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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 16, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm +03

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al jazeera. hello and welcome to this al-jazeera news i'm martin dennis in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes an eight hundred fifty year old paris landmark ravaged by far france looks at how it can rebuild but not true down cathedral in the heart of its capital. a long time ally of algeria as ousted president resigns we look at what it means for protests if you want all of the old guard gone. so that leaves crowds keep up the pressure on the military have taken power demanding
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civilians be put in charge. and we're at the shanghai also a show to see how electric car makers are wooing chinese buyers about peta stem it with the sports and comeback for the ages in the n.b.a. as the defending champions use a fifty one point lead in the playoffs. right now attention is turning to the enormous task of rebuilding not empower us after the world famous landmark was severely damaged by fire some of its treasures was saved from the flames which told through the cathedral's roof and brought down the spot the world heritage scientists stood tall for eight hundred fifty years through walls and revolution and france is calling on international experts to help restore the cathedral to its former glory. so far some of the country's richest people and
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families have promised almost eight hundred million dollars to help in a moment we'll have a live update from our correspondent david chaytor but first here's his report. an unimaginable sight not to dark a three year old ravaged by flames a symbol of paris and french history collapsing in smoke it was seven o'clock in the evening local time when the fire broke out hundreds of firefighters and emergency services were there within minutes as thick smoke rose above the city people watched in shock and disbelief when i. saw the spire collapse we shocked it's eight hundred fifty years of history it's heartbreaking we sat down. as night fell far vytas feared that the twelfth century cathedral will collapse completely but after working tirelessly for hours they managed to bring the fire under control the french president promised to rebuild not a dam. charity said by so many but in the. synopsis
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not condemn is our history our literature or imagination the place where we have lived all our great moments epidemics our wars our liberation it is the epicenter of our lives it is the standard from which distances start and from which we can measure ourselves from paris it is full of books of paintings it is a cathedral that belongs to all frenchmen and women even to those who have never come here. as daylight came the stream of tourists brazilians continue to flow around the cathedral all of them experiencing shock and disbelief at the damage of the coffee masterpiece. firefighters say the fire has now been extinguished and the paris prosecutor has opened an inquiry. a french architect who specializes in the renovation of these ancient buildings has said that he thinks the problem might have been when they started. renovating the actual spire in the cathedral about two
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weeks ago now they use a hot lead and he believes that maybe some of that hot lead began to eat into the timbers in some way or there might have been a drop of it dropped on to the timbers now these are very ancient oaks eight hundred fifty years old some of them and described it is like. a forest of of beams dating back to the medieval times and that would have been fatal for the structure of the roof the fire really took hold very quickly and because of the size of the vault underneath all the air the fire needed to keep burning was readily available so that would appear to be according to this french architect the reason for the far one of the main reasons for the fire. the mayor of paris has announced an international donors conference to raise funds worldwide
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to help rebuild the cathedral. two of france's richest businessmen have already pledged more than three hundred million dollars. but money will to replace the treasures of art that could not be saved from the flames. and david i suppose we're coming up to twenty hours almost twenty four hours since the start of the fire what is it like now. on really. really well there are so many people here still moving around the cathedral both parisians and tourists and course all still shocked by the damage that's done to that ancient church gothic masterpiece but at the moment we're hearing some stories some remarkable stories of how the precious works of art were taken away from the cathedral suring the blaze the the whole of the area was full of smoke and burning
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embers falling from the roof and up to sixteen paintings dating back to the fourteenth century were on the walls of the cathedral we've yet to assess exactly what damage was done to them fire damage not all of them were managed managed to be removed from the cathedral but the most precious relic of the cathedral contained it was of course the crown of thorns placed on the head of jesus christ for the crucifixion now that was actually taken out in an act of heroism by the chaplain of the paris fire brigade a father for the way he rushed in with the fireman when truly embers and made quite sure that he got hold of that and many other precious relics and they were saved so an extraordinary act of heroism both by him and the human chain of pompeii the fire brigade getting getting all as many as they could at least of the artworks
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outs the classic rose windows as well they seem to have been damaged by suit but remain. essentially intact in the large medieval organ to has not been damaged but of course a lot of this sort and the numbers might have gone inside so they've got to check that out and david while that assessment is taking place already we're hearing of there being enormous pledges of of money to try to try to help with the rebuilding of the cathedral. that's right as you said some eight hundred million dollars worth of pledges have already come in some of them from the riches business and here in france and also the oil for tal they've pledged one hundred million so an extraordinary response president emanuel macro calls on the whole world to try and save and help and rebuild not saddam and its rightful place
