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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 15, 2019 12:00am-1:01am +03

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wrested last year for helping save fourteen african migrants at sea the telling coast guards accused him of human trafficking he faced fifteen years in prison but was later released after months in detention. government you remember i didn't commit a crime and i would do it again we cannot abandon them with our faith cannot allow us to abandon them they are humans just like you and me. while most migrants set off from libya strong currents in bad weather often pushed their fragile boats towards neighboring tunisia. authorities here say they are overwhelmed. with the similar challenges as european countries with migrants ending up on its shores except it doesn't have the resources to deal with them and with the fighting intensifying in neighboring libya it continues to be the gateway to europe for many african migrants. nearly four hundred people have drowned trying to cross the
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mediterranean so far this year. at first fishermen marzouk saw dead babies women and men floating in the sea now he sees bodies and limbs washing up on tunisia's beaches moved by the sight of so many dead migrants. buried over four hundred of them. now knowing their journey maybe their souls made it to europe or even to america we may have buried their bodies but not their dreams. for these tunisian fishermen their action is an attempt to bring some human dignity to those who lost their lives in the mediterranean and they fear the fighting in libya was even more tempting to make that dangerous journey nicholas hawk al jazeera at the tunisian libyan border . much more still to come on the al-jazeera news hour including the u.s.
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president is accused of inciting violence on dividing americans after he sent a tweet attacking a muslim congresswoman we're on the ground in afghanistan as the taliban launches its so-called spring offensive in sport find out who comes out on top as formula one holds its one thousand race. for the white house is standing by donald trump's tweets about a muslim congresswoman despite accusations they are putting her life at risk press secretary sarah sanders says democrats joined trump in criticizing him omar trump's selectively quoted omar making it look like she was downplaying the nine eleven attacks what a live update from washington and a moment but first john hendren takes us through the whole story. it was a provocative tweet critics say went too far president donald trump on saturday tweeted a quote about the nine eleven attacks from muslim congresswoman omar's peeking at
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the council on american islamic relations along with the words we will never forget it was founded after nine eleven because they recognized that some people did something the president's post came days after the conservative new york post put this on its cover the video when trump's tweet selectively quotes omar along with images of the world trade center attacks which we are not showing it was designed to suggest that omar was minimizing the effect of nine eleven but a fuller quote shows which he was actually saying is that muslims in the u.s. have been stigmatized since those attacks kid was found it after nine eleven because they recognized that some people did something and that all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties. in fact care was founded in one nine hundred ninety four but its membership increased dramatically after nine
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eleven she is receiving death threats on a daily basis this is not a joke for the president is not one of his boring ugly jokes this is serious with us to do with her safety the safety of every muslim the safety of my own children my own family enough is enough our president has to realize the danger of forces doing the president's tweet drew a series of retaliatory responses from democrats who called it racist and dangerous congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortez said members of congress have a duty to respond to the president's explicit attack today omar's life is in danger presidential candidate senator bernie sanders said omar is a leader with strength and courage she won't back down to trump's racism in hate and neither will we another presidential candidate senator elizabeth warren wrote the president is inciting violence against a sitting congresswoman and an entire group of americans based on their religion it's disgusting it's shameful and any elected leader who refuses to condemn it
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shares responsibility for it for trump the provocative tweet was a twofer needling democrats and drawing an outraged response from his own supporters john hendren al-jazeera washington let's cross over to washington and. joining us from there so we've heard some progressive democrats heidi coming to omar as the fence they speak for the whole party. well you're seeing a much more tempered reaction from the moderate leadership of the democratic party if you see the reaction from house speaker nancy pelosi she went as far as to condemn trump's attack of omar but she did not come to omar's defense for her choice of words and this disconnect between the progressive wing many of whom are presidential candidates and the moderate leadership is a vulnerability that we saw the president's spokeswoman sarah huckabee sanders point happily to this morning certainly the president is wishing no ill will
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and certainly not violence towards anyone but the president is absolutely and should be calling out the congresswoman for her not only one time but history of anti-semitic comments the bigger question is why are democrats doing the same thing it's absolutely important the comments that she continues to make and has made and they look the other way find what her comments to be absolutely disgraceful and unbefitting of a member of congress and i think that it's a good thing that the president is calling her out for those comments and as to the concern that the president escalating this rhetoric indeed puts omar's life at risk what speaks to that is that just last week a man who is an avowed trump supporter was arrested by f.b.i. agents after he threatened to assassinate congresswoman omar so that's why her supporters have rushed to her defense and condemn the president saying that his
