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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 14, 2019 11:00am-11:34am +03

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says searches will not prop up rigged results weeks or protests force longtime president jealousy's beautifully get to resign last week and traders are calling for pay to flake as allies to clear out of top government positions. we the judges of algeria have on a quickly to soldered to what we called supervising the presidential elections that assured chilled put the port to law forces fighting for control of libya's capital have launched a new air strikes. planes are more likely to have to our side attack the town of lyons are a south east of tripoli a school in a refugee center were hit no casualties reported another strike at a government building on the outskirts of the capital meanwhile forces from the un backed government targeted position south of the capital the town and. the town is believed to be a base for half taras military operations fighting has been going on for more than
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a week as half horse forces advance on tripoli. has more from the capital. both warring factions have been using warplanes to target locations in and around tripoli warplanes loyal to the world have to targeted civil locations in site tripoli including a military camp belongs to the government of national called and their school while the government warplanes targeted forces locations near the town of between on the way between. tripoli authorities at him eighty get airport the only operational airport in the capital city say that have to as warplanes will flying on saturday over the airport trying to target him eighty get airport but forces in i'm eighty tried to target the planes with the crafts missiles they say that authorities in a court say that the will probably have to suspend again because the military
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escalation is going on near the airport now concerning the military confrontations on the ground the government forces have been gaining ground especially around forty kilometers to the cells from tripoli where the government forces managed to recapture the headquarters of the fourth infantry brigade which was taken control of by have to forces days ago the military escalation on the outskirts of tripoli on the southern outskirts of tripoli has forces more than. a thousand five hundred civilians to leave their homes. fighting in neighboring libya will lead to more people trying to cross the mediterranean sea by boat over the past year hundreds of african migrants and asylum seekers have ended up on the tunisian shores. a country struggling to cope reports. back in his boat tunisian fisherman was arrested last year for helping save fourteen
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african migrants at sea. coast guards accused him of human trafficking he faced fifteen years in prison but was later released after months in detention. i didn't commit a crime and i would do it again we cannot abandon them our faith cannot allow us to abandon them they are humans just like you and me. while most migrants set off from libya strong currents in bad weather often pushed their fragile boats towards neighboring tunisia. authorities here say they are overwhelmed. similar challenges european countries with migrants ending up on its shores except it doesn't have the resources to deal with them and with the fighting intensifying in neighboring libya it continues to be the gateway to europe for many african migrants. nearly four hundred people have drowned trying to cross the
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mediterranean so far this year. at first. dead babies women and men floating in the sea now he sees bodies and limbs washing up on tunisia's beaches moved by the sight of so many dead migrants. buried over four hundred of them. more know no one can stop their journey maybe their shores made it to europe or even to america we may have buried their bodies but not their dreams. for these tunisian fishermen their action is an attempt to bring some human dignity to those who lost their lives in the mediterranean in the fear the fighting in libya was even more tempting to make that dangerous journey nicholas hawk al-jazeera zone's he's at the tunisian libyan border a group of asylum seekers rescued off the coast of libya and kept at bay for bay
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that is for ten days have finally disembarked to malta sixty four people including children are rescued by a german humanitarian vessel last week the ship was refused entry to italy and had sense been stranded near malta alters prime minister says the migrants will eventually be relocated to a germany france portugal and luxembourg to turn to our top story now the latest developments in sudan we are joined again by sydney's american journalist and activist and we met in state college pennsylvania via skype hopefully we have sorted out our technical difficulties because i want to i want our viewers to hear to hear your voice on this the question i put to you is the changes that have continued to be made in the last few days the shuffling of military leadership does that signal to you any willingness on the military's part for substantive change.