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in the very heart of paris and it seems everybody is responding to a demand but thirty thousand tourists visit this site every day thirteen million a year so the reputation in the sight of not a diamond has moved them all right david thank you for that david chaytor there with the very latest from outside not trained in the heart of parasang king well leaders worldwide their voice their sorrow and their solidarity with france the iranian foreign minister expressed sadness about damage to what he described as an iconic monument adding that iran's thoughts with the french and all catholics e.u. commission jeev milkha said not saddam belongs to the whole of humanity and in asia the south korean president said the french spirit of liberty equality and fraternity will never be dashed by flames well john louis cohen is
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a professor of architectural history at new york history he says all is not lost. emotionally everyone is devastated and stretched but let's be clear the main stone structure of the cathedral is standing the stone calls have been sometimes look only to much what has burned ease essentially the roof structure two thirds of the roof which is basically who wouldn't carpentry extremely important historically because it was still the original woodwork so this seems to be largely gone together with the supplier which found them so spectacularly. and which was a reconstruction of the nineteenth century you need self a great piece of work but by no means a medieval object so would say that the cathedral as large lost its hat
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but it is still standing and is perfectly rebuild it. apparently what happened was a fire and it's very often because of fires of such historical buildings an accident on the building site for the restoration of part of the structure so it what fire was brought from the exterior scaffoldings into a church and i would say that far is often a problem but also one shouldn't forget that in many fires more damage is created by water is generated by immense our poorest of water than by the far itself so we know we have a purer becomes another another curse. for the french culture minister he's been revealing exactly where the rescued sent out of ats will be kept whilst the cathedral is being restart for the rest of the tasering of it as regards to the
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treasure it needs to be placed in security at the new of ice quickly as possible as regards to the important paintings they can be removed as. friday morning seemingly there is no damage who will replace the paintings they will be dehumidified and preserved and restored. right also in paris is the nest or tony there are mirrors who is the assistant director general for culture you know. thank you very much indeed for joining us i'm wondering can you hear me. over amir can you hear me. all right we're live hopefully we'll come back to that interview in just a little while but let's have a look at the rest of the day's news. the pakistani city boasting safest streets and beaches we'll find out what's changed. and in greece how violence is affecting staff and students in universities. and fresh from winning the masters
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tiger woods is set to be honored by another rather famous golfer peter will explain all. the chairman of the algerian constitutional council tired belise and stepped down it was one of the main demands of protesters who want to see him as part of what they call the ruling elite meanwhile lawyers and several others of joined protests in the capital algiers and other cities. stephen mckinnon is executive director of a nonpartisan profit nonprofit organization called project on middle eastern bloc procedure and he is live from washington d c.
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i'm afraid i'm afraid we're not having we're not having that live interview at the moment we're going to go back to sudan actually which is of course another one of the ongoing stories we've been covering iridology syria and the protests is there they're back on the streets of the capital this is the eleventh day they're demanding the military leaders who've taken power step aside and let civilians take charge after less than a week after president omar al bashir was deposed they fear nothing will be done to end repression all the economic crisis they are enduring we can get the latest now from our correspondent who's there in the capital morgan and so protests is clearly not a tall impressed by the changes that are being made by the military transitional military council and they're remaining on the streets. yes indeed martine and the sudanese professional association that spearheading the calls for protests have told protesters not just here in the capital in front of the army headquarters but
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in the states and around sudan as well to come out and head to their army headquarters there and protest there is saying that the military council which is now in charge since president bashir is out thing last thursday has not made any step towards fulfilling their demands which includes abolishing the national intelligence and security agency and holding members of the former government accountable now we've heard from the military council and they've said that they have arrested members of the former regime and that they will be presented to trial the council also said that it is going to make reforms to the judiciary system and to the national intelligence and security services but people on the streets are saying that is not enough there's also the issue of the transitional government it's not yet formed the military council at the moment is in charge and they're talking to political parties to try to figure out how this transitional government will be formed they want to be the one supervising that government but political parties want an independent government which will have some military members on
