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tv   Boko Haram  Al Jazeera  April 14, 2019 4:00am-5:00am +03

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is a very interesting figure she has been she has self has been the subject of criticism and political attacks for comments that she has unequivocally apologized for is there any kind of agreement or consensus there in washington about how to how to treat these attacks on. well it's a very sensitive subject when you when it comes to nine eleven and that what when it comes to israel which is the other of her comments that she has been criticized for beef in the past americans have a sore spot when it comes to both of those subjects and it's something that the president has very cleanly keenly zoned in on because the fact of the matter is although there has been quite widespread condemnation of this twitter video from donald trump on the other hand this is something that some portions of his base simply eat up and the progressives who are defending omar say this is dangerous for
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the president to be in a way inciting more of the anger and hatred toward omar and other muslims in the u.s. in fact just a week ago there was a man in new york who isn't a valid trump supporter who was arrested by f.b.i. agents after he called omar's office telling them that he wanted to quote put a bullet in her skull and also just to emphasize the point the message of the speech that she made it came just a week after the new zealand mosque shooting and so civil rights and urging her fellow muslim americans to stand up for their rights certainly was the message which was really bastardized in the tweet from donald trump thank you for the latest from washington heidi joe castro. so i have for you on this program another european immigration standoff has ended as four e.u.
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countries are going to take in migrants rescued at sea off libya my portland's great grandparents were sold with their ten children they were slaves on making a case for slavery reparations how the idea of compensating descendants of slaves is gaining momentum in the us. it's still raining in most countries around the adriatic it's pretty obvious and satellite pictures of the circulation is the rains being thrown up across the black sea through remain near to was ukraine as well and west the list just that is on my head is a lovely shaved active frontal system which is slowly pushing its way into our own the wind out of it's quite strong cold in london still on sunday a good deal of cloud in the sky as well or only just a little bit warmer in germany across permed as well the real want his words wet
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actually sixteen in rome sixty nine korea although to be honest it is better in madrid and it's largely sunny in most to spain and portugal never only from sunday to monday the rain he's very going in this general direction and we do see a draw or italy but it's too rainy in for example greece and probably the southwest to turkey which has recently seen fronting for pretty heavy downpours stew that circulations west of all hasn't made much progress but has brought some rain into the west of spain and some parts of portugal. that's right mediterranean apart from the clouds alert if you draw a picture temperature still held hard teens or low twenty's for most of north africa this here that's pushing up into egypt makes it halts to the sun but cools down current twenty two. russian military advisors in africa they're not officially representing the kremlin
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but working for a private security company russia claims they are helping bring peace but critics say it's a disguise for the expansion of russia's military influence talk to al-jazeera gains exclusive access to a russian military training camp in the central african republic. al-jazeera where ever you. can back just a quick look at the top stories sudanese protest leaders have held talks with the army for the first time since the former president a model bashir was toppled by cher was ousted on thursday but protests have
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continued on the military assuming temporary power. forces fighting for control of the libyan capital tripoli have launched as strikes southeast of the city a school and refuge refugee center were hit but no casualties have been reported and u.s. president donald trump is being criticized after he tweeted a video containing footage of a nine eleven and an attack on muslim congresswoman l. one of my. palestine's new government has been sworn into office well how much to tell you has become the first fatah official. in a decade to become prime minister he was appointed to the role by the palestinian president. mahmoud abbas critics including fatah is rival he must have accused of a power grab abraham has this update now from ramallah is the first official to be leading a government in over a decade since the split happened between the west bank and the gaza strip now
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we've heard from hamas officials in the gaza strip who said that his appointment is unconstitutional being a government that is led by five to a net to not to buy and national consensus like the past government however we spoke to analysts he had and who say that the main reason for changing the government has not much to do with the fact that and how massive division order conciliation efforts but mainly due to the growing criticism by the palestinian the palestinians heat in the streets of the west bank of the previous government we've seen part of the largest demonstrations in the west bank in the past few years because of social security though that was presented by the past government and it was deleted frozen so it seems that the has been paying a long price for governments that were led by technocrats and they wanted to take matters into their own hands and improve the daily lives of palestinians so hoping they can bridge the gap between the public and the palestinian authority i sill has
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claimed to have carried out a suicide bombing in pakistan on friday that killed twenty people the community which was the target of the attack is now calling on authorities to give them greater protection from all i do reports from the scene in the city of question. these flags involved a body in a place a. during the past five years an assault on cheers and cueto after friday's attack yet a fresh graves a new mood knows no violence and killing leaving law center. son was killed in a previous attack she say she's still waiting for justice and is here to show her solidarity with out there who are grieving and it's not solemn my eighteen year old son who is also targeted and killed like many others in our community but there is no justice in this country i wish no mother could go through this pain from which on passing her i think these killings should be stopped by now the community have.
