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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 16, 2019 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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cost zero zero zero. zero. zero zero zero zero a very warm welcome to the news hour i'm maryanne demasi in london away at the top story from europe an icon of paris devastated by flames now thoughts turned to how to rebuild and not try to cathedral. and i'm dead you know how with the rest of the world news including sudanese crowds keep up the pressure on the military commanders who taken power demanding civilians be put in charge a long time ally of algeria's ousted president resigns we'll look at what it means
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for protesters who want all of the old guard gone. and i'm leah harding with all of your sport where the second leg of the champions league quarter finals are set to get underway in just over an hour. oh we're going to take you straight to the french capital now where the president is a dressing nation some twenty four hours after that tool through the not true don cathedral . throw darts at is that you really we. built towns and cities ports. as we did with many. and became victims of fire wars human faults and error and every time we went and rebuilt now some did not done the fire not to darken only it will can reminds us that our
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history never stopped. because of and reserves of free will over always inquire young again and again have to face trials of just look. at the. thoughts feeling all that which may exist france is spirit materially and spiritually it is alive in memory and for that very reason it is fred dry honorably and we mustn't forget that is it or no and it is our place also as it is fancy those old men and women are from to day the survey or nordic daw hard to be no shoring through and out of times discontinuity which makes a great french nation and if there is why tonight so many of the i would like to. speak to you directly saluted of work because it is our duty is this sort of you to day in a fog of war and that we must keep in our mind all you have of every nothing less.
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one is of course i. could lick what the coming days and let only i can act as an invalid altogether the more liberal it is. not to dwell on the want to morrow we will go back to the world of politics but that moment has not come yet come let us longer remember and think back on these last few hours last night last night this morning in the circular everyone gave all the had to the firefighters forced risking their lives heroically or idle or commercial for police personally were there with us. as ever people of paris comforted each other people friends and foreigners were crying with three or more journalists photographers showed those terrible voters returned less rich gave
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money and everyone gave what they care for. everyone in their place everyone in their road if you've read this well and i'm telling you tonight quite strong say so but we are that people of buildings don't we have so much you really will look at us and we will not rebuild the cathedral of not with our mockery even more beautiful and i say in five years old we'll say yes we can do it and we will mobilize i don't believe it. after a bit of a fix all these trials comes a time of reflection and then a time of action the name in a little but we mustn't. let us not all into all the pitfalls of haste just the arc of the soft and i know you can break that glass against all can be an impatient to say there has to be an
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immediate reaction on such and such a day this is sure as the head of the. country was only about administrative things and not our history and i will leave it at that or foundry that this has all the different her strength they can bring loss of all to gether of even the profound reflection as to what we were and what we will be to become better than we are the world view it is to ourselves in this from that to . our place in this thread of our national project that which unites us a human projects passionately french also. men and women in the middle of iran and all of you strangers foreigners who love france who love paris i'm telling you that i share your grief. but with this i
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also share your hope of a moment north we have now a task before us and we will act and we will succeed we would i be very long live if they're both public and long live from. right so we've just been listening to the french president emmanuel macron speaking in the french capital reiterating his pledge to build the not true dumb cathedral he spoke of the historic significance of the not true dami said that it had survived so much through the years through the centuries that it can be restored to its former glory interesting lee he also remarked that the not to them could be rebuilt in five years i think that was a figure that was mentioned but he didn't commit to any specific timeline and also spoke about the enormity of the rebuilding and reconstruction task that now lies
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ahead well our course what. has been following this story for us and joins us now natasha president makana certainly had his fair share of political problems lately with protests on the streets and even calls for an end to his presidency it seems as though he's perhaps trying to capitalize this capitalize on this in some way to try and bring people together. well he's certainly using this fire in notre dame cathedral to call on french people to come together in solidarity in a moment of unity and that was one of the things that came out very strongly in his speech it was a solemn speech it was quite emotional was quite short for all and what he said was that this wasn't the time for politics yes of course he knows that there are many political issues he was on monday night when this fire took place he was actually supposed to be addressing the french nation on television giving his response to
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the best protests that have been taking place across france over the last few months instead he decided to cancel that now is his speech suggests that he will come back to that later but he said right now it's not time for politics it's time to think about this cathedral to come together and he praised the way that parisians and people around the world it really showed unity was standing by his side by side and he also talked of course about what's next and that means rebuilding a cathedral in fact he was standing outside the cathedral about twenty four hours ago right now looking at say it even though the flames were still ravaging the roof but at that point he spoke about the need to rebuild and he gave a few more details about that tonight as you said he says it could be done in five years well whether or not that's the case it seems very ambitious because many building experts say is more ten to fifteen years and that indeed would be on the more positive side of things but he's determined to do that and there's no doubt
