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demonstrations up to today some of them organized by the associations of medical doctors some by other to read unions asking for speed uniforms and speedy execution of the demands of the people who are been protesting and who are still protesting in the streets of cotton and in that large sit in what has been going on since october sixth in front of the headquarters of the military and there's also been the announcements of another round of of sackings and replaces they did the protests is seem to you to do they feel confident that they're getting closer to what their ultimate objective is and that is to have a civilian government to civilian transitional government. martin i have been with the protesters yesterday for several hours in that city and despite all of these measures that are being taken they are still skeptical about the intentions of the military thus the that's what you can hear from any one of
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them they are still saying that. the the whole list of things the whole amount of things that have been or measures that have been taken has not yet reassured them that the deep state has been removed or is being genuinely moved they say that only the top leaders the facades of the former regime or being removed but only the top the top leaders and not the people in the middle who are still in charge of the intelligence of the banks of the judiciary of the even the military so i mean this is why we have this momentum that is being created day by day and increasing pressure from the state saying that because of the past because of the lessons of the past and the two experiences in the middle of the sixty's and also in eight in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight two revolutions they will tell you have been stolen by the military and now it's not going to be repeated they say they will not
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go home until they made sure that all of the demands have been that during the last few days there have been discussions among political parties and the leaders of this protest because the military council told them ok we want you to think of a road map and the kind of plan of action to present to us we can move ahead and appoint a civilian government there have been serious differences between those parties and the leaders of the protests but today we have news but they have come to something . kind of agreement and that it is just a matter of time work before they announce a kind of roadmap and presented to the military council all right val live from khartoum thank you very much indeed. you know now we can speak to a mere oss man is that to this she's a professor at south africa's swanny university of technology she's joining us from johannesburg in south africa thank you very much indeed i'm just wondering as a professional part of the sudanese d.s.p. or whether you feel that your revolution your uprising is inching closer to
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what you ultimately want to achieve. i believe it is but i'm cautiously optimistic because as the other gentleman said that other revolutions have been stolen and we've also seen the consequences that happened in other nations in the region not have tripled to it and it didn't. lead to the kind of transition our people one territory envisioned so there's incredible optimism i mean the fact that our model bashir is no longer leading the country is is something for celebration so it's quite unbelievable for us who have lived under his regime for so long. but at the same time there is caution because let me jump in there i can imagine that after thirty years it must be quite
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astonishing to to have witnessed the recent days how do you think the revolution the revolution is including your your group the professionals how do you think you can safeguard your revolution from what appears to be a fairly shrewd and fairly widely military that is at least it is taking taking action that on the surface seems to be a concession read to you and your demands. i think that that the biggest and most important tool to guarantee that the change really does happen is the certain at the army headquarters and cut i think that is an incredibly important tool and they need to continue doing that and then from our side i mean we are accepting these interviews we're talking we're writing we're communicating
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disseminating information to keep the demands alive. yes we are incredibly optimistic but cautiously so and do you fear though. that the technique the tactic if you like of cities could run out of steam you seen this happen to revolutions and street protests around the world i think people can't really maintain that can they indefinitely. you know i completely agree with you that people might get for t i have argued previously that the length of time this has taken people have been on the streets since december in very systematic protests in many in the capital and in other places around sudan so people are already fatigued but i also think that they also know that they have
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sacrificed so much fifty plus people have died they have made. so many sacrifices to be where they are and they just feel that they need to push this through i've also argued that i think the delay has led to better organization of groups like ourselves and others hundreds of groups like these around the world surrounding them supporting the revolution has been and. an opportunity to recruit to focus. kearse to better articulate our aims it's been our opportunity for development remember that we were for many years able to organize ourselves it was just not permitted it was only going on sanctioned organizations that were permitted to operate so that the extent of time while it's worrying. situation is very fragile so we really want it to be resolved but it has
