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geography ethnicity different ideologies but then they can put together a cabinet that is very representative of the sudanese people and i think that is doable but they cannot just accept these political parties as they are because they mix we are no longer looking. political activists who may have succeeded in mobilizing the nation you are in the process of nation building hence you need to bring professional politicians and technocrats that is that is definitely needed in the coming to state so the requirements for the coming state is slightly different from the criteria or the requirements that were needed for the previous system absolutely well lead might even thank you very much indeed i think. we've got a lot more to come in this hour jazeera news hour including burying the day to near zero fisherman giving a dignified burial to migrants and refugees have washed up on the country's shores
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. the high cost of health care in america we meet a family struggling to pay for lifesaving medicine. and the los angeles galaxy continue their good start to the m.l.s. season with a little help from their swedish star peter will have that and the rest of the school is coming up in a short while from now. now to our geria where the judges are now saying that they will boycott the supervision of the upcoming presidential elections they fear the vote which is expected in july will be rigged demonstrators are keeping up the pressure on the interim administration president with a flick of resigned earlier this month following weeks of protests. are. we the judges of algeria have on a quickly to solder to boycott superpowers in the presidential elections that are
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shared chilled purport to law. right now we can speak to. who's a research fellow at the school for the advanced studies in the social sciences she's joining us from the algerian capital cheers with the judges saying that they're not prepared to supervise the presidential elections which is shechem for july the fourth we've got a bit of an impasse in terms of the recognition of the transitional process that the government have proposed right. yeah definitely it's an important role when it's moved and it's part of a larger moment actively that want to disconnect from the regions plans and imports to control the transition you know for a few cars are doing good for you as a stream and then it's algerians have been shifted from indifference do are they go you want we don't tech rhythm care about your politics we let's just leave our lives to both cut it was actually already this is the situation of my country
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already experienced it for the past two months to a refusal to let the regime on their on its on and along control points so this is part of a movement that is trying to get back. the sense of political life the real political life and to and to come and to make the force of the regime to control transition and actually you know avoid and this will or it's an important move because this will force their children to go first second i just interject their sorry our mobile burka let me just interject and draw you draw your attention to the words of general akhmed guide salah who said that he's of course the military chief he said that some of the slogans now being uttered by the protesters are unrealistic and within the last twenty eight forty eight hours we've seen a distinct change in terms of the tone and methods and tactics of the police is the
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protest movement now in algeria at risk perhaps of entering into a new phase of perhaps of confrontation with the authorities. i think we are reaching some kind of really carnal knowledge we haven't institutionally because delusion is not offering something tangible and that's the sign of the refusal of of the judges to go to revise the election that's how we should understand it it's basically we won't let you are going that is another mascot had of elections and now the question is since the young gentle site is ready not to blow what's done is human suffering and that we foresee the will on another machine tool for something more tangible but not the recursion is wheeled yes national community as such be ready not to endorse the mass to have of election that is preparing that's one important question and you know it's also an opportunity for the judges to give back some control and to get
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a new on the political scene because the governance have marginalized them very much so. it was used to govern only two presidential decrees that's how the unforced mental model was done in nigeria and you tell me all the all the protests this is the protest movement taking any inspiration from what's been going on in sudan in recent weeks. i think that algeria and i are quite so interested by what is going on in sudan we have seen for example last friday slimes also know that so that is flags carried by algeria and austria just i think we could make a pile of between the tree into two movements and in such a way that the actually important feature is that you can find within the two movements first solidarity people refused to be divided on its new bases on the jump to bases and so on so that's why there is an important feature of peaceful protests in both cases people are on searing that their peaceful protest will
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remain peaceful in order not to let the regime use repression and the military arguments to take back control of the situation and they told him oh that's really also an important feature that you're just asking for all right i'm a burka talking to us live from algiers thank you very much thank you. now at least one hundred twenty one people have now been killed in libya during the recent offensive that was launched by the warlord after to try to take control of the capital tripoli those figures are according to the w.h.o. the world health organization. the. airstrikes launched by forces who are loyal to have to targeted the town of daraa that southeast of the capital a school and refugee center where hit no casualties have so far been reported though the un backed government in tripoli is accusing have to of war crimes. and