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language on twitter may only incite more violence as a pastor thank you. egypt's parliament is due to debate proposed amendments to the constitution that would extend presidential term limits from four to six years it would also allow objects at the f.c.c. to run again after his two terms potentially extending his role to twenty thirty four a clause in the amendments could permit the army to support one politician at the cost of another if approved by parliament the changes will be put to the public through a referendum measure some do it as a political analyst specializing in egyptian affairs and he says the vote is likely to pass and will have major consequences for the country. change the position of the military within the political. now what will be the duty of the. military to. die the
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killer nature of the state which will be open up the way for. and intervention in a political more than. an out because it is going to twenty thirty four that's not good but that's not the main. problem here there are structural changes that will basically. as you. pointed out will make the military above the. government as well as kind of the board the judiciary even more to the president. so the would would make egypt legal. dictatorship. yemen's parliament has met for the first time since her with the
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rebels seize the capital and twenty fifteen president. the internationally recognized government flew in from saudi arabia to the eastern city of saw you in for the session and has more. for the first time this is the war began president dr berman so heidi addresses a session of yemen's part of. the. by they willits at the sons of yemen targeting state institutions and they blew up the homes of yemenis and their mosques leaving nothing in authentic yemeni culture customs and values targeting them with vandalism and destruction. parliament hasn't met since the fight for control of yemen began four years ago between who the rebels backed by iran and a coalition led by saudi arabia and the united arab emirates which supports the united nations recognized government of president hadi he's been living mainly in saudi arabia since being forced to leave yemen when the war began the priority for
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this session is to fill parliamentary positions but that may not be easy the posts in this parliament were last occupied in two thousand and nine and its original six year term has long expired and only about half of the three hundred one parliamentary members have turned up for this meeting. in the also columnist to favor peace over violence to transform into a political player and exercising their rights and for filling their obligations in mind which a large constitution let's all embrace the options of peace according to the parliament's facebook page one hundred ninety two parliamentarians support these government forty five are under house arrest by the who feeds thirty three have died and thirty one have refused to take part. a big difference between this parliament being legal and constitutional and or having hope in this parliament so very few are expecting anything from this parliament but again we're hoping that
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this parliament could at least help end this war no doubt. it won't see any prudes where the only people directly. but the who say hundreds government doesn't have the support it claims they're now holding their own elections in areas they control to try to reduce the heidi government's majority two days ago saudi state television reported that coalition forces attacked two three targets in the capital sana'a president hadi may have a difficult job convincing yemenis that this pond is a way to peace road matheson's. facebook instagram and whatsapp have largely restored services after going down across the world earlier on sunday down detector a dot com that's aside to monitor a site outages said there were reports of problems in the us europe parts of asia has tagged facebook down and has instagram down and hash tag whatsapp down all twelve trending on twitter facebook which owns instagram had another major outage
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a month ago. u.s. president donald trump says he's open to a third summit with north korean leader kim jong il he was responding to kim's offer of more talks by the year's end if washington comes to the table with quote the right attitude the two left february summit in vietnam without an agreement on denuclearization the korean peninsula and the u.s. secretary of state says he is hopeful and respect we made real progress and how i am confident that the leadership in america will continue to make progress to solve this challenge the nuclear threat that is posed to the world there remain in place today the world's strongest sanctions u.n. security council resolutions which make clear the objective of the nuclear station that's graham very confident will continue to move down the path of achieving this . prescription drug prices in the united states are among the highest in the world
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and members of congress are under increasing pressure to lower the costs kristen salumi spoke to one family struggling to pay for lifesaving medication. hunter stego went off to college to study biochemistry and play football but he put it all that risk due to his worries about his family's finances a family sacrificed so much to keep me alive it was costing them fourteen hundred dollars a month to pay for the insulin he needed to treat his diabetes even with health insurance. and suffer for it so he cut back his treatments and ended up in the hospital. al-jazeera caught up with his mother a schoolteacher in rural indiana via skype and she talked about the choices her family had to make. sure. i just had.
