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morris' blown itself being the top end of this residual differences in temperature means it's been pretty stormy all way from texas through louisiana and to georgia and this is going to carry on for the next teen hours for the picture on sunday still gives you a line of dark green which is still quite sundry in its nature and the top end is cold enough as sir snow touching the chicago run across the great lakes to northern new york state and even toronto but given the daytime temperatures but five degrees that's going to be wet heavy snow that doesn't necessarily last long more to come for the cascades in the rockies as well at least for one or two areas that's going to carry all drifting slowly inland tween sunday and monday the same time everything else is going offshore and he's a quiet looking monday for the most part where the winds are like a strong as they have been recently the cloud is well dispersed and apart from a few showers in california the next band of rain is still to come on to the coast as you can see dropping sacks with a tenant of africa systems got to give you some showers at first in new catan but i
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think later in the bahamas and also cuba south of that still looking fairly dry it's cloudy in the caribbean. on counting the cost big on symbolism big for both hands brazil's president got to show for a country struggling to recover from a recession and is india's prime minister seeks another term where also has kept its election promises. on al-jazeera.
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hello again. a reminder of the news this hour the new head of saddam's transitional military council has promised sweeping reforms. is insisting that a civilian administration will eventually take over he also lifted a nighttime curfew and ordered the release of prisoners arrested during anti-government protests. algeria's judges say they will boycott the supervision of presidential elections they say the vote could be rigged it's expected to be held in july. and forces fighting for control of libya's capital have launched more airstrikes a school and a refugee center were hit by the khalifa haftar as warplanes struck the town of ends are a southeast of tripoli. now u.s.
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president donald trump is facing accusations that he's put the life of a congresswoman at risk through one of his tweets trump selectively quote said in. somalia american member of congress making it look. she was downplaying the nine eleven attacks john hendren has the story from washington. it was a provocative trump tweet critics say went too far president donald trump on saturday tweeted a quote about the nine eleven attacks from muslim congresswoman omar's peeking at the council on american islamic relations along with the words we will never forget kerry was found it after nine eleven because they recognized that some people did something the president's post came days after the conservative new york post put this on its cover the video when trump's tweet selectively quotes omar along with images of the world trade center attacks which we are not showing it was designed to suggest that omar was minimizing the effect of nine eleven but
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a fuller quote shows what he was actually saying is that muslims in the u.s. have been stigmatized since those attacks carol was found at after nine eleven because they recognize that some people did something and that all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties. in fact care was founded in one nine hundred ninety four but its membership increased dramatically after nine eleven she is receiving death threats on a daily basis this is not a jewel for the president is not one of his boring ugly jokes this is serious the thrust to do with her safety the safety of every muslim the safety of my own children my own family enough is enough our president has to realize the danger of forces doing the president's tweet drew a series of retaliatory responses from democrats who called it racist and dangerous congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortez said members of congress have a duty to respond to the president's explicit attack today omar's life is in danger
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presidential candidate senator bernie sanders said no more is a leader with strength and courage she won't back down to trump's racism in hate and neither will we another presidential candidate senator elizabeth warren wrote the president is inciting violence against a sitting congresswoman and an entire group of americans based on their religion it's disgusting it's shameful and any elected leader who refuses to condemn it shares responsibility for it for trump the provocative tweet was a twofer needling democrats and drawing an outraged response from his own supporters john hendren al jazeera washington well u.s. president donald trump says he's open to a fed summit with north korean leader kim jong un trump says an additional missing would be a good idea now that the two sides fully understand each other he was responding to kim's offer of more talks by the events that are left february a summit as in vietnam without an agreement on the new kid to silence of north
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korea the u.s. secretary of face is hopeful that dialogue can resume. and respect in north korea we've made real progress and while i am confident that the leadership in america will continue to make progress to solve this challenge the nuclear threat that is posed to the world there remain in place today the world's strongest sanctions u.n. security council resolutions which make clear the objective of the denuclearization north graham very confident will continue to move down the path of achieving that outcome. venezuelan opposition leader one is in the oil rich states of the dounia where they have been anti-government demonstrations to protest against power outages who is recognized by the united states and fifty other countries as venezuela and the jessamine leader is trying to organize nationwide protests against president nicolas maduro on saturday madeira called on more than two million militia members to defend his government they say in yemen reports from caracas. a show of bravado on the tenth anniversary of venezuelans bolivarian
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militia but if and when and we are ready for the americans if they come let there be no mistake if they answer they want to make it out. this is an emblematic anniversary for the bolivarian revolution able thirteenth two thousand and two was the day to that its leader although chavez was able to overturn a coup against him briefly ousted him and installed an opposition leader whether crime or not as venezuela's transitional president now his successor hugo last month little is here is surrounded by the militia and the military to send the message that any attempts to oust him will meet the same fate. model is under unprecedented domestic and international pressure to step down and allow a transition government to hold new elections. they are dissing right wingers who for the last seventeen years and now more recently continued to tear dick country apart they want to install government over our role of doing peerless.