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that that's been a message that's resonated with many not just in paris but around the world because donations have been flipped flooding in french companies have pledged hundreds of millions of dollars the general public a pledge money online we've even heard about children trying to give their pocket money to try and rebuild this cathedral is something which has touched many people for permanent smith looks takes a look back at the fire which swept through notre dame cathedral shock so many and the challenges ahead to rebuild. more than eight hundred years of history and it took just under twelve hours for much of it to go up in flames on tuesday morning firefighters put out the last embers of one of the most distressing and shocking fires paris has seen its. cathedral had been undergoing renovation when it became engulfed in flames more than two hundred thousand kilos of lead and thousands of mediæval beads in the roof caught fire easily and fast reuben modestly true or
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all in all the structure is holding up well but some weak points have been identified as specially around the ceiling also in one of the gable end of the north transept that has to be secured this is led the evacuation of five nearby residential buildings. the interior of the cathedral was destroyed as the roof fell and burning cinders rained down into the cathedral as firefighters battled the flames and to save the building and some of its unique paintings and statues some of been moved to paris his town hall and then. we have dedicated a big room to store these pictures in the works of art including the crown of thorns and the st louis to take their saved. investigators won't be allowed inside to make a full assessment until experts a satisfied that the stone walls are structurally sound really. not all the regions but the whole of france but also the whole of humanity because
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it's a symbol not only for the christian world it's a symbol for the union. of texts whole language so unique in the world there's only one. before the fire broke out the catholic church was asking for around one hundred seventy million dollars to fund restoration work the state offered about forty five million dollars now money has been pledge from across the world but it'll cost many hundreds of millions of dollars more to restore not a dam to its former glory but in its most al-jazeera promise. and natasha and especially when we spoke this time yesterday people couldn't believe what they were seeing as the flames tore through the cathedral what is the feeling in paris today . well i think the shock has. been absorbed by many people and you know just around me there are crowds still got
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the next not today but i'm just looking away because the fire the firefighters a moving away and some fickle some people are actually applauding them so that gives you a sense of how they feel because of course those five hundred firefighters are incredibly brave of battling that fire right through the night into the morning here people are still coming to terms with what's happened you know we spoke to some people very close to where i'm starting earlier one woman who was just moved to tears she said look i live in the south of france i was in paris work and i had to come here before i go home i simply couldn't believe it she was saying look i'm french this makes me feel very deeply about you know my own culture and my own heritage and she was just saying look i really hope we can rebuild and i'm going to be donating another elderly. a woman we spoke to lives just very close by in an apartment overlooking notre dame she said i've grown up here this is my city and she said she was very sad because for her pulse of paris has been in a way lost and destroyed it was very poignant and she was happy that at least
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people had come together in a show of solidarity and she said i really hope this last because it is such a precious moment so i think that something is shared by many people in this city parisians and sisters alike in all this late this images of this fire have resonated around the world they have indeed thank you very much natasha with all the latest from the french capital and we will bring you more from france a bit later on from london in about forty five minutes time now back to daryn in doha marian thank you we'll see you then we'll move on to other news and tell you about sudan's ruling military council which has now sacked the prosecutor general and two of his aides that was a key demand of protest leaders demonstrators have continued in the capital hard to him for an eleventh day calling for civilian rule they want the military council to step aside and less than a week after president bashir was deposed they fear nothing will be done to end repression or the economic crisis they're enduring and the u.s.
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is saying that it may consider removing sudan from its list of sponsors of terrorism if there is a smooth political transition so don has been on that list since one thousand nine hundred three when bill clinton was president the designation makes. for a debt relief and financing from the i.m.f. the world bank there have been efforts by washington to remove sudan from the list in recent years in twenty seventeen trade then economic sanctions were lifted the government of all modern bashir was accused of financing and supporting groups such as hamas and hezbollah which the u.s. considers terrorist organizations let's talk about this with zach burton who's joining us from washington d.c. who is director of policy. the u.s. special envoy to sudan under president barack obama is now in on resident fellow at the brookings institution thanks very much for speaking to us on al-jazeera so as i'm saying. unnamed official says that the u.s. is willing to consider removing sudan from the terrorism list if there are
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significant changes in its government how significant is that statement and why is it being made right now well as you mentioned this discussion is not new it's been part of ongoing bilateral negotiations with the now fallen regime in sudan the discussion is happening again inside the administration here in washington as to whether that does that nation could be lifted more quickly so should some of the demands of the protesters be met should a civilian led government be put in place should the terms of a transition be articulated right now policymakers in washington are trying to find a way that they could lift that designation sooner in many ways as you mentioned it prevents debt relief and foreign assistance and other forms of cooperation but above all it's a scarlet letter really denotes sudan as a kind of pariah state how do you assess the policy so far of the u.s.
