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tv   The Listening Post 2019 Ep 15  Al Jazeera  April 14, 2019 5:32pm-6:00pm +03

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you'll have to show me all the b.c.s. system that they're going to model today so some dealer eem proceeded to the biggest night in the compare to produce the separation on your ceremony in the virginia leaving. a pilot additional on the sabbath that he still to discover some dylan you. have covered it. with. which you have a bill to use if you are sick it was funny that there is no that is that interview . that probable. place times of all. team yeah i knew what you had been to a place in the bahamas or did know you were there and that he thinks that in the nick at the malone you could you. on a play on. the russian journalists were researching the actions of the private russian military firm wagner's group the sort of russian equivalent of the american military contractor blackwater. the wagner's group has played an important part in
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russian military maneuvers in syria and ukraine giving the russian government the ability to deny and avoid direct official involvement in controversial operations were the journalists editor believes they were killed because these masked men are in fact working for the vaknin group and that the journalists were about to make public their identities and activities here the media organization that they work for say that they were there to film russian armaments coming into the country what do you have to say to them. plus the new set of the players a little pluck up of the mall's rise to muster the impulse to place goes on it's a struggle it is one of these the idea that those of us to the fullest to pull to the finish the new zealand. personal trouble a problem a place any scottish voters or anybody. well if you look at your thoughts. it would
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be at least of all you being walked out to go to was purple in the snow you feel him and you have a. huge. didn't because it was the video to which it was not just him because it is just a commodity you that can you point it at the still question isn't it isn't that nice to close ritual where have some of these soldiers practice their training before have they been in other conflict areas like in syria or in ukraine and what is it that they are bringing to this country. yeah. so the limit of what they can we as having it to show. me just about on the i see you as you gain you win you money i was given. that he used it why is it that it is former russian soldiers belonging to to private companies like wagner's or i think patriots rather than russian soldiers in the selves doing this job i need.
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your plantation right here to keep the most of us from the gold near the means test on but on that side i mean just on but on the do you see at think i could where united and he's to with and you will go to get the the them walking out of the and the east and just about on the middle actually what i want to talk to get when you might stop it was you need to get used to why here why the central african republic given that there is a conflict happening here no i feel a curve or. it was time i was able to do some gotta go shall not say you can or barbs apartment you buy at the mall but he didn't because you. at the shrine of a young thing. that invite ation came from the president. he came to power in elections held in two thousand and sixteen and took charge of a country marred in the secretary in violence sanctions by an arms embargo the government's armed forces were in disarray and no match to the fourteen armed
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groups operating in the country. in two thousand and seventeen twenty or reached out to russian president putin on the sidelines of a un general assembly meeting asking for help. it was a meeting that stunned many on the security council especially the former colonial ruler france and. even after gaining independence france has exerted influence in the country in fact the french intelligence services had advised the country's presidents for years but changed all that. and today valerie started off is advise in him has a stronger resume having served in conflict zones in north caucasus including chechnya. the french foreign minister has called the presence of russian soldiers in the central african republic we're. saying they are creating instability.
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how do you advise the president's what exactly do you help him with. calls from either of them i had said with some of them as opposed to show me where my grandma was moving at. our lives. also if a salesman someone who was a botanist and would upset me some day what can the russians do that they mean you scan the u.n. cannot do. all. starting with. the new mindset that you don't. listen to hoist by at them. by a little less of a budget in which we talk about. and i mean. can we see a situation where. russia intervenes just like it did in syria to try to reestablish the central government's command over the country most shows are going
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to guard your theme in that i. mean the minute beautiful it has been to go it is going to talk i'm going to hold because this will talking about it a little bit of my thoughts of these bloody conflicts and you could doubt that i was a british as to what they thought i'm game and. premium. tell us about give us a sum up our round up of the russian presence here how are you helping the central african republic no dolls with you but i wonder what you know exactly when you thought of the. players if there were bluestone it was but then i think everybody. was like i can we were going to do a. form which you can get out and i doubt the mckew let me up it'll probably probably on you but i didn't push the problem. in the middle but for doing it my dear that in his own. p.k. five neighborhood that mr is
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a how tough is referring to is this area it's only ten minutes by car from the presidential palace but very unsafe the u.n. peacekeepers are frequently attacked here by rebel fighting for control. of the neighborhood is effectively dominated by this man the mayor matar jumbos otherwise known as general force he surrounds himself by young heavily armed teenagers he's accused of war crimes including murder torture rape and extortion. the u.n. security forces have tried to arrest him but failed general force sees the arrival of russians with deep suspicion do you trust the government do you trust the current president to bring peace. you can feel is a good image you will feel to present a lot of new going to if you do please don't know the movement if you see. it's a neutral preserve only to the sound of you get in a been in a pub in a bit of
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a we have a pretty ridiculous you're going to present a lot of people. of a different issue there are several peace talks one led by the africa initiative by the african union and then there are those that have been led more recently by the russians in neighboring sudan what do you make of the russians involvement in central african republic people get ready so something few boys are going to be able through the clues to see a conclusion or will produce. let's see the first one put upon the. course. but i do think that you see you probably don't know when you put out of. the. middle. split the aisle of presidents or presidents get into the room and. in a rebel held territory called to bring
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a region rich in diamonds the russians have set up a hospital they say is an attempt to bring peace and help to the local population. we asked the u.n. peacekeepers what they think about the russian involvement the presence of the russian you know this country needs the support of everybody. it three of everybody in terms of member states every single member state is more than welcome to support the country while day it comes also with some obligations you know one of the obligation is to be part of the international community and of the partners and to play the game by the name. gunshots inside the parliament after the president of the national assembly is voted out of his position no confidence vote he believes the russians orchestrated the move.
