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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 14, 2019 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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day over to the airport trying to get him a to get airport but forces in a may to get airport tried to target the planes with the anti crafts missiles they say that authorities in a to say that the they will probably have to suspend a vacation again because the military escalation is going on near the airport now concerning the military confrontations on the ground the government forces have been gaining ground especially around forty kilometers to the south from tripoli where the government forces managed to recapture the headquarters of the fourth infantry brigade which was taken control of by have to forces days ago the military escalation on the outskirts of tripoli on the southern outskirts of tripoli has forces more than. a thousand five hundred civilians to leave their homes. tunisia meanwhile is concerned that fighting in neighboring libya will lead to more
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people trying to cross the mediterranean sea by boat over the past year hundreds of african migrants and refugees have ended up on tunisian shores nicolas sarkozy this report from. back in his boat tunisian fisherman was arrested last year for helping see fourteen african migrants at sea. coast guards accused him of human trafficking he faced fifteen years in prison but was later released after months in detention. i didn't commit a crime and i would do it again we cannot abandon them or our faith cannot allow us to abandon them they are human just like you and me. while most migrants set off from libya strong currents and bad weather often pushed their fragile boats towards neighboring tunisia. authorities here say they are overwhelmed. tunisia faced the similar challenges as european countries with migrants ending up on its shores
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except it doesn't have the resources to deal with them and with the fighting intensifying in neighboring libya it continues to be the gateway to europe for many african migrants. nearly four hundred people have drowned trying to cross the mediterranean so far this year. at first fishermen marzouk saw dead babies women and men floating in the sea now he sees bodies and limbs washing up on tunisia's beaches moved by the sight of so many dead migrants. buried over four hundred of them. no no on their journey maybe their souls made it to europe or even to america we may have buried their bodies but not their dreams. for these tunisian fishermen their action is an attempt to bring some human dignity to those who lost their lives in
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the mediterranean and they fear the fighting in libya will see even more tempting to make that dangerous journey nicholas hawk al-jazeera at the tunisian libyan border still ahead on al-jazeera we are on the ground in afghanistan as the taliban launches its so-called spring offensive. against the president but the government says it's staged. the weather is a bit of a mess over a year at the moment really we've got one weather front is pushing its way in from the atlantic but that sort of ground to a halt because we have an area of high pressure off in the northern parts of europe so this one's going to stay where it is really and just give
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a few outbreaks of really rain and some pretty strong winds at times that part of the british isles elsewhere and it's fine and settled for us in the north under that area of high pressure but plenty of showers towards the south and some of these are really quite heavy the rumble of thunder mixed in as well and they'll still be with us as we head through the day on monday in fact on monday we've got a little area of low pressure that's developing within the system and that will give us some rather heavy breaks of rain for the northern parts of africa we're watching some cloud just drift its way northward over parts of libya and across into egypt and it's fairly murky for some of us here at the moment quite a bit of dust in the atmosphere so the visibility is not that great it's quite hazy and we get still want to see that area of cloud with us as we head through the day on sunday and on monday as well it could be thick enough at times to give us a little bit of rain but the main problem is going to be with the lifted dust here i think towards the west while it's getting a bit warmer for some of us now i would be up at twenty five robots still fairly
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reasonable what we have at twenty one. sponsored. russian military advisors in africa they're not officially representing the kremlin but working for a private security company russia claims they're helping bring peace but critics say it's a discount for the expansion of russia's military influence talk to al-jazeera gains exclusive access to a russian military training camp in the central african republic allmers.