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board but they want the council to be responsible for only security and law and order in the country but not to be supervising and running the transitional government so there should be more talks in the coming days between the political parties but people in front of the headquarters here in khartoum are saying that if they feel like the army is going to take what is going to continue leading the country and is not going to hand over power to a civilian government then they're going to continue to protest so that they can also get this military council out of power and get a transitional government in place. despite a military coup ousting bashir last thursday and his successor twenty four hours later the sit in and protests continue. we insist on continuing with this revolution until our demands are met our demands are known and clear bringing down the regime completely they're angry because they feel their revolution is being stolen by the military council that overthrew bashir the council has appointed members from the military to run the country it's promised an all party inclusive
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government for the transitional period but under the military supervision that's something those on the streets refuse to accept protests that have been here in front of the army headquarters in khartoum for more than ten days and they say they're ready to stay for even longer if their demands are not met they want to dismantling of the security intelligence agency as well as accountability for there were members of the former regime but most of all they want to civilian government in a country that has been ruled by a military leader for more than thirty years the military council says it won't use force to disperse the protesters something activists say they attempted to do on monday morning it has issued orders to reform the security agency and the judiciary and says it's arrested officials from the previous government who will be held to account but it insists protest groups and political parties must agree on the structure of a transitional government. we need to agree on the basis of forming the government the ball is now in their court there was a question on the timeline for the ball is in the cultural political forces and the
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other bodies that i mentioned from organizations use and women if they are ready today and agree on anything we are ready to execute our mission. we have met with the military council and told them that we want a transition period of no more than one year while others wanted to be as long as four years sudanese professional association the group spearheading the protest say their way to end the sit in is clear we want the government to be handed to us. buddy we want the music around to be canceled for the new council to be formed which is really a major media media by civilians with some reason titian and this is no i mean the moment then we want also to transitional government we've executed rights. to extend the terms of. truth for us but as a political parties and other groups negotiate to terms of
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a new government so that continues under the rule of the military and the sitting continuance. the african union has given sudan fifteen days to hand over power from the military council to a transitional government. to the sudanese professional association to some political parties yesterday they said they yet to decide how they're going to elect an independent prime minister and members of the cabinet but they're saying that they cannot get to the point of election or decide in a process of election if they cannot guarantee that there will be an independent civilian government so martine even with the fifteen days period that's been given by the african union and with some foreign countries some foreign governments like the u.s. u.k. and norway saying that the transitional phase the phase of change in sudan is still incomplete it doesn't look like sudan is anywhere near forming a transitional government and it looks like the protests will continue until that happens all right thank you for that habit morgan our correspondent in khartoum giving us the very latest from the streets of the sudanese capital now we can speak to douglas johnson he's the author of the root causes of sudan's civil wars and
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he's joining us live from oxford in the u.k. thank you very much for joining us all the protests is right to be skeptical of the actions being taken by the military at the moment. yes though absolutely right. all of us i command of the sudanese army which has been in power for thirty years have been vetted to be promoted by vetted by bashir to be promoted to higher positions they're all complicit in the. ongoing civil wars that have been. that the country has been probably seen since two thousand and eleven. the inclusion of her mom or the hunger on the law known as committee who is a leader of the rapids support forces the former gender we is extremely
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unsettling and. indicates that the military are not at this point committed to making a peaceful transition and including those areas like blue nile south court affirmed and are poor and the armed opposition does operate here those areas including them in any sort of transitional government. the. yes go ahead no i was going to suggest then that the onus if you like is really firmly on the shoulders of the protesters in order to protect their revolution in the gains that they've achieved so far but they've also got to drive forward still further how do they get to do that given that the main body of the opposition seems to be the sedan professional association which is not a political party. know it's not
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a political party but the political parties the older political parties in sudan themselves are compromised i mean you you had a. comment from somebody from the popular congress party well that was formed by two rugby when he broke with bashir. islam misrule that has not yet understood to keep sudan united they should give up this idea of an islamic state of certainly their version of with islamic state. the all the parties do you let cetera have had their day and have failed to keep the country united. so i'm not sure that it's a real problem that the professional association is not a political party they are led by people or include people of intelligence and experience. and i don't see any real problem of them taking those if you
