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quite a few sundry showers that's true also increasingly through cambodia and also time and not much evidence on the satellite picture yet but we are going to say in the forecast the cloud running through the gulf of thailand brings for showers with it the still potential for some big downpours in singapore as well and that potential exists for java bali soon away as in a good part of borneo even the philippines are seeing rather more frequent showers than of late or this is as you might expect this time of the year and there's confirmation potential of rain reaching her cimon as well. the weather sponsored by cattle red ones. what began as a small extremist group in africa's most populous country we know that there was invented from the government to just shoot him soon turned into a battle front for the nigerian government. why. the tourists for abducting over two hundred schoolgirls the killing and displacement of thousands of people
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al-jazeera investigates the origins of blood the rise of a run on al-jazeera. watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories right now the new head of sudan's transitional military council promises a civilian government within two years of wrong also lifted the night curfew and ordered the release of prisoners arrested during anti-government protests. have announced they will boycott surprising presidential elections expected to take place in july they raise a possibility that the vote could be rigged forces fighting for control of libya's
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capital have launched a new air strikes a school in a refugee center were hit with khalifa haftar warplanes struck the town of i'm sorry southeast of tripoli. several politicians in the u.s. have criticized president on a trump after a tweeted a video containing footage of nine eleven designed to attack muslim congresswoman mar the video features edited sections of a speech she made on civil rights for muslims in the u.s. some time later the speech has been overlaid with the footage of the nine eleven attacks which we have decided not to show the video is being shared on social media to suggest the congresswoman was downplaying nine eleven and response some condemned trump's tweet and accused the phobia so in the video that trump tweeted mars looped repeatedly saying some people did something so the actual quote from her speech is this follows for far too long we have lived with the discomfort of being a second class citizen and frankly i'm tired of it and every single muslim in this country should be tired of it care was founded after nine eleven because they
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recognize that some people did something and that all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties the council on american islamic relations or care says their president is endangering the life of the congresswoman. she's receiving death threats on a daily basis this is not a joke for the president this is not one of his boring ugly jokes this is serious this has to do with her safety the safety of every muslim the safety of my own children my own family enough is enough our president has to realize the danger of forces doing a summer shade of human rights lawyer and is running for a seat in the virginia state senate he says politicians are complicit if they don't contend the president's war. we live in a time in america right now where right wing white supremacy terrorism is that epidemic levels the a.d.l. reports that last year every american killed by extremists was a right wing or white supremacist extremists this week a white supremacist burned three historical black churches and he did so because he
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hated christians but rather than condemning that the president lies about a black muslim woman the first black muslim woman in congress and the party is complicit because there is so used to condemn it you know i'm reminded of the code of dr martin luther king that in the end we will not remember the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends and it's a shame that congress is abdicating its responsibility to hold the president accountable to uphold justice and stop this bigotry and violence lately and i commend the democrats like under caution a court has rushed us all live who have been you know bernie sanders better or equiv been explicitly clear that this is incitement to violence it's unacceptable they've had the courage and the compassion to name representative omar and stand in solidarity with her those democrats who are doing the both sides thing or refusing to acknowledge what point representative or i was making i think they need to do some deep soul searching and really reflect on whether they are true allies or not
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and in parliament has met for the first time since it the rebels seized the capital in two thousand and thirteen president opera robber monsoor hadi healing for internationally recognized government flew in from saudi arabia to take part rob matheson of course. for the first time since the war began president johnson a boom unto condi addresses a session of yemen. it is to see the who seized by the bullets at the sons of yemen targeting state institutions and they blew up the homes of yemenis and their mosques leaving nothing in a stain to yemeni culture customs and values targeting them with vandalism and destruction. parliament hasn't met since the fight for control of yemen began four years ago between who the rebels backed by iran and a coalition led by saudi arabia and the united arab emirates which supports the united nations recognized government of president hadi he's been living mainly in
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saudi arabia since being forced to leave yemen when the war began the priority for this session is to fill parliamentary positions but that may not be easy the posts in this parliament were last occupied in two thousand and nine and its original six year term has long expired and only about half of the three hundred one parliamentary members have turned up for this meeting. in the astral column to favor peace over violence to transform into a political player exercising their rights and for filling their obligations in mind which a large constitution let's all embrace the options of peace according to the parliament's facebook page one hundred ninety two parliamentarians support these government forty five are under house arrest by the who feeds thirty three have died and thirty one have refused to take part. a big difference between this parliament being legal and our constitutional and or having hope in this parliament
