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i do notice others hostage by the realty of but is it only blue hood to have turned it into a better. the houses they've lived to behind could be destroyed in the fighting. with. tripoli. twenty five former high ranking european politicians are signed an open letter urging european nations to reject any middle east peace plan unveiled by the white house that's unfair to palestinians the u.s. is preparing to announce what it calls the deal of the century those who signed the letter say it's a critical moment in the middle east and europe they accuse the white house of departing from longstanding u.s. policy and established international law by recognizing only one side's claim to jerusalem they say the u.s. has demonstrated quote a disturbing indifference to israeli settlement expansion the letter goes on urging european nations to back a plan requiring the creation of a palestinian state alongside israel with east jerusalem as its capital they say
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that any plan that reduces palestinian statehood to an entity devoid of sovereignty territorial and contiguity and economic viability would fatally damage the cause of a durable peace for palestinians and israelis alike while the secretary general of the palestine liberation organization says europe needs to act to implement existing un resolutions. the european union needs to order who denies the state of palestine what is doing its on the night in six seven lines and the need to implement seriously. resolution twenty three thirty four of security council two thousand and sixteen that submitted to between israel and the settlements dealing with settlements in any way the calling the settlements in the occupied state of palestine just daughterly illegal and against international law that's what's required from europe now earlier we spoke to sweden as former prime minister carl bildt one of the signatories off that letter he said
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a two state solution is the only viable way forward. what kind of solution do they have a permanent occupation that would be to the detriment of the answer is to make this trip a one nation solution with rights for everyone clearly unacceptable to a lot of the. state would be unacceptable to the outside what the diff because with the two state solution particularly in view of what's been happening with settlement policy in all of that but if you look at the alternatives i think you'll find that this is the only only avenue that can bring both peace durable to isreal and recognition by the rest of their word and justice fairness and then these to the palestinian people there's no other way to trumpet mr hugh wakes up to the relatives of what is she evil when it comes comes to these in the middle east they would eventually find the solution. along the lines that has been indicated by the european union for a long time is only
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a viable solution that has any possibility of real success for israel's president has begun meeting with political parties to decide on who will form the next government riven rivlin first met with benjamin netanyahu macoun party which won most seats in the april line vote netanyahu intends to build a coalition with far right an ultra orthodox jewish party as rival and later held consultations with the blue and white alliance which came a close second he's expected to announce his choice on wednesday after meeting with all parties for that the honeyed has been following those meetings from western solemn. these consultations are happening at the residence of president rivlin for the first time they will be aired live on t.v. the office of the president saying that in this it's in the sake of transparency but also there has been many speculations that president rivlin preferred. to have to work with benny gantz that's one of the two co-chairs of the blue and white list
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rather than benjamin netanyahu now he started the day by meeting a delegation of the likud no surprises there they put forward the name of benjamin netanyahu to become the next prime minister of israel then he met with the second party that won the most seats in knesset the israeli parliament and that's the one blue and white list of benny gantz and you're left pete now the president did ask those members of that list if they would consider and national unity government and they flatly answered no. and then you have to remember that throughout the electoral campaign the blue and white list really positioned themselves as attacking benjamin netanyahu as a person as they say his divisive policies his racial policies and also attacking came on these corruption charges and looming in that come july now these
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consultations will continue for the next forty eight hours at the end of that process then president ridley will call in the person that was most recommended to form this coalition government and no surprises there will be benjamin netanyahu because he does have the numbers on paper then at that stage that person benjamin netanyahu will have twenty eight days to form a government on al-jazeera and what they thought were tories took the lives of seven children in afghanistan. when he jakarta way dimensions are preparing to vote in an election that for many will be about the economy and trying to decide whether the current president has done enough to improve their lives.
