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will be a forty eight group made. once upon a time to distribute maybe trying to. divert off easier which are individually individual computer hundred fifty groups of the children regulars for this only downfall of any industry is we are coming in aggressively the policies that allow this is not a lot in fact encouraged to know why she actually. this is the furthest we've made the chairman of the karate board truckstop daughter kate. that they're already getting fighting. i did do it cleaning up the board with a water treatment plant and there are the plants do i don't nickel e v are paying for a half billion us dollars every year on account of freight. and this on good speed in foreign exchange now you can see him on this if we have.
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fled to years and there are plans for more ships. in need be in a sea fleet he tells us they say you are for trade and steps are underway to improve going to give it to you by building pipelines to carry gas and oil out of the bog and build a bridge to connect been bought with garage airport and the rest of the country karachi poured in orderly. growing need but also provide their drawn and foreign shipment fertility for landlocked country love the. state and of running the future of their sport in the mid nineteenth century now depends on the performance of their brand hard fledgling government and its stated desire to push pakistan's industry which was once the pride of this country. and i keep all. right let's go to nicaragua now because for the past year the president
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on the north taker has led a crackdown on opposition protests more than three hundred people have been killed tens of thousands of people have been displaced and the future of hundreds of people who are in jail is uncertain because the train the government and the opposition has stalled john home and. this but paris is back home now up to two months in the cry was most feared prison and she's one of hundreds of people imprisoned in a year of protests against president daniel ortega of those movement two hundred remain in jail where lispers says the conditions a frightening thought i.e. follow my king and my ego when no one who's been in el cheapo to hasn't been humiliated mistreated. look closer to a dangerous one stick a really s.t.c. . a girls of fourteen a mother imprisoned with her child elderly people eighteen years old all completely
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legal. she still wears her jail uniform like many of the expressionist is to protest is still being watched many early out provisionally awaiting a resolution to the case that. every time i go out into to street dares to say motorbike with this same and or woman looking at us to prisoners in the neighborhood sandinista council spy on me and they take photos of me i mean. other prisoners told a similar stories student you have it several stunned jail for seven months and now under house arrest accuses the government of using them as pawns in the gauche ation with the opposition and i think they are going to someone and they can definitely were a bargaining chip the regime kidnapped us precisely so they could have hostages to negotiate and those that have been released are a break on international pressure the regime uses that to deter any sanctions and there are still a couple of hundred people in prison the government's agreed to release them by mid
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june but danniella fears that agreement will count for little his wife to land was jailed after leading protests in the market she worked she's still in prison and has lost twenty kilos at the prosonic libyan people could be free at any moment but we don't feel that there is the willingness to release them in the. meanwhile local human rights groups report the people continue to be detained all of these arrests of a never leave led to a climate of fear in the car where fifty year ago this seventy was full of people protesting you just wouldn't see that now mainly because the government passed a law basically banning demonstrations just by heading out into the street she risk getting locked up. for those still in jail and even those let out but still under the government's watchful eye it means.
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rivals me.
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it started this policy is now with peter thank you very much martin the oklahoma city thunder living dangerously in the n.b.a. playoffs they went to nothing down in the series against the portland trailblazers on tuesday night the n.b.a.'s former most valuable player russell westbrook help
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the thunder into a ten point lead in the second quarter here a portland oklahoma superiors in the regular season and they tired of out at half time damian lillard saving of c.j. mccollum the two of them combined for sixty two points as potent one one hundred fourteen ninety four on home court lillard very much the shadowing westbrook who has a big task as the series switches to oklahoma for game three. a tennis player who exposed match fixing among his fellow professionals says he's received no backing from the sports authorities and has been alienated by other players on the tour market has moved to endora from his native argentina of the angering the tennis community in his homeland he says the tennis integrity unit that he reported to you has done nothing to help him with the backlash some of his fellow pros on our band after he revealed approaches made same by match fixing is offering tens of
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thousands of dollars to fix contests if you are weak mentally then you go in you are all in for sure because this is easy money. you have to them i mean if you think about it in like one hour working for one hundred thousand dollars you're never going to get money in an easier way. and i ax of course another huge upset in the champions league quarter finals of knocking out real madrid the dutch side have now eliminated you fences three to aggregate winning two really is the first time in more than twenty years that i actually have made it into the semifinals the results had an impact off the pitch and in the markets shares in new ventures plunged nearly twenty five percent in value after they were knocked out with the hopes raised by the purchase of christiane of another last year not being realized. in the meantime went up to a record high as they advanced in one of the world's most lucrative sporting
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through its. former barcelona manager paid the early lead these manchester city team into the second leg against tottenham hotspur later on wednesday is yet to reach the semifinals in his time with city who are running the gauntlet of elimination having gone one nil down in london last week so here through still in the hunt or both still in the hunter big important quadruple of trophies. who might not have to rely on the firepower of egypt to strike a mammoth selar in portugal on wednesday last year's finalists to find a two no lead as they go into their second leg against porto. the tampa bay lightning have made n.h.l. history but not in the way they would have wanted their out of the stanley cup playoffs after being swept four games to none but the columbus blue jackets comes up to tampa bay had tied the record for the most regular season wins in the one hundred two year history of the league this is all to the first time in league
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history that he would the most points in the regular season failed to win a game in the playoffs opening round. the new york yankees were too strong for they old photos the boston red sox on tuesday pitcher james paxton struck out twelve red sox batters. play on monday the new york plays all of the forty two on their backs to celebrate jackie robinson day robinson was the first black man to play in the major leagues back in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven the first home run from clint frazier outings you to an eight nothing. the australian rugby union star israel folau is said to challenge the sacking by the national team which came after he made homophobic comments on instagram it led to rugby australia announcing they would piece four million dollar contract but for now an ultra conservative christian has stood by his comments and the matter is now due to go before