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so very few are expecting anything from this parliament but again we are hoping that this parliament could at least help end this war i've no doubt. it won't see any prudes where the only people directly. but the who say honey is government doesn't have the support it claims they're now holding their own elections in areas they control to try to reduce the hardy government's majority two days ago saudi state television reported that coalition forces attacked who three targets in the capital sana'a president hadi may have a difficult job convincing yemenis that this parliament is a way to peace to make rob matheson others even. when a palestinian government has been sworn in and with it a new prime minister but the new government faces problems as reports from ramallah in the occupied west bank. this is the first step to lead the government in more than a decade and has sixteen new ministers out of twenty one but many familiar faces
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remain in positions of power and the challenges they face are huge the palestinian authority is struggling for cash and the divide between fatah and hamas that i build group that runs gaza is as white as ever culture minister out of the safe was recently transferred to the west bank from gaza for treatment he is a federal official who was beaten up need his home in gaza last month reportedly by have loyalists have masses it's investigating how mass has already rejected the new government calling it unconstitutional. previous deal state the need to form a national consensus government of all palestinian parties the formation of a fatah coven complicates the issue its own hands remain extended for the reconciliation and the agreement of a government but all the palestinian people. but it's not just have mass and its supporters that the government needs to win over these demonstrations in the west bank last year were against the proposed social security low and more widely in
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protest against the government's performance in what is called a designation letter to president mahmoud abbas asked the new prime minister mohammad stay yes to reunify the west bank and gaza but it faces more immediate issues. inside the west bank contrary to the letter of this ignition by the president i think the main mission of this government is to absorb the growing pressure against for to the authority from the public and second to try to bridge the gap between the public and the authority by trying to improve the services to improve the performance of the government public employees have been on half pay for two months now israel is with holding some of the taxes it collects for the palestinian authority and u.s. aid has been cut off this is a government that is inheriting a deep financial crisis and an empowered right wing leadership in israel said
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a bible is a word we've been hearing from officials and analysts to believe that people can handle the pressure but it's not clear for how long their aim al-jazeera but among . tens of thousands of indonesians took part in the final day of campaigning before wednesday's election and a repeat of the two thousand and fourteen election presidential call we don't know is running against former army general. when he reports in jakarta. after six months indonesia's election campaign came to a large colorful end in jakarta on the final day that campaigning was allowed hundreds of thousands streamed into the last rally for president joko widodo the man they call jacoby is running for a second five year term in office. he has brought equal development all around indonesia in villages in remote areas like other presidents wouldn't bother to visit she pays attention he is a brave man and also are. can can. still many good
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things like infrastructure that. we need for our lives today and for the future of the reli was held inside a stadium named after indonesia's first president sukarno joko widodo became the seventh in two thousand and fourteen and was greeted like a rock star as he campaigned to stay in the job. but. the young the woman and the man real make sure that our lives are better than today in five years time. when stays election will be one of the largest displays of democracy in the world this will be the first time that the presidential vote will be held on the same day as elections the seats in the house of representatives the huge crowd here is an example of how big and complex the democratic process is in indonesia and there are more than one hundred ninety million eligible voters and on wednesday most will go to one of eight hundred thousand polling stations around the country. the other
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choice for president is probable subiaco who was beaten in a close race in the two thousand and fourteen votes he's. trailed in most polls during this campaign but it's closed the gap in recent weeks. there are still a few days until the election hopefully we can easily overtake the other candidate ladies and gentlemen together we will realize a fair and prosperous indonesia to me both candidates have talked about uniting a country that's becoming increasingly divided along conservative and moderate religious lines if it's a close race and the result is disputed those lines may be further exposed in the celebrates removed of the campaign might be quickly forgotten wayne hay al jazeera jakarta and it's a marked one hundredth anniversary of a massacre committed by british soldiers during climbing a role happened in the northern city where british troops opened fire on civilians gathered for
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a pro independence rally the british high commissioner to india was among those who pay their respects to the victims. records show about four hundred people were killed but other estimates at that number closer to one thousand earlier this week british prime minister theresa may expressed regret but stopped short of a full apology. thousands of opposition supporters have taken to the streets of the serbian capital calling for the resignation of president a president that is alexander church and alliance of about thirty activist organizations calling itself the alliance for serbia has been holding regular demonstrations in belgrade protesters are demanding democratic reforms government says the protesters have no specific demands and accuse them of plotting regime change. has more from. several people have gathered in the wrong. citizens and served in the position are demanding. the price freedom and democratic