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shouldn't with the military council or with other parties right now we are hearing of. a very slow number of countries like russia for incense. excepting the position of the military council they've recognized their position we've seen that. ambassadors in various states in khartoum have had already had meetings with the council and how fragile a moment is this for the uprising is there a danger that intil unless they can push forward in any significant manner very quickly indeed that they risk losing it all. well yes it is a fragile moment that the fact that some of the embassies have been meeting with the council i don't think is should be condemned too much to the. governments they represent have to get an idea of who is in the council and what direction they're
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going there are of course other governments. are themselves governed by strong men who would like to have the military stay in power in khartoum and there that could cause a problem. but. i think that. as you say this is a fragile moment at some point the protesters must have allies and seek out lies somewhere within the go in the army within the profession or with the army costly a lower level of officers who are not tainted by the collaboration of promotion by bashir and are not tainted by the atrocities that the armed forces have committed in other parts of sudan and in the suppression of the attempted suppression of demonstrators in the main cities. at this point i can't tell what sort of contacts
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a have been made but that i think is probably the most likely way in which there will be a change of personnel at the top in the military and some sort of withdrawal of the military from their insistence on being in charge of defense and interior i think the last point being in charge of the interior is the most don't worry because that would give them the power to continue repressive policies or continue to not only against civilian demonstrate. but also ruler is where there has been fighting since two thousand and eleven where you can google douglas johnson thank you very much indeed for talking to us live from oxford. well let's go to the other north african uprising algeria the chairman of the constitutional council tyee belise he's quitting is supposed anti-government protesters have been
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calling for his resignation saying he's just just part of the ruling elite that they want to polish president bush to flee to step down on april the second after weeks of mass demonstrations his twenty year rule to end we can speak now to stephen mcinerney who's an executive director at a nonpartisan nonprofit organization called project on the middle east i'm not chrissy's joining us live from washington d.c. thank you very much indeed for joining us how significant that is the fact that this man the head of the constitutional council has stepped aside. well it is significant he was one of four of the main figures have been targeted in this past friday his protest which was eight consecutive friday with widespread protests across our jury or along with the interim president. of the new prime minister. as well as the army chief of staff made goods are now
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so this is a significant resignation but i the same time i don't think it's enough to satisfy the demands of the protesters who really want a genuine transition that was led by an independent sort of art's my second question is whether at the same time that really i was going to suggest to you the facts this could be just another move similar to what we've just been talking about in sudan where the same chess pieces are being moved around the board rather than there being fundamental significant change. that's right you know we haven't heard yet who who will be replacing him at the head of the i got to show council but certainly there are other kind of key figures that are targeted by the opposition by the protesters and this is not going to be sufficient to satisfy the demands of. the citizens who really want a genuine transition led by independent figures not by entirely figures from the
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old regime stephen mcanany thank you very much indeed for children just live from washington. all right it's time to catch up now with the weather with everton it's been a little stormy around the eastern side of the mediterranean sea but good news if you're going on holiday there have a bit of sunshine spring sunshine it will improve over the next couple of days you can see from the satellite picture this massive cloud which has been lurking just stood around it to the eastern side of the mediterranean and to greece pushing further eastwards it also. the northern parts of africa seeing some rather lively showers over the last couple of days and some pretty wet weather again it will improve here as well but on the other side of the mat there you go you can see we had really heavy showers here this is a hail storm that we had quite a bit a lot in cracking off as well for good measure that's now in the process of pushing further east was process guys coming back in i think we'll find normal service resume then as we go through the next twenty four to forty eight hours or so is
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always a chance of want to see showers but you see the general seat of the clouds making its way out of the way prices guys coming back in behind you might just catch your chance to say just just around greece pushing across southern parts of it but we will see more the west sunshine in temperatures start to live quite nicely over the next couple days seven eighteen celsius there for athens at this stage further north plenty of sunshine into central parts of the year because it's a good deal if i'm and settled weather coming through here looking at some really good spells of sunshine as well things will china which was the western side if you have as you go through the next couple days which it goes from twenty five in the sunshine to just fifteen in the rain might see. everton fox now among the stories coming up on the news the latest on flash floods that have claimed at least ten lives in afghanistan and in sports a rugby player escapes with a warning after liking homophobic pose for a photo international star israel folau peta we'll have the details.