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ordered. their morning from the government have to be given proper guidance. will not happen again. as well as her daughter she friday there also claimed the lives of others including sunni muslims the bombings have been linked to isis and a day to get dollar bond pakistan. their main target here in the provincial capital of baluchistan province and they say the government isn't doing enough chief of army staff if it did going down and promised to make line a dire situation better for he has a lot of people but unfortunately peace in sudan has none and why does this struggle what david mitchell to see had taken from the people that we are tired of these incidents for the last twenty years this year has or
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a community has been under constant threat how long are we going to be victims of these attacks like this on as long say the attackers are using bases in a promised dawn and it's deployed security forces to guard and fence the border and it's promising to bring those responsible to justice but that gives little solace for those who are grieving. quite upolu to start. india is marking the hundredth anniversary of an attack considered to be one of the worst atrocities committed under british colonial rule the british high commissioner to india the president of the main opposition and the prime minister narendra modi are all among those who pay homage to the victims of the massacre massacre became a symbol of colonial cruelty and for decades indians have demanded an apology from britain earlier this week the british prime minister to resign may expressed regret but stopped short of a full apology. a group of british politicians are calling for julian assange to
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face authorities in sweden before being extradited to the united states the wiki leaks founder is in u.k. custody after he was arrested on thursday at ecuador's london embassy songe originally sought asylum there in two thousand and twelve to avoid extradition to sweden swedish authorities are now considering whether to reopen an investigation into rape allegations against him songes also wanted in the u.s. for allegedly leaking government secrets in two thousand and ten protesters have clashed with police in albania during demonstrations calling for the government's resignation thousands of people rallied in the capital tehran of the opposition parties call for protests demonstrators want prime minister eddie rama and his government to step down over claims of corruption it's the ninth opposition organized protest in albania in three months meanwhile in serbia thousands of
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people have taken to the streets in the capital in a major protest against populist president. protest as a demanding more democracy and media freedom in the balkan country but pro-government media and officials are accusing the opposition of planning demonstrations and orchestrating violence in a blue such has more now from belgrade. several thousand people have gathered in the wrong parliament for more than i ever saw today in belgrade citizens and served in the position barred these are demanding during the press freedom and democratic elections there are demanding the resignation of certain president alexander and sudan prime minister on a bit of a beach today he's the biggest protest so far people had came from all over serbia to produce a piece in the protests meanwhile inside of the syrian parliament are demands of ruling serbian progressive party some of gen spend night inside the parliament to protected as they say from the violence to police inside of the building the
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leaders of syrian opposition parties are having their speech also serbian professors actors and others police said there are no incidents so far as they see there are approximately more than seven thousand people on the streets of belgrade. a group of migrants rescued off the coast of libya and kept at sea for ten days a finally disembarked in malta the sixty four migrants including children were brought to a port in valetta they were rescued by a german humanitarian vessel last week the ship was refused entry to italy and had since been stranded name malta and the maltese prime minister says that the migrants will eventually be relocated to germany france portugal and luxembourg now hundreds of thousands of indonesians have turned out in the capital jakarta for the final day of campaigning before wednesday's election it was a forces of president jerko a dodo who in
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a repeat of the twenty fourteen election is running against former army general. when he reports now from jakarta. after six months indonesia's election campaign came to a large colorful end in jakarta on the final day that campaigning was allowed hundreds of thousands streamed into the last rally for president joko widodo the man they call jacoby is running for a second five year term in office. he has brought equal development all around indonesia in villages in remote areas like other presidents wouldn't bother to visit his attention he is a brave man and also are. can can. still many good things like infrastructure that. we need for our lives today and for the future of the reli was held inside a stadium named after indonesia's first president sukarno joko widodo became the
