains to the west are showing increasing interest in the form of big showers in northeastern india and bangladesh and this cloud that's just coming to pakistan has already produced some right and there's probably some more to come if not on sunday than probably on monday in pakistan afghanistan maybe just touching the far west of india as well it's raining at the moment in many of the gulf states east side you
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can see as him to the curl here this rain occasionally sundries going to carry on the day but it will drift slowly south and east was leaving only on sunday a man with potential where this sonar could see some pretty good thunderstorms. as protests over welfare cuts exploded nicaragua's from trying government launched a brutal clampdown. now after a year of deaths detentions and political suppression crisis negotiations are underway. but could the dark days a civil war still retire. people in power investigates the frontline nicaragua on al jazeera.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera my name's piece of these are your top stories sudan's new military ruler has just said he will lift the curfew imposed on thursday and release all political prisoners he also invited all political parties for a dialogue. live pictures coming to us as a new palestinian government being sworn in mohamad chatah will become the first fatah party member to take up the role of prime minister in a decade he was appointed to the role by the palestinian president and fatter but what about us. and forces fighting for control of libya's capital of launching u.s. strikes planes from the u.s. backed government targeted forces loyal to the warlord after after us forces bombed
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targets on the outskirts of the capital tripoli. several politicians in the u.s. have condemned president donald trump after he tweeted a video containing footage of nine eleven designed to attack a muslim congresswoman. the video features edited sections of a speech obama made on civil rights for muslims in the u.s. . yes sometime later the speech has been overlaid with footage of the nine eleven attacks which we here have decided not to broadcast the videos being shared on social media to suggest the congresswoman was playing down nine eleven in response some condemned mr trump's tweet and accused him of islamophobia in the video mr trump tweeted it is looped repeatedly saying some people did something the actual quote from her speech goes like this for far too long we've lived with the discomfort of being a second class citizen and frankly i'm tired of it and every single muslim in this country should be tired of it care was founded after nine eleven because they
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recognize that some people did something and that all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties. has more now from washington. representative omar made the comments at a luncheon hosted by the council on american islamic relations and in her twenty minute speech the message was that u.s. muslims have the right to stand up against discrimination and if you listen to her full sentence in which that nine eleven comment is embedded she said that cair was founded after founded after nine eleven because they recognize that some people did something and that all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties so the president by choosing to quote just four words of the sentence obviously leaves out the bigger context of this being a statement concerning the civil rights of u.s.
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muslims however some members of trump space this stuff up it was just a week ago that a man from new york who is a valid supporter was arrested by f.b.i. agents because he called omar's office threatening to quote put a bullet in her skull omar is of course the first somali american elected to congress she's the first woman to wear her job on the congressional floor and that has really put her under a glaring spotlight scrutinized for her every action and word and she has in the past put her foot in her mouth when it came to criticizing the influence of israel in american politics she was accused of playing into anti semitic tropes and those statements but her political supporters fellow progressives have again come to her defense calling her a leader with strength and courage and calling on other members of congress to
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denounce the president's latest attack. forty you countries have agreed to take sixty four refugees and migrants rescued off the coast of libya ten days ago they had been stranded on a rescue vessel near malta with conditions getting worse by the day they've now been taken to port and will eventually be relocated to germany france portugal and luxembourg francois argument is a professor of environmental geopolitics and migration dynamics at the paris institute of political studies he says europe is failing to address the migration issue. as long as there is no political solution and you have been leveled this prices will continue. as a few months ago it was a year ago last you need was decided to have famine and humanitarian these indications left for them but these platforms they've never seen the daylight and therefore this means that this will continue and this will continue to build so exploited by for really an extremist in iraq but this is doomed to continuing to
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future as spatially know that string is coming and that both can be most will continue to christening last week the u.s. secretary general antonio de paris was in libya and was again you know seeing the absolutely condition of the j of and and sense of self that that and seekers of clearly live right know is not a safe place for migrants and that that is the cause and therefore they will continue to act in the press i think what needs to happen is the creation of a humanitarian agency for one side of. this by getting us to stuff clearly the debate regulations does not walk this issue of asylum needs to be dealt as you have been level so that we donate these relation issues apennine to both with people stranded in opposing conditions to me the first thing to do is to create a safe and legal route as resume their end so that the people don't have to risk their lives on both anymore and to create
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a european sea for asylum so that the people can be relocated in front of fashion. hundreds of thousands of the news ins have turned out in the capital jakarta for the final day of campaigning before the elections on weapons day there were supporters of the presidential call widodo who in a repeat of the twenty fourteen election is running against the former army general probably. from jakarta. after six months indonesia's election campaign came to a large colorful end in jakarta on the final day that campaigning was allowed hundreds of thousands streamed into the last rally for president djoko widodo the man they called is running for a second five year term in office. he has brought equal development all around indonesia in villages in remote areas like other presidents wouldn't bother to visit she pays attention he is a brave man and also are. can can. still many good
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things like infrastructure that. we need for our lives today for the future of the reli was held inside a stadium named after indonesia's first president sukarno joko widodo became the seventh in two thousand and fourteen and was greeted like a rock star as he campaigned to stay in the job. but. the young the woman and the man real make sure that our lives are better than today in five years time. when stays election will be one of the largest displays of democracy in the world this will be the first time that the presidential vote will be held on the same day as elections the seats in the house of representatives the huge crowd here is an example of how big and complex the democratic process is in indonesia and there are more than one hundred ninety million eligible voters and on wednesday most will go
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to one of eight hundred thousand polling stations around the country. the other choice for president is probable subiaco who was beaten. in a close race in the two thousand and fourteen vote he's trailed in most polls during this campaign but it's close the gap in recent weeks. there are still a few days until the election hopefully we can easily overtake the other candidate ladies and gentlemen together we will realize a fair and prosperous indonesia. both candidates have talked about uniting a country that's becoming increasingly divided along conservative and moderate religious lines if it's a close race and the result is disputed those lines may be further exposed and the celebrate every mood of the campaign might be quickly forgotten. jakarta rescue teams in brazil are searching for survivors after two condemned buildings collapsed in rio de janeiro killing at least seven people thirteen others are missing neighboring buildings have been evacuated the five story buildings were in
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an area controlled by illegal militias and didn't have any permits the militias make huge profits stealing land and selling it for construction projects. former rebels blowing through ethiopia is a good and national liberation front to going through a rehabilitation process after recently returning to the country from neighboring bases that we integration as part of a peace deal reached with the federal government reports from the eastern city of chickenshit are. these men are former fighters for the ogaden national liberation front which has with the three decade conflict in eastern ethiopia. the group recently signed a peace deal with a few pink of them and. up to two thousand fighters have now despond and are preparing for integration into society. and i am happy that the people of this region are finally united our presence here doesn't mean we have relinquished our
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objectives and demands we have just chosen to seek our rights peacefully. at the end of their training here at the regional capital the formidable some have a choice between returning to civilian life or joining the regional off a draw security force one hundred i or below then. we are given them listens to help them reintegrate what happens from now on depends on their choices. for almost thirty years the orbit and region of eastern ethiopia has been the epicenter of a bitter separatist war that pitted impoverished nomads against one of the biggest m is in africa. formed in one thousand nine hundred four that got in national liberation front or n.l.f. as it's known here had been fighting for the rights of ethnic somalis living in this twenty three appear to self-determination including the option of a session. in two thousand seventy three zero pm forces which the large scale offensive against the group of states fighters attacked the chinese run oil
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facility in the region killing seventy four people they theo pm parliament just a few months ago removed the good and national liberation front from its list of by . a spot of prime minister program of political reforms the prime minister who took power last fall is presiding over a push to shake this notion of one hundred million people from decades of security to obsessed rule ah it's u.p.s. breck nick diplomatic soul with arrival at a trail since last year also helped transform a train government from a chief sponsor in the fight is to a mediator with the group's leadership is now walking montanna get into a political party with the hope of taking part in the elections next year so have to bring unity among all people who have to bring a justice of the bill in solutions we don't have incisions at all the old both
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there's a lot of you know culture of corruption culture of intimidation we have to make these it through a democratic area the region the oil enough in contains four trillion cubic feet of gas and oil deposits according to the government about how the on the hunt on him how can he go with peace now achieved the next step can only be taking advantage of the god given resources in our region to develop our people economically we have resources not available in other parts of ethiopia. a chinese farm was completed walk on two gas fields in the organ region. last month ethiopia signed an agreement with djibouti to have a pipeline constructed to export the gaza through ports in djibouti it will be a while though before the appear joins the league of oil producing countries as the pipeline could take at least two years to complete. dicta. it was previously known as revolution city but today sad city is one of the poorest and most neglected districts in the iraqi capital baghdad nearly half
