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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 16, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm +03

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al-jazeera. you're watching the news hour life from a headquarters in doha and coming up in the next sixty minutes hundreds of millions of dollars of donations are pledged to help rebuild france's fire ravaged not saddam cathedral a longtime ally of algeria's ousted president resigns we'll look at what it means for protesters who won all of the old guard gone. turkey's ruling ak party calls for a new vote in istanbul after losing the mayoral election last month and i'm lee harding here with all of your sport the defending n.b.a. champions the golden state warriors are left stunned after throwing away
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a record thirty one point lead in the playoffs. hello attention is turning to the enormous task of rebuilding not to go down in paris after the world famous landmark was severely damaged by fire some if it's treasures were saved from the flames which tore right through the cathedrals roof and brought down its spire the world heritage site has stood tall for eight hundred fifty years through wars and revolution and france is calling on international experts to help restore the cathedral to its former glory and private donors have promised hundreds of millions of dollars to help in a moment we'll have a live update from david chaytor in paris first here's his report. on the magical site. ravaged by flames a symbol of paris. in french history collapsing in smoke it was seven o'clock in
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the evening local time when the fire broke out hundreds of firefighters and emergency services were there within minutes as thick smoke rose above the city people watched in shock and disbelief the one who was on his office was also the spire collapse was shocked as it's eight hundred fifty years of history it's heartbreaking we sat down. as night fell far vytas feared that the twelfth century cathedral will collapse completely but after working tirelessly for hours they managed to bring the fire under control the french president promised to rebuild not to don the cathedral charity said by so many of them the body sin of. not condemn is our history our literature imagination the place where we have lived all our great moments epidemics our wars our liberation it is the epicenter of our lives it is the standard from which distances start and from which we can measure
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ourselves from paris it is full of books of paintings it is a cathedral that belongs to all frenchmen and women even to those who have never come here. as daylight came the stream of tourists from brazilians continue to flow around the cathedral all of them experiencing shock and disbelief of the damage of the coffee masterpiece. firefighters say the fire has now been extinguished and the paris prosecutor has opened an inquiry. a french architect who specializes in the renovation of these ancient buildings has said that he thinks the problem might have been when they started renovating the actual spire in the cathedral about two weeks ago now they use a hot lead and he believes that maybe some of that hot lead began to eat into the timbers in some way or there might have been a drop of it that dropped on to the timbers now these are very. ancient oaks eight
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hundred fifty years old some of them and people have described it is like. a forest of of beams dating back to the medieval times and that would have been fatal for the structure of the roof the fire really took hold very quickly and because of the size of the vault underneath all the air the fire needed to keep burning was readily available so that it would appear to be according to this french architect the reason for the far one of the main reasons for the fire. the mayor of paris has announced an international donors conference to raise funds worldwide to help rebuild the cathedral. two of france's richest businessmen have already pledged more than three hundred million dollars but money will to replace the treasures of art that could not be saved from the flames and let's bring in david taylor he's joining us from paris and david now the work begins to assess how
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much was lost in that fire. well dory first of all you can still see all around me an extraordinary flow of people parisians and tourists around the damaged cathedral all day they've been keeping it up as a sort of sense of grieving of mourning almost for the damage to the this magnificent cathedral which is been at the center of a religion culture and politics of france for more than eight centuries and also perhaps a sense of relief that so many of the treasures that were housed inside the cathedral were actually saved from the flames it was an extraordinary story. line of of pompey a of fire and then. handed out the treasures and the chaplain of the paris fire brigade also took
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a problem in role there he rushed into the smoke filled cathedral and he managed to rescue the the the relict of the most famous relic of the crown of thorns said to be placed on the head of jesus christ before the crucifixion he also managed to get one of the nails used on the cross and a piece of the cross itself so these were very important when next to the roman catholic church and to the people all around the world so that was remarkable they managed to do that and there's been very little damage to the main roads windows classic huge rows windows or you can see one of them behind me on the on the cathedral also relieved that those two bell towers you see were saved because it was a close run thing the fire brigade was saying another half hour or so and they could have collapsed as well so as i say
