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in the year where a month long election process involving up to nine hundred million voters has begun now prime minister narendra modi is widely expected to win another term in coalition with other parties even though his pledge to create ten million jobs and to increase manufacturing with his make in india campaign has been a failure so how rahman's been speaking to people about their hopes from the next indian government. to millions of indians the wheels of life don't stop turning and that includes those like migrant worker top one course from the state of west bengal in the east of the country he's been a rickshaw rider in new delhi for twenty years with few job opportunities moving to the big city was the only way to support his family. it would be wonderful if my son and daughter get an education that's my only wish and nothing else as a responsible rule water i go to great lengths to cast my vote but the politicians take my vote and then disappear where is the promised help millions of workers have
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converged on india's major cities to find ways to survive economic pressures back home they're relying on politicians to keep their election promises to the. millions of indians voters for the bharatiya janata party b j p led by a right wing populist leader in the red remote in twenty fourteen he promised a lot to the electorate especially the young and. if we want the country to progress then we need to develop their skills that's my mission this is my promise to develop skill india where the promises were made that where there is skill india training something. so hope was really rising but in forty years nothing happened you know ninety five percent of startups have failed i don't see any indian a start up making up even now after four years. in the capital new delhi aspiring fashion designers are close to graduating and many in this class like books and the leisure of first time voters. because i was and will give my promise and i want one
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who keeps their promises just not for the sakes sake of getting what in the next election is but to be there for the people as me graduate out of college the first thing which we will look at. and that's what we want these are just some of the estimated fifteen million graduates that will join the job market each year the government forecasts that manufacturing will increase by eight percent and that's good news for these students. is not the first to look for work in the big city and he will be the last but he'll be heading back to his village to vote hoping his choice of candidates will keep his election promises. well you know the buy word for taxi apps all over the world but of course each region has its own variations on the theme and here in the middle east and asia it is karim only karim just got bought up by her for three billion dollars which sounds like your classic
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situation of the little stop being swallowed up by the industry leader well this one's a little different though karim will actually operate under its own banner and they will continue to be led by its own founders as a wholly owned subsidiary and our next guest actually believes the sale of korean two is a good thing for the middle east's startup scene but what about those behind the likes of a soft bank of japan saudi arabia's public investment fund what's their game are they now reinforcing the old world order of investments which has been blowing up the water more recently by the likes of amazon google and facebook well we've got a guest joining us from london it's dominic percs who is the cofounder of. capital so nice to have you with us dominic just what we're talking this specific case of how is it a good thing for middle aged startups when the little guy as i said get swallowed up by the big guy. well there are a number of investors that have invested into into the business and they're going to yield fantastic returns which will encourage them to invest in startups i think
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it will encourage entrepreneurship in the region hugely and i also think that the people that are involved in that business will have learnt so much and will be so confident that they may well then go and build their own companies so i am very percs you know we have been keeping a close eye on the tech ecosystem in the middle east and we're often working out in the middle east bringing some of our companies from london to trade in the region and we think this is just excellent news for the region so is it a good thing as i suggested to see the light solve in this case soft bank and saudi arabia which are backing to be making these sorts of moves because these are moves which have been dominated by the big tech players recently tech players which i mean are owning you know seventy five percent plus of the advertising market and i just wonder if you think this is a good thing that we're seeing. well i definitely think it's
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a good thing that kareem has been set up by entrepreneurs backed by angels and by institutional capital and has now scaled successfully and. and been exeter to move i think this is a it's a it's a great move and i don't think that. anyone would argue against that more widely is that a concern when you've got the the googles and the amazons and the facebook's the usual suspects which we name but when we see them making all the investments they're making on the consolidations and with this huge growth is it a concern that that has happened for so many years now so what we're trying to do is is find and back and build the next down isn't the next facebook the next google and you know the migration of talent from industry into early stage businesses now stimulated and kind of catalyzed by transactions
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like carrie can only be a good thing when in the end to build great businesses you need fantastic innovation you need brilliant teams and you need you know willing capital and careen transaction is is is definitely going to stimulate the market we think so without giving the game away for what you guys are investing in but tell me what are you looking for because you say you want to you want to find the next big thing but there are so many little things out there right now which could be the next big thing. absolutely i mean you know we see sixty seventy business plans a week that we review in and consider for investment ultimately what we're looking to do is about businesses that have real purpose and that are solving real problems and that have incredibly driven capable management teams and that that's that's what we're looking to do in addressing large markets. ideally international markets as well. so one example of a business that is a great british innovation that has backed his is what three words what three words