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a tribunal. for allow would have featured for australia at the world cup later this year taking place in japan one city day is already getting into the spirit of the tournament coaches and x. players from the welsh team have been teaching youngsters in q shoe where wales will be based before the world cup starts in september. to cardiff is nearly ten thousand kilometers it has been looking a lot closer with the number of welsh flags on display. peter thank you very much indeed that did you know that washington d.c. sits at the fork of two reverence connected to the land take making the us seat of government vulnerable to rising seas and the. as flooding becomes more frequent within view of the white house fellow trump is still refusing to acknowledge it his high d.j. kustra. thirty six million people visit washington d.c.'s national mall each year drawn to its monuments spring cherry blossoms and the tidal basin one hundred
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year old reservoir that takes its name from the tides flowing in and out of the potomac river but lately the tides have been rising too high here we're seeing the sidewalk of a cherry blossom walkway around the title basin flooded completely impassable this happens twice a day a result of sea level rise and increased urbanization the bravest visitors may not mind the water but most people have to step around puts in danger the purpose of this place it's a formal garden for americans and their guests to wander through and it's also the place where some of our most historic people are memorialized thomas jefferson writer of the declaration of independence is lucky to have a high perch above the waters but the sea wall beneath him is crumbling the white house where the president lives overlooks the tidal basin you can see it clearly
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from here across the water but despite having evidence of climate change literally outside his window president trump has decided to remove the united states from the paris climate accord and he's called climate change hoax i don't think he cares it's it's not going to make him any money to save the environment so he won't be here when it oh oh doom and gloom and so out of the cares. the united nations says the world has just twelve years to stop the climate change catastrophe in washington it's the local government that has stepped up we're kind of on our own now and so we're putting really a lot more money of our own in d.c. into. research and development and we just don't have the partnership with federal government and on that sad frustrating will this delicate beauty survive and what monument will there be to those who had a chance to save it. castro al-jazeera washington.
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do stay with us here at outages in a coming up in just a couple of minutes also i'll give you the rest of the day's easily be going live to call tim for the very latest on the situation in sudan so do stay with us here at al-jazeera. whether online through to the future for them not to do drugs or if you join us on the senate all of us have been colonized in some form or some fashion this is a diana react talking about illegal friend you have seen what it can do to somebody just people using multiple drugs including a funnel and some people are seeking it out everyone has a voice from the us your boss your twitter and you could be on the story and join the cologne blue conversation on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks while this is a training exercise the dangers that are real because the situation in mali is
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slowly deteriorating with detail coverage and how that is a donald tusk through reason may makes it clear that the current political impasse simply can't go on from around the world while aid agencies are warning people of the dangers of cholera and distributing vaccines many are still using rubbers for offing and cleaning. up the local. partners.
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for your. ripple suggests around former president omar al bashir is now in jail thousands of protesters continue the city and calling for immediate civilian rule. hello again i'm on team denis or without easier life and also coming up civilians
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under fire in the libyan capital and a group of armed french nationals stopped as they try to cross into tunis here. indonesia's president waits to hear if he has won a second term after the world's biggest single day election. and fronts plans a competition to help restore not true dom after it was devastated by fire. and start with saddam there because the dependence president bashir has now reportedly been moved from house arrest to a maximum security prison he was kept at a presidential residence since he was ousted by a military coup last week the military leaders have arrested dozens of former officials who were part of the shias government. yes oh yes.
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the protesters meanwhile including hundreds of doctors continue their demonstrations asking the military leaders to give up power to civilians. for those who live now to our correspondent in khartoum mohammed val mohammed so this will no doubt please many of those who are protesting in called to the fact that omar bashir now seems to have been moved to a prison. that side martin that's the top the man that has been the top demand of the protesters as they one it's been going on for four months now they wanted him to be moved and now they want him in jail and they want him to be tried before a court there is no official announcement until now confirming this news but we know for sure that insider sources told the jazeera that he was moved to this person in the northern part of khartoum called the haiti prison itself is called
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cobra and we also know that there is now an unusually high even stability of security arrangements existence are in the prison and also media cameras installed there probably media team is trying to get any glimpse of what's going on there expecting probably something off shore or an announcement or to see him being moved somewhere so he is very likely to be now in jail and there are also news of hierarchy. officials of the former regime also being arrested during the last twenty four hours indeed yet another tranche of sacking there of the. elites if you like you are an intrinsic part of the sheers political establishment but that's still not enough for the protests as they are determined it would appear to continue with their uprising. that site we have seen the protests the city in continuing not only continuing but also there creating
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more momentum more numbers of people coming there and we have seen today a huge marches in the streets in addition to that sit in medical doctors associations and other unions marching to put more pressure to help with you know that moment that i mentioned and put more pressure on the military to achieve the demands of what they call sudan's civil lucian they know that things like this have happened in the past the military took took the took power in the past at least twice before and nothing happened and no liberal democracy has been established because simply those who came because of the pressure from the street were hijacked by the military there are lots of dangers people tell us the protestors tell us that feed this kind of fear and skepticism including in the differences between the different parties let's hop contributed to this uprising they have not yet really
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come to if final roadmap the military has asked them to do that there are reports that they are achieve the kind of a kind of. agreement but it's not confirmed yