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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 17, 2019 6:00am-6:33am +03

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used to seem to may shock. people and power investigates india fake news and agitprop on al-jazeera. president vetoes congress's move to end u.s. involvement in the war in yemen. have him speak of this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up voting gets underway in indonesia's elections with president joker we don't know hoping to beat his rival. more fighting in the libyan capital at least five people have been killed and dozens of others wounded. france's president vows to rebuild not to dom and lays out an ambitious timetable.
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for the u.s. president donald trump has vetoed a resolution by congress calling for an end to u.s. involvement in the saudi led war in yemen congress expressed concern about the thousands of civilians killed in coalition airstrikes since the conflict began in two thousand and fifteen yemen has been pushed to the brink of famine with millions suffering from food and medical shortages the trump says the action by congress threaten to weaken his constitutional power also in jordan has more from washington . at least two democratic u.s. senators are calling for congress to override the veto issued by donald trump on tuesday night the u.s. president is vetoing a joint resolution passed by members of the senate and of the house earlier this month. that with call of the u.s.
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military to stop also fourth for the saudi air coalition in the yemeni civil war the supporters of this measure say that the u.s. is on the wrong side of history that the saudi air war against who the fighters has instead created a massive humanitarian catastrophe in that country which has been under civil war for more than four years of congress are also angry that the trumpet ministration is continuing the pattern of never it digged war of going into conflicts around the world without getting the express permission of congress first and they're also trying to express their disapproval and the light of the fact that in their view no what has been held fully accountable for the burger of saudi writer jamal khashoggi back in october it is widely assumed that the saudi crown prince mohammed bin sol bond may have been behind the plot of murder and so for those three reasons
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congress said that it should have some sort of limit placed on u.s. military action in yabut however the u.s. president says that he has the constitutional right to deploy the military wherever he sees fit both for us national security purposes every u.s. foreign policy purposes he said that if he approved this joint resolution number seven it would set a very bad precedent for u.s. policy going forward the question now can congress figure out how to reverse the veto and have this resolution take effect in a couple of weeks time. more than one hundred ninety million eligible voters in indonesia are casting their ballots in the world's largest single day elections in a first the presidential and legislative votes are being held at the same time the government says it's being done to cut costs it is
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a repeat of the twenty fourteen poll with president joker we don't know facing a challenge from former general. a stake a closer look at the candidates joke coley as he is known was twice man of the city of solo and elected governor of jakarta in two thousand and twelve and became president in two thousand and fourteen winning fifty three percent of the vote on the campaign trail he has promised continued improvements to roads bridges and social programs his rival. on tow is the former son in law of suharto who ruled indonesia for three decades. was a former commander of military special forces promised to lower prices for basic necessities like fuel and food. wayne hay is live for us in the indonesian capital jakarta so wayne polls just opened and from what you're seeing do indonesians appear enthusiastic about the process this time around.
