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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 15, 2019 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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the ongoing crisis in that country and there are more people by the way who are coming into i get is trying to wait out of this equation in libya waiting for the right moment to cross the border into libya as a transit point and then into europe now the horses here and i get is including humanitarian workers like the united nations high commission for refugees and other non-governmental organizations have risen up for a massive inflow of refugees from libya the traffic of human humanity for by grants is now all that it was five people instead of going to libya right now coming back to here and i get is well facilities overstretch obviously are really concerned about health impact infrastructure is not adequate enough to cope with a large influx as well as security so the united nations is telling al-jazeera that they are also making the necessary preparations they don't see it right now but they're making preparations in case there is a must see a flow of refugees from across the border in tunisia here algerians living in the
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u.k. and france have held rallies to demand the immediate resignation of their interim government and london day they demonstrated in trafalgar square calling for all allies a former president. to be removed from power that same call was made inside algeria the interior minister was forced to cut short an official visit to the southern states of bashar it was the first such trip by representative of algeria's interim government. the u.s. secretary of state has issued a warning to venezuela's president mike pump aoe is visiting the colombian venezuelan border he says the u.s. will continue to apply pressure against nicolas maduro government usaid supplies are still at the border after being blocked from entering venezuela in february the united states will continue to utilize every economic and political means at our disposal to help the venezuelan people. using sanctions vsa revocations and other
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means we pledge to hold the regime and those propping up accountable for their corruption and their repression of democracy we are deeply aware of the recent intimidation tactics used by the madeira regime this past thursday a digital should know we are watching and our support will not waver well eric fons west is vice president of the council of the americas and a former white house official he says the u.s. can do even more to pressure. the current sanctions can be applied more tightly and i think that's one thing mr pompei i was trying to do is to get the allies in latin america themselves to step up their own application of sanctions in a more coordinated way to come alongside with the united states has already done been doing secondly yes there are additional things that can be done but at the end of the day if the economy doesn't encourage improve if the health situation doesn't get better if food continues to be scarce and i think all of those are probably
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going to happen then the venezuelan people are the ones who ultimately have to pay the price and they can decide to stay or leave already more than ten percent of other whales populations outside the country so it is a very desperate and dire situation already by everybody from president trump to his most senior advisers have said all options are on the table so i think that's probably you have to take them at their word but having said that i think you also have to take them at their word that they have several more steps that they are intending to implement before they get to any sort of use of force or anything like that meanwhile continuing to try to turn up the pressure on mr maduro to cause him to leave of his own decision of his own volition if they can do that then indeed there is an opportunity for the interim government of one weibo to come in to take power and to begin the reconstruction process of venezuela whether it's next but still ahead on al-jazeera american airlines extends its grounding and timing seven three seven max chats and all of the glitz and glam as we bring you the winners
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from hong kong wards. for the last twenty aren't break in the southern states is quite clear on this sort of kind of clarity it was dark of current there is that's the potential to produce the big sums to reform its work. through georgia on this picture now of things going in this general direction overnight so when dole breaks his off shore the risk is gone the cult has talked around it should still give you a little bit of snow potentially in the northern half of new york state or the hmong new hampshire but beyond that it's warming up nicely the winds going in the sun is out once more we still got wintry weather some potential the cascades and rains flooding down the pacific coast of california it's that time the year and it's also an el nino year so that could be in holliston throw some more snow up
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into the rockies as well during tuesday at this time you know it's just a cloud of the great lakes and even the hint of white here so the cold is still around the most we're talking rain not snow the front itself is still going to be active during monday to produce some pretty hefty shall i think in cuba maybe in jamaica possibly haiti and that tails off down to the yucatan peninsula as well the front itself is going to be slow to move in or break up freddie cloudy but mostly dry weather exists in the caribbean. for the congolese the journey to a tall order means unimaginable hardship i prefer to lie down because then you might get the calking to chancing life and live on a dangerous journey through the jungle i've gone on to the rails with
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a nearly died. that's our children go to school and live because of the trade risking it all the democratic republic of congo on al-jazeera. hello again i'm just. a reminder of the news this hour sudanese protesters are continuing to surround army headquarters in khartoum and that's despite concessions from the ruling military transitional council generals insist they will allow us to villian to leave the administration. libya's u.n. backed government forces say they have shut down a fighter jet belonging to warlord khalifa haftar both sides are conducting air
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raids to support troops on the ground outside tripoli. the u.s. secretary of state has met venezuelan refugees on the border with colombia and reiterated his call for president nicolas maduro to go mike says the u.s. will use all the tools that can to hold the venezuelan leader accountable. while the challenger to become indonesia's president says the country needs an economic change of direction. is up against incumbent joko widodo who has overseen solid economic growth and has fast but his rival in wednesday's election says many indonesians are seeing the benefits as wayne hale reports in indonesia's capital jakarta drivers of three wheeled taxis have more time than they used to to talk politics the president joko widodo has encouraged other modes of transport that can be ordered online meaning business has reduced dramatically for these workers they say they'll vote for change in wins days election in the hope it will
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improve the economic situation. these days it's so difficult for me to make a living we don't have enough money for tomorrow's food if we don't work today i only made two to three dollars a day the economy has been one of the main points of debate during this six month election campaign it's growing at around five percent which is short of what the president was aiming for body enough he says to earn a second term in office. we want to continue our effort to develop the economic independence of indonesia jacoby's main focus has been on infrastructure development like the opening of an underground train line in jakarta which was first proposed more than thirty years ago. much of his time trying to sell voters on the economic achievements of his government over the past five years which have led to the lowest unemployment rate in twenty years his opponent has opted for a much more populist approach. like the last election in two thousand and fourteen
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the other choice for president is former army general problem. he says he'll lower the cost of living and as jacoby has also promised create more jobs through a boost in the manufacturing sector. didn't get our nation has long been running in the wrong direction if this direction is continued it will not provide welfare for the indonesian people. there is concern among some economists that indonesia can't afford many of the measures prabhu is promising but they agree there should be a greater focus on manufacturing in the last thirteen years. experiencing. premature deindustrialization switch means that the growth of the manufacturing sector is. below or lower than the. g.d.p. growth campaigning for the election has come to an end now many indonesians will be asking themselves if their lives have improved over the last five years or that
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they and their country need a new economic direction wayne hay al-jazeera jakarta while the white house is standing by donald trump's tweets about a muslim congresswoman despite accusations they're pushing her life at risk president press secretary sarah saunders says democrats should join trump and criticizing you know her i am are trying to selectively quoted omar making it look like she was downplaying the nine eleven attacks. certainly the president is wishing no ill will and certainly not violence towards anyone but the president is absolutely and should be calling out the congresswoman for her not only one time but history of anti-semitic comments the bigger question is why are democrats doing the same thing it's absolutely of horror at the comments that she continues to make and has made and they look the other way find out what her comments to be absolutely disgraceful and unbefitting of
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a member of congress and i think that it's a good thing that the president is calling her out for those comments and congresswoman ileana has issued a statement in response in that she says i have experienced an increase in direct threats on my life many directly referencing or replying to the president's video violent crimes and other acts of hate by right wing extremists and white nationalists are on the rise in this country and around the wilds we can no longer ignore they are being encouraged by the occupant of the highest office in the land and a new candidate has entered the us presidential election race for next year and what could be a historic fest for the white house people is the latest in a series of hopefuls aimed to get the democratic party's nomination to face trump in november twenty twenty he's a christian and a minute tree veteran who's openly gay the thirty seven year old would be the youngest ever president if elected and the fest in a same sex marriage. and there an airline says it's extending
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the cancellation of all flights aboard boeing seven three seven max aircraft until august the airline c.e.o. told employees he believes the aircraft will be recertified within the next three months cancellations will affect about one point five percent of the airline's daily flights the u.s. and a number of other countries grounded the seven three seven waddle in mid march after deadly crashes in ethiopia and indonesia john hendren has the details from washington d.c. . american airlines is extending its cancellation of the boeing seven thirty seven max planes until mid august this is due to a recognition that boeing and the federal aviation administration in the united states need more time to institute a software fix to recertify those planes so that they can fly safely after two deadly crashes killed more than three hundred people this is after southwest
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airlines on thursday said it too would cancel its flights of that plane through mid august that is one hundred and sixty eight canceled flights per day because southwest airlines has more of those planes than any other company this has been devastating for boeing which is now lost eleven percent of its stock value and they've cut production of the plane from fifty two a month to forty two that's due to some cancellations of orders but the biggest hit for the company has been to their reputation a senior member of the eisel group in somalia has been killed in an airstrike he was target says and what's believed to have been a u.s. led air strike. was the deputy leader of the group north of the puntland region has gained an increasing foothold in the horn of africa. well that's hong kong's equivalent of the oscars showcasing the latest chinese blockbusters as well as wax that challenge censorship this year a film on the hardships faced by migrant workers was in the spotlight winning three