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not a word of mouth that you have tom mcclintock your several war crimes have been committed such as targeting civilians and medical teams they've targeted schools in airports and in illegal immigrant centers all of this is documented including using minors to fight we will be taking legal procedures nationally and internationally they are still trying to bomb other civilian targets and our forces are still resisting the . well forces of the un backed government have targeted positions to the south of the capital but to kill in the town of three it's believed to be a base for half the us military operations fighting has been going on for more than a week despite calls by the un and the e.u. to stop the bloodshed. now meanwhile thousands of refugees and migrants have been caught up in the violence in libya which is a focal point for people who are trying to leave africa to get to europe
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a major address is our correspondent he's in agadez that's in the air which borders libya to the south first though let's go to mark wood up to one head he's in the libyan capital tripoli and thank you very much both of you for joining us first of all let's talk about the military situation how close actually is the fighting now to the capital tripoli. well that was speaking about several axes of confrontations around three or three locations where the fighting sporadic fighting get goes on between the government forces on the one hand and forces loyal to the warlords really for have to on the other hand now the closes. the closes fighting area to this city center panes are which is around twenty or fifteen kilometers to the east and south of from the tripoli's city
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center now in ns are have to his forces are accused of committing war crimes that is according to the government of national accord especially with random rockets landing in populated areas and damaging civilians a problem including a school now on the other side of the capital tripoli in a neighborhood around twenty five kilometers from tripoli city center have to the forces are trying to take control of that area in order to advance to the city center but on the other hand the government forces are trying to push have to his forces back to the old locations beyond the tripoli international airport and the previous locations on the highway linking tripoli to their yan city the major supporting city of have that as of the warlords who for have to martine
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marich would add to what head live from the libyan capital tripoli on the military situation thank you for that right let's go live now to our other correspondent who's going to be covering the other side of this story are committed to ses in agadez which is in this chair and made we all know that libya is the main transit point for many sub-saharan africans to get from africa into europe. and obviously this military situation is causing a great deal even more turmel than perhaps it's been there in the past what are the potential migrants and refugees actually doing are they continuing on the path to libya or are they turning back. well basically i get is in itself is a city's a transit point legalize the transit a year of time but for libya i get it was one of the feeding areas more like one of
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the few one of the centers while some of these migrants use the transit here to get their regiments right he'd get into the sparkling convoys and go into libya the the process has been toughened after arrangements or agreements between european union and the military government here are making it so much difficult for people to go but still there are hundreds who are leaving i get is every month but right now because of the situation in libya the traffic just full of flowing in the opposite direction now we've seen how and a few shows as well as knuckles are telling us confidentially that people are no more very few people i going to lead an hour but it's more like the traffic is flowing back to agonise and this is what the authorities and humanitarian workers are afraid of the most right now i'm in the camp where a vast majority of the new migrants all refugees people sheltered yeah actually
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from the darfur region of sudan now yesterday when we came when we flew into town we saw a convoy of because coming from the f.b.i. these are people who are trying to flee the escalation of violence in libya and so they're trying to move back into this area and there was some other holding house we were shown here in i guess where some of these migrants are because of the situation they don't find to go to media right now they're waiting for the right conditions for them to cross the sahara and going to leave and try their luck to go to to europe all right i was that you get off you are made so many more people than a focusing. the current stay in the the small town of agadez in asia i mean how the news gerry and also if he's able to cope with what must be a daily swelling numbers. well basically we talked to an official of the governorate of august yesterday on our arrival and
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he's telling us that yes there are serious concerns security concerns all these of course the most significant because of these are people with no particular records who are coming in to agonise transiting here always seeking refugee status yet before they move to the next destination so this is a region also that is coping with its own problems for charter use water shortages electricity shortages and one of his is astounding is that the infrastructure here is not adequate enough to cope with a large influx of refugees coming from libya and other areas where if you if you don't forget if you remember very well i still there are people despite the risk coming into august trying to try to cross into libya across the mediterranean and into europe so apart from those people flowing back from a libya because of the situation there and there are also hundreds or even
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thousands of people who are lying in wait in several houses hearing again this and surrounding villages waiting for the right moment to cross over so the authorities are really really concerned about the impact of a large scale influx of refugees or migrants into i get this and we spoke to the united nations high commissioner for refugees representative and she was telling us not look so far there is no significant numbers that would alarmist but we are making i think would prefer it has increased there is that must've inflow of refugees from across the border into tunisia all right i'm going to just live in agadez to the south of libya thank you well now we're going to look at the situation in tunisia and that's to the west of libya where there are also concerns about the thousands of people who may be trying to get across the mediterranean in desperate conditions. because over the past year hundreds of african migrants and refugees have ended up. this report from.
