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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 16, 2019 11:00am-11:34am +03

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zero. badly damaged but still standing france begins to grapple with what's been lost in a massive fire that engulfed notre dame cathedral in paris. i don't think would be closer than in memphis where we will rebuild this cathedral together and it was on perfectly part of the french destiny. again i'm fully back to boyer watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters in doha also on the program sudanese protesters maintain their rage against the military commanders who have taken power demanding civilians be put in charge old soul fear and despair great thousands of libyans displaced by the fights for
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tripoli. france's asking for the world's help to rebuild paris is notre dame cathedral after the centuries old landmark was engulfed in flames firefighters have just confirmed it's fully stained wish hundreds of that works through the night trying to save not only the structure but countless artifacts inside we live to paris in just a moment for the latest but first this report from al-jazeera is natasha. an unimaginable sight not for time because the jewels ravaged by flames a symbol of paris and french history collapsing in smoke it was seven o'clock in the evening local time when the fire broke out hundreds of firefighters and emergency service workers with their within minutes as thick smoke rose above the sea. people watched in shock and disbelief when i was always sort of spire collapse
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was shocked it's eight hundred fifty years of history it's heartbreaking when we sat on this. chaotic scenes as police try to evacuate the area. does not sound good legal. ground no paramount and. burning center started raining to the ground and that is why police here are trying to put everybody back very safe they ought to know what they're worried about is more of that roof collapsing they're worried about the smoke being toxic little worried for people safety as night fell firefighters fear that the twelfth century gothic cathedral would collapse completely but after working tirelessly for hours they managed to control the fire the french president visited the site and promised to rebuild not to damage the cathedral he said that was cherished by so many in of the. not
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is our history our literature our imagination the place where we have lived all our great moments our epidemics our wars our liberation it is the epicenter of our lives it is the standard from which distances start and from which we can measure ourselves from paris it is full of books of paintings it is a cathedral that belongs to all frenchmen and women even to those who have never come here. firefighters say the fire could be linked to renovation work in paris as prosecutor has opened an inquiry whatever the cause the sight of a cathedral the distant majestically in paris the centuries crumbling in hours as deeply saddened people across the city and the world. al-jazeera paris. let's get the latest now from al-jazeera is david chain to his also en paris or is david bring us up to speed with what's been happening at the scene there has the worse been avoided. but fully as you mentioned
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earlier the paris fire department have said that they can confirm that the blaze has been completely extinguished clearly that their main worry and concern was that some of the red hot embers and ashes could have reignited so as fairly good news that the structure is not under threat anymore the fear was of course of those twin towers behind me but also going to catch light that fear has now receded and while that has been happening there have been announcements from the mayor of paris that there will be a two day donors conference an international donors conference because as president emanuel mark cross said in his very emotional address last night when he visited the scene. must be the whole world the tries to rebuild this got thick march to peace remember thirty thousand people a day came to paris to not to don that's about
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a thirteen million annually so clearly the whole world has got an interest in this site and the damage that's been done they've been very badly affected by that and they've been donors already coming in queuing up to two that she played more than one hundred million dollars one of them was the head of the group. who run. run the many of them passionate fashion stores here. and i understand david that you have details about some of the renovation words that were going on inside the cathedral when this fire started. yes fully we've been talking to a source who has a pinpointed what he thinks was the center of the problem now he is a a french architect to an expert in dealing with the renovation in these gothic structures and he said that work on the spire had started to
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some two weeks ago and the big problem there was that they were using hot lead to waterproof the spire now he thinks that some of that hot lead might have started the fire because the whole structure of the roof is what has been described as a forest of ancient oak beams which were tinder dry and it's essential in the renovation pro process that they should be separated from any means of ignition and they were so dry that they force the fire great at great speed because of the huge ninety five meters below the the roof there's a huge amount of air which could be sucked into the fire and feed the fire so this french architectural source told us that it was probably this that caused the whole problem where the fire started actually in this fire itself because the hot lead
