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from this rain is about one hundred millimeters which it comes down to in a big share of course is flash flood territory or mudslide territory so that's not good news the whole lot is moving slowly north east was running up into afghanistan and pakistan for monday leaving increasing amounts of iran dry west of that the cloud is invading from north east africa through egypt into israel lebanon and probably far into the northwest of syria as it could manage spotted to right out of it and a warming trend before the cloud comes in that it will feel obviously a little cooler. the rain has been falling around the gulf states is drifting study safa so for sunday will put it just in i think the following breeze will briefly a strong shimmer probably a clear one such the reason they're hard by the same in riyadh and we're not hitting forty in mecca are this is cool down to the last couple of weeks come monday the rain is mostly gone and the wind is east so it will do a bit in there. twenty
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one n.h. to assert your individuality it's ok to argue with people and it's ok to disagree but also a period when childhood dreams can clash with reality compromising i don't think i'm pretty good at compromise and in two thousand and six south africa up revisits the children of apartheid for the first time and like their country much has changed over the past fourteen years. or twenty one up south africa i'm noticing.
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hello again i'm a star and a reminder of the news this hour sudan's ruling military council has held talks with protest organizers the head of the council was replaced by another general on saturday and the new leader is promising sweeping reform. algeria's judges say they will boycott the supervision of presidential elections they say the vote could be rigged it's expected to be held in july. forces fighting for control of libya's capital have launched more airstrikes khalifa haftar has warplanes has a school and a refugee center outside the capital tripoli. venezuelan opposition leader is in the oil rich states of the doing where there have been anti-government demonstrations to protest against power outages quite oh is trying to organize a nationwide protest against president nicolas maduro on saturday maturer called on more than two million militia members to defend his government you see a new man reports from caracas. a show of bravado on the tenth anniversary of
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venezuelans bolivarian militia. we are ready for the americans if they come let there be no mistake if they answer they want to make it out. this is an emblematic anniversary for the bolivarian revolution abel thirteenth two thousand and two was the data that its leader. was able to overturn a coup against him that briefly ousted him and installed an opposition leader. as venezuela's transitional president now his successor a new class of auto is here surrounded by the militia and the military to send the message that any attempts to oust him will meet the same fate. model is under unprecedented domestic and international pressure to step down and allow a transition government to hold new elections. they are dissing right wingers who for the last seventeen years and now more recently continued to tear the country apart they want to install government over our wealth to the imperialists.
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as you spoke opposition leader fund why dog was rallying support in the oil rich western state of. it's been the worst hit by power and water shortages with more than a month of almost round the clock blackouts and the temperatures that surpass forty degrees. after visiting sewage is patron saint why don't predicted that the people of monaco able in israel a second largest city would be the ones to lead what he called the final insurrection against my little. we're here not to rise up because it is going to rise up that will show its pride and of course you have the national assembly and me to accompany this process of reconstruction of venezuela. while power has been restored to most of the capital it's been at the expense of other states like. the. government is saying very little about plans to restructure the
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electrical system which it claims is being sabotaged. instead it cleared all of next week a public holiday to commemorate easter reminding the militia that after their break they will be expected to return to their posts to defend the revolution. you see in human got access yemen's parliament has met for the first time since the rebels seized the capital and twenty fifteen present. needs the internationally recognized government flew in from saudi arabia to take matheson reports. for the first time since the war began president. addresses a session of yemen's. by the bullets at the sons of yemen targeting state institutions and they blew up the homes of yemenis and their mosques leaving nothing in authentic yemeni culture customs and values targeting
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them with vandalism and destruction. parliament hasn't met since the fight for control of yemen began four years ago between who the rebels backed by iran and a coalition led by saudi arabia and the united arab emirates which supports the united nations recognized government of president hadi he's been living mainly in saudi arabia since being forced to leave yemen when the war began the priority for this session is to fill parliamentary positions but that may not be easy the posts in this parliament were last occupied in two thousand and nine and its original six year term has long expired only about half of the three hundred one parliamentary members have turned up for this meeting. in also columnist to favor peace over violence to transform into a political player exercising their rights and for filling their obligations in mind which a large constitution let's all embrace the options of peace according to the
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parliament's facebook page one hundred ninety two parliamentarians support his government forty five are under house arrest by the who feeds thirty three have died and thirty one have refused to take part. a big difference between this parliament being legal and our constitutional and or having hope in this parliament so very few are expecting anything from this parliament but again we are hoping that this parliament could at least help and this war no doubt. it won't see any prudes where the only people directly. but the who say honey is government doesn't have the support it claims they're now holding their own elections in areas they control to try to reduce the hardy government's majority two days ago saudi state television reported that coalition forces attacked who three targets in the capital sana'a president hadi may have a difficult job convincing yemenis that this parliament is