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a sense of relief that the treasures had been saved a magnificent. organ which has types stating back to the medieval times it's been damaged of course with the with the smoke and dust they still haven't played it or tried to play it is too dangerous to go in there there are still flaws in the structure of the cathedral but now most people are looking for the reconstruction and that could take a very long time it could take up to the least two years before they work out what they've got to do to rebuild it and then they go to rebuild it on top of that and the mayor of paris has said she wants to see it reopened and rebuilt by twenty twenty four but many skeptics say say it's going to take a lot longer than that and but speaking of the rebuilding and you touched upon this a little bit in your reports pledges continue to come in of hundreds of millions of dollars to help out. yes this has been
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an extraordinary response to president micron's appeal for worldwide help to get the funds necessary for the rebuilding of this magnificent cathedral and one of the most exciting things there is that the german president has called on the germans to contribute to this fund and he said it's also called on the rest of the european union dues march as well because this is not just a french symbol or what he said is a symbol of europe and european values so i think that the flow of money will continue not only from the european union but of course across the world thirty three about thirty thousand tourists used to visit this cathedral every single day thirteen million people a year or so so many people around the world have memories of what this cathedral used to look like and have been appalled by the damage that's been seen but they
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will donate freely i suspect to make sure that it's rebuilt and those treasured memories are revived right david chaytor with an update from paris david thank you . the chairman off algeria's constitutional council has resigned antigovernment protesters had been calling for his resignation saying he's part of a ruling elite that should be completely replaced president these beautifully done on april the second after weeks of mass demonstrations for his twenty year rule to end elections are expected in july the demonstrators fear they won't be free nor fair so the mass protests began in february after the ailing beautifully announced he was running for a fifth term he has rarely been seen in public after suffering a stroke and twenty thirteen protesters said he is a proxy for an entrenched ruling elite the army stepped in to remove with a free car earlier this month generals are calling for
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a speedy resolution to the crisis there urging protesters to refrain from violence but the demonstrators are not satisfied they want all remnants of the old guard gone including the interim president has been saw that the military has promised to prosecute as allies in the ruling elites let's speak to you said he's a professor of political science and international relations at qatar university is joining us here in the studio thanks very much for speaking to us so after the resignation of the chairman of algeria's constitutional council. we did see the army chief diets come out he made a statement on television saying the military is looking at all options to find a solution to end the crisis how do you assess what he have to say basically to you but i wouldn't if there wasn't but i should just leave. from the military establishment the streets but you wouldn't have been able to force. so but the guy you'd sun the must have used his love of the jew to get him in the old statement
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he's been sending messages to do by those over the gun been sidelined. that they should listen believe it because of what he so what he's so you. gates is saying that everything should be we did the constitution as much as possible but all options are on the table all options are open and we are behind the street on the present day it's all a whole said that more steps would be taken to meet the protesters demands not to get into the realm of speculation but how do you read that statement in particular are we likely to see more resignations off the protesters are demanding including that it's all ahead of self expect been such. as the new president of the constitutional council is nominated so in the next twenty four to forty eight hours one personality that is accepted by protesters and also by the majority of our
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julians. would be nominated as the president of the constitutional council been sound the when. new person will take over the state of the constitution who is that person that is acceptable to everyone. but is the million dollar question that a few a few names have been thrown over the last six weeks or so we hear about for instance president the former president general is one of the contenders and be too old for ministers might be one somebody from the streets the most visible person would be. this is very very difficult to predict at the moment but there may be half a dozen names that could fit a particular position and that is that's going to be enough to satisfy the protesters not necessarily the protesters would want obviously this the new president of the constitution a council. in place that would result in the new person would take all
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the the total to be which which is no deal but we do the prime minister and his government will go the new president will nominate the new prime minister and this new prime minister will. a technocratic government does dissolve the state steps to go in if people who are all the most important positions within the government and institutions are seen to be. on the stand to have not been involved in these scandals corruption scandals and so on and so forth gun the protesters will be satisfied in gave. a statement he also said that he is he was go in the d. to prosecute was a lot of been embezzling money and those who made the billions of millions or for all those illegally so does the jury in the. situations are going to look at what is going on in the open investigation is it only to