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a million people live there and most of them are shia and as dosage bari reports they blame politicians for failing to improve their lives. fatima and our ten year old twins they were just four when their father died from a stroke their mother mona abdel kadima is left to provide for them and three siblings they rent their home which was built illegally for about ninety dollars a month that we do it doesn't have a job and barely leaves her home because of her conservative religious beliefs she receives no help from the government so she relies on charity handouts. i only ask for help to buy me a house to live in i live in rental i have no income and i can't leave my neighborhood and live away i depend on charity from other people in the neighborhood because she was widowed she should receive government benefits but doesn't following the fall of president saddam hussein saw their city was renamed
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in honor of the former prominent shia cleric mohammed saeed that all saw other. it's long been predominantly a shia neighborhood and home to the southers movement now a political party it's led by most other of souther the son of the late cleric the city was a launch pad for attacks against american forces after their invasion in two thousand and three since then infrastructure has crumbled further. one hundred fifty thousand people live here in tahrir neighborhood within saw that are city but there are no security forces to guard them there's only one clinic for doctors and schools are so overcrowded children attend in shifts this is what an average classroom here looks like with more than forty students crammed in for english lessons teachers say they're overwhelmed they want the government to listen to their appeal for help and pay more attention to these along the galactic area officials say they're doing their best to deal with all the shortcomings here but
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years of war have taken their toll. people have been forced to move on after gangs and desperate about their miserable situation across the growing slums every election politicians approach the poor and promise improved services and then they do nothing but it has become a state of limbo. fatima wants to become a lawyer and her sister a police officer they make their way to school with their older sister through appalls of rubbish sewage with signs of neglect all around many here rely on their religious beliefs to help them survive. souther city back that. this is al jazeera these are the top stories the new head of sudan's transitional military council says he wants to find a path forward for his country's future in the last general abdul fatah board
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promised a civilian government would be established within two years sudan has seen forty eight hours of political upheaval after the military removed a long time president obama bashir on thursday. in order to provide an atmosphere for your desire to establish a state we declare that the curfew be lifted all detained under martial law will immediately be released human rights will be reinforced in line with international laws the provincial rulers will be relieved of duty and an invitation will be given to all the people political parties and organizations to engage in dialogue a ceasefire will be enforced across the country and we invite those carrying arms to lay them down sit at the negotiation table and agree to peaceful coexistence palestine's new government has been sworn into office in the last mohamad chatah has become the first fatah party member to take up the role of prime minister in a decade he was appointed to the role by the palestinian president. mahmoud abbas
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critics including fattal's rival how must have accused us of a power grab. forces fighting for control of libya's capital of launching u.s. strikes planes from the warlord holy for haftorah site hit a school and refugee center southeast of tripoli but there are no reports of any casualties forces from the un backed government targeted positions held by half the responses south of the capital for you countries have agreed to take sixty four refugees and migrants rescued off the coast of libya ten days ago they've been stranded on a rescue vessel in the a multi with conditions getting worse by the day they've been taken to port and will eventually be relocated to germany france portugal as well as luxembourg protesters from the yellow best movement are rallying across france demanding social and economic reforms in the twenty second consecutive weekend of demonstrations. those are your headlines up
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next people in power thirty minutes. you know april twenty eighth protests against pension reform plans in the correct europe grew into a widespread under government the country some to mr regime under president dunoon will take a crack down over the following year hundreds were killed thousands more were exiled or detained independent media was suppressed as negotiations to resolve the crisis finally got underway we went to investigate.
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two thousand and nineteen. forty years after an insurgency overthrew a us supported dictatorship sending nice to supporters gathered to pay homage to the man at the home their socialist revolution was named. how would a sunday know who was betrayed and killed in one thousand thirty feet up to defeating a u.s. invasion. but in one nine hundred seventy nine the movement piece by it fought and won a civil war and current president that in our data came into power for the first time
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. on it. yet. over the four decades since this and the nice to have been voted in and out of government but in two thousand and seven or if they are returned to the office he still holds today now but if they get up ministration makes the stench a crisis of itself i was saved by claims of savage repression human rights abuses and the ledge to murder disappearance of thousands of opponents because i was once again under u.s. sanctions and once again it's being called the police state. we've come to find out why. that crisis began in april two thousand and one must cultists against a penchant for. untold white spread anti-government i.