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administration when it comes to the developments we've seen in sudan over the past couple of months and most recently over the critical past couple of weeks with the downfall of ahmed bashir because you recently wrote that democrats and republicans should adopt a resolution articulating the pair on matters of a transition do you see that happening at all. unfortunately not yet so the situation is fast and fluid and and folks in washington are trying to keep abreast of the developments in these really critical hours and days i do think both the administration and members of congress could step forward right now and articulate that they're ready to support a transition both by lifting remaining punitive measures such as the state sponsor of terrorism does it nation but also by putting some incentives on the table a readiness to support debt relief a readiness to restore diplomatic relations in due course should the right steps be
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taken the secretary of state could make a visit to khartoum washing could washington could indicate that it's ready to designate a new ambassador to sudan which it hasn't had since one thousand nine hundred seventy so what happens in sudan in the coming hours and days will be decided by the sudanese people but i do think that washington has an opportunity right now to help give them the best chance of success all right zach certainly thank you very much for speaking to us from washington. the chairman of algeria's constitutional council has quit his post antigovernment protesters have been calling for his resignation saying he's part of a ruling elite that should be completely replaced victoria gave me reports of. celebrations on the streets of this polling the resignation of time. he quit is chairman of algeria's powerful constitutional council the country's highest judicial body which oversees presidential and parliamentary elections to millions
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of protesters he represented an establishment that is corrupt and ineffective he was an ally of former president up to lizzie's beautifully he himself stepped down earlier this month after all jiri and demanded his twenty year rule and. that belize is decision to quit is unlikely to quell the two month long protests algerians want to revamp of the entire political establishment this is a significant resignation but the same time i don't think it a nuff to satisfy the demands of the protesters who really want a genuine transition and that's led by an independent figures following belize's resignation algeria's army chief guide salah said the military is looking at all options to find a solution to end the crisis. i'd like to reconfirm that all perspectives are available in order to overcome all the difficulties as soon as possible for the sake of the nation supreme interests regardless of personal interests. on the
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streets to discontent continues the same protest as he wanted beautifully out are unhappy with the appointment by parliament nothe week about still could have been salah as interim president. would one obviously dismiss the president of the constitution a calm some. employees. would resign the deal. they call them the good to be with you which is not good but we do the prime minister and his government to go the new president will the new minister the minister will follow the technocratic government. period to consider the old. bring to maintain its influence they say that determined to continue pushing for real change victoria gate to be there that's big differences gillis he was formally north africa correspondent of the financial times he's now an associate at the barcelona center
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for international affairs is joining us from tunis thanks very much for speaking to us on al-jazeera so algeria as army chief just a few hours ago said that the military was considering all options to resolve the political crisis and said time is running out is that a warning that he's sending to the protesters how do you read his comments. no it's not it's not a warning a toll yesterday the full the prime minister reform this from minister of. very notable article in which he explained that the constitution as it stands is not capable of providing the means all the engineering for a transition a government we have a prime minister who has no authority we have ministers who are basically who are nothing of the new minister of finance the former governor of central bank who is being complicit of all of the. financial shenanigans of the last few years and
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so the the mr pointed out that you needed a different form of transition the other point about the transition is that for instance you want to revive the electro role will god send us seems to think you could do this in ten days that's absolutely impossible you need a few months then you've got ramadan coming so you come possibly have an election which makes sense which would be keen on all these to in july but something else happened today when the chief of staff got inside our wall nd the former head of into security general to fit mid-year in who was pushed out of his job three years ago at the request of president bush if he got as he was then his wall did to stop this provocation now these are this is a battle royal between two men of seventy nine who are symbolic of the former regime and so what's going to happen in the next few days or weeks is difficult to say i suspect this government which the algerians call the who come out to make
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a mickey mouse government and the expression is actually quite apis it will not last very long the question then is how do you form a transition team which is actually credible in the eyes of the protesters who've required great legitimacy and in the new which is cape. bowl of if you will a managing the institution of government during the transition period and this is where the names of certain members of civil society like the president of the league of human rights where the former president. of the who's refused to step in up to now where the name of the full but prime minister mooted mr berger how it's still difficult to conceive of an interim administration and presidency which would come on the respect of the street but also the support of the army mr made
