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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 16, 2019 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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hundreds of millions of dollars of donations are pledged to help rebuild france's fire ravaged cathedral. this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up sudan's military council socks the head of public prosecution agreeing to one of the main demands of the protesters a longtime ally of algeria president resigns we'll look at what it means for protesters who want all of the old guard gone. or at the shanghai auto show to see how electric car makers are willing chinese buyers.
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tello attention is turning to the enormous task of rebuilding france's most enduring symbol the cathedral in paris after the world heritage site was severely damaged by fire some of its treasures were saved from the flames which tore through the cathedral roof and brought down its fire france's richest people are pledging hundreds of millions of dollars to rebuild and russia japan and the vatican are also offering help from paris bernard smith reports. of history and it took just under twelve hours for much of it to go up in flames on tuesday morning just put out the last of one of the most distressing and shocking fires paris is. when it became engulfed in flames. more than two hundred thousand kilos of lead and thousands of mediæval
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oak beams in the roof caught fire easily and fast reuben morris true true of. all in all the structure is holding up well but some weak points have been identified especially around the ceiling also the gable end of the north transept that have to be secured this is led to the evacuation of five nearby residential buildings. the interior of the cathedral was destroyed as the roof. burning cinders rained down into the cathedral this firefighters battled the flames and to save the building and some of its unique paintings and statues some of the moved to paris his town hall on the mia disposition we have dedicated a big room to store these pictures in the works of art including the crown of thorns and the st louis to make their saved. investigators won't be allowed inside to make a full assessment until experts a satisfied that the stone walls are structurally sound it's really.
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not all the reasons but it's the whole of france but also the whole of humanity because it's a symbol not only for the christian world it's a symbol for the unity. of textual language is so unique in the world there's only one. before the fire broke out the catholic church was asking for around one hundred seventy million dollars to fund restoration work the state offered about forty five million dollars now money is being pledge from across the world but it'll cost many hundreds of millions of dollars more to restore not to damage to its former glory. al-jazeera. is on the rico as a professor of architectural history at new york university he thanks not all is lost. emotionally everyone is devastated and stretched but let's be clear that the main stone structure of the cathedral is extending the stone vaults have been
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sometimes the local leader muddiest what has burned essentially the roof structure to ferd's of the roof which is basically who wouldn't carpentry extremely important historically because it was still the original woodwork so this seems to be largely gone together with the supplier which failed and so spectacularly we and we each one was reconstruction of the nineteenth century in need self a great piece of work but by no means a medieval object so would say that the cathedral as not lost its hat but it is still standing and is perfectly rebuild of all apparently what happened was a fire and it's very often because of fires of such historical buildings an accident on the building site for the restoration of part of the structure so it
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was fire was brought from the exterior scaffoldings into the church and i would say that slurry is often a problem but also one shouldn't forget that in many far more damage is created by water is generated by immense our poorest of water then by the fire itself so we know we have a pure becomes another another curse. ruling military council has the prosecutor general and two of his aides meanwhile demonstrations have continued in the capital hard to for an eleventh day calling for civilian rule let's get the latest from her but morgan she's joining us from hard to and this was one of the demands of the protest organizers to sack the prosecutor general who. yes there are protesters and political parties have long been feeling the judicial system as
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a very political politicized they were saying that members of the judicial system were loyal to the former ruling party and that they cannot be trusted and that most of the rulings that they or the verdicts that they issued was based on a vendettas accord carried out by members of the former regime so one of their demands among many was the reform was a reform to the judicial system the military council which is effectively ruling the country until a transitional government is formed has indeed sacked the state prosecutor as well as his aides but it's not clear yet if this would be enough to appease the protesters on the streets let's not forget that their demands was not only a reform to digital system they also wanted immediate handover of power to a transitional government that is run by civilians and not the military and they wanted the abolishing of the national intelligence and security services the military council has also sacked the former head of the of the national
