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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 16, 2019 8:00am-8:34am +03

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where every. global icon burns bot the french president promises it world rise again. the president in mosul where we will rebuild this cathedral together undoubtedly part of the french destiny. i don't welcome to algis their own life or my headquarters in doha with me elizabeth pride and also ahead protesters in sudan refused to back down from their demand for civilian government. fear and despair groups thousands of libyans displaced by the fierce fighting for control of the capital tripoli and dokken
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a share african refugees and migrants seeking a better life in europe continue their desperate journey despite the risk of murder torture and slavery. the world has watched one of its most famous and treasured monuments go up in flames these centuries all were not your dog the two of them paris was engulfed by a massive fire on monday evening president emmanuel back holland has promised to rebuild the symbol of paris and french culture natasha buckley reports from paris. an unimaginable sight not for time because the ravaged by flames a symbol of paris and french history collapsing in smoke it was seven o'clock in the evening local time when the fire broke out hundreds of firefighters and emergency service workers with their within minutes as thick smoke rose. the city
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people watched in shock and disbelief when i. saw the spire collapse was shocked it's eight hundred fifty years of history it's hard wrecking while ago with this. chaotic scenes as police try to evacuate the area. does not sound good legal. ground no paramount. burning center started raining to the ground and that is why police here are trying to put everybody back very safe they ought to know what they're worried about is more of that roof collapsing they're worried about the smoking toxic little worried the people safety as night fell firefighters fear that the twelfth century gothic cathedral would collapse completely but after working tirelessly for hours they managed to control the fire. the french president visit the site and promise to rebuild not to damage the cathedral he said that was cherished by so many in of those who are not is our history our literature our
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imagination the place where we have lived all our great moments our epidemics our wars our liberation it is the epicenter of our lives it is the standard from which distances start and from which we can measure ourselves from paris it is full of books of paintings it is a cathedral that belongs to all frenchmen and women even to those who have never come here. firefighters say the fi could be linked to renovation work in paris this prosecutor has opened an inquiry whatever the cause the sight of a cathedral the distant majestic in paris for centuries crumbling in hours has deeply saddened people across the city and the world to touch a butler al-jazeera paris. john lee cowan is a professor of architectural history at new york university and he says that all is not lost. her emotionally everyone is devastated and stripped but let's be clear that the main stone structure of the cathedral is extending the storm vaults have
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been sometimes the local lead them out east what has burned essentially the roof structure to third of the roof which is basically who wouldn't carpentry extremely important historically because it was still the original woodwork so this seems to be largely gone together with the spire which failed and so spectacularly. then which was reconstruction of the nineteenth century you need self a great piece of work but by no means a medieval object so would say that the computer as not lost its hat but it is still standing and is perfectly rebuild of all apparently what happened was a fire and it's very often because of fires of such historical buildings an
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accident on the building site for the restoration of part of the structure so it what fire was brought from the exterior scaffoldings into the church and i would say that far is often a problem but also one shouldn't forget that in many fires more damage is created by water is generated by email. a poor use of water than by the floor itself so we're with your becomes another another curse let's move on to other news now and demonstrators in sudan's capital are continuing their push for an immediate transition to civilian volatile the protest leaders are also calling for deposed president omar al bashir is party to be disbanded they want the head of the judiciary and the attorney general to be sacked him morgan has more from phone . despite a military coup ousting bashir last thursday and his successor twenty four hours later the sit in and protests continue. we insist on continuing with this
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revolution until our demands are met our demands are known and clear bringing down the regime completely they're angry because they feel their revolution is being stolen by the military council that overthrew bashir the council has appointed members from the military to run the country it's promised an all party inclusive government for the transitional period but under the military supervision that's something those on the streets refused to accept protests that have been here in front of the army headquarters and hearts on for more than ten days and they say they're ready to stay for even longer if their demands are not met they want to dismantling of the security intelligence agency as well as accountability for there were five members of the former regime but most of all they want to civilian government in a country that has been ruled by a military leader for more death eighty years the military council says it won't use force to disperse the protesters something activists say they attempted to do on monday morning it has issued orders to reform the security agency and the