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rationing medication is increasingly common according to the american diabetes association the price of insulin has nearly tripled uninsured families are facing the families that may have insurance are also facing the high cost of insulin recent congressional hearings have pointed fingers at so-called pharmacy benefit managers middlemen who negotiate discounts on drugs for insurance companies and my experience that kind of negotiation rarely results in an act of charity for consumers but ultimately it's pharmaceutical companies that set their own prices a cost that isn't fully covered by many americans health insurance policy if a company raises the price of a product by twenty percent and then another company comes in and says that we're giving you a twenty percent discount. you know have they really save you money lawmakers have indicated that they're working towards legislation that will limit how these
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middlemen make money and provide more transparency to the process kathy sego tells us something has to be done and quickly sacrifice so i know what. i want everything to go out she become an advocate for reform knowing other families have even the last with which to make ends meet and it won't be long before hunter graduates will need to find a way to pay for his own health care christian salumi al-jazeera way still ahead in the al-jazeera news hour one mother's plea to be an idea and government to bring back the girls were abducted by boko haram. warning from deep underwater the president of an island nation talks about the perils of global warming in sports there is great relief for major league baseball's cultural norms orioles player will be here to explain a little later. we've
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still got plenty of clowns spiraling its way across the middle east at the moment you can see one area in the eastern part of i'm out working its way over possibly around spiraling up into afghanistan and bringing us some more rather useful rain said well the way it's for many of us here during the day on monday that system will continue his journey eastwards as we head into chews day turning wintery as they hit some of the high grounds and in further west we've got yet more cloud of rain making its way in from the mediterranean say for some of us in turkey and all the way down the eastern coastline of the mediterranean soaking pretty wet their fifty's day summer all the shop show is a likely head towards the south that is be rather cloudy here in doha for the last couple of weeks really with a few outbreaks of rain all of us now kids so expect things to get pretty hot as we head through the next few days as temperatures. ready will be rising so thirty four degrees will be the maximum as we head into chews day still a bit of cloud forming to the north of us though so there is the chance that we
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could see a little bit more in the way of unsettled weather before things finally settle down for the very long summer but as it was the south plenty of showers say you can see them stretching all the way down through madagascar fairly subdued at the moment though not too many of them want to say will still be with us as we head through the day on monday you'll also notice more rain for the eastern parts of south africa is looking. egypt strongman is ruling with an iron fist and the silence from his allies is deafening the u.s. is perfectly happy to trade off the march for sea for security while western leaders turning a blind eye when even the citizens have forgotten victim to his repression executions torture censorship is not acceptable and you won't hear such strong words from let's say berlin or paris or london and in cairo on al-jazeera
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the latest news as it breaks well this is a training exercise the dangers that are real because the situation in mali is slowly deteriorating with detailed coverage and how bad is it don't know tough to reason may makes it clear that the current political impasse simply can't go on from around the world while aid agencies are warning people of the dangers of cholera and distributing vaccines many are still using rebels football thing and cleaning. again the top stories on the. on the streets calling on military leaders to give up
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power to a civilian transitional government until new elections are held the ruling military council is meeting organizers of the mass protests libya's government forces shot down a fighter jet belonging to the warlords. these pictures appeared to show the aftermath of the crash in the south of tripoli. say the plane crashed and the white house is standing by tweets about muslim congresswoman. despite accusations they were putting her life at risk selectively quoted omar making it look like she was downplaying the nine eleven attacks. algerians living in paris and london have gathered in large numbers demanding the resignation of the interim government they want. to step down the replacement of the entire political elite to. replace. her resigned earlier this month after weeks of protests and judges in algeria say they will boycott the supervision of the upcoming presidential
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elections they fear the vote which is expected in july will be rigged the demonstrators are keeping up the pressure on the interim administration. it's been five years since two hundred seventy six schoolgirls were abducted in northeastern nigeria by boko haram fighters some have been rescued or free but many are still missing the international outcry sparked the bring back our girls movement which continues through the state. has more. zainab doesn't know if her daughter is alive ever so often she sorts through the books in homework who wants her to school on the day she was abducted five years ago over the years her daughter's absence has weighed on the entire family. she's the only female of our family my other five children are all boys i hope the government has. her daughter is among the two hundred
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seventy six schoolgirls who were kidnapped by boko haram fighters on april twenty fourth team. the military has rescued or found one hundred seven of the kidnapped girls some were freed in exchange for fighters a negotiation between book are wrong and the government others escaped it's estimated that about one hundred girls are still unaccounted for. in nigeria's capital there are a new calls for the search to continue security and the welfare of the people is a primary responsibility of the government has promised to destroy book on her arm but its attacks have continued more than twenty thousand people most of them civilians have been killed since two thousand and nine this family like others in the neighborhood hopes their missing daughter is not one of those victims. we've heard that some parents have been reunited with their daughters hasn't come back