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elections they are demanding the resignation of certain president. and sooner than prime minister on the day he's the biggest protests so far from all over serbia. to protest meanwhile inside of the serbian parliament our demand bers of ruling serbian progressive party spend the night inside the protected as they say from the violence to police inside of the building the leaders in a position are having their speech. professors actors and others police said there are no students far as they say there are. seven thousand people on the streets of belgrade a group of asylum seekers rescued off the coast of libya and kept at sea for ten days have finally disembarked to malta sixty four people including children were rescued by a charming humanitarian vessel last week the ship was refused entry to italy and
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had been stranded near malta. as prime minister says the migrants will eventually be relocated to germany france portugal and luxembourg. protesters from the yellow vest movement relative cross france on saturday for the first time since anti-riot in laws came into effect there was low turnout in cities including to lose weight and the national capital yellow vests but administration started twenty two weeks ago after president manuel macron introduced of heel height harden into a protest against his leadership ireland is breathing a sigh of relief after the prospect of a no deal price it seems to be rolled out at least for the time being but the country remains worried and he sort of breaks it would be very damaging to the irish economy most at risk is the huge agricultural sector or insley reports. between them this herd of seventy produces harf a million liters of milk every year and
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a full third of that is drunk in britain it's driven across the border to northern ireland's just over that hill but lucan is a worried man a brick sits without a trade deal especially with a new board is would put his entire business on the line i don't certainly there all the time because look i'm completely dependent on the meat from these cars and . the product it's made from i mean talkie to forty percent of that ends up in the u.k. so course i'm all right course i'm worried. it isn't just milk nearly a third of all beef consumed in britain is irish even more cheese and butter talk about trade deals and borders can sound confusing here it's about what goes into people's mouths the cheese on this pizza was made here in the republic of ireland the cheese was then driven across the border into the u.k. where the pizza was manufactured and is then sold across both countries years of an open border have led to this complex web of food production and distribution to the
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benefits of both the republic of ireland and the u.k. and it's one which farmers here believe would be entirely jeopardized by no deal breaks it through deals between islands in the u.k. are worth a full six billion dollars a year hardly surprising island is worried when break says it was for supporters of by the u.k. people to leave europe there was two requirements for. be there beef and dairy one was that we wouldn't have a bar but the second was that our straight or the ship would remain status quo and there is a grid to a greater degree of uncertainty about that today as there was twelve or eighteen months ago during the bricks and referendum concerns of irish farmers counted for zero but maybe they should have massive more no bricks it deal no food from ireland could make british people go hungry if a hard border went up there would be food shortages in the u.k. there will be
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a lack of beef products because they rely on irish beef the price of beef what escalation so far that your average person in the u.k. simply won't be able to afford if we can avoid that hopefully we will avoid that. that point is entirely lost in the backseat debate in london where politicians seem entirely unconcerned about the impact on islands of the u.k. leaving the european union island hopes the prospects of empty supermarket shelves might focus some minds gloriously al-jazeera on the irish border. a tornado hit a small town in the u.s. state of texas at least twelve people were injured after the storm swept through franklin which is about two and a kilometer from dallas the twister did damage homes and vehicles and there's more storms in the forecast. recap the headlines right now on al jazeera stands military transitional council was held talks with opposition leaders of the country now has its third leader and
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three days in his first address to the nation up to the top or han insisted that sweeping reforms will be made the military force president omar al bashir to step down on thursday even more than has more. to do so much in the future i think. we could fix and to be. very proud and all the people who are wrong. think that this cannot be and they're going to wait. to see him come back in front of him. whether they have managed to reach an agreement with the military council and all that we could argue all week algeria judges have announced they will boycott supervising presidential elections there is a possibility that the vote could be rigged and it's expected to be held in july weeks of protests forced longtime president. to resign earlier this month the
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opposition movement has continued and demonstrations want the demonstrators have as want the interim president to also step down. a new government following the failure of reconciliation efforts between rival factions mohamad chatah has become the first top party member to take up the role of prime minister in more than a decade it was appointed to the role by the palestinian president and fatah. hamas the palestinian movement which governs the costa strip is opposed to his appointment thousands of opposition supporters have taken to the streets of the serbian capital hall and for the resignation of president alexander. protesters are demanding democratic reforms governments the protestors have no specific demands and accuse them of. which. president donald trump has been accused of islamophobia after tweeting a video about color some of. the footage showed an excerpt of a speech that she made about nine eleven but senior politicians have noted that the
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comment was edited out of context those are the headlines keep it here on al-jazeera much more news to inside story as that next. arrested in the u.k. and wanted in the u.s. the wiki leaks founder julian assange on faces an uncertain future after he was kicked out of the ecuadorian embassy in london but will he be extradited what about the allegations of sexual assault and hacking and is this all about freedom of speech or a man hiding from the charges against him this is inside story. hello
