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south america beats us to teach it's a very important place for al-jazeera it's a big. long the on. goal. zero. hello i'm maryanne demasi this is the news hour live from london coming up in the next sixty minutes. a nation in mourning france vows to rebuild the cathedral of not true dom after it caught fire blaze that has burned the very heart of paris. not backing down algerian protesters keep up their demands for democracy as another
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powerful member of the old guard resigns. illegal in sudan the military council sacks three top prosecutors as demonstrators rally for an eleventh straight day. and i'm leah harding and doha with all of your sport where some messi magic has barcelona advancing and the champions league while i x. have caused another massive upset this time knocking out you ventus. the great golf fix symbol of paris the not true dom cathedral has now really escaped total destruction after a major fire engulfed it on monday almost nothing remains of the roof after flames looked through its medieval tempers and sent the wooden spire crashing into the quiet area attention is now shifting to efforts to rebuild the twelve century
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cathedral with donations flooding in from all over the world nearly eight hundred fifty million dollars worth of money has already been pledged that includes the city of paris which has promised fifty six million dollars and france's two leading luxury goods billionaires have vowed to commit hundreds of millions more al-jazeera is beyond its myth has our report. it was a hellish scene inside one of christianity's most important cathedrals. burning cinders rained down on the center of the cathedral such was the danger from falling debris that a robot firefighter was used. as a legendary gargoyles overflowed as thousands of liters of water was pumped onto the flames more than eight hundred years of history but taken just eight hours to go up in flames the altar what's left of it is now exposed to the heavens. such as the importance of not to the french that the president addressed the nation
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. what we saw last night in paris is this ability to mobilize unite and when during our history we've built cities ports churches many have been burned or have been destroyed by wars revelations by our own faute each time we rebuilt them the fire of our lady reminds us that our history never stops and that we will always have tests to overcome. not saddam had been undergoing renovation when it became engulfed in flames more than two hundred thousand kilos of lead and thousands of mediƦval open beams in the roof court fight easily and fast. four hundred year old paintings hanging high in the cathedral have been damaged but firefighters and staff formed a human chain to save other artifacts. thrones golden candelabras gem incrusted crucifixes and other relics will be transferred to the louvre museum for storage
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but this united nations world heritage site will need to go through a careful lengthy and expensive restoration process it's really a side which is here to let all the regions but it's the whole of france but also the whole of humanity because it's a symbol or not only for the christian world it's a symbol for the unit. of it is accurate tactile language is so unique in the world there's only one. before the fire broke out the catholic church was asking for around one hundred seventy million dollars to fund restoration work the state offered about forty five million dollars now money is being pledge from across the world but it will cost many hundreds of millions of dollars more to restore not a down to its former glory twenty four hours after the fire and there is still a sense of shock to believe what you did when you were i felt it out of emotions
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last night with my children as we were watching t.v. so here i am now. and sad but at the same time very happy to see the french people united we needed that to get to the scene i'm a catholic but even if you're not it's part of your life it's unimaginable it disfigures paris. as people prayed and marched through the streets. messages of support came from other faiths france's chief rabbi offered friendship and support the french counsel of the muslim faith called for donations to help restore what it called the heart of the history of france bernard smith al-jazeera paris. well over its eight hundred fifty six year history not for done cathedral mass dozens of ancient artifacts and historical treasures many have been salvaged from the building but some are feared to have been lost forever perhaps one of the most famous items saved is the relic from the crown of thorns that which is believed to have been placed on the head of jesus christ at his crucifixion not
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sure dom was also home to what is said to be a fragment of the true cross upon which jesus was crucified and an original nail that was used both of them are safe the tunic of st louis has also been saved it is a thirteenth century linen garment said to long to king louis the only french king to become a saint. eight thousand pipe organ has been damaged but not destroyed originally built in forty three it's one of the largest organs in the world and there are conflicting reports about how damaged the cathedrals rows of windows are it's fear that the high temperatures could have melted the lead that holds the panes in place well joining me in the studio is frances moore too is the director of donald and cell associates an architecture practice that specializes in conservation and restoration i wanted to ask you about the beautiful iconic roses and the stained glass because there was some relief that that had been left intact but
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what do you know about that because presumably if the lead has been melted in the fire that's going to that's going to have an effect it will have an effect but i think we really need to go to investigate it much more closely to see precisely what that effect has been looks like it's much more times than anyone had hope last night when do you first thing this morning so we're lucky that it's in much better state than we had expected that more will come out from the investigation. i mean a beautiful piece like that that an iconic stained glass rose that can't be easily replicated can it so there are precedents for restoring very large windows. in cathedrals most recently i think in canterbury. has been recently restored admittedly not after a fire but nevertheless is still missing in place which which can be restored it looks as i say in this case that much of the existing stone if not all of it can be retained in the question looking close up and seeing exactly how good the condition
