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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 17, 2019 3:00am-3:34am +03

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president donald trump vetoes a congressional resolution to end the u.s. involvement in the war in yemen. and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up addressing the nation from says president val's to rebuild not true don and lays out an ambitious timetable. fighting increases around the libyan capital as the united nations calls for an end to the violence. and polls open for indonesian elections with president jocko widodo hoping to best his rival proposed to be up to.
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all we begin with breaking news president donald trump has vetoed a resolution by congress calling for an end to u.s. involvement in the saudi led war in yemen roslyn jordan is following the story for us and she joins us now live from washington d.c. rose tell us what we're hearing from the white house. well the white house has put out a four page statement in the last twenty minutes or so into stasia explaining why the president is vetoing this senate joint resolution number seven in other words a congressional law measure that would stop all u.s. military support for the saudi coalition as it is involved in the civil war in yemen members of congress both republicans and democrats are worried about three things one they're worried about the u.s. military supporting a military operation that is leading to considerable humanitarian suffering whether
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in the north around the capital sanaa or in the south they are very concerned also about the ongoing efforts to try to bring to justice those who may have been involved in the saudi government for last october's murder of the journalist. the u.s. congress is also very concerned about the use of the u.s. military it all sorts of conflicts without express permission from congress that's why they drafted and passed this resolution but in the last twenty minutes or so here in washington the white house has released the president's veto message where he says that if he were to sign it it would basically prevent the u.s. from living up to its military obligations in agreements with other countries and it would set a very dangerous precedent for the problem geisha as it were of u.s. foreign policy runs this he said was widely expected now that trumps actually gone
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through with it what options does congress now have. well congress really has two options would they could either let the veto lie and move on to other issues or two they could try to do puts no as an override try to approve this resolution again and have it take effect but because they didn't pass with the required two thirds of members of the house and members of the senate when they first passed this resolution it's hard to see how that could actually happen and it may be that the u.s. president may have won a political victory we should also note that congress is out of session for the next two weeks and so mentum any anger any frustration with this veto coming on a tuesday night here in the united states might well dissipate by the time that congress returns the latter part of april residential and in washington d.c.
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for us following developments there thank you. well french president has a valid to restore the not saddam cathedral within five years a huge fire destroyed its roof and spire that although already say the eight hundred fifty year old cathedral is structurally sound donations to help rebuild those have reached nearly one billion dollars or authorities say the building came within thirty minutes of totally collapsing had it not been for a group of firefighters who risked their lives to stop the blaze from reaching the giants northern towers bennett smith reports. it was a hellish scene inside one of christianity's most important cathedrals. burning cinders rained down on the center of the cathedral such was the danger from falling debris that a robot firefighter was used. not to damage the legendary gargoyles overflowed the styles of liters of water was pumped onto the flames. eight hundred years of
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history but taken just eight hours to go up in flames the altar what's left of it is now exposed to the heavens. such as the importance of not to the french that the president addressed the nation. what we saw last night in paris is this ability to mobilize and unite and win during our history we've built cities ports churches many have been burned all have been destroyed by wars revolutions by our own fault each time we rebuilt them the fire of our lady reminds us that our history never stops and that we will always have tests to overcome. had been undergoing renovation when it became engulfed in flames more than two hundred thousand kilos of lead and thousands of mediæval open beams in the roof court fight easily and fast. four hundred year old paintings hanging high in the
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cathedral have been damaged but firefighters and staff formed a human chain to save other artifacts. thrones golden candelabras german crusted crucifixes and other relics will be transferred to the louvre museum for storage but this united nations world heritage site will need to go through a careful lengthy and expensive restoration process it's really a site with two or not all the reasons but it's the whole of france but also the whole of humanity because it's a symbol or not only for the christian god it's a symbol for the universality of. language it's so unique in the world there's only one. before the fire broke out the catholic church was asking for around one hundred seventy million dollars to fund restoration work the state offered about forty five million dollars now money is being pledge from across the world but it
