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tv   The Listening Post 2019 Ep 15  Al Jazeera  April 15, 2019 7:33am-8:01am +03

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to me it was clear to the intelligence gathering exercise my god got back at a hood over the head off into this interrogation tent by one and he said if you speak again i'll cut your throat muslim bag tells his life story and his life changing experience at guantanamo bay. it was. a confession a witness documentary on al-jazeera. because
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what began as a small extremist group in africa's most populous country we didn't get that invented from the government to just shoot soon turned into a battle front for the nigerian government the fact that you are why. the torrijos for abducting more than two hundred schoolgirls the killing and displacement of thousands of people al-jazeera investigates the origins of blood the rise of focus . on al-jazeera. i am. al jazeera. gets happy with as announcers there i'm how long he'd seen and this is the news our
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live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes they will not spin moves protesters in sudan stand their ground and gain concessions from the country's interim leader. and back forces in libya say they've shot today in a jets belonging to warlord khalifa haftar. your sexual state might come pales to of latin america brings him to the border of venezuela as he tries to rally regional allies. and a storybook ending for tiger woods at the masters as he wins his first major tournaments in eleven years. i am. but we begin in sudan where the military council has conceded to a key demands by protesters and promised to restructure the national intelligence and security service a new intelligence chief has been appointed it's an hour in the hour wolf who
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resigned as head of the council has also stepped down from his post as defense minister and has been retired the council says it will buy political parties to decide on a new civilian prime minister our state president's omar al bashir as party will not spill lights to join the transitional governments and on thursday the military of course tough words or more are bashar ending thirty years of his rule demonstrations though remain in the streets of khartoum and are. calling for an immediate transition to civilian governments. we do not call for the removal of demonstrators by force in fact the reason we intervened in the first place was because force was used by the asad regime but our call to everyone who is organizing the protests to bring life back to normalcy still stands having said that if we find people with weapons of course we have to bear the responsibility as
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guarantors of the state we can't allow that to take place in order to protect the protesters outside the army headquarters or anywhere in the land of sudan as long as the protesters are allowed to demonstrate we bear the responsibility of protecting them and won't allow any third party to do so. or have the morgan has more from khartoum. after the meeting between the political parties and the military council the military council said that it was optimistic but look at what some political parties are saying that their list of demands have not been met now one point of course the contention between the two sides is how the transitional government would look like for the next two years the council wants a government that is made of civilians but where it has a certain degree of influence while the political parties want an independent government to wrote to rule the country during its transitional period a year to decide the way or the mandate or the method of the of picking up a prime minister something that the council says is up to the political parties but
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the parties have to agree on how they will decide on a prime minister and how they will decide on the makeup of the cabinet meanwhile the sudanese professional association the body that is spearheading the calls for protests are telling people to continue with this attempt for the ninth day in a row people are saying that there their list of demands is not yet met they don't want the resignation they're not ok with the resignation of the former chief of intelligence. they want the complete abolishing of the national intelligence and security services they also want to see the former regime members being tried in the open they want to know who is being arrested what crimes they committed and if they will have a fair trial and be held accountable to all crimes that they've committed during their fifty years in power so at the moment it's not just the political parties in difference with the military council but there seems to be some kind of differences between the parties themselves and until they get together and find a way to form a transitional government many on the street say they will continue to protest. is
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an international law imposed six on the list she says the situation remains charged on the political level. i think that every day and every announcement give us a little bit more clarity but the situation remains very volatile and there are still many different ways it could resolve itself so i don't think we're really on the clear path just yet i believe the latest announcements are generally positive but it is still i would say concerning that. there is a general ham out to be who is known to a. very violent and brutal and our fore and is in charge of the rapid support forces still considered part of the military council and some of the insistence by the military council that they will retain control of the military and the ministry of interior and so i think it remains to be seen just just how many concessions
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they're willing to me there are many different disaggregated militias and security forces in sudan and it's not entirely always clear what their orders are and where they're coming from we still don't really know where omar al bashir is and under what conditions he has resigned and the same is true for the former head of the national intelligence service. we're not sure how much freedom and influence these men still have as well as many others who would be unacceptable as as having any kind of power to those who have been organizing the protests and to the opposition parties. libya's u.n. backed government forces say they've shorts and a fighter jets blowing toward one half there these pictures appear to show the aftermath in southern tripoli afters troops however say the plane crashed in an offensive earlier this month to take control of the capital of the one who has more
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now from tripoli. military commanders with the government of national called in tripoli say that they have shut down. fighter jet this has been also confirmed by half those forces who say the fighter pilot managed to escape with a parachute apparently a fighter jet was shot down near an area near the disused airport in and neighborhood called swanny which is a fighting area currently between the government forces and forces loyal to the warlord have to we know that have to warplanes have been targeting several locations in and around tripoli including the only operational airport in the city airport on the other hand planes with a government of national accord locations positioned controlled by have to the forces near the city of the end of the fighting on the ground we can say that
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sporadic fighting continues between the row of the two factions in civil areas on the southern outskirts of the libyan capital tripoli and the ongoing the fighting has forced thousands of civilians to leave the areas was fighting goes on refugees and migrants in libya say they're terrified of what might happen to them most people trying to reach europe from other parts of africa do so through libya and now many are going back to some of the countries along the transit routes are the series of messages has more from agadez in neighboring the share. officials and local c. are telling us dozens of people are crossing the border from the day into i get is every week that's just the position right now in a duchess in addition to the thousands of migrants who are still trapped here people who fled recently from libya into are going to trying to find refuge from the ongoing crisis in the country and there are more people by the way who are
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coming into i get is try to wait out the situation in libya waiting for the right moment to cross the border into libya as a transit point and then into europe now the whole to the end i get it including humanitarian workers like the united nations high commission for refugees and other non-governmental organizations are bracing up for a must see inflow of refugees from the traffic of human humanity people by ground is now under the bus five people instead of going to media and are coming back to share hearing i get is why facilities are overstretched or for just yeah i really concerned about health impact infrastructure a snort pretty enough to cope with a large influx as well as security so the united nations is telling al-jazeera that they are also making the necessary preparations they don't see it right now but they're making preparations in case there is a massive flow of refugees from across the border in tunisia here. algerians living in london and paris have held rallies to demand the immediate resignation of the
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interim government's in person they demonstrated in trafalgar square calling for all allies of former president to think or to be removed from power while the interior minister was forced c. cut short an official visit in algeria visiting the southern state of bashar twenty one members of the municipal councils of bashar states were protesting along with others against his visit was the first such shot fired representative of jarius interim government. research fellow at the paris based school for the advanced studies in social sciences she explains why judges and cherie are planning to a boycott the july election. so i moved out crowds out a larger moment actively that want to disconnect from their regions plans and imports to control the transition you know for doing good for the past three
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mandates algerians have been shifted from indifference do are they going you want we don't take we don't care about your politics we let us just leave our lives to you both cut it was actually already this the situation of my country already experienced it for the past two months to my refusal to let the regime on their on its own and along control so this is part of a movement that is trying to get back. his sense of political life the real political life and to. make you fall out of the regime to contradict transition and actually you know point and this will are it's an important move because this will force the regime to something tangible. the fighting in libya and the process in sudan and argyria are among the topics being discussed at
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a human rights conference here in doha a summer binge of mourners from the un but the challenge human rights workers face delegates and representatives of two hundred fifty organizations non-government and government and organizations and groups who are trying to uphold the rule of law and talk about civil rights and civil liberties have gathered here in doha and the theme is the challenge here that human rights workers and rights workers in general have been facing is the impunity with which human rights are being planted and to talk about this further we have with us from the office of the human rights commission. we thank you very much for being with us so we've heard a lot about these laws which are in place and the challenges that impunity with which they are being flouted what can the human rights community do to change that a lot lot we we need to stand up together for the values and i think this meeting
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here and this gallery to remind us what are the values that we are standing up together for and to really.


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