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judiciary and says it's arrested officials from the previous government who will be held to account but it insists protest groups and political parties must agree on the structure of a transitional government. we need to agree on the basis of forming the government the ball is now in their court there was a question on the timeline for the ball is in the cultural political forces and the other bodies that i mentioned from organizations use and women if they are ready today and agree on anything we are ready to execute our michigan. then we have met with the military council and told them that we want a transition period of no more than one year while others wanted to be as long as four years sudanese professional association the group spearheading the protests say the way to end the sit in is clear we want the government to be handed to a civilian. buddy we want dimity council to be council on a new council to be formed which is really in major media the media by civilians
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with somebody today to visitation and this is how i mean the moms then we want also the transitional government we've all its secretive rights and to extend the transitional period to four years but as political parties and other groups negotiate the terms of a new government so that continues under the rule of the military and the sitting continues he will morgan al-jazeera hopped on. the ark with adam as a research associate at the school of oriental and african studies and he says opinions vary on the way forward for saddam. it's appear that the civilian from you know there is some difference within them but also there is deep differences within the army itself about the way forward especially. the change i mean if you're in the country because some of them don't completely get up with the and one of the missing that a group is really important right now for children is how to deal with the deep
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deep estate because with the presence of the past year and we don't know what's going on behind the scenes you know i just remember the current literally you know the military council was appointed by the the she writes. the district here right now but still we don't know the relationship between divorced and many people there saying that the still some of the political assure that still connecting with the current you know military council and this is where you you know so it's very important actually that you know there should be a clear might you know to deal with the order given a pretty clear way so downs transitional council has confirmed its commitment to the saudi led military coalition in yemen ousted president omar bashir sent hundreds of soldiers to the water on country in twenty fifteen to help fight what the rebels a senior military official told local media that they will remain there until the our alliance achieves its goals it is the first major foreign policy announcement by the country's new military involvement is now the un's on water yemen says the
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internationally recognized government and the rebels have accepted a plan to withdraw their forces from the port city of her day that the redeployment was part of the ceasefire agreed in december but has been repeatedly delayed both sides have said they'll pull back several kilometers and what would be the first voluntary withdrawal of the conflict mike hanna has more from the united nations. the parties to the conflict have agreed to a phased withdrawal from the port city of the data that's according to special representative martin griffith who says in the past week. both the yemeni government and the hutu rebels have agreed to implement the two stage withdrawal that was agreed to back in february however there's been no timeline in the stablished for the first phase to begin and while the conflict continues so too does the humanitarian crisis the council was told that some seventy percent of yemen sparkle ation already need of humanitarian relief over the last two weeks
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fighting has forced nearly one hundred thousand more people from. about half of other areas in which is an extremely poor want to scarcity astri and now we've seen three hundred thousand displaced people. actually just a few kilometers from the main water source which serves two hundred thousand people if i do damages or cuts off this city we could very quickly see a major catastrophe and the bleak news given to the council that the un is simply running out of money the council was told that if we don't and the nations do not increase their contributions the un will be unable to carry out any humanitarian operation. to libya now where two rival sides remain locked in a battle over the capital tripoli on monday italy's prime minister met with the
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qatari foreign minister just that they can tear and mohamed el tardo he called for a ceasefire and the withdrawal of warlord khalifa haftar as libyan national forces from very certainly gained ground they also voiced concerns about the worsening humanitarian situation both leaders urged the immediate return to talks what the u.n. as a moderator without that one had has latest from tripoli. this is one of the apartments that were hit by a random rockets in the libyan capital tripoli here in the neighborhood this is one of the biggest neighborhoods in the libyan capital tripoli neighbors here tell us that a grad missile came this way and shattered this wall here as you can see and inside the apartment it almost destroyed everything inside the apartment and. there are also some cars down stirred. that were also
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partly destroyed by the explosion now the owners of this apartment the word defied and they left soon they had one person wanted by the explosion and it seems that this is. neighbors tell us that this is the missile that hit the apartment and exploded inside the apartment this is this seems to be a grad missile and here here in this kitchen there is a gas cylinder and. people here are very grateful that it did not explode because had it exploded it would have would have caused a huge fire in the whole bently building this is also this is also part of the of the grad missile now everything here. it is partly destroyed by the explosion and since the war started between forces loyal to the warlord khalifa
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haftar and others do it to the government of national accord on april fourth civil civilian locations including civilian properties and houses have been hit by random rockets and the government of national accord is accusing have to his forces of committing war crimes by targeting civilian areas with heavy weapons and airstrikes still ahead on the bulletin the new breck's that party made the man on the front lines of the pope's name the european union and. i'm wayne hay reporting from jakarta where we'll tell you why there are threats of street protests as indonesia prepares for an election.
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hello schoolie well it's been reported throughout pakistan particularly in the science and it's all part of this frontal system here which wraps itself around the driving head over afghanistan and so that is where the current rain or snow is likely to be the still there on tuesday some rain in pakistan some across india as well mostly up through afghanistan and beyond on the western side if you like the foothills of the himalayas most around there for is dry there is more cloud and rain now showing itself over turkey of syria down to lebanon as well and just hang around sure northern iraq is just northern iraq was eighteen by dozen the sunshine or hung around the thirty mark and barry was up to seventeen degrees so there was a sunshine to show when you take the cloud away you're not driving a cold wind and that's true for the south as well there has forecast max at thirty four abu dhabi slowly trying to catch up in landing no matter where in the middle thirty's now as you can see meccas hovering around the forty mark but not quite making it an increase in the breeze suggests rather dusty picture come wednesday of
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eastern saudi bahrain possibly cure what it is well. sure it's well worth it some big sharon's they're coming back slowly. very unfortunate and central mozambique. he came from a wealthy background in paris and became an artist against his family's wishes he went on to bring a fresh perspective to oriental painting falling in love with some harlem culture making his home and converting to islam. zero world tells the story of the city and his unique artistic work. the french oriented list on al-jazeera.
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it's good to have you with us on al-jazeera and these are our top stories the centuries old not a dog food with unpowered by a massive fire firefighters have managed to save the main structure of the world famous cathedral but it's have collapsed french president a monument khan has promised to rebuild and french billionaire. says he'll give more than one hundred million dollars to help with that process protest doesn't sudan's capital are continuing their push for civilian leadership after president omar al bashir was ousted by the military on monday the military council said it would appoint a new chief of army chief of staff rather for the army and a deputy and after several delays the u.n. envoy to yemen for the government and the rebels have agreed to what the troll
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troops from the port city of how they the. both sides have said they'll pull back several kilometers. congressional investigators are pursuing the u.s. president's business dealings by issuing subpoenas to multiple financial institutions to house committees have subpoena daughter bank in spite of the investigation the german bank has been trump's long term lender the house intelligence and financial services committees have also demanded documents from institutions including j.p. morgan chase bank of america and citi group john hendren has more from washington d.c. . two u.s. congressional committees are looking in to deutsche bank they are subpoenaing information between the bank donald trump and his trump organization and they are specifically looking for any information having to do with transactions involving suspected money launderers from russia and eastern europe this is not like the robert miller probe which was looking into possible collusion between the donald
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trump campaign and russia this is looking into financial ties between president trump and his organization and other countries now donald trump was a bit of a pariah in the banking industry he had a defaulted on long lines his company had declared bankruptcy as nevertheless he managed to get deutsche bank to lend him two billion dollars for various projects and at the time he was either took office as president there were three hundred million dollars in active projects funded by georgia and just to give you an idea of what a bad risk he was at least perceived to be in order to build trump tower in chicago who needed five hundred million dollars and he was willing to secure that with forty million dollars of his own money when he was unable to pay that his company ended up suing deutsche bank declaring that that was an active god because of the
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financial collapse of two thousand and eight and two thousand and nine trump actually asked the bank for three billion dollars in damages for that in the end they settled that deal and then trump turned around and asked the bank for the money to pay back at forty million dollar loan so it is a storied history with deutsche bank and now that the democrats are taking over these house committees in the house of representatives in congress trump is going to have to sit back and watch as a lot of his financial information that he has sought to keep secret comes out. to jenelle where hundreds of african refugees and migrants are still waiting in the northern city of august as well plans to cross the mediterranean and to hear of but the recent spike in fighting in libya might have slowed the flow of illegal migration but it hasn't stopped it but at the risk reports noda cooks the evenly meal of vegetables and rice but he's focused on only one objective get into
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europe despite the dangers. the twenty seven year old gambian arrived here in the city of i got this two weeks ago. to get a job it's not easy but i have no. and you can all get my family. i'm the eldest son of my mother my father passed every twenty four miles school was out of any any sponsors and not many dos class ones they don't want to help so my brothers and my sisters are going to school is my motto used to go markets there and if only i was. just a few meters away you score travelers while away time playing a board game they arrived more than a year ago with no money but still determined to reach their destination. and compare europe to live in held. in europe you can compare with africa.