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will cost many hundreds of millions of dollars more to restore not a down to its former glory twenty four hours after the fire and there is still a sense of shock. i felt a lot of emotions last night with my children as we were watching t.v. so here i am now i'm sad but at the same time very happy to see the french people united we needed that. i'm a catholic but even if you're not it's part of your life it's unimaginable it disfigures paris. people prayed and marched through the streets. messages of support came from other faiths france's chief rabbi offered friendship and support the french counsel of the muslim faith called for donations to help restore what it called the heart of the history of france. pants. well over its eight hundred fifty year history of the not too down cathedral has amassed dozens of ancient artifacts and historical treasures many have been
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salvaged from the building that some affair to have been lost forever one of the. most famous item saved is the relic of crown of thorns which is believed to have been placed on the head of jesus as his crucifixion not saddam was also home to what is said to be a fragment of the true cross upon which jesus was crucified and an original nail that was used both of them safe the tunic of st louis has also been saved it's a thirteenth century linen garment said to have been said to have belonged to king louis the only french king to have become a saint. eight thousand pipe organ has been damaged but not destroyed originally built in fourteen zero three it's one of the largest organs in the world and there are conflicting reports about how damaged the cathedral's rose windows are its fear that the high temperatures could have melted the lead that holds the pains and place so what will it take to rebuild a gothic masterpiece like not sure natasha butler has that part of the story. for
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the french presidency a man or mark or is saying that he would like to see notre dame rebuilt in five years well that seems something of an ambitious target because many building experts are saying that it would take maybe ten fifteen years or even longer because it's such an enormous challenge there has been so much damage done in any case that any rebuilding that has to happen will take place over several stages first of all there has to be an assessment inside because the firefighters are trying to make sure that is structurally safe for engineers and architects to even be able to go in and then of course how do you rebuild do you do something different and creative would you try and restore it to its former glory those are some of the questions which will lead to be honest no matter what there it does seem that the idea of rebuilding this cathedral twelfth century monument in the heart of paris is certainly touched a chord with people around the world because we don't nations have been flooding in
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the hundreds of millions of dollars pledged by private individuals by some top french companies. oh the general public people even coming forward and offering to donate their skills their craftsmanship. stone cox's masons builders people saying let's just so there is a sense of unity. in many respects as many people in paris and around the world together. are fighting in libya's capital tripoli is intensifying with at least five civilians killed and many more injured after shells and rockets were fired in various parts of the city and follows an air strike by the un recognized government on a camp of fighters loyal to war. just outside tripoli the government has pushed the state of emergency to the highest level as a defense the city from huffed as fighters. has more from the capital. huge explosions and random rockets landed and had similar to the
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residential areas getting and long the civilians including women and children and that's according to minot style of council and it to police it is simple and soldiers with the government of national accord say that have to look for since has been called getting it eventually said he has lived with heavy weapons a state of panic and through government media sources have been posting to flying as. many parts of the committee and casualties and victims. the affected neighborhoods are not far from the city simply beyond somehow the events line of the government for so many people here along doing light of the international community is not putting to shoot them has got to stop the escalation
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in and around the capital should probably by the way did not the first time have been foreseen civilian areas as a parade for. launches military offensive to take control of the capital tripoli many people died more than seventy people died in the building and civilians when we held that have to those forces are trying through each of the sidhe into from sunday which shows the torture. and it could be the end. for the victims for. now polls have opened in indonesia as election more than one hundred nine hundred million people will pick a new president there is way ahead joins us now live from jakarta when voters are now casting their ballots what issues are topping their minds today.
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yes the polls have just opened here in the capital jakarta part of west indonesia remembering though that there are three time zones in this country so polls in some areas opened just over an hour ago in other areas just over two hours ago difficult at this stage to say exactly what the turnout is that this early stage of voting particularly because as you say there are more than one hundred ninety million eligible voters and more than eight hundred thousand polling stations right around this country so we're only talking about a few hundred voters going to each polling station traditionally we have a turnout in indonesia elections of around seventy percent maybe more this time because of the historic nature of this vote this is the first time that the presidential election is held on the same day as the legislative elections but also because of the divisive nature of what has been a very long election campaign many disagreements many debates arranging or.
