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i think it would be much better if they are included this is staged because it is in the united to be informed and they have to be part of it. thank you very much indeed for you now to libya where a number of fighters loyal to the war literally for hafter have reportedly handed in their weapons and army vehicles to forces loyal to the other side to the un backed government in tripoli the two sides have been fighting for control of the capital since earlier this month we go live now to mahmoud he's there in the libyan capital and so can you tell us any more than about these reports of defections and handing over military equipment to the government of national court. military commanders with the government of national are called to say that twenty five military individuals are with the warlord who for have to alongside eight military vehicles for tiger military vehicles and for armored vehicles have been
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handed over to the government forces this is the latest incident about handing over have his forces handing over themselves and their weapons to the government of national accord it seems that that is some kind of disillusionment especially we're getting reports from the city of the horn and the city of that again the major supporting cities of hefted in the west of the country saying that people have been disappointed especially they say that they expect that that have to the forces would take over the capital tripoli peacefully without this what you know what many people have been affected by in this war also military commanders with a government of national called say that their air force managed to have to supporting the line many times as you know marty and that they're supporting the line. munition and if you will to have to his forces on this side of the outskirts of tripoli is very long it comes from the east of the country all the way until it
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tries to reach have to his forces on the southern outskirts of tripoli so this supporting lane was hit by the government airstrikes several times also in this city of lahore now government sources say that they have contacts with people there and many people who supported have to now want to change position as you know that have to his forces have been recruiting. regular people not official army individuals so those of those most neris. potentially the can't be can change position. very very so and now as you know that one of the reasons why people are changing position is that have set us forces are accused of committing war crimes and they're targeting civilian areas with heavy weapons and we're airstrikes we know that thousands of civilians have been forced out of their
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homes because of the fighting. displeased in their own country this is one of the many offices in the libyan capital where people affected by the latest fighting have come to register their names they were promised food and shelter for hamad left his home in where the ruby area south of tripoli after random gunfire hit their house he says he and his family narrowly escaped death. our house was in the crossfire from three directions so i gathered my family and took shelter in one room five minutes later a rocket landed and exploded in the house it destroyed three rooms. fighting has intensified near civilians areas since the forces loyal to warlord thirty four have to launch an offensive to take control of the capital tripoli on the fourth of april they will and back to police the government has launched
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a counter or fence of to defend the capital the fighting soon currently extends to around one hundred sixty kilometers south of tripoli it includes the areas of gaza have been a shared the disused international airport also one e. so give me some say hill where they will be and ends are several occasions in and around tripoli have been also hit by a restrikes the united nations says more than one thousand people have left their homes to escape the fighting on the southern outskirts of tripoli government officials here say that number continues to rise and there and back the government is accusing the health of the forces of targeting civilian areas with heavy weapons mohammed says he saw dead bodies near his house and one of his neighbors was killed by a random bullet here and his family hardly had any chance to collect their blooming so. we don't know where we should go wife has been destroyed in our area it's caves
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there and we left everything behind including our livestock. they're being provided with food and blankets by aid organizations but municipal council members say they don't have enough shelters to accommodate the groomed number of displaced people. that five hundred families have registered only in the center we are getting more people but the problem we face is that we don't have enough shelters we have even used state hotels and hospitals to lodge them some of these people have been provided to the houses by local do nurse others hostage by their relatives but has its own neighborhood have turned it into a battle soon they're worried their houses they've lived to be behind could be destroyed in the fighting. as you know over one
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hundred people have been killed so far since have to his forces launching their offensive to take over the capital tripoli on april fourth many civilians are among the casualties and they were killed many civilians were killed by random rockets launched by have to his forces and back to the idea of have those forces losing momentum military commanders and they say that they hear. through their radio communications have that his forces calling for help. mahmud talking to us live from the libyan capital tripoli thank you. lots more to come on this al-jazeera news hour including nigeria struggles to diversify its economy from oil to agriculture class. in jakarta where indonesians are preparing to verge in an election that for many will be about the economy and trying to decide whether the current president has done enough to improve their lives. in sports australia. one
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of the biggest stars in their rugby team. down investigation by french media organizations has revealed the use of french weapons by the saudi arabia and led coalition in yemen leaked documents from france's military intelligence show the french battle tanks helicopters fighter jets and caesar guns have been deployed on the battlefield and in civilian areas the investigation found that since two thousand and ten france sold one hundred thirty two season guns to riyadh and between march twenty sixth seen in december last year thirty five civilians including children were killed in areas the world within the range of these weapons right let's go live now to our correspondent