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seems their way has a move the polling stations in the hearts of the capital city jakarta anything to go by there are four polling booths in this park and so far since polls opened at seven in the morning local time we've seen a fairly steady stream of voters coming here to cast their ballots polls will only be open for six hours so it's a very narrow window for indonesians to come and vote for the president also legislative seats local council seats as well it's a very complex process and we're hearing there are some difficulties in some of the more remote parts of this country we're talking about a country spending some seventeen thousand islands so not surprising that there are some problems with this process some areas reporting they still haven't received the ballot boxes and the ballot papers with just a few hours to go before the voting closes. and you've been following both campaigns force what have been the main issues that the candidates have focused on
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. well i think as you mentioned before has them the economy as usual has been one of the main issues that's been debated throughout the course of this six month long campaign joko widodo the president running for his second term in office is focused very much on what he says he's achieved over the past five years trying to sell people on those achievements in particular infrastructure investment which he says has led to an increase in jobs the lowest unemployment rate he says in the past twenty years i've seen a bit more real populist approach i think when it comes to the economy from. he's focused a lot on wanting to create more jobs he says the unemployment rate is still too high e.c.s. you'll bring that down. it also lower the cost of living lower the cost of food and things like that every day items so very much a populist approach but they're not too far apart really when it comes to some of
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these economic issues that have been to the forefront over the past six months. or a way in the banks for that for the moment when hey live firsts in jakarta. in wilson is a research fellow at murdoch university is asia research center he says joker we doto has the upper hand on one level i think this election is kind of a status quo election despite the fact that there's been a lot of focus on the polarizing effect of of islamic politics if you look at the platforms of both candidates they have a kind of a similar sort of tie in pro ball is sort of just influenced by some of the trompe in style politics he's even used the phrase making an asian great again and sort of appeal to those in indonesia who feel that things haven't really improved much for them over the past five years where in-joke always try to highlight some of his achievements in terms of building infrastructure some of the critics sort of
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criticism of that brain that it's been slow some of it's a bit off the mark so in some respects it's sort of it's a call to to have faith that he's project is going to be a sort of for the fruits heading into the future the same sum of less of the urgency of twenty four tane that election both jocko we dawdle and propulsive beyond who were kind of unknown quantities in the sense that neither it held that position but now after five years of a joker we presidency there is a sense this may be in some respects less at stake. there's been more fighting in libya's capital with at least five civilians killed and many more injured shells and rockets were fired in various parts of the city that follows an airstrike by the un recognized government on a camp of fighters loyal towards a leaf or half dot just outside tripoli the government has pushed the state of emergency to the highest level as it defends the city from half dollars fighters
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would have been aware had has more from tripoli. huge explosions and random rockets landed and had said whatever it was eventually. getting and long the civilians including women and children and that's according to minutes dollar counts and it to police it is simple and soldiers with the government of national accord say that have to look for since has been called getting it is eventually said he has lived with heavy weapons a state of panic and pro-government media sources have been posting to find. all the money parts of committee and casualties and victims. the affected neighborhoods are not far from the city simply beyond somehow the events line of the government forces many people here along going why would the
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international community is not putting to assure them health that is to stop discrimination in and around the capital should probably by the way did not the first time have been for some civilian areas as a place for them to have launches meditated offensive to take control of the capital tripoli many people died more than seventy people died in police moving civilians. when we held that have to those forces are trying to reach of the city sympathetic from different directions but really any civilians. from the victims for. french president emmanuel mccraw has vowed to restore the not cathedral within five years huge fire destroyed
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its roof and spire but authorities say the eight hundred fifty year old structurally sound donations to help rebuild it have reached nearly one billion dollars bernard smith reports. it was a hellish scene inside one of christianity's most important cathedrals. burning cinders rained down on the center of the cathedral such was the danger from falling debris that a robot firefighter was used. not the legendary gargoyles overflowed the spoils of liters of water was pumped onto the flames more than eight hundred years of history but taken just eight hours to go up in flames. what's left of it is now exposed to the heavens. such as the importance of not to the french that the president addressed the nation. what we saw last night in paris is this ability to mobilize and unite and when during our history we've
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built cities ports churches many have been burned or have been destroyed by wars revolutions by our own fault each time we rebuilt them the fire of our lady reminds us that our history never stops and that we will always have tests to overcome. had been undergoing renovation when it became engulfed in flames more than two hundred thousand kilos of lead and thousands of mediƦval open beams in the roof court fight easily and fast. four hundred year old paintings hanging high in the cathedral have been damaged but firefighters and staff formed a human chain to save other artifacts. thrones golden candelabras gem incrusted crucifixes and other relics will be transferred to the louvre museum for storage but this united nations world heritage site will need to go through a careful lengthy and expensive restoration process it's really
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a site which is geared to love all the reasons but it's the whole of france but also the whole of humanity because it's a symbol for not only for the christian world it's a symbol for the unit. of accurate actual language is so unique in the world there's only one. before the fire broke out the catholic church was asking for around one hundred seventy million dollars to fund restoration work the state offered about forty five million dollars now money is being pledge from across the world but it will cost many hundreds of millions of dollars more to restore not a down to its former glory twenty four hours after the fire and there is still a sense of shock to believe what you did when you were i felt it out of the emotions last night with my children as we were watching t.v. so here i am now. i'm sad but at the same time very happy to see the french people united we needed that once again. i'm
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a catholic but even if you're not it's part of your life it's unimaginable it disfigures paris here in the us people prayed and marched through the streets. messages of support came from other faiths france's chief rabbi offered friendship and support the french counsel of the muslim faith called for donations to help restore what it called the heart of the history of fronts. smith al jazeera parts. when we come back why some mexicans aren't too concerned about living in the shadow of an active volcano. and the first shipment of humanitarian aid arrives in venezuela.