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awards. reports from hong kong. it's considered the most prestigious of asia's red carpet events the big nines of the chinese film industry here so two other you come it's this year the majority of nominations went to films by first time directors. that includes the film still human nominated for. including best screenplay all the little things in it explores the relationship between a power wise man and a filipino who gives up being a photographer to look after him like god an inspiration on the streets i saw someone excites me like my two keratitis and not felt very posh and impressed by their relationship and i thought i might share this to the world the film offers a glimpse of the challenges facing migrant workers serving as domestic copas the hong kong's wealthier residents it also sheds light on an often overlooked yet vital community in asia we don't really get
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a chance to share the stories from the filipino perspective i think. the less we hear the voices of the people who actually go through this. in this life we would never really be able to get an authentic response three hundred ninety two missing workers here in the uk thirty s m i six the philippines indonesia the monthly average white around five hundred seventy dollars that's about a fifth of the city's monthly average salary besides working six days a week the government requires them to live with their employer on a day off i gather with their fellow filipinos and indonesian colleagues in public places in hong kong domestic workers are making undeniable contribution to what we're also seeing is that they are not. getting from this economy as much as. these awards have a history of recognizing social issues and challenging the growing self-censorship in the city. and twenty sixteen an independent film in years which criticize
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china's influence on hong kong won best film it was later banned on the mainland but more than ten times its budget at the hong kong box office sarah clarke. facebook instagram and whatsapp have largely restored services after going down across the world earlier on sunday down detected dot com a site that monitors outages so there were reports of problems in the us europe and parts of asia face book which owns instagram and whatsapp had another major outage a month ago well tiger woods has won one of golf's majors for the first time in more than a decade his one shot victory at the masters was his fifth green jacket but to get there the forty three year old has had to overcome back surgery and doubts that he could ever even compete again let alone when paul van dyk reports. the
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emotion was clear for you to see. the final part was the culmination of the live in you come back from multiple back surgeries as well as a number of scandals that led to the breakup of this marriage and has a risk the lives of a woman and i think it's because of what has transpired and. last year i was very lucky to be playing playing again. woods went into the final round as well just the two shots behind francesco molinari and a fifth green jacket was looking unlikely until the italian double bogeyed the twelfth and fifteenth holmes eventually finishing tied for. the up there against one of the hardest i think i have ever had that when just because of what has transpired the last couple years of trying to get to come back and play and. i was close flash a couple times the chance i lost two major championships and then i played what i learned from those two and i was able to seal
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a deal today. this is tiger's fifteenth major title his last coming by back in two thousand and eight at the u.s. open. some time. but it's on unreal for me to experience this and my mom was here she was there and in ninety seven as well and so i just couldn't be more happy and more excited and you know i'm kind of at a loss for charlie. is now just three shy of jack nicklaus's all time record and with the years there were doubts as to whether he could match the golden bear now the possibility is again been renewed vender with al-jazeera. hello i'm in. with the headlines on al-jazeera sudanese protest as are continuing to surround the headquarters in khartoum that's despite concessions. from the
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ruling military transitional council generals insists they will allow the civilian to lead the administration. we do not call for the removal of demonstrators by force in fact the reason we intervened in the first place was because force was used by the ousted regime but our call to everyone who is organizing the protests to bring life back to normalcy still stands having said that if we find people with weapons of course we have to bear the responsibility as guarantors of the state we can't allow that to take place in order to protect the protesters outside the army headquarters or anywhere in the land of sudan as long as the protesters are allowed to demonstrate we bear the responsibility of protecting them and won't allow any third party to do so libya's u.n. backed government forces say they've shot down a fighter jet belonging to ward khalifa haftar both sides are conducting air raids to support troops on the ground outside tripoli have to launch an offensive against
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the government ten days ago algerian protesters have forced the interim interior minister to cut short an official visit he went to the southern states of bashar but hundreds rallied against him president idolizes bruiser flicker resigned earlier this month after weeks of protests the u.s. secretary of state has issued a warning to venezuela's president mike pompei always visiting the colombian venezuelan border he says the u.s. will continue to apply pressure against nicolas maduro as government usaid supplies are still at the border after being blocked from entering venezuela in february colombia is the last stop on compares for nation last an american top u.s. democratic representative has responded to president trump's misleading video linking her to nine eleven she says she has experienced an increase in direct threats on her life many referencing or replying to the president's video well
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those are the headlines join me here for more news after risking it all to stay with us. on counting the cost big on symbolism big on rhetoric but what has brazil's president got to show for a country struggling to recover from a recession and is india's prime minister seeks another term where austin has he actually kept his election promises counting the cost on al-jazeera. a.