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another point which i've made again and again is that the army in these complicated weeks is not only maintained its unity but it has also basically sided with the people it has refused to shoot a metaphor it has indicated not so much the chief of staff but it senior offices and the many men its five hundred thousand people that they would like to transition to something different so i think you know we are on shifting sands but there hasn't been any real violence where now in fingal certain months of protests and the people people will not be satisfied with just some kind of mickey mouse government i know we like the more i think the nation and i think is a couple of hours ago we did see the chairman of algeria's constitutional court step aside or resign are we likely to see more which in part potentially end up in the resignation i've been thought to himself which is one of the protesters demands
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. i think everything is possible the president the prime minister the government all these people could go because none of these people have any political weight to say they're all stooges of defeat god basically many of them are corrupt and some of them have no pro professional qualifications for the jobs they have gold therefore any ability even who is into political very savvy politically can see that this is a kind of joke and that said to appoint a president is an interim president on interim government which cabinet carries gravitas which is all based on which believes in moving out geria full would it's perfectly possible that any number of people in those who could be part of this government and that would be credible and i think the street protesters are not stupid you take full president means it was you take full the prime minister would have bush hasn't been seen on the books for twenty has put them on the box let them
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speak to people and then the people will realize that these people although they're seventy five they're older men no less than honorable that all n'est and they have the interests of algeria all right francis again that's we thank you for speaking to us from tunis coming up on the al-jazeera news our turmoil in libya and how bad it's affecting african refugees hoping for a better life in europe. and sport the defending champions let a huge slip in me and be a playoff we'll be here later with the details. so in libya the u.n. recognize government has launched an air strike targeting a camp of fighters loyal to warlords and before half that it happened in the outskirts of the capital tripoli the government there has pushed that state of emergency it's of the highest level as they defend the city from fighters backing
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have to more from. in tripoli. forces loyal to the e.u. and back to tripoli based government have been gaining ground on the southern outskirts of the libyan capital tripoli recently government forces have taken control of a bridge that is on the southern outskirts of the capital tripoli namely near us one a neighborhood and it's very close to their disused international airport the government forces have been also gaining ground on another part of the city namely in ains our area they say that they have managed to push have to back to the old locations overnight grad missiles launched by have to his forces landed in residential areas and at the same time warplanes with the government of national accord targeted the headquarters the headquarters of a military base belonging to the world have good in algebra area that's in the central desert of libya now seventy six people have been killed so far and four
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hundred and four hundred seventy five have been wanted that's according to the tripoli based government we know that have to this forces have been recently losing momentum especially with the fact that there is a wave of anger against have third in the west of libya and also from international institutions especially with the with the residential areas being targeted by heavy weapons from have to his forces recently have to his forces have been retreating on the southern outskirts of the libyan capital tripoli and also planes belonging to warlords really for have to have recently stopped targeting government forces areas especially after the government managed to shut down pro have to work or plane on sunday while the fighting may have slowed the flow of refugees and
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migrants making their way to libya it hasn't stopped many are just over the border a northern me share waiting for their chance to reach europe from. reports. doda. of vegetables and rice but he's focused on only one object. get into europe despite the dangers. the twenty seven year old gambian arrived here in the city of ideas two weeks ago. to get you up it's not easy but i have now and you cannot go my family. i'm the eldest son of my mother my father passed every twenty forty miles school was out of any help any sponsors and not many endorsed last ones they don't want to help you so my brothers and my sisters are going to school is my motto used to go market sell and if only i was. just a few meters away you score travelers while away time playing
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a board game they arrived more than a year ago with no money but still determined to reach their destination. and compare europe to live in held. in utopia can compare with africa. i know it's very dangerous to get to libya because of the fighting and the abuses but it's a better option to proceed and to get back to a life of poverty and misery a few years ago at least one hundred thousand africans passed through this year to get to libya and into europe the e.u. and have since reached an agreement to stem the tide of people trying to cross the mediterranean in return just government gets funding. and thousands of people smugglers who are promised support an income to stop the trade you don't know if you move. they made promises they didn't fulfill less than ten percent of the people smugglers receive support the rest have not seen anything that's the reason
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why it's so difficult to stop this trade. this is a main road linking the city of our greatest to libya but human traffickers are found new routes to smuggle desperate migrants avoiding police and military checkpoints along the way but the troubles have become more dangerous and many africans have died on their way to libya the incidence of murder torture and slavery has not stopped those trying to make the journey most of them still believe getting to you know for a better life is worth the risk of a decrease al jazeera i guess you know them here. egypt's parliament has approved constitutional amendments that could keep president i'm going for it there has sisi in power until twenty thirty parliament which is dominated by sis's supporters voted five hundred thirty one to twenty two in favor of the amendments a referendum will be held soon to approve the changes. so ahead on the observation news hour how the streets of pakistan's largest city have become
