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to have to has for so the government forces taken control of the headquarters of the fourth infantry brigade on the highway from tripoli to riyadh is very strategic and might most probably affect the performance of of the military on the the military operation on the ground now on the other side of tripoli namely on this southern on the southern and eastern side of tripoli and ends our neighborhood. civilians are very terrified and as you know many civilians have been cut killed or wounded by random rockets and the tripoli based health ministry says that fifty eight dead and three hundred seventy five one did in tripoli on the government side. as of yet since the beginning of the clashes on on april fourth and the ministry says that many civilians are among the casualties because of the random fire and random rockets and the government is accusing have
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to his forces of targeting civilian areas with the random rockets also all have to accused of targeting civilian airport to airport authorities there say that they will most probably have to suspend a v.a. ssion once more because have to warplanes continue flying over the airport as you know that have to warplanes targeted airport the only operational airport in the city several times thank you so much for that mom or dad had life or a scene tripoli with the latest air in algeria judges have announced they will boycott the supervision of upcoming presidential elections they say the vote which is expected in july will be rigged demonstrators are keeping up the pressure on the interim administration president abdelaziz bouteflika resigned earlier this month after weeks of protests. are. the judges of
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algeria have army quickly to far to boycott superballs in the presidential elections that a show called purported to log i still ahead on al-jazeera our former rebels in ethiopia are being integrated back into society more now exclusive reports. hello there we've got lots of showers over the southeast in parts of asia at the moment some of them already quite heavy in fact a few places have been reporting what over one hundred millimeters of rain just from one of these downpours so more showers are expected here as we head through the next few days again the heaviest of them are likely to be in the southern parts of the all the way across toward samantha towards the north there will be more bright weatherhead but also some showers to those with
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a set of positive thailand through cambodia into vietnam and also a few of them over parts of the philippines but there is over the philippines easing as we head into cheese day say choose day should be draw a day as we had further towards the south ago lots of cloud in the west impossible story a currently and they've given us a few outbreaks of rain some more in touch in hans to areas of what weather are to the northwest but it doesn't look like this is going to develop into a tropical cycle and what it will do there is just give us a few more showers there and then we'll see those showers just push for the south as well so that we working their way into parts of south australia as we head through the day on monday and still staying cool behind it so perfectly getting to around twenty one degrees as we head through the next few days and there will be a fair amount of cloud at times to do with the east the temperatures will be rising for some of us here mile but up at twenty six and for adelaide all the way up at that.
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like that our employees experience economy class like you never did see qatar airways going places together. player watching al-jazeera live from zohan a reminder of our top stories this hour as sudan's ruling military council has dealt with protests organizes the country now has its leader in as many days and
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this promises to hand over power to a civilian government but some protesters remain skeptical. judges in algeria have announced they will boycott the supervision of presidential elections expected in july they say the votes could be raids demonstrators are keeping up the pressure on the interim administration poling the resignation of president optimizes bouteflika and at least one hundred twenty one people have been killed in libya during the recent offensive to take control of tripoli that's according to the world health organization meanwhile a rival forces on the ground have launched more airstrikes. former rebels belonging to ethiopia as national liberation front are going through a rehab process in spite of a peace deal reached with the federal government al-jazeera as mohammed i don't reports from the eastern city of. these men are formal fighters for the ogaden national liberation front which has with the three
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decade conflict in east and its you appear. the group recently signed a peace deal with a few pink covenant. up to two thousand fighters have now this and up preparing for integration into society. and i am happy that the people of this region are finally united our presence here doesn't mean we have relinquished our objectives and demands we have just chosen to seek our rights peacefully. at the end of their training here at the regional capital the formidable some have a choice between returning to civilian life or joining the regional off a draw security force one hundred i or below then. we are given them listens to help them reintegrate what happens from now on depends on their choices. for almost thirty years the orbit and region of eastern ethiopia has been the epicenter of a bid to separatist a war that pitted impoverished nomads against one of the biggest m is in africa.