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surrounding issues like the economy and also religion. in indonesia's capital jakarta drivers of three wheeled taxis have more time than they used to to talk politics the president djoko widow has encouraged other modes of transport that can be ordered online meaning business has reduced dramatically for these workers they say they'll vote for change in wednesday's election in the hope it will improve their economic situation i do so. these days it's so difficult for me to make a living we don't have enough money for tomorrow's food if we don't work today i only make two to three dollars a day. the economy has been one of the main points of debate during this six month election campaign it's growing at around five percent which is short of what the president was aiming for body enough he says to earn a second term in office. we want to continue our effort to develop the economic
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independence of indonesia jacoby's main focus has been on infrastructure development like the opening of an underground train line in jakarta which was first proposed more than thirty years ago. on the campaign trail joko widodo has spent much of his time trying to sell voters on the economic achievements of his government over the past five years which he says have led to the lowest unemployment rate in twenty years his opponent has opted for a much more populist approach. like the last election in two thousand and fourteen the other choice for president is former army general problem. he says he'll lower the cost of living and he has also promised create more jobs through a boost in the manufacturing sector. our nation has long been running in the wrong direction if this direction is continued it will not provide welfare for the indonesian people. there is concern among some economists that indonesia can't
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afford many of the measures proposed is promising but they agree there should be a greater focus on manufacturing in the last thirteen years. experiencing. premature dinesh realisations which means that the growth of the manufacturing sector is. below or lower than the. g.d.p. growth campaigning for the election has come to an end now many indonesians will be asking themselves if their lives have improved over the last five years or that they and their country need a new economic direction. so the polls will close here in the capital in just under six hours from now and the counting of the ballots. the polling station will begin pretty much straight away we expect the unofficial quick count results to come in in the hours after the polls close and then if there is a clear leader emerging then one of those presidential candidates we expect will declare themselves the unofficial winner later on wednesday night when haynes or
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cars or he'll be keeping an eye on polling for us throughout the day it thank you way. well let's take a closer look at the candidates as we mentioned this is a rematch between the current president joko widodo and provoke. jacoby as he's known was twice the mayor of the city of solo and elected governor of jakarta in two thousand and twelve he became president in twenty fourteen winning fifty three percent of the vote on the campaign trail he has promised continued improvements to roads bridges and social programs while the rival candidate proposed to be on toll is the former son in law of soeharto who ruled indonesia for three decades it was a former commander of military special forces and he's promised to lower prices for basic necessities like fuel and food. still ahead on al-jazeera the chairman of algeria's constitutional council resigns but protesters remain on sanctions fight. sudanese crowds keep up the pressure on the
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military commanders who've taken power demanding civilians be person in charge. and we've got some pretty heavy rain around the southern parts of china at the moment let's take a look at the satellite picture because you can see the cloud responsible all of that there is now beginning to clear away for the next day or so then it's looking fairly subdued weather wise over the southeastern part though we are a fair amount of cloud at times could squeeze out one or two showers but i think predominantly we're looking at some draw your weather twenty eight force in hong kong the count's beginning to gather as we head through thursday and then we'll see a few more showers begin to develop as well i mean for this was a soundless certainly been a violent thunderstorms over parts of southeast and asia for is across the border
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through java and into somalia lots of showers here but also things that the north now we're seeing the showers all along here through parts of thailand through cambodia and into vietnam and again there will be more cloud developing as we head through the day or wednesday by thursday there are showers still with this on water two of them are all the heavy the philippines there is looking a good deal dry and just the occasional shall perhaps if you are unlucky now out towards the west and there's been a lot of active weather over this region recently you can see the latest system making its way across many parts of india through pakistan and into afghanistan where we've seen the worst of the flooding the system gradually eases as we head through wednesday and into that say. sponsored town. twenty one an h. to assert your individual. it's ok to argue with people and it's ok to disagree with people but also a period when childhood dreams can clash with reality it's compromising i don't
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think i'm pretty good at compromise and in two thousand and six south africa revisits the children of apartheid for the first time and like their country much has changed over the past fourteen years. or twenty one up south africa i'm noticing. hello again i'm not. a reminder of the news this hour president has vetoed a resolution passed by congress to end u.s. involvement in the saudi led war in yemen this is the second veto in trump's presidency and congress and lacks the votes to override him. fighting in libya's