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a way to peace and that rob matheson. the new palestinian government has been sworn in and where there is a new prime minister but the new government faces problems as news abraham reports from ramallah in the occupied west bank. this is the first flight to lead the government in more than a decade and has sixteen new ministers out of twenty one but many familiar faces and many in positions of power and the challenges they face are huge the palestinian authority is struggling for cash and the divide between fatah and hamas that i build group that runs gaza is as white as ever culture minister out of a safe was recently transferred to the west bank from gaza for treatment he is a federal official who was beaten up need his home in gaza last month reportedly by have asked loyalists have masses it's investigating how mass has already rejected the new government calling it unconstitutional. previous deal state the need to
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form a national consensus government of all palestinian parties the formation of a fatah cup win complicates the issue its own hands remain extended for the reconciliation and the agreement of a government but all the palestinian people. but it's not just have mass and its supporters that the government needs to win over these demonstrations in the west bank last year were against the proposed social security low and more widely in protest against the government's performance in what is called a designation letter to president mahmoud abbas asked new prime minister mohammad stay yes to reunify the west bank and gaza but it faces more in the. it issues inside the west bank contrary to the letter of this ignition by the president i think the main mission of this government is to absorb the growing pressure against for to the authority from the public and second to try to bridge the gap between the public authority by trying to improve the services of the to improve
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the performance of the government public employees have been half pete for two months now israel is with holding some of the taxes that collects for the palestinian authority and u.s. aid has been cut off. this is a government that is inheriting a deep financial crisis and an empowered right wing leadership in israel third wyvill is a word we've been hearing from officials and analysts believe that people can handle the pressure but it's not clear for how long their aim. but among the indians of marks the hundredth anniversary of a massacre committed by british soldiers during colonial rule it happened in the northern city of amritsar where british troops opened fire on civilians gathered for a pro independence rally the british high commissioner to india was among those who paid their respects to the victims colonial era records show about four hundred people were killed but other estimates put the number closer to one thousand. well
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thousands of opposition supporters have taken to the streets of the sabean capital calling for the resignation of president alexander. protesters are calling for democratic reforms salvias government says the demonstrators have no specific demands and have accused them of crossing regime change. has more from belgrade. several thousand people have gathered in the wrong parliament for more than. good citizens and served in a position barred does are demanding the rule of law the press freedom and democratic elections they are demanding the resignation of certain president alexander and sooner than prime minister on the bottom of each day he's the biggest protest so far people have came from all over serbia to participate in the protests meanwhile inside of the serbian parliament our demand bers of ruling serbian progressive party some of jen spend the night inside the parliament to protect it
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as they say from the violence also police inside of the building the leaders of syrian opposition parties are having a speech also serbian professors actors and others police said there are no incidents so far and as they say there are approximately more than seven thousand people on the streets of belgrade. former rebels belonging. national liberation front are going through a rehabilitation process as part of a peace deal reached with the federal government mohamed today reports from the chicka chicka. these men are former fighters for the ogaden national liberation front which has a three decade conflict in this than ethiopia. the group recently signed a peace deal with a few pink of them and. up to two thousand fighters have now despond and are preparing for integration into society. and i am happy that the people of this
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region are finally united our presence here doesn't mean we have relinquished our objectives and demands we have just chosen to seek our rights peacefully. at the end of their training here at the regional capital the formidable so have a choice between returning to civilian life or joining the regional off a draw security force that. we are giving them listens to help them reintegrate what happens from now on depends on their choices. for almost thirty years the orbit and region of eastern ethiopia has been the epicenter of a bitter separatist war that pitted impoverished nomads against one of the biggest m is in africa. formed in one thousand nine hundred four that got a national liberation front or n.l.f. as it's known here had been fighting for the rights of ethnic somalis living in the study to appear to self-determination including the option of
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a session. in two thousand seventy three zero pm forces which the large scale offensive against the group of fighters attacked a chinese run oil facility in the region killing seventy four people they feel pm parliament just a few months ago removed the. front from its list of banned organizations a spot of prime minister ahmed programme. wanted to go to reforms the prime minister who took power last fall is presiding over a push to shake this notion of one hundred million people from decades of security to obsessed rule. its u.p.s. breck nick diplomatic full with former rival and a trail since last year also helped transform the at a trend government from a chief sponsor fights to a mediator with the group's leadership is now walking one ton to get into a political party with the hope of taking part in the elections next year so as to bring unity among all people who have to bring in jeff is we have to believe in
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solutions we don't have incisions at all the old both there's a lot of you know culture of corruption culture of intimidation we have to make these it through a democratic area the region the oil enough in contains fault billion cubic feet of gas and oil deposits according to the government about how they are one hundred ten of how to go with peace now achieved the next step can only be taking advantage of the god given resources in our region to develop our people economically we have resources not available in other parts of ethiopia a chinese farmhouse completed walk on to gaza fills in the ogaden region. last month ethiopia signed an agreement with djibouti to have a pipeline constructed to export the gaza through ports in djibouti it will be awhile though before he appeared joins the league of oil producing countries as the pipeline could take at least two years to complete.