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formed in one thousand nine hundred four the organ in national liberation front or n.l.f. as it's known here had been fighting for the rights of ethnic somalis living in this than ethiopia to self-determination including the option of a session. in two thousand seventy three zero pm forces which the large scale offensive against the group of states fighters attacked a chinese run oil facility in the region killing seventy four people they theo pm parliament just a few months ago removed the good and national liberation front from its list of banned organizations a spot of prime minister ahmed programme of political reforms the prime minister who took power last april is presiding over a push to shake this nation of one hundred million people from decades of security ops us through. diplomatic with the trail.
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also helped transform the train government. to a mediator. the group's leadership is now walking montanna get into a political party with the hope of taking part in the elections next year so we have to bring unity among all people who have to bring in. we have to believe in solutions we don't have in. the old both there's a lot of. intimidation we have to make these it through democratic area the region the oil in contains fault billion cubic feet of oil deposits according to the government about how. with the peace now achieved the next step can only be taking advantage of the god given resources in our region to develop our people economically we have resources not available in other parts of ethiopia a chinese farm was completed walk on two gas fields in the old garden region. last month ethiopia signed an agreement with djibouti to have
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a pipeline constructed to export the gaza through ports in djibouti it will be awhile though before to appear joins the league of oil producing countries as the pipeline could take at least two years to complete. a group of asylum seekers rescued off the coast of libya and kept at sea for ten days has finally disembark. sixty four people including children were rescued by german humanitarian vessel last week the ship was refused entry and had since been stranded near malta minister says the migrants will eventually be relocated to germany france and luxembourg. u.s. president donald trump is facing accusations that is put the life of a muslim congresswoman at risk through one of his tweets selectively quoted making it look like she was don playing the nine eleven attacks john hendren has a story from washington. it was
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a provocative trump tweet critics say went too far president donald trump on saturday tweeted a quote about the nine eleven attacks from muslim congresswoman omar's speaking at the council on american islamic relations along with the words we will never forget here it was found it after nine eleven because they recognized that some people did something the president's post came days after the conservative new york post put this on its cover the video when trump's tweet selectively quotes omar along with images of the world trade center attacks which we are not showing it was designed to suggest that omar was minimizing the effect of nine eleven but a fuller quote shows which he was actually saying is that muslims in the u.s. have been stigmatized since those attacks kid was found it after nine eleven because they recognized that some people did something and that all of us were
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starting to lose access to our civil liberties. in fact care was founded in one nine hundred ninety four but its membership increased dramatically after nine eleven she is receiving death threats on a daily basis this is not a jewel for the president is not one of his boring jokes this is serious the thrust to do with her safety the safety of every muslim the safety of my own children my own family enough is enough our president has to realize the danger of forces doing the president's tweet drew a series of retaliatory responses from democrats who called it racist and dangerous congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortez said members of congress have a duty to respond to the president's explicit attack today omar's life is in danger presidential candidate senator bernie sanders said no more is a leader with strength and courage she won't back down to trump's racism in hate and neither will we another presidential candidate senator elizabeth warren wrote the president is inciting violence against
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a sitting congresswoman and an entire group of americans based on their religion it's disgusting it's shameful and any elected leader who refuses to condemn it shares responsibility for it for trump the provocative tweet was a twofer needling democrats and drawing an outraged response from his own supporters john hendren washington powerful storms have killed two children in the u.s. state of texas police say a tree fell on to their family car and at least twelve people were injured when a tornado swept through the town a function which is about two hundred kilometers from dallas a twister damaged homes and vehicles most homes in the forecast for the region. returning now to one of our main stories and the crisis in libya the country has been the gateway to europe for many refugees and migrants looking for a better future but the fighting there has forced many to reroute themselves let's bring in our media trace who is live in. days
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a transit route for many people who want to make it to europe tell us about what you've seen and heard while you were in august isn't. a funny we actually arrived negative yesterday afternoon and a few hours later we witnessed a convoy of migraines and people who were leaving libya to come this way initially it was the other way traffic hundreds of our migrants all hundreds of my african migrants will leave or passed through i got us to go into the back in their attempts to get to europe but the conditions in libya are such that a lot of people rather come back this way than to go the other way so hundreds are now returning the united nations high commission for refugees and international office for migration don't have exact numbers as to how many people are leaving this year more like the migrants or the refugees will be flowing towards the tunisian border but what we saw yesterday confounds was what the locals are saying