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al-jazeera is on board winning investigative documentary program people are meillard are in need of women going missing or being murdered what's the reason faultlines goes beyond the headlines holding the powerful to account have you heard of the story not involved in the examining the u.s. and its role in the world someone has to get the gun i'm shooting people right now . back with a new series that's the reality that we live in coming soon on al-jazeera. we live in a digital world where even the remotest communities have access to mobile phones. but look in this technology bring to a nomadic existence life apps travels to the media and gives the software designer the ultimate challenge design an app to help him the tribe in their daily lives can
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you really be done. life fact one from moment on now does it. let's have a look at the top stories here in the news hour france's richest families and people have pledged almost eight hundred million dollars to help real. bild not true in paris after it was badly damaged by fire crews managed to save the main structure but it's spire and the roof collapsed the chairman of the algerian constitutional council tired belise and stepped down it was one of the main demands
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of protesters who see him as part of what they call the ruling elite lawyers and several others are protesting in the capital loud cheers and other cities. demonstrators in sudan's capital are continuing their demands for an immediate transition to civilian rule protests is also what the party of deposed president omar al bashir to be disbanded. in libya the u.s. backed government has launched an air strike targeting a camp of fighters who are loyal to the warlord after now this is on the outskirts of the capital tripoli and the government there has pushed its state of emergency to the highest level as they defend the city from fighters backing hafter. will have to is allied to a rival administration in eastern libya and has launched an offensive to take tripoli to rid tripoli of terrorists those are his words the interior minister says the former general has committed war crimes well speaking in rome the libyan deputy
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prime minister made my cheek said have to cannot be trusted to help the country recover from years of conflict. i have to look for a business and that's why he's not. used to get to the libya or take control of the country by forces that's why it is not. we have we have people in the parliament computer we have people on the political arena libya from the east and what's important for us the government is to keep the country united for peace. well our correspondent mark moved up to one hundred has been to an area of tripoli affected by the fighting. this is one of the apartments that were hit by a random rockets in the libyan capital tripoli here in the neighborhood this is one of the biggest neighborhoods in the libyan capital a tripoli neighbors here tell us that a grad missile came this way and shattered this wall here as you can
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see and inside the apartment it almost destroyed everything inside the apartment and. there are also some cars down stirred. that were also partly destroyed by the explosion now the owners of this apartment the word terrified and they left soon they had one person wanted by the explosion and it seems that this is neighbors tell us that this is the missile that hit the apartment and exploded inside the apartment this is this seems to be a grad missile and here here in this kitchen there is a gas cylinder and. people here are very grateful that it did not explode because had it exploded it would have would have caused
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a huge fire in the hole in the building there's also. this is also part of the the grad missiles now everything here is partly destroyed by the explosion and since the war started between forces loyal to the warlords. and others do it to the government of national accord on april fourth several civilian locations including civilian properties and houses have been hit by random rockets and the government of national accord is accusing have to his forces of committing war crimes by targeting civilian areas with heavy weapons and airstrikes at least ten people have died many more missing in flubs in afghanistan warnings of flash flooding and been issued across two fares of the country charlotte bellis reports from kabul. this mean heavy consistent rain in kabul for nearly
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a week in the city simply isn't suited up to deal with this this is the result rivers flooded this river rose to this level on monday and in the last twenty four hours about sixty homes have been destroyed in this immediate area police and council have started to distribute sandbags so we've got some here lining up trying to protect the homes from destruction and children here taking the sandbags dragging them and trying to build some type of of a bag to protect the homes as this river surges and thracians all the homes in this area we talked to some residents about their homes and where they will live now. when i had a call from the renters of my house there's a flood and i told them to get out because it was so dangerous for their children i said forget about the house we can rebuild it but get your children out my home is also broken everyone is worried about the safety of the afghan people especially this area people that are really bored. there is not good
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quality. because. the flooding isn't isolated just here in kabul with a swift through the middle portion of the country east to west there are flash flood warnings out and twenty four of thirty four provinces the worst province is herat in the far west there are hundreds of homes have been destroyed thousands of acres of farmland many people have been. put into government facilities. there has been big flooding issues in afghanistan over the winter that had three times as much rainfall as normal and now that the ground assault on the string rains are coming through there is real fear that maybe further displacement as rains continue . for years kharaj pakistan was shunned by tourists and locals alike because of fall and crime but now the security forces are fought back and say that efforts are paying off. back home in his native fifty.