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also been an opportunity to strengthen our organizations are awesome and thank you very much indeed for taking the time to talk to us here at al-jazeera thank you. now at least one hundred fifty thousand missing after a boat sank in the democratic republic of congo on lake kivu that's on the country's eastern border with rwanda about thirty three people have been rescued so far. still to come here on the al-jazeera news hour. former inmates describe seeing people dying sometimes in their thousands to put them on stop core child abuse. the men and women who survived torture and abuse in ethiopia's most notorious prison. also the aids has made it into venezuela we find out if it will get to those who need it most. in sports manchester city put full
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focus on the champions league as they stay in the hunt for major traces this season peta will have the details. counting is underway in indonesia's presidential and parliamentary elections ballots are being tallied from eight hundred thousand polling stations the incumbent. is facing his main challenger the former army general purpose. to leads the world's third largest democracy our correspondent wayne hay has more from jakarta. these are early provisional results but the indications are that president joko widodo will win a second term in office the results so far showing that he has a lead of around ten percent over his challenger probable. we've heard from the president he spoke briefly to his supporters and to the media thanking his supporters also thanking the security forces for protecting the polling stations
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a huge to supporters to be patient while they wait for the results to be confirmed certainly there was no declaration of victory from him we heard also from the challenger probable subiaco again certainly no concession from him in fact quite the opposite he's again talking about the irregularities in the process alleging there has been cheating in the process although not using that word specifically he urged his supporters to be. as well that the ballot boxes be protected because you said they are key to fighting the allies this wasn't a perfect election by any stretch it seemed to be relatively smooth in most of the country but some major problems particularly in the east of the country in two provinces there in part and maluco where in some instances some polling stations the election wasn't able to take place because the equipment needed for the election simply didn't turn up so in those areas the election will be held again on
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thursday. as some of our gear is opposition parties and former diplomats say they won't take part in the july presidential election they're angry about the use of violence against antigovernment protesters and they accuse the interim government of wasting time the announcement comes after algeria's interim president carter ben seller appointed a new head of the powerful constitutional council. decided not to take part and not to accept not supervise and not run for the elections under the current political regime they are trying to buy time to weaken the popular peaceful uprising we condemn any way to resort to violence against demonstrators and we condemn the practices against the previous marches were renew our call for a real transitional period that is reasonable and acceptable. now the authorities of ethiopia's southeastern somali state has announced plans to turn
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a recently closed prison into a museum the jail in the regional capital digger was used for more than ten years to systematically abuse and kill dissidents their relatives and other inmates mohamed odeh reports. i met joe hubbell spent four years in this prison in appalling conditions and all for criticizing the regional administration. it's a place he comes back to with great reluctance. in the four years i spent here what the doctors see in my life most of them was spent in this room which was of a crowded with inmates we were beaten and tortured several times every day. the former regional president mahmoud is accused of using to go to central prison also known as daily to dump his opponents. he used to hated lou police forces set
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up to our arrest and then torture the inmates human rights watch says rape and murder. her former inmates showed us that tiny rooms where they were held and where most of the torture took place. they were forced to sit they say in roll c. which sometimes for days in these underground bunkers. twenty five year old junaid muhammed was held at the prison for eighty years. doctors have told him he will never walk again because of a severe spinal injury. and he later. and the line were both times article i was arrested while holding camels and within days was sentenced to life imprisonment then the torture began they would hang me from the ceiling and beat the soles of my feet and bang with sticks and plastic pipes and they broke my spine but that didn't stop them from continuing to torture me. the jail also had a woman swing well former inmates
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a great pause an intrinsic tool of torture there was no saddam had given them a very muddy amal limp was held here for ten years later that they will call for some of the girls in the middle of the not only for them to come back to the cell shaking shivering and crying we knew what was going on it was right former inmates describe see people dying in their cells sometimes in their dozens due to the monster torture and abuse that went on of the day and they say there was little oversight or scrutiny during the decade the former president was in power and. the former president is now in jail in the capital of his suburb on placing charges for crimes committed while in office. the region's new president a former employee of the united nations to close the prison a few months ago as part of a package of changes this was a systemic problem and most of the people who also committed these crimes in some ways were in some ways victims themselves low live and. police officers