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again you're watching al-jazeera a recap of our top stories saddam's ruling military council has held talks with protests organizes the country now has its third leader in as many days and he's promised to hand over power to a civilian government but protesters remain skeptical and algeria judges have announced they will boycott the supervision of presidential elections due to be held in july they say the votes could be regs demonstrators are keeping up the pressure on the interim administration since the resignation of president after as he's put to freak out and forces fighting in libya have launched more as strikes to warn old honeypot ordered attacks near term really a school and refugee center were hit but no casualties were reported tripoli's un backed government libya's un backed government has accused him of committing war crimes. now qatar's national human rights committee is holding a two day international conference in doha delegates will be looking at ways of dealing with human rights violations and ensuring accountability including the
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political unrest in north africa let's bring in osama bin job who is live for us in doha at that conference so i imagine the crisis in sudan osama will be top of the agenda there. yes fully the situation here is that the organizers say that what they are trying to do is bring in government representatives nor government organizations and stakeholders do under one roof for them to try and work out solutions as we all know that there are lots of legislations and human rights acts which exist on paper but are not followed in the developing world particularly and in conflicts in general we're going to bring in mr sylvain dior who is the president of the african human rights court. can you describe to us this the mandate of this court specially with all of the situation that we seeing in africa what are you planning to achieve with the
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establishment of this court ok as you say the civil noted the president of the effect on court on human the people's rights one of the continental courts in the ward pulls you out of the european court on human rights you have to enter the american put on human rights and you have the african court. on the force or right as the established by the african union to protect human rights in africa. of course is due convert to impunity in africa on the level of protection of human rights. it's different from the. international crime label we've just gone but human rights human rights look at this you go to liver so this is the aim of the afrika korps on how and how effective do you think the african union has been in this pursuit of fighting impunity of violations of
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human rights because that is what seems to be happening in countries all the way from sudan to mali where you see that the that the legislation is there but the implementation is not and how do you think it can be for. what the country is that the african real union the hope to do the division of all but impunity in the. international organisation everywhere it is a mission that. they did fight. against impunity is one of the major aim of the african union now or how it is implemented a few because her this question should be asked but outside the political level because you know you are dealing with. states. sometimes used. to put off or do organization that. trying their best tool tool to do so
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under what topping now in africa should serve us to listen to go forward to move forward to. really. fight really but we need to recover but this state and this particular court has existed on paper since one thousand nine hundred to came into being in the early two thousand but you see that human rights are being are not being observed in various conflict in sudan for instance in recent weeks we've seen how protesters were treated how there was a crackdown. on the right of assembly so what is it do you think that needs to be done because yes you can talk about fighting impunity all you want but on the ground it remains to be the case. for something else to be done to subsidize. the people in africa to subsidize or sort.
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of image or stake or. shores. importance of disease kind of mechanism. no sedition like the court. will not. to be seized by citizens but as is the citizens of course austell nor how the court is. is functioning the law. would be upgrades etc so. this kind of subject is ition. african citizens but also the african union should take really it's sort of bt because of what happened. to just up in the. in one day. they had this some. some some some love if i can speak like that so we really have to pick our responsibility to face
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the major problem and to give really sort of shines to the top of that you felt fear. initially missouri thank you very much so that is the crux of what not just governments but non-government organizations are up against is their blatant violations of human rights which are carried out on a daily basis we've heard speak is talk about how easy it is to sit in conference rooms and talk about these rights but they're not observed by the by the various actors on the ground and that remains to be the biggest challenge on how to make sure that those rights are given to people in letter and spirit thank you very much for that osama bin javid live there in doha. at least ten people have been killed in a taliban attack in the afghan city of course it comes just a day after the group launch its so-called spring offensive the fighting fled in
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the northern provinces the taliban attacked afghan police and military units more than one hundred people have been killed in kunduz province over the past two weeks charlotte bellis reports. bullet casings lissa the ground as gunfire rings out across. the army and police are still in control of the city despite a heavy taliban assault part of the group spring offensive launched on friday this moment the known as the taliban once again wanted to disrupt the peace and security and couldn't do so but security forces have inflicted a lot of casualties on the island and we are assuring the great people of can do so that the taliban are cannot do anything here on the ministry of defense its special forces killed several taliban and destroyed weapons and one of the group's headquarters but the taliban fought back through the night forcing a major highway to close and taking police checkpoints inside the city and. this police officer tells us that the taliban were firing on them from this tree line
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into police and soldiers filled wards includes hospital most hurt when the taliban attacks the checkpoints and. a mortar came in exploded and it affected my eyes i couldn't see anything i shouted a lot and no one answered me or came to help the. people living here reported heavy years strikes before dawn broke on saturday many close their shops and started to flee the city. want to go on mortar hit that area until no no one could move forward from here security forces or civilians the situation is very bad here in a statement the taliban says its spring offensive will target foreign occupying forces and it will fight until afghanistan is cleared of the american occupation it also called on afghan police and soldiers to defect to taliban writes the ministry of defense responded by saying the taliban is using propaganda to boost morale