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of it turns out to be and of course we're just looking at pictures here of the interior of the cathedral. clearly a great deal of damage was done but how much worse could it have been because french authorities have now revealed that really it was just minutes away from complete destruction i think there's been a very very lucky escape looking at it last night when we saw the spire come down crashing through the walls into the name of the central altar it looked as if the situation was extremely perilous after his most amazing job bill to prevent the damage from becoming so much worse. our present macron was speaking earlier and he said that the cathedral could be rebuilt within five years is that likely to happen we'll see but i will also that the restoration of windsor castle after the fire in one thousand nine hundred two took almost exactly five years to the day from there to the to the date of the party commemorating the completion of the restoration so
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i think it's a sensible target to aim for but i think along the way we'll find out a bit more which may cause the target to change but in the initial stages before the work can even begin there has to be surely a great deal of research an investigation to ensure that no mistakes are made and that it can be restored in the way it was well that's true but the first thing that will need to happen is that the standing remains will need to be stabilised members make sure that no further parts of vulnerable to falling off or to other damage and also to facilitate the later restoration and to make the building itself safe so that the salvage operation within can commence we need to be able to sift through the remains of the form from the roof down into the navy itself which are strewn on top of the vaults in order to see what can be protected and what can be reused and that and you're absolutely right that is the immediate priority after a fire like this in a built in a large cathedral there is obviously very old from what you've seen so far and from
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what you read in what you know of this story does it seem as though the structure is safe or could it you know could parts of it still we lapse we don't of course yet know do we but we will find out a lot more when the investigations can take place when the safe access into the building will be as i say a program of works to consolidate and stabilize the remaining structure and that will also give the access that people need to find out the answers to those questions it's very and obviously you've been involved in some prominent works of restoration windsor castle and now the palace of westminster in this case the existing restoration work. it was taking place before the fire was already a point of contention between the the state which owns the cathedral and then the archdiocese could the process that now in ensues could it be delayed by by disagreements. or i've read in the press suggests that those who are generous enough to donate large sums of money to the profit of openness to how the money is
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used in moving towards restoration but i think it's again too early to be able to answer those questions because we need their expert people on site who be able to interpret what we have left and to uncover the hidden history behind the stones which have moved in order to tell us a bit more about what the possibilities are for restoration thank you very much for sharing your insight with us appreciate it francis maude thank you. well now we go to algeria where the chairman of the constitutional council has quit his post he would have been in charge of a process to drop a new constitution following the resignation earlier this month of president until as these pacifica anti-government protesters continue to take to the streets demanding a complete overhaul of algeria's political system which they say is dominated by a military elite victoria gamey reports. celebrations on the streets of following the resignation of time. he quit is
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chairman of algeria as powerful constitutional council the country's highest judicial body which oversees presidential and parliamentary elections to millions of protesters he represented an establishment that is corrupt and ineffective he was an ally of former president up to lizzie's beautifully who himself stepped down earlier this month after all jiri and demanded his twenty year rule and. that belize's decision to quit is unlikely to quell the two month long protests algerians want to revamp of the entire political establishment there's a significant resignation but the same time i don't think it's a nuff to satisfy the demands of the protesters who really want a genuine transition and that's led by an independent figures following belize's resignation algeria's army chief guide salah said the military is looking at all options to find a solution to end the crisis. i'd like to reconfirm that all perspectives are
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available in order to overcome all the difficulties as soon as possible for the sake of the nation supreme interests regardless of personal interests. on the streets to discontent continues the same protesters who wanted beautifully out are unhappy with the appointment by parliament last week about still caught a big seller as interim president. and the protesters would want obviously this the new president of the constitution a council. in place. would result in the distance a person would take over the done the good to be with you which is a no did but we do the minister and his government to go the new president will nominate the new minister and this new prime minister will fall at the cook attic government. derian to concern the old maybe even to bring to maintain its influence they say that determined to continue pushing for real change victoria gate to be
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there. in libya the un recognized government has launched an as strike on a camp of fighters loyal to warlord twenty five it was carried out on the outskirts of the capital tripoli the government as raised its state of emergency to the highest level as it defends the city from half this fight as the w.h.o. says at least two hundred seventy four people have been killed and eighteen thousand displaced libya's deputy prime minister says have to copy trusted to help the country recover from years of conflict have to struggle for a better than an interest and that's why he's not. is the get to the libya or take control of the country by forces that's why it is not pretty but we have we have people in the bottom and book and you know we have people on political arena libya from the east can view what's important for us the government is to keep the country united for peace. well mahmoud head has more from tripoli.