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prosecute those clique close to the cause and i think these would go a long way in to satisfy the plotters two months ok you said bonzo thank you very much for your analysis. turkey's ruling party has formally appealed for a rerun of last month's mayoral election in istanbul that's after the opposition c.h.p. candidate clinched a narrow victory turkey's supreme electoral council has to rule on the demand presidents or early ones i party and it's conservative predecessor have controlled assemble for the last twenty five years of political offense began after he became mayor of istanbul in nineteen ninety four and a varchar joining us from istanbul about the ruling party has officially appealed against the results so what happens next. with us the big question the out party have been saying for a few days now that it was officially ours for this vote in istanbul to be an old
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and now it's done that the supreme electoral council has about a week or so in which to formulate a response and decide what to do next but it is something of a gamble for the act party if indeed there is a rerun of the votes here present policy will have to try and mobilize their voter base all mass again to make sure that they are outright winners if there is of course a rerun it's been more than two weeks now since municipal elections nationwide but the results here in turkey's cultural and economic capital has been pending because of a dispute over that result as she mentioned their initial results were very close indeed the opposition c.h.p. the people's republican party counters that extremism only was only more point two five percent of denali yielder in the act party candidate that led to the act party complaining about the results president said that he believed that the entire
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result here in istanbul had been marred by irregularities but the central electoral council said that they would only grant a partial recount and that's what we're now waiting on those final results we believe there are around ninety or so ballot boxes still to be counted it looks though as if the opposition candidate may be slightly in the lead but we wait of course for the final result possibly as early as tomorrow and what losing istanbul to the opposition needs actually mean for the ruling party. well bearing in mind the president began his political career as mayor of istanbul in the ninety nine he could be particularly bruising to see the c.h.p. now not to head in the elections ca it's also particularly bruising as the opposition took control of the capital ankara as well but we have to put this all into a wider context the to actually call me has been hit by recession in the past year or so inflation is at twenty percent the value of the turkish lira has plummeted by
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thirty percent so worries about the humbling of the economy may well have been reflected not only in ankara but also here in istanbul the results there was i said are pending all right any barker with an update from istanbul thank you. plenty more ahead on the al-jazeera news hour including it turmoil in libya and how that's affecting african refugees hoping for a better life in europe the pakistani city boasting its say first streets and beaches we'll find out what's changed and the champions league quarter finals will be decided later on tuesday but off the pitch italian police are on high alert details a little later. but first protesters are back on the streets of sudan's capital it's the eleventh day they're demanding the military leaders who have taken power
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a step aside and let civilians be in charge and less than a week after president obama had bashir was deposed they fear nothing will be done to end repression or the economic crisis they're enduring let's speak to. man he's an academic researcher and former world bank legal advisor he's joining us from washington d.c. thanks very much for speaking to us on al-jazeera what do you think the military councils and game is in sudan because the protesters don't seem to trust them. and they think the protesters are right in not trusting them. belong to one of two groups that are members of the ruling party that's being overthrown. they have pledged allegiance to the ruling party so they will not be on with the demands of the protesters but for the sudan the professionals association that is the umbrella body of opposition who is leading
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the protests and is in talks with the military council seeing as they're not an official political body does that work against them. no on the contrary i think it works very well in their favor the political parties that have been negotiating and have been. working with this government on and off for the last twenty twenty five years. we have a professional group of young protesters were very well organized as could be seen from the city in a very well organized very done in a very efficient way in a very clean way and i think that that works for them works for in their favor and that's why people are following them standing behind them on are following their orders and instructions but they just seem to be. demanding rights when they demand
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that so don seems a civilian transitional government but do you believe they actually know how to achieve that i think they know they know how to achieve that those protesters have been in the streets now for four months in a very organized way you know very punctual we are very efficient we so they clearly know very well what they what they want the soup cans and the principles they are raising freedom peace and justice and the way they are carrying it over the way they are conducting the demonstrations in parts and parts of the city in parts of the parts of the country and then the culmination of all of this into the city and that has been very well organized and very well run run and many i think i think they know what they all want i think the people trust them and i think they are. doing the right thing but we have to remember that they are dealing with