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a whole lot safer. in sport than in england rugby player escapes with a warning after liking homophobic posts from australian star israel folau will be here with. some press of weather coming into the events over the next couple of days but still a fair bit of cloud driving from the black sea into the caspian sea. ace we have still got one of those who live the showers now in the process of pulling away from afghanistan where of course we have seen some deadly storms recently still a few storms around showers there as you can see for what it's take a bullet fifty degrees celsius prices guys come back in balance but then we do still have some wet sabots on this wintry weather still spilling out of turkey on
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wednesday afternoon that will make its way further east it will tend to pizza routes thursday does look a tad better not quite as much in the way of disturbed weather coming through a couple nineteen so says in the sunshine we will see things improving as we go through the coming days fabric clouston larry and sue us of west and iran a little bit of that wet weather that cloud just driving its way across central parts of saudi arabia but for the most part across the right and punish the it does that lousy fada driving getting into the the made thirty's here in doha it's a little bit of clout there up towards an old parts of the gulf as you make our way through thursday with the child's still it's also some right around the east of eastern fringes of south africa and these going to cling on through wednesday and thursday. al jazeera is on board winning investigative documentary program people are be alarmed by native women going missing or being murdered what's the reason food
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lines goes beyond the headlines holding the powerful to account have you heard of the story not involved in that examining the u.s. and its role in the world someone has to get the gun i'm shooting people right now . back with a new series that's the reality that we live in coming soon on al-jazeera egypt strongman is ruling with an ally and faced on the sidelines from his allies is deafening the u.s. was perfectly happy to trade off the march for sea for security while western leaders turning a blind eye when even the citizens have fallen victim to his repression executions torture or censorship is not acceptable and you won't hear such strong words from let's say berlin or paris or london in cairo on al-jazeera.
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hello again the top stories on the al-jazeera news hour the french president of iran that. will be rebuilt in five years he called for unity in the aftermath of the fire calling it a moment for hope as well as grief also paid tribute to the emergency services and gave thanks for the outpouring of sympathy from across the world. balance of pressure from professor sudan's ruling military council has struck the prosecutor general and two of his aides it's one of the kids around of the protest leaders who are military leaders to him. power to civilians. the chairman of the algerian constitutional council. has stepped down antigovernment protesters have been calling for his resignation saying he's part of a ruling elite that they are against. turkey's
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a ruling party has formally appealed for a rerun of last month's mayoral election in the country's largest city istanbul the opposition c.h.p. candidate clinched a narrow victory there last month turkey's supreme electoral council to rule on the demand president's order served as mayor of istanbul in the ninety's along his political career there so a loss in istanbul will be seen as a symbolic defeat the barker has more from. the party have now officially lodged a complaint with the supreme council calling for the moment of the results here in istanbul and a rerun the electoral council now has a week to decide what to do next it's been more than two weeks and sgrena supply elections took place mation wide but the result here in istanbul has been pending because of a dispute over the election initial results for the opposition c.h.p. party candidate akram him only only one point two five percent of finale you'll
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remember the party it led to the act party contesting the result with president believing that the entire vote here in istanbul was marred by irregularities delightful helpful overly allow for a partial recount of the vote there are dozens of ballot boxes still to be counted a result is expected soon a potential loss to the c.h.p. party here in istanbul would be a big blow for the act party am for president personally he began his political career here in istanbul as man of the city in the ninety nine seas but in the past twelve months the economy here in turkey has been in trouble inflation is at twenty percent the value of the lira has. plummeted by thirty percent and fears about the government's humbling of the economy may well have been reflected in the results here in istanbul and also in the capital ankara where the opposition also took control north macedonia's healthful forties have declared
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a nationwide measles epidemic with more than nine hundred sixty cases registered since the beginning of this year this follows a warning from the world health organization that measles cases worldwide have tripled so far this year that's compared with the first three months of last year the w.h.o. says the outbreak may be even worse only one in ten cases is being reported africa particularly affected with a spike of seven hundred percent more than twelve hundred people have died in madagascar since september most of them children measles is highly contagious but the w.h.o. says it's entirely preventable with vaccinations and in poor countries where fewer people have access to vaccines communities are vulnerable to the virus but in countries with high vaccination rates the spike in cases is being put down to bogus vaccination messages on social media katrina kritzinger from the world health organization says such a large outbreak of measles is very unusual. i think that there's many outbreaks
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going on now it's long precedented to see so many outbreaks in so many different countries they're quite different in scope but they all stem fundamentally from the same problem which is unvaccinated children a failure to reach everybody who needs and deserves his lifesaving vaccine did key problem both in the wealthy countries with good systems such as in western europe and united states which are also experienced outbreaks as well as some of the less developed countries is really access to the vaccine and really understanding why parents don't get their children vaccinated so it's really imperative to the public health community and for medical doctors to really work with parents understand the barriers are to vaccination a number of countries have quite. weak health systems that are gassed are being one of them and it's estimated that the rate of a coverage for the single dose the muses containing vaccines about fifty eight percent that means every year more than forty percent of children who are eligible for this vaccine do not receive it and this is largely an access issue over the