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intelligence and security services and has promised reforms but people are saying that they will continue to be on the streets and they will continue to protest and till they see power handed over just involving government so it seems like the military council is trying to meet the protesters and the political parties have way how far would that go with the current protesters that we're seeing on the streets in front of the army headquarters it's not clear yet but one thing we know is that they're saying if there is a transitional government and they're not moving in and how big do the protests remain on the streets. well larry as the day gets cooler and as night. comes and we see hundreds and hundreds of people making their way to the army headquarters and there were calls from the sudanese professional association this morning to make sure that people protest in front of army headquarters not just in khartoum but in other states as well they're saying that they want to see power handed over but they're also saying that they're not in a position to try to form
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a transitional government because they're not sure of the mandate of the military council at the moment the military council wants to be the one supervising the transitional government but political parties and the sudanese professional association is saying that they want to the military council to maintain law and order while they run an independent government so it's not clear yet if a transitional government will be formed any time soon so it's not clear if we will see people moving from the army headquarters in hope to one of the states soon be a you has given sudan fifteen days to form a transitional government and with no process that having been started it's not clear if they will meet that deadline or have a mortgage with perhaps a little hard to him thank you. to algeria where the chairman of the constitutional council has quit his post antigovernment protesters have been calling for his resignation saying he's part of a ruling elite that they are against elections are expected in july following president. resignation earlier this month the demonstrators fear they won't be free
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nor fair antigovernment protests began in february after the ailing beautifully announced he was running for a fifth term earlier this month the army stepped in to remove and said it would back a transition period till elections in july but the demonstrators are not satisfied they want all remnants of the old guard gone including the interim president. stephen clarity is the executive director of project on middle eastern marcus he thinks tell you belies his resignation is a significant move but not enough to satisfy the demands of the protesters. he was one of four of the main figures have been targeted in this past friday protest which was the eighth consecutive friday with widespread protests across nigeria along with the interim president. also the new prime minister. as well as the army chief of staff. now so this is significant resignation but the
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same time i don't think it's enough to satisfy the demands of the protesters who really want a genuine transition that it's led by an independent figures we haven't heard yet who who will be replacing him as the head of the constitutional council but certainly there are other kind of key figures that are targeted by by the opposition by the protests and this is not going to be sufficient to satisfy the demands of. citizens who really want to genuine transition led by independent figures not by entirely figures from the old regime turkey's ruling ak party has formally appealed for a rerun of last month's mejor alexion in the country's largest city istanbul the opposition c.h.p. candidate clinched the narrow victory there last month turkey's supreme electoral council has to rule on the demand president's order one serves as a mayor if they stumble in the ninety's and launched his political career their
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civil lawsuit has been seen as a symbolic defeat the barker has more. the party have now officially lodged a complaint with the supreme council calling for the moment of the results here in istanbul and a rerun the electoral council now has a week to decide what to do next it's been more than two weeks since we know supply elections took place mation wide for the results here in istanbul has been pending because of of a dispute over the election initial results put the opposition c.h.p. party candidate akram him only point two five percent of the yield real party it led to the act party contesting the result with president believing that the entire vote here in istanbul was marred by irregularities delightful council overly allow for a partial recount of the vote there are dozens of ballot boxes still to be counted as a result is expected soon a potential loss to the c.h.p.
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party here in istanbul would be a big blow for the act party am for president personally he began his political career here in istanbul as man of the city in the one nine hundred ninety s. but in the past twelve months the economy here in turkey has been in trouble inflation is at twenty percent the value of the lira has plummeted by thirty percent and fears about the government's handling of the economy may well have been reflected in their you results here in istanbul and also in the capital ankara where the opposition there also took control still ahead on al-jazeera libya's un recognized government ups these data from urgency to the highest level as its forces try to fight off a warlord's offensive and to have more on the flash floods that have claimed at least ten people and injured hundreds in afghanistan.