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hello there that eight of the batch of severe weather has now cleared away from north america predict the satellite picture we can see it just spiraling around the far east and parts of canada are moving away behind it it is a little comma however we do have this area of travis making its way across the rockies at the moment and as it does say that's going to be putting itself together so for so wednesday and thursday with another round of severe weather to deal with those heavy downpours then over the great lakes region and then that stretches all the way down towards the south and then that really ramps up as we had three they say for texas and all the way up towards chicago they could be some more severe weather move over towards the south and generally is looking fairly quiet for us across the central americans at the moment just want to showers dotted around but plenty of sunshine coming through in between forcing guatemala looks like it'll be fairly wet to a wednesday that should begin to clear away as we head into thursday but it was a south as that would be some shop showers over brazil recently in the northeast
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that's where we see lots of them but that also bends around towards rio has been wet again for rio those showers just not going a little bit further east winds as we head into thursday so the south of that is hot in asuncion not quite as warm for same born as our east twenty four will be reasonable but with a good deal of cat around the times. technology . leading the way in the digital revolution. making a difference in the online places. this week going sexual things are going to come and the engineering social change in london is far and you can see me using. the final episode of like six world demands on al-jazeera.
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again you're watching and just in a reminder of op top stories this hour president donald trump has vetoed a resolution passed by congress to end u.s. involvement in the saudi led war in yemen he called the move an attempt to weaken his constitutional power. poles of opened in indonesia's election a rematch between the current president joe cole we don't go. nearly two hundred million indonesians eligible to take part in the world's largest single day vote these are live pictures you're looking at right now of djoko we doto arriving we believe one of the polling stations to cast his photos. of fighting in libya's
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capital has killed at least five people off the shells and rockets were fired in various parts of tripoli that follows an abstract by the un recognized government on a camp of fighters more oil toward just outside the city. palestinians are marking prisoners day to honor the six thousand men women and children held as political prisoners in israel as it's being observed the palestinian authority is continuing to pay inmates salaries to their families which some say is adding to the authorities financial crisis need to abraham reports now from the occupied west bank. to build this house so madam saved money for almost twenty years and to do it she used the monthly salary paid to her by the palestinian authority since israeli forces at rested her husband in two thousand and. eight is serving a twenty three year sentence for killing an israeli soldier leaving his wife to
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raise their three children one is their nineteen year old daughter beta to use or to write in my mother does everything from dealing with construction workers preparing the budget and payments to buying the necessary supplies from the market no one helps us she is doing all of this on her or in. the family it's nice to stay in touch as much as possible somehow says she gets gifts from the most precious being had a younger son. she became pregnant with him through artificial insemination but kadeem especially misses his father. karim often asks his dad why he doesn't visit us i'm tired of visiting my legs hurt he says why don't you come over we have enough room for you to sleep do you keep warm at the prison do you have a blanket and heater like us or do you get cold like your team more than four thousand other children have fathers in prisons israel collects taxes on behalf of the palestinian authority and since the beginning of the year israel has been
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withholding their payments from the traffic. and this is at the heart of the current financial crisis faced by palestinians israel says the cash encourages violence but palestinian officials say the money is needed to support prisoners' families and would keep paying them. no one will go to prison for any amount of money freedom is priceless prison is not an easy experience people don't go to prison for the sake of a salary they suffer these crackdowns and sometimes go on hunger strike the united states has got hundreds of millions of dollars of its aid budget to the palestinians and with a dispute over the prisoners payments the palestinian authority faces a financial. crisis and has cut its employees salaries by half but it says it won't stop paying the prisoner's families their money in full in. the occupied west bank . sudan's ruling military council has sacked the prosecutor general and to his aides
