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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 17, 2019 7:00am-7:34am +03

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no it would mean a lease and you could. and i'm going to. because . you could be seen again. the challenge was to see if a life could help william far more efficiently. it seemed life ops invited to help william live three hundred kilometers east in nairobi kenya as capital. new startup company has been going for just over a year kenyan film director tony who helped come up with a life outside filmed new developing his life. a mobile application for small scale farmers like window.
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look we slowly. william didn't know how much he speciality vegetables could fetch at the biggest local markets. came around the. side to see the. there. are some good results a limbo that when you thought it was leading to tunnel. in. our city. says something to him. says a good to very sad as it is a. news team came up with an app that would help share information and costs like transports. it was well received. really should have seen the smiles on those days was. the smile on the other hand is what gives you the belief but. his company b.t.r.
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is still looking for an investor to help take his life for one. million africa life apps also travel to ny maybe zero zero. local software design adult and sets off on a voyage of discovery in his own home life. is a challenge was to design a life app to help to him by people sharing my story did you discover it. here it was i. was asked dalton and his colleague mick azziz plenty off types to work out how a life might be able to help these highly independence nomads. illumine from the book you need to go to school. to him a familiar with technology but most condrey or rights you know and then get down on the on the one on the with yeah and the one idea and among. the long ago when i
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when you're dealing yeti. thing. is the truth we. have been the whole life basically then a brain wave if literacy was a problem how about an app that translates text into speech. using simple software downloaded from the inside and it's this way. initially. i love my voice so i think this suit will do very useful for them so we going out to get it you know they think. oh. well they don't. i don't want the other well the nobody ever that i want to. you know if they don't.
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know how. we're going to want to know one thing that i'm going to get. the last of the book i wish i hope. takes some time and reaches out to me. dalton is now working on developing his app with him accents and will return to the north in the future. and. asia life to india where the challenge to design an op was taken up by a software hot shot such. based in the capital of delhi such ins goal is to use apps to help the less fortunate. my quest is to find on so
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to help people one living at the bottom of the economic freedom. it's such a long held ambition to help india's millions of beleaguered small scale farmers. so he undertook a two thousand kilometer journey to see for himself how he could help farmers like . taking in virtually my london late to my lord here. in the new government in one of the day then i may when i'm in monday and. the statement is it's stories like this that make such indeterminacy use these technological skills to help small scale farmers. if you want to do something for them you want to build something for them can i come to a game yeah and sure what i can with out son out of going to foster i will stop watch it's always done me good thank you thank you. back in
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delhi sachin and his team came up with a life which would allow farmers to spread their ideas by simply making a voice recording and uploading it's using the app so they could share it with the whole community. yeah. i could see internet. from here i want to develop this obligation make it more robust and they get through the pilots those trials and make it something you know which can be adopted nationwide . so long way to go it's just the beginning of the project. from rural india to the dramatic setting or brazil's rio de janeiro. here.
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was eagerly accepted by software design a petrol. elephant is a much. to push out of to move to meeting to decide all the little schools in. the sago. pedro's challenge was to come up with a life that could help the millions who live in the real favelas or shantytowns. i suppose. because intervene. considering their style seems to be all guys equal but is that. for me just that you can imagine it's a good thing. to see. pedre realized that choosing a single life was going to be tough.
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to the last but a chance in a life yes. they simply do that she came on the there's no advantage we. together with these colleagues pedre finally settled on one daring idea. this is washington family thing is perfect so i just got a blockbuster they can go but you can bullshit us like over the country just become educated to them if you guys are good at your. life is a smartphone game that's allows players to plant seeds in a virtual garden and watch the virtual plants grow but for every virtual plants there is a real one planted in the favelas community vegetable garden. so because it's of interest to the. single do. they will see that they form a. pedre believes his life could change how people think about technology and life in the favelas the entire bush
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trash farmers are controlling the genius of carry some weight back on of us along with us to push good. us always in from would cause each you see sick you how it should be this nearly got. yes nasty make money yes oh nice to play games but that's not the i mean he said this young people have a lot of talent and given the right they can help solve the problems that are happening and always given up change. it's important. to believe in their ideas they do believe that they can actually be their proposals as to solve their own problems and to create something that will actually help them and their community. or the life of designers in. brazil
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south africa india. and kenya researching the need for a life revealed new realities in their own countries. designers led about the lives of those who are missing out on development. made some new friends. and shared some inspiring moment the saga of the. nominee and then you can offer us on that. sound. examining the headlines a collapsed economy babe's the bury people are struggling to survive setting the discussions but having to wait i don't think you can look away any longer sharing personal stories with a global audience explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform of the media's motivate and inspire place the world is watching
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on al-jazeera april on al-jazeera blogs is back with more investigative journalism and in-depth stories of the world's third largest democracy heads to its presidential and legislative elections a documentary explores how the united states and the european union a turning a blind eye to egypt's violations of human rights prime minister modi is seeking a second term with a campaign dominated by talk of a cash man pakistan will he succeed an exclusive look at the goals behind russia's current foreign policy explained by some of the insiders who helped shape the kremlin's ideology april on al-jazeera.