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years especially with an island country like madagascar the number of children who are susceptible to measles accumulates and when we do have an introduction of a measles case in in an outbreak setting it's really just quite explosive that's exactly what we've seen in madagascar which explains the huge number of cases that have been reported in the country as well as a very unfortunate entirely preventable deaths the first shipment of humanitarian aid from the red cross has arrived in venezuela both them a dura government on the opposition have been accused of politicising aid delivery during their long power struggle the red cross has vowed it will not acceptance or ference from either sides on asunder and patsy has more from who in colombia near the venezuelan border. the first shipment landed in caracas main airport on tuesday after much armed wrestling between the venezuelan government and the opposition your rival the west complicated by the fact that president nicolas maduro four
9:40 pm
years than idea existence of an economic crisis in the country let alone trying to address it and this had been further complicated by the fact that the opposition forcibly tried to enter aid that was sent here on the border between colombe a ends in this way led by the united states and which the government of venezuela thought it was a political tool to try and push nicolas maduro out of office but now this first shipment it did indeed arrive since the worsening of the situation inside the country convinced my daughter to reach a deal with the international red cross and the off position the red cross will be responsible for the distribution of this aid and to make sure to avoid any possibility that this aid to will be politicized by any of the factions in the
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country mexico's. volcano has been busy spewing lava and ash in recent weeks but the increase and i did it isn't scaring the thousands of people who live in the shadow of the giant zero zero reports in the city or in mexico. why would anyone want to live near an active volcano. for many of the residents of some peril we need to what is a small town nestled at the foot of mexico's book at the volcano it's the only way of life they know. me over the past few weeks however the mountain has been acting a little strange large explosions have forced massive plumes of volcanic ash seven thousand meters in. the air at night burst of fragmented lava have lit up the sky and covered the steep slopes of the mountain in a glowing blanket of molten rock all of a sudden you're not alone but the whole mountain was glowing then the forest caught
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fire. the recent increase in moderately explosive eruptions however hasn't changed day to day life farmers still tend to their fields and children still go to school at a monitoring station that tracks seismic activity around the volcano disaster relief workers say their biggest challenge would be convincing people to evacuate and we're going to this is a volcano that people are used to living with it's a volcano there was here before people arrived and began to settle for mexico's poke at their ranks among the most dangerous volcanoes in the world not because of its potential for explosive eruptions but because of how many people choose to live so close to the mountain. when he has a population of about five thousand people most of them ethnic now wanted who have made their home in the shadow of the volcano for generations but will get there but there is a now what's the word meaning smoking mountain and in recent weeks the volcano
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really has been living up to its namesake but even though locals here tell us that volcanic activity has been calling down authorities have yet to reduce the threat level saying everyone should be aware of the evacuation routes in the event of a truly explosive eruption. despite the warnings from authorities nobody in this town seems fazed by the threat of this very active volcano at their backs. a lot of that we're not worried i see nothing is going to happen then again who knows. the people of beluga need to what is do understand the risks but they tell us their livelihoods depend on the rich farmlands the volcano provides and see they would actually be more afraid if they no longer had their smoking mountain men rolled up a little. taiwan's meter as have criticized china for flying military planes south of the island they say china for bombers unused warships in waters around the island president sighing when says beijing's actions only strengthens
9:44 pm
taiwan's resolve to defend itself. china's armed forces yesterday sent a large number of military aircraft and naval vessels into our vicinity their actions certain taiwan and other like minded countries in the region as president i want to tell you that tehran is not intimidated these actions or actions only serve to strengthen our resolve our military forces have the capacity determination and commitment to defend taiwan and not allow coersion to dictate our own future. at least ten people have died and many more missing in floods and afghanistan warnings of flash flooding have been issued across two thirds of the country charlotte ballasts reports from kabul. this mean heavy consistent rain in kabul for nearly
9:45 pm
a week and the city simply isn't suited up to deal with this this is the result rivers flooded this river rose to this level on monday and in the last twenty four hours about sixty homes have been destroyed in this immediate area police and council have started to distribute sandbags so we've got some here lining up trying to protect to the homes from destruction and children here taking the sandbags dragging them and trying to build some type of of a bag to protect the homes as this river searches and thracians all the homes in this area we talked to some residents about their homes and where they will live now rather than one that i had a call from the renters of my house there's a flood and i told them to get out because it was so dangerous for the children i said forget about the house we can rebuild it but get your children out my home is also broken everyone is worried about the safety of the. people especially this area people a lot of really bored. there is not good quality.