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is solving a extraordinary global problem which is that seventy five percent of the world's population doesn't actually have a postal address. now the team in london at what three words have come up with a system where they've taken a great across the whole world and divided it into fifty seven trillion squares each three metres by three metres and they've given each square a three word name it's kind of ingenious and allows you to find anything or anyone in the world with a memorable three words it's first client was mongolia it's received investment alongside umbro perks from the likes of sony ventures from am ex in the region from the diner and you know it's set to become a truly fascinating and transformative business we think now i'm very familiar with what three words are used it's good when you're trying to send
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a delivery driver your way or something like that do you do you feel this is a slightly strange question but do you feel lucky when you find some another i know it's your job to go out there and find these ideas until and to decide ok this was the one we should ban but you must feel a bit lucky as well when you think of it out of all the millions out there we got a good one. for sure this is you know that he kind of make your own luck so. you know it's. we see a lot of opportunities in and actually you know what there are lots of great ideas it's so much about the execution so certainly our approach isn't just to provide capital into these businesses but to provide real support real mentorship and one of the things that we i think quite unique on is our focus on internationalisation we want to build global witness don't picks great talking to you thank you for your time thank you in iraq are rising unemployment is provoking demands for government action particularly by young people you know the international monetary fund says youth unemployment is actually more than double the government's official rate of
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twenty percent but is there an alternative perhaps to government intervention to reports from baghdad this is so sameness ear. he's got a degree in political science but he's here in baghdad's to here square selling t. hussein is one of the millions of iraqis who are out of work. i have decided to wear the graduation at and sell t. on the streets to earn a living and to deliver a message of discontent to the authorities now days graduates suffer from lack of job opportunities and a weak government plan to address the issue. these protesters all have p.h.d.'s and are all out of work. yet they say they're angry with the government for not fulfilling its duty under iraqi law the government must provide government jobs to those who gain a p.h.d. in any discipline but that's not happening. as bad mother to joe machine and the
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reason behind our protest is that many of those holding who scratch it degrees are suffering from unemployment and no job opportunities available despite the fact that many of iraq's universities need such experts we play administrative corruption nepotism and favored his many. officials say the country's recent problems have derailed government plans in the title as the reason behind rising unemployment rates in iraq is attributed to its economic crunch and security challenges and that has led to the delay of many projects which have affected the labor market this is one solution it's called the station established last year by young iraqis to help start up companies it is privately funded by local and international non-government organizations the station offers office space for rent and access to people with extensive experience to provide guidance it's helped launch more than thirty businesses so far. and this is one of them this book store
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opened within the station last year and its owner says she got all the support she need at least she'll be watching that kyra until rates of cases all to obtain a real estate as start to business owners is difficult but here i was with an opportunity to start up with less costs so the station provided me with that corner to run my business called the raj this is the only one of its kind in the country for now the founders are trying to launch a second one in erbil later this year while a place like this provides resources to many unemployed iraqis they argue that it's not enough to help tackle the growing unemployment rate across the country and for substantial change to take place they argue that the government must do more to help its people finally this week we do need to talk about briggs that's where the headline is that the european union leaders have given the u.k. six more months to find a measured way to leave the bloc in a sense that solves the problem of the ticking brags that clock or at least puts
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a little more time on it but the level of division within the british parliament and the british people that still need a lot more work here is lawrence lee now on a trip to two english towns which share the same name but one entirely different outcomes to the crisis this elegant policy of london is the epicenter of hostility to brics its rich powerful people live here the entire notion of brics it is regarded as balmy unhinged would economically speaking cook the u.k.'s goose. the centrist liberal democrats who have only a handful of seats in parliament dominate politics here have defiantly nailed their colors to the council mast and they say get rid of brecht's it once and forever kill it stone dead it will have to be revoked because there simply isn't the time to put the legislation in place for a second referendum if if revoke is going to be cleaver let's just do it it wasn't possible to still have