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were told to do this that's not excuse what they have done but the point is we don't want to. spend our time chasing. the level of he says one of the highest level people who are responsible in green the president of the really now in detention the problem now is to tun the prison into maziar but even before votes happens people have been flocking here to see for themselves a facility that's become a symbol for one of the periods of the region's history. muhammad i do all dizzy or did you get your piece. right it's time for the weather news now everton's here and there is still developing over the us i see particularly on the west coast yeah that's right they're all making their way further eastwards as we go on through the next couple of days are going to see some massive storms just popping off martin i remember this is just what four or five days since we saw those deadly storms
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hitting texas for example tornadoes in the mix take a look at the satellite picture if you look closely you can actually see some of these thunderheads just erupting like popcorn coming off that one just a denver for example just making its way up tools in northern plains just pushing up towards the great lakes you can pick out these two distinct areas of cloud area of low pressure that just in between and where these two come together just take a look what happens you got the storm some snow just around the rockies makes one of the around the places pushing up into the midwest we go through remainder of wednesday into thursday they join up look at that deep blue color showing up on our rainfall chart and that's where we're going to see the next law and a very heavy rain severe storms we're looking at the possibility of tornadoes of course and large hail mixed in very gusty winds strong and gusty winds working at that line of rain from louisiana mississippi pushing up across kentucky right up pushing right up there into the lakes into the eastern side of canada and it will gradually make its way of eastwards ahead of that we've got
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a southerly wind so there's plenty of warmth around me getting up to twenty two celsius for d.c. and for new york but behind that temperatures in chicago well they go from the high teens to around seven degrees celsius on friday this weather is going to be with us for a good three or four days marty. everything thank you very much indeed still to come on this al-jazeera news hour we find out if the efforts to revive pakistan's own discord karate paying off. enough to dominating in the regular season the tampa bay lightning make one trip player. history in the n.h.l. . whether online. went to the answer for them not to do you got it or if you join us on sat all of us have been colonized in some form or some fashion this is a dialogue we are talking about illegal friend you have seen what it can do to
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somebody just people using multiple drugs including a funnel and some people or see if you know everyone has a voice from that's your boss your twitter and you could be on the street and join the global conversation on mt is iraq. capturing a moment in time. snapshots of other lives. other stories. provided attempts into someone else's work. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers i'm at the front lines i feel like i know it i have the data to prove a. witness on al-jazeera.
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let's have a look at some of the top stories shall we here at al-jazeera every minute strikes within the past few hours with both sides in the battle for tripoli coming under attack u.n. recognized government forces have targeted worn the hof those positions south of tripoli and they've lost three of their own soldiers as strikes hit their troops. uganda says it'll consider giving asylum to sudan. pais president omar al bashir the foreign ministry says it may offer that despite his indictment by the international criminal court for war crimes counting is underway in indonesia's presidential and parliamentary elections ballots are being tallied from eight hundred thousand polling stations joker with the incumbent is facing his main challenger the former army general. to lead the world's third largest democracy
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are listening to andrea saul saw noses and indonesia a consultant think human rights watch and he's joining us live from jakarta thank you very much. what do you think these elections of this hugely ambitious project is having parliamentary and presidential elections on the same day what does these elections revealed about the world's third largest democracy. it really feel there are more and more voters in indonesia concerned about the directions of the country especially after the huge islamist terrorists two years ago in which turned their car park governor accused of committing person in islam. he lost his reelection and planted a sentence to kill. since then the issue of. islam
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or islam and the nature rising and the did the. total push in blue to win the election it shows that more and more innovations it isn't for terrorists are concerns and the shoes with one thing i know some young men young woman who have never for people who don't care about politics and therefore think today because i care about the directions of. country ok understandable but explain for us and if you will if because jacob woodard is widely seen correct me if i'm wrong as being maybe not as religious as many people of indonesia would have liked him to be given this this this general shift if you like towards more religious openly religious observations you say so why
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did so many people in that see him when he's not a seen as being much more of a secularist. we have to wait for the breakdown of province by province but until this evening prob or one fourteen of thirty four in the niche out of provinces meaning that one twenty or thirty four if we take a look at those fourteen provinces they are mostly conservative muslim areas and joey can flip some of the rather conservative areas to get there for it means that. could secure the ports but we have to note as well that history presidential candidate i'm in is also a conservative muslim cleric i think. i mean participations in this photo thing also contribute some of this conservative muslim force in the election i know