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capital tripoli is intensifying with at least five civilians killed after shells and rockets were fired in various parts of the city and follows an airstrike by the u.n. recognized government on a camp of fighters loyal to ward khalifa haftar. and polls have opened in indonesia's election more than one hundred ninety million people will pick a new president this is a rematch between the current president joker widodo and proposed to be up to. all the chairmen of algeria's constitutional council tired belies has quit his post anti-government protest as had been calling for his resignation saying he's part of a ruling elite to that should be completely replaced victoria be reports. celebrations on the streets of. the world that may shoot back. he quit is chairman of algeria's powerful constitutional council the country's highest judicial body which oversees presidential and parliamentary elections to millions of protesters
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he represented an establishment that is corrupt and ineffective he was an ally a former president up to lizzie's beautifully cut himself stepped down earlier this month after all jerry and demanded his twenty year rule and. that belize is decision to quit is unlikely to quell the two month long protests algerians want to revamp of the entire political establishment this is a significant resignation but the same time i don't think it enough to satisfy the demands of the protesters who really want a genuine transition that's that's led by an independent figures following belize's resignation algeria's army chief guide salah said the military is looking at all options to find a solution to end the crisis. i'd like to reconfirm that all perspectives are available in order to overcome all the difficulties as soon as possible for the
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sake of the nation supreme interests regardless of personal interests. on the streets to discontent continues the same protest as he wanted beautifully out are unhappy with the appointment by parliament nothe week of up till could have been salah as interim president the protesters would want obviously dissident president of the constitution a council. in place that would result in the distal person would take all the done the total to be with you which is a good but we do the prime minister and his government to go the new president with the new minister and this new prime minister will follow a technocratic government. carians a concern the old maybe maneuvering to maintain its influence they say that the two . to continue pushing for real change victoria gay to be al jazeera. of france's jailers an associate senior researcher at the barcelona center for international
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affairs he explains the strength of the country's constitution during this transitional period. the full the prime minister reformist prime minister of all german wrote a very notable article in which he explained that the constitution as it stands is not capable of providing the means all the engineering for competition a government we have a prime minister who has no authority we have ministers who are basically who are nothing of the new minister of finance the former governor of central bank who is being complicit with all the. financial shenanigans of the last few years and so the pointed out that you needed a different form of crum dish and the other point about the transition is that for instance you want to revive the electoral roll will gates are seems to think you can do this in ten days that's absolutely impossible you need
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a few months then you've got ramadan coming so you come possibly have an election which makes sense and which would be clean in all the east in july but something else happened today when the chief of staff gade sylar warns the former head of into security general to feel media in who was pushed out of his job three years ago at the request of president bush to flee guys he was then was warned of to stop his provocation now these are this is a battle royal between two men of seventy nine who are symbolic of the former regime and so what's going to happen in the next few days or weeks is difficult to say i suspect this government which the algerians called the who comment to mickey mickey mouse government and the expression is actually quite apis it will not last very long the question then is how do form a transition team which is actually credible in the eyes of the protesters who've
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required great legitimacy and in the new which is capable of if you will managing the institution of government during the transition period. egypt's parliament has rubber stamped constitutional amendments that could keep president go further l.c.c. in power for another decade the parliament which is dominated by c.c. supporters voted five hundred thirty one to twenty two in favor of the amendments the measures will also give the military a more formal role in the country's politics a referendum will be held to approve the changes in the next thirty days. while egypt's president has also called the head of sudan's transitional military council and often help. says he supports sudan security and stability in a statement the egyptian president says he agrees with the will and choices of the sudanese people saudi arabia and the united arab emirates have also offered support to the transitional military council the council has sat the prosecutor general and