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and i bet we're seeing quite a lot of rain make its way across parts of china for take a look at the satellite picture we can see it all working its way eastwards you can see the bright white cloud here and it's still going to be with us as we had three cheese say so still more outbreaks right likely here but then as we head into wednesday that system pulls away and this just a scattering of showers towards the west so they stay should be fine and dry and getting pretty hot now in shanghai our temperatures should make it to around twenty six degrees for pakistan as being quite different hey we've got a lot of cloud with us and that's feeding up into afghanistan as well under that cloud we are seeing some wet weather but for some of us we're also seeing some strong winds and a lot of dust as well that was the problem in karate you can see really murky conditions here on the strong winds did cause a little bit of damage down a few trees at times today now that system is working its way northward there as we head through into choose stay safe a karate thing should come down but force in afghanistan in the northern parts of india is still going to be a lot of clouds and
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a few outbreaks of wet weather at times too and in fact that cloud also bends all the way down towards nagpur as well so as the south of that goes fine and dry just a few showers perhaps for us in sri lanka one of two of them actually on wednesday likely to be a little bit heavy particularly in the south we could catch the old one in colombo two. on counting the cost big on symbolism big on rhetoric for what has brazil's president got to show for a country struggling to recover from a recess. prime minister seeks another. election promises. on al-jazeera.
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hello again the top stories on al-jazeera the. leaders of laid out their demands including an immediate transition to civilian government with some representatives from the military they want the deposed president's party disbanded head of judiciary his deputies and the attorney general all sacked nearly one hundred fifty people have been killed in the battle for libya's capital tripoli dots according to the latest numbers released by the world health organization more than eight hundred thousand people have been displaced in fighting between forces loyal to warlords and u.n. back government fighters. two dozen former high ranking european politicians are
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urging european nations to reject any middle east peace plan unveiled by the white house that's unfair to palestinians. an investigation by french media organizations has revealed the use of french weapons by the saudi emirates the coalition in yemen leaked documents from france's military intelligence show that french battle tanks helicopters fighter jets and says artillery pieces have been deployed on the battlefield and in civilian areas the investigation found that since twenty ten france sold one hundred thirty two says our guns to riyadh's between march twenty sixth the unite. december last year thirty five civilians including children were killed in areas that were within the range of those weapons while the french government has responded saying that as far as they know the weapons possessed by coalition forces are not on the frontline and tasha butler has more from paris well this report certainly seems to damage the credibility of the french government now
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investigators from two frauds is because media organizations radio france and media parts say that they received a leak top secret defense documents which shows that saudi arabia and the united arab emirates are using french made weapons in yemen but not only for defense purposes now the french government has always maintained that the weapons that they have sold to these countries are being used only for defense and pose no risk to the civilian population well this investigation is quite detailed it talks about some of the arms which are publicly sold to these countries such as helicopters armored vehicles mirage jets it also has some real detail for example it says that along the border between yemen and saudi arabia sees a guns cannons are posted more than forty of them and they have a range of around forty kilometers so that means that civilians could well be at risk and the report also talks about two french made naval vessels that are being
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used as part of the saudi coalition's blockade on yemeni ports preventing humanitarian aid reaching the civilian population the u.n. security council has been discussed in the conflict in yemen humanitarian affairs chief mark local while the cease fire has been largely holding in the city of holiday the violence is increasing elsewhere in the country. over the last two weeks fighting has forced nearly one hundred thousand people from their homes about hossa fled to other areas in nabs which is an extremely poor was this gas district and last house up with three hundred thousand displaced people. yet you just if you can always this from maine was a source. of thousand people if i didn't damage is. very quickly see a major catastrophe if i have to move now. after.