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seventh in two thousand and fourteen and was greeted like a rock star as he campaigned to stay in the job. but i never heard of the young the woman and the man real make sure that our lives are better than today in five years time. when stays election will be one of the largest displays of democracy in the world this will be the first time that the presidential vote will be held on the same day as elections the seats in the house of representatives the huge crowd here is an example of how big and complex the democratic process is in indonesia and there are more than one hundred ninety million eligible voters and on wednesday most will go to one of eight hundred thousand polling stations around the country. the other choice for president is probable subiaco who was beaten in a close race in the two thousand and fourteen vote he's trailed in most polls during this campaign but has closed the gap in recent weeks i think nobody knows
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there are still a few days until the election hopefully we can easily overtake the other candidate ladies and gentlemen together we will realise. fair and prosperous indonesia. both candidates have talked about uniting a country that's becoming increasingly divided along conservative and moderate religious lines if it's a close race and the result is disputed those lines may be further exposed and the celebrate to remove the campaign might be quickly forgotten wayne hay al jazeera jakarta. well some news from brazil where rescue teams are searching for survivors after two condemned buildings collapse in rio de janeiro killing at least seven people thirteen others have believed to be missing neighboring buildings have been evacuated five storey buildings were in an area controlled by illegal militias and did not have permits. the possibility of making reparations to the ancestors of enslaved people is being actively discussed in the united states it's become an
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issue in the presidential race and now on college campuses as well al-jazeera is patty calling has the story from washington. short coloma is not your typical first year student at the prestigious georgetown university in washington d.c. and not because she's a few decades older than the typical student look at what my family did. look at what my family her family is the reason georgetown didn't go bankrupt one hundred eighty years ago robert and mary mullaney my four times great grandparents were sold with their ten children they were slaves owned by a roman catholic order the jesuits who ran the school and among the group of two hundred seventy two slaves that were sold by the school so it could continue to this day a couple of years ago georgetown officials apologized and offered the descendants of the slaves like cologne preferential treatment for admission to the school but
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now two thirds of the students have voted to do more they want to pay an additional twenty seven dollars and twenty cents every semester for a kind of reparations fund it's not just being talked about by students but several democratic candidates for president have endorsed a nationwide system some ideas improved education for african-american students or a bond given to children at birth that they can cash in when they are adults in an attempt to close the income gap we have to remember that slavery went from at least that what we're talking about it under the united states went from seven hundred seventy six to eight hundred sixty five so we're talking about eighty nine years so our in my opinion we have eighty nine years to fix it and we know that our wealth in order to close the wealth gap it would take two hundred twenty eight years and that would be everything being equal it would still take two hundred twenty years to close the wealth gap i think reparations can be a step still this is a controversial discussion but one that cologne believes needs to be talked about
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and to those who say this is history a part of the past days or so with thousands of years ago we still talk about him the fundraise about four. hundred thousand dollars a year the plan is to spend that money on charities to help that is where most of them live in louisiana and maryland the border regions though still has to approve it and it's not at all clear that they will decide that this should be the first of its kind reparations program in the country. al jazeera washington. well this is why you need to go for more on all the stories we're covering al-jazeera dot com is the address. just a brief look at top stories for you now sudanese protest leaders have held talks with the army for the first time since the former president a model bashir was toppled a share was ousted on thursday but protests have continued over the military
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seeming temporary power sudan's new military leader has lifted a nighttime curfew and has abolished the state of emergency but opposition parties of reiterated their call for further protests they want an immediate end to military rule. of the workers the army together with the people have been victims to those people cloaked as good virtuous men it is the juicy and responsibility of the armed forces to protect the people and enforce the rule of law the armed forces men who have fallen have done their best in alstom dictatorship and establishing a civil state we and all the opposition parties refused to hand over power to the military we want to totally civil leadership forces fighting for control of libya's capital have launched new u.s. strikes planes from all of her life after side attacked the town of aims are a southeast of tripoli a school and refugee center were hit but no casualties have been reported another strike at a government building on the outskirts of the capital. u.s.