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i'm kemal santamaria for two thousand four hundred and eighty seven days he was right there within touching distance of the british police but in the end always untouchable and we of course talking about julian assange he's the founder of the whistle blowing web site wiki leaks who for nearly seven years was an unintended guest of the ecuadorian embassy in london as he tried to avoid both angry governments and accusations of sexual assault well on thursday that all changed as ecuador revoked his political asylum and then allowed police into the embassy where he was arrested on the spot it is a complicated story because there are many allegations across multiple countries some of which have been dropped but on technicalities this first arrests
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dramatically played out in front of the media was for breaching bail it could mean twelve months in prison but then later a son who was arrested again at the request of the united states which wants him extradited and then there are the sexual assault allegations swedish prosecutors dropped a rape investigation into a standard twenty seventeen saying as long as he was in the embassy they couldn't formally notify him of the accusation and a second woman's claim of modest station was halted and twenty fifteen due to time limits what you see here the letters from more than seventy british m.p.'s who have written to the home secretary saying the sexual assault allegations should not be forgotten and that assad should be extradited to sweden first if requested. asunder supporters though say his arrest is an attack on freedom of speech and that he's being punished for exposing war crimes this is a dark day for journalism i was just jennifer's that is that sort of president you know we don't want to this to go forward this has this has to work the i've heard
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it the u.k. government used to make of it was sure is that a journalist will never be extradited to the united states for publishing activity this pertains to publishing work nine years ago publishing of documents of videos of killing of innocent civilians exposure of war drives this is journalism. so you can see there are a lot of angles to the julian assange story and they need some clarity so here we go a songe first sought refuge in that embassy in london to avoid extradition to sweden over those two separate sexual assault allegations which he does deny both those investigations were dropped after prosecutors ran out of time to question him but now swedish prosecutors say they are read salman in one of those cases he's seven years in the ecuadorian embassy ended over what was called quote discourteous and aggressive behavior and concerns that he was interfering in the country's affairs
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and then as we mentioned a son faces extradition to the united states on charges of conspiring to hack into a government computer along with a former army intelligence analyst chelsea manning that dates back to twenty ten and there are also the democratic party e-mails published by wiki leaks and twenty sixteen jury in the u.s. election campaign which have raised some questions over songes links perhaps to russia. i lots to talk about and we've got a great panel to do that with starting in london with michael patrick joyce he is a barrister in international and european law in philadelphia clear thankful stein who's a professor of law at the university of pennsylvania law school and rounding out our panel in norfolk in the u.k. vaughan smith who is a freelance journalist and a personal friend of julian assange and so able to give us some interesting insight there in fact why don't i start with you. even as a supporter i suspect mr is on to this is well this day had to come didn't it the
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ecuadorians after nearly seven years we're probably going to run out of i guess patience might be the word at some stage. well i if this came because there was a change of political administration in ecuador there was a new president who had different populaces of the previous one had attempted to get julian to ecuador but we didn't as a country the british didn't allow allow julian to leave the embassy so we're in touch how much were you in touch with with mr us on leading up to this friday before last so eight days ago i had to but because you have to book to go and visit him and so i saw about an hour and a half now he'd be expected to be kicked out he was expecting it from before christmas that any day he would be kicked out i think he was planning to walk out i was quite upset i must say to see the way he was dragged out because i feel that was done really for the television cameras to promote the idea that he was
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a sort of fugitive the sort so i was quite disappointed that he wasn't able to have a bit more dignity than the point i would make just before i go to our other guests is that. he made that choice to go into that embassy nearly seven years ago didn't he i know there's been a lot of talk he sort of almost felt like he was under house arrest that he couldn't move and couldn't go out but he made that decision knowing what could happen maybe not knowing he'd be in there for seven years but certainly knowing what the consequences could be. well yes i mean he kind of he claimed asylum he was given diplomatic asylum and that has been revoked which i understand is against international law and i understand it was tested in the inter-marriage in court of human rights quite recently by the sanders lawyers who found his favor and also i think it's important to observe that julian has won on all of the supranational bodies that are available to him for example united nations working group probably detention determine that he was detained and i understand that is the hostel for a few thing but but but unfortunately or fortunately whatever these are these
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judgments aren't you britain and america and ecuador are don't have to apply those judgments and they're advisory is my understanding but nevertheless you know if the highest authority in the world determines who's arbitrary to trains a need to detain and he deserves silence and that is fine the other headlines very important to point out. because i think as a corrective needed he claimed asylum to avoid being extradited to america which is the thing that appears to be happening now and he's been very consistent about that he said that he feared and even he knew there was an extradition journalists at the time almost all of them thought that wasn't happening and now it is. you know the swedish thing he said that he would be happy to go to sweden to face those charges he wants you know his day in court just as the women deserve it too and i think is very important very interesting that the that this letter has gone around which i support i think it's really good that that he does go to sweden but it mustn't be