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when it comes to the south. and again having technical difficulties with that we out we apologize will continue to bring you voices on the story that is developing and. now the important story we're covering parliament has met for the first time. the capital in two thousand and fifteen president. internationally recognized government from saudi arabia to take part in reports. for the first time since the war began president. addresses a session of yemen's. by the bullets at the sons of yemen targeting state institutions and they blew up the homes of yemenis and their mosques leaving nothing in authentic yemeni culture customs and values targeting them with vandalism and destruction. hasn't met since the fight for control of yemen began four years ago between who the rebels backed by iran and
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a coalition led by saudi arabia and the united arab emirates which supports the united nations recognized government of president hadi he's been living mainly in saudi arabia since being forced to leave yemen when the war began the priority for this session is to fill parliamentary positions but that may not be easy the posts in this parliament were last occupied in two thousand and nine and its original six year term has long expired only about half of the three hundred one parliamentary members have turned up for this meeting. to favor peace over violence to transform into a political player exercising their rights and their obligations and constitution lets all embrace the options of. according to the parliament's facebook page one hundred ninety two parliamentarians support hardy's government forty five are under house arrest by the who feeds thirty three have died and thirty one have refused to
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take part. a big difference between this parliament being legal and constitutional and or having hope in this parliament so very few are expecting anything from this parliament but again we are hoping that this parliament can at least help end this war that. it won't see any proof for the only people directly. but the who say honey is government doesn't have the support it claims they're now holding their own elections in areas they control to try to reduce the hardy government's majority two days ago saudi state television reported that coalition forces attacked who three targets in the capital sana'a president hadi may have a difficult job convincing yemenis that this parliament is a way to peace and that rob matheson. the new palestinian government has been sworn in and with a new prime minister mohammed tyra places rami huntelaar who resigned in january
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but the new government faces huge challenges as need abraham reports from ramallah in the occupied west bank. this is the first flight to lead the government in more than a decade and has sixteen new ministers out of twenty one but many familiar faces the men in positions of power and the challenges they face are huge the palestinian authority is struggling for cash and the divide between fatah and hamas that i've been group that runs gaza is as white does ever culture minister safe was recently transferred to the west bank from gaza for treatment he is a federal official who was beaten up need his home in gaza last month reportedly by have loyalists have masses it's investigating how mass has already rejected the new government calling it unconstitutional. previous deal state the need to form a national consensus government of all palestinian polity the formation of a talk of when complicates this issue its own hands remain extended for the
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reconciliation and the agreement of a government but all the palestinian people. but it's not just have mass and its supporters that the government needs to win over these demonstrations in the west bank last year were against the proposed social security low and more widely in protest against the government's performance in what is called a designation letter to president mahmoud abbas asked the new prime minister mohammad stay yes to really uni. by the west bank and gaza but it faces more immediate issues inside the west bank contrary to the letter of this ignition by the president i think the main mission of this government is to absorb the growing pressure against for the authority from the public and second to try to bridge the gap between the public authority by trying to improve the services to improve the performance of the government public employees have been on
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half pay for two months now israel is with holding some of the taxes it collects for the palestinian authority and u.s. aid has been cut off this is a government that is inheriting a deep financial crisis and an empowered right wing leadership in israel so devival is a word we've been hearing from officials and analysts believe that people can handle the pressure but it's not clear for how long. but a month is president says he is open to a third segment with north korean leader kim jong un trying to says an additional meeting would be a good idea now that the two sides fully understand each other it was responding to kim's offer of more talks by year's end the february summit in vietnam without an agreement on the nuclear disarmament of south korea the secretary of state reiterated his voice to stand fast the stance of north korea during his tour of latin america. and respected north korea we've made real progress and how i am confident that the leadership in america will continue to make progress to solve