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president donald trump is being criticized after he tweeted a video containing footage of nine eleven in an attack on muslim congresswoman ileana omagh video features edited sections of a speech made on civil rights for muslims in the u.s. some time later the speech was over it was footage of nine eleven attacks palestine as you government has been sworn into office mohamad chatah it has become the first fatah official in a decade to become prime minister it was appointed to the role by the palestinian president and fatah ally mahmoud abbas critics including fatah's rival hamas have accused of a power grab i still claims to have carried out a suicide bombing in pakistan on friday that killed twenty people attack happened in the southwestern city of quite a targeted members of the shia community dozens of people were injured in what police are calling the first sick tarion attack in months. well that brings you up to date with all of our top stories this hour there will be
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a bit more news later on i'll see for that in about half an hour's time but coming up next it's the listening post. bush arrested the founding of the wiki leaks website. with me back. when they played a not publisher. character swift action which sat on top of the tree thanks chad. hello i'm richard gives birth and you're at the listening post here are some of the media stories that we're covering this week out of the embassy and heading for the courts ecuador pulls the plug on julian assad
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what lies ahead for him and wiki leaks malaysia's one m.t.b. scandal is one of the world's biggest cases of government corruption it took a while but journalists finally got the story out and. who in khartoum after chance of a revolution go viral. when it comes to media personalities and stories about the news and journalism there are few that come bigger than julian assange and wiki leaks and this past week there have been developments after nearly seven years at the ecuadorian embassy in london a sand was dragged out of the building by british police in response to an extradition request from the united states a sanch stands charged with a conspiracy to commit computer intrusion we will be speaking with the wiki leaks editor christian robson in a few moments but first some details on the charges and the timing of julian assange just arrest. this arrest was
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a long time coming. for years julian assange said that washington was building a case against. working towards his extradition to the u.s. for publishing classified defense department documents on the wars in afghanistan and iraq. and state department documents and even the so-called diplomatic cables that exposed to the ugly side of american foreign policy this past week was proven wrong. however the indictment released by the u.s. department of justice does not as many putting charges under the espionage act for publishing classified information such a prosecution would have opened the door to criminal investigations of other news organizations including mainstream media outlets that published his material instead the d.o.j. has charged under the computer fraud and abuse and accusing him of proactively
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helping his source chelsea manning log in to the defense department computers to get the documents in question. regardless of which law u.s. authorities are charging essential press freedom advocates of war the criminalize ation of what essentially does stand accused of such as the use of encrypted messages concealing a source inside and using secure drop boxes all common reporting practices precedent setting implications for journalism in the u.s. and beyond. let's start with the context and the question why now given that ecuador took joining us in seven years ago does the decision to expel him from the embassy and probably place him at the mercy of the u.s. justice system simply come down to the fact that the president who initially gave him asylum rafael correa is no longer in power having been replaced by the new
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president lenin. that's exactly what happened in the the only change that was in this you know area was the. that there was a regime change in ecuador and a president came in that was willing to bow to the pressure willing to. curry favor with the trumpet ministration who had been reports that he in the new york times in december that he was willing to hand julian's arms over to the trumpet of inspiration in exchange for debt relief or favors at the i.m.f. so it didn't come as a surprise and therefore there has been increased pressure inside the it was an embassy in trying to force him out and it ended in this manner this week edward snowden was among the people who tweeted on this right away and he said images of ecuador us ambassador inviting the u.k. secret police into the embassy to drag the publisher of like it or not award winning journalism out of the building are going to end up in the history books and
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just critics may cheer but this is a dark moment for press freedom how do you see this president. i totally agree was no doubt on this it is a very dark day and it sets up presidents that is totally very dangerous for journalists publishers all around the world if you can actual. journalists who are third country the united states for publishing the truth. no journalist can be secure so this must be stopped this must be resisted in or money of this it has to unify journalists around this cause whatever they may think about julian sounds prosecutors allege that in march of two thousand and ten julian assange agreed to assist chelsea manning his source in cracking a password that would allow manning to get access to some of those classified u.s. defense department documents that would later be released through wiki leaks did that in fact happen and how problematic will that be for julian assange just case
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well his communication alerts communication between julian and jell jim bunning has been out in the open for years there is a reference here to an alleged communication between a journalist and a source and what is dragged forth there is a quote the union allegedly said to chelsea manning curious eyes never run dry and that is supposed to be a proof of conspiracy it's outrageous let's not forget the fact that chelsea manning was sentenced to thirty five years in prison. served seven years of that time she is now been hold back in two into prison for refusing to testify against a julian assange and wiki leaks so this is been the escalation we have children money in prison we also have julian assange is in prison so it's coming to. in this