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catches up with his brother and me each one of many pakistanis who fled karachi read violence in the city would beat. he he was scared for his family and decided to pack up and leave it spent ten years in dubai we moved out for good and came back all the way after ten years because of the security situation in karachi the target killings there and my games and extortions nothing happened to us but then it was scary it was really scary you couldn't have children grow up in a city like that and business is good security situation in karachi is awesome i've seen places in karachi that i never saw in my life mohammad returned to karate to get medical treatment for his mother and was surprised at how to change he said he found a calm city one where people felt safe to went you're out the change began in twenty
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thirteen when a major security operation was launched to tackle the rising level of crime and it's proved. with the number of killings kidnappings and street gangs down it's not only former residents who are turning to the city to order a setback to come to. this point of light. and peace in a city and you can see them everywhere you hear people are rare and fred in the garage arabian sea and its beachfront families richard paul can relax and take time out of the stress of everyday living the return journey normality i didn't got h.p. vertica seen more secure a far cry from the days when people seldom re-injured out of their homes people now feel more secure and they're enjoying life in the city you can write a camel for less than a dollar or to go right in a beach buggy for about the same i don't know what i'm going to be they were street
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crime and people were robbed in prague daylight but now it's gone and we can come without any worries for our safety and we. can go out with our families garages pakistan's most multi-ethnic politan city and foreign diplomats based here akin to spread the word. histories and. justice. is home to more than twenty million people who hope the city has borders dark areas of violent crime behind date and can look forward to a bright future. now measles cases around the world have tripled so far this year compared with the first three months or twenty eighteen that's according to the world health organization which is
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warning the outbreak could feed in worse as any one in ten cases is actually being reported that africa is particularly affected with a spike in measles cases there of seven hundred percent more than twelve hundred people have died from measles in madagascar alone since september most of them with children measles is highly contagious but the w.h.o. says it's entirely preventable with vaccinations important countries where fewer people have access to vaccines community is a vulnerable to the virus but in countries with high vaccination rates the spiking cases is being put down to bogus anti vaccination messages on social media. too unprecedented to see so many outbreaks in so many different countries are quite different in scope of the all stem fundamentally from the same problem which is unvaccinated children australia to reach everybody who needs and deserves his
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lifesaving vaccine the key problem both in the wealthy countries with good systems such as in western europe and united states that are also experienced operates as well as some of the less to. countries is really access to the vaccine and really understanding why parents don't get their children vaccinated said really imperative to the public health community and for medical doctors to really work with parents understand the barriers are to x. in a sion to congressional committees in the united states have subpoenaed. bank and several. other financial institutions so part of their investigation into president donald trump's finances democrats are looking into allegations that foreign states like russia have tried to hold leverage over trump all his family and associates. the president's son describes the investigations as an unprecedented abuse of power well the lower house of russia's parliament the duma
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has approved a final bill to create a domestic internet that will be designed to protect the country from cyber threats more than three hundred politicians voted in favor of what's called the rule net just sixty eight opposed it the bill now goes to the upper house for approval then it will be signed by president putin before it comes into force as early as november critics fear it will encourage even tougher censorship and isolate citizens from the rest of the world. their violence on campuses in greek universities is common and a kiss and criminals are often seen attacking staff and students some believe this is because of a law that prevents the police from entering campuses and protecting people but others say it's important to keep the police out trying to replace reports. once a year the student body in every greek university elects a representative to the rector's council to vote on academic and administrative
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masses it's taken so seriously that national parties have created proxies to campaign for the students but today democracy is disrupted a group of people dressed in black shows up with couldn't poles some of these people have been spotted on campus before and may be responsible for attacking a faculty member eighteen months ago. this was hospitalized after he asked his attackers to stop spraying graffiti on campus walls in practice. there are many teachers professors of the university cannot express free. their thoughts because they are afraid that there will be attacked by these people in my case after this incident. and now the five times that. these groups from various other universities or people were not in the university where entering in the classroom and creating problems or sometimes twice they