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who's in paris the tasha butler first of all the findings and in this investigation how far do they contradict what is the official french position. well there's no doubt that this investigation seems to be quite damaging to the credibility of the french government and the french defense ministry because this report which is based on these leaked to top secret documents from the defense ministry leaked to some journalists or to top media organizations here in france say that french made weapons used by saudi arabia by knighted arab emirates in their war in yemen are you being used not only for defense purposes now the french government has always maintained that the arms that they have sold to saudi arabia and u.a.e. are being used only for defense purposes and pose no risk to the civilian population but this investigation seems to completely contradict that it's quite detailed it
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talks about some of the arms which are generally sold to those two countries including things like mirage jets armored vehicles tanks and helicopters and gives these very specific examples for example saying that along the border between saudi arabia and yemen the saudis are using these french made cannon guns or seize the guns and that they have this range of more than forty kilometers and that means that civilians are at risk they also report also talks about the two french made naval ships being used by the saudi coalition as part of its blockade on yemeni ports and that's preventing humanitarian aid reaching the civilian population so it does seem to be quite a damning investigation and indeed i'm looking at the response a statement that the french government has put out and and it says we're not aware
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of civilian casualties resulting from the use of french weapons in the yemeni theater france is not among the leading arms suppliers of countries engaged in yemen so. as you were alluding to there they're claiming a certain amount of ignorance as to how their weapons may be used and also try to push blame perhaps more towards the united states and the u.k. who are the biggest suppliers of weapons to saudi arabia. well in finance n.g.o.s have always said that the french must suspend their weapons sales to the saudi coalition if there is any doubt at all that these weapons are being used against the civilian population and what the french government has always said is their weapons only been used for defense and that they put very strict stringent checks on any weapons sales to the saudi coalition when it seems according to this report that that is not the case that
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they don't necessarily know how their weapons are being used or maybe they do because one of the most interesting parts of this investigation is that it says that these documents that were leaked to these journalists were in fact documents that were given to the french defense ministry and to the french president himself back in october during a special security meeting here in france on yemen so be very hard for those ministers and for the president himself to actually plead ignorance us to the way in which some of these weapons are used but for for the time being all we have from the government is the statement saying that as far as they know these weapons are only being used for defense and the saudi arabia and the united arab emirates remain for them important allies for regional security in the region. will be hearing more about this won't we natasha live in paris thank you. israel's president is meeting several political parties to try to decide on who form the next government rivlin rivlin will choose
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a knesset member who has twenty eight days to prove that he has the best chance of forming a coalition and becoming prime minister last week the existing prime minister the current prime minister benjamin netanyahu likud party won thirty six of the one hundred twenty seats in the israeli parliament and that puts him in a position to try to cobble a coalition harder a dual hameed has been following events in west jerusalem. these consultations are happening at the residence of president rivlin for the first time they will be aired live on t.v. the office of the president saying that in this it's in the sake of transparency but also there has been many speculations that president rivlin preferred. to have to work with benny gantz that's one of the two co-chairs of the blue and white list rather than benjamin netanyahu now he started the day by meeting
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a delegation of the likud no surprises there they put forward the name of benjamin netanyahu to become the next prime minister of israel then he met with the second party that won the most seats in knesset the israeli parliament and that's the one blue and white list of benny gantz and you're left pete now the president did ask those members of that list if they would consider and national unity government and they flatly answered no on the circumstances and then you have to remember that throughout the electoral campaign the blue and white lace really positioned themselves as attacking benjamin netanyahu as a person as they say his divisive policies his racial policies and also attacking came on these corruption charges and the looming in that come july now these consultations will continue for the next forty eight hours at the end of that
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process then president ridley will call in the person that was most recommended to form this coalition government and no surprises there it will be benjamin netanyahu because he does have the numbers on paper then at that stage that person benjamin netanyahu will have twenty eight days to form a government. in just a few moments steph will have all the weather news and also coming up on this al-jazeera news out. there all should know we are watching and our support will not waver. a warning from the u.s. state who's visiting a colombian town bordering venezuela. the red cross schools for eisel to release this woman who was kidnapped in syria almost six years ago. and in sports two of cricket's most notorious cheats get a second chance he said we'll explain in just a little while.