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i know it's very dangerous to get to libya because of the fighting and the abuses but it's a better option to proceed and to get back to a life of poverty and misery a few years ago at least one hundred thousand africans passed through this year to get to libya and into europe the e.u. and have since reached an agreement to stem the tide of people trying to cross the mediterranean. in return and just government gets funding. and thousands of people smugglers who are probably support an income to stop the trade your they don't know if you move. they made promises they didn't fulfill less than ten percent of the people smugglers receive support the rest have not seen anything that's the reason why it's so difficult to stop this trade. this is a main road linking the city of are going to to libya but human traffickers are found new routes to smuggle desperate migrants are voiding police and military checkpoints along the way but the troubles have become more dangerous and many
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africans have died on their way to libya the incidence of murder torture and slavery has not stopped those trying to make the journey most of them still believe getting to europe for a better life. it's worth the risk how many trees al jazeera i get us you know the news year. ten the nation hour the country's largest hardline muslim group has threatening to take to the streets and there is cheating and wednesday the next ssion president djoko would order is expected to win a second term in office but his opponent probabl was so beyond thought as already alleging that there are widespread every get out he is and that's a claim that's being seized upon by some who want to take indonesia and a more conservative direction when he reports from jakarta. a mosque known for its conservative preaching there was a final message for worshippers before the election campaigning in places of worship is illegal and while the a mom was careful with his words it was clear he
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wants his followers to vote for. to become president spoke the. indonesia is the largest muslim majority country in the world and is becoming increasingly divided along conservative and moderate lines. has partnered with hardline muslim groups who want indonesia to embrace islamic law or even become a caliphate they end the presidential candidates a religion there are signs of cheating in the electoral process and say they're prepared to act limited at the if we can prove they are cheating we will resort to people power we've been patient but enough is enough we have huge power we can gather millions of people and we can easily take over the palace and parliament there provided no evidence of the alleged cheating but the groups have shown they can get big numbers onto the streets in two thousand and sixteen they protested against that then governor of jakarta a christian who was eventually jailed for blasphemy. also said there was cheating
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in the last presidential election that he lost to joko widodo but the case was thrown out by the courts. throughout the campaign joko widodo has enjoyed a double digit lead in most polls. if the accusation by his opponents of irregularities goes unproven then the threats of street protests may just be viewed as a desperate move in the dying stages of the bid to become president. as he's known here has been criticized by some for not being religious enough so in a move seen as trying to attract the conservative vote he's chosen muslim cleric in as his running mate some of his more liberal supporters view it as selling out for the sake of votes but others believe he had no choice. he is. president he has no political party he has no family background. he has no money he is just
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a small furniture trader who nonetheless became president of indonesia as both he and his challenger chased the conservative muslim vote moderate indonesians may be concerned about any deals that might have been done that could see this country head in a more religiously conservative direction wayne hay al jazeera jakarta. two voices journalists who've been jailed in myanmar have won a pulitzer prize for the very story that they've been punished for while and choice has won the prestigious honor for an investigative report about the massacre of ten men by myanmar security forces they were arrested in december twenty seventeen in a seventy seven year sentence for violating the country's official secrets act russia says it's proud of their work but will celebrate when the journalists are free. israel's president has begun meeting with political parties to decide whom to form the next government riven reverend met first with benjamin netanyahu is likud party which won the most seats last week netanyahu intends to build
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a coalition of the far right and ultra orthodox jewish parties later held talks with the blue and white alliance which came a close second. the u.k.'s most high profile breaks a tear nigel for rogers launched a new political party with the sole intention of leaving the european union it has already proven polarizing reports. the english seaside has always been a favorite location for brick says something about fate of glory perhaps a country in need of reminding itself how great it once was and bricks it's being metaphorically undemocratically broken on the rocks. the brand new bricks policy found an industrial estates in which to present itself to this ordinance the big announcement of this former captain of industry will stand in the european elections with a mandate to create i think what i would want to do is to make sure that british interests are protected and if we can help to reform the european union the process
