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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 15, 2019 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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to register their names their promised food and shelter for hamad left his home in a weather area south of tripoli after random gunfire hit their house he says he and his family narrowly escaped death. our house was in the crossfire from three directions so i gathered my family and took shelter in one room five minutes later a rocket landed and exploded in the house it destroyed three rooms. fighting has intensified civilians in areas since the forces loyal to the family for have to launch an offensive to take control of the capital tripoli on the fourth of april they will and back to police the government has launched a counter or fence of to defend the capital the fighting soon currently extends to around one hundred sixty kilometers south of tripoli it includes the areas of gaza have been a cheer the disused international airport also one
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e so. where there will be an ns are several occasions in and around tripoli have been also hit by a restrikes the united nations says more than one thousand people have left their homes to escape the fighting on the southern outskirts of tripoli government officials here say that number continues to rise and there and back the government is accusing have forces of targeting civilian areas with heavy weapons mohammed says he saw dead bodies near his house and one of his neighbors was killed by a random bullet here and his family hardly had any chance to collect their blooming so. we don't know where we should go has been destroyed in our area it's caves there and we left everything behind including our livestock. they're being provided with food and blankets by aid organizations but municipal council members say they
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don't have enough shelters to accommodate the groomed number of displaced people. that five hundred families have registered only in the center we are getting more people but the problem we face now is that we don't have enough shelters we have even used state hotels and hospitals to lodge them some of these people have been provided to prairie houses by local to nurse others hostage by their relatives but has it own neighborhoods have turned it into a battle zone they're worried the houses they've lived to be behind could be destroyed in the fighting. tripoli. we've got a lot more to come on this hour including communities in venezuela try to cope with the political and economic crisis that's been deepened by u.s. sanctions the red cross calls on eisel to release a new zealand aid worker kidnapped in syria almost six years ago and in sport
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find out why australian rugby officials one of their biggest stars just months before the world cup. the thirty five senior international figure is assigned a name from a letter to the guardian newspaper urging european nations to reject any u.s. middle east peace plan that is unfair to palestinians the u.s. is preparing to announce it's a good deal of the century those who signed the lessons say this is a critical moment in the middle east and europe they accuse the white house of departing from longstanding u.s. policy and distancing itself from established international legal no. forms by recognizing only one side's claim to jerusalem they say the u.s.
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has demonstrated what they call a disturbing indifference to israeli settlement expansion european nations unless it goes on should back a plan that requires the creation of a palestinian state alongside israel on borders based on the preened ninety and sixty seven lines and with east jerusalem as its capital they say that any plan that quote reduces palestinian statehood to an entity devoid of sovereignty territorial contiguity and economic viability would fazeli damage the cools of a durable peace for palestinians and israelis alike well the secretary general of the palestine liberation organization has commented on that lesson a cat said europe needs to act to implement existing un resolutions the european union needs to know who denies the state of palestine what it is do some of its character on the night in six of the mines and the need to implement
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seriously. resolution twenty three thirty four of the school council two thousand and sixteen that's a belated between israel and the settlements dealing with settlements in any way the calling a settlement some black and white state of palestine just totally illegal and against international law that's what's required from europe now. we can speak to one of those who signed that letter the former prime minister of sweden called built he's joining us live via skype from stockholm thank you very much indeed for talking to us why did you feel the need then to join the other signatories to this letter. and describe this particular moment is a critical time for the middle east in europe. yes it is a critical time i mean there's been talk of you. for quite some time we expect you to come at some point in time i mean that's to be welcomed we can't make peace in the union in the in the middle east without the united states thirty equally