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after a series of recent defeats. the united states is in a difficult position as it seemed gauged in talks with the taliban in qatar the u.s. envoy in charge of the talks zalmay khalilzad tweeted this spring offensive is reckless and will not advance peace if it's. people in condos are often caught between a taliban offensive and the military's response. briefly to the taliban in twenty fifteen the only city to do so since two thousand and one. in recent months u.s. and afghan special forces have for hard to hold the taliban off here a night raid ended with two american and four afghan soldiers killed in march the government is bracing for further taliban pressure now that fighting season has begun at dallas' al-jazeera. thousands of opposition supporters in serbia as capital are protesting calling for the resignation of president. and alliance of
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about thirty activists and organizations calling itself the alliance for said yeah has been holding regular demonstrations in belgrade protesters want democratic reforms. in venezuela opposition leader who is in the oil rich state owes only aware they've been demonstrations against power outages his trip came as president nicolas maduro called on more than two million militia members to defend his government the sea and human has more from. a show of bravado on the tenth anniversary of venezuelans bolivarian militia but if we are ready for the americans if they come let there be no mistake if they answer they want to make it out. this is an emblematic anniversary for the bolivarian revolution abel thirteenth two thousand and two was the data that its leader chavez was able to overturn a coup against him that briefly ousted him and installed an opposition leader whether a crime or not as venezuela's transitional president now his successor glass my
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bhutto is here surrounded by the militia and the military to send the message that any attempts to oust him will meet the same fate. model is under unprecedented domestic and international pressure to step down and allow a transition government to hold new elections. they are dissing right wingers who for the last seventeen years and now more recently continue to tear dick country apart they want to install government over our role of the imperialists. as he spoke opposition leader fund why dog was rallying support in the oil rich tourist western state of. it's been the worst hit by power and water shortages with more than a month of almost round the clock blackouts and the temperatures that surpass forty degrees. after visiting soulis patron saint why don't predicted that the people of
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monaco able in israel a second largest city would be the ones to lead what he called the final insurrection against my little. we're here not to rise up because it is going to rise up that will show. it's pride and of course you have the national assembly and me to accompany this process of reconstruction of venezuela and of america. while power has been restored to most of the capital it's been at the expense of other states like sulia and lyra the government is saying very little about plans to restructure the electrical system which it claims is being sabotaged. instead my looted cleared all of next week a public holiday to commemorate easter reminding the militia that after their break they will be expected to return to their posts to defend the revolution. you see in human i'll just see down us.
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hello again i'm fully battle with the headlines on al-jazeera sudan's ruling military council has begun talks with organizers of mass protests the country now has its third leader in as many days and has promised to hand over power to a civilian government within two years in his first address to the nation abdul fatah promised a series of reforms but they fall short of what protesters are demanding the military force president omar al bashir to step down from power on the scene in algeria judges have announced they will boycott the supervision of upcoming presidential elections they say the vote which is expected in july will be rigged demonstrators are keeping up the pressure on the interim administration after president. resigned earlier this month. we the judges of algeria have arma quickly to thought it took but we called supervising the presidential elections that assured told put the portal to law.
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libya's u.n. backed government is accused. of war crimes. forces fighting for control of libya's capital launched u.s. strikes with planes from have to our side attacking the town of i'm sorry the east of tripoli a school and refugee center were hit but no casualties were reported another strike a government building on the outskirts of tripoli a group of asylum seekers rescued off the coast of libya and kept at sea for ten days has finally disembarked in malta sixty four people including children were rescued by german humanitarian vessel last week the ship was refused entry to mali to italy and had since been stranded mia malta prime minister says the migrants will eventually be relocated to germany france portugal and luxembourg and thousands of opposition supporters in serbia capital have been protesting calling for the resignation of president alexander full search and alliance of about thirty
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activists and organizations have been holding regular demonstrations in belgrade protesters are demanding democratic reforms those are the headlines on al-jazeera coming up next it's talk to al-jazeera to stay with us people have to weigh your record on this troubling for a few years ago there is place only for one state on the land of israel or you do not believe in a two state solution the official story is appearing on the wall sure you don't care about the official story if you were a little visit today you would say what has the media been telling you now the world isn't working wife to gratian if you join me near the house on the front of my guests from around the world take the hot seat and we debate the week's top stories are big issues here in algeria. and the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world.
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al jazeera. a little oh. oh. a staged attack in the central african republic. but now they go through scenarios like this on a daily basis trying to prepare the soldiers to deal with real life events so that the government here can regain control of the country. the soldiers work for the government here. so does the man training them but no doubt those limits
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but i know read what that is a small jewish should know how to approach the object and the instruction is happening in russian and the soldiers have been trained to understand the russian language. today on talk to al jazeera how a russian security company and officials after helping moscow establish a firmer foothold in chechnya syria and ukraine are now turning to the african continent joining a geopolitical chess game involving china and the united states who have already established bases in places like djibouti. with exclusive access to one of their military training centers so secret and dangerous that russian journalists were killed here but now it's not really. our atlanta. this
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man is attending a beauty contest in the central african republic scapula bank his name is belize a cut off also known as russia's envoy and special advisor to the besieged leader of this nation president. next to him is. he's a judge also known as russia's vice council here if it seems a bit confusing it's because it is the russian presence in this country is anything but straightforward. and it's related to the fighting that's going on in this country and a larger battle for power involving the superpowers. if you want to the group first the civil war fourteen rebel groups are fighting one another pitting muslims and christian factions in communities against each other.