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that would be great. i mean things like objecting to the european budgets and those things like that would you want to do something like that but i think bearing in mind that the budget has historically not been signed off very often by the court awarded his because it's been deemed to be corrupt i think it would be my duty to actually object to the budget window. that. over the road though everything i need to know about how divisive rhetoric has become a straight shot on seeing matched develops between the pro europeans and the brits this. suggest in the euro because. we've got rather low with it we don't know what we've argued for you know what you think of them i don't see. that but he actually some i'm sorry i i respect their right to have a different opinion but i think obviously they're deeply mistaken and they're leading the country into chaos and trouble. so this in microcosm is the states of
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british politics nowadays the european elections next month effectively a sort of mini second referendum in their own terms between those people over there who don't want breakfast at all and these people over here they want to right now. ok woman parts in pay nigel for. contradiction legs six is a member of the european parliament's. council and it's a pain the status quo yes again never mind that his new policy has no apparent policies other than bricks it's good. his status among this constituency is little short of god we're living in a country where there. is no longer. to be broken up if recent history and the polls are to be believed then pharoah is once again promises to undermine entirely the conservative party the last time you
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did that's the bricks at referendum have to be called this time well it's a case. of jersey shore and see. now again on the product and the headlines on al-jazeera one of the world's most famous and treasured monuments and been devastated by a massive fire the blaze could place fred through the centuries old not. paris firefighters did manage to save main structure of the gothic monument but the spire and collapsed the thirteenth century monument was undergoing major renovation work and some firefighters say that that may have been the cause president has promised to rebuild. the perry is our history it's our literature the place where we've
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lived all the great moments and liberations the very center of our lives and we measure ourselves in paris from the center the place of books of painting it's a cathedral which is that of all frenchmen and women even those who have never come here this history it's ours and it's burning it's burning and i know the sadness internal tremor felt by so many of our citizens. protesters in saddam's capital are continuing their push for civilian leadership after toppling president or model bashir demonstrators held a certain outside the defense ministry compound in khartoum the ruling military council that it will appoint a new chief of staff of the army after several delays the un's on watch in yemen says the internationally recognized government and the rebels have agreed to withdraw troops from the port city of her day there both sides have said they'll pull back several kilometers catherine actually have called for renewed political talks as libya's two rival sides remained locked in a military confrontation over the capital tripoli italy's prime minister has called
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for a cease fire. congressional investigators are pursuing the u.s. president's business dealings by issuing subpoenas to multiple financial institutions the house committees have subpoenaed a subpoena deutsche bank as part of the investigation the german bank has been trumps long term lender to russians journalists who've been jailed in myanmar have won a pulitzer prize while our own and choice have won the prestigious honor for an investigative report about the massacre of ten for him to men by myanmar security forces is serving a seven year sentence for violating the country's official secrets act. well those are the headlines on al-jazeera counting the cost is coming up next thank you very much for watching. talk to al jazeera. you're just back from yemen what was the glimpse of the country the culture we listen to the children are deeply affected because of war we meet with global news
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makers and talk about the stories that matter how does a row. hello i'm come all santamaria this is counting the cost on al-jazeera your weekly look at the world of business and economics this week brazil is big on symbolism big on rhetoric but after one hundred days in office what has brazil's president got to show for a country that still struggling to recover from a recession also this week as india's prime minister seeks another term we ask has he managed to keep his election promises from the last time and what does the sale of the ride hailing app karim to tell us about the way acquisitions and investments are happening in the age of the tech giants. so it's been more than one hundred days since brazil's right wing.


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