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this challenge the nuclear threat that is posed to the world there remain in place today the world's strongest sanctions u.n. security council resolutions which make clear the objective of the nuclear station but graham very confident will continue to move down the path of achieving that outcome and donald trump is facing accusations cities put the life of a congresswoman at risk for one of his tweets selectively quoted in omar the somali american member of congress making it look like she was downplaying the nine eleven attacks john hendren has our story from washington. it was a provocative trump tweet critics say went too far president donald trump on saturday tweeted a quote about the nine eleven attacks from muslim congresswoman omar's speaking at the council on american islamic relations along with the words we will never forget it was founded after nine eleven because they recognize that some people did something the president's post came days after the conservative new york post put
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this on its cover the video when trump's tweet selectively quotes omar along with images of the world trade center attacks which we are not showing it was designed to suggest that omar was minimizing the effect of nine eleven but a fuller quote shows which he was actually saying is that muslims in the u.s. have been stigmatized since those attacks carol was found at after nine eleven because they recognized that some people did something and that all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties. in fact care was founded in one nine hundred ninety four but its membership increased dramatically after nine eleven she is receiving death threats on a daily basis this is not a joke for the president is not one of his boring jokes this is serious with us to do with safety the safety of every muslim the safety of my own children my own family enough is enough our president has to realize the danger of forces doing the
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president's tweet drew a series of retaliatory responses from democrats who called it racist and dangerous congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortez said members of congress have a duty to respond to the president's explicit attack today omar's life is in danger presidential candidate senator bernie sanders said omar is a leader with strength and courage she won't back down to trump's racism in hate and neither will we another presidential candidate senator elizabeth warren wrote the president is inciting violence against a sitting congresswoman and an entire group of americans based on their religion it's disgusting it's shameful and any elected leader who refuses to condemn it shares responsibility for it for trump the provocative tweet was a twofer needling democrats and drawing an outraged response from his own supporters john hendren washington associate a salmon rights lawyer and as running for a seat in the forging
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a state senate he says politicians are complicit if they don't condemn the president's words. we live in a time in america right now where right wing white supremacy terrorism is that epidemic levels the a.d.l. reports that last year every american killed by extremists was a right wing or white supremacist extremists this week a white supremacist burned three historical black churches and he did so because he hated christians but rather than condemning that the president lies about a black muslim woman the first black muslim woman in congress and the party is complicit because there is used to condemn it you know i'm reminded of the quote of dr martin luther king that in the end we will not remember the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends and it's a shame that congress is abdicating its responsibility to hold the president accountable to uphold justice and stop this bigotry and violent incitement and i commend the democrats like under caution a court has rushed us all live who have been you know bernie sanders bitter or
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equiv been exposed to the clear that this is incitement to violence it's unacceptable they've had the courage and the compassion to name representative omar and stand in solidarity with her those democrats who are doing the both sides thing or refusing to acknowledge what point representative or i was making i think they need to do some deep soul searching and really reflect on whether they are true allies or not still ahead on al-jazeera from the ground in afghanistan at the taliban's so-called spring offensive gets underway. one mother's plea to the nigerian government to bring back the girls held by boko harami. i will tell you who will not be competing in formula one thank the grand prix on sunday details and . you can it.
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thank. this for. rains assure themselves in china that voters cause some damage and they're going to cost some more the same every year it's hard to predict exactly where the biggest damn polls who a.b.c. this white cloud developing over hong kong now that satellite picture is a little bit out of date now if the forecast take you into sunday develops the rain once again further in than ganges seems quite likely where the heart of the rain will be but everything's moving slowly science woods and it's a dry picture on monday there hong kong still be cloudy wet on the floor and of course fairly humid is going to the story down for a month or two and the feed of this moisture means that in vietnam it seems likely you'll see quite a few sundry showers that's true also increasingly through cambodia and also thailand not much evidence on the satellite picture yet but we are going to say in the forecast running through the gulf of thailand bringing some showers with it
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still potential for some big downpours in singapore as well and that potential exists for java bali sulawesi a good part of borneo even the philippines are seeing rather more frequent showers than of late all this is as you might expect at this time of the year and there's confirmation potential of rain reaching her cimon as well. whether sponsored by cats already. this was wrong to teach children away from their parents and herd them into a school or against their will there was no mother no father figures they put is a big player and we sort of looked after so i don't remember the children's names. kind it is dark secret on al-jazeera.