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that the traffic is actually coming this side instead of more people going to the league and cause trying to cross the mediterranean and actually i ducked the floor has slowed down significantly and it's more like people who are returning from libya they're talking about hardness of war they're talking about torture and slave meant and several violations we spoke to a woman who actually was from darfur she was born in b.b.'s she went to meet in darfur and then came back again to. that went back to libya to try to sort out life but she talked about several of violations haros and killings kidnappings and expulsions from militias inside libya so this intuition is dire and we spoke to officials here and what i really really bracing up for an influx of people if the situation in libya watson's so far they said they can take more than
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they already have because of their condition they don't have the capacity neither the resources to deal with a large influx of people and the united nations high commissioner for refugees as well as the international office for migration i really really preparing for an influx in taste that happens thank you for that maybe just life i think i had a. prescription drug prices in the united states are the highest in the world and members of congress are under increasing pressure to lower them obviously as christine said only spoke to one family struggling to pay for life saving medication. hunter stego went off to college to study biochemistry and play football but he put all that risk due to worries about his family's finances a family sacrificed so much to keep me alive it was costing them fourteen hundred dollars on monster to pay for the insulin he needed to treat his diabetes even with health insurance i certainly rushed. to suffer for it so he cut back
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his treatments and ended up in the hospital. al-jazeera caught up with his mother a schoolteacher in rural indiana via skype and she talked about the choices her family had to make. sure. i just. rationing medication is increasingly common according to the american diabetes association the price of insulin has nearly tripled uninsured families are facing this families that may have insurance are also facing the high cost of insulin recent congressional hearings have pointed fingers at so-called pharmacy benefit managers middlemen who negotiate discounts on drugs for insurance companies and my
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experience that kind of negotiation rarely results in an act of charity for consumers but ultimately it's pharmaceutical companies that set their own prices a cost that isn't fully covered by many americans health insurance policy if a company raises the price of a product by twenty percent and then another company comes in and says that we're giving you a twenty percent discount. you know have they really save you money lawmakers have indicated that they're working towards legislation that will limit how these middlemen make money and provide more transparency to the process kathy sego tells us something has to be done and quickly. so i know. everything she's become an advocate for reform knowing other families have even the last with which to make ends meet and it won't be long before hunter graduates will need to find a way to pay for his own health care christian salumi al-jazeera. now after years
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of development the world's largest plane has made its first journey the six engine stratolaunch mega jet has the wingspan of an american football field nicknamed the rock the jet has two cockpits one sees the pilot and his deputy the other contains flight dates a quip meant it's designed to launch rockets the rockets are dropped from the belly of the pain then propelled into space at the correct tights as always much more news on our website at al jazeera dot com the very latest on all of our top stories al-jazeera dot com. hello again i'm fully back to go with the headlines on al-jazeera sudan's ruling military council has held talks with protests organizes the country now has its third leader in as many days and his promise to hand over power to a civilian government but some protesters remain skeptical. in
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order to provide an atmosphere for your desire to establish a state we declare that the curfew be lifted all detained under martial law will immediately be released human rights will be reinforced in line with international laws the provincial rulers will be relieved of duty and an invitation will be given to all the people political parties and organ. zation is to engage in dialogue a serious fire will be enforced across the country and we invite those carrying arms to lay them down sit at the negotiation table and agree to peaceful coexistence at least one hundred twenty one people have been killed in libya during the recent offensive to take control of tripoli that's according to the world health organization rival forces on the ground have launched more air strikes libya's un backed government has accused warlord highly for half top of committing war crimes i'm not quoting what that you don't like that because every war crimes have been committed such as targeting civilians and medical teams they've targeted
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schools and airports under the illegal immigrants and all of this is documented including using minors to fight we will be taking legal procedures nationally and internationally they're still trying to bomb of the civilian targets and our forces are still resisting the a group of asylum seekers rescued off the coast of libya and kept a sea for ten days has finally disembarked in malta sixty four people including children were rescued by a german humanitarian vessel last week the ship was refused entry to italy and had since been stranded near malta prime minister says the migrants will eventually be relocated to germany france portugal and luxembourg in algeria judges have announced they will boycott the supervision of upcoming presidential elections they say the vote which is expected in july will be rigged demonstrators are keeping up the pressure on the interim administration does not deny these but if they care resigned earlier this month after weeks of protests those are the headlines on
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al-jazeera coming up next here is a risking it all to stay with us. al-jazeera . sweat every.