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forces loyal to the e.u. and back to tripoli based government have been gaining ground on the southern outskirts of the libyan capital tripoli recently government forces have taken control of a bridge that is on the southern outskirts of the capital tripoli namely near us one a neighborhood and it's very close to their disused international airport the government forces have been also gaining ground on another part of the city namely in ains our area they say that they have managed to push have to get back to the old locations overnight grad missiles launched by have to his forces landed in residential areas and at the same time warplanes with the government of national called targeted the headquarters the headquarters of a military base belonging to the world really for have to in algebra area that's in
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the central desert of libya now seventy six people have been killed so far and four hundred and four hundred seventy five have been wanted that's according to the tripoli based government we know that have to the forces have been recently losing the momentum especially with the fact that there is a wave of anger against have third in the west of libya and also from international institutions especially with the with the residential areas being targeted by heavy weapons from have to his forces recently have to his forces have been retreating on the southern outskirts of the libyan capital tripoli and also planes belonging to warlords really for have to have recently stopped targeting government forces areas especially after the government managed to shut down poor have to work or plane on sunday. you with the news hour live from london much more still ahead for
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you hundreds of people have been made homeless in afghanistan as heavy rains and flooding destroyed houses and farmland egypt's president looks set to enhance his grip on power as parliament approved sweeping new changes to the constitution. and in sport the defending champions that huge lead slip in the n.b.a. playoffs he'll be here with the details. under pressure from protest leaders sudan's ruling military council has sacked the public prosecutor and two of his aides they previously played a key role in locking up government critics these recent scenes from the capital hard to where protesters continue to demand the military leaders who've taken power step aside and that civilians take charge less than a week after president of model bashir was deposed they fear nothing will be done to and repression of the economic crisis to morgan has more now from khartoum. the
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military council has announced that it has dismissed the state attorney as well as his aides they're saying it's part of reforms to the judicial system and part of a response to demands made by political parties and protesters on the streets political parties the protesters have been saying that the judicial system is politicized and favored the former ruling party and they say that they will not stop protesting until they are reforms made not just to the judicial system but to the national intelligence and security services as well as handing over to power to a civilian interim government now political parties amateur council or deferring on the mandate and the role of the transitional government the council wants to be the one supervising that government and they will want the political parties to become prime minister and members of the cabinet the political parties are saying that they cannot make a cabinet they cannot pick a prime minister if they're not sure that the it is that the council will not enter
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. fear in the day to day affairs of the government meanwhile hundreds of people continue to make their way to the pro to the protests in front of the army headquarters in tottenham and they have been calls for sit ins in front of army headquarters around the state by the sudanese professional association the body that is spearheading the protests since last december they're saying that if power is not handed over to civilian government that is independent from the from the interactions and has nothing to do with the military counts and then the protests will not end so far the african union has given sudan fifteen days to form a government that was yesterday so they're now left with two weeks to form a government and they're nowhere near forming fat government and it's not clear yet with the difference between them and between political parties and the council and the amount mandate if they would meet that deadline. the u.s. says it might consider removing sudan from its list of state sponsors of terrorism if there is a smooth political transition saddam was put on the list in one thousand nine hundred three with a model bashir is government accused of financing and supporting us designated
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terror groups zach virgin who is director of policy for the u.s. special envoy to sudan under president obama he says washington should give incentives to ensure a smooth transition. this discussion is not new it's been part of ongoing bilateral negotiations with the now fallen regime in sudan the discussion is happening again inside the administration here in washington as to whether that does ignition could be lifted more quickly so should some of the demands of the protesters be met should a civilian led government be put in place should the terms of a transition be articulated right now policymakers in washington are are trying to find a way that they could lift that designation sooner in many ways as you mentioned it prevents debt relief and foreign assistance and other forms of cooperation but above all it's a scarlet letter that really denotes sudan as a kind of pariah state. at least ten people have died many more missing in floods
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in afghanistan warnings of flash flooding have been issued across two thirds of the country charlotte beddes reports from kabul. this mean heavy consistent rain in kabul for nearly a week in the city simply isn't seizing up to deal with this this is the result rivers flooded this river rose to this level on monday and in the last twenty four hours about sixty homes have been destroyed in this immediate area police and council have started to distribute sandbags so we've got some here lining up trying to protect the homes from destruction and children here taking this and bags dragging them and trying to build some type of bag to protect the homes as this river searches and thracians of the homes in this area we talked to some residents about their homes and where they will live now. that i had a call from the renters of my house there's a flood and i told them to get out because it was so dangerous for their children and i said forget about the house we can rebuild it but get your children out my
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home is all also broken everyone is worried about the safety of the people all gone people especially this area people a lot of very bored. there is not good quality homes because of. the flooding isn't isolated just here in kabul with a swift through the middle portion of the country east to west there are flash flood warnings out and twenty four of thirty four provinces the worst hit province is herat in the far west there hundreds of homes have been destroyed thousands of acres of farmland many people have been a pack you a suit and put into government facilities in herat city there has been big flooding issues in afghanistan over the winter that had three times as much rainfall as normal and now that the ground assault on the string rains are coming through there is roof maybe further displacement as rains continue.