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being used to waterproof thank you for that update david tate and lie forests in paris. in other world news protesters have spent another night on the streets sudan's capital demanding the military council that's taken power be disbanded and replaced with civilians less than a week after president bashir was deposed demonstrators nothing will be done to end repression or the economic crisis here morgan has a report from khartoum. despite a military coup ousting bashir last thursday and his successor twenty four hours later the sit in and protests continue. we insist on continuing with this revolution until our demands are met our demands are known and clear bringing down the regime completely they're angry because they feel their revolution is being stolen by the military council that overthrew bashir the council has appointed members from the military to run the country it's promised an all party inclusive
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government for the transitional period but under the military supervision that's something those under streets refused to accept protests that have been here in front of the army headquarters in fourteen for more than ten days and they say they're ready to stay for even longer if their demands are not met they want to dismantling of the security intelligence agency as well as accountability for the roof of members of the former regime but most of all they want to civilian government in a country that has been ruled by a military leader for more than thirty years the military council says it won't use force to disperse the protesters something activists say they attempted to do on monday morning it has issued orders to reform the security agency and the judiciary and says it arrested officials from the previous government who will be held to account but it insists protest groups and political parties must agree on the structure of a transitional government certainly. we need to agree on the basis of forming the government the ball is now in their court there was a question on the timeline for the ball is in the cultural political forces and the
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other bodies that i mentioned from organizations use and women if they are ready today and agree on anything we are ready to execute our mission. thought enough that we have met with the military council on told them that we want to transition period of no more than one year while others wanted to be as long as four years sudanese professional association the group spearheading the protest say the way to end the said ten is clear we want the government to be handed to a civilian. body we want to make the council to be council on a new council to be formed which is speedy and major media the media by civilians with somebody today to visitation and this is no i mean they want then we want also the transitional government we all its executive rights and to extend the transitional period to four years but as political parties and other groups negotiate the terms of the new government sudan continues under the rule of
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the military and the sitting continues morgan al-jazeera hopped on. libya's u.n. backed government has pushed state of emergency in the capital tripoli to its highest level. forces loyal to the government are trying to defend the city from fighters who back warlord highly for half time after the allied to a rival administration in eastern libya has launched an offensive to in his words raid tripoli of terrorists interior minister says have time has committed crimes against humanity by bombing in residential areas mahmud abdel how one had went to an area hit by the fighting here's his report this is one of the apartments that were hit by a random rockets in the libyan capital tripoli here in the neighborhood this is one of the biggest neighborhoods in the libyan capital tripoli neighbors here tell us that a grad missile came this way and shattered this wall here as you can
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see and inside the apartment it almost destroyed everything inside the apartment and. there are also some cars don't stirred. were also partly destroyed by the explosion now the owners of this apartment the word provide and they left soon we had one person wanted by the explosion and it seems that this is neighbors tell us that this is the missile that hit the apartment and exploded inside the apartment this is this seems to be a grad missile and we're here in this kitchen there is a gas cylinder and. people here are very grateful that it did not explode because had it exploded it will have would have caused
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a huge fire in the whole bently building there's also. this is also part of the the grad missiles. now everything here is partly destroyed by the explosion and since the war was hearted between forces loyal to the warlords. and others do it to the government of national accord on april fourth civil civilian locations including civilian properties and houses have been hit by random rockets and the government of national accord is accusing have to his forces of committing war crimes by targeting civilian areas with heavy weapons and airstrikes. the weather is next and still ahead on al jazeera desperate journeys the plight of african refugees still hoping for a better life here a blast from the mosques to the streets why many muslims in indonesia threatening to protest during wednesday's election.