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important for you have been union to stand firm on the principles that have been a liberated and decided that all year after year after year and which are really based on respect the rights all of the rights of both the israelis and the palestinians peace has to be built on that compromise but compromised on deviate from the fundamental principles of international law and that is what we want to make abundantly clear with this particular letter s. we are now entering a more critical phase in this process now you are among twenty five former foreign minister says six former prime ministers of course of which one to form a leaders of nato with the greatest of respect what difference do you think this letter is likely to make to. a trump white house that has become a renowned for its jewing multilateralism they go their own way they get it and. i think our letter is primarily directed at leaders of the european union we are all of those signs of being of all the european union any european policy for quite
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some time need to be on these particular issues and we are urging those that are now responsible for you being you new policies to be. clear in standing firm on these particular principles then i would expect that to be a dialogue between both europe and the united states and europe and there but this for the palestinians and the different arab countries so that some sort of compromise can be reached but in the run up to the peace plan that has been rumored it is extremely important that the european union is firm on the principles of international law and certainly say yes it is for all of the peoples of the region that has been the pandey should our policy for quite some time so given there the movement of the u.s. embassy to jerusalem the trump tweet announcement recently supporting israel's an exception of the don't land highs i mean how how
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apprehensive volume about the eventually appearance of this deal that's a good deal of the century because everything that you have mentioned so far seems to have been trodden roughshod over by the trump administration. that certainly seems to be the case so for but we should also say in all fairness we haven't seen the plan as of yet so let's let's the reserve you have been over the toes of we've seen it but i was rather disturbed other day when i noticed that sicko from here did indeed to want to commend the one prime minister on the ark but set about further than exception of the west bank you did an extension of the golan heights long time ago and that was supported by trump and then he went on to say i'd like take on parts of west bank and there was silence from washing them and that is because it's disturbing signs as we are entering this critical the face and we're talking about we just after. an election victory by benjamin netanyahu he's
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likely to begin his fifth term in office quite shortly many people have said that with the arrival of the reappearance if you like of benjamin netanyahu as prime minister and the right wing swing of israeli politics that the two state solution is effectively dead. we can note is that there are void biscuits inside israel that are starting to question or have equally for a long time as made a fact any sort of two state solution the problem is what kind of solution do they have a permanent occupation it would be to the detriment of the if there is demand that the history of a one nation solution with the rights for everyone is clearly unacceptable to a lot of the an apartheid state would be unacceptable to the outside world difficult with a two state solution particularly in view of what's been happening with settlement policy in all of that but if you look at the alternatives i think you find that this is the only only avenue that can bring both peace durable.
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and recognition by the rest of their word and justice fairness and peace to the palestinian people there is no other way at the less and with. the sentence that europe should pursue its own course of action it sounds very much as a europeans are not expecting to agree atoll with the with the trump plan for middle east peace what is and what could be europe's own course of action in that case europe has been if you look at it over a longer period of time has to be influential in. forming that if you don't the different fourth use it is true as you pointed out of the relationship between the year and the top administration might be to put in my list but tense on the issues but i think as the trumpet mr hugh wakes up to the realities of what is she evil
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when it comes comes to peace in the middle east they would eventually find their dissolution among the along the lines that has been indicated by the european union for a long time is the only viable solution that has any possibility if we have success carl bildt thank you very much indeed for talking to us here on out is there a. thank you for meanwhile israel's president is meeting the political parties to decide on who will form the new government rivlin rivlin will choose a knesset member who has twenty eight days and to prove that he's got the chance of forming a coalition and becoming prime minister last week benjamin netanyahu his likud party won thirty six of the one hundred twenty seats in the parliament putting him in a really good position to form the next coalition harder abdulhamid has been following in those meetings from west jerusalem. these consultations are happening at the residence of president rivlin for the first time they will be aired live on t.v.