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two of his aides a key demand of protest leaders demonstrations have continued in the capital khartoum for an eleventh day they're calling for civilian rule and what the military council to step aside and less than a week after president omar bashir was deposed they fear nothing will be done to end repression or the economic crisis given morgan has been following developments from khartoum. the military council has announced it has dismissed the state attorney as well as his aides they're saying it's part of reforms to the judicial system and part of a response to demands made by political parties and protesters on the streets political parties the protesters have been saying that the judicial system is politicized and favored the former ruling party and they say that they will not stop protesting until they are reforms made not just to the judicial system but international intelligence and security services as well as handing over to power to a civilian interim government now political parties and later council are deferring
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on the mandate and the role of the transitional government the council wants to be the one supervising that government and they want the. parties to become prime minister and members of the cabinet but political parties are saying that big cannot pick a cabinet they cannot speak of prime minister if they're not sure that the that the council will not interfere in the day to day affairs of the government meanwhile hundreds of people continue to make their way to the pro to the protests in front of the army headquarters in tottenham and there have been calls for sit ins in front of army headquarters around the state by the sudanese professional association the body that is spearheading the protest since last december they're saying that if our is not handed over to civilian government that is independent from the from the interactions and has nothing to do with the military council then the protests will not end so far the african union has given sudan fifteen days to form a government that was yesterday so they're now left with two weeks to form
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a government and they're nowhere near forming fat government and it's not clear yet with the difference between the men between political parties and the council and the amount mandate if they would meet that deadline turkey's ruling ak party is demanding a rerun of the mayoral election held in istanbul last month after an opposition c.h.p. candidate won by a slim margin the country's supremely council will decide if the request has any merit the act party is claiming electoral irregularities president everyone does it stumbles met in the one nine hundred ninety s. and launched his political career there so the loss is considered a symbolic defeat. taiwan's leaders have criticized china for flying military planes close to its shores they say china flew bombers fighter jets and other planes into airspace just south of the island is also detected chinese warships in the surrounding waters president sighing when warned beijing
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that its actions will only strengthen taiwan's resolve to defend itself. well you can follow the indonesian election our breaking news donald trump's veto of a measure to end u.s. involvement in yemen on our web site that's al jazeera dot com. hello i'm the star in doha with the headlines on al-jazeera president donald trump has vetoed a resolution passed by congress to end u.s. involvement in the saudi led war in yemen this is the second veto in trump's presidency and congress lacks the votes to override him the french president promises to rebuild the fire ravaged not to die within five years international donations have begun to pour in for as the cause of the fire engulfed and destroyed part of the historic cathedral is being investigated. were fighting in libya's
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capital tripoli is intensifying with at least five civilians killed and many more injured after shells and rockets were fired in various parts of the city it follows an airstrike by the un recognized government on a camp of fighters loyal to war. just outside tripoli the government has pushed the state of emergency to the highest level as it defends the city from have to fight is. and polls have opened in indonesia's election the poll is a rematch between the current president joko widodo and provost to be until there are more than one hundred ninety million eligible voters in the country. the chairman of algeria is constitutional council tired belies has resigned from his post and anti-government demonstrators are still continuing their calls to replace the rest of the country's entire ruling elite. egypt's parliament has rubber stamped constitutional amendments that could keep president first l.c.c.
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in power for another decade the parliament which is dominated by sisi supporters voted five hundred thirty one to twenty two in favor of the amendments the measures will also give the military a more formal role in the country's politics a referendum will be held to approve the changes in the next thirty days the council has sat to the prosecutor general and two of his aides in sudan a key demand of protest leaders demonstrations have continued in the capital khartoum for an eleventh day they are calling for civilian rule and want the military council to step aside and less than a week after president al bashir was deposed they fear nothing will be done to end repression or the economic crisis well those are the headlines i'll be back here with an update use after inside story.
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does the west logs on its hands in yemen do you have it as a justice on democratic coalition is using american and french weapons on civilians have war crimes been committed and is the international community turning a blind eye this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program. four years of war in yemen have killed thousands of people and created what the u.n. say is the wells humanitarian crisis new evidence is linking some of those deaths to weapons made in the west at least ministry report says sold to saudi arabia.


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