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we've got so much better weather coming into northwest chips going to warm up quite nicely we'll see more the way of sunshine but down into the southeast a very different story and in greece we saw some really heavy rainfall athens hundred forty millimeters for a twenty four hours that's now in the process of easing away so some dry brush the weather gradually coming back in behind that dry fire where the push is right up into all the possible future of through germany oppin sue and mark and then we go with the unsettled weather this just still drifting into the far northwest and wet windy weather for now but that will be set of the way back down into the southeast and colder we see the con of really heavy rain that we did have here now making its
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way further east was seventeen celsius in the sunshine for athens put the heavy showers and they will be lively at times possibly with some hail and fund and pushing across turkey cyprus seeing some rather wet weather it'll push on into the levant lost a little system just developing just around ukraine as well central areas as i said fine and dry over towards the west some basin places a cloud right but it warm up here sixteen celsius in london a way to stay in nineteen the full powers just notice some wet weather grassy pushing into spain and portugal as we go to the latter part of the week. sponsored by. well the online. couldn't you for them not to do this or if you join us on sat all of us have been calling in some form or some fashion this is a dialogue we are talking about illegal friend you have seen what it can do to somebody people you can make drugs including and some people. everyone has
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a voice from the zero zero twitter and you could be on the street join the global conversation on out is iraq. a recap of our top stories on al-jazeera this centuries old notre dame cathedral in paris has been badly damaged by fire crews say the flames are fully extinguished they managed to save the main structure but it's spire and rules collapse demonstrators in sudan's capital at containing their push for an immediate transition to civilian rule protesters also want the party of deposed president omar al bashir to be disbanded and libya's un backed government has bush's state of
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emergency in the capital tripoli to the highest level forces no oil to the government are trying to defend the city from fighters who bought warlords fighting for half talk and while the fighting may have slowed the flow of refugees and migrants making their way to libya it hasn't stopped many are just over the border in northern need. for their chance to reach europe from. reports. doda cooks the even meal of vegetables and rice but he's focused on only one object of getting to europe is probably dangerous. the twenty seven year old gambian arrived here in the city of i get this two weeks ago. good job. but i have no. you're going to get my family. i'm the eldest son of my mother my father passed every twenty forty miles school was where any have any sponsors and not many
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dos the last ones they don't want to help you so my brothers and my sisters are going to school is my motto used to go markets there and if only i was. just a few meters away you score travellers while away time playing a board game they arrived more than a year ago with no money but still determined to reach their destination. and compare europe to live in health. in europe you can compare with africa. i know it's very dangerous to get to libya because of the fighting and the abuses but it's a better option to proceed and to get back to a life of poverty and misery a few years ago at least one hundred thousand africans passed through this year to get to libya and into europe the e.u. and have since reached an agreement to stem the tide of people trying to cross the mediterranean. in return and just government gets funding. in thousands of people
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smugglers who are probably support an income to stop the trade you don't know if you move. they made promises they didn't fulfill less than ten percent of the people smugglers receive support the reste have not seen anything that's the reason why it's so difficult to stop this trade. this is the main road linking the city of are going to to libya but human traffickers are found new routes to smuggle desperate migrants are voiding police and military checkpoints along the way but the troubles have become more dangerous and many africans have died on their way to libya the incidence of murder torture and slavery has not stopped those trying to make the journey most of them still believe getting to europe for a better life is worth the risk of a decrease al-jazeera i guess you know them if you're. in the united states two committees in the democratic party controlled house of representatives have subpoenaed deutsche bank and several other financial institutions as part of their
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investigations into president donald trump's finances democrats are looking into allegations that foreign states such as russia have tried to hold leverage over trump or his family and associates eric the president's son describes investigations as an unprecedented abuse of power. twenty five international figures have signed an open letter to the u.k.'s guardian newspaper urging european nations to reject any u.s. middle east peace plan that's unfair to palestinians that trumpet ministration is preparing to announce its so-called deal of the century the signatories say this is a critical moment for the middle east and europe they accuse the white house of departing from longstanding u.s. policy and distancing itself from established international legal norms by recognizing only one side's claim to jerusalem the group also says the us has demonstrated a disturbing indifference to israeli settlement expansion they are europe to back