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a very deeply rooted political party political group it has been in power for thirty years it has expelled everybody who is not a member of the party and have been busy and we go to our own people so we have a very deeply rooted. political party and government dismantling it is not going to be easy well i think there's be a nice profit in this region is going in the right direction let me just tell you about the news we're just getting in fact the sudan's ruling military council has sacked the prosecutor general and the head of the public prosecution that in fact was one of the demands of the protest organizers and mr some on we also have heard from the african union who is demanding that the military turn over power to civilian authorities within fifteen days we've also heard from countries like the u.s. the u.k. and even norway issuing calls for an orderly transition to civilian rule does this increasing pressure on the military council play any role in what their next steps
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could be. absolutely there is a lot of pressure being being put on the military council from as you said from the african union from the troika from the union from the nice did they should hand over power to a civilian administration and i think these pressure is working it's helping the protesters and is really building up what that what the military council is doing is really bits and pieces and. their major demand that the political party the new delhi police about the national national congress party be dissolved and is at its offices be put under the government decision that has not been done the rest of the government officials and with them for for accountability that has not been done the t.v. stations the media is all under the control of the ruling national congress party
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and so the those bits and pieces are really being done by the military because of the internal pressure but if they would not go far enough they would just continue to get to give bits and pieces here and there and the pressure has to continue from the protesters and from the outside world so that this revolution that the give it is to meet ends of establishing a free democratic society. we thank you very much for speaking to us from washington for in libya the u.n. recognize government has launched an air strike targeting a camp of fighters loyal to warlord telephone have tied it happened in the outskirts of the capital tripoli and the government there has pushed its a to from urgency to the highest level as they defend the city from fighters backing have to. speaking in rome the libyan deputy prime minister ahmed maher. cannot be trusted to help the country recover from years of conflict. i have to
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look for a business and that's why does not. look good to the libya control of the country by forces that's why it is not. we have we have people in the parliament. we have people on the political arena libya from the east. what's important for us the government is to keep the country united for peace mahmud out there who are holed went to an area hit by the fighting. this is one of the apartments that were hit by random rockets in the libyan capital tripoli here in the neighborhood this is one of the biggest neighborhoods in the libyan capital literally neighbors here tell us that a grad missile came this way and shattered this wall here as you can see and inside the apartment it almost destroyed everything inside the apartment and. there are also some cars down sturt. that were also
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partly destroyed by the explosion now the owners of this apartment the word terrified and they left soon they had one person wanted by the explosion and it seems that this is neighbors tell us that this is the missile that hit the apartment and exploded inside the apartment this is this seems to be a grad missile and here here in this kitchen there is a gas cylinder and. people here are very grateful that it did not explode because had it exploded it will have would have caused a huge fire in the whole bently building there's also this is also part of the of the grad missile now everything here. it is partly destroyed by the
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explosion and since the war was hearted between forces loyal to the warlords. and others do it to the government of national accord on april fourth civil civilian locations including civilian properties and houses have been hit by random rockets and the government of national accord is accusing have to his forces of committing war crimes by targeting civilian areas with heavy weapons and airstrikes while the fighting may have slowed the flow of refugees and migrants making their way to libya it hasn't stopped that many are just over the border in northern new jersey are waiting for their chance to reach europe from agadez mother denise reports. doda cooks the even a meal of vegetables in rice but is focused on only one objective. get into europe despite the dangers. the twenty seven year old gambian arrived here in the city of
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i got this two weeks ago. the good job is not easy but i have now and you cannot go my family. i'm the eldest son of my mother my father passed every twenty forty miles who was iraq and he had any sponsors and not many endorsed last ones they don't want to help so my brothers and my sisters are going to school is my motto used to go market sell. here for less. just a few meters away he score travellers while away time playing a board game they arrived more than a year ago with no money but still determined to reach their destination. and compare europe to live in the life in europe you can compare with africa. i know it's very dangerous to get to libya because of the fighting and the abuses
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but it's a better option to proceed and to get back to a life of poverty and misery a few years ago at least one hundred thousand africans passed through this year to get to libya and into europe the e.u. and have since reached an agreement to stem the tide of people trying to cross the mediterranean in return and just government gets funding and thousands of people smugglers who are promised support and income to stop the trade your they don't know if you move. they made promises they didn't fulfill less than ten percent of the people smugglers receive support the reste have not seen anything that's the reason why it's so difficult to stop this trade. this is a main road linking the city of august to libya by human traffickers to found new routes to smuggle desperate migrants avoiding police and military checkpoints along the way but the troubles have become more dangerous and many africans have died on their way to libya. these events of murder torture and slavery have not stopped