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home yet we are losing hope but we're calling on the government to invest more resources to bring back our girls. despite the pain this mother still hopes she will once again see her daughter alive. so the young al-jazeera we're going back to libya and our forces loyal to the u.n. by governments are saying they shot down a fighter jet belonging to warlords khalifa haftar out with joining us from tripoli what more do we know about this. well the government military sources say that they confirm that the government forces have managed to shut down one fighter jet belonging to there was a lot of the have in the area of where they were in the southern outskirts of the libyan capital tripoli this news has been also confirmed by have forces but have the forces say that the there the pilot managed to escape with
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a parachute but when we spoke to the government sources they they say that the government on the sources on the ground forces on the ground are searching for the pilot but like i said have to say that the pilot managed to escape with a parachute also sources with the warlord khalifa haftar to say that the fighter jet. took off from a base of the. west of the capital tripoli and he was trying to target forces loyal to the government of national accord in the areas near on the southern outskirts of tripoli as you know as you know daryn that have to as warplanes have been targeting several locations in and around tripoli and also warplanes with a government of national accord have been targeting have to this locations south of tripoli and are on the way to the southern. city and the situation remains very
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tense on the southern outskirts of tripoli as thousands of civilians have left their homes escaping the fighting there and the government is a striving currently to them there is a crisis in regard to the lodging civilians and providing them with food and housing and mahmud so how close then are have to force to the city center of tripoli. half of the forces are fighting the government forces in civil areas the closest is the neighborhood that's on the highway between the tripoli city center and the disused international airport one is around twenty kilometers from the tripoli city center but the government forces say they are trying to prevent to help those forces from taken control of all swanny neighborhood because they say that if the take control
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of and so on then they can easily move to the capital city since that all also. witnessing the fighting or the clash the clashes areas is extinguishing on around one hundred sixty kilometers from this southern west of tripoli to the southern east including the tripoli used disused airport area and then where there will be a guest of bit of shit and also. until until ends are neighborhood which is on the southern eastern outskirts of their libyan capital government forces say that they have the captured civil a location that were taken control of by have to this force as days ago it seems that the government forces are gaining momentum again they're gaining ground and they say that the counter offensive launches by the government which is called the volcano of routh is not going to stop by pushing to have to sit back towards the
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south of the capital but they say that they're going to chase have his forces so it was through the city of what he and the city of the huna the major supporting cities of the warlord khalifa haftar ok and mahmoud i've been washed head with an update from tripoli thank you so the fighting in libya and the protests in sudan and algeria are among the topics being discussed at a human rights conference in doha some of interfaith spoke to more risk from the u.n. about the challenges human rights workers face. then it gets representatives of two hundred fifty organizations non-government government and organizations and the groups who are trying to uphold the rule of law and talk about civil rights and civil liberties have gathered here in doha and the theme is the challenge here that human rights workers and rights workers in general have been facing is the impunity with which human rights are being planted and to talk about this further we have
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with us from the office of the human rights commission. we thank you very much for being with us so we've heard a lot about these laws which are in place and the challenges that impunity with which they are being flouted what can the human rights community do to change that a lot lot we we need to stand up together for the values and i think this meeting here and this gallery to remind us what are the values that we are standing up for together for and to really work with the various organs and to work with governments on the others to achieve these values we are at a very critical time and this meeting there was a sense of urgency that was from different parts. of from different countries so we heard from syria we heard from yemen we heard from palestine and everybody is talking about how how desperate their city ration is so i think we
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need to find a way to work together to find in to impunity and this massive human rights violations that people are going through and returning to one of our top stories not sudan where protests organizers are meeting the country's new military rulers let's be fair i've been what bill efendi is the dean of social sciences and humanities at the institute during the one thousand nine hundred he was a diplomat in sudan's foreign ministry he's joining us via skype from nodding and that's in the u.k. thanks very much for speaking to us on al-jazeera so as we speak right now the protest leaders are meeting with the military council and going into this meeting the leaders are insisting that a civilian government needs to be formed are you confident that the power can be taken away from military figures. no i think it's simplistic to move believe that the military will hand over the government. and i'm elected civilian. group because it's not clear who is in charge of this group and who
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is going to so they have to have negotiations about transition i think i think there could be a power sharing maybe between that. the professionals association and the. and the military as happened with sort of in nineteen eighty five or some some form of forming about i think. that should be some agreement with by the competence of indian. president should be. given powers and being made to the should just be like an entrance of peace and security you've got everybody ok but i think that i've come up with this agreement of this power sharing sort of agreement that you speak often a transitional period what the protesters do next. well i think that protest this can and are doing. their precious root the.