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misunderstood he said that he would go to sweden if they could be guaranteed that he was going to be extradited the united states that's what he's trying to avoid ok i'll come back to you shortly let's go to michael patrick joyce now in london for some. time is going to say legal advice legal perspective let's put it that way he was arrested where we've outlined there with one the the different issues which mr assad has faced in the end he was arrested for skipping bail twelve months in a u.k. prison. is the likely situation to see that how it how it plays out because there is this pressure to the maximum ok that's the maximum penalty that he could get what has happened is that he was tried in westminster magistrates court on thursday convicted of the charge of breaching his bail of not answering to his bail back in two thousand and twelve and the magistrates court has now remitted the case to the crown court so the crown court which will determine the sentence at
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a date to be fixed now twelve months is the maximum there is a judicial discretion as to where the precise term of imprisonment if that is imposed rests but will be a shorter period of time ok will do you think and i know there's a lot of speculation involved in everything we talk about today but do you think the united states will be putting the pressure on and saying actually we want to now we want and sooner rather than later. though i think that there is a jew process in relation to extradition and it's quite clear that due process will have to be followed i don't think there's any means of short circuiting this. that would be an infringement of the process of law or the rule of law and i think it's probably going to be rather protracted proceedings. and what about the issue michael of sweden already brought that up there the just explain again to our viewers what's happened as i understand time basically ran out can these charges allegations come back i believe the swedes are already talking about possibly
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reinvestigating. well there was a series of charges or these allegations that he was facing in sweden and they range they were they were all serious but they range from molestation and coercion to allegations of rape now as i understand it under swedish law and you have to understand i'm an english law specialist from the swedish law specialist so i can't speak with total authority but it's my understanding that within that range of allegations sa the allegations in relation to the station and coercion had a statute of limitations and therefore the time in relation to investigation of those as i understood it rather and that really is the end of it the more serious charges of rape i don't think there is a statute of limitations in sweden but there is an important distinction between
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raising allegations under swedish law and charging someone you have to have access you have to charge in the presence of the accused and obviously whilst mr assad was in the ecuadorian embassy that was impossible so the the investigation in relation to the rape allegations really ran into the sand and reached an impasse so that the swedish laura his desisted from continuing now i have no doubt that in sweden there will be a big debate as to whether that disses sitting from continuing means that it's simply gone into a balance and now can be revived or whether having desisted then that's an end of the matter that's a matter for swedish law and i'm sure will be hotly debated and contested in swedish courts ok time to bring in clear finkelstein in philadelphia for the u.s. perspective i like what we're doing here actually which is laying out all the facts without getting into the subject of stuff just yet clear let's talk about the
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indictment which the u.s. has got and i note that it is very carefully written. he has not been charged with publishing government secrets which would be usually the big headline he has been charged with quote committing unlawful computer intrusion explain this one to us please that's correct so it's not quite espionage and it's not asked of lee just receiving stolen government documents and classified documents and disseminating them which would be a problem if he is indeed to be considered a journalist because it would be protected activity under the first amendment is something in between which is basically computer hacking and he's accused of doing this as part of a conspiracy with them bradley manning now chelsea manning who clearly violated the law and she would be the principal and of course he would be an accessory to that crime and part of the conspiracy so is this a way of going after him for something which is more likely to be successful as you
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say there is well there is a gray area over journalism over freedom of speech over these sorts of issues so go after him for the thing which quote unquote can be part of it or can more easily be person it's turning out to be more controversial in the u.s. than you might have thought so the a.c.l.u. and other journalistic organizations have come out strongly in his favor and said that they are very concerned about the precedent that it sets to process to prosecute him because in their view he has a member of the press and the big worry that first amendment lawyers and activists have had is that members of the press will be prosecuted for espionage or espionage related offenses. if in his case however there's a real question whether or not we should count as a press organization there are many people who feel that in the wake of the role that wiki leaks played in disseminating what it appears to be russian hacked
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information illegally hacked in from a. on the part of a foreign power that in a sense he forfeits his press datas if the sole reason for his existence at this point is to disseminate. information based on a playbook that a lot of your putin house that's a very controversial issue then the second question would be if he is nevertheless a legitimate press organization member of the press. or the activities that he is accused of in the indictment that was unsealed. protected activities and many people feel that even if he is a member of a of the press is go beyond what the first amendment was designed to protect journalists from because it him obs a level of activity and not just past receipt of information and dissemination of that information ok i want to come back to a little while to talk