9:46 pm
because. the flooding is an isolated just here in kabul with a swift through the middle portion of the country east to west there are flash flood warnings out in twenty four of thirty four provinces the worst province is herat in the us there are hundreds of homes have been destroyed thousands of acres of people have been. put into government facilities. there has been big flooding issues in afghanistan over the winter that had three times as much rainfall as normal and now that the ground assault in the spring rains are coming through there is a real fear that maybe the displacement as rains continue pakistan's most populous city is enjoying a new lease of life ten years ago karate was known for its violent crime there were regular it's hard killings on the extortions and many businesses were forced to shut down and then a major security operation was launched to tackle the problem there has the story.
9:47 pm
back to fifty. catches up with his brother and me each one of many pakistanis who fled karachi read violence in the city would be. he. really had decided to pack up and leave it spent ten years in dubai we moved out for good and came back all the way after ten years because of the security situation in crushing the target killings and my gains and extortions nothing happened to us but then it was scary it was really scary you couldn't have children grow up in a city like that and business is good security situation in karachi is awesome i've seen places in karachi that i never saw in my life mohammad returned to karachi to get medical treatment for his mother and was surprised at how to change he said he found a calm city one where people who went your route change began in twenty thirteen
9:48 pm
when a major security operation was launched to tackle the rising level of crime and it's proved. with the number of killings kidnappings and street gangs down it's not only former residents who are turning to the city to order a set back to come to. light. and peace in a city and you can see them everywhere you go in here people rarely read it in the garage arabian sea and it's be trying to release richard paul can relax and take time out of the straits of every day living there return to normality i didn't got h.p. vertica seen more secure a far cry from the days when people seldom were injured out of their homes people know and feel more secure and they're enjoying life in the city you can write a camel for less than a dollar or to go right in
9:49 pm
a beach buggy for about the same i don't know what i'm going to be they were street crime and people were robbed in prague daylight but now it's gone and we can come without any worries for our safety and we. go out with our families. most multi-ethnic. and foreign diplomats to spread the word from the security point of view of history so it is not some kind of. unfortunately that is still a negative not a. rocky start which doesn't make any justice that is going to be described as a normal guy came out of the crime scene to be driving country. who hope that. violent crime. and can look forward to a bright future. to reuters journalists who've been jailed in me and maher have won a pure let surprise for the very story they have been punished for him wallow in
9:50 pm
and have won the prestigious honor for an investigative report about the massacre of ten men by me and my security forces they were arrested in december twenty seventh and are currently serving a seven year sentence for violating the country's official secrets act says it's proud of their work but will celebrate when journalists are free. so ahead on the al-jazeera news hour the sports news on the former head of the world anti-doping agency calls for a major revamp in how drug testing is carried out. on
9:51 pm
9:52 pm
the sports news on the al-jazeera news hour with leo thanks training out lots of football action tonight the champions league quarter final second leg matches get underway very shortly and christianity in all though is back in the ventus team for their game with i.x. after being rested to make sure hewas fresh for this tie you they have an away goal advantage after their one all draw in amsterdam i.x. coach r r i x o r looking to reach a semi finals for the first time in more than twenty years. tuesday's other game sees manchester united face a daunting task against barcelona at the nou camp the english side go into the tie one nil down after conceding an away goal at old trafford last week to have it last year p n match at the nou camp since two thousand and thirteen a run of thirty matches. the defending n.b.a. champions have let a big lead in the playoffs slip right through their fingers paul reese has more on golden state's historic loss. probably steph curry is much more used to breaking
9:53 pm
records than having the made against him on that first he was off and running against the l.a. clippers away up in the second quarter pathetic the two time m.v.p. and three time championship when it was i know the three points at just before half time came as the warriors built a seemingly unassailable thirty one point lead i thank you but it's no one's perfect and the clippers got some help from curry himself i think it's a good i l a getting within twelve points of the defending n.b.a. champions in the fourth quarter the clippers have the own stalls lee williams tying the game at one hundred twenty eight each on his way to thirty four points and then something no one at the oracle arena could have foreseen i the visit is going ahead
9:54 pm