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a break that i think people will understand that we just have to be honest and say what you were solves in g. in the transfer trade sixteen was a false it was a lot to be honest it was just something which couldn't be delivered it is absolutely impossible to overstate the sheer sensible thing that people in places like this have towards brics it's their feeling of national betrayal towards those politicians who would take the u.k. out of the european union with no deal. becomes a vis richmond's and you're likely to get the opposite view here very many regard opposition to bracks it's as a form of treachery. this richmond is every bit as pretty as the other one it was voted the best place to live in britain yet the mood here can be venomous towards both the e.u. and the british governments they dismiss entirely the idea that bracks it is some kind of mythical creature as their opponents claim. britain they say is being led
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like a lamb to the slaughter democracy is dying i think the longer it goes on the more extensions the more that they the power of the play will be by parliament. reminders and we will not get brecht's it is simple as that i think it's good lying tactics so that i can reverse the decision of the people where as protests over welfare cuts exploded nicaragua's phone trying government launched a brutal clampdown. now after a year of deaths detentions and political suppression crisis negotiations are underway. but could the dark days of civil war still retire. people in power investigates a frontline nicaragua on al-jazeera. the
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most severely. the last so it's. the lower. costs. low for. twenty one to assert your individuality it's ok to argue with people and it's ok to disagree. but also
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a period when childhood dreams can clash with reality compromising i don't think i'm pretty good at compromise and in two thousand and six south africa revisits the children of apartheid for the first time and like their country much has changed over the past forty. or twenty one up south africa. sudan's new interim leader off as an olive branch to demonstrators who helped to push him out of power but some protesters remain skeptical. hello i'm the saudi attain this is al jazeera life and also coming up. a
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wave of air strikes as fighters from eastern libya intensify their efforts to take control of the capital tripoli. where in tunis here for a look at the high price migrants are paying as they seek a better life. and the u.s. president is accused of inciting violence and dividing americans after a tweet attack on one of the fast muslim women elected to congress. to don's ruling military council has held talks with organizers of the mass protests the country now has its third leader in as many days and he's promised to hand over power to a civilian government and his first address to the nation about one promised sweeping reforms the military forced president omar al bashir to step down from power on thursday begins our coverage. instead. a stunning turnaround as the
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new leader general abdul fatah struck a more conciliatory tone and promised inclusive efforts to establish a civilian government. in order to provide an atmosphere for your desire to establish a state we declare that the curfew be lifted all detained under martial law will immediately be released human rights will be reinforced in line with international laws the provincial rulers will be relieved of duty and an invitation will be given to all the people political parties and organizations to engage in dialogue a ceasefire will be enforced across the country and we invite those carrying arms to lay them down sit at the negotiation table and agree to peaceful coexistence moments earlier a group of opposition leaders held a news conference and once again called for a civilian government. workers the army together with the people have been victims to those people cloaked as good virtuous men it is the judy and responsibility of
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the armed forces to protect the people and enforce the rule of law the armed forces men who have fallen have done their best in else doing dictatorship and establishing a civil state we and all the opposition parties refused to hand over power to the military we want to totally civil leadership assume power on friday when another general. the man who had orchestrated the end of president omar bashir is thirty year rule resigned after that announcement was made there were celebrations on the streets many sudanese hope that one who is the specter general of the military and perceived to be less tainted than either of his predecessors may be able to bring solutions to the problems that led to months of protests that is any sign that it's a great thing for sudan and god willing all our hopes will be realized we're not leaving the streets until everything goes to our advantage on saturday another high profile resignation when intelligence chiefs. also step down some analysts
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believe these are encouraging signs but they'll put the talks between the military and civilian leaders. as are probably no more chances of success says the military have removed a number of the first ladies who. were just as and professional association. would have liked to be. the protests began in december over a sharp rise in bread prices and the deep t.d.o.t. to quantum but it's not clear how the protesters would he got to these promises of change over the coming days. of disease. while the opposition including protest organizers have released a list of their demands after a meeting with the transitional council they include arresting all political and security leaders accused of corruption and murder including for crimes committed in darfur