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how the weather does look pretty much across china at the moment patterns of class sweeping in from west to east brightest guys coming in behind fourth on latest bad a wet weather just pushing away from the southeast and cold at twenty seven celsius in the sunshine for hong kong on wednesday off a day comes and that's one that's going to drift its way further east which is because throughout the day popping up in the process southerly winds will attempt to get into the upper twenty's and not too bad here for central policy will see more the web pattern right shanghai gets up to humidity thirty degrees celsius or have those kind of sandwiches and some across much of india recently a cloud on the right to make its way. the same in the fall northeast of india we had some violence thunderstorms steady thunderstorms that are rip through the area
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they are now in the process of easing away the wanted to shallow is that just a rather decent sod all bangladesh into the fall northeast of india at the moment what a cloud up towards northern policy in the us a new delhi much colder than it has been recently twenty six celsius even that pull down a recent bodies remember we've been getting into the forty's that thirty four represents something of an improvement we see prices guys coming in with this day. for the congolese the journey to was a tall order that means unimaginable hardship i prefer to live you know you just on your way to get the balcony to chance a good life and live on a dangerous journey through the jungle. down on to the rails which i mean really died. because of our children to be the go to school and live because of the train risking it all the democratic republic of congo on al-jazeera.
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hello again the top stories on al-jazeera bowing to pressure from protesters so diane's ruling military council has now sacked the prosecutor general and two of his aides it's been one of the key demands of organizers of mass demonstrations calling for a military leaders to seek power to civilians the chairman of the algerian constitutional council tell you have been stepped down antigovernment protesters have been calling for his resignation saying he's part of a ruling elite that they are against experts are trying to protect the remaining structure of france's national symbol of the cathedral which has been badly damaged
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by monday's fire some affects most precious treasures have been saved from the flames and france's riches people are pledging hundreds of millions of dollars to rebuild well the cathedral is one of the finest examples of french a gothic architecture now is home to invaluable works of arts and artifacts explains why it's so important to the french. days before the devastating blaze renovations began on notre dame cathedral scaffolding went up and for the first time in more than a century statues came down a crane lowered these copper figures representing the twelve apostles and four evangelists onto a truck. for years church officials had sought funding for a much needed restoration work on the landmark the cathedral is one of the most striking examples of got the construction in the world but the last time major work had been carried out was in the eighteenth century this video from two thousand and
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seventeen shows some of the erosion. a damaged gargoyle pinnacles with broken tops fall and chunks of masonry on the inside priceless artifacts and majestic stained glass windows. for both tourists and worshippers the views were all inspiring. one of the most iconic examples of architecture in france notre dame cathedral dates back to the twelfth century and is a unesco world heritage site it has survived two world wars is the seat of the archbishop of paris and a center of the catholic faith this footage from one thousand nine hundred sixty four shows notre dame as its eight hundred anniversary was celebrated a week of festivities which saw french spanish italian and german cardinals taking part at that time the church had already survived many threats no one could have imagined that a little more than half a century later much of it would be devastated by fire damage. in libya the
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u.n. recognize government has launched an air strike targeting a camp of fighters loyal to warlords if it happened in the outskirts of the capital tripoli the government there has pushed its state of from urgency it's at the highest level as they defend the city from fighters backing have to meanwhile demonstrators tripoli are accusing france offense or fearing in libya's internal affairs they think france is supporting have a military operation aimed at capturing the capital. went to an area hit by the fighting. this is one of the apartments that were hit by random rockets in the libyan capital tripoli here in the neighborhood this is one of the biggest neighborhoods in the libyan capital tripoli neighbors here tell us that a grad missile came this way and shattered this wall here as you can
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see and inside the apartment it almost destroyed everything inside the apartment and. there are also some cars down stirred. that were also partly destroyed by the explosion now the owners of this apartment the world defied and they left soon they had one person wanted by the explosion and it seems that this is neighbors tell us that this is the missile that hit the apartment and exploded inside the apartment this is this seems to be a grad missile and here here in this kitchen there is a gas cylinder and. people here are very grateful that it did not explode because had it exploded it will have would have caused a huge fire in the whole bently building there's also this is also part of the of