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marshes and the citizens. but at one point or another they have to at some some middle ground has to be i think everybody knows the military you know and this it is you know that we have to have a kind of. agreement you cannot for example. hand a government to and to look to the group you have to be some kind of transition way about in this transition during the transition so i'm curious if your government whether it if it was good that it should be there and then people should agree also about the basics how are the how of the country to run what are the rights of people who are not part of the government with of the rights of minorities. the transition is not just about somebody takes power
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and then proceeds to do whatever they like. it has to be some some tech some balances and i think in this in this context most of the civil unions and the military can work that you're going to listen to each other what about the significance off of the military council saying that it would never extradite ahmed al bashir the former president now even though we know that the international criminal court has had a long standing arrest warrants of arrests for him. yeah i don't i don't see why. the military should try to protect the president from whatever legal measures they the the i.c.c. . they have because the local judiciary have not been able. to understate the justice for the for the for the victims so if the government
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whether simply an order military can have a fair trial for those affected including the president. at home that would be better. and i think. the i.c.c. is do stiction all this on much or something munter in that in case there is no legal justice there is no local justice. the issue of transitional justice i think is one of the issues that should be debated and reached as part of the of the of the of the transition process so i don't think the i.c.c. or anybody else to try to jump. the military into. into action at the moment and i think the military also should in be protective of any criminal anybody and they were there were some from egypt crimes against humanity right oben who haven't
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offended me thank you very much for speaking to us in the u k. there's been fighting in the afghan city of condos after the taliban launched an assault against the afghan police and military ten people were killed and nearly forty injured while the main highway was closed and shops abandoned fighting began on friday as part of the taliban so-called spring offensive charlet bellus as more. bullet casings lissa the ground is gunfire rings out across. the army and police are still in control of the city despite a heavy taliban assault part of the group's spring offensive launched on friday this momentum known as the taliban once again want to disrupt the peace and security and couldn't do so but security forces have inflicted a lot of casualties on their own and we are assuring the great people of could induce that the taliban are kind of a thing here on the ministry of defense said special forces killed several taliban and destroyed weapons in one of the group's headquarters but the taliban full back
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through the night forcing a major highway to close and taking police checkpoints inside the city and. this police officer tells us that the taliban were firing on them from this tree line injured police and soldiers filled wards and hospital most hurt when the taliban attacks the checkpoints and. a mortar came in exploded and it affected my eyes i couldn't see anything i shouted a lot and no one answered me or came to help. the people living here reported heavier strikes before dawn broke on saturday many close their shops and started to flee the city. got a mortar hit that area until no no one could move forward from here security forces or civilians the situation is very bad here in a statement the taliban says it's spring offensive will target foreign occupying forces and it will fight until afghanistan is cleared of the american occupation it
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also called on afghan police and soldiers to defect to taliban writes the ministry of defense responded by saying the taliban is using propaganda to boost morale after a series of recent defeats. the united states is in a difficult position as it's in gauged in talks with the taliban in qatar the u.s. envoy in charge of the talks zalmay khalilzad tweeted this spring offensive is reckless and will not advance peace if its. people in condos are often called between a taliban offensive and the military's response. briefly to the taliban in twenty fifteen the only city to do so since two thousand and one. in recent months u.s. and afghan special forces have for hard to hold the taliban off here a night raid ended with two american and four afghan soldiers killed in march the government is bracing for further taliban pressure now that fighting season has begun. kabul. the new palestinian government has been sworn in
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and with it a new prime minister but it's facing the same old problems and reports from in the occupied west bank. this is the first flight to lead the government in more than a decade and has sixteen new ministers out of twenty one but many familiar faces that even in positions of power and the challenges they face are huge the palestinian authority is struggling for cash and the divide between fatah and hamas that i build group that runs gaza is as white as ever culture minister out of a safe was recently transferred to the west bank from gaza for treatment he is a federal official who was beaten up near his home in gaza last month reportedly by have asked loyalists have masses it's investigating how mass has already rejected the new government calling it unconstitutional. previous deal state the need to form a national consensus government of all palestinian parties the formation of
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a for talk of an complicates this issue get our hands remain extended for the reconciliation and the agreement of a government but all the palestinian people. but it's not just have mass and its supporters that the government needs to win over these demonstrations in the west bank last year were against the proposed social security law and more widely imposed just against the government's performance in what is called a designation letter to president mahmoud abbas asked new prime minister mohammad stay yes to reunify the west bank and gaza but it faces more immediate issues inside the west bank contrary to the letter of this ignition by the president i think the main mission of this government is to absorb the growing pressure against for to the authority from the public and second to try to bridge the gap between the public authority by trying to improve the services to
12:38 am
improve the performance of the government public employees have been on half pay for two months now israel is with holding some of the taxes that collects for the palestinian authority and u.s. aid has been cut off this is a government that is inheriting a deep financial crisis and an empowered right wing leadership in israel said revival is a word we've been hearing from officials and analysts believe that people can handle the pressure but it's not clear for how long their brain. but among the presidents of the seychelles has delivered a plea to save the oceans from deep underwater. hundred and twenty four meters. below the orson sufis. it is a privilege to address you from the beating of brouhaha. danny fahri was on a submarine under the indian ocean as part of a british led research expedition the seychelles is one of the many island nations
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threatened by global warming he says the science of international action is needed for the survival of humanity and climate change has been a dominating issue in finland's elections were voting is almost over and he austerity sentiment could also propel the leftist social democratic party back into power for the first time in sixteen years but support for the far right party has been surging to with its hardline anti immigration policies friends could come second or third giving it significant influence in talks to form the next governments or the news hour on al-jazeera sports is coming up next and manchester city are back on top of the premier league the i will be here with more on that in a moment. for the congolese the journey to what. i prefer
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to lie down to stay the way get the captain to chance again life in a dangerous journey through the jungle. tunnel into the real world i'm usually done . children go to school and live because of trade risky to the democratic republic of congo on al-jazeera. you're responding six continents across the globe. out to serious correspondents living the story state. of life. and that's the seals. were at the mercy of the ranch in the camp for palestinian refugee agency or sue did world news.