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threatened my life this is exactly the opposite effect to what legislators intended nearly half a century ago when they passed a law forbidding police from entering campuses the asylum law was meant to guarantee unmolested elections university asylum was born after police force their way onto the campus of the athens polytechnic under the military regime that ruled greece in one nine hundred seventy three since then students and faculty have suffered bodily harm hundreds of times on campuses across greece but police have only been invited a handful of times police can enter campuses if invited by the rector's council all risk of serious crime is reported but in practice the council is slow to act and the police are reluctant to enter we know that whenever there is more and more policing then we have watermark incidents like this happening at the schools at the united states these are
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a very well. guarded institutions. ok we do that we have equal problems in europe this is why i say that violence is something that we have to deal with on a social level politicians from all sides agree that universities have a problem they just disagree on how to solve it jumps. since. they vote for a vote so the former chief executive has been charged with fraud over the. emissions scandal german prosecutors say martin been to court on knew about the scheme to cheat on emissions tests he's accused of failing to tell customers customers and regulators about the illegal manipulation of diesel engines. now one of the u.k.'s most famous politicians nigel for hours just launched a new political policy with the sole intention of leaving the european union
4:46 pm
unsurprisingly is already proving divisive as lawrence lee now reports. the english seaside has always been a favorite location for brits it says something about faded glory perhaps a country in need of reminding itself how great it once was and bricks it's being metaphorically undemocratically broken on the rocks. the brand new bricks policy found an industrial estate in which to present itself to this ordinance the big announcement of this former captain of industry will stand in the european elections with a mandate to create i think what i would want to do is to make sure the british interests are protected and if we can help to reform the european union the process that would be great. i mean things like objecting to the european budget and things like that would you want to do something like that but i think bearing in mind that the budget has historically not been signed off very often by the court awarded says because it's been deemed to be corrupt i think it would be my duty to actually
4:47 pm
object to the budget window. that. over the road though everything i need to know about how divisive has become a straight shot on seeing match develops between the pro europeans and the brits this. is just in the euro because. we've got results with it we don't know what we voted for you know what you think of them. but he'd say something i know i'm sorry. i respect their right to have a different opinion but i think obviously a mistake and they're leading the country into chaos and trouble. so this in microcosm is the states of british politics nowadays the european elections next month effectively a sort of mini second referendum in their own terms between those people over there who don't want breakfast at all and these people over here they want to right now.
4:48 pm
the woman pacts in pain not. the contradiction in legs since as a member of the european parliament the u.k. council until now wants to append the status quo yes again never mind that his new policy has no apparent policies other than brics its current status among this constituency is little short of like we're living in a country where the two quality system is no longer. for us and it needs to be broken up if recent history and the polls are to be believed and pharaoh's once again promises to undermine entirely the conservative party the last time you did that's the brics a referendum he called very this time well it's a case for me i'll just sit around and see. now the world's most cutting edge technology is on display at shanghai is also
4:49 pm
a show in china electric vehicles and driverless cars and dominating the event as katrina you now reports. over one million electric vehicles were sold in china last year that may sound like a lot but it's only four percent of all the cars els which might know now the chinese government is hoping by twenty twenty five that electric vehicles will make up twenty percent now because of this expected growth in broome electric vehicles are the focus of this year's order show here in shanghai now if you came to one of these events about five to six years ago the electric cars would have looked very different to see a little cheaper and certainly not too appealing compared to european competitors but this show this year it's not the case resting a focus on luxury electric vehicles electric vehicles which resemble sporty s.u.v.s maybe two or three times the price and also these vehicles such as from neo which is one of the leading electric vehicles here in china are making vehicles which are equipped with out officially intelligent friends which talks you when you drive an
4:50 pm
internet connectivity now this market is not big loss on foreign brand make as we've seen tesla for example announced at the going to build the overseas factory here in shanghai and ford and volkswagen have also announced they're going to expand their investment in china with a focus on electric cars now the question with electric vehicles of course is how to charge them most of the cars here can go from three hundred to five hundred kilometers maximum before having to be plugged in and because of that we're seeing new innovative solutions full battery charging including a charging station where you can drive in and have the battery of your electric cars were placed underneath now today there are over four hundred chinese electric car companies and as the industry becomes more cut forward many of these are expected to next survive the next few years and it will certainly be the companies who invest more into battery technology and are going to be able to dominate the market in future years. will be just a moment with the schools using glue doing the goal of new food warriors fell
4:51 pm
victim to a record fight back in the n.b.a. playoffs. wow. wow. wow. wow.