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the grad missile. now everything here is partly destroyed by the explosion and since the war started between forces loyal to the warlords have third and others do it to the government of national accord on april fourth several civilian locations including civilian properties and houses have been hit by random rockets and the government of national accord is accusing have to his forces of committing war crimes by targeting civilian areas with heavy weapons and air strikes at least ten people have died and many more missing in floods in afghanistan who are in ngs of flash flooding have been issued across two thirds of the country charlotte bellus reports this mean heavy consistent rain in kabul for nearly a week in the city simply isn't suited up to deal with this this is the result
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rivers flooded this river rose to this level on monday and in the last twenty four hours about sixty homes have been destroyed in this immediate area police and council have started to distribute sandbags so we've got some here lining up trying to protect the homes from destruction and children here taking the sandbags dragging them and trying to build some type of of a bag to protect the homes as this river searches and thracians all the homes in this area we talked to some residents about their homes and where they will live now. when i had a call from the renters of my house there's a flood and i told them to get out because it was so dangerous for their children i said forget about the house we can rebuild it but get your children out my home is also broken everyone is worried about the safety of the afghan people especially this area people that are really bored. there is not good quality homes because of. the flooding isn't isolated just here in kabul with
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a swift through the middle portion of the country east to west there are flash flood warnings out and twenty four of thirty four provinces the worst hit province is herat in the far west there are hundreds of homes have been destroyed thousands of acres of farmland many people have been a peg and put into government facilities in herat city there has been big flooding issues in afghanistan over the winter that had three times as much rainfall as normal and know that the ground assault and the string rains are coming through there is real fear that maybe the displacement as rains continue. the u.k.'s most high profile. has launched a new political party with the sole intent intention of leaving the european union and it's already proving polarizing lawrence lee reports. the english seaside has always been a favorite location for brick says something about faded glory perhaps
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a country in need of reminding itself how great it once was and bricks it's being metaphorically undemocratically broken on the rocks. the brand new bricks policy found an industrial estates in which to present itself to this audience the big announcement of this former captain of industry the stand in the european elections with a mandate to create i think what i would want to do is to make sure the british interests are protected and if we can help to reform the european union the process that would be great. i mean things like objecting to the european budgets and things like that would you want to do something like that but i think bearing in mind that the budget has historically not been signed off very often by the court order says because it's been deemed to be corrupt i think it would be my duty to actually object to the budget window. that. the road though everything i need to know about how divisive has become the strength shown seeing matched
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develops between the pro europeans and the brits this. suggest in the euro because . we've got to run. with it we don't know what we voted for you know what you think of them i don't see. the. i'm sorry i i respect their right to have a different opinion but i think obviously a mistake and they're leading the country into chaos and trouble. so this in microcosm is the states of british politics nowadays the european elections next month effectively a sort of mini second referendum in their own terms between those people over there who don't want breakfast at all and these people over here they want to right now. ok woman pacts in pain. the contradiction in legs sits as a member of the european parliament's u.k. council member now wants to append the status quo yes again never mind that his new
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policy has no apparent policies other than bricks it's good to know his status among this constituency is a little short of both like we're living in a country where the first is no longer. needs to be broken up if recent history and the polls are to be believed then pharoah is once again promises to undermine entirely the conservative party the last time you did that's the bricks that referendum have to be called this time well it's a case. of jersey shore and. tyrone's leaders have criticized china for flying military planes south of the islands they say china flew bombers and used warships in waters around taiwan president sighing when says beijing's actions only strengthens her nation's resolve to defend itself.