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a little bit more about russia i think we're now into some really interesting stuff which claire was brought up and it's the more subject to stuff and i'll go back to foreign on this one is julian assange a journalist there are a lot of people out there who say he's not they would say that actually wiki leaks it's a whistle blowing web site it's a it's a it's a conduit it finds the it finds the details and actually wiki leaks has paired up with a number of established me organizations in the past to get that information out there yet mr assad and his lawyers continually say this is about journalism. yes i it's a very good point i think it's quite a crucial one he sent me a publisher i would say and many of the genocide have recognize him as a journalist i mean he's won the martha gellhorn prize index on century came across a journalism so it's quite a difficult one i think it clearly is the base but whether these agendas i think he's a journalist but he's a publisher i understand legally it's a similar sort of thing anyway so maybe slightly academic could i just go back to
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one thing though the swedish mass i just want. to go back or not put the onus on the swedish matter the are crown prosecution service in britain was found to have e-mail correspondence with this we just prosecutor where they were trying to dissuade her from coming to london and actually interviewing julian there's something fishy going on or has been it does seem that politics of intruded somehow on this case because if the prosecutors are actually prosecuting then you have to question what's really behind all this just took one and in a sense this was revealed by the republika did a freedom of information act request in sweden and got these emails those emails turned up to being destroyed and deleted by our crown prosecution so so you know i don't think it's completely clear cut what's happened as we know i do think it's important that he does go to sweden to clear his name michael i know you said you went to an expert on unzueta so but is there anything you can add to what one was
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saying there. i don't think there is very much to be added if we are in a vote rather odd position in that through vorm who has obviously been speaking directly to mistress only very recently if we have the up to date information that mistress or warder presumably willingly or possibly voluntarily go to sweden but at the moment there are no charges because they can only be allegations until they're put to him in person and the investigations have been. closed certainly temporarily we don't know whether that's going to be reopened the english press is reporting mr a song which is swedish lawyer has as saying that they consider it highly unlikely that he would ever face prosecution in sweden perhaps because of the elapse of time the fading of witnesses memory is
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considerations like that it is ten years on to be fair let's go back into this issue of journalism as we were discussing before clear finkelstein to come back to you you raise the point and the concerns that there are in the united states about those who will decide in the end i mean it's becoming next essential question how do we decide if he is a journalist or not and therefore what will happen to him and we how the charges will will develop from here but just very briefly if i may to follow up on the swedish matter. first of all i'm rather puzzled by the suggestion that the swedes would take the position that the statute of limitations had run because usually when someone is a fugitive from justice the statute of limitations has told at least that would be the principle in the u.s. i'm not an expert on swedish law either but it's very strange that you can run out the clock on a charge by simply beating those charges for long enough i think it's very telling
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that he himself would rather clear what. and i think it is a link here that the coercion charges have been dropped and that was because of. expiry of the mattel it may be i do agree with you that it's surprising that a fugitive for justice can wait oh a period of imitation and then not face the music but it does seem that that is the case in criminal law go ahead play very puzzling to the side to the issue of. you know this whole unborn will it clear finish her thought and then i'll come to you with the other issue about the swedish situation is that it's quite interesting to me that he would rather go back and face coercion charges or bar possibly a rape investigation in sweden then face what appears to be a minor computer hacking related charge this again is not
9:41 am
a charge of espionage i think that what he is expecting i can only guess that what he is expecting is that there might be another indictments coming along relating to the twenty sixteen election hacking and that he be extremely concerned about facing that now there's a tricky legal issue here relating to extradition agreements which is that although if you were already in the u.s. it would always be possible to add another charge or to have a superseding indictment the one that he has. to have an additional indictments and so on being the twenty sixteen being is completely unrelated to the manning yeah and i am still going to ask you about that in a moment where vaughn just very quickly. i'm just worried that we're referring to the swedish allegations as charges too often i think that's quite an important thing. now about my having spoken to julian and i think this this does add
9:42 am
something he certainly of the mind charges would somehow be out is not and that actually this is this extradition is designed to get him to america for life to an american jail and also is important point he said before he went you know as he went unclaimed asylum in here he said then that he would happily walk out at any time to go to sweden if there was a guy and he wasn't sent to america just to get ok fair enough right i'm just going to make a note for next time as well that we will get a swedish law expert on because that's what everyone wants to talk about it clear i come back to you can i come back to you on the issue of russia because you've raised it a couple of times and we have mentioned it the publishing of stolen democratic party e-mails in the lead up to the twenty sixth election very much not part of this indictment but it hovers over everything doesn't it and donald trump gets drawn into it as well when he previously said he loved wiki leaks and now he says i don't really care that much about them this will linger won't it. it absolutely