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we don't have a final result yet but from the opinion polls at the moment it looks as joker we may have secured something like fifty five percent of the vote or believe overall if that's the case it's quite a bit less isn't it than his first victory four years ago when obviously he was contesting against the entail again so why do you think there's been such a reduced number of states for him even though we're presuming that he's taurus. again because of the rise of very muscle very grassroots movement among the conservative muslim. unfortunately also many fake neuros many of the figures i saying that. dzhokhar reader is anti islam that if we do is to win the election he will ban the islamic prayer of the islamic call to
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prayer or the our sun every every day there are even effect news that if djokovic is to win he will change the language of the islamic jihad from arabic into bahasa indonesia we do not know to what extent how many percentage that news has affected but obviously it was very widely spread on social media in many of proper war complained that issue being repeated over and over again and there is also no thank you very much indeed for joining us live from jakarta thank you. the first shipment of aid from the red cross has now arrived in venezuela and president maduro and the opposition have both been accused of politicizing aid during that power struggle jamal al shall needs people trying to survive in a crisis hit economy that's being starved by u.s.
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sanctions. this pharmacy in caracas isn't closed the metal bars are there because medicine has become one of the most valuable commodities for the working class and the poor places like this are prime targets for robberies hyperinflation and sanctions have led to a shortage of medicine and the ones that are available have increased up to three hundred percent in price they're like the c.s.i. sister crisis began it's become more difficult to bring in medicine is very costly now because domestic production has stopped completely before then as well used to produce some medicines but now we have no choice but to import and it's very expensive it's very difficult for all pharmacies their doctors to find you know post tells me she's run out of medicine for anemia and that soon she'll run out of diabetes hypertension and diarrhea medication to again mania we've had instances where people came after days of not taking their medication and they've collapsed they paint here in front of me
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a man who had not taken his hypertension medication for seven days fainted here we had to rush him to hospital. it's not just the price of medicines that's the skyrocketed everything in venezuela has become so much more expensive on the one hundred as of how to raise their prices so as not to make a loss but doing so means risking having fewer customers. it's for some like mine or gonzales to take up a second job in order to make ends meet with the us block it has caused many problems for families they don't realise how much they are harming us my kids are suffering because i am unable to cope with their needs i can't even pay the rent they are about to kick me out of my home u.s. sanctions have forced me to look for. other work to get extra income more than fifty percent of venezuela's cash flow is now unavailable to the government because of american sanctions so the central bank here has imposed a limit on how much money people can withdraw from their accounts long lines like these have become a common sight around. we're only allowed to withdraw two dollars
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a day it doesn't make sense we should be able to take her money whenever we want to laugh amy if i go to the cashier i can withdraw two dollars if i use the a.t.m. i can only take out one i'm never allowed to withdraw more than that. no one knows how long this crisis will continue or when or if things will get better but what's certain is that the longer it continues the more people who have nothing to do with the politics of power in the interests of foreign countries will suffer from. caracas and france is to hold an international competition to decide how to replace the spire of not true dom that was destroyed in monday's fire the plan was unveiled earlier by the prime minister president wants to restore the cathedral to its full glory within five years though some have warned that job could take months longer donations to help rebuild it have already reached a billion dollars let's go live now to our correspondent natasha butler who's there
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outside very close to. the prime minister is now opening this up to international tender and asking for the best the best designs to be submitted. that's right the french government actually held a special cabinet meeting on wednesday morning focused solely on notre dame and its reconstruction and what they've decided to do is organize a new committee that will oversee the reconstruction process it will do things like look at financing it will do things like look at star of the stages at which this rebuilding will take place but one of the most interesting things that came out of it was the french prime minister ed wofully talking about how an international architectural competition will be launched in order for designers to come up with
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new ideas for the spire another spire collapsed in the fire rather dramatically on monday night images went around the world of this very tools by crumbling and the flames now what felipe is saying look it could be that we rebuild that spire in a new contemporary manner or perhaps it just is restored because this was gothic cathedral the spire actually dated from much later but some people of course want to keep its traditional look but others are saying look maybe this is an opportunity for something big new the french prime minister also said the donations are coming in we know that hundreds of millions of dollars have been raised already and they'll be tax breaks for some donors some people ordinary people who are donating will get tax breaks right take a look at the like the sites now i mean have all the embers cool does a has the smoke cleared.