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millions of people in indonesia will vote for the new president in around half announced time the battle at the ballot box is turning into one between conservatives and moderates al-jazeera is wayne hay reports now from jakarta. the energy carter mosque known for its conservative preaching there was a final message for worshipers before the election campaigning in places of worship is illegal and while the a mom was careful with his words it was clear he wants his followers to vote for probably be entitled to become president spoke was. indonesia is the largest muslim majority country in the world and is becoming increasingly divided along conservative and moderate lines. has partnered with hardline muslim groups who want indonesia to embrace islamic law or even become a caliphates they end the presidential candidacy a religion there are signs of cheating in the electoral process and say they're prepared to act movement but i gad at least if we can prove they are cheating we
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will resort to people power we've been patient but enough is enough we have huge power we can gather millions of people and we can easily take over the palace and parliament and what they're provided no evidence of the alleged cheating but the groups have shown they can get big numbers onto the streets in two thousand and sixteen they protested against that then governor of jakarta a christian who was eventually jailed for blasphemy. also said there was cheating in the last presidential election that he lost to joko widodo but the case was thrown out by the courts. throughout the campaign joko widodo has enjoyed a double digit lead in most polls if the accusation by his opponent of irregularities goes unproven then the threat of street protests may just be viewed as a desperate move in the dying stages of the bid to become president. as he's known here has been criticized by some for not being religious enough so in
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a move seen as trying to attract the conservative vote he's chosen muslim cleric in as his running mate some of his more liberal supporters view it as selling out for the sake of votes but others believe he had no. choice you cannot avoid that. he is a very wealthy family repressive and he has no political party he has no family background . he has no money he is just a small furniture trader who nonetheless became president of indonesia as both he and his challenger chased the conservative muslim votes moderate indonesians may be concerned about any deals that might have been done that could see this country head in a more religiously conservative direction wayne hay al jazeera. well voting for indonesia election has already been held for those living abroad an independent electoral board is called for indonesians living in malaysia to recall seven votes after allegations of rigging almost three hundred twenty thousand postal votes of
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believed to be affected the board has ordered a review of the thousands of ballot papers which voted for president joko widodo were found in a warehouse sites are outside kuala lumpur the indonesians in sydney say they were also unable to vote although they had queued for hours. and much more to come for you on this news hour living in the shadow of the smoking mountain we visit a village in mexico home to thousands of people and one active volcano. first shipment of humanitarian aid arrives in venezuela as the u.n. estimates that more than a quarter of the population is in desperate need and in sport an england rugby player escaped with a warning after liking homophobic posts from the australian star. israel following .