9:43 am
will if it's the first thing to look at in a fire was lawyer i would be arguing that extradition law itself would freeze these charges so that normally if you get extradited for a certain offense the agreement between the u.k. and the u.s. around the charges that he's being extradited for would prevent the u.s. government from adding additional charges unlike if you were already in the u.s. when any number of additional indictments could happen if that is not the case and maybe that u.s. authorities will try to as either to this indictment or as a new indictment relating to the twenty sixteen hacking before they put in an extradition request so that they're not barred from making that making those extra charges then things get very complicated. and there is
9:44 am
a potential of a very strange alliance here between the white house and folks like the a.c.l.u. who are saying he should be considered a journalist and so be protected under first amendment grounds because it could be quite dangerous to president trump given what he may know if indeed there was a conspiracy between him roger stone and the trump campaign to i get to and release the e-mails. from the d.n.c. so it may be that the white house is not very eager to see him extradited to the u.s. either final four then just as we're running on the clock we have spent the past twenty minutes or so talking about the man julian assange is the fact as he found it a web site called wiki leaks and i wonder vaughn maybe i'll start with you regardless of what happens to him that it could be a very drawn out process with the nixon still there isn't it and it will still keep
9:45 am
doing what it does regardless. yes sir julian stopped running wiki leaks caution nearly a year ago now and he did that because he couldn't from do it from the embassy anymore after an embassy because of the restrictions are applied to him so he's not running it and i'm not sure where it's based it might be iceland or somewhere so in a sense in terms of you know whistle blowing it's sort of you know the gorilla rather than anything else in operates on almost no money it's all and it's relatively easy to run you know compared with them the forces are arranged against it. well folks the courts baten are some afraid i'd love to keep talking especially about swedish law but we haven't had time so i'd like to thank michael padgett joyce in london also clear finkelstein in philadelphia and vaughan smith joining us from norfolk thank you to all of you and thank you for watching remember this program indeed all our inside story episodes are online for you to see again you just head to understeer dot com look in the shows that section for inside story
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also of plenty of online discussion we are at facebook dot com slash a.j. inside story we're on twitter at a.j. inside story i'm at come on a.j. e if you want to tweet me directly thanks for joining us for inside story on canal santa maria and we will see you again soon. teach it strong man and he is ruling with an eye and faced on the silence from his allies is deafening us was perfectly happy to trade off from our forsee for security why our western leaders turning a blind eye when even their own citizens have fallen victim to his repression
9:47 am
executions torture or censorship is not acceptable and you won't hear such strong words from let's say berlin or paris or london our man in cairo on al-jazeera this is a domicile a man's fourth trip to boozy in two days the fisherman is using his boat to risk you as many people as he can was stranded in the flood hit area off the side going to die struck mozambique that was up when i first saw women with babies on their backs crying for help saying they were dying i knew i had to do something hours later and from the dark a faint was still in the distance alerts us to people calling for help women children and the elderly are brought on board first hungry and thirsty it hasn't taken much time to pull the boat about two hundred people have been rescued and more want to get on but there's simply no space. twenty one an age to assert your individuality it's ok to argue with people and it's ok to disagree with people but
9:48 am
also a period when childhood dreams can clashed with reality it's compromising i don't think i'm pretty good at compromise in two thousand and six south africa up revisits the children of apartheid for the third time and like their country much has changed over the past fourteen years. or twenty one up south africa i'm noticing. i'm richelle carey in doha these are the top stories on al-jazeera so dense military transitional council was held talks with opposition leaders the country now has its third leader in three days and his first address to the nation fatah or
9:49 am
han insisted that sweeping reforms will be made in military force president omar al bashir to step down on thursday morgan has more. this area is right around the army headquarters and to the back or to the right courses and the air force and as you can see there is still a good person who are saying that they are not all called the third. member i think that because the minute recount. is not what the output of the same pair of victim for the protesters i think that the fact that they wanted a new government because i know president bush here thinking and because the regime of president obama god was the leader twenty four hours before stepping down i mean that's an absolute power as there are good nuclear members to do so much because you have to offer the truth have i have heard that they were we. would be fixin to
9:50 am
continue to attack their power and on the people around our headquarters i think that this cannot be and they're going to wait to the professionals to see some type of instruction and let them know whether they have managed to reach an agreement with the military council and the other political parties on the way forward. have announced that will boycott supervising presidential elections they raise a possibility that the vote could be rigged and it's expected to be held in july makes a protest force long time president jealousies beautifully get to resign earlier this month that the opposition movement continued and demonstrators want the interim president to step down also forces fighting for control of his capital have launched new airstrikes planes more lower cliff side attack the town of daraa south of tripoli. has more from the capital. both warring factions have been using warplanes to target locations in and around tripoli warplanes loyal to the world