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the price a country almost as large as france the former colonial power rich in strategically important minerals diamonds and gold another attack the fighting started in two thousand and thirteen when president paul's web was easy a christian was overthrown by mainly muslim selecta rebels. france to intervene militarily in december of that year under a un mandate and a few months later a un peacekeeping mission called new sky was established to stop the fighting from turning into a genocide. the french forces pushed to select from power. but have now left the country shamed by allegations of sexual abuse. at the un peacekeepers that faced similar allegations no one has been prosecuted. not only the french have retreated from this part of the continent the americans are reducing troop
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levels but they have also raised concern about russia and china stepping in and threatening u.s. interests. great power competitors namely china and russia are rapidly expanding their financial and political influence across africa across the continent russia advances its political and economic relationships with little regard to the rule of law or accountable and transparent governance it continues to sell arms and energy in exchange for votes at the united nations votes that keep strong men in power undermine peace and security and run counter to the best interest of the african people. over half a million people are displaced two and a half million are in need of lifesaving aid many are dying of hunger a humanitarian catastrophe is unfolding. the beauty contest
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is hardly a sign of normalcy. the. seems to me. this. seems to be the outlets. that. hope for many in this country now has a name its blood a mere puton. twenty seven years after the fall of the soviet union it is here that of global geo political chess game is taking place involving russia and the west caught in the middle of the people of the central african republic. russia has tried gaining a foothold in this country before this is benghazi one thousand nine hundred seventy seven. another pageantry from another time wearing
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a replica of napoleon scarlet cape lined with white ermine and draped in gold and six thousand diamonds. book five years earlier he proclaimed himself president for life now he's coronating himself the last emperor of africa among the two thousand guests were top officials from the soviet union which was then still in the middle of a waning cold war with the united states and looking for a way to advance its strategic interests. it was difficult the main power on the continent south africa for example was firmly anti communist but with book the russians saw an opening he was willing to lead them in annoying the west and especially the french in the process two years later visiting libya's leader khadafi another man flirting with the russians book was toppled in
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a french back to military coup that was the end for the russians the soviet union closed its embassy their diplomats went home. and then was over here and that's when it was all gone now forty years later on the grounds that once housed because as palace russia has set up operations this is a coincidence you know it's a message to the rest of the world russia is back in africa. the russian special advice. he's here to the president gives al-jazeera exclusive access to the palace grounds with now a major military base but hundreds of russian fighters described as army reservists trained government soldiers in preparation for a deployment along the country's border so where are we here it's no coincidence that this training is happening. on these grounds and.
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sometimes i think i'm going to forget. like i'm totally with bloodless. that he. comes out of the engine shut his eyes. about on the little. blue you know which one thing notional i didn't. notice any sort of a moment's thought up and tell us about. these former soldiers now there are hundreds of them and there's more coming what are they teaching the soldiers here and i knew which and was opening up a couple of. you are going to be doing official of which i think we're going to get them chase me to self and that chicago anybody who had to laugh at us but you know and all credible program with them but i must i told him i had them all minute for letting the concept but a hold of it up of course for me almost i want to know so from that on you people who have massacred with what is an emotional part of the world that you know with the sort of sense that. what is referring to is
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a previous effort by the european union to train these government soldiers. because of e.u. regulations no arms could be shipped to the country so the soldiers receive training using fake arms. but here there is no shortage of weapons. a small arsenal to prepare young recruits some of them used to fight each other members of rival militia groups but here under russian command they serve under the . same flag. the trainers are masked they clearly do not want to reveal their identity so who are things. in july two thousand and eighteen three russian journalists try to find out and were killed after the try to enter this compound. there were three russian journalists that were here a couple of months ago who who were killed what happened to these journalists.
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was up in that are you on those couple in the car you'll see that he moved on you have been rolled up are you going to be seeing your sister that i can model to you saw some deal or eem proceeded to the like your guest tonight in the cup we're going to produce the separation on you ceremony of the because you know we've heard both the show on your pilot additional on the sabbath but he still to discover that my son didn't you know. give it. back and with. which you have a bill to use if you are sick it was funny i think it is now that there's a continual cover brewer political minded of probable. placed on some. good team he knew what you had to do that you're going to a place in the bahamas or did know you were there and that he thinks you must go ahead and then to get them alone you could be in. on a play on. the russian journalists were researching the actions of the private
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russian military firm wagner's group the sort of russian equivalent of the american military contractor blackwater. wagner's group has played an important part in russian military maneuvers in syria and ukraine giving the russian government the ability to deny and avoid direct official involvement in controversial operations where good journalists editor believes they were killed because these masked men are in fact working. for the vaknin group and the journalists who were about to make public their identities and activities here the media organization that they work for say that they were there to film russian armaments coming into the country what do you have to say to them. plus the new set of the players a little pluck up of the most ways to muster the impulse to dump. the stability is when i least the idea that those of us to the. most opposed to the finish the new
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zealand he. personal trouble a problem a place any scottish voters or anybody.


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