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camino is a ghost station in the south of the democratic republic of congo. there's been no train service for five months but now it's running again but the train left lubumbashi the second largest city five days ago. no one knows when it will arrives
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. the train everyone is waiting for has a surprising name home del or the swallow. he. news of the swallows arrival spreads like wildfire via the bush telegraph all word of mouth. it's the cheapest rail service in the d.r. congo like a local bus stops a virtually every station and draws huge crowds. of them a street vendors at every stop even in the remotest villages the station becomes an
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instant market. the. am i didn't know. i don't know nor would any idea of home program yet i wrote that there are several i know. but i thought oh no i'm good. but there's not much time for selling. the train is already packed so. the passengers clamor for remaining seats like i. said. clement has been riding this train for twenty years he knows what to expect. from c. but he got it i think because the self emphasise it said this is just the ducks in
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the fall of both places doug. there was. i was said to simulate let's. sit by you young today. one of them i did this to do your due for these young people for the business. but this i say alone he said so this it's a sonic as i said if. the people cram into whatever space they can find nearly two thousand people all together three times the officially permitted capacity. for those who want to able to find a place or who can't afford a ticket there's always the roof. damage is really quite open about what it is i think he said that it is a simple idea to we'll let you go to the much. but only that would you said that
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was up some of them were. located in the heart of the continent the democratic republic of congo is the largest country in sub-saharan africa. the swallow crosses half the country from lubumbashi to eladio and is the only link between remote villages and the outside world. the swallow has been around for more than fifty years. the old engine was bought second hand in south africa. a relay of ten drivers is needed to cover the one thousand six hundred kilometer journey. but. the driver is sixty three years old
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missed him a long go has one of the hardest parts of the trip. one hundred twenty kilometers of trouble see about the red. dot we've never done that i said. so. that is an assumption that i thought about said yeah already a physical that's why the trip was the seventies not that it's. mr malone go is the monster on board and supplements using come via lowing ten passengers to travel in the drive his cabinet. it's as close as he gets to first class on the train. and. back in second class the challenge is to avoid stepping on someone as you try and move around the carriage. did something
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claim all can't get used to. the player but it was said on bus in the us he said it was set up over cement throughout the whole city coming by it it. sends us he said don't go did you know think what this think this is a lot of big this blue goose just want us to call back their money on the sunday before they put up the review to. let you know to limit the passengers take as much luggage as they can. it isn't all committed equally so protocol i mean the. one they said expose it equally possible i love. you and. that you lose money at the falls onto. the on the plane was supposed to keep let alone as of old to see the film obviously you tube make strolled in three things sometimes happen. when i was young and as i
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was on my side i know you. don't want to see what you want to and i didn't want those again those are in the body of some of. the muslim sons. but. it does. argue we are for green card because you say that you took. the train can also be a death trap to load the foot to be taught it's a sore foot because i said at first i'm a sucker for. i did not think it did for such gus nossal which are gun laws able to flex their muscle to help us in my life and. last year the snares made several passengers.
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and those in third class risked their lives up here on the rigs. they can easily get knocked off the moving train. now when i got up before going out with. her dad is out because of them was. the smaller boy what about. his fellow travelers up on the class have to remain alert a lapse in attention could be fatal. plane. but they believe. that.
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the danger comes not just from above but also from the sun. even if the moderate speed of thirty kilometers an hour a tree branch can come like a machete. there would be a lot of about. there's a lot of other. border secure better border. these are some of the remotest areas of the d.r. congo. as dawn breaks free men are preparing for
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a long journey. they're traveling salesman trading in kosov a flower and palm oil in the villages they work for smile. before going on a mobile going there should be a should know the on what it was you were doing what you do does your mum work on the office for you when no one was to give them all so much do you go one on one ok one your food food food. man and his companions a setting out on an arduous one hundred sixty kilometer journey through villages in the country south. it will probably take them around four or five days. if. you look at the little. town.