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saga where a journalist a publisher and an editor is going to face press. for doing what journalists are supposed to be doing the charges in the us carry a maximum jail time of five years first of all do you take the u.s. justice department at its word on that no i mean there are two things to consider here first this is. there's a reference to hacking here and being reported in media conspiracy or hacking which is very strange depiction of this but secondly this is only a the tip of the iceberg because we are absolutely certain that this is only one of the charges that will be brought on you know sons and they will be added on more charges when he arrives if you arrives in united states in chains. it's it's specifically presented in this manner in our opinion to increase
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the likelihood that he will be extradited because people will say well it's only five years so many news outlets published material furnished to them by wiki leaks over your busiest period there were the afghan war logs the iraq war logs the u.s. diplomatic cables there was a feeding frenzy among mainstream media news organizations with that material the new york times for instance published wiki leaks material commodified it turned it into clicks profited from it and published an editorial yesterday in which it kind of sat on the fence whereas the guardian in the u.k. said extraditing a sanj is wrong the new york times sat on the fence and wrote a very carefully worded editorial on that what do you make of the way news outlets have covered this story this week. well they have been trying to play it very safe and it seems to me that the new york times or rather the tauriel. seem to be content to to fall on that plot to say well this is not charts it's for
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publication it's not charging for journalism but something totally different they are falling into buying the narrative of the trump administration which i think is just disgraceful we all know what this is about it's about the age of revelations of war crimes in iraq and afghanistan and that is what it's about the guardian changed his tune we have we have been very critical guardian and we have to take them to court for a libelous and fabricated story that printed on november twenty seven which was very dangerous one the one on the allegation that. poor man a ford had somehow secretly had a meeting in the ecuadorian embassy on three occasion which is everybody knows is a total fabrication they will not retracted written by luke harding written by look harding and on call ins of the with the help of a third party from ecuador actually so the guardian changed the tone and came to the right conclusion on this issue do you think julian assange can get
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a fair trial in the u.s. do you think get a fair extradition hearing in the u.k. which is more likely in your view. well if i would take into account the snarky comments by the judge last week about him being a narcissistic personality and what have you with was that it was totally outrageous so you don't have high hopes i had only what i do not have high hopes with in the u.k. court system with. trial in the united states it's totally impossible to have a fair trial is that if you consider the house words from high of officials throughout the years and now from members of the trump administration there is no chance that he was going to a fair trial there germy corbin the british opposition leader has come out and said flat out that the extradition of julian assange to the us for exposing evidence of atrocities in iraq and afghanistan should be opposed by the british government can
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u.k. politicians make a difference or is it too late for that. of course they can make a difference would it include for the reporter of for politicians to his cause and of they they have an effect of full on public opinion they might be even be in office when the when the when the this comes to. in the courts here of course they make a difference just in the same manner that. comments by politicians in the united states make it totally impossible for a fair trial there this case is about more than julian assange it's about the president and the children and they sat amongst other news organizations i'm wondering how effective wiki leaks can be with julian assange behind bars even with that even with the organization for ten years you're now an editor are you going to continue to publish information at the rate that you have been we have been of course restrained by the situation and you know as has been in for years but we have tried to work around it and we've had the ways and means to do that in the
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weeks and months would julian has been without any ability to communicate with the outside world except through lawyers and a couple of colleagues that go in so we believe we are able to work around it and we can we'll continue this work christian who robson thank you very much for joining us here at the listening post today thanks wayne last week malaysia's former prime minister najib razak went on trial over one of the biggest corruption scandals the world has ever seen the media shorthand for the case is one m.v.p. it involves a sovereign wealth fund by the same name that najib set up it lost billions almost seven hundred million dollars of which is alleged to have ended up in his own bank account the malaysian media are all over the story but it wasn't always that way under the jeeves government there were clear red lights that reporters and the news outlets they work for feared to cross and if not for a british journalist running
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a website out of london one business newspaper in kuala lumpur and a secret meeting that took. yes in singapore malaysians might not know about any of this listening post flow phillips now with the media back story behind the one and b.b. scanned. the big news coming up the former prime. right up to ross to talk also chargers this course of this trial and all the media attention around it was probably the last thing najib razak wanted. three years ago when he was still in power he tried to throw the media off the scent publicly requesting that all investigation into the one m.t.p. scandal be left to him rather than conduct a trial but. we must wait for the top of the investigation i don't think that there is the you know trial by the media there's no such thing as trial by media there's