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hello there we had some pretty violent thunderstorms in parts of europe recently some of the worst of those have been down in the southeast corner and this is what it looks like in greece that white there that small snow that's that's the amount of hail we've seen they came down with an awful lot of water so you can see that rushing through the streets and it wasn't the only place we saw the halley there there was also a lot of hail in the southern parts of italy now those violent thunderstorms are gradually edging away towards the southeast so for think greece it is drawing up brightening up but this area of cloud still wrapping itself up through ukraine heavy downpours here further west to here we've got another weather feature this one has given us some pretty windy conditions a fair amount of rain as well but it's easing as edges its way east. and so there's already a great deal left to it as we head through wednesday and behind it we'll see the temperatures rise as we head through the next few days over paris twenty where we are maximum on wednesday and twenty two by the time we get to thursday spain
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portugal is a bit different though real some collateral some rain rolling in his of the temperatures they'll be dropping a white quite rapidly so that cloud will also be making its way into the northwest and paulus all over africa so we could see a few showers around him or a bat certainly looks like a cloudy day for the east though it's looking a lot brighter than it has been recently. fake news is a global virus but in indian politics it's becoming a cancer on the up and stopped and abuse and manipulate them into whatever the body just based on emotions can skew the perception of three hundred even specifically if you're bombarded with fecal news it does start to feel to you as the world's largest democracy goes to the polls how vulnerable are expected to militias disinformation. people and power investigates india fake news and agitprop on al-jazeera and then reported well on the. us and british companies have announced
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the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the work. welcome back a look at the top stories this hour now nearly eight hundred fifty million dollars has been pledged to help rebuild the not saddam cathedral in paris which was
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severely damaged by a fire on monday evening france's president has vowed to rebuild the cathedral within five years. the chairman of algeria's constitutional council to allies has quit his post he would have been in charge of a process to draw up a new constitution following the resignation this month of president bill as these beaches. and in libya the u.n. backed government has launched an as strike on a camp of fighters loyal to warlord. near tripoli at least one hundred seventy four people have been killed in the battle for control of the city eighteen thousand have been displaced. well now some news from egypt the parliament has approved constitutional changes that would allow president of the fatah c.c. to stay in power until twenty thirty the amendments now need to be put to a public referendum within thirty days if approved the presidential term would be changed to six years it would mean sisi could extend his current to twenty twenty
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four and then run again for another six year term he would also be given enhanced powers over the parliament the judiciary with the right to appoint the public prosecutor and one third of a newly created opposite of parliament now an additional cause guaranteeing the army's role as protector of the constitution will also be put to the people well that's the situation as it stands now and joining me in the studio is a feat close to fire he is the founder and chairman of the british arab network debate forum and author of egypt and nation in crisis thank you very much for joining us on the news out this evening hearing that the constitutional amendments have passed the parliament amendments now go to a national referendum but the expectation is that vote will be neither free nor fair not at or i mean clearly genesis is a brutal dictator and he will do anything to cling to power he's got
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a rubber stamp parliament he cowed the judiciary to say anything you want he's got the medium under his complete control and them cover up control high sink really destroying egypt as a country i mean if you see egyptian currency egyptian pounds lost seventy percent of its value during sisi reign so what would you expect egypt will be next twenty years you want to state it is about eighty two eighty three is approach. it's amazing just shocking. despite the well there are obviously concerns about how these amendments are going to affect his power and authority and control of the country but. president sisi also does have his supporters how popular is he in the country i would say he has got a very little supporters he's got the will quit mubarak's deep state which probably
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about twenty two percent of population not more i don't think you got any support in the country because he runs a country he's got to watch seventy two souls and people in prison this is so zones of free young people being abducted being disappeared so how can you have ability his crowd to scratch cheek actually expect he want to be a president egypt for quarter of a century and you are mentioning the control of the media it is quite interesting what we've seen in social media with parts of the opposition where the opposition speaking about social media being blocks and websites being shut down what have we seen from the government of president sisi in terms of specifically cracking down on social media as a way of silencing critics in the opposition what is selling security social media in gyptian media injecting viruses using. modern technology director of viruses and
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websites i think egypt is really in a very pretty big problem and i feel the west really should take stand against sisi supporters gyptian people that's the only way to dislodge sisi from power since he will stay in power like what african algeria or the current man who'd been just removed from but i suppose it's very unlikely the international community would do that and presumably that is the view of president sisi because he if clearly feels empowered enough to do this now. who i think you are living in cuckoo world because obama called mubarak to leave and left was in twenty four hours and i think people need support from this brutal dictator he's running the country and this is going to cause disturbance in the middle east for egypt hundred million people. many of them are sixty percent of them and the poverty line very poor people
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egyptian they live in the nations they live in grants. they cannot survive as a country and infrastructure is completely destroyed you've had two and a half sums and three main accidents in one year. i think egypt was in a very big problem and needs a lot of support thank you very much dr we're think mr foster joining us this evening thank you. i have some other stories we're following closely the parliament in russia has approved a final bill to create a domestic internet there that's meant to protect the country from cyber threats three hundred seven lawmakers voted in favor of the run that whilst only sixty eight opposed that the bill must be approved by the federation council and then signed off by the president vladimir putin before it can actually come into force but critics are saying that the law will increase censorship and isolate russians from the rest of the world three days of mourning of been announced in chile after
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a small plane crashed in the south killing six people on board authorities say the plane crashed near an area drug courts a month that's about six hundred twenty miles from the chilean capital of santiago the town's mayor says the plane crashed shortly after takeoff. well now to venezuela where the first shipment of red cross humanitarian aid has arrived in the country the which suffered more than four years of recession marked by shortages of food and medicine the aid shipments are the result of an agreement reached with the opposition and the government of president nicolas maduro who do or have previously blocked efforts to deliver assistance and it has denied be existence of a humanitarian crisis our correspondent. on the venezuela colombia border. the first shipment landed in caracas main airport on tuesday after much armed wrestling between the venezuelan government and the opposition your rival the aid
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was complicated by the fact that president nicolas maduro four years than idea existence of an economic crisis in the country let alone trying to address it and this have been further complicated by the fact that the opposition forcibly tried to enter aid that was sent here on the border between colombe a ends in this way led by the united states and which the government of venezuela thought it was a political tool to try and push nicolas maduro out of office but now this first shipment it did indeed arrive since the worsening of the situation inside the country convinced my daughter to reach a deal with the international red cross and the off position the red cross will be responsible for the distribution of this aid and to make sure to avoid any possibility that this will be politicized by any of the factions in the country.