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a plan that requires the creation of a palestinian state alongside israel with east jerusalem as its capital they say an unfair plan would fatally damaged the cause of the jury of all peaceful palestinians and israelis alike while the palestine liberation organization wants europe to implement existing un resolutions the european union needs to know who denies the state of palestine what is due some of its cover on the night in six of the mines and the need to implement seriously. resolution twenty three thirty four of screwed council two thousand and sixteen that's a belated between israel and the settlements dealing with settlements in any way the calling the settlements and occupied through the palestine just totally illegal and against international law that's what's required from europe now. heroes have been held for seven children killed in afghanistan when
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a mortar they were playing with exploded ten others were wounded in eastern lagman province charlotte bennett's reports on the lingering danger of unexploded munitions scatters across the country. in the small village of lanky doe in eastern afghanistan hundreds of men gather to pray for seventeen young boys. their perception through the symmetry is because of a single mortar as a sunset on sunday the boys found it and played with it it exploded. into this community is on the front lines of the war in an area how'd by the taliban it's so to say fighting has peaked in the last year zero couldn't enter so one of the mourners filmed for us recording on as sprains grapple with losing the sun just. ten boys were wounded in the blast most were brought here to loveman hospital they tell us how they were all of history fishing when they found
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the water it was thirty metres from an army base. they were going to put it in perth and we threw the mortar in the potato field the other boys came and threw it in the stream we were there because we wanted to catch fish. because some children put the mortar in a potato field then in the evening other boys came and they wanted to buy the rock to scrap metal they were fetching it and we ran away and then they threw it in the stream and it exploded. these boys avoided serious injuries and amputation saved by the distance to the explosion last year and nearly fifteen hundred civilians were either killed or hurt by land mines and unexploded munitions that number has tripled since twenty twelve and it's children who are hurt the most of those killed by unexploded bombs all rockets the same children who think they are playing with a toy. and this is the result parents warning their
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children the un started a mine clearing program thirty years ago and in that time has removed eighteen million unexploded munitions for the boys of blank door took just one to in seven young lives charlotte dallas al-jazeera kabul. a large hardline muslim group base threatening to protest during indonesia's elections on wednesday if it suspects cheating is going on president joker we don't know is expected to win a second term in office but is opponent probabl will be until probably probably all was to be until he's already making allegations of irregularities as a claim that's being seized upon by some who want to take indonesia in a more conservative direction when harry for some jakarta. a mosque known for its conservative preaching there was a final message for worshipers before the election campaigning in places of worship is illegal and while the a mom was careful with his words it was clear he wants his
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followers to vote for. it to become president spoke the. indonesia is the largest muslim majority country in the world and is becoming increasingly divided along conservative and moderate lines. has partnered with hardline muslim groups who want indonesia to embrace islamic law or even become a caliphates they end the presidential candidacy a religion there are signs of cheating in the electoral process and say they're prepared to act limited at the if we can prove they are cheating we will resort to people power we've been patient but enough is enough we have huge power we can gather millions of people and we can easily take over the palace and parliament there provided no evidence of the alleged cheating but the groups have shown they can get big numbers onto the streets in two thousand and sixteen they protested against the then governor of jakarta a christian who was eventually jailed for blasphemy. also said there was cheating
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in the last presidential election that he lost to joko widodo but the case was thrown out by the courts. throughout the campaign joko widodo has enjoyed a double digit lead in most polls if the accusation by his opponent of irregularities goes unproven then the. threats of street protests may just be viewed as a desperate move in the dying stages of the bid to become president. as he's known here has been criticized by some for not being religious enough so in a move seen as trying to attract the conservative vote he's chosen muslim cleric in as his running mates some of his more liberal supporters view it as selling out for the sake of votes but others believe he had no choice because. he is a very wealthy family president he has no political party he has no family because . he has no money he is just
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a small furniture trader who numb the list became president of indonesia as both he and his challenger chased the conservative muslim votes moderate indonesians may be concerned about any deals that might have been done that could see this country head in a more religiously conservative direction when hey al jazeera jakarta. the world's most cutting edge card technology is on display at shanghai's auto show in china electric vehicles and driverless cars are expected to dominate the event katrina you. over one million electric vehicles were sold in china last year that may sound like a lot but it's only four percent of all the consul's in china now the chinese government is hoping by twenty twenty five that electric vehicles will make up twenty percent now because of this expected growth and electric vehicles are the focus of this year's order shows here in shanghai now if you came to one of these events about five to six years ago the electric cars would have looked very different but see