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south korea is marking fire five years since the same ferry disaster that killed three hundred forty three hundred four people excuse me most of those who died or schoolchildren rob mcbride has more from saw on the new ways developed to avoid similar disasters in the future. in the center of seoul the permanent memorial is dedicated to those lost in the say well ferry disaster. the sinking led to a period of national soul searching and painful reflection one south korea's leaders say they've learned from. the say well tragedy is a critical moment for the country because a divided our history into the time before the say will and the time after it. on the morning of april the sixteenth twenty fourteen cargo on board to say will began to shift and made it capsize most of the three hundred four people who died were children on a school trip. this slowly unfolding tragedy was captured on the mobile phones of
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some children who had only minutes to live and recorded them being told to stay in their cabin as the captain and many of his crew were abandoning the ship. in the cold cases the malar the captain was found guilty of murder and sentenced to life in prison fourteen of his crew members were also jailed along with employees of the shipping company for overloading the vessel with cargo but the tragedy had a far more profound impact on the country as a home on the coast guard was also blamed for its slow response and the government for its lack of effective regulations and failure to implement those in place. of those tail accident was a shock to the entire nation raising the question of what the role of the state. has changed a lot of people now think about the existence of the state in terms of protecting
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its people. and it led to a new nationwide emergency response system one that less than two weeks ago proved its effectiveness when fire crews were rapidly mobilized to battle forest fires in gang one province for the families of the say well victims some comfort at least the changes made since their losses might save other lives in future robert bright al-jazeera solve. the world's most cutting edge car technology is on the slate shanghai's auto show that's in china electric vehicles and driverless cars are expected to dominate the event katrina you know is there. over one million electric vehicles were sold in china last year that may sound like a lot but it's only four percent of all the console's which might not now the chinese government is hoping by twenty twenty five that electric vehicles will make up twenty percent now because of this expected growth in broome electric vehicles on the focus of this year's order show sure in shanghai now if you came to one of
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these events about five to six years ago the electric cars would have looked very different to see a little cheap and certainly not too appealing compared to european competitors but this show this year it's not the case missing a focus on luxury electric vehicles electric vehicles which resemble sporty s.u.v.s maybe two or three times the price and also these vehicles such as from neo which is one of the leading electric vehicles here in china are making vehicles which are equipped with out officially intelligent friends which when you drive and internet connectivity now this market is not being lost on foreign brand make as we've seen tesla for example announced at the going to build that those overseas factory here in shanghai and ford and volkswagen have also announced they're going to expand their investment in china with a focus on electric cars now the question with electric vehicles of course is how to charge them most of the cars here can go from three hundred to five hundred kilometers maximum before having to be plugged in and because of that we're seeing
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new innovative solutions full battery charging including a charging station where you can drive in and have the battery of your electric cars were placed underneath now today there are over four hundred chinese electric car companies and as the industry becomes more cut forward many of these are expected to next survive the next few years and it will certainly be the companies who invest more into battery technology that are going to be able to dominate the market in future years. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera this hour bowing to pressure for protestors saddam's ruling military council has sucked the prosecutor general and two of his aides it's been one of the kids arounds of organized of mass demonstrations calling for military leaders to seize power to civilians morgan has an update from part too . protesters and political parties have long been viewing the judicial system as
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a very political politicized they were saying that members of the judicial system were loyal to the former ruling party and that they cannot be trusted and that most of the rulings that the that or the verdicts that they issued was based on a vendetta. carried out by members of the former regime so one of their demands among many was the reform was a reform to the judicial system the military council which is effectively ruling the country until a transitional government is formed has indeed sacked the state prosecutor as well as his aides but it's not clear yet if this would be enough to appease the protesters on the streets the chairman of algeria is constitutional council thai abilities has stepped down and two government protesters have been calling for his resignation saying he's part of a ruling elite that they're against experts are trying to protect the remaining structure of france's national symbol than elsewhere than cathedral which has been badly damaged by monday's fire some of its most precious treasures have been saved
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france's richest people are pledging hundreds of millions of dollars to rebuild in libya the u.n. recognize government has launched an air strike targeting a camp of fighters loyal to warlords twenty four have it happened in the outskirts of the capital tripoli the government there has posted state of emergency it's of the highest level as they defend the city from fighters backing half the people in jordan have been rallying in support of their king's position on the israeli palestinian conflict. still to be unveiled his plan has ignored the question of how to divide territory between israelis and palestinians those are the headlines on al-jazeera risking it all is coming up next stay with us.
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i'm good. thanks.


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