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those trying to make the journey most of them still believe getting to you know for a better life is worth the risk i'm with you greece al jazeera i guess you know that means you're still ahead on the al-jazeera news hour why police in greece say their hands are tied when it comes to stopping violence inside the university campuses the latest song floss floods that have claimed at least ten lives in afghanistan and for us from winning the masters tiger woods is set to be honored by a famous part time go for we will explain that story in sports. we've got some bad weather coming into the levant over the next couple of days but still a fair bit of cloud driving from the black sea into the caspian sea further ace we
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have still got want to live the showers now in the process of pulling away from afghanistan where of course we have seen some deadly storms recently still a few storms around lively showers there as you can see for what it's take a bullet fifty degrees celsius prices guys come back in balance but then we do still have some wet sabots all this wintry weather still spilling out of turkey on wednesday afternoon and that will make its way further east it will tend to pay to routes first it does look a tad better not quite as much in the way of disturbed weather coming through a couple nineteen celsius in the sunshine we will see things improving as we go through the coming days fair bit of cloud still larry into us of western iran a little bit of that wet weather that cloud just driving its way across central parts of saudi arabia but for the most part across the arabian peninsula it does that lousy fada driving getting into the the mid thirty's here in doha it's a little bit of clout there up towards northern parts of the gulf as you make our way through thursday with the child's still it's also some right around the still
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for eastern fringes of south africa and there's going to cling on through wednesday and thursday. to me it was clear to the intelligence gathering exercise my. back had a hood over the head off into this interrogation tech one by one and he said if you speak again i'll cut your throat muslim bag tells his life story and his life changing experience at one time i'm obey. it was. the confession a witness documentary on al-jazeera. examining the headlines a collapsed economy believes that many people are struggling to survive setting the discussions people have real to way i don't think you can look away any long
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sharing personal stories with a global audience explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform of the neediest motivate and inspire. the world is watching on al-jazeera. hello again the top stories on the al-jazeera news hour france's richest families and people of plugs almost eight hundred million dollars to help rebuild not tradition cathedral in paris after it was badly damaged by fire crews managed to save the main structure but it spiraled roof collapse the chairman of the algerians constitutional council playability is has stepped down and it was one of the main
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demands of protesters who see him as part of what they call the ruling elite warriors and several others are protest. in the capital algiers and in other cities demonstrators in sudan's capital are continuing their purpose for an immediate transition to civilian rule professors also want the party of deposed president obama and bashir to obey this ban the. war now on the paris not for them which has been badly damaged by fire the cathedral is one of the finest examples of french gothic architecture and was home to invaluable works of art and artifacts homage on june explains why it's so important to the french people. days before the devastating blaze renovations began on notre dame cathedral scaffolding went up and for the first time in more than a century statues came down a crane lowered these copper figures representing the twelve apostles and four
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evangelists onto a truck. for years church officials had sought funding for much needed restoration work on the present landmark the cathedral is one of the most striking examples of got the construction in the world but the last time major work had been carried out was in the eighteenth century this video from two thousand and seventeen shows some of the erosion of damage gargoyle pinnacles with broken tops fall and chunks of masonry on the inside priceless artifacts and majestic stained glass windows for both tourists and worshippers the views were all inspiring. one of the most iconic examples of architecture in france notre dame cathedral dates back to the twelfth century and is a unesco world heritage site it has survived two world wars is the seat of the archbishop of paris and a center of the catholic faith. this footage from one nine hundred sixty four shows
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notre dame as its eight hundred anniversary was celebrated a week of festivities which saw french spanish italian and german cardinals taking part at that time the church had already survived many threats no one could have imagined that a little more than half a century later much of it would be devastated by fire. health authorities have declared a nationwide epidemic with more than nine hundred sixty cases registered since the beginning of this year this follows a warning from the world health organization that measles cases worldwide have tripled so far this year compared with the first three months of last year. maybe even worse as only one in ten cases is being reported africa is particularly affected with a spike of seven hundred percent more than twelve hundred people have died in. september most of them children measles is highly contagious but the w.h.o.