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a complete overhaul of the country's security and intelligence services and the release of all political prisoners and the cancellation of all laws which restrict freedom well payson cannot says a former u.s. diplomat and an advisor in the africa program at the united states institute of peace he says the demonstrators want accountability from the old regime. it's certainly heartening that the demonstrators have have constituted a negotiating team that has met with the military council and certainly that's an important step but i think we have to be very very cautious in terms of thinking that there's any narrowing of the vast differences between the path for the military council has charted and what the aspirations of the demonstrators and the vast majority seemingly of the people of sudan or the seeming firing of the of the intelligence chiefs today. exceedingly powerful figure and i think one of the questions that remains is whether he may be down but is he out and i think we've seen very clearly from the demonstrators and others
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a desire for accountability for the very figures such as solid goes who they believe have been responsible for human rights violations and other or other atrocities over some decades now algeria is judges have announced they will boycott the supervision of presidents the elections they say the vote could be rigged it's expected to be held in july demonstrations are keeping up pressure on the interim the ministration former president otherwise he's resigned earlier this month. we the judges of algeria have on a quickly to thought it took what we called supervising the presidential elections that essential to pull to. forces fighting for control of libya's capital have launched new strikes. planes from. side attack to the town of southeastern turkey a school and refugee center were hit but no casualties reported another strike has
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a government building on the outskirts of the capital meanwhile forces from the un backed government targeted positions south of the capital in the town. the town is believed to be a base for huffed military operations fighting has been going on for more than a week as have to forces it tripoli. from the capital. both warring factions have been using warplanes to target locations in and around tripoli warplanes loyal to the world have to targeted several locations in site tripoli including a military camp belongs to the government of national called and their school while the government warplanes targeted have to us forces locations near the town of between on the way between the u.n. and tripoli authorities at him eighty get airport the only operational airport in
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the capital city say that have to as warplanes will flying on saturday over the airport trying to target him eighty get airport but forces in a may to get airport tried to target the planes with the anti crafts missiles they say that authorities in a may to say that the will probably have to suspend a vacation again because the military escalation is going on near the airport now concerning the military confrontations on the ground the government forces have been gaining ground especially around forty kilometers to the south from tripoli where the government forces managed to recapture the headquarters of the fourth infantry brigade which was taken control of by have to forces days ago the military escalation on the outskirts of tripoli on the southern outskirts of tripoli has forces more than nine thousand five hundred civilians to leave their homes
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now tunis he says fighting in neighboring libya will lead to more people trying to cross the mediterranean sea by boat over the past year hundreds of african migrants and asylum seekers have ended up on two million shores algiers nicholas haq reports from. back in his boat tunisian fisherman selim bill he was arrested last year for helping see fourteen african migrants at sea. coast guards accused him of human trafficking he faced christine years in prison but was later released after months in detention. i didn't commit a crime and i would do it again we cannot abandon them or our faith cannot allow us to abandon them they are humans just like you and me. while most migrants set off from libya strong currents in bad weather often pushed their fragile boats towards neighboring tunisia. authorities here say they are overwhelmed. tunisia thermal or
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challenges as european countries with migrants ending up on its shores except it doesn't have the resources to deal with them and with the fighting intensifying in neighboring libya it continues to be the gateway to europe for many african migrants. nearly four hundred people have drowned trying to cross the mediterranean so far this year. at first fishermen dead babies women and men floating in the sea now he sees bodies and limbs washing up on tunisia's beaches moved by the sight of so many dead migrants. buried over four hundred of them. now knowing their journey maybe their souls made it to europe or even to america we may have buried their bodies but not their dreams. for these tunisian fishermen their
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action is an attempt to bring some human dignity to those who lost their lives in the mediterranean and they fear the fighting in libya was even more tempting to make that dangerous journey nicholas hawk al jazeera at the tunisian libyan border . still ahead on al-jazeera thousands marching serbia against the president but the government says it's staged. and growing concern and ireland's finest keep a close eye on brics. howlers to reigning sundry reign in iran in pakistan and also afghanistan as all this conglomeration of planned is still fairly active in nature and will be for
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a thing you know twenty four to thirty six hours the potential any one place from this rain is about one hundred millimeters which it comes down here in a big share of course is fresh blood territory or mudslide territory so that's not good news the whole lot is moving slowly northeast was running up into afghanistan and pakistan for monday leaving increasing amounts of iran dry west of that the cloud is invading from north east africa through egypt and towards israel lebanon and probably as far into the northwest of syria as it could manage spotter right out of it and a warming trend before the cloud comes in that it will feel over the city a little cooler the rain has been falling around the gulf states is drifting slowly safa so for sunday will put it just in i think the following breeze will be briefly a strong shamar probably a clear one such the reason there are about the same in riyadh and we're not hitting forty in mecca are the cool down to the last.


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