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response was swift and i international n.g.o.s claimed that one thousand five hundred people were disappeared each one thousand exiled and eight hundred detained as political prisoners un investigators tried to find out more but were asked to leave the country. those investigated. by the gun jump all jimmy around about one university students joins the pension reform hope. they were first attacked by a masked man and then. by. the demonstrate this was killed and hundreds wounded single bloody day. courting the severely restrict it and make out its now demonstrate against the government. even waving a national flag in public could send you to jail. facing international condemnation
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the government has struggled to. loans faces a deep crisis. as an opportunity to address. thanks. thanks thanks thanks. look in the film a little. here it was said i don't well model and read all that are you know most of the time it was rather disappointed to learn just. as general cornum wanted to pull. up or someone who thought
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thanks i thought. it was great. thanks to the teacher. to tell us journalists. i must be a good thing i had changed the editors of the country's only twenty four hour news network independently for the newspaper and online sites have been forced into high it works out i disciplined rather cold to. electric for justice for those fields protests. forty years ago when i was crowning years of underground armed resistance to the bloody some more something pay to ship. the you. know how tall was one of those volunteered to fight for the
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revolution in its war against the us finest guerillas had bled the country for a decade yet it was a tin. can remembers meeting fellow revolutionaries in this old colonial house in the city of leon. students protesting against the sunday mr government ceased it in two thousand and eighteen. the house was burned down in the region. mr limit the damage over whether. to one of those up in the year the fourth of the . act. you are. more monday look when you're more. yes but up in any other you know the you know the good stuff. has kept he's also to forget of military service in his car since the recent
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troubles began he's hoping we prove he's published in recruiting stations stopped by the police. another day another car journey this time we're going on to find victims of the recent violence there were several readers in mind who drove a few miles away from the capital to meet one of the student be this still not hiding that the government wanted to arrest. a little and. to walk up and down. and up all these very you know or i wonder how you know i'll. open on this one down the hall last hour or. so i thought i don't know if that's going to hold up at the end i
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think you know i think i'll have a long rest there. paramilitaries loyal to a bigger surrounded the students set up barricades. and. suddenly people i've got. to get. along. they're looking much back. to quote i like our. them off or put up with. someone they don't.
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know what i mean it's either. them for us to look at both of us to either. way one will defend their. lives here by. water. being in them or maybe. but they're both about. messed up by this deal and i would do it for myself if they took over the water. where i've been by this the young. the both the mother but what are all. human rights organizations like amnesty international say that that's in some cases of torture and sexual abuse and i was attention so. we went
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to nine university campus. its gates were now guarded by the government twenty four. this is the more they know when you have seen so many women that i. think the same thing you know how to make sure that you. know when you are going to see. this and the nice to student leader he's now in charge of deciding which students are allowed to enter to come because he claimed that the revolt means. dr you can paint breaking news. out of this i thought they were pretty impressed but i don't know if i you've seen through the little infant the mantle the lawyer you know who would be nice. but the momentum also loaded up with a lot of it's if i just met you and. i don't know what the whole
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get on the scene i don't know how to see that but. what you got all of you for. giving me. that though is if the nancy i'm in. a month and the only way to see her in rome. then say they look pretty metal in front that. if they meant they like that they don't play by the bag but i hate the mathematical but. then read only that yeah but i mean michael money on the human rights violations committed by paramilitary forces in the protests are not part of the ongoing negotiations with the opposition. yet they were at the core of the political crisis the former revolutionary we begin in with mitt. took us to see a church close to the university. for the scars of conflict. this
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is this is this is there let them in the way out of the side. of the back if it doesn't get in but. you know boy that just on the phone you know but it will be a key gatefold frank is that only it's yes in the local in the blood and he got out a seven year old to get a gun for him in general the public got a right to be here because if you listen come forward. yet or. not. the priest of this parish has since taken refuge in court that week the damage caused by the assault had been left untouched. as a memory to those. two students are free to you and that you and attack don't matter here and i am.


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