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as he spoke opposition leader fund why dog was rallying support in the oil rich northwestern state of. it's been the worst hit by power and water shortages with more than a month of almost round the clock blackouts and the temperatures that surpass forty degrees. after visiting sewage just patron saint why don't predicted that the people of monaco able in israel a second. marja city would be the ones to lead what he called the final insurrection against my little. we're here not to rise up because it is going to rise up that will show its pride and of course you have the national assembly and me to accompany this process of reconstruction of venezuela and of america. while power has been restored to most of the capital it's been at the expense of other states like. the government is saying very little about plans to restructure the
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electrical system which it claims is being sabotaged. instead my looted declared all of next week a public holiday to commemorate easter reminding the militia that after their break they will be expected to return to their posts to defend the revolution. you see in human got access. well yemen's parliament has met for the first time since the rebels seized the capital in twenty fifteen president. internationally recognized governments flew in from saudi arabia to take part in reports. for the first time since the war began president hadi addresses a session of yemen's. by the bullets at the sons of yemen targeting state institutions and they blew up the homes of yemenis and their mosques leaving nothing in authentic yemeni culture customs and values targeting
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them with vandalism and destruction. parliament hasn't met since the fight for control of yemen began four years ago between who the rebels backed by iran and a coalition led by saudi arabia and the united arab emirates which supports the united nations recognized government of president hadi he's been living mainly in saudi arabia since being forced to leave yemen when the war began the priority for this session is to fill parliamentary positions but that may not be easy the posts in this parliament were last occupied in two thousand and nine and its original six year term has long expired and only about half of the three hundred one parliamentary members have turned up for this meeting. in the aso column and to favor peace over violence to transform into a political playing exercising their rights and for filling their obligations in mind which a large constitution let's all embrace the options of peace according to the
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parliament's facebook page one hundred ninety two parliamentarians support these government forty five are under house arrest by the who feeds thirty three have died and thirty one have refused to take part. a big difference between this parliament being legal and constitutional and or having hope and this parliament so very few are expecting anything from this parliament but again we are hoping that this parliament could at least help and this war no doubt. it won't see any prudes where the only people directly. but the who say how does government doesn't have the support it claims they're now holding their own elections in areas they control to try to reduce the hardy government's majority two days ago saudi state television reported that coalition forces attacked who three targets in the capital sana'a president hadi may have a difficult job convincing yemenis that this problem is a way to peace to make rob matheson al-jazeera. the new palestinian government has
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been sworn in and with us and new prime minister that the new government faces problems as new reports from ramallah in the occupied west bank. this is the first flight to lead the government in more than a decade and has sixteen new ministers out of twenty one but many familiar faces remain in positions of power and the challenges they face are huge the palestinian authority is struggling for cash and the divide between fatah and hamas that i've been group that runs gaza is as white as ever culture minister out of a safe was recently transferred to the west bank from gaza for treatment he is a federal official who was beaten up need his home in gaza last month reportedly by have loyalists have masses it's investigating how mass has already rejected the new government calling it unconstitutional. previous deal state the need to form a national consensus government of all palestinian parties the formation of