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and. most of the villages are in the middle of nowhere and reaching them means travelling on dirt tracks so the congolese improvise. they converge and reinforce their bicycles to withstand the poor conditions and up to three hundred kilos of merchandise. no. you cool live son of. the market is no fool you know him be sure to put a foot or put a foot in the future and i will put. my name was
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a difficult decision. to shoot. it takes remarkable willpower to undertake such a journey. to. beliefs. to. believe. that. anyone knows who know we are no more but was there. was.
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john or was there something good going to clean up we know. by nightfall they reach a village. to once they won't sleep by the side of the road but in the church. this will be their only meal for the day. here in this you post your mother the good old folks want to know you guys you're one unit guys you can a woman son would do the north you go forcing you know it's one thing going to one side of us here. you know funny you know something. come out we know the whole book. good new york attitude good luck to wind up muscle was just if we may still find it was just too much fun in the muslim world to live
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play should go by duke. it was a joke when the window muscle bit the foot did look come and go say do you look at the measures didn't you dump the bucket on. the village of his statue is sixty kilometers away. another three days of hard labor. that our photos are yet the forwards coach. a man and his family are on the tracks. by waving
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a red scarf he's been able to stop the train at this tiny village in the middle of the bush go up up. up so i'm just done with my not going to that would you just got in your way but with her i mean i'm sure. it's often like this. cold work for little pay. mr malone go belly ends a hundred and forty dollars a month. never ever survived never mind it out of the gutter never have. thought of first of all what they did for the old show but. it was going to separate what it. we have a go get your pick up a bottle. of that up on the.
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road. but right now his main concern is the state of the truck. he has to reduce speed to less than ten kilometers an hour. at this point the rails are not really aligned any little richard but that's where the get along to for a loaded up with this sob in. this outfit from a simple cystitis if i cut. the fish oil. that i said you got. to get out probably has just lost going to the dump listening up i said about lasts just for that turn dodger know what reversion to the said bucket box argue it out yet is good i really wish.
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back in the bush man and his two associates have covered a third of their journey but the day is off to a bad start as one bike has had a puncture. somebody get out the welcome. for it's the fifth time in one day. without a repair kit or new in a cheap. patches the punch up with a piece of rubber from an old cheap one hopes for the best.
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most men and his companions still have another thirty kilometers to go to reach the next village. and your phone on your show even if it's on what i've. read a good deal for you open up what. we came in you know what a few up on. the n.g.o.s hunger. and fatigue. they barely had the strength to push their bikes any further.
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i don't know the fun one of the old ones we always got. a bug and people might. wonder if the owner. might make a movie. and perhaps their prayers have been answered. the rain has stopped and they finally arrives. when all. the booms long one yeah. well here you. go up one more woke while the world was on your mind you know.
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you're going to. need a. bit of a. minute to know. oh you. mean i saw. you on the scalp was the sun not. going in the. sun. will be just the up on.
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your wall vocal. the three companions jenny will soon be over. when they get home in a week's time they'll of earned enough money to feed their families. back on board the swallow the danger has passed the rails all straight again. some from there. but just when everything seems more or less normal missed him along go is confronted with a new problem. the train is losing speed. eventually it comes to a complete stop. to find that it does so in the middle of a village is no coincidence. mr malone go believes it's sabotage he suspects the
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vendor is the one known as traffickers in the congo. this is for the. people who saw. her go through the low cut through that does that it's. just to get lucky. but we go back to the stuff. that gets a bit of time i would love to get to the time i. bought a. picture has been riding the swallow for ten years on this trip he's selling soldiering while the next time he'll sell something else
6:45 pm
about it on the way the train provides him with a living one to decide what i should go so to my children and to government to do to then it will have to be my lot more isn't it just so it's a look we're not bucking. if able but what then are you. nervous about that if you come also not just about the know you're going to succumb with an absolute does only one about the time that at the. center moto motor would find out what. happened. missed him along go still has nine hundred kilometers to go before reaching a labor the train's final destination. if all goes well the sixteen hundred
6:46 pm
kilometer journey will have taken eight days. to swallow continues on its way. despite the obstacles it's a necessary but precarious lifeline to thousands of congolese. in the heart of the amazon libyan family has put their lives in peril to harvest brazil nuts. getting the congo to the capital is an even more dangerous challenge. risking it all. on al-jazeera. in an ordinary