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also no trial by the public i think it's an exaggerated charge how can you have the biggest trial ever in the nation history subject to a supremacy really but at the golden age it's ridiculous to stop the media from covering the world's biggest case of cryptography this case is a global corruption scandal involving the state development fund the jeep himself set up in two thousand and nine one malaysia development had one m d b under his watch the fund lost four point five billion dollars through shell companies and opaque transactions now being investigated across twelve countries six hundred eighty one million dollars of that according to u.s. prosecutors has been found in the jeeves personal bank account. if any wrong doing is found i can assure you that appropriate action will be taken against those
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responsible. three years later. it turns out in a jeep was the one responsible public anger against him and his party thrust the newly united opposition into power. and today najib is facing more than forty charges of money laundering bribery and abuse of power and the media both foreign and domestic are out in force and media in malaysia were prevented from reporting on it. and laws were in fact used to crack down on the media that reported or wanted to report on why and even so when the former prime minister is in this trial in a way is politically significant for the media that in the past was controlled could actually be seeing a new dawn and one that has a long record on high profile cases and also political issues despite the measures najib took to stifle reporting into one m.t.b.f.
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suspicious dealings the scandal was eventually broken by the media the first investigative piece was published in twenty thirteen by an online business portal called can a bit is now defunct examining whether one m d b was in fact a giant ponzi scheme. then the story was picked up by two outlets in particular a london based blog the sarawak report founded by journalist claire cassel brown and a kuala lumpur based business paper the edge that just wouldn't let the story. we start to bring a lot of stories asking a lot of questions about what has happened. so this was going on throughout really fourteen we came together in general or february of twenty fifteen where we connected with clare i constructed a deal whereby the age. obtained the material from savvy. who was a former director of the first joint venture partner with one m.t.p.
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it was an extraordinary cache of documents and information exposing an extraordinary crime keeney the edge free malaysia these outfits did a terrific job in disseminating what they could on one m.t.p. but they couldn't write about it in the way that i did because. they were injured jurisdiction that was controlled by not cheap. and that's crucial to how the rest of the story unfolded the sarawak report continued its investigations from london protected from the reaches of malaysian law for tat publisher at the edge as well as some of his colleagues it was a different story we were under a lot of pressure when you are writing a big expose it on the big financial scandal in the government owned company a company that was started by the prime minister at a time budget saw it was unprecedented it was not an easy environment to do to work
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under and we always knew that the media laws are such that the government can shut us down any time we did it eventually. the edge was shut down its sister site the malaysian insider was. blocked along with two others asia sentinel and media and journalists at the news site malaysiakini were arrested all for trying to cover one m.t.b. . the coverage highlighted something many malaysians already knew that the country's media landscape had a split running right through it while online publishers were leading the journalistic charge mainstream news outlets particularly those with close ties to the government were either unwilling or unable to touch the story. zine he has done was deputy editor of malaysia a government affiliated newspaper the close relationship between his paper and power meant certain red lines could not be crossed one mt be one of
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a small surprise that there were not much coverage. clearly quantrill through the quality of the. many laws. to control all the fired me use the work to shackle the freedoms of the media and that was part of pondered by what we saw as a rights in the number of cases of individuals whether you're a journalist your blogger your activist who came under the communications and multimedia act so they were investigated you know they were arrested and also charged under the law communications and media equis very actively use not only did he fall back on the existing very oppressive legislation in terms of the multimedia racks that existed he sought out one of the world's first great new. news act was a direct attempt at intimidating the population at large and it was
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a direct attempt a bring in the same controls over individual social media that this regime had exercised for decades over the mainstream press this new normal was was not a late. attempt to silence the discussion on one end. of the anti fake news act like najib time left in office was to be short lived a few months often a jeep successor to mohammed took office he did away with the law. in an ironic twist however jeep has over the past year launched a fully fledged campaign to try and rebranding himself as well as paint his trial as a politicized vendetta all on social media. but the malaysian media aren't falling for it not even those who were once part of the mainstream they say they've learned that lesson i levelled the sun in november last
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year and then set up. what all i believe in freedom freedom of speech freedom of expression. you know don't do the same mistake again and i think this is a good opening for the media and i hope that this freedom. transparency on m.t.v. is no longer. all the media companies need giving its maximum coverage. that the public wants to know it's an important story and they now have the freedom to report it so yeah it's a feeling the actually for the media to report on and you know. six years ago malaysian media broke the story of the one n.d.p. scandal. pushed back.