9:51 am
have to targeted civil locations in site tripoli including a military camp belongs to the government of national called and their school while the government warplanes targeted have to his forces locations near the town of between on the way between the u.n. and tripoli authorities at him a to get airport the only operational airport in the capital city say that have to as warplanes will flying on saturday over the airport trying to target him eighty get airport but the forces in i'm eighty tried to target the planes with the anti crafts missiles they say that authorities in a may to say that the will probably have to suspend again because the military escalation is going on near the airport now concerning the military confrontations on the ground the government forces have been gaining ground especially around
9:52 am
forty kilometers to the south from tripoli where the government forces managed to recapture the headquarters of the fourth infantry brigade which was taken control of by have their forces days ago the military escalation on the outskirts of tripoli on the southern outskirts of tripoli has forces more than nine thousand five hundred civilians to leave their homes the palestinians have a new government following the failure of reconciliation efforts between liable factions. has become the first fatah party member to take up the role of prime minister and more than a decade he was appointed to the role by palestinian president mahmoud abbas a mass has been excluded from the government and has condemned the appointment u.s. president are trying to spin accused of islamophobia after tweeting a video about congress some money omar so the footage showed an excerpt of a speech that she made about nine eleven senior politicians have noted that the
9:53 am
comment was clearly out of context. there's other headlines keep it here on al-jazeera we have much more news to come in the meantime up next. lowering northeastern nigeria a nearby refugee camp poses nearly twenty five thousand men women and children including this little girl named by. nigerian soldiers found her in the some piece
9:54 am
of forest she was walking aimlessly in shock unable to speak. the soldiers took her to the refugee camp and entrusted her to a family. she was thinking of to plus you know it just seems flat out the worst was that she admits that she could anybody who she still to want to she was the in him was if somebody with him one would you can sure just run the boy. did it improvement is not limited to what keeps the us. is gradually learning to live again she has lost her home and her entire family. since twenty ten people living in northeastern nigeria live in constant fear of being a time. to.
9:55 am
come. here but i was like all right. in this recorded message boko haram swore allegiance to the islamic state in the spring of twenty fifteen the nigerian group led by abu bakr chicago then took the name of the islamic state of west africa. provoked global outrage in april twenty fourth when the group kidnapped two hundred seventy s. . six schoolgirls in chibok in northeastern nigeria the kidnapping received global condemnation. michelle obama joined the solidarity campaign to demand the release. of promised to sell them into slavery and what i do not to declare want to how to how. little or
9:56 am
not elaborate do you go on and on since the start of the insurgency the violence has resulted in more than twenty three thousand dead and over two million people displaced. to understand how the armed group has become so dangerous it is necessary to return to northeastern nigeria to the capital of the state of borno might a goody the birthplace of boko haram. ah. here islamic law has been practiced by the muslim community since the eleventh century but the degree of its implementation has fluctuated throughout the course of history with the return of democracy in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine
9:57 am
that people hoped for an end to widespread corruption within the elite and for fairer distribution of wealth. to bring an end to corruption in politics the muslim majority in the north of the country wanted to see islamic sharia law applied more strictly. would take advantage of this popular demand. in two thousand and two a thirty two year old man started to gain hope you leora t. in the town of my dignity in some mosques his sermons were deemed to be too extreme but his personality and charisma increasingly made an impression that i want to look at about one third believe one thing and i guess i would imagine that were to turn up and that the irony. then is at. a lesser that unlikely criminal hamdi mohammad use of the founder of boko haram quickly attracting new
9:58 am
followers. from a new show several times before instead this man claims to have direct contact with boko haram he has closely followed the evolution of the group and its leaders fallenness ruler is not his real name he would be a very. lovely person to be around he was a nurse for the course of this month. he was. more than what a gift from public speaking he had this. enormous ability to call in the minds of people ordinary people who are in support of him they were in support him not so much on the basis of know the adage you can't point of them but they were put to him because they felt that use of is a sphere is an ideas that an ordinary person cannot express he did no less than the politically does she do knows that i do knows they want. to see the last film and
9:59 am
the money police in the design of the people to get into power and do you screen the people hope. after using them to get pot he knows not apt to those huge is the system used to shows he's delusional if you see. a truck two people one man you. really believe you don't know can last a good sort of lying in the darkness and like how about a man who kills a parent you know i would think about it i want to hear what i what. i think we do have to put it on. my philosophy it just has to impress to pretty much. as if the ballot. bowl know if i'm a good muslim and. not
10:00 am
a patch. on the amount of the room. and establishment questioning the existing rules of society is present of it is my political class get it but given the just interpretations. when i. leave and for that do i just befriended interested muslims in the mass that has been one of their central themes that the status corrupt and therefore we need our own state where it's going to be just and govern in a different way and they will be social justice for all this happened around the time where. maybe socialism communism collapsed if you remember across college campuses there were lots of socialist young people looking for an alternative system i think that occurred.


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