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week talk to even atar at the heart of the only functioning hospital in town in north eastern south sudan and his team operate on around sixty patients the united nations refugee agency nominated him for the prestigious nansen award she won in recognition of his work and the incredibly difficult to constance's. south sudan has been in conflict since twenty thirteen the war has divided the country along ethnic lines two hundred thousand people most of them refugees from sudan split state even this remote town and looked it up and hospital for all their medical needs. destroyed almost the infrastructure which. in. almost all including little was obstructed. you know vision of the mother to walk into the city that they're supposed to. he came from a wealthy background in paris and became an artist against his family's wishes he
6:48 pm
went on to bring a fresh perspective to oriental is painting falling in love with some harlem culture making his home and converting to islam. al-jazeera world tells the story of the three d. and his unique artistic work. the french orients list on al-jazeera. this is al jazeera. hello and welcome to this al-jazeera news hour live from doha i'm martin that is coming up in the next sixty minutes. and we will continue protesting and struggling until we can fully get a hold of power. today and the opposition in six civilians must run the
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transitional government and that's in spite of concessions that have been made by the new military leader. libya's u.n. backed government accuses the warlord after of war crimes as fighting gets ever closer to the capital tripoli. venezuela's opposition leader calls for a nationwide protest against the president on a visit to an oil rich region. about peter simmons with the sports tiger woods aims to aim he's eleven you drop without a major is just two shots back heading into the final round of the march to its. first protests in sudan say they're not giving up on their demands for freedom and democracy after the end of the thirty year rule of president omar al bashir they
6:50 pm
want military leaders to give up power to a civilian transitional government leaders of the protests have met the military for the first time since bashir was removed in a military coup last week when they presented what they called the people's demands . yes if the army were to refuse we have no tried and gain trust and we were able to remove all of these people we will continue protesting and struggling until we can fully get a hold of power but the head of the military council general abdul fatah has promised to hand over power to a civilian government within two years. a lot of human rights will be reinforced in line with international laws the provincial rulers will be relieved of duty and an invitation will be given to all the people political parties and organizations to engage in dialogue a ceasefire will be enforced across the country and we invite those carrying arms
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to lay them down sit at the negotiation table and agree to peaceful coexistence what despite all of that the protests is still concerned that bashes allies still occupy the top positions and their volleying to stay on the streets until there's a civilian government right we can go live now to the sudanese capital khartoum our correspondent there is morgan bring us right up to date then with what the situation is in the capital following on from those talks between the opposition leaders in the military transitional government. what martina meetings are ongoing between the military council and the opposition parties the military council is expected to meet fifty two political parties today out of more than one hundred political parties in sudan but there are concerns that the two sides are not getting along the transitional military council wants two years transitional period with some members of the military in the council leading the country during
6:52 pm
those two years some of the political parties are happy with that but they want a high council they want some political parties and some of the military they want to be a mix of the two to try to balance of things because the military council says that it's trying to keep the order and the political parties say they just want to go to the country rather through that transition period to elections now the issue here is not the two sides the issue is the sudanese professional association which has been spearheading the cause for protest for the past four months they're saying that their demands is not going to be met with a military council and they want a purely civilian government during those two years they've already put out their demands and they're going to be meeting with their military council today as well there will be a joint statement later but at the moment they're calling for people to stand to continue with the process and at the city now we've gone out overnight and seen the view and this is what we found. this area is right around here army headquarters
6:53 pm
down to the bank or the river run courses and the air force and as you can see there is still workers who are saying that they are no workers. there and there are a number of thing that. the ministry of health and i think in. other areas is not what the output of the there are a certain point the protesters think that despite the fact that they wanted a new government decide not president bush to repeat again and because the regime of president obama coward was the leader of the twenty four hours before stepping down i mean of them are crap. as there are many members it is much mccarthyism i think here i think it was true that i have heard that there were people. with this attempt to continue the protest there how they know the people around our headquarters think that this cannot be and they're going to wait to this person to see some type of instruction and let them know whether they have managed