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hello there it's pretty chilly for many of us in europe at the moment but it looks like things are going to get a little bit warmer already we're seeing the sunshine become a little bit stronger in the southwest in parts of the continent so this is what it's look like in valencia rather a couple of people there on the beach or rather too many little bit packed but it looks like that warmth is gradually going to spread across other parts of europe fact if we look at the temperatures over the next few days you can see that we've got the orangey colors down there in the southern parts of spain and then gradually push their way northwards into parts of france there as we head through wednesday the temperatures do rise look at paris up to nineteen by wednesday and it should get warm the mat for the end of the week as well so i really quite mild but that's often we've got rid of business system so this is what's with us at the moment lots
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of clouds lots of rain and some very strong winds for some of us as well that have to get out the way first and then the temperatures can rise but that's not the only area we've got some wet weather in europe at the moment down in the southeast it's also really messy we've got a lot of thundery activity and we've seen a lot of hail as well in fact this is what it looks like in the northwestern parts of italy curtain of rain there and elsewhere there's been some slightly more destructive weather but all of that is pushing out the way in the southeast should be brighter as we head into tuesday marty. sponsored town. al-jazeera is i would winning investigative documentary program people ask me a large are native women going missing or being murdered what's the reason food lines goes beyond the headlines holding the powerful to account have you heard of the story not involved in that examining the u.s. and its role. someone has to get the gun i'm shooting people right now. with
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a new scenes that's the reality that we live in coming soon on al-jazeera egypt strongman and he's ruling with an iron fist and the silence from his allies is deafening the u.s. was perfectly happy to trade offs. for security why are western leaders turning a blind eye when even the citizens have fallen victim to his repression executions torture censorship is not acceptable and you want to hear such strong words from let's say berlin or paris or london our man in cairo on al-jazeera.
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time for us to take a look at the top stories here it out. hundreds of people around side sudan's army headquarters demanding civilian rule immediately military leaders say they've made concessions and develops political parties to recommend an independent candidate for prime minister. thousands of civilians are being forced out of their homes on the southern outskirts of the libyan capital tripoli the un backed government forces and those loyal to the warlord khalifa haftar been conducting air raids. environmental activists started blocking some of london's busiest roads in an effort to shut down the city organizers and volunteers of a group called extinction rebellion have used the tactic before protests on climate change of grown in recent months many of them have been led by students across the world but we can go live now to our correspondent berner smith who's there at the start of this protest and burn it will tell us where you are looks like marble arch
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. it is marble arch martin in central london and in the last sort of five minutes or so hundreds of protesters have moved to block the roads that go around marble arch but it's not just a protest in london extinction extinction rebellion it's across the world's thirty three countries more than eighty cities and war ready been protests today in sydney in new zealand and in india and further east as they begin to wake up in the u.s. and in the americas i'm joined by jane for juba's one of the activists involved in this change first of all why this approach to protest because we've been involved with talking about climate change for over thirty years and nothing's happened we've done all the useful things we've done our letter writing was spoken to and pays it done demonstrations everything that we could possibly do to raise the issue of their gender and nothing's happened and the thing is though here the groups here you're preaching to the converted how do you persuade people who don't pay
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attention to these sorts of votes that's a really interesting question and that's why we're doing this we want to raise it up their gender in terms of the meter and we want the government to tell the truth so for extinction balin we've got three demands on the first one is about everyone telling the truth because if we don't hear about it we don't know about it and we need all our population everybody to understand this is an urgent emergency and we have to start thinking about dealing with it now we can't wait ten years we haven't got ten years the i.p.c.c. report says twelve years is our limit where we've got to start doing something now to keep it at that limit of one half degree say but the problem is a lot of people of course don't see an environmental damage or they don't feel it in their daily lives so much these days how do you especially in the west especially new york and the u.s. how do you wake people up so that you're right and that is a big big problem we've got when we've got lovely sunny hot days like this and people in the brain might go yeah we have to stand this is great bring it on but no it's wrong we certainly haven't it and every we seem to have to it's not fun but i