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a little cheaper and certainly not talk peeling compared to european competitors but this show this year it's not the case we're seeing a focus on luxury electric vehicles electric vehicles which resemble sporty s.u.v.s that maybe two or three times the price and also these vehicles such as from neo which is one of the leading electric vehicles. here in china are making vehicles which are equipped with artificially intelligent friends which talks you when you drive an internet connectivity now this market is not being lost on foreign brand make as we've seen tesla for example announce that they're going to build up those overseas factory here in shanghai and ford involved back and also announce that they're going to expand their investment in china with a focus on electric cars now the question with electric vehicles of course is how to charge them most of the cars here can go from three hundred to five hundred kilometers maximum before having to be plugged in and because of that we're seeing new innovative solutions for battery charging including a charging station where you can drive in and have the battery of your electric
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cars were placed underneath now today there are over four hundred chinese electric car companies and as the industry becomes more cutthroat many of these are expected to net survive the next few years and it will certainly be the companies who invest more into battery technology and are going to be able to dominate the market in future years thousands of protesters of bronx roads in some of london's busiest areas demanding action on climate change it was all denied by a group called extend rebellion which says they'll be similar action in more than thirty countries from london bernas smith reports. this will perhaps be the generation that really notices the effects of climate change the parents frustration of the lack of action on the environment is they say what's forced them to take part in a peaceful civil disobedience even in the cause as we go past the gang leaflets and you know some people look at it and they don't like it makes them angry that it really did but others agree and others are worried about climate change and they
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see what we're doing and we like the eye of the storm and are getting sucked in across central london files of protesters moved to block traffic they're sort of campsites and waterloo bridge was one of five locations turned into a car free picnic site the government aren't talking about this crisis as if it is emergency they are mo. well i saying all of our systems in order to. adjust this crisis and it's not just the government immediately i'm at the center as the biggest emergency with a saying i needed to teach is because that enables him to it's not within the great demand with traffic diverted a major shopping streets empty of vehicles this was oxford circus not everyone was persuaded by the protests for the job i wanted it for nothing i was a trying to make everybody was like the day i shouted i was offered to consume me i was in the pollution extinction rebellion says these protests will be repeated in more than eighty cities across the globe here in london they plan to keep roads blocked day and night. for protesters of mannish bring much of central london to
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a standstill in what they're saying is a new form of civil disobedience to force people worldwide to pay attention to climate change they say they're going to be doing this for the next two weeks. bernard smith al-jazeera london. her again i'm fully back to bo with the headlines on al-jazeera the century's old military powers has been badly damaged by fire fire fighters are fully extinguish the flames say managed to save the cathedral its main structure but its spy and rule of collapsed french president emmanuel michel has promised it will be rebuilt . not perry is our history it's a literature the place where we've lived all the great moments wars and liberations the very center of our lives and we measure ourselves in paris from the center the
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place of books of painting phaedra which is that of a frenchman and women even those who have never come here this history it's aus and it's burning it's burning and i know the said internal tremor felt by so many of our citizens. demonstrators in sudan's capital are continuing their push for an immediate transition to civilian role protestors are calling for deposed president omar bashir body to be disbanded and want the head of the judiciary and the attorney general to be. in libya the u.n. backed government test bush's state of emergency in the capital tripoli to its highest level forces loyal to the government trying to defend the city from fighters who are back warlords honey for have to are have to. live an administration in the east of libya has launched an offensive to in his words red tripoli terrorists interior minister says how time has committed war crimes and i believe that in our school you. have the military operations commanded by the word
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for have to and his militias threaten the civilian put them in danger and lead to a lot of casualties amongst them last night they have boarded the district of tripoli. and the end result of an ox that turned out. internationally and in the united states two committees in the democratic party controlled house of representatives have subpoenaed deutsche bank and several other financial institutions it's part of their investigations into president donald trump's finances democrats are looking into allegations that you are not or such as russia have tried to hold leverage over trump or his family. are upset with headlines on al-jazeera i'll be back with more news at the top of the hour right now it's a story. you're just back to yemen what was the glimpse of the country to go listen the children are deeply affected because of war we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories
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that matter is there a. high five and i really could be here in the stream today in india at the polls where look at three issues surrounding the world's biggest exercise in democracy we want to hear what you have to say about the indian elections what outcome are you hoping for what is the no in our live you tube chat or on twitter. tucker i'm a reporter record india and you are in the three. a general election is underway in india and for the next five weeks nine hundred million indians will be eligible to cause ballots for members of parliament who will ultimately choose the next prime minister today will discuss the potential reelection of prime minister narendra.


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