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says it's entirely preventable with vaccinations and in poor countries where fewer people have access to vaccines communities are vulnerable to the virus but in countries with high vaccination rates the spike in cases is being put down to bogus anti vaccination messages on social media katrina kretz finger from the world health organization says such a large outbreak of measles is very unusual. i think that there's many outbreaks going on now it's one precedented to see so many outbreaks in so many different countries they're quite different in scope but the all stem fundamentally from the same problem which is unvaccinated children a failure to reach everybody who needs and deserves his lifesaving vaccine the key problem both in the wealthy countries with good systems such as in western europe and united states that are also experienced operates as well as some of the less developed countries is really access to the vaccine and really understanding why parents don't get their children vaccinated so it really imperative to the public
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health community and for medical doctors to really work with parents understand the barriers are to vaccination a number of countries have quite. weak health systems that are gassed are being one of them and it's estimated that the rate of a coverage for the single dose the middle containing vaccines about fifty eight percent that means every year more than forty percent of children who are eligible for this vaccine do not receive it and this is largely an access issue over the years especially with an island country like madagascar the number of children who are susceptible to measles accumulates and when we do have an introduction of a measles case in in an outbreak setting it's really just quite explosive that's exactly what we've seen in madagascar which explains the huge number of cases that have been reported in the country as well as the very unfortunate entirely preventable deaths while ansen griz's university is becoming increasingly common as mainstream political parties interested in politics students and staff members are coming under attack by an artists and criminals and some believe
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a law from the one nine hundred eighty is aimed at protecting students from police brutality is instead time police down from athens johnson flames. once a year the student body in every greek university elects a representative to the rector's council to vote on academic and administrative masses it's taken so seriously that. parties have created proxies to campaign for the students but today democracy is disrupted a group of people dressed in black shows up with couldn't poles some of these people have been spotted on campus before and may be responsible for attacking a faculty member eighteen months ago. this was hospitalized after he asked his attackers to stop spraying graffiti on campus walls in practice. there are many teachers professors of the university cannot express free and their thoughts because they're afraid that they're going to be attacked by these people in my case
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after this incident i have another five times that. these groups from various other universities or people who were not in the university where entering in the classroom and creating problems or sometimes twice in my life this is exactly the opposite effect to what legislators intended nearly half a century ago when they passed a law forbidding police from entering campuses the asylum law was meant to guarantee unmolested elections university asylum was born after police force their way onto the campus of the athens polytechnic under the military regime that ruled greece in one nine hundred seventy three since then students and faculty have suffered bodily harm hundreds of times on campuses across greece but police have only been invited a handful of times police can enter campuses if invited by the rector's council all
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risk of serious crime is reported but in practice the council is slow to act and the police are reluctant to enter we know that whenever there is more and more policing then we have watermark incidents like this happening at the schools at the united states these are very well guarded institutions. again we do that we have equal problems in europe this is why i say that violence is something that we have to deal with on a social level and politicians from all sides agree that universities have a problem we just disagree on how to solve it jumps al-jazeera earthlings taiwan's leaders have criticized china after flying military planes south of the island they say china flew bombers and used warships and waters around the island president sighing when says beijing's actions only strengthens taiwan's resolve to
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defend itself china's armed forces yesterday sent a large number of military aircraft and naval vessels into our the synergy their actions certain taiwan and other like minded countries in the region as president i want to tell you that tehran is not intimidated these actions or actions only serve to strengthen our resolve our military forces have the capacity determination and commitment to defend taiwan and not allow court to dictate our own future graham onward is a defense analyst in singapore hear things that china's military drills are not unusual. the chinese side in a time when he side have been at it for years conducting their annual military exercises to prepare for range of military invasion scenarios so nothing unusual
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about that i would say that the reason what has changed really are the sticks and i think over the last twelve months or so we have seen. on all sides the chinese side taiwanese side and us site. taking a different posture altogether so for the chinese case i think what's unsettling is the speech presidency to being made in general this year making it very explicit that the unification of taiwan by peaceful means or by force is something not to be put off any more it kind of it cannot be put off for another generation and he decreed that his military would have to take on bloody battles if need be in order to unify all sides of the streets the taiwanese titles will come rather belligerent i would say because of the change in public sentiments about the one country two systems policy which many townies disagree with and late last year there was a national survey that indicate that if you want one two percent of our time we