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well it's been five years since hundreds of schoolgirls were abducted in northeastern nigeria by boko haram fighters that many are still missing cut up as hard as. zainab doesn't know if her daughter is alive ever so often she sorts through the books in homework how wants her to school on the day she was abducted five years ago over the years her daughter's absence has weighed on the entire family. today our you know she's the only female of our family my other five children are all boys i hope the government has pity on us. her daughter is among the two hundred seventy six schoolgirls who were kidnapped by boko haram fighters on april twenty fourth team. the military has rescued or found one hundred seven other kidnapped girls some were freed in exchange for fighters are negotiations between book are wrong and the government others escaped it's estimated that about one hundred girls are still
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unaccounted for. in nigeria's capital there are renewed calls for the search to continue security and welfare of the primary responsibility of the government has promised to destroy her arm but its attacks have continued more than twenty thousand people most of them civilians have been killed since two thousand and nine this family like others in the neighborhood hopes their missing daughter is not one of those victims. we've heard that some parents have been reunited with their daughters it's hasn't come back home yet we are losing hope but we're calling on the government to invest more resources to bring back our girls. despite the pain this mother still hopes she will once again see her daughter a lawyer. who saw the young al-jazeera. powerful storms killed two children in the
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u.s. state of texas on saturday police say a tree fell onto their family's car and at least twelve people were injured after a tornado swept through the town of franklin which is about two hundred kilometers from dallas now world famous cellist yo-yo ma has given a free recital at the us mexico border. he played near a bridge that links the city of new ever loreto in mexico to laredo in the u.s. the u.s. government has recently deployed more border security officials to prevent undocumented travelers from entering the united states. this is al jazeera and these are the headlines saddam's ruling military council has held talks with protest organizers the head of the council was replaced by another general on saturday and the new leader is promising sweeping reforms.
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in order to provide an atmosphere for your desire to establish a state we declare that the curfew be lifted all detained in a martial law will immediately be released human rights will be reinforced in line with international laws the provincial rulers will be relieved of duty and an invitation will be given to all the people political parties and organizations to engage in dialogue a ceasefire will be enforced across the country and we invite those carrying arms to lay them down sit at the negotiation table and agree to peaceful coexistence algeria's judges have announced they will boycott the supervision of presidential elections they say the vote could be rigged it's expected to be held in july demonstrators are keeping up the pressure on the interim administration former president bush of faecal resigned earlier this month he'd been in power for two decades. forces fighting for control of libya's capital have launched more air strikes east in wardak orders attacks near tripoli
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a school and refugee center were hit but no casualties were reported half to launched an offensive against the un backed government more than a week ago that administration responded with air strikes targeting house to us forces in the town of korea. palestinian president mahmoud abbas has sworn in a new government it's led by an alive from his fatah party the appointment was rejected by rival group hamas who control the besieged gaza strip a reconciliation deal between the two sides was signed in twenty seventeen but it has repeatedly stalled. powerful storms killed two children in the u.s. state of texas on saturday police say a tree fell onto their family's car their parents survived and at least twelve people were injured after a tornado swept through the town of franklin which is about two hundred kilometers from dallas that twisted damaged homes and vehicles and more storms for cost well
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those are the headlines next stop is people in power do stay with us. methamphetamines for man ma a flooding into countries across i. one hundred one east asks why all pharmacies caught say to stop the meth. on al-jazeera. in april twenty eighth protests against pension reform plans in the correct europe grew into a widespread under government movement the country some to mr regime under president dunoon would take a crack down over the following year hundreds were killed thousands more were exiled detained independent media were suppressed as negotiations to resolve the crisis finally got underway we went to investigate.
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two thousand and nineteen. forty years after an insurgency overthrew a us supported dictatorship sending nice to supporters gathered to pay homage to the man at the home their socialist revolution was named. to sunday know who was betrayed and killed in one thousand thirty feet up to defeating a us invasion. but in one nine hundred seventy nine the movement piece by it fought and won a civil war and current president that in our data came into power for the first time. but it. was. not.