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could be displaced funerals have been held for the seven children killed in afghanistan where they were playing with exploded ten others were wounded in the. province charlotte dallas reports on how children are the most vulnerable to unexploded munitions scattered right across the country during nearly two decades of war. in this small village of lanky toe in eastern afghanistan hundreds of men gather to pray for the seventeen young boys. they procession through the symmetry is because of a single mortar as the sun sets on sunday their boys found and played with it exploded in. this community is on the front lines of the war in an area by the taliban it's so to say fighting has peaked in the last year. so one of the
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mourners filmed for us recording on his screens grapple with losing the sun it's. ten boys were wounded in the blast most were brought here to loveman hospital they tell us how they were all of history fishing when they found the water it was thirty metres from an army base. the word for. you through the mortar in the potato field the other boys came and threw it in the stream we were there because we wanted to catch fish. because some children put the mortar in a potato field then in the evening other boys came and they wanted to buy the rock to scrap metal they were fetching it and we ran away and then they threw it in the stream and it exploded. these boys avoided serious injuries and amputation saved by the distance to the explosion last year and nearly fifteen hundred civilians were either killed or hurt by len mines and unexploded munitions that number has
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tripled since twenty twelve and it's children who are the most of those killed by unexploded bombs or rockets eighty percent of children who think they are playing with a toy. and this is the result parents warning their children the u.n. started a mine clearing program years ago and in that time has removed eighteen million unexploded munitions for the boys of blank took just one to him seven young lives charlotte dallas al-jazeera kabul indonesia the presidential challenger is promising to take the country's economy in a new direction. i was running against incumbent joker we don't know who's overseen solid growth in his first term but is rival in wednesday's elections has many indonesians aren't gaining from its benefits when he reports. in indonesia's capital jakarta drivers of three wheeled taxis have more time than they used to to
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talk politics the president joko widodo has encouraged other modes of transport that can be ordered online meaning business has reduced dramatically for these workers they say they'll vote for change in wednesday's election in the hope it will improve the economic situation that you see. these days it's so difficult for me to make a living we don't have enough money for tomorrow's food if we don't work today i only make two to three dollars a day. the economy has been one of the main points of debate during this six month election campaign it's growing at around five percent which is short of what the president was aiming for body enough he says to earn a second term in office. we want to continue our effort to develop the economic independence of indonesia jacoby's main focus has been on infrastructure development like the opening of an underground train line in jakarta which was first proposed more than thirty years ago. on the campaign trail joko widodo has
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spent much of his time trying to sell voters on the economic achievements of his government over the past five years which he says have led to the lowest unemployment rate in twenty years his opponent has opted for a much more populist approach. like the last election in two thousand and fourteen the other choice for president is former army general problem. he says he'll lower the cost of living and he has also promised create more jobs through a boost in the manufacturing sector. our nation has long been running in the wrong direction if this direction is continued it will not provide welfare for the indonesian people. there is concern among some economists that indonesia can't afford many of the measures prabhu is promising but they agree there should be a greater focus on manufacturing in the last thirteen years. experiencing. premature dinesh realisations which means that the growth of the manufacturing
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sector is. below or lower than the. g.d.p. growth campaigning for the election has come to an end now many indonesians will be asking themselves if their lives have improved over the last five years or that they and their country need a new economic direction wayne hay al jazeera jakarta the leader of finland social democratic party has declared a victory in sunday's general election and here. with a small majority and if he succeeds in forming a coalition he could be the country's first leftist prime minister in twenty years protests are happening across the world to put the issues of global warming and climate change into center stage in london environmental activists smashed windows and blocked london's busiest roads and bridges many of the organizers are part of a group called extinction rebellion tiger woods has won his first major title in
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more than a decade the forty three year old won by one shot to claim the masters for a fifth time words last won at augusta back in two thousand and five while his previous success at a major was in two thousand and eight i had serious doubts after you know what transpired a couple years ago i could barely walk couldn't sit down i really couldn't do much of anything. luckily i had the procedure back which gave me a chance to you know having a. normal life. but then also i realized i could actually swim golf club again. so if i could somehow piece this together that i still have. the hands to do it. the headlines on al-jazeera sudan's protest leaders have laid out their demands including an immediate transition to civilian government with some representatives
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from the military they want the deposed president's party disbanded and head of judiciary his deputies and the attorney general sacked in the form of that was sort of. jacked of the revolution cannot be achieved completely in the face of the backstage manipulations of the remnants of the regime or key demand of a civil council to guarantee the revolution is safeguarded and its goals achieved with the technocratic provisional government with executive powers must be formed with the consensus of the people first the national congress must be disbanded and assets put under administration to the head of the judiciary must be sacked and the replacement be appointed third the attorney general must be sacked and replaced by call by professional the national security apparatus must also be disbanded nearly one hundred fifty people have been killed in the battle for libya as capital tripoli that's according to the latest numbers released by the world health organization more than eight hundred thousand people have been displaced in fighting between forces loyal to warlord khalifa haftar and un backed government