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mexico's papa cata petal volcano has been busy spewing lava and ash in recent weeks but the increase in activity isn't scarring the thousands of people who live in the shadow of the giant who refuse to move there is money it up all the reports now from the city of in mexico. why would anyone want to live near an active volcano. for many of the residents of some bitter we need to what is a small town nestled at the foot of mexico's book at the volcano it's the only way of life they know. me over the past few weeks however the mountain has been acting a little strange. large explosions have forced massive plumes of volcanic ash seven thousand meters into the air at night bursts of fragmented lava have lit up the sky and covered the steep slopes of the mountain in
12:39 am
a glowing blanket of molten rock. all over the whole mountain was glowing then the forest caught fire. the recent increase in moderately explosive eruptions however hasn't changed day to day life farmers still tend to their fields and children still go to school at a monitoring station that tracks seismic activity around the volcano disaster relief workers say their biggest challenge would be convincing people to evacuate and we're going to this is a volcano that people are used to living with it's a volcano there was here before people arrived and began to settle for mexico's poke at their ranks among the most dangerous volcanoes in the world not because of its potential for explosive eruptions but because of how many people choose to live so close to the mountain. has a population of about five thousand people most of them ethnic now wanted who have made their home in the shadow of the volcano for generations book look at that but
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there is a now what's the word meaning smoking mountain and in recent weeks the volcano really has been living up to its namesake but even though locals here tell us that volcanic activity has been calling down authorities have yet to reduce the threat level saying everyone should be aware of the evacuation routes in the event of a truly explosive eruption. despite the warnings from authorities nobody in this town seems fazed by the threat of this very active volcano at their backs. all of that we're not worried i see nothing is going to happen then again who knows the people of san pedro many do understand the risks but they tell us their livelihoods depend on the rich farmlands the volcano provides and say they would actually be more afraid if they no longer had their smoking mountain men went up a little. washington d.c. sits at the fork of two title refers connected to the atlantic ocean making the us
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seat of government vulnerable to rising sea levels and climate change yet the frequent flooding within the view of the white house is a topic president trump hasn't addressed trungpa said he does not think global warming is man made on castro has will. thirty six million people visit washington d.c.'s national mall each year drawn to its monuments spring cherry blossoms and the tidal basin one hundred year old reservoir that takes its name from the tides flowing in and out of the potomac river but lately the tides have been rising too high here we're seeing the sidewalk of a cherry blossom walkway around the title basin flooded completely impassable this happens twice a day a result of sea level rise and increased urbanization the bravest visitors may not mind the water but most people have to step around puts in danger the purpose of
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this place it's a formal garden for americans and their guests to wander through and it's also the place where some of our most historic people are memorialized thomas jefferson writer of the declaration of independence is lucky to have a high perch above the waters but the sea wall beneath him is crumbling the white house where the president lives overlooks the tidal basin you can see it clearly from here across the water but despite having evidence of climate change literally outside his window president trump has decided to remove the united states from the paris climate accord and he's called climate change hoax i don't think he cares it's it's not going to make him any money to save the environment so he won't be here when it oh oh doom and gloom and so out of the cares. the united nations says the world has just twelve years to stop a climate change catastrophe in washington it's the local government that has
12:43 am
stepped up we're kind of on our own now and so we're putting really a lot more money of our own in d.c. in the end of ation research and development and we just don't have the partnership with federal government and that's sad frustrating will this delicate beauty survive and what monument will there be to those who had a chance to save it. castro al-jazeera washington. or protesters who say climate change should be treated as a global emergency have blocked major roads in london for a second day two hundred ninety people involved in the demonstration organized by extinction rebellion have been arrested here's emma haywood. well the second day of this part of central london oxford street one of the capital's busiest shopping at her sister guttural sounds to privacy by extension the body in the using of the study to try to highlight the issue of why using sea levels they say they have