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knees feel very strongly about the issue and that they are really against this idea of unification so in the least to school with that is the preference was our knees and. president talking one is playing up to that and she has to because the elections are around the corner in twenty twenty and she would like to of course your party winning another another term at least ten people have died and many more missing in floods in afghanistan warnings of flash flooding have been issued across two thirds of the country charlotte dallas reports from kabul. there's been heavy consistent rain in kabul for nearly a week in the city simply isn't set up to deal with this this is the result of rivers flooded this river rose to this new. it will on monday and in the last twenty four hours about sixty homes have been destroyed in this immediate area police and council have started to distribute sandbags so we've got some here lining up trying to protect to the house from destruction and children here taking
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the sandbags dragging them and trying to build some type of of the bag to protect the homes as this river searches and thracians all the homes in this area we talked to some residents about their homes and where they will live now. i had a call from the renters of my house there's a flood and i told them to get out because it was so dangerous for their children i said forget about the house we can rebuild it but get your children out my home is all also broken and everyone is worried about the safety of the. people especially this area people a lot of really boards you would see there is not do good quality homes because forward to the flooding is an isolated just here in kabul with a swift through the middle portion of the country east to west there are flash flood warnings out in twenty four of thirty four provinces the worst province is herat in the far west but there are hundreds of homes have been destroyed thousands
6:45 pm
of acres of farmland many people have been. and put into government facilities in herat city there has been big flooding issues in afghanistan over the winter that had three times as much rainfall as normal and know that the ground assault on the string rains are coming through there is real fear that maybe further displacement as rains continue pakistan's most populous city is enjoying a new lease of life ten years ago karate was known for its violent crime there were regular targeted killings and extortions and many businesses were forced to shut down venom major security operation was launched to talk all the problem come on high there has the story back home in his native fifty. catches up with his brother and me he's one of many pakistanis who fled karachi written violence in the city where they are due to speak. he he was scared for that family and decided to pack up and leave they spent ten years in dubai we moved out for good and came back
6:46 pm
all the way after ten years because of the security situation in karachi the target killings and my games and extortions nothing happened to us but then it was scary it was really scary you couldn't have children grow up in a city like that and business is good security situation in karachi is awesome i've seen places in karachi that i never saw in my life mohammad returned to karachi to get medical treatment for his mother and was surprised at how to change he said he found a calm city one where people felt safe who went your route the change began in twenty thirteen when a major security operation was launched to tackle the rising level of crime and it's proved. with the number of killings kidnappings and street gangs down it's not only former residents who are turning to the city to intercept back to come to.
6:47 pm
this point of light. and peace in a city and you can see them everywhere you hear people are rare and fred in the garage arabian sea and its beach front to release richard paul can relax and take time out of the stress of every day living the return journey normality i didn't got h.p. vertica seen more secure a far cry from the days when people seldom re-injured out of their homes people now feel more secure hair and they're enjoying life in the city you can write a camel for less than a dollar or to go right in a beach buggy for about the same. this are going to be they were street crime and people were robbed in prot daylight but now it's gone and we can come without any worries for our safety and we. go out with our families. most multi-ethnic.
6:48 pm
and foreign diplomats. there would from a security point of who was tracing is not familiar. unfortunately that is still a negative negative. back east which doesn't make any justice that is going to be described as a normal guy going to the crime scene to these driving country. who hope that he has. violent crime behind date and can look forward to a bright future. still ahead on the al jazeera news hour the sports news on an england rugby player escapes of the warning after liking homophobic posts from australian star israel folau. field thank you.
6:49 pm
6:50 pm
well the world's cutting edge car technology is on display at shanghai's also show in china electric vehicles and driverless cars are expected to dominate the event's katrina who is there. over one million electric vehicles were sold in china last year that may sound like a lot but it's only four percent of all the car sales in china now the chinese government is hoping to buy twenty twenty five that electric vehicles make up twenty percent now because of this expected growth in broome electric vehicles are the focus of this year's order show sure in shanghai now if you came to one of these events about five to six years ago the electric cars would have looked very different if they see a little cheaper and certainly not too appealing compared to european competitors
6:51 pm
but this show this year it's not the case missing a focus on luxury electric vehicles electric vehicles which resemble sporty s.u.v.s maybe two or three times the price and also these vehicles such as from neo which is one of the leading electric vehicles here in china are making vehicles which are equipped with out officially intelligent friends which talks you when you drive an internet connectivity now this market is not the gloss on foreign brand make as we've seen tesla for example an ounce of the going to build the overseas factory here in shanghai and ford and volkswagen have also announced they're going to expand their investment in china with a focus on electric cars now the question with electric vehicles of course is how to charge them most of the cars here can go from three hundred to five hundred kilometers maximum before having to be plugged in and because of that we're seeing new innovative solutions full battery charging including a charging station where you can drive in and have the battery of your electric cars were placed underneath now today there are over four hundred chinese electric