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up to. the. president vetoes congress's move to end the u.s. involvement in the war in yemen. i'm saying that this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up a rematch in indonesia as joe called we don't know how best to be challenging problem for soviet intelligence race for the president's. more fighting in the
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libyan capital at least five people have been killed and dozens of others with. france's president vows to rebuild not predominate lays out an ambitious timetable . but our u.s. president donald trump has vetoed a resolution by congress calling for an end to u.s. involvement in the saudi led war in yemen congress expressed concern about the thousands of civilians killed in coalition airstrikes since the conflict began in two thousand and fifteen you haven't been pushed to the brink of famine with millions suffering from food and medical shortages trump says the action by congress threatened to weaken his constitutional power rather than jordan has more from washington. at least two democratic u.s. senators are calling for congress to override the veto issued by donald trump on
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tuesday night the u.s. president is vetoing a joint resolution passed by members of the senate and of the house earlier this month. with call of the u.s. military to stop all support for the saudi air coalition in the yemeni civil war the supporters of this measure say that the u.s. is on the wrong side of history that the saudi air war against the fighters has instead created a bass of humanitarian catastrophe in that country which has been under civil war for more than four years they've members of congress are also angry that the tropic ministration is continuing the pattern of never ending war going into conflicts around the world without getting the express permission of congress first and they're also trying to express their disapproval and a lot of the fact that their view know what has been held fully accountable for the birder of saudi writer jamal khashoggi back in october it is widely assumed that
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the saudi crown prince mohammed bin sol bond may have been behind the plot to. murder and so for those three reasons congress said that it should have some sort of limit placed a u.s. military action in yabut however the us president says that he has the constitutional right to deploy the military wherever he sees fit both for us national security purposes every u.s. foreign policy purposes he said that if he approved this joint resolution number said that it would set a very bad precedent for u.s. policy going forward the question now can congress figure out how to reverse the veto and have this resolution take effect in a couple of weeks top. more than one hundred ninety million eligible voters in indonesia are casting their ballots in the world's largest single day elections in
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a first the presidential and legislative votes are being held at the same time the government says that is to cut costs it is a repeat of the twenty fourteen polls with president djoko we don't are facing a challenge from former general so be on top of taking a closer look at the candidates joe cole we as he is known was twice mare of the city of salo and elected governor of jakarta in two thousand and twelve he became president in two thousand and fourteen winning fifty three percent of the vote on the campaign trail he's promised to continue improvements to roads bridges and social programs his rival. is the former son in law of soeharto who ruled indonesia for three decades was a former commander of military special forces he's promised to lower prices for basic necessities like fuel and food. away in haiti is life worse in the indonesian capital jakarta so wine polls are open now and from what you're seeing didn't in
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egypt is appearing enthusiastic about the process this time around the. yes they certainly do judging by this polling station in the heart of the capital city we have seen a fairly steady stream of people coming to cast their vote since the polls opened at seven in the morning local time in fact voters only have six hours to cast their ballots so we've only got another couple of hours left in this part of indonesia in the eastern part of the country polls are closing right now remembering we have three different time zones in this country across some seventeen thousand islands so it's a very complex process we have heard some reports of irregularities problems getting the ballot boxes the voting papers to some of the more remote polling stations some areas motorbikes couldn't even get through to those polling stations to deliver the
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equipment needed to carry out this election so they had to use buffalo's instead so this is a very complex wide ranging process and when you're talking about so many polling stations around the country so many eligible voters there are bound to be some difficulties throughout the course of the day. and you've been following both campaigns for us what have been the main issues that the candidates have been focusing on. well i think undoubtedly the. overall economy really economic issues again have been some of the major talking points joko widodo the president going for a second term in office has focused a lot on what he's achieved over the past five years trying to sell indonesians on those achievements particularly when it comes to infrastructure of religion has also become a big issue it seems that we are seeing some lines being drawn. i mean to me increasingly when it comes to conservative and moderate religion moderate islam and
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the challenger to the presidency. has formed alliances with some fairly hardline religious groups in this country some of whom want to introduce islamic law to indonesia there's no sign that the presidential candidates embraces that himself but more moderate indonesians will be perhaps a bit concerned about which direction he would like to take the country religiously should he become the next president of indonesia. for the moment when a life for us there in jakarta thanks frank now in wilson is a research fellow at murdoch university asia research center he says joe cole we don't know has the upper.


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