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a fatah coven complicates this issue get our hands remain extended for the reconciliation and the agreement of a government but all the palestinian people. but it's not just have mass and its supporters that the government needs to win over these demonstrations in the west bank last year were against the proposed social security low and more widely in protest against the government's performance in what is called a designation letter to president mahmoud abbas asked the new prime minister mohammad stay yes to reunify the west bank and gaza but it faces more immediate issues. inside the west bank account of the to the letter of resignation by the president i think the main mission of this government is to absorb the growing pressure against for the authority from the public and second to try to bridge the gap between the public authority by trying to improve the
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services to improve the performance of the government public employees have been unhappy for two months now israel is with holding some of the taxes that collects for the palestinian authority and u.s. aid has been cut off. this is a government that is inheriting a deep financial crisis and an empowered right wing leadership in israel sort of bible is a word we've been hearing from officials and analysts to believe that people can handle the pressure but it's not clear for how long. but among the indians have marks the one hundredth anniversary of a massacre committed by british soldiers during colonial rule it happened in the northern city of amritsar where british troops opened fire on civilians gathered for a pro independence rally the british high commissioner to india was among those who paid their respects to the victims colonial era records show about four hundred people were killed but other estimates put the number closer to one thousand
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well it's been five years since hundreds of schoolgirls were abducted in northeastern nigeria by boko haram fighters but many are still missing lopez has more. zaineb doesn't know if her daughter is alive ever so often she sorts through the books in homework what's up to school on the day she was abducted five years ago over the years her daughter's absence has weighed on the entire family. today our you know she's the only female of our family my other five children are all boys i hope the government has pity on us. her daughter is among the two hundred seventy six schoolgirls who were kidnapped by boko haram fighters on april twenty fourth team. the military has rescued or found one hundred seven of the kidnapped girls some were freed in exchange for fighters a negotiation between book are wrong and the government others escaped it's
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estimated that about one hundred girls are still unaccounted for. in nigeria's capital there are renewed calls for the search to continue security and welfare of the people of that time a responsibility of the government has promised to destroy book of her arm but its attacks have continued more than twenty thousand people most of them civilians have been killed since two thousand and nine this family like others in the neighborhood hopes their missing daughter is not one of those victims. we've heard that some parents have been reunited with their daughters who is hasn't come back home yet we are losing hope but we're calling on the government to invest more resources to bring back our girls despite the pain this mother still hopes she will once again see her daughter alive katia lopez so the young al-jazeera. thousands of opposition supporters have taken to the streets of the sabayon capital calling for
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the resignation of president alexander. a group of about thirty activists and organizations calling itself the alliance for serbia has been holding regular demonstrations and belgrade protesters are calling for democratic reforms so obvious government says the protestors have no specific demands and have accused them of crossing the regime change. has more from belgrade. several thousand people have gathered in the wrong parliament for more than you saw today in belgrade citizens and zubin the position are demanding the rule of law the price freedom and democratic elections there are demanding the resignation of syrian president alexander to end sooner than prime minister on the beach today he's the biggest protest so far of people who came from all over serbia. to protest me to watch inside of the serbian parliament on demand bers of ruling serbian progressive party
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some of spend the night inside the parliament to protect it as they say from the violence to police inside of the building the leaders in a position are having a speech also serbian professors actors and others police said there are no students so far as they see there are approximately more than seven thousand people on the streets of belgrade wild famous cellist yo-yo ma has given a free recital at the us mexico border. he played near a bridge that links the city of new everleigh ranger in mexico to laredo in the u.s. the u.s. government has recently deployed more border security officials to prevent undocumented travelers entering the united states he says his music aims to build bridges not walls.