12:44 am
little choice but to protest because governments simply on the say i'm here because you know it's time to actually do something else apart from petitions and lobbying our m.p.'s and just the inaction that has been happening for too long to change that has been discussions and lobbying and petitions and politely asking i'm not hasn't got is anywhere in order to enact social change we have to be a big and close destruction didn't get the vote but on a scheme nicely with masking nicely because that doesn't work we saying this is an emergency this is happening now cannot we see the time this must happen now for every dollar they got going to the police helicopter whirring operatives and there are police dotted around this area where exits in rebellion have gathered also here
12:45 am
and there been a number of arrests as of now one of the protest sites down the hall to the footage the protesters of that all say they are not that big anyway until the government listens to the. apologies for the quality of the sound on that clip while moving on the number of measles cases is skyrocketing around the globe with the disease reported in one hundred seventy countries north macedonia has just declared an epidemic after nearly a thousand cases were interested just this year so let's then look at some of the numbers worldwide the w.h.o. says instance in instances are up three hundred percent so far in two thousand and nineteen the worst hit region is africa which has seen the most dramatic rise. of seven hundred descent while the increase was the lowest in southeast asia which was up by forty percent measles is a highly infectious viral disease that can sometimes lead to infections of the lungs and brain katrina can't sing a is from the world health organization and says
12:46 am
that such a large outbreak on this scale is very unusual. precedented to see so many outbreaks in so many different countries they're quite different in scope but they all stem fundamentally from the same problem which is on back's native children a failure to reach everybody who needs and deserves his lifesaving vaccine key problem both in the wealthy countries with good systems such as in western europe and united states who are also experienced operates as well as some of the less developed countries is really access to the vaccine and really understanding why parents don't get their children vaccinated so it's really imperative to the public health community and medical doctors to really work with parents understand the barriers are to vaccination era still more ahead on the program unveiling the electric ambitions of the world's top calm a report from the shanghai. head of the world anti-doping agency calls for a major revamp and how drug testing is carried out. business
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. by qatar and it's going. up. up. up.
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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together. welcome back now cost sales around the world with many blaming trade tensions between the u.s. and china that doesn't stop global automakers from turning to the chinese market by the electric car industry is booming there is katrina you reports now from the shanghai auto show. sports cars s.u.v.s and luxury sedans all standard cars are fat but the difference here is these are all electric battery
12:49 am
powered vehicles are taking center stage here in shanghai with comic is showcasing models aimed at younger and wealthy a chinese consumer is the vehicle have to be very smart and very sexy and that's the thing that you are actually going to be your peeling tool you have to have a product really satisfied bills people as my and also was their body that they can enjoy their life more. china is the world's biggest car market and last year fifty percent of electric vehicles sold worldwide who purchased here the government's been determined to clean up polluted skies and become an industry leader in the development of electric cars but beijing is now rolling back subsidies planning to remove them entirely by twenty twenty three the subsidies are being taken away in china doesn't want to see prices raised so disk up anees are under
12:50 am
a lot of pressure. domestic comic is also faced increasing competition from foreign brands china has started to lift caps on foreign ownership and it's part of the industry food books like an audi have all the now and they'll be bringing out their own electric models here and revving up production in sales is unclear at this point exactly how much the market will dig here but those subsidies are what's making these car so a ford. to the people here so that's what's been doing with the doing the sales so without them we're we're entering kind of unknown territory here with more electric vehicles on the market than ever before comic is need to distinguish themselves by including more high tech features this one has an auspicious intelligent robot which you can come on to close the windows turn on the radio or even switch on the massage function your constant i know me.