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fighters and protesters in tripoli are demanding libya withdraw to egypt the u.a.e. saudi arabia and france they're angry at those countries for supporting forces loyal to the warlords khalifa haftar who is leading an offensive to take the capital demonstrators say libya's representatives to the u.n. arab league and african union should take legal and diplomatic measures against his forces two dozen former high ranking european politicians are urging european nations to reject any middle east peace plan unveiled by the white house that's unfair to palestinians. israel's president has begun meeting with political parties to decide on who will form the next government riven riverland first met with benjamin netanyahu is the party which won most seats in the april votes and that's anyone who intends to build a coalition with far rights as well as ultra orthodox jewish parties. you're up to
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date so with the latest headlines on al-jazeera counting the cost is coming up next day with us. hello i'm come on santa maria this is counting the cost on al-jazeera your weekly look at the world of business and economics this week brazil is big on symbolism big on rhetoric but after one hundred days in office what has brazil's president got to show for a country that still struggling to recover from a recession also this week is india's prime minister six another term we ask has he managed to keep his election promises from the last time and what does the sale of
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the ride hailing app karim. tell us about the way acquisitions and investments are happening in the age of the tech giants. so it's been more than one hundred days since brazil's rightwing president jaya both came into power and in that time while the stock markets burst through the one hundred thousand point mark which is a historic achievement but one perhaps more in the hope and expectation of what paulson are we could achieve because the reality is rather more grim consider this efforts to save two hundred sixty billion dollars through much needed pension reforms stuck in political wrangling the economy is expected to grow at just two percent less than the two and a half percent for cost unemployment now hovering around twelve percent and both sonars approval rating is the lowest for a president since the country returned to democracy three decades ago now on
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a recent trip to the united states he and donald trump promised to reset relations between the two. countries however both american ceded marchin receive little in return and the prospect of a trade deal between the united states and china that could actually be crippling for brazil's families and that's where we're going to start this week the reality of brazil's economy i was told by those literally at the grassroots level. has this report now from the state of mato grosso where brazil soy farmers fear for their own livelihoods. brazil is one of the world's largest oil produces a matter is the biggest producer in brazil china is brazil's biggest export market and about half of that is commodities mostly saw so when beijing says it might do its story shopping elsewhere brazilian farmers take note. when we have china negotiating with the u.s. in these conditions almost obliged to buy saudi from the united states that is
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going to hit us hard about five thousand workers are employed in harvesting to hear about the good or saw one hundred seventy thousand tons just on this twenty seven thousand hectare property. without the chinese buyers it will be complicated we're following the latest news in the papers and we're really worried that brazil's big agri business mostly backed the winning candidate. in last year's presidential elections while brazil does far more trade with china than the us the new president went first to washington aging is not on his itinerary or the talks go on in washington in beijing to try to resolve their trade differences it's unlikely they take into account the future of these workers on the other side of the world that these men although they have no say a very attentive their livelihoods depend on it. the state capital was founded in seventeen nineteen joining a gold rush on the gold ran out the city was forgotten neglected until the arrival
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of big agriculture. in the late twentieth century the city grew rapidly from fifty thousand inhabitants to more than six hundred thousand today. pots is white gold. is used in more than two hundred sub products you can find it in medicine cosmetics but its most important use is as protein for eating livestock that converts into animal protein for the population the world's demand is huge producers here like gold will not run out but they must have. for now brazilian soil produces a nervously watching and waiting to see which way the international trade winds blow. well joining us here in the studio is. though he is the residence professor at northwestern university here in katherine a latin america and it's lovely to have you with us hiero not jairo like the here
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like the president so we've just seen a report there about the soil farmers in brazil who are worried about the potential trade deal or trade wars and all these issues between the united states and china these are the people who they tend the land they are the backbone of of an economy grassroots how worried should they be teasing i think there must be very very worried because one of the things is that agriculture in brazil in terms of employment terms of realty for poor people or for certain areas of pollution is very important but the overall economy. is not bad imports and it's only six percent of the g.d.p. meanwhile you have thirty percent of the u.p.a. from an industry and seventy percent for the service so for the demonstration of your will so narrow this was one of the things they're more willing to sacrifice if they get more access for their industry and that's a very key point and i look at some other issues with you as well as we look more