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mean david awesome is doing a fantastic job with his films on the wildlife what's happening there is camera man taking weeks now to find animals. we used to just have to turn up and hold off i've worked with people in their africa women in africa the plant that crops and they don't know if those things are going to grow and then they've lost them these kind of stories we have to get out to other people so they know what's going to happen but is it frustrating jane to get the message across your heart to get it. it's hard when people don't know it's a time to warm people up first i think and that's what we're doing we're going out doing lots last talks all over the country hundreds of talks have been going on everywhere but of course the game is using people have already got some understanding and knowledge of it and so we need to get out in the wider media so last week for example we had to pick the streets everett is out and six putting up our posters so the people start look at them like oh was nuts about don't know maybe they'll start checking online who knows and the more you guys start talking about it the better that they will understand that this is an issue that has taken seriously origin for
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a long thank you very much so this is their only the start of it they're going to be protesting here for the next couple of weeks whether the police allow them to block the traffic for that long is another question from central london but what about you martin. but it is fair to live in central london thank you. but the u.s. secretary of state has met the venezuelan refugees on the border with colombia and he reiterated his call for president maduro to step down my pompei it says the u.s. will use all economic and political tools it can in order to hold the venezuelan leader accountable pompei was in the colombian city of kuta to end a four nation tour of latin america aimed at piling the pressure on the venezuelan president but meanwhile venezuela's political and economic crisis continues to deepen water shortages and rising inflation and making life even harder for so many
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people but as jamal elsewhere reports in the capital caracas there are some communities that are working together to try to. for decades many working class venezuelans have had to collect water from points like these of the bottom of the mountains that surround the valley that is caracas the country's infrastructure has forever been underdeveloped however in recent weeks the number of those queuing up to gather water has noticeably increased. several electricity blackouts has meant that water plants haven't been pumping to homes across the capital was dennis near his comes here once a week with her two children despite being economically secure they wait for more than an hour with their buckets and containers. in the field. i've been coming more often in recent weeks because there's no water when we have water in our building it's not drink a bowl we use it for other gas but we can't drink it. what's confounded the problem even more is that caracas has witnessed an unusually dry period with no rain
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reservoirs like this have dried up but the government sees the main reasons for the water crisis are subject sores and the u.s. imposed sanctions aimed at turning the people against president nicolas maduro you . see that they want people to explode and turn against the government to justify a possible military intervention and the us government spokesperson has openly stated that the purpose of these sanctions is to make people suffer. to offset this and more importantly seemingly to win people's hearts the government is providing heavily subsidized goods and services to poor venezuelans in a room on the second floor of one of the hundreds of thousands of buildings that sprawl the many favelas scattered across venezuela a group of pro-government activists old school uniforms children's clothes and other garments as part of an initiative set up under former president hugo chavez. similar uniforms are sold in the shops for around twenty seven dollars these are
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offered for a mere thirty cents their work orders have increased drastically since the u.s. sanctions kicked in. these activists also run a control center where they receive requests for help from local residents and monitor things like water shortages. we monitor and listen to people's needs and with the help of the government we didn't provide for them it's not surprising that giovanni is a loyal supporter of the government were not for hugo chavez and his socialist revolution he would never have been able to get a university degree he tells me. you can sanction is are not hard to the government are hurting or people if america wanted to help the people there wouldn't impose those sanctions for a country with the largest oil reserves in the world you'd expect living standards here to be high but the reality is the basic things like water aren't always available now opponents of president maduro put that down through mismanagement and corruption by a socialist government that's been in power for years but there's no denying that
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u.s. sanctions have played their part and devastating the venezuelan economy and preventing the country from developing. caracas. human rights activists and voice their concerns about a lack of transparency in the investigation into the murder of the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi that so many other issues in the middle east are being discussed at a conference on human rights that is about to end here and go live now to our correspondent who's been covering this conference. a house conference going on there. is day two of this conference where delegates of more than two hundred. government and stakeholders in the human rights arena have come together to try and find ways to fight impunity with which human rights are pummeled upon and based. rights are not given to the people involved it's also talking about accountability of those perpetrators who carry out atrocities and who