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they're going to make us while we may stack i love what i wanted to. keep every day to simply want to and these are don't do need to cause sean o'keefe is a delight to present us in the c.n.n. good guy. yes you that. can't bear me. she knows she can expect us you if you don't see it for us yeah neighborhood to believe the way i dissociate the sun look. less on me last year i got that that's make you believe my disallowed i'm going for the rich. back in the jungle saw her off denies any of these allegations. on the contrary he says russia is trying to stop the ongoing conflict not exploit resources or cause instability nord-ost usual if you're going to change the pennies to meet a caregiver are members. at the unit suddenly the national donation card will make
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you think i was going to get a new here so we need a list of buildings with them that i mean is that you often don't use a bus and stood. up and she said the place to go for it would be there by you missed it on. the machine can you know that a special bush like almost every. ball probably young thought you know where you. get him and he'd see it being lost on you at that. still not a zealot. there is some truth to the notion that russia is playing a role in peace efforts in fact following months of russian brokered negotiations a peace deal between the fourteen armed groups was signed in sudan in february a possible breakthrough not just for the people of the central african republic but also for russian efforts to play
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a political role once again on the continent what was the last time russians were in central african republic. at the. place. he at which. what am there was a sense go through the. system you know so is russia back in africa i think the north africa up with australia and younger.
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it's still raining in most countries around the adriatic it's pretty obvious and satellite pictures of the circulation is the rains being thrown up across the black sea through remain here too was ukraine as well and west of all this just that is on my head is a lovely shaved active frontal system which is slowly pushing its way into our own the wind out of it's quite strong it's cold in london still on sunday a good deal of cloud in the sky as well or only just a little bit warmer in germany across permed as well the real want is where it's wet actually sixteen in rome sixty in ankara although to be honest it is better in madrid and it's largely sunny in most to spain and portugal never only from sunday to monday the rain he's very going in this general direction and we do see a draw or italy but it's too rainy in for example greece and probably the southwest to turkey which has recently seen fronting for pretty heavy downpours still that circulation is west of on hasn't made much progress but has brought some rain into
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the west of spain and some parts of portugal. that's right mediterranean apart from the clouds a largely dry picture temperatures still held high teens or low twenty's for most of north africa this here that's pushing up into each it makes it halts to the sides but cools down current to twenty two. for the congolese the journey to work all aboard means unimaginable hardship i prefer to lie down because then you might get the bulk into chancing life and live on a dangerous journey through the jungle have gone on to the rails for nearly died. thanks a bunch of old and go to school and live because of the prank risking it all on the democratic republic of congo on al-jazeera.
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we live in a digital world where even the remotest communities have access to mobile phones.
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but look in this technology bring to a nomadic existence life apps travels to the media and gives the software designer the ultimate challenge design a map to help to him the tribe in their daily lives can you really be done. life facts one from moment amount to zero. so don's new military leader office concessions to protesters promising to hand over power within two years but many remain skeptical. fully back to this is al jazeera live from doha. coming up at least one hundred
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twenty people are killed and nearly six hundred wounded in the fighting in libya between rival forces. a u.s. president is accused of inciting violence and dividing americans after he sent a tweet attacking a muslim congresswoman and the high cost of health care in the u.s. we need a family struggling to pay for lifesaving medicine. so don's ruling military council has began talks with organizers of mass protests the country now has its third leader in as many days in his first address the nation abdul fatah. promised reforms but many demonstrators remain skeptical under simmons as an eight is. a stunning turnaround in sudan as the new leader general abdul fatah struck a more conciliatory tone and promised inclusive efforts to establish
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a civilian government. in order to provide an atmosphere for your desire to establish a state we declare that the curfew be lifted all detained under martial law will immediately be released human rights will be reinforced in line with international laws the provincial rulers will be relieved of duty and an invitation will be given to all the people political parties and organizations to engage in dialogue a ceasefire will be enforced across the country and we invite those carrying arms to lay them down sit at the negotiation table and agree to peaceful coexistence earlier a group of opposition leaders held a news conference and wants again called for a civilian government. is one of the workers the army together with the people have been victims to those people cloaked as good virtuous men it is the juicy and responsibility of the armed forces to protect the people and enforce a rule of law the armed forces men who have full and have done their best in alstom
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dictatorship and establishing a civil state we and all the opposition parties refused to hand over power to the military we want a totally civil leadership. albine assumed power on friday when another general even the man who orchestrated the end of president omar al bashir has thirty year rule resigned after that announcement was made that was celebrations on the streets many sudanese hope that alba hamhuis the inspector general of the military and perceived to be less tainted than either of his predecessors may be able to bring solutions to the problems that led to months of protests leisurely so it's a great thing for sudan and god willing all our hopes will be realized we're not leaving the streets until everything goes to advantage on saturday another high profile resignation intelligence chief some like goetia also step down.