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to reach an agreement with the military council and the other political parties on the way forward all right that was the scene overnight and we saw still plenty of people out on the streets you get a sense that people are prepared to stick to the to the program to stay out on the streets and to keep the protests going. yes indeed martin are there are still people in front of the army headquarters they're waiting for their joint statement between the military council and the declaration of freedom and change which is an umbrella that includes twenty two parties including the sudanese professional association so they're hoping that by the end of the day the two sides will be able to agree on a civilian council on a transitional period and on the way forward especially accountability to those who are in power just three days ago we're yet to hear that statement we're yet to hear what the meat of the meeting would be but the people on the streets are saying that
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they rely on the sudanese professional association which has been leading for the past four months to be able to talk on their b. have and list their demands and come out the winner and basically produce the results that they have been asking for for the past four months all right from now here thank you very much indeed now there have been several changes in the top leadership just within the past few days and it started on thursday that's of course when the military removed president omar al bashir from power and that ended thirty years of his rule general. who was bush's vice president then he took over as the interim military leader but within twenty four hours he stepped down and he announced that left turn and general abdul fatah. as his replacement now what happened is the third most senior general in the armed forces and had previously met the protests says he's appointed mohammed duggar lowers his deputy now dugald lead sudan's rapid support forces
6:56 pm
a paramilitary group that grew out of the government militia known as the jungle weed now you may remember that they were accused of committing atrocities in the regional war in dar for then their suller gauche he stepped down on saturday he was the intelligence chief who oversaw the recent violent crackdown on the protesters. well saudi arabia and the u.a.e. they say that they are backing the sudan's transitional military council ria it is even promised aid and is calling on protesters to give priority to national interests those are the words that sudan is part of the saudi u.a.e. coalition that's fighting in yemen. the u.s. and saudi arabia have loaned billions of dollars to cartoon in recent years. we can now speak to. the founder and president of sudan policy forum he's here in
6:57 pm
the studio with me thank you for joining me now first of all let's have a look at the make up of the compas the composition of the opposition which is already had me since have started that. who are they and how united are from. as a matter of fact as we are going. through the design of this transition very transitory process we have to realize that a selection not election criteria needs to be adopted because in the process of three decades period nor for it to fragment the social fabric the elites. bribe some of them blackmail them with some immoral acts that they may have committed in private or public. as a result you have the public is feed that is devoid of values needless to say. i mean designing pointing out
6:58 pm
a new strategic sense to the question is how credible then are they as representatives of those people who've been maintaining their city and outside army hate h.q. the days now they are not credible at all because some of these leaders they have many to say in the chairmanship of their part of this mainly sectarian traditional parties for like sixty years and they have succeeded in doing it by using a very means which included. dealing with the. military. leaders so they were meeting them in private and public is starting with them and well i mean we're looking at pictures of the press conference that was given the first press conference that was given to. yesterday and saturday of the assembled coalition of opposition leaders presumably if these don't really represent the people who've been demonstrating the demonstrators will make their feelings known. i'm talking in my in my talk i was primarily speaking about leaders of traditional
6:59 pm
parties but there are parties that are very authentic like the national congress party. some of the leftist groups are very authentic of their all ideologies but again they are centrist elites who may not be the present people of the whole sudanese. diaspora or the whole sudanese. people are not a monolith i think we understand that what about then the demands the demands are for a completely civilian led transitional process presumably not engaging terribly much with the military at all is that realistic is that achievable oh yeah definitely i think if this these two groups are not in the business of promoting their or their own selves then they can decide upon criteria that will include geography if this is the different ideologies but then they can put
7:00 pm
together a cabinet that is really representative of the sudanese people and i think that is doable but they cannot accept these political parties as they are because the mix we are no longer looking. political activists who may have succeeded in mobilizing the nation you are in the process of nation building hence you need to bring professional politicians and technocrats that is that is definitely needed in the coming to state so the requirements for the coming state is slightly different from the criteria or the requirements that were needed for the previous state absolutely well lead might even thank you very much indeed i think. we've got a lot more to come on this al-jazeera news hour including burying their dad to near zero fisherman giving a dignified burial to migrants and refugees have washed up on the country's.


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