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back in his boat tunisian fisherman was arrested last year for helping save fourteen african migrants at sea. guards accused him of human trafficking he faced fifteen years in prison but was later released after months in detention. i didn't commit a crime and i would do it again we cannot abandon them or our faith cannot allow us to abandon them they are human just like you and me. while most migrants set off from libya strong currents and bad weather often push their fragile boats towards neighboring tunisia. authorities here say they are overwhelmed. tunisia faced the similar challenges as european countries with migrants ending up on its shores except it doesn't have the resources to deal with them and with the fighting intensifying in neighboring libya it continues to be the gateway to europe for many
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african migrants. nearly four hundred people have drowned trying to cross the mediterranean so far this year. at first fishermen marzouk saw dead babies women and men floating in the sea now he sees bodies and limbs washing up on tunisia's beaches moved by the sight of so many dead migrants. buried over four hundred of them. now their journey maybe their souls made it to europe or even to america we may have buried their bodies but not their dreams. for these tunisian fishermen their action is an attempt to bring some human dignity to those who lost their lives in the mediterranean and they fear the fighting in libya will see even more tempting to make that dangerous journey nicholas hawk al-jazeera at the tunisian libyan
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border coming up in just a little while steph will have the weather and also coming up on this. one mother's plea to the nigerian government to bring back the girls who were abducted by boko haram. and it may look too spectacular but find out why this played girls great relief to the baltimore orioles as coming up in sports if peter. hello there is that time of year when it should be getting pretty hot for many of us across the arabian peninsula and across through parts of pakistan and india and in northwestern india it is that was a dried up riverbed because the temperatures are now soaring there's
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a problem with the water supply and that is causing quite a few problems for some of us in the northwest over here in doha qatar been not that hot over the past few weeks and the reason is this a lump of cloud here it's just been sticking around for the last week nearly two weeks really and yesterday was certainly rather gray and down today with some rather large puddle is now here we only had around ten to twenty millimeters of rain there was far more over moscow that we had for more in fact just to the west we had seventy nine millimeters of rain there and that system will now swirling its way northward through many parts of iran on up towards afghanistan now for afghanistan this is very good news because we are in a drought at the moment so any rain is gratefully received it looks like over the next couple of days we could see around fifty or sixty millimeters of wet weather so that's good because it's not too much into shorter time period so it shouldn't cause us too many problems over some of the mountains it's also likely to give us a fair amount of snow which should help us as well for the south a few showers
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a looking likely for parts of pakistan. sponsored town. this was wrong to teach children away from their parents and herd them into a school against their will there was no mother no father figures they put us in the big player and we sort of looked after so i don't remember the children's names. kind of as dark secret on al-jazeera. al-jazeera as i would winning investigative documentary program people ask me a large irony of women going missing or being murdered what's the reason faultlines goes beyond the headlines holding the powerful to account have you heard of the story not involved in that examining the u.s. and its role someone has to get the gun i'm shooting people right now. back with
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a new series that's the reality that we live in coming soon on al-jazeera. all right time to take a look at the top stories here on the jazeera news sudan's ruling military council is expected to meet dozens of political parties to try to reach consensus on a transitional government protest leaders want military leaders to cede power to a civilian authority but two years before elections are held. judges in algeria have announced they'll boycotts the supervision of presidential elections which are expected on july the fourth they say the vote could be rigged demonstrators at