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mr both in our own self himself in what he's trying to do he wants to save money by cutting pensions hundreds of billions of dollars yeah i mean how i guess sound an idea is that i mean you're touching people's pensions that this is a delicate area if we put it that yes and they the one of the problems of bras of the resilient economy is that it has a huge public sector and that public sector the pensions are mostly in the public sector related to the public sector and that sector is very powerful influential within their minister and i'm not sure how much luck mr paulson are will have in that sector but for him is crucial to cut the deficit and this means reducing and between cutting the pensions and cutting and privatization they expect in the next ten years to save nearly. three hundred billion dollars that mean is that enough that would be enough to month team the deficit on the you know seventy percent sixty percent which means there brazil will pay less in the depths ervice
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the moment a huge part of the budget of those who goes to pay the service of the debt as all that in american countries of the moment is that going to be possible that's more about politics i mean i'm also not one has to draw a hemorrhage of a political at the moment he's of the lowest rates of popularity in the history of . this is what i was going to ask you about. does that matter i guess you know there are a lot of politicians who say our polls whatever he's only been in power for one hundred days but to be that low what can he do to fix that it matters a lot in brazil because one of the things on the left in brazil feels they feel cheated you know they feel that they put in prison so he couldn't run again so they the left in brazil is ready to mobilize itself to really act quickly against also not all worn with a vote that was not only from the right here a lot of appeal within the left and with the popular sector many poor people voted
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for also not zero but they are increasingly growing impatient with the minister ations promises of economy growth on employment is something around twelve percent and brazil's growth forecast was cut this week so it's less than there was even expect that some of the companies big companies like pharmaceutical companies are now announce they're going to stop production in brazil so a lot of people who would produce employment which is in salaries decent salaries they want people want and expect to live in brazil regionally how secure is brazil i'm just thinking venezuela has obviously dominated our thoughts for a long time we've seen the spillover of that in canonically into into other countries as brazil ok yeah brazil has much of stronger institute. right and if anything will drift you know to the conservation of power of the current institutions i don't think that's that's going to be the case but really speaking
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of brazil's finance are very varietals they big exports i mean brazil is a has a surplus in exports you know but still exports over two hundred billion dollars and imports something around one hundred fifty three billion dollars that that is a very important feature of its strength but a lot of those exports goes into the latin american market for example argentina part i why and those markets also economy are quite quite fragile at the moon quite weak one of things we have to start and that's going to answer is that why mr paulson are looks elsewhere you know he's been meeting trump he met netanyahu with janja israel has just been reelected making sure that there are other minds out there yeah well the united states market has also been a traditional market in and of course news of also not a would would want the united states to be again it is remarkable but structurally that is a long way to take because i would mean and again we're going back to the interest that would mean that brazil will have to develop certain areas of the industry that could compete in the united states with china it's easier because they export
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commodities their role much ariel's things that brazil has one of the big criticism against their boss around administration has been the flex the flexible approach they go there as effective approach the approach that he adopted towards for example environmental a situation where he do you really believe there are series of arias but he's doing that because he knows that to get to the chinese market at the moment it's the mining and it's raw material that he needs to export so he's trying to flex eliza to increase the potential of the economy he needs cash flow at the moment he needs to increase the the export surplus but he also needs money to develop all the area and he knows industrial production which is where he's probably his hopes are take a long time it's been a pleasure talking to you thank you for joining us and still ahead this. counting the cost educated but jobless in iraq we're looking at where the private investors can succeed in creating jobs where the government is failing.
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right now that we are looking at here where a month long election process involving up to nine hundred million voters has begun now prime minister narendra modi is widely expected to win another term in coalition with other parties even though his pledge to create ten million jobs and to increase manufacturing with his make in india campaign has been a failure so how rahman's been speaking to people about their hopes from the next indian government. to millions of indians the wheels of life don't stop turning and that includes those like migrant worker toppan course from the state of west bengal in the east of the country he's been a rickshaw rider in new delhi for twenty years with few job opportunities moving to the big city was the only way to support his family. it would be wonderful if my son and daughter get an education that's my only wish and nothing else as a responsible rule water i go to great lengths to cast my vote but the politicians
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take my vote and then disappear where is the promised help millions of workers have converged on india's major cities to find ways to survive economic pressures back home they're relying on politicians to keep their election promises to them. millions of indians voted for the bharatiya janata party b j p led by a right wing populist leader in the red remote in twenty fourteen he promised a lot to the electorate especially the young and. if we want the country to progress then we need to develop their skills that's my mission this is my promise to develop skill india where the promises were made that where there is skill india training something. so hope was really rising but in forty years nothing happened you know ninety five percent of startups have failed i don't see any indian is making up for years. in the capital new delhi aspiring fashion designer.


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