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hello i'm the doha with the headlines on al-jazeera the new head of sudan's transitional military council has promised sweeping reforms. and is insisting that an a civilian administration will eventually take over he also lifted a nighttime curfew and ordered the release of prisoners arrested during anti-government protests morgan has moved from khartoum where demonstrators say they'll keep up the pressure. we could fix everything in your. power. bill are wrong. and they're going to wait. to see you come back. with their dog we have managed to remember with the recount of the political party in. algeria as judges have announced they will boycott the supervision of presidential
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elections they say the vote could be rigs it's expected to be held in july demonstrators want the interim president to step down former president. step down earlier this month he'd been in charge for twenty years forces fighting for control of libya's capital have launched more airstrikes a school and a refugee center were hit when khalifa haftar warplanes struck the town of daraa southeast of tripoli have to launched an offensive against the internationally recognized government last week. the palestinians have a new government following the failure of reconciliation efforts between rival factions mohamad has become the first party member to take up the role of prime minister in more than a decade has been excluded from the government and has condemned the appointment. thousands of opposition supporters have taken to the streets of the capital calling for the resignation of president alexander view church protesters are calling for
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democratic reforms as government says the protestors have no specific demands and have accused them of crossing the regime change well those are the headlines join me for more news here counting the cost to stay with us. methamphetamines for me and flooding into countries across asia. one zero one east asks why all forces can't seem to stop a myth. hello i'm come on santa maria this is counting the cost on al-jazeera your weekly look at the world of business and economics this week brazil is big on symbolism big on rhetoric but after one hundred days in office what has brazil's president got to show for a country that still struggling to recover from
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a recession also this week is india's prime minister six another term we ask has he managed to keep his election promises from the last time and what does the sale of the ride hailing app karim to tell us about the way acquisitions and investments are happening in the age of the tech giants. so it's been over one hundred days since brazil's right wing president. came into power and in that time while the stock markets burst through the one hundred thousand point mark which is a historic achievement but one perhaps more in hope and expectation of what paulson are it could achieve because the reality is rather more grim consider this efforts to save two hundred sixty billion dollars through much needed pension reforms stuck in political wrangling the economy is expected to grow in just two percent less than the two and a half percent forecast unemployment now hovering around twelve percent and belsen
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are his approval rating is the lowest for a president since the country returned to democracy three decades ago now on a recent trip to the united states he and donald trump promised to reset relations between the two countries however both american ceded marchin received little in return on the prospect of a trade deal between the united states and china that could actually be crippling for brazil's famines and that's where we're going to start this week the reality of brazil's economy as told by those literally at the grassroots level. has this report now from the state of mato grosso where brazil soy farmers fear for their own livelihoods. brazil is one of the world's. produces a matter is the biggest producer in brazil china is brazil's biggest export market and about half of that is commodities. so when it might do it shopping elsewhere brazilian farmers take note. when we have china negotiating with the u.s.
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in these conditions almost obliged to buy from the united states that is going to have. about five thousand workers who are employed in harvesting to. one hundred seventy thousand tons just on this twenty seven thousand hectare property. without the chinese buyers it will be complicated we're following the latest news in the papers and we're really worried brazil's big agri business mostly backed the winning candidate. in last year's presidential elections. far more trade with china than the us the new president. aging is not on his itinerary or the talks go on in washington in beijing to try to resolve their trade differences it's unlikely they take into account the future of these workers on the other side of the walls but these men although they have no say a very attentive their livelihoods depend on it i.
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was founded in seventeen nineteen joining a gold rush in the gold ran out. the collective until the arrival of big agriculture. in the late twentieth century the city grew rapidly from fifty thousand inhabitants to more than six hundred thousand today. parts is white gold. is used in more than two hundred sub products you can find it in medicine cosmetics but it's most important use is as protein for eating livestock that converts into animal protein for the population the world's demand is huge producers here like gold will not run out but they must have. for now brazilian soil produces. waiting to see which way the international trade winds blow. well joining us here in the studio is. though he is the residence professor at northwestern university
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here in katherine a latin america and it's lovely to have you with us hiero not jairo like the here like the president so we've just seen a report there about the soy farmers in brazil who are worried about the potential trade deal or trade wars and all these issues between the united states and china these are the people who they tend the land they are the backbone of of an economy grassroots how worried should they be teasing i think there must be very very worried because one of the things is that agriculture in brazil in terms of employment terms of realty for poor people or for certain areas of pollution is very important but the overall economy. is not bad imports and it's only six percent of the g.d.p. meanwhile you have thirty percent of the u.p.a. from an industry and seventy percent for the service so for the demonstration of your will so narrow this was one of the things they're more willing to sacrifice if