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the office of the president saying that in this it's in the sake of transparency but also there has been many speculations that president rivlin preferred. to have to work with benny gantz that's one of the two co-chairs of the blue and white list rather than benjamin netanyahu now he started the day by meeting a delegation of the likud no surprises there they put forward the name of benjamin netanyahu to become the next prime minister of israel then he met with the second party that won the most seats in knesset the israeli parliament and that's the one blue and white list of benny gantz and you're left pete now the president did ask those members of that list if they would consider and national unity government and they flatly answered no on the stances and then you have to remember that throughout the electoral campaign the blue and white lace really positioned
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themselves as attacking benjamin netanyahu as a person as they say his divisive policies his racial policies and also attacking came on these corruption charges and looming in that come july now these consultations will continue for the next forty eight hours at the end of that process then president ridley will call in the person that was most recommended to form this coalition government and no surprises there it will be benjamin netanyahu because he does have the numbers on paper then at that stage that person benjamin netanyahu will have twenty eight days to form a government. leader of finland social democratic party has declared victory in sunday's general election and won with a tiny majority he could be the first left wing prime minister in twenty years the elections are being watched closely in brussels as finland is due to take the
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presidency. to indonesia and now with the presidential challenger is promising to take the country's economy in a new direction. is running against the incumbent joko widodo who's overseen solid growth in his first term but his rival in wednesday's elections says many indonesians aren't gaining from the benefits when haye reports. indonesia's capital jakarta drivers of three will taxis have more time than they used to to talk politics the president joko widodo has encouraged other modes of transport that can be ordered online meaning business has reduced dramatically for these workers they say they'll vote for change in wednesday's election in the hope it will improve their economic situation i do so. these days it's so difficult for me to make a living we don't have enough money for tomorrow's food if we don't work today two to three dollars a day or the economy has been one of the main points of debate during the six month
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election campaign it's growing at around five percent which is short of what the president was aiming for body enough he says to earn a second term in office. to continue efforts to develop the economic independence of indonesia jacoby's main focus has been on infrastructure development like the opening of an underground train line in jakarta which was first proposed more than thirty years ago. on the campaign trail joko widodo has spent much of his time trying to sell voters on the economic achievements of his government over the past five years which he says have led to the lowest unemployment rate in twenty years his opponent has opted for a much. populist approach. like the last election in two thousand and fourteen the other choice for president is former army general. he says he'll lower the cost of living and he has also promised create more jobs through
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a boost in the manufacturing sector. our nation has long been running in the wrong direction if this direction is continued it will not provide welfare for the indonesian people. there is concern among some economists that indonesia can't afford many of the measures proposed is promising but they agree there should be a greater focus on manufacturing in the last thirteen years. experiencing. premature deindustrialization switch means that the growth of the manufacturing sector is. below or lower than the. g.d.p. growth campaigning for the election has come to an end now many indonesians will be asking themselves if their lives have improved over the last five years or that they and their country need a new economic direction wayne hay al jazeera jakarta. right is time to take a look at the weather his tests we're looking at that rain that we saw here in qatar a few days ago that is now moving away from us that hasn't stopped just yet so let's
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take a look at where that cloud is you can see it making its way away from oman there around across parts of pakistan they had given us a fair amount of rain while it was with us so just to the west of muscat in the hills there we saw eighty six millimeters of rain that was a very two day period in forests in pakistan we've seen ninety four but it wasn't only the rain that causes the problem from this weather system we also had quite a large amount of dust these pitches from karate you can see it really does seem murky day there and you also see trees down as well so indicates that we've also had some pretty strong winds as well that did cause a fair amount of damage to parts of pakistan africa raji the worst is over the wet weather is beginning to pull away and the few showers that we saw around the coastal region are clearing instead though that rain is pushing northwards and eastwards now for some of us in afghanistan is going to bring an awful lot of wet weather as we head through the next few days and still for some of the mountains we'll see a little bit of snow but for the south it might bring us a little bit of
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a welcome relief because it's been incredibly hot for some of its recently not poor to see the temperatures way over forty degrees and i think with a little bit of an injection of moisture those temperatures will be pegged back as we head through the next few days so probably around thirty eight for choose day maybe even a touch lower but i think as well as that we some clouds over to shelter from the sunshine marty said thank you very much indeed still to come here in the al-jazeera news nigeria is really struggling to diversify its economy away from oil and into agriculture. rescue efforts continue in brazil of the buildings collapsed because of the rain. and two crickets most notorious cheats get a second chance he said we'll explain everything in schools.
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talk to a local. politician . and then reported well to. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry riverbed like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered for even those who managed to escape their countries have been truly unable to escape the york.