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now as he stands trial for one of the world's biggest cases of kleptocracy the media najib tried to silence around him full. day and the law have caught up with him. finally when covering global news events every so often an image appears that has iconic qualities that's what happened in sudan this past week when a young woman named went viral after a local. photographer snapped a picture of her standing above a crowd of protesters in khartoum leading them those images seem to capture the central role that women have played in the anti-government demonstrations that have rocked the country since december and have now resulted in a military coup and the arrest of longtime president omar al bashir will leave you now with her chance and some of the tweets that that viral video inspired and we'll
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see it next time here at the listening post.
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fly cats are airways and experience economy class like never before qatar airways going places together. for the congolese the journey to work at all aboard means unimaginable hardship i
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prefer to live out the just over my gotten to chance in life and live in a dangerous journey through the jungle i fell on to the rails suffered a nearly died the best of our children go to school and live because of the frank risking it all the democratic republic of congo on al-jazeera. well i think one of our biggest strengths is that we talk to normal everyday people we get them to tell their stories and doing that really reveals the truth people still jabot outside these gates waiting for any information most of them don't know whether that loved ones are alive or dead or miami really is a place were two worlds me we can get to washington d.c. two hours to get to on jurists in the rest of central america about the same time but more importantly why those two cultures north and south america makes us to teach a great it's a very important place for all to do it's a big. they call this bleeding the tree.
4:47 am
first substance the world is addicted to now at the center of a global trade war. it's latex in its purest form found in tires phones toothbrushes satellites or mattresses it is an essential element in daily life and so deep in the ivorian forest goes from tree to tree scarring them for the precious liquid trump is imposing two hundred billion dollars in tariffs on china the world's largest manufacturer of rubber goods china in response imposes tariffs on synthetic rubber the west produces while in the short term this is bad for african producers in the long run some hope the continent could benefit from this trade war unaware of the global trade war and despite falling prices at opel calls rubber white gold at least for now. and went on line. to the answer for them not to drop it or if you join us on saturday all of us have
4:48 am
been colonized in some form or some fashion this is a dialogue we are talking about a legal front and you have seen what it can do to somebody people are using multiple drugs including the funnel and some people are seeking it out everyone has a voice from the us your thoughts your twitter and you could be on the story of joining the global conversation on how does iraq. i know i'm in london just a quick roundup of the top stories now sudanese protest leaders have held talks with the army for the first time since the fall of president tomorrow bashir was toppled by cher was ousted on thursday off to months of anti-government demonstrations but those protests continued when the army a seemed power and the opposition rejected minute tree will nominate value reports
4:49 am
. in sudan a stunning turnaround as the new leader general abdul fatah struck a more conciliatory tone and promised inclusive efforts to establish a civilian government. in order to provide an atmosphere for your desire to establish a state we declare that the curfew be lifted all detained under martial law will immediately be released human rights will be reinforced in line with international laws the provincial rulers will be relieved of duty and an invitation will be given to all the people political parties and organizations to engage in dialogue a ceasefire will be enforced across the country and we invite those carrying arms to lay them down sit at the negotiation table and agree to peaceful coexistence. moments earlier a group of opposition leaders held a news conference and once again called for a civilian government. workers the army together with the people have been victims
4:50 am