4:52 pm
wow. congresspersons that with nothing thank you very much the n.b.a. champion golden state warriors have been shocked in the second game of their playoff series against the l.a. clippers a thirty one point lead seemed to have them cruising in california before the clippers made his story come back to tie the series at one one. reveling steph curry is much more used to breaking records than having the made against him
4:53 pm
and at first he was off and running against the l.a. clippers away up in the second quarter protecting the two time m.v.p. and three time championship when. i. know the three points at just before half time came as the warriors built a seemingly unassailable thirty one point lead i. but it's no one's perfect and the clippers got some help from curry himself. to l.a. getting within twelve points of the defending n.b.a. champions in the fourth quarter the clippers have their own stars lee williams tying the game at one hundred twenty eight each on his way to thirty four points and then something no one at the oracle arena could have foreseen. the visitors going ahead for the first time punched her shirt just to open even curry couldn't
4:54 pm
get the warriors out of this one missing a chance to add to his twenty nine points and save the game her. because when one hundred thirty five to one hundred thirty one over golden state the biggest comeback in playoff history pull reese al-jazeera. the man who led the clippers charge lou williams said the record was nice to have but not having to come back at all would have been nicer that's a record we don't necessarily want to have but you know we'll take it. but you know you get lost in a game you are competitive and you get lost in the game and. you know what you could lead to twelve you could lead to an end in you realize you got a game going in. you know someone else. and i just got lost in a moment last year the fallout from homophobic comments made by australian rugby union star israel folau has led to one of his international rivals getting off with a warning. believe in
4:55 pm
a polo was formally warned by the country's rugby chiefs were showing support for the comments by fellow but he has also apologised both players all of tottenham heritage with ultra conservative christian views allow has been sacked from the australian team for saying homosexuals must repent or go to hell italian police detained fifty four dutch football fans ahead of the second leg of the champions league quarter finals police saw on high alert after fans from eventers and i x. clashed before the first leg leading to over one hundred arrests police said the i.x. fans were stopped on buses outside of turin on monday were in possession of gloves fireworks and smoke bombs christiane a rebel though is back in the event a steam after being arrested to make sure he was fresh for tuesday's time you they have an away goal advantage after they won all draw in amsterdam i.x. are looking to reach the semifinals for the first time in more than twenty you the
4:56 pm
other game sees barcelona host manchester united having scored an away goal last week in england basso are looking to hold their run of being knocked out at this stage of the competition for the last three seasons in a row they haven't lost at the no camp in a european game since twenty thirteen that's a run of thirty matches. tiger woods is said to be awarded the presidential medal of freedom by u.s. president donald trump the golfer ended an eleven year period without a major on sunday by winning the masters tromping tweeted that he intends to present woods with the highest civilian honor awarded by the u.s. government. in major league baseball the boston red sox were thrashed eight one by the baltimore orioles baltimore's chris davis got his first homerun of the season the day after ending the longest streak in major league in street without a hit all the players will be number forty two in honor of jackie robinson day which commemorates the first black player to break into the major leagues back in nineteen forty seven. and robinson's children throughout the first picture in the
4:57 pm
game between the los angeles dodgers and cincinnati reds robinson's former team the dodgers winning this one for three. the current stanley cup champions the washington capitals were very much in the oil of the storm so to say on monday they faced the carolina hurricanes in game three of their first round playoff series washington were leading the series to nothing but the hurricanes simply blew them away in a five nothing route. it was a close contest in game three between the two rounds of maple leafs and boston bruins so one to one three two it also gives the maple leafs a two one series. that will even if not more support on the way again later matthew thank you very much indeed thank you for being with us for this al-jazeera news don't go anywhere and i'm going to give you more of the day's news a couple of minutes.
4:58 pm
egypt strongman is ruling with an ally and faced and the silence from his allies is deafening the u.s. was perfectly happy to trade off the mark for c. for security while western leaders turning a blind eye when even the citizens have fallen victim to his repression executions torture censorship is not acceptable and you want to hear such strong words from let's say berlin or paris or london man in cairo on al-jazeera.
4:59 pm
fake news is a global virus but in indian politics it's becoming a cancer all of these up instructed and abused than men who cleared them into whatever the party is just the sort of malicious you can skew the puts to be under diva specifically if you're bombarded with a freak news it does start to prove to you as the world's largest democracy goes to the polls how vulnerable are expected to militias disinformation. people and power
5:00 pm
investigates india fake news and agitprop on al-jazeera. and eight hundred fifty year old paris land ravaged by five francs looks at how it can rebuild the not a feature of in the heart of its capital. hello again i'm asking. denis you're with al-jazeera live from doha round so coming up a longtime ally of algeria is ousted president resigns we look at what it means for the protesters who want all of the old guard goal. sudanese crowds keep up the pressure on the military commanders who've taken power demanding civilians be put in charge.


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