for the first time actually trying to talk through such it was just wasn't even curry couldn't get the warriors out of this one missing a chance to add to his twenty nine points and save the game what do you think it was when one hundred thirty five to one hundred thirty one over golden state the biggest comeback in playoff history pull reese al-jazeera the man who led the l.a. clippers charge to that when lou williams he said it was nice to set a record but would have been much better if they never were behind to begin with. we don't necessarily want to have you know we'll take it. but you know you get lost in the game because you're competitive and you get lost in the game and. you know what you could lead to twelve you could lead to tune and then you realize you got a game going and. you know i'm one of those guys that can get it. and i just got lost in a moment when french rugby side to lose will wear special jerseys that pay tribute
9:55 pm
to the fire average noted down cathedral and their european champions cup semi final on sunday to lose are the only french side in the last four they will auction the jerseys following the game against irish side linster with all money raised being donated to wreck reconstruction efforts as reported earlier hundreds of millions of dollars have already been pledged for the rebuild the fallout from homophobic comments posted on social media by australian rugby union star israel folau has led to one of his international rivals been given warning england player billy nepal and was formally warned by the country's rugby cheese for showing support for the comments by full out for polo who has apologised but a repeat of any similar messages could threaten his world cup chances for allows been sacked from the australian team for saying homosexuals must repent or go to help both players are of tongan heritage with ultra conservative christian views the former head of the world anti-doping agency says he cannot guarantee that this
9:56 pm
year's i double a.f. world athletics championships in qatar will be a doping free event david howman who now chairs the aesthetics integrity unit thinks detection detection technology needs major scientific improvements all right to see you do that we can walk through your body be in laws for what. we're going to think we could start looking at technology is more time to. me we still were doing something that was done in the one nine hundred seventy s. family between all the warmish that's what we were doing in the morning seventy's and we're going to phone record. novak djokovic has battled through a tough opening match at the monte carlo masters the world number one needed more than two and a half hours to beat germany's for the kohlschreiber and three sets his frustration showed in the second set though when his serve was broken four times joke about
9:57 pm
a ventura lead needing five match points to see over. to rest the first round in first match and on clay season for me and. kind of expect that you know this this surface is just completely different from anything else is just very demanding putting a lot of hours in the practice courts with still you know doesn't necessarily mean that you're going to feel comfortable when the match starts obviously nerves kick in and all but it was it was a great match some athletes will have to be up before the crack of dawn at the two thousand and twenty tokyo olympics and in the attempt to beat the heat the men's fifty kilometer race walking final will begin at five thirty in the morning while the men's and women's marathon will start at six. years four for me and i had to back to drain they thank you very much for that and back to watching the news hour we hand you over to our teams in london to how much more news for you coming your way thanks for watching al-jazeera public.
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to me it was clear to the intelligence gathering exercise my hands were shackled got back i took it over the head off into this interrogation technique one by one and he said if you speak if you cut your throat muslim bag tells his life story and his life changing experience at guantanamo bay. it was. his heartbreak. the confession the witness documentary on al-jazeera. conservation is helping kyrgyzstan to recover its snow leopard population to see
9:59 pm
the results i traveled up to the remote nature reserve of saudi chat at a touch camera traps have identified a healthy population of up to twenty snow leopards as the technology improves we're finding all these ways in which our guesses are are getting corrected the latest evidence suggests there are more cats than previously acknowledged but this snow leopard trust believes it's premature to downgrade the cats on the international list of threatened species. fake news is a global virus but an indian politics is becoming a cancer on the up unstructured and manipulate them into whatever the party is just based on emotion can skew the perception of the onion even specifically if you're bombarded with feed news it does start to flow to you as the world's largest democracy goes to the polls how vulnerable are expenses to ministers does
10:00 pm
information. people and power investigates india fake news and agitprop on al-jazeera. be. a nation in mourning france vows to rebuild the cathedral of not trigger after it caught fire a blaze that has been the very heart of paris. hello i'm maryam namazie this is al-jazeera life from london also coming up. not backing down algeria protesters keep up their demands for democracy as another powerful member of the old guard resigns.


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