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keeping up the pressure on the interim administration. at least one hundred twenty . people have now been killed in libya during the recent offensive to take control of tripoli according to the world health organization meanwhile bridal forces on the ground have launched more air strikes. that egypt's parliament is due to debate proposed amendments to the constitution that would extend the presidential term limit from four to six years and would also allow up to fattah el-sisi to run again after his two terms potentially extending israel therefore to twenty thirty four calls in their members could permit the army to support one politician at a cost of another if approved by parliament these changes would be put to a vote in a referendum. let's speak now to hussein boni who is egypt research of amnesty international he's joining us via skype from tunis tunisia capital what do you make
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then of these. constitutional amendments as proposed as being debated by parliament at the moment. though in receives a constitutional amendments that are being debated at the moment is a very dangerous. not only. term limit for business for diversity but. risky. you would actually trying a number of measures that would weaken. so you would. allow for military truck civilian see would first allow more executive control over. what. this is a very very long time. what he would do. is a number of exceptions. but they get the government's
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position seems to be that these amendments that have been proposed word and if they're past indeed would would increase the amount of stability both politically and economically for the country and indeed the final test of democracy is that these proposals would then go to the people in a referendum. but this is not true of all persons disability pointers it can be lost or it was out proper rules laws it can be no stability was the vision vision was in the governments there can be no seventeen checks and balances was amendments would annihilate effectively by removing the last fist of. dissident and then secondly what would happen is that this different would not be would not happen now under fear and returns because what we are see it is to point to the amendments are being arrested people are being arrested for absolutely no reason this is the worst time in recent decades expression and freedom are simply. being or is it pretty
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just whistling in the street people are being arrested for serious of opinions on social media or. even even initiatives to collect or to talk about seven minutes are being blocked for example to resist websites that was trying to get signatures for from egyptians or posing in men's and got blocked three times so far so this is not really a practice of democracy this is just this is a parent's forcings. amendments and so are just getting their printer has. to require but it's not happening where people are able to cast their votes free and so how compliant is parliament and the opposition groups that are in parliament i mean that the twenty five to thirty block prints and. so i mean does or isn't trees a serious resistance of parliament as has happened was
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a presidential elections and disappointment three elections haven't stein were extremely british and against. it was new media that would allow the actual wounds to this elections really we saw extreme intervention from security agencies during the elections there isn't really that much serious resistance of parliament however we have scenes of very few number of members of parliament sort of independence that they have voiced serious criticism and many of them have server questions for just voicing their criticism of the amendments. also seen as. political parties and some are being tracked down deplete being restricted. just to hold the. princes to learn to voice your billions are being cancelled so there isn't really. looking for solutions it is allowed by sort of a ok. by me talking to us live from china thank you very much indeed.