12:51 am
plenty of futuristic self driving concept cars are also insured but the most exciting innovations involve how much charge a battery can hold. passenger electric vehicles have a three hundred kilometer range so from automatic battery swapping stations to five to plug in technology the race for electric vehicle dominance in china will come down to his batteries last the longest. al-jazeera shanghai. time now for all the sport with libya in doha. thank you mariam i.x. of cause another huge upset in the champions league quarter finals after knocking out real madrid the dutch side have now eliminated eventis the three two aggregate win and sure and is the first time in more than twenty years that i have made it into the semifinals. they will be joined in the series by barcelona the spanish side had an early penalty shout in their match against manchester united over ruled
12:52 am
by v.a.r. but that was quickly forgotten as well messi turned on the magic scoring twice in the space of four minutes for no aggregate loss leaves united now fighting to finish in the top four of the premier league to ensure they play champions league football next season. it will be a battered lineup for tottenham and wednesday second leg quarter final against manchester city midfielder adelie ali will have to pass a last minute fitness test on his broken hand spurs will also be without harry came and harry winks but they take a crucial one nil advantage into the game but we believe in the faith that we can be a strong one and we are going to fight that is the most important in football and then to hope and wish to have a bit it would performance. and then also good under for a little bit lucky because you need in the competition of the game. important
12:53 am
moment of the game and of course be ready to receive that stance but of course that tomorrow is going to be a machine challenge and fight i am so motivated i'm so excited. to play tomorrow after the first game it was obviously one that we didn't want to come away with. but i think there's still everything to play for everything. and obviously one goal and then we go from there and i think that's how. we approach the game and it's still so close meanwhile liverpool are favorites to advance to the semifinals over porto they got into their match with a strong two nil lead after the first like. the defending n.b.a. champions have let a big lead in the playoffs slip right through their fingers paul reese has more on golden state's historic loss probably steph curry is much more used to breaking
12:54 am
records than having the made against him and that first he was off and running against the l.a. clippers away up in the second quarter at the fitting of the two time m.v.p. and three time championship when it. was. another three points at just before half time came as the warriors built a seemingly unassailable thirty one point lead. thanks. but it's no one's perfect in the clip has got some help from curry himself i think it's a good l.a. getting within twelve points of the defending n.b.a. champions in the fourth quarter the clippers have the own stalls lee williams tying the game of one hundred twenty eight each on his way to thirty four points and then something no one at the oracle arena could have foreseen. i the visitors going ahead for the first time actually took her shot just wasn't even curry couldn't get
12:55 am
the warriors out of this one missing a chance to add to his twenty nine points and save the game who. took his win one hundred thirty five to one hundred thirty one over golden state the biggest comeback in playoff history pull reese al-jazeera french rugby side to lose but wear special jerseys that pay tribute to the fire ravaged not saddam cathedral and their european champions cup semi final on sunday to lose are the only french side in the last for the auction the jerseys following the game against irish side lengths are with all money raised being donated to reconstructing the cathedral. the fallout from homophobic comments posted on social media by australian rugby union star israel folau has led to one of his international rivals being given a warning england players believe the nepal was formally warned by the country's rugby chiefs for showing support for the comments by fellow but apolo has
12:56 am
apologised but a repeat of any similar messages could threaten his world cup chances for lau's been sacked from the australian team for saying that homosexuals must repent or go to hell both players are of tongan heritage with ultra conservative christian views . the former head of the world anti-doping agency says he cannot guarantee that this year's i double a.f. world athletics championship in qatar will be doping free event david howman who had now chairs the athletics integrity unit thinks that detection technology needs major scientific improvements we're going to see you do that we can walk through. we're going to think we are looking at technology is more time to. me we still were doing something that was done on the one hundred seventy s. family between all the warmish that's what we were doing in the north. and we're
12:57 am
going to phone record novak djokovic has battled through a tough opening match at the monte carlo masters he needed more than two and a half hours to beat germany's philip culture in three sets his frustration showed in the second set when the server was broken four times djokovic eventually needed five match points to seal the way. it's a rusty first round in first match and on clay season for me and. kind of expect that you know this this surface is completely different from anything else it's just very demanding putting a lot of hours in the practice courts with still you know doesn't necessarily mean that you're going to feel comfortable when the match starts obviously nerves kick in and all but it was a it was a great match well that's it from a bacterium in london thank you very much that wraps up and he's our but i will be back with a full blessin for you all see the very shortly stay with us now. to
12:58 am
me it was clear to intelligence gathering exercise my hands were shackled got back at a hood over the head off into this interrogation technique one by one and he said if you speak cut your throat muslim baker tells his life story and his life changing experience at guantanamo bay. it was. our quick. the confession a witness documentary on al-jazeera. one of the
12:59 am
two with the nelson hospital in cologne eunice those attacks as it tried to reach wounded people inside russia i don't see it as impossible to coordinate with the israeli military together i'm going to say it is very tense. as a colleague was trying to coordinate their views re the military in iraq but when he's ambulance was hit the people up at the hospital when the strike happened in the big concert at the wrecked all these medics say they will keep trying to get into russia to help the injured innocent children like who have no role in what israel describes as the most is terror campaign. the week began with the use of a ninety day truce in the to protect u.s. china trade will the world's largest supplier of liquefied natural gas is leaving the biggest oil cartel we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on ounces era.
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sixty six. through. the roof a nation in mourning france vows to rebuild the cathedral of not trying to record fire a blaze that has been very hot of paris. hello i'm maryam namazie in london you're with al-jazeera also coming up on the program. not backing down algerian protesters to cut their demands for democracy as another powerful member of the old guard resigns.


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