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probably no more chances of success since the military have removed a number of the first who. were this is a professional association they would like to be. the protests began in december over a sharp rise in bread prices and the deteriorating economy but it's not clear how the protesters will react to these promises of change over the coming days and drew simmons. and he now is morgan with more from khartoum on the meeting between military leaders and political. more talks are expected in the coming hours between political parties in sudan and the military council which has taken over. from bashir israel on thursday now yesterday the political parties some of the political parties and the military council met and the parties presented some of their demands to the council in which includes
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a hybrid transitional government that should include military personnel and political party representatives but people on the streets who have been staging a sit in for more than a week now in front of the army headquarters have expressed their anger spoken to some of them overnight and this morning and they are saying that they feel that the political parties have stepped in and come into iraq their victory they're saying that the political parties had not have did not have much representation over the past four months when they were out on the streets protesting demanding the ousting of president obama bashir so they are saying that they want a purely civilian term vision a government that has no military representation to be needing them over the transitional period but this political parties right now are the ones in control the biggest player in all of this is the sudanese professional association they have been spearheading the call for protests over the past four months and they are willing to sit down they said that they're willing to sit down and discuss with the military council ways to move ahead but they're also having their differences with other political parties in the sense that they want
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a purely civilian government as well just like the people on the streets while some political parties are willing to settle for a military hybrid government at the moment the political parties are very divided and it's not clear how far they would be able to go with the military council with that division between them we also have to watch out for remnants of the old regime there are concerns that some of the people who might be who will be in the council are loyal to the old regime overnight there was choosing between security forces who are loyal to the former regime and the military and people are saying that they're concerned that this current council and this transitional government will be soft on the regime that was once in power for fifty years or for more in this thread speak to. dbo who is the founder and president of sudan policy forum thank you so much for being with us once again on al-jazeera so the political parties as we've heard by report they have met the military council there's been a first meeting they could be another one very soon are these political parties representative of the people who have been out on the streets for the past few
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months in sudan who call for the toppling of a mob a share do their demands that they're making right now meet the expectations of the people protesting. the demands of mit and neither by the military council nor. the group the kitchen that has already went has already gone to meet with the council and i think we do have a problem you do have you are coming out of a totalitarian regime and there is a vacuum cultural and political vacuum a we expect the performance of these groups to be weak but look to the extent. to allow themselves to be framed by the. sea indeed meeting their performance was terrible because they've already accepted an invitation by the army for them to come to the compounds of the military this this would never happen in
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a revolutionary group that that should ask the army to come to the part of them and they have already accepted the army as a pattern look at the language it's not only the venue the language itself is saw poor they rather than talking about targets and highest i think eco objectives they are talking about the months so if i am demanding something from you you are part of and you are the giver so the ballgame is already out of this that evolutionary mind set up. so if not these political parties and if they don't represent as you seem to think the will of the people who have been protesting on the streets who say they will keep protesting until their demands are met then who know i think we ought to accept this it's the defacto reality we have to accept this group as quote unquote the representative of the sudanese people but they need to step up and act
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and that he presented to us of the people so far that they they haven't made a genuine effort to bring to the table the critical issues the critical issues about the genocide the critical issues about the marginalized groups restructuring of the economy breaking away always our path over one hundred fifty years of many purely the center of many people a thing that is sources and the poet in sudan so there are some signals some symbols some language that if they use they can be a de facto representatives of the sudanese people until people get a chance to come together. and empower. the groups in the nation. i was very good to get your view on this thank you so much for joining us we're late medieval is from the sudan policy forum here in doha in other world news at least one hundred twenty one people have been killed in libya during the recent offensive by forces in the east to take control of the capital tripoli that's according to the world
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health organization. the. meanwhile new airstrikes launched by forces loyal to the warlord highly for have tathagata the town of southeast of tripoli a school and refugee center were hit but no casualties were officially reported the un backed government in tripoli is accusing have top of walk lives i'm not quoting what that you don't like that if you sever war crimes have been committed such as targeting civilians and medical teams they've targeted schools in airports and an illegal immigrant center all of this is documented including using minors to fight we will be taking legal procedures nationally and internationally they're still trying to bomb other civilian targets and our forces are still resisting the let's bring in. our correspondent in tripoli mahmoud what's the latest on the situation in tripoli. well of the situation remains
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a very tense especially in several neighborhoods on this southern outskirts of tripoli but the government forces have recently managed to capture locations that were taken control of by have to his forces all over the last week recently the western military zone that works under the government of national accord have managed to recapture the headquarters of the fourth infantry brigade around forty kilometers to the south from tripoli this is very strategic because it links the way it's it's located on the way between tripoli and a very yeah and as you know validity and is one of the major supporter of have to the force that it has supporting be for have to military units and ammunition continue to be provided by your very own city.


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