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hello again time for the sports news with leo thank you durian let's start with golf the final round of the masters is well underway and tiger woods is still right in contention to when his first major in more than a decade it's been a mixed day so far he's had to drop shots but three birdies means he's one under par for his round after eight holes and that means he's actually closed to within one shot of the leader the man out in front is still italy's open champion francesco molinari he is level par through his first eight holes so it's still very tight and all to play for with more than half the round remaining manchester city have gone back to the top of the table in the english premier league after a three one win over crystal palace it is city's ninth league win in
12:42 am
a row and was helped by a double from a regime stirling gabriel his suits keeping the defending champions title hopes alive with his ninetieth minute goal but liverpool can retake the lead if they beat chelsea they're looking for their first title since one nine hundred ninety the game is your gun clubs two hundred in charge of liverpool. that's a big game for us obviously not in these you on we know that but. chavis well and it's sealed and said the few times we have to create the pall over and feel and to use the paul butterfield again lot then you bring him a bitch is ramping up major league soccer for the los angeles galaxy on saturday l.a. we're up against the philadelphia union if i am a bitch helped himself to both goals and it to no wind for the galaxy it's a fourth street victory for the california it also takes the swedes tally to six goals this season and twenty eight in thirty one games overall all since beginning
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his year long m.l.s. career. lewis hamilton leads the formula one championship after winning the one thousand three hamilton started from second in shanghai but he passed his mercedes teammate ability both us off the start and never looked back we did all the way to the checkered flag to win the race for in sixth time both us finished second with ferrari sebastian vettel back in third for sadie's have now finished first and second in all three races this season so i know about being quick when we can he did a great job today and to have a one two together i think is is really special on the on the one thousand three the brooklyn nets made a strong start in the n.b.a. playoffs the nets face the philadelphia seventy six ers in game one of their eastern conference first round playoff series philadelphia came into as came into it as the favorites but twenty six points from dandolo russell helped brooklyn to the want to live and she ran to win a draw and they get to draw the first blood in the seven match series. i mean the
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same shots i was missing early. teammates you know could get me to put me in a position you know make those shots so skeptic and i started falling. it's playoff time in the n.h.l. as well and it was a near perfect night for the boston bruins against the toronto maple leafs the bruins winning saturday's game four one to level the playoff series one goaltender to grasp played his part by stopping thirty shots on the night the series now moves to toronto for games three and the game for. a major league baseball players breathing a big sigh of relief baltimore orioles' chris davis davies davis rather had gone hitless for a record fifty four straight at bats since last season but then finally this happened washington d.c. i don't give a shit you know i'm sure you're right. it's one thing everybody. is over thirty three and twenty nineteen but that changed in the first inning
12:45 am
against the boston red sox with a two run single that also helps baltimore to beat the current world series championship nine to five the right. place. and while there was relief for davis and the orioles it's been incidental to what she'd started with the colorado rockies on saturday the san francisco giants beat them by two hours south africa have won the latest leg of the rugby sevens world series in singapore they did it the hard way through the against fiji who were the champions we've gone on kong with regina and stablished in nineteen million half time leave but the south africans came storming back to win the match twenty team
12:46 am
for the u.s. the series with two rounds to. well it's our sport for me back to during the thank you for that update and that's it for the news hour thanks very much for watching we're back in just a moment to. much more news coming your way right here on al-jazeera thing you in a minute but by. twenty one an age to assert your individuality it's ok to argue with people and it's ok to disagree with people but also a period when childhood dreams can class with reality compromising i don't think
12:47 am
i'm pretty good at compromising in two thousand and six south africa up revisits the children of apartheid for the third time and like their country much has changed over the past fourteen years to you a twenty one up south africa on out is in. when the news breaks a few minutes ago we were able to hear a huge explosion fifty people are still missing when people need to be heard and the story needs to be told we need to invest in development and you can best making sure the people are not left behind al jazeera has teens on the ground join us for this historic shift in american politics to bring you more award winning documentaries and life moves on and on line to me it was clear to intelligence gathering exercise my under shock god got back i don't hit over the head off into this interrogation talked by one and he said if you speak again i'll cut your throat muslim bag tells his life story and his life changing experience at
12:48 am