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times this take a look at the top stories here in the al-jazeera news so these protests is a continuing to surround the army headquarters in khartoum despite concessions from the military leaders who insist that allow a civilian to leave the administration. thousands of civilians are being falls out of their homes on the southern outskirts of the libyan capital tripoli both libya's u.n. backed government forces and those loyal to wall old have to have been carrying out air raids. the former prime minister of sweden called bill. old has called for e.u. leaders to stand firm on respecting the rights of palestinians and the principles
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of international law two dozen senior international figures have signed an open letter urging each nation's brit to reject any u.s. middle east peace plan as unfair to palestine. the new zealand is appealing for the whereabouts of a nurse kidnapped along with two drivers in syria almost six years ago louise a cull the was working for the red cross delivering aid to it live when she was taken it's believed she's being held by eisel along with the two syrian drivers a car his kidnapping was kept secret for fear her life may be at risk then a holder has more from beirut. the i.c.r.c. ending its silence appealing for any information on the whereabouts of its members two of the syrian nationals their fate is not known but the i.c.r.c. believes that. is possibly alive and they have information that she was still
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alive just a few weeks ago there is no doubt that the i.c.r.c. is gathering information from those who used to live under those rules territorial defeated a few weeks ago fighters wives and children are now thousands of them are now in a camp in northeast syria so it is trying to gather information. members are not the only ones who were kidnapped. missing you have the italian priest father paolo you have the british journalist john county who appeared in the videos. all missing believed to have been taken hostage by their whereabouts are still unknown and. hundreds if not thousands of people who went missing rule three thousand for example mass graves. in areas that were. under rule. it's a painstaking process to determine. so appeals are now being made all its
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territory but this armed group still poses a threat. syria and iraq and it is believed to be taking shelter in the desert in eastern syria as well as in some areas across iraq. an investigation by french media has revealed the use of french weapons by the saudi a morality coalition in yemen leaked documents from france's military intelligence shows that friendship helicopters fighter jets and seas tillery pieces has been deployed on the battlefield and in civilian areas the investigation found twenty ten france sold one. one hundred thirty two caesar guns to riyadh and between march twenty sixth seen in december last year thirty five civilians including children were killed in areas that were within the range of those weapons the trasher buckler has more now from paris well this report certainly seems to damage the
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credibility of the french government now investigators from two frauds is because media organizations radio france and media parts say that they received a leak top secret defense documents which shows that saudi arabia and the united arab emirates are using french made weapons in yemen but not only for defense purposes now the french government has always maintained that the weapons that they have sold to these countries are being used only for defense and pose no risk to the civilian population well this investigation is quite detailed it talks about some of the arms which are publicly sold to these countries such as helicopters armored vehicles mirage jets it also has some real detail for example it says that along the border between yemen and saudi arabia sees the guns cannons are posted more than forty of them and they have a range of around forty kilometers so that means that civilians could well be at
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risk and the report also talks about two french made naval vessels that are being used as part of the saudi coalition's blockade on yemeni ports preventing humanitarian aid reaching the civilian population. and i geria is africa's largest oil producer and it should be really wealthy but more than half its population lives in extreme poverty and in this recent election campaign president mohamed promised to diversify the economy away from all but his harem a tosser ripples from ogun state geria struggles to even feed itself. the first is cleaned the machine also peels off the skin removing any soil live from the plant. in its ground into a sticky pulp the water is squeezed out after a few more processes but becomes a flower a staple food for nigerians the government's trying to increase food production for
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local consumption as well as to sell a broad it says agriculture could help reduce nigeria's dependence on crude oil. exports imports. exports. and. nigeria is a largest producer of casaba in the world to encourage more farmers to grow the crop commercially the government says it will improve access to finance and will try to attract more private investment in the sector nigeria imports a lot of it which is the fourth using money earned from selling its oil now farmers will be encouraged to grow more stable and i'd rather have some progress if there were not enough to feed the country. cooking with has been a way of life for generations but much of it is of systems farming not commercial
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these women grow just enough for their families the little left over is sold for a few dollars syrah does everything by hand she can afford machines to grind the into flour she says she barely makes enough to feed her six children. you know. and i want to know now. i with. children so that they need which you don't need to money life you have to know how narrow money can be. lived. so the. economists say diversify my jazz economy after decades of lying mania and oil won't be easy it needs more political will and more input from locals but there are some people are starting to see farming as a viable business one delivery at a time. state nigeria. the u.s.