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thank you. well the ongoing fighting in libya and the events in in sudan and there are causing increasing concerns for the un and human rights activists around the world and a major conference on human rights is currently under way here in doe her and our correspondent a summer binge of aid is there a fellow a bit of a tell us what's been going on. delegates representatives of two hundred fifty organizations non-government and government and organizations and groups who are trying to uphold the rule of law and talk about civil rights and civil liberties have gathered here in doha and the theme is the challenge here that human rights workers and rights workers in general have been facing is the impunity with which human rights are being planted and to talk about this further we have with us from the office of the human rights commission mismo. we thank you very much for being with us so we've heard a lot about these laws which are in place and the challenges the impunity with
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which they are being flouted what can the human rights community do to change that a lot lot we we need to stand up together for the values and i think this meeting here and this gallery to remind us what are the values that we are standing up together for and to really work with the various organs and to work with governments on the others to achieve these values we are at a very critical time and this meeting there was a sense of urgency that was from different parts. of from different countries so we heard from syria we heard from yemen we heard from palestine and everybody is talking about how how desperate their city ration is so i think we need to find a way to work together to find them in to impunity and this massive human rights violations that people are going through but that i think in principle everyone
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agrees to that but the question is that it exists on paper and you heard the frustration from journalists to human rights workers from syria to gammon and everywhere in between that these are pummeled every time that either there is a conflict or there is a there is an actor who is powerful enough to flout doors and the international community as a whole seems helpless. well i think the international community is doing quite a lot is doing is doing is trying to establish the facts of where things are so there are a number of questions of inquiry that come up with where what actually happened and make recommendations and conclusions that is old saw work at the level of justice we just heard about. and isms then depend then independent version and in the investigative mechanisms in syria in my own mind and these are important where i agree with you completely that we need these we need this work to start bearing
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fruit and that only can happen when we have enough political will to do go and so we know the road that he should go through the question is what the incentives how can we call vince the various. political actors to go through that road that actually with the achieve justice and with the chief accountability for victims the first step honestly in all this stuff is to stop the bloodshed that's where it has to start it has to start with stopping the deterioration and respecting international international law to stop the bloodshed and then we can look at how we can actually establish justice as you've gathered here it's a critical juncture again in the politics of the middle east you're seeing. an uprising in algeria are seeing undressed in sudan you're seeing what is happening in libya so what are your concerns particularly about disruption and these places where you seeing that there are there are positive signs of aspirations of people
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are being met but yet again you're also seeing that the right of assembly right to free speech all of those are also being trampled upon what we see and that's i think it's an important point to emphasize that people stand up everywhere and in a matter which is often not so organized for dignity i think their region is really striving. dignity for is back for living better for a better economy conditions for for a better life and i think that's really really important it's a younger region there is a lot of young people in the region so that the frustration can be also very high so. we also find that we are in a transition we are moving we are in a. instead you were there. with which are also. conducting their work here it's a strategic region so we have to also be aware of what kind of
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a region we are dealing with at this stage my hope and my my aspiration is that really this call for dignity is really really taken seriously and of course we see . signs which i are sometimes encouraging we have to say in the middle of this. we see peaceful peaceful transfer. hopefully in sudan is that in the last two to three days was moving in the right direction so i think it's very important that people are able to express themselves that that the leaders of the countries particularly those who are in these transitions have enough patients the security forces i think play a crucial role about what this what type of transition could take place and we hope we hope that they will have enough patience so that people can express themselves you very much mr visit before speaking to us and that is the crux of what is
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happening behind closed doors that people are godling in workshops and trying to work out solutions so that impunity with which international laws are being clouded can be stop some of injured and lie at that conference in another part of. now venezuela's opposition leader one guy joe is in the all rich state of zulia that's where they've been demonstrations against the power cuts on saturday president my daughter called for more than two million militia members to defend his government is he a new man reports from caracas. a show of bravado on the tenth anniversary of venezuelans bolivarian militia but if we are ready for the americans if they come let there be no mistake if they answer they want to make it out. this is an emblematic anniversary for the bolivarian revolution abel thirteenth two thousand
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and two was the data that its leader although chavez was able to overturn a coup against him briefly ousted him and installed an opposition leader whether caught him or not as then israel is transitional president now his successor you classify bhutto as here is surrounded by the militia and the military to send the message that any attempts to oust him will meet the same fate. model is under unprecedented domestic and international pressure to step down and allow a transition government to hold new elections so. they are dissing the right wingers who for the last seventeen years and now more recently continued to tear the country apart they want to install or government over our role of the imperialists. as he spoke opposition leader fund why dog was rallying support in the oil rich tourist western state of. it's been the worst hit by power and water shortages.


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