guantanamo bay. it was. close hard prick. the confession a witness talkie. more demonstrations capital where military leaders are holding talks with protest organizers. are watching al-jazeera lie from a headquarters and. also ahead. government forces say they've shot down a fighter jet operated by troops loyal to the warlord. plus one mother's plea to
12:49 am
the nigerian government to bring back over one hundred girls who remain in the custody of boko haram five years after they were kidnapped. and the young u.s. athlete who puts his life at risk by rationing medication and why stories like his are becoming more common. hello sudan's military leaders are meeting political parties and protest organizers in the capital khartoum they're trying to reach a consensus on a transitional government to lead to done after former president obama best year was ousted in a military coup last week demonstrators want the military to hand over power to a civilian author already until new elections are held let's get the latest from have a morgan joining us from hearts and what have you heard from the generals who are attending that meeting going on. while they're in the military council and the
12:50 am
political parties are meeting for the second time they're trying to figure out the shape of a transitional government that will be formed now and one of the general speaking at the beginning of the meeting today said that the military council is coming with a blank page meaning they have no intention to rule forever and that most of the way most of the plans that they would have for the transitional government has to come from the political parties themselves he even went so far as to say that they want an independent prime minister from none of the political parties present but one which they all agree on to leave the country during the transitional period and that they the military council only want to positions which is the defense ministry and interior ministry that's because according to his words those are the ministries that could maintain security and order in the country now the political parties themselves are divided some of them want it to your transitional period others want to for your transitional period there's also a disagreement over how to deal with the national intelligence and security services some of the bodies wanted to be completely abolished while others just
12:51 am
want to reform but the main figure that is leading are spearheading the course of the process the sudanese for professional association has demanded that the military council give the list of the people they've arrested from the former regime and make sure that they present to a free and fair trial as well as as well as liquidate their assets and abolish the national intelligence security agency so at the moment we have political parties that are divided a military council that says it has no way no plans to stay forever and no idea on how to govern and it's leaving it to the political parties and a professional association that is leading the protest but is in a slight disagreement with the other parties so will whatever decisions are made at this meeting here are filtered down onto the streets because we've seen the protesters for nine days now camped out outside the army headquarters. well yes our once a decision is an ounce and a joint statement expected in an hour or so then it would definitely filter out to
12:52 am
the streets but the members of the people or the main body the people on the streets are listening to derry is a sudanese professional associations they were the ones who even on the day president bashir was ousted told them to keep staying on the streets because he was replaced by his defense minister and vice president they were the ones who said that the region is not out of power and that there is still having their representatives and still clinging on to power and because of their messages because of them urging the people to stay on the streets we've seen the replacement of president bashir giving up power in less than twenty four hours so they have a large say over what's happened to the people in the streets right now we're seeing dozens and dozens of people still making their way to the army headquarters because the sudanese professional association said they should continue the protest so it largely comes down to agreements not between the political parties and the military council but the sudanese professional association reaching an agreement with the military council and other political parties and then they will tell the people in the streets and then we have to see if the people actually listen to the
12:53 am
need for professional association or not very interesting to see what will happen here but more again for the time being thank you. sudan's foreign ministry meanwhile is calling on the international community to support the new military leadership so the arabia and the u.a.e. have announced their support for the transitional military council riad has promised aid and is calling on protesters to quote give priority to national interests so don is part of the saudi u.a.e. coalition fighting in yemen the u.a.e. and saudi arabia billions of dollars to hearts in recent years. libya's government forces say they've shot down a fighter jet belonging to the warlords khalifa haftar these pictures appear to show the aftermath in the south of tripoli in the area of our forces say the plane crashed they launched an offensive earlier this month to take control of the capital have a live update from tripoli later in the bulletin and moving on the violence in libya has struck thousands of refugees and migrants trying to get to europe because
12:54 am
many are going back to some of the countries along the transit routes. from the neighboring. officials and local c. are telling us dozens of people are crossing the border from the deck mean to agonise every week that's just the position right now in a duchess in addition to the thousands of migrants who are still trapped here people who fled recently from libya into are going to trying to find refuge from the ongoing crisis in the country and there are more people by the way who are coming into i get is try to wait out of this equation in libya waiting for the right moment to cross the border into libya as a transit point and then into europe now the whole truth here and i get it including humanitarian workers like the united nations high commissioner for refugees and other non-governmental organizations are bracing up for a must see inflow of refugees from the media the profit of human humanity people vikrant is now on but it was five people instead of going to media are now
12:55 am
coming back to to share hearing i get is why facilities i don't overstretch or for just now i really concerned about health impact infrastructure has no time to create enough to cope with a large influx as well as security so that you know it's a vicious is telling al jazeera that they are also making the necessary preparations they don't see it right now but they're making preparations in case matters mustn't flow of refugees from across the border in tunisia here and so there are also concerns in tennessee about migrants and refugees who've come from libya trying to cross the mediterranean by boat over the past year hundreds from several african countries have ended up on to his insurer is nicholas hawke has this report from sars he's. back in his boat tunisian fisherman selling but he was arrested last year for helping save fourteen african migrants at sea detailing coast guards accused him of human trafficking he faced fifteen years in prison but
12:56 am
was later released after months in detention. government you remember i didn't commit a crime and i would do it again we cannot abandon them or our faith cannot allow us to abandon them they are humans just like you and me. while most migrants set off from libya strong currents in bad weather often pushed their fragile boats towards neighboring tunisia. authorities here say they are overwhelmed. similar challenges as european countries with migrants ending up on its shores except it doesn't have the resources to deal with them and with the fighting intensifying in neighboring libya it continues to be the gateway to europe for many african migrants. nearly four hundred people have drowned trying to cross the mediterranean so far this year. at first fishermen marzouk saw dead babies women and men floating in the sea now he sees bodies and limbs washing up on tunisia's
12:57 am
beaches moved by the sight of so many dead migrants. buried over four hundred of them. now knowing their journey maybe their souls made it to europe or even to america we may have buried their bodies but not their dreams. for these tunisian fishermen their action is an attempt to bring some human dignity to those who lost their lives in the mediterranean and they fear the fighting in libya was even more tempting to make that dangerous journey nicholas hawk al jazeera at the tunisian libyan border . living in paris and london have gathered in large numbers demanding the resignation of the interim government they want a new leader abdul. to step down along with the entire political elite been replaced i. resigned earlier this month after weeks of protests and algeria as
12:58 am
interior minister was forced to cut short an official visit to the southern state of bashar after he faced protests in several cities twenty one members of the municipal councils of the state were protesting along with others against his visit it was the first such trip by a representative of algeria's interim government the white house is standing by tweet about a muslim congresswoman despite accusations they were putting her life at risk selectively quoted a speech by. making it look like she was downplaying the nine eleven attacks press secretary sarah sanders said omar deserved the criticism and democrats should join in let's bring in joining us from washington d.c. but not all democrats have joined in heidi because we've heard from some progressive democrats who've come to omar's defense do they speak for the whole party. well we've we've heard several the progressive members
12:59 am
especially those who are running for the democratic nominee to be president have spoken up in defense of omar but if you contrast that to what nancy pelosi the speaker of the house and the de facto leader of the democratic party said she was much more. cautious in the way that she reacted to this tweet she did condemn donald trump for this for this tweet against omar but she did not go as far as to defend omar's own choice of words and this morning the president's spokeswoman sarah sanders was on a.b.c. saying that democrats should really be doing the opposite that they should be joining president trump in his condemnation of omar. certainly the president is wishing no ill will and certainly not violence towards anyone but the president is absolutely and should be calling out the congresswoman for her not only one time
1:00 am
but history of anti-semitic comments the bigger question is why aren't democrats doing the same thing it's absolutely abhorrent the comments that she continues to make and has made and they look the other way i find that what her comments to be absolutely disgraceful and underbidding of a member of congress and i think that it's a good thing that the president is calling her out for those comments and just to remind viewers what those comments that sanders is referring to is omar had made a speech before the council on american islamic relations it was about civil rights the speech but there were four of her words that were selectively quoted by the president in which she said something i will paraphrase she said that nine eleven was something that someone did know she said that in contrast to saying that all u.s. muslims were.


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