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carry out these crimes obviously this is not just crimes which are carried out on an individual level but also on the on and on ethnic groups and other minorities as well including groups such as women to talk further about this we have for this karen smith who is a special advisor to the secretary general care and it's let's you've been in this conference for two days and if it isn't the criticism is that it becomes an echo chamber of like minded people where the people who are actually carrying out these games are not involved and then does anyone actually care what is said in these conferences. i think that's a criticism you always hear of international conferences where experts international lawyers you know human rights activists get together and they speak about these issues i think what is important is that we continue to have these discussions and specially that we have them in different parts of the walls so we will often hear these discussions in new york for example at the united nations but
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i think it's really important that we have them in the middle east that we have them in places like qatar so that or that in itself i think is already something which is very important having said that as well you know there's also the fact that yes of course we think we should talk about victims and we've heard here as well that you know we always hear victims should be at the heart of what we do but in the essence of course international law is a very complex subject matter so you know we also need experts we need activists who who can give voice to victims who actually know what their rights are and to help them to pursue rights that is the next transformation of this dialogue isn't it that once activists and journalists such as jim up a shot gee who raised a voice about the other other aspects which the government doesn't want to see when the united states for instance does what it once on the mexican. it takes away babies from from people and put them into camps so you as international experts and
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many people we've heard here say that the responsibility lies with the statement but been actually the state is the perpetrator what can international law do in that case so again i think you know we know that there are many things that are not rights in the world right now and there's lots to be frustrated about i think particularly from the position of victims you know people are asking why do we feel that the international community has abandoned us and i think in many cases these concerns are very very justified this does not mean that we should give up the fight so i think we know we need to continue thinking about the victims we need to stand up in the face of resistance by some states we need to hold states accountable who are not protecting the human rights of their own citizens and rehman terms of my mandate which is the responsibility to protect of course the first responsibility lies with the state itself but when the state is on able and willing to carry out that responsibility then it means that the international
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community also has a responsibility to assist that states. and to if necessary put pressure on the states thank you very much for speaking to us and that is what is being discussed here and recommendations from various working groups that have come forward include respecting the rights of the individual prosecuting the states and the actors which are responsible and also bringing together the international community to stand behind the legitimate voices of the people of those particular areas who are raising their voices to try and make sure that their basic rights are protected. a summer binge of a live that conference on accountability in doha thank you. now new zealand has appealed for the whereabouts of a nurse kidnapped along with two syrian drivers in syria almost six years ago her name is louise or a calvi and she was working for the red cross delivering aid to italy when she was
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taken it's thought she's being held by eisel along with the two syrian drivers her kidnapping was kept secret for fear her life may be at risk our number one priority all along has been luis the safety and as you say decisions have been taken always with caution in mind and one of those decisions the information as far you know out of the public eye is possible the i.c.r.c. has has taken the lead and we've worked collectively together around when is when is there is no right or wrong time the assessment is made with the fall of the caliph ass bash the risk we really need to see by calling for action whether we can find us any more information at this point nigeria is africa's largest oil producer but more than half its population lives in extreme profiting and in his recent election campaign president promised to divide diversify the economy away from oil assets heroin metasearch reports from all good and state nigeria struggles to even
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feed itself. first the cassava is cleaned the machine also peels off the skin removing any soil live from the plant. in its ground into a sticky pulp the water is squeezed out after a few more processes but becomes a flower a staple food for nigerians the government's trying to increase food production for local consumption as well as to celebrate what it says agriculture could help reduce nigeria's dependence on crude oil to flood. exports imports. and exports. exports in. nigeria is a largest producer in the world to encourage more farmers to grow the crop commercially the government says it will improve access to finance and will try to
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attract more private investment in the sector nigeria imports a lot of the breed which is the fourth using money earned from selling its oil now farmers will be encouraged to grow more stable and over has some progress if there are not enough to feed the country. cooking with has been a way of life for generations but much of it is of systems farming not commercial these women grow just enough for their families the little left over is sold for a few dollars syrah does everything by hand she can afford machines to grind the into flour she says she barely makes enough to feed her six children. you know thirty. dinner now. our. children sort out their need our children need the money life your turn around and there are money can be. lived.


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