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a key demand protest leaders demonstrations of continued in the capital khartoum they're calling for civilian rule and what the military council to step aside here morgan has been following developments for us from khartoum. the military council has announced that it has dismissed the state attorney as well as his aides they're saying it's part of reforms to the judicial system and part of a response to demands made by political parties and protesters on the streets political parties the protesters have been saying that the judicial system is politicized and favored the former ruling party and they say that they will not stop protesting until they are reforms made not just to the judicial system but today the national intelligence and security services as well as handing over to power to a civilian interim government now political parties and military council are deferring on the mandate and the role of the transitional government the council wants to be the one supervising that government and they want the political parties
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to become prime minister and members of the cabinet but political parties are saying that they cannot take a cabinet they cannot speak of prime minister if they're not sure that the that the council will not interfere in the day to day affairs of the government meanwhile hundreds of people continue to make their way to the pro to the protests in front of the army headquarters in tottenham and they have been calls for sit ins in front of headquarters around the state by the sudanese professional association the body that is spearheading the protest since last december they're saying that if our is not handed over to civilian government that is independent from the from the interactions and has nothing to do with the military council then the protests will not end so far the african union has given sudan fifteen days. to form a government that was yesterday so they're now left with two weeks to form a government and they're nowhere near forming fat government and it's not clear yet with the difference between them and between political parties and the council and the man mandate if they would meet that deadline egypt has rubber stamped
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constitutional and each of parliament rather has rubber stamp constitutional amendments that could keep president abdul fatah his sisi in power for another decade a bomber voted five hundred thirty one to twenty two in favor of the amendments they'll give the military a more formal role in the country's politics a referendum will also be held to approve the changes u.s. congresswoman ileana omar has been the subject of right wing outrage over a reference she made to the september eleventh attacks in new york some of the harshest criticism has come from the new york post and now support for armada one of the first muslim women elected to congress is coming from a yemeni business association its members own half the city's eleven thousand neighborhood stores christmas salumi reports. celera allie's family has owned this neighborhood store for thirty three years selling groceries and newspapers to new yorkers of all walks of life but now the yemeni american is refusing to sell the
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new york post after it printed this cover featuring the burning twin towers and a quote from a muslim congresswoman he says representative omar's quote about someone doing something seemingly downplaying the attacks of september eleventh was taken out of context ali's says it's not the first time the conservative leaning publication has tried to equate his religion with terrorism they are always trying to make us look like muscles but if you were a poor souls that paper it's all smoke alarms were all the really the key into their money making omar says since president tweeted her image interspersed with shots of the attacks she's seen an increase in death threats against her ollie is not alone in his outrage as a member of the yemeni american merchants association which represents thousands of independent store owners in new york city association is calling on its members to boycott the post for thirty days unless they get an apology. the association first
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flexed its political muscle two years ago closing stores in protest of the president's travel ban which affected several muslim majority countries the post has defended its work in an editorial accusing omar and her allies of playing the victim what's out of context the editorial says she claimed that muslim civil liberties suffered as a result of the nation's reaction to nine eleven even as she completely intentionally disregarded the grim facts of that day. the yemeni american merchants association says the post editors should resign so we've been here for a long time we've been citizens for a long time we've been contributing to american society every day new york say every day and for the post most of the newspapers. be still to our businesses right now a couple hundred stores have committed to the boycott but they are looking to partner with other groups and keep the pressure on kristen salumi al jazeera new york. for
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the first shipment of humanitarian aid from the red cross has arrived in venezuela president nicolas maduro and the opposition have been accused of politicizing a delivery during their long power struggle the red cross has vowed it will not accept interference asunder and yet he has moved in colombia near the venezuela border. the first shipment to landed in caracas main airport on tuesday after much armed wrestling between the venezuelan government and the opposition rival the west complicated by the fact that president nicolas maduro four years than idea existence of an economic crisis in the country let alone trying to address it and this have been further complicated by the fact that the opposition force oblique tried to enter aid that was sent here on the border between colombe a ends in this way led by the united states and which the government of venezuela thought it was