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i'm not sure exactly how well you can see it behind me but we've been watching firefighters still very busy indeed on the structure on the cathedral some of the scaffolding that you see that's actually linked to the renovation work which was taking place in paris prosecutors say is that it's believed that that renovation work was perhaps part of the cools all of the fire maybe accidentally it started because of the renovation work some electrical fault so we still don't know exactly what the causes are but those are some of the theories around and what we see in a fire fight is continuing to use water jets on the building because they say it's very important to cool down the structure in any embers that could be still burning of course they don't want to see another blaze break out they're also trying to make sure that the sides of the structure are safe so that firefighters can go when investigators can go in and all context go in to assess the damage to see what
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needs to be done it's a very long process and as you say fred president marcos says he wants this to be rebuilt in five years in time for the olympics but many architects are saying that's incredibly ambitious it could take decades all right natasha thank you for that the trash about live in paris that pakistan's prime minister veiled a billion dollar investment program to improve infrastructure in the country's most important port city karate is an economic hub and handles move in the halls of all imported goods come all hider reports. garage still poker stars major maritime link to the outside world and hundreds go with sixty percent of the country. and almost all of its exports as we travel by border under tight security through the water looks more gray blue because of the docks it makes us who are going industrial have. reduced by. city now busting at the scene there are fewer ships in
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port and most of the bush reserve football carriers are empty as we go past the oyster we can see the ports new or south wall built by a chinese company or reclaimed from the sea the northwest china port this section and there are thousands of pertain thank you for them not going to stay and especially with the consumption of just going down a diamond on. comparable afternoon the largest container ships for the country borders are wide although the port inheritors one hundred fifty billion tons of cargo e r eight no herders just sixty million tonnes and that is due to all forging economy and a drop in export many blame the decline in grabbed and corruption and why pakistan has the capacity. to go territory where the government say it's a mix of public money and private interests making forty improvement.
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once upon a time just to be maybe trying to. do most of these you know which are independent individual computer hundred fifty groups of which you've been marketed for. the downfall of any industry is we are coming into existence legalisms this is a lot of this is not a lot of inside intelligence is going to know why she should. do this is the funds we've made the chairman of the karate paul trust or tarter kay who tells us that they're already getting fighters. that it through cleaning up the board with a water treatment plant and there are other plants do i don't need to leave paying for and hans billion us dollars every year on account of freight. and this on good speed in foreign exchange now you can see him on this if we have.
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fled thirty years and there are plans for more ships. in need in a sea fleet he tells us they say you expect engine for trade and steps are underway to improve going to give you keep by building pipelines to carry gas and oil out of the port and build a bridge to connect bin cost important with garage ford and the rest of the country karachi poured in or don't leak a dish to pakistan's growing need but also provide a transit and foreign shipment fertility for landlocked country love the central asian states and afghanistan the future of the sport in the mid nineteenth century not depends on the performance of a broader current fledgling government and its stated desire to push pakistan's industry which was was the pride of this country cammalleri did ok cedaw i keep warm.


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