to those people cloaked as good virtuous men it is the duty and responsibility of the armed forces to protect the people and enforce the rule of law the armed forces men who have fallen have done their best in asking dictatorship and establishing a civil state we and all the opposition parties refused to hand over power to the military we want a totally civil leadership. assumed power on friday when another general our the man who had orchestrated the end of president bashir this thirty year rule resigned after that announcement was made there were celebrations on the streets many sudanese hope that one who is the specter general of the military and perceived to be less tainted than either of his predecessors may be able to bring solutions to the problems that led to months of protests plays any so it is a great thing for us with. our hopes will be released we are not leaving the streets until everything goes to advantage on saturday and other high profile
4:51 am
resignation when intelligence chiefs. also step down some analysts believe these are encouraging signs but there could be talks between the military and civilian leaders. probably no chances of success since the military. number. who. would like to be. a protests began in december over a sharp rise in the bread prices and the deteriorating economy but it's not clear how the protesters will react to these promises of change over the coming days. or just. forces fighting for control of libya's capital have launched new as strikes planes from all of her life after site attacked the town of daraa southeast of tripoli a school and refugee sent to a hit but no casualties have been reported u.s.
4:52 am
president donald trump has been criticized after he tweeted a video containing footage of nine eleven in an attack on muslim congresswoman ellen omagh the video features sections of a speech mom made on civil rights from muslims in the u.s. some time later the speech was overlaid with footage of the nine eleven attacks which we have decided not to show palestine's new government has been sworn into office mohamad chatah has become the first fatah official in a decade to become prime minister it was appointed to the row by palestinian president and fatah ally mahmoud abbas and a group of migrants rescued off the coast of libya and kept at sea for ten days and finally disembarked in malta the sixty four migrants were rescued by a german humanitarian vessel last week the ship was refused entry to italy and if it's since been stranded near malta the maltese prime minister says the migrants will be relocated to germany france portugal and luxembourg you're up to date
4:53 am
with our top stories coming up next al-jazeera world. it is. it this is the hotel drew a well established french auction house in the ninth out on the small of paris
4:54 am
known for selling final art and antiques. the auction today is of nineteenth and early twentieth century work by artists who painted in what's known as the oriental ist style. orientalism was a term used to refer to martin literature depicting the east or the orient by artists and writers in the west. edward saeed's one nine hundred seventy eight book orientalism caused critics and historians to reappraise their view of this style i cited argued it represented a pattern izing colonial attitude towards the knife culture and people of the middle east. but in this part of the collection is the work of our false d.n.a. . but unlike most orientalism painters d.n.a. travelled frequently to north africa so his work far from being colonial in outlook
4:55 am
came to be seen as a true and sympathetic depiction of life in the arab world. and . before that it is. his home to. the. open. to. meet in the hot. if it did it was a good weather over all the fun. of all. that one hundred thirty lives up to our city hundred fifty.
4:56 am
three racer. iris famous landmarks are still a draw for millions of tourists today but in the nineteenth century the city was the european capital for art literature fashion and theater. yes. yes of course i did. motion you. on it
4:57 am
went off on our own section. though these days the art on display in landmarks why is more. in the late nineteenth century it was the artist's quarter. you're going to suck. it. up what do you think you were a. glance in moments when no and the ambience booky me. and later picasso all lived there.
4:58 am
but dino he was born into a middle class family living not far from the open and aloof the family later moved to a small town and some from paris called him. his father. was a judge. his mother mary ordeal was the daughter of another. dozen femi. barons yen. linny on. the other event remarks or annoying to me that is the one that no commentary for parents a public thought of them see a country knocked about b.m. we use our i'm. not
4:59 am
a new but they're healthier than me they have. or though and my hand a little the loud the mother and political the one disorder the. more. exact a mock up i like as well you're never deeply shot on the amount is locked. i like it when i'm just off the last and in addition if anyone did so i merely got along and wanted to. do. it ducie. so. on the eastern edge of the forest a phone to block. grew
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up in d.c. it delivered so rounding on the banks of the center seventy five kilometers south of paris.


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