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a political tool to try and push nicolas maduro out of office but now this first shipment it did indeed arrive since the worsening of the situation inside the country convince my daughter to reach a deal with the international red cross and the off position the red cross will be responsible for the distribution of this aid and to make sure to avoid any possibility that this aid to will be politicized by any of the factions in the country. oh mexico's a proper cutter petal volcano has been busy spewing lava and ash in recent weeks the increase in activity isn't scaring the thousands of people who live in the shadow of the giant and you see those men were up follow reports from the city of in mexico. why would anyone want to live near an active volcano. for many of the residents of some peril we
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need to what is a small town nestled at the foot of mexico's book at the volcano it's the only way of life they know. over the past few weeks however the mountain has been acting a little strange large explosions have forced massive plumes of volcanic ash seven thousand meters into the air at night bursts of fragmented lava have lit up the sky and covered the steep slopes of the mountain in a glowing blanket of molten rock over satellite all over the whole mountain was glowing then the forest caught fire. the recent increase in moderately explosive eruptions however hasn't changed day to day life farmers still tend to their fields and children still go to school at a monitoring station that tracks seismic activity around the volcano disaster relief workers say their biggest challenge would be convincing people to evacuate
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from work or going to this is a volcano that people are used to living with it's a volcano there was here before people arrived and began to settle for mexico's poke at their ranks among the most dangerous volcanoes in the world not because of its potential for explosive eruptions but because of how many people choose to live so close to the mountain. there when he has a population of about five thousand people most of them ethnic now wanted who have made their home in the shadow of the volcano for generations book look at that but there is a now what's the word meaning smoking mountain and in recent weeks the volcano really has been living up to its namesake but even though locals here tell us that volcanic activity has been calling down authorities have yet to reduce the threat level saying everyone should be aware of the evacuation routes in the event of a truly explosive a. despite the warnings from authorities nobody in this town seems fazed by the
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threat of this very active volcano at their backs. or they we're not worried i see nothing is going to happen then again who knows the people of san pedro we need to what is do understand the risks but they tell us their livelihoods depend on the rich farmlands the volcano provides and say they would actually be more afraid if they no longer had their smoking mountain men went up a little. get around that now of our top stories president donald trump has vetoed a resolution passed by congress to end u.s. involvement in the saudi led war in yemen he called the move an attempt to weaken his constitutional power fighting in libya's capital has killed at least five people off the shells and rockets were fired in various parts of tripoli it follows an airstrike by the u.n.
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recognize government on a camp of fighters loyal towards just outside the city the french president has promised to rebuild the cathedral within five years because of the fire that engulfed and destroyed part of the historic building is being investigated and polls have opened in indonesia's election the vote a rematch between the current president the joker we don't know and. indonesians are eligible to take wayne hay has more from jakarta. we've seen a fairly steady stream of voters coming here to cast their ballots polls will only be open for six hours so it's a very narrow window for indonesians to come and vote for the president also legislative seats local council seats as well it's a very complex process and we're hearing there are some difficulties in some of the more remote parts of this country we're talking about a country spending some seventeen thousand islands so not surprising that there are
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some problems with this process some areas reporting they still haven't received the ballot boxes and the ballot papers with just a few hours to go before the voting closes the chairman of constitutional council. has resigned from his post the protesters are still continuing their calls to replace the rest of the country's entire ruling elite. egypt's parliament has rubber stand constitutional amendments that could keep president the fact that i.c.c. in power for another decade it voted fifty five hundred thirty one to twenty two in favor of the amendments also give the military a more formal role in the country's high.


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