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secretary of state has met venezuelan refugees in a colombian border town as he once again called on president nicolas maduro to step down. as the u.s. will use all its economic and political pressure to hold president maduro to account. in the city of cook to wrap up a four nation tour of latin america with the goal of isolating president my daughter the united states will continue to utilize every economic and political means at our disposal to help the venezuelan people using sanctions bisa revocations and other means we pledge to hold the regime and those propping up accountable for their corruption and their repression of democracy. we are deeply aware of the recent intimidation tactics used by the material regime this past thursday but those should know we are watching and our support will not waver.
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and the other side of the border venezuela's political and economic crisis continues to deepen water shortages rising inflation and making life hard for many . reports from the capital caracas some communities are working together to try to cope. for decades many working class venezuelans have had to collect water from points like these at the bottom of the mountains that surround the valley that is caracas the country's infrastructure has forever been underdeveloped however in recent weeks the number of those queuing up to gather water has noticeably increased several electricity blackouts has meant that water plants haven't been pumping to homes across the capital was bella's nearest comes here once a week with her two children despite being economically secure if they wait for more than an hour with their buckets and containers. have been coming more often in recent weeks because there's no water when we have water in our building it's not drink a bowl or use it for others but we can't drink it. what's confounded the problem
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even more is that caracas has witnessed an unusually dry period with no rain reservoirs like this have dried up. but the government sees the main reasons for the water crisis are subject choice and the u.s. imposed sanctions aimed at turning the people against president nicolas maduro. they want people to explode and turn against the government to justify a possible military intervention the us government spokesperson has openly stated that the purpose of these sanctions is to make people suffer. to offset this and more importantly seemingly to win people's hearts the government is providing heavily subsidized goods and services to poor venezuelans in a room on the second floor of one of the hundreds of thousands of buildings that sprawl the many favelas scattered across venezuela a group of pro-government activists old school uniforms children's clothes and other garments as part of an initiative set up under former president hugo chavez.
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similar uniforms are sold in the shops for around twenty seven dollars these are offered for a mere thirty cents their work orders have increased drastically since the u.s. sanctions kicked in. these activists also run a control center where they receive requests for help from local residents and monitor things like water shortages. we monitor and listen to people's needs and with the help of the government we then provide for them it's not surprising that giovanni is a loyal supporter of the government were not for hugo chavez and his socialist revolution he would never have been able to get a university degree he tells me. sanctions are not held to a government that are hurting or people if america wanted to help the people they wouldn't impose those sanctions for a country with the largest oil reserves in the world you'd expect living standards here to be high but the reality is the basic things like water aren't always
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available now opponents of president maduro put that down through mismanagement and corruption by a socialist government that's been in power for years but there's no denying that u.s. sanctions have played their part and devastating the venezuelan economy and preventing the country from developing. caracas. and rescue workers in rio de janeiro still on the site of two buildings that collapsed on friday nine people and then to have died in the neighborhood. as the details. of the search goes on for the missing people who live nearby are growing increasingly concerned that their homes could be next heavy rain continues to fall in the surrounding buildings all vulnerable and they say they've been left to clear up off to the disaster with little help always a change they're seeing the phrase the debris left by the rain the furniture everything is still here and it's raining again what are the authorities waiting for for the rain and rubbish to bury in kilis my six year old son is scared he's
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inside the house saying he doesn't want to be here. veliz or shantytowns like often beyond the law gangs control the streets and profit takes priority over building standards the buildings that came down had already been condemned residents say the government could and should do more to end corruption the civil defense comes in inspects last year they condemned two buildings down here but a few days after that you had people building new ones that's how it happens this is not about suffering it's about being abandoned a state of emergency in rio de janeiro it was announced a week ago when the floods and mudslides began forecasters say the worst of the rain is over but fear in the fidel is remains fear that most homes will be reduced to rubble. just. american airlines says it's extending the.


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