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are. you having your. take a look at the top stories right now on al-jazeera and the new head of sudan's transitional military council has promised a civilian government within two years adel tabar had also lifted the night curfew
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ordered the release of prisoners arrested during anti-government protests charges in algeria have announced they will boycott supervising presidential elections expected to take place in july they raise the possibility that the vote may be rigged. and u.s. president donald trump spent accused of islamophobia after tweeting a video about congress. maher the footage showed an excerpt of a speech that she made about nine eleven but senior politicians have noted that the comment was clearly taken out of context. at least ten people had been killed in a taliban attack on the afghan city of just a day after the group on shit spring offensive the fighting flared up and the northern province of the same name as the taliban attack afghan police and military units more than one hundred people have been killed in the province over the past two weeks chela bellus reports. bullet casings list of the ground is gunfire rings out across. the army and police are still in control of the city despite
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a heavy taliban assault part of the group's spring offensive launched on friday this moment the moment the taliban once again wanted to disrupt the peace and security and couldn't use but security forces have inflicted a lot of casualties on the island and we are assuring the great people of can do so that the taliban are cannot do anything here. the ministry of defense said special forces killed several taliban and destroyed weapons in one of the groups. but the taliban full back through the night was forcing a major highway to close and taking police checkpoints inside the city and. this police officer tells us that the taliban were firing on them from this tree line into police and soldiers filled wards includes hospital most hurt when the taliban attacks the checkpoints and. a mortar came in exploded and it affected my eyes i couldn't see anything i shouted a lot and no one answered me or came to help the. people living here reported hevia
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strikes before dawn broke on saturday many closed the shops and started to flee the city hordes. of mortar hit that area until no no one could move forward from here security forces or civilians the situation is very bad here in a statement the taliban says it's. offensively target foreign occupying forces and it will fight until afghanistan is cleared of american occupation it also called on afghan police and soldiers to defect to taliban ranks the ministry of defense responded by saying the taliban is using propaganda to boost morale after a series of recent defeats. the united states is in a difficult position as it seemed gauged in talks with the taliban in qatar the u.s. envoy in charge of the talks zalmay khalilzad tweeted this spring offensive is reckless and will not advance peace if its. people in condos are often called between
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a taliban offensive and the military's response. briefly to the taliban in twenty fifteen the only city to do so since two thousand and one. in recent months u.s. and afghan special forces have for hard to hold the taliban off air the night raid ended with two american and four afghan soldiers killed in march the government is bracing for further taliban pressure now that fighting season has begun. kabul. tens of thousands of intonations took part in a final day of campaigning before wednesday's election and a repeat of the two thousand and fourteen election presidential. running against the former army general. when he reports from jakarta. after six months indonesia's election campaign came to a large colorful end in jakarta on the final day that campaigning was allowed hundreds of thousands streamed into the last rally for president djoko widodo the
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man they call jacoby is running for a second five year term in office and. he has brought equal development all around indonesia in villages in remote areas like other presidents i wouldn't bother to visit she pays attention he is a brave man and all through our. campaign can. kill many good things like infrastructure that. we need for our lives today and for the future of the really was held inside a stadium named after indonesia's first president sukarno joko widodo became the seventh in two thousand and fourteen. and was greeted like a rock star as he campaigned to stay in the job. but i know who were there for the young the woman and the man real make sure that our lives are better than today in five years' time. when stays election will be one of the largest displays of democracy in the world this will be the first time that the presidential vote will
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be held on the same day as elections the seats in the house of representatives the huge crowd here is an example of how big and complex the democratic process is in indonesia and there are more than one hundred ninety million eligible voters and on wednesday most will go to one of eight hundred thousand polling stations around the country. the other choice for president is probably. who was beaten in a close race in the two thousand and fourteen vote he's trailed in most polls during this campaign but it's close the gap in recent weeks i don't think there are still a few days until the election hopefully we can easily overtake the other candidate ladies and gentlemen together we will realize a fair and prosperous indonesia coming both candidates have talked about uniting a country that's becoming increasingly divided along conservative and moderate religious lines if it's a close race and the result is disputed those lines may be further exposed in the
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celebrate every mood of the campaign might be quickly forgotten wayne hay al jazeera jakarta. thousands of opposition supporters have taken to the streets of the serbian capital calling for the resignation of president alexander an alliance of almost about rather thirty activists and organizations calling itself the alliance for serbia has been holding regular demonstrations on belgrade testers are demanding democratic reforms his government says the protestors have no specific demands and have accused them of plotting regime change. has more from. several thousand people. have gathered in the wrong parliament. today in belgrade citizens and serve in the position are demanding do rule of law the press freedom and democratic elections they are demanding the resignation of certain president alexander and sooner than prime minister on the bottom of each day he's the biggest