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over. the four decades since this and the nice to have been voted in and out of government but in two thousand and seven or if they are returned to the office he still holds today now what they get up ministration he see none exist then show crisis itself i was saved by claims of savage repression human rights abuses and the ledge to murder disappearance of thousands of opponents because i was once again under u.s. sanctions and once again it's being called a police state. we've come to find out why. that crisis began in april two thousand and one must cultists against a penchant for. untold white spread anti-government. i witnessed response was swift and i international n.g.o.s claimed that one thousand
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five hundred people were disappeared each one thousand exiled and eight hundred detained as political prisoners un investigators tried to find out more but were asked to leave the country. those investigated. by the gun jump all jimmy around about one university students joins the pension reform hope. they were first attacked by masked man and then. by. the demonstrators were killed and hundreds wounded single bloody day. porting to severely restrict it and make out. demonstrate against the government. even waving a national flag in public could send you to jail. facing international condemnation
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the government has struggled to find foreign loans in faces and deepening economic crisis. big ceased on the sunday nice tiny verse as an opportunity to address. thanks thanks. look in the film a little. here it was said after what bob dylan read all that are you amazed at the time it was rather disappointed. or less general cornum wanted to pull. it up or someone who thought thanks i thought. it was great.
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thank you peter. ellis janice. i must be a big change the editors of the country's only twenty four hour news network independently for the newspaper and online sites have been forced into hiding and such i disciplined a rather cold to. electric chair just for those fields of protests. forty years ago when i was crowning years of underground armed resistance to the bloody some more something pay to ship. to eat you. know how tall was one of those volunteered to fight for the revolution in its war against the us finest guerillas had bled the country for
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a decade. but he was a good. he remembers meeting fellow revolutionaries in this old colonial house in the city of leon. students protesting against the sending mr government ceased it in two thousand and eighteen. the house was burned down in the region. to receive him with the amateur virtue out of. each other one of those of the year the fourth of the. act. you are. doing the. monday look william was. brought up or let me out in the you know the good stuff. has kept he's also to forget the military service in his car since the recent troubles began he's hoping we prove he's published in recruiting stations stopped
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by the police. another day another car journey this time we're going on to find victims of the recent violence there will separate a murderer who drove a few miles away from the capital to meet one of the students he this still in hiding that the government wanted to arrest. a little and. like. to walk up or down. one of. these two very well or i wonder so how you know i'll. open on this one down the aisle last hour or. so i thought i don't know if that's going to hold up at the end but they will i think at all and i will watch the. military's loyalty to
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a bigger surrounded the students set up barricades. and. suddenly have people. coming at us. and looking not backing. i think. about somebody. quite i like on. them and they also put up with. someone they don't. know what i mean it's either. them for. both of us to either.
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way one that's in the atmosphere by. being in the moment. but they're both about. messed up by the cia and i would do it for myself. at the border. where i've been down by this the young. the both the mother but all. human rights organizations like amnesty international say that that's in some cases of torture and sexual abuse now those tensions. we went to nine university campus. its gates were now guarded by the
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government twenty four. this is the more they don't know what's the answer to that in the end i think the same thing you know what i mean that you. know when you look at the. this and the nice to student leader he's now in charge of deciding which students are allowed to enter to come because he claimed that the revolt in spots where you can paint. part of this is that they were all very impressed but i don't know if i you've seen through the infant the mantle the lawyer you know who we need. but the momentum also loaded up with a lot of it's if i just. don't know what if they can all get on and off the scene that the only way to see that. what
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a hero you got all of the people. that those three nancy i'm in there but i want them a long way to see her in rome. then say they look pretty metal and find that. if they're men and they don't play by the bag but i hate the mathematical but. then read only that yeah or what i mean michael one way or the human rights violations committed by paramilitary forces in the protests are not part of the ongoing negotiations with the opposition but yet they were at the core of the political crisis the former revolutionary we gain them with. took us to see a church close to the one university. for the scars of conflict. that is this is this is their let them if they open up
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a side. look as if it doesn't need to but. you know more than just on the phone you know to keep gates on frank is their lives it was in the local in the blood and he got out a seven year old to get a gun for him in general up another where you could be here because again lives are tough or you've. got. nothing out of. the priest of this parish has since taken refuge in court that. the damage caused by the assault have been left untouched. as a memory to the. two students are afraid to know and that feeling detached. martyrs. in a way i'm not saying in fact in libya that if i know nothing.


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