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they get more access for their industry and that's a very key point can i look at some other issues with you as well as we look more mr bowles in our own self himself and what he's trying to do he wants to save money by cutting pensions hundreds of billions of dollars yeah i mean how i guess sound an idea is that i mean you're touching people's pensions that this is a delicate area if we put it that yes and they the one of the problems of bras of the resilient economy is that it has a huge public sector and that public sector of the pensions are mostly in the public sector related to the public sector and that sector is very powerful influential within their minister and i'm not sure how much luck mr paulson are will have in that sector but for him is crucial to cut the deficit and this means reducing and between cutting the pensions and cutting privatization they expect in the next ten years to save nearly. three hundred billion dollars that mean is that
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enough that would be enough to buntin the deficit on the you know seventy percent sixty percent which means there brazil will pay less in the deps ervice other moment a huge part of the budget of those who goes to pay the service of the debt as all that in american countries at the moment is that going to be possible that's more about politics image and also not a house to draw a hemorrhage or for the moment he's of the lowest rates of popularity in the history of. this is what i was going to ask you about. does that matter i guess you know there are a lot of politicians who say all polls whatever he's only been in power for one hundred days but to be that low what can he do to fix that it matters a lot in brazil because one of the things on the left in brazil feels they feel cheated you know they feel that they put in prison so he couldn't run again so they the left brazil is ready to mobilize itself to really act quickly against also not
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all worn with a vote that was not only from the right here a lot of appeal within the left and with the popular sector many poor people voted for also not all but they are increasingly growing impatient with the ministrations promises of economy grow on employment is something around twelve percent and brazil's growth forecast was cut this week so it's less than there was even x. men then some of the companies big companies like pharmaceutical companies are now announce they're going to stop production in brazil so a lot of people who would produce employment which is in salaries decent salaries they want people want and expect to live in brazil regionally how secure is brazil i'm just thinking venezuela has obviously dominated our thoughts for a long time we've seen the spillover of that in canonically into into other countries as brazil ok yeah brazil has much of stronger institution right and if anything will drift you know to the conservation of power of the current
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institutions i don't think that's that's going to be the case but really speaking of brazil's finance are very varietals they big exports i mean brazil is a has a surplus in exports you know but still exports over two hundred billion dollars and imports something around one hundred fifty three billion dollars that that is a very important feature of its strength but a lot of those exports goes into the latin american market for example argentina part i why and those markets also economy are quite quite fry. the quite week one of things we have to start and i was going to say and so is that why mr paulson are looks elsewhere you know he's been meeting trump he met netanyahu with religion and reelected making sure that there are other minds out there yeah well the united states market has also been a traditional market in and of course news of also not a would would want the united states to be again it is remarkable but structurally that is a long way to take because that would mean and again we're going back to interests
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that would mean that brazil will have to develop certain areas of the industry that could compete in the united states with china it's easier because they export commodities there roma things that brazil has one of the big criticism against their boss around administration has been the flex the flexible approach to go there as a flexible approach the approach that he adopted towards for example environmental a situation where he do you really believe there are series of arias but he's doing that because he knows that to get to the chinese market at the moment it's the mining and it's raw material that he needs to export so he's trying to flex eliza to increase the potential of the economy he needs cash flow at the moment he needs to increase the the export surplus but he also needs money to develop all the area and he knows industrial production which is where he's probably his hopes are take a long time it's been a pleasure talking to thank you for joining us. and still ahead this week on counting the cost educated but jobless in iraq we're looking at where the private
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investors can succeed in creating jobs where the government is failing. right now that we are looking at here where a month long election process involving up to nine hundred million voters has begun now prime minister narendra modi is widely expected to win another term in coalition with other parties even though his pledge to create ten million jobs and to increase manufacturing with his make in india campaign has been a failure so how rahman's been speaking to people about their hopes from the next indian government. to millions of indians the wheels of life don't stop turning and that includes those like migrant worker top one course from the state of west bengal in the east of the country he's been a rickshaw rider in new delhi for twenty years with few job opportunities moving to the big city was the only way to support his family. it would be wonderful if my son and daughter get an education that's my only wish and nothing else as
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a responsible rule water i go to great lengths to cast my vote but the politicians take my vote and then disappear where is the promised help millions of workers have converged on india's major cities to find ways to survive economic pressures back home they're relying on politicians to keep their election promises to the. millions of indians voters for the bharatiya janata party b j p led by a right wing populist leader in the red remote in twenty fourteen he promised a lot to the electorate especially the young and. if we want the country to progress then we need to develop their skills that's my mission this is my promise to develop skill india where the promises were made that where there is training something. so hope was really rising but in forty years nothing happened you know ninety five percent of startups have failed i don't see any indian a start up making up even now after four years. in the capital new delhi aspiring
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fashion designers are close to graduating and many in this class like books and the leisure of first time voter.


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