6:52 pm
car companies and as the industry becomes more cutthroat many of these are expected to not survive the next few years and it will certainly be the companies who invest more into battery technology that are going to be able to dominate the market in future years time for the sports news with your dream of lots of football for us today italian police are on high alert ahead of the champions league quarter final second leg match between you ventus and i.x. which gets underway in just a few hours fans from both sides caution amsterdam last week ahead of the first leg and on monday police detained fifty four armed dutch fans on buses outside sure and they'll be deported after they were found to be in possession of armored gloves fireworks and smoke bombs. christiana rinaldo though he's back in the u. ventus team after being rested to make sure he was fresh for this tie you they have an away goal advantage after their one all draw in amsterdam i.x. are looking to reach the semifinals for the first time in more than twenty years
6:53 pm
tuesday's other game sees manchester united face a daunting task against barcelona at the nou camp the english side go into the tie one nil down after conceding an away goal at old trafford last week barsa haven't lost a european match at the nou camp since two thousand and thirteen that's a run of thirty matches. in basketball the defending n.b.a. champion golden state warriors have been shocked in the second game of their playoff series against the l.a. clippers a thirty one point lead seem to have them crushing in california before the clippers made a historic comeback to tie the series at one one paul restrict ports doubling steph curry is much more used to breaking records than having the made against him on that first he was often running against the l.a. clippers to lay up in the second quarter pathetic the two time m.v.p. and three time championship when i. was. another three points at just before half time came as the warriors built
6:54 pm
a seemingly unassailable thirty one point lead. thanks but it's no one's perfect and the clippers got some help from curry himself i think it's a goal i guess l.a. getting within twelve points of the defending n.b.a. champions in the fourth quarter the clippers have the own stalls lee williams tying the game of one hundred twenty eight each on his way to thirty four points and then something no one at the oracle arena could have foreseen i the visit is going ahead for the first time functionally cockroach such it was just world wasn't even curry couldn't get the warriors out of this one missing a chance to add to his twenty nine points and save the game who did. because when one hundred thirty five to one hundred thirty one over golden state the biggest comeback in playoff history pull reese al-jazeera. amazing will the man who led the
6:55 pm
clippers charge lou williams he said that the record was nice to have but not having a comeback at all he says would have been even nicer. we don't necessarily want to have you know we'll take it. but you know you get lost in the game because you're competitive and you get lost in the game and. you know what you could lead to twelve you could lead to an indian you realize you've got a game going and. you know i'm one of those guys that can get it. and i just got lost in a moment that's when i was one of those circuses. with a big of a lead at home. to say monster when you lose a good. one going to go down. so you two you know started on thursday and you keep moving the fall out from homophobic comments posted on social media bias trillian rugby union star israel folau has led to one of his
6:56 pm
international rivals getting off with a warning england player believe when a poll was formally warned by the country's rugby chiefs for showing support for the comments by if allow the napoleon has apologised but a repeat of any similar messages could threaten his world cup chances flowers been sacked from the australian team for saying homosexuals must repent or go to hell both players are of tongan heritage with ultra conservative christian views. tiger woods is said to be awarded the presidential medal of freedom by another avid golfer u.s. president donald trump the golfer ended an eleven year period without a major on sunday by winning the masters champ tweeted that he intends to present woods with the highest civilian honor awarded by the u.s. government because of his incredible success because that great comeback. in major league baseball the baltimore orioles thrashed the boston red sox eight one baltimore as chris davis got his first homerun of the season a day after ending the longest streak in major league history without
6:57 pm
a hit all the players three were as the number forty two in honor of jackie robinson day which commemorates the first black player to play in the major leagues back in one thousand nine hundred seventy. the current stanley cup champions the washington capitals were very much in the eye of the storm on monday so to say they faced the carolina hurricanes in game three of their first round playoff series washington were leading the series to nothing but the hurricanes simply blew them away and five nothing route. it was a closer contest in game three between the toronto maple leafs and boston bruins in fact there wasn't even a goal in the first period toronto took the initiative though and won the game three two maple leafs now hold a two one series lead. that's all the sport handed back to during ok lisa thank you very much for that thanks for watching the news hour on al-jazeera we're back in just a moment to our much more of the day's news coming your way see you in a minute but by.
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hundreds of millions of dollars of donations are pledged to help rebuild france's fire ravaged cathedral. this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up sudan's military council socks the head of public prosecution agreeing to one of the main demands of the protesters a longtime ally of algeria's alstead president resigns were.


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