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protest so far people have came from all over serbia to participate in the protests meanwhile inside of the serbian parliament our demand bers of ruling serbian progressive party some of spend the night inside the parliament to protect it as they say from the violence also police inside of the building the leaders of sort of in a position are having a speech also serbian professors actors and others police said there are no students so far and they say there are approximately seven thousand people on the streets of belgrade. protesters from the all of us movement rallied across france on saturday for the first time since anti-riot in laws came into effect there was low turnout in cities including to lose which has been the national capital fellow bus of the demonstrations started twenty two weeks ago after president maduro marker on introduced a fuel high at the heart into
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a protest against his leadership people have gathered in the northern indian city of armor star for the one hundred anniversary of a massacre committed during british soldiers during british soldiers during clonal roll hundreds were killed and more than a thousand injured british troops opened fire on protesters in one nine hundred nineteen u.k. prime minister theresa may has called it a shameful scar it was a has this report. indian politicians have been paying their respects to those who died a century ago. this will garden in the northern city of amritsar is unrecognizable today from the bloody scene in april one thousand nine hundred nineteen at least three hundred seventy nine people were killed when british troops opened fire on protesters according to official records but people in the area at the time said the death toll was much higher yob. there's no ram
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al-qaeda. ob the come once on a hundred yards completion are one hundred yards sin the jelly are all about god i fear martyrs for them are here are our peers in city from a political rally in southern tamil nadu state prime minister narendra modi remembers the victims of this dark day in indian history the massacre of peaceful protesters became a symbol of colonial cruelty and for decades indians have demanded an apology from the u.k. . this wasn't forthcoming jaring if is it to the city by queen elizabeth in one thousand nine hundred ninety seven. no more recently in two thousand and thirteen when former british prime minister david cameron went on an official tour of the site thank you mr speaker my own wednesday prime minister to resign may acknowledge
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the anniversary in the british parliament the tragedy of. nine hundred ninety is a shameful scar on british indian history as her majesty the queen said before visiting. in one thousand nine hundred ninety seven is a distressing example of our past history with india we deeply regret what happened and the suffering caused by me. still no formal apology and one hundred years later is uncertain if the apology many indians are waiting for will ever come. more than seventy british politicians have signed a letter calling for julia sons' to be extradited to sweden to face sexual assault allegations swedish prosecutors dropped the case in two thousand and seventeen but now they are considering a request from the alleged victim who accuses songe of assault asylum sought asylum and maybe i could or embassy seven years ago to avoid extradition to sweden saying
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the case was politically motivated british police arrested the wiki leaks founder on thursday and the u.s. says its arms conspired with former intelligence analyst chelsea manning to help her crack a government password. and israel's former spy chief has been arrested in spain just weeks after the u.s. issued a warrant for him who are all as wanted by washington for alleged cocaine trafficking in iran minutes wales' military intelligence for over a decade and was a close advisor to the late president hugo chavez. ireland is breathing a sigh of relief after the prospect of a no deal breaks it seems to be rolled out for now any sort of brakes may be damaging to the irish economy especially the agriculture sector lawrence lee reports. between them this herd of seventy cows produces harf a million liters of milk every year and a full third of that is drunk in britain it's true of an across the border to northern ireland's just over that hill but lorcan is a worried man a brick sits without
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a trade deal especially with new boarders would put his entire business on the line and on certain days they're all the time because like i'm completely dependent on the meat from these cars and laid off the product is made from miami to talk to to forty percent of that ends up in the u.k. so of course i'm alright course i'm worried it isn't just milk nearly a third of all beef consumed in britain is irish even more cheese and butter talk about trade deals and borders can sound confusing here it's about what goes into people's mouths the cheese on the pizza was made here in the republic of ireland the cheese was in driven across the border into the u.k. where the pizza was manufactured and is then sold across both countries use of an open border have led to this complex web of food production and distribution to the benefits of both the republic of ireland and the u.k. and this one which farmers here believe would be entirely jeopardized by no deal
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bricks it. deals between islands in the u.k. are worth a full six billion dollars a year hardly surprising island is worried when break says it was for supporters of by the u.k. people to leave europe there was two requirements for. be there beef and dairy one was that we wouldn't have a bar but the second was that our straight or the ship would remain status quo and there is a grid to a greater degree of uncertainty about that today as there was twelve or eighteen months ago during the bricks and referendum concerns of irish farmers counted for zero but maybe they should have massive more no bricks it deal no food from ireland could make british people go hungry if a hard border went up there would be food shortages in the u.k. there will be a lack of beef products because they rely on irish beef the price of beef what escalation so far that your average person in the u.k. simply won't be able to afford if we can avoid that hopefully we will avoid those
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that point is entirely lost in the brics a debate in london where politicians seem entirely unconcerned about the impact on islands of the u.k. leaving the euro.


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