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little. is a ghost station in the south of the democratic republic of congo. there's been no train service for five months but now it's running again but the train left lubumbashi
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the second largest city five days ago. no one knows when it will arrives. the train everyone is waiting for has a surprising name home del or the swallow. he . news of the swallows arrival spreads like wildfire by the bush telegraph all word of mouth. it's the cheapest rail service in the d.r. congo like a local bus it stops a virtually every station and drools huge crowds. of them a street vendors at every stop even in the remote villages the station becomes an
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instant market. the amateur. i don't know if that is the idea of number grab yet i wrote that there are several i know. i. know. but there's not much time for selling. the train is already packed so. the passengers clamor for remaining seats. has been riding this train for twenty years and knows what to expect. some say but it got there i think because the self-employed says it said this is
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just deducts it was just odd. the only thing i. was said to see yellow. by young today. one of the mother of the sixty year defied the sensible for the business for one decisive louise it's so this it's a sonic as i said if. that was people cram into whatever space they can find nearly two thousand people all together three times the officially permitted capacity. for those who want to able to find a place or who can't afford a ticket there's always the route. editors are you quite open about what it is and you say that it is a simple guide to will let you get up that much of
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a daily caller but only do it when you said it was up some of them were. located in the heart of the continent the democratic republic of congo is the largest country in sub-saharan africa. the swallow crosses half the country from lubumbashi to elate of these the only link between remote villages and the outside world. to swallow has been around for more than fifty years. the old engine was bought second hand in south africa. a relay of ten drivers is needed to cover the one thousand six hundred kilometer journey. that. the driver is sixty three years old.
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missed him a long ago has one of the hardest parts of the trip. one hundred and twenty kilometers of trouble see above the river where we've never done that he said. so yeah that is on the same time that i thought about said yeah a physical that's why there was the severance that there is yet if i. missed him a long go is the master on board and supplements his income by allowing ten passengers to travel in the dr his cabinet. it's as close as he gets to first class on the train. back in second class the challenge is to avoid stepping on someone as you try and move around the carriage. it's something clear
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can't get used to. playing up but that was said it's own plus in the us he said it could set the pervasive myth about the whole city coming made it if this storm sends us a segment called did you know think what this includes is a lot of big this will boost just one does it for both their money on the sunday this sunday put up at the preview there. will be nothing to lose the passengers take as much luggage as they can. it is on them it's an equally so protocol the media. when they said expose it equally possible i love. you. that you lose money at the falls onto. the plane we're supposed to keep let alone as of old to see the mob was due to the
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extraordinary things sometimes happen. you know much as i was on my side i know you . don't want to see what you want to and i didn't want those again those are in the body of some of. the muslim son son of. god but. he does. argue we are for green card because you say that you took. the train can also be a death trap to load the foot to be taught it's a sore foot because i said at first i'm a sucker for. i did not think it did such gus nossal what odd gun laws deal to force him up to help us in my life and. last year the snares made several passengers.
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and those in third class risked their lives up here on the rigs. they can easily get knocked off the moving train. now when i got out before going out with. her dad is out because of him was. the smaller boy we're talking about. his fellow travelers up on the class have to remain alert a lapse in attention could be fatal. plane. but the big.
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danger comes not just from above but also from the sun. even if the moderate speed of thirty kilometers an hour a tree branch can come like a machete. there would be a lot of the same there's a lot of other. border secure the border. these are some of the remotest areas of the d.r. congo. as dawn breaks free men are preparing for
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a long journey. they're traveling salesman trading in kosov a flower and palm oil in the villages they work for smile. and we're going on a mobile going there should be a should know be on what it was you were doing what you do does your mom want to malala offer for you no one was to give them all so much do you go one on one o'keefe one big. man and his companions a setting out on an arduous one hundred sixty kilometer journey through villages in the country south. it will probably take them around four or five days. if. you look at the little. town.
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and. most of the villages are in the middle of nowhere and reaching them means travelling on dirt tracks so the congolese improvise. they converge and reinforce their bicycles to withstand the poor conditions and up to three hundred kilos of merchandise. now. you fools will do this on the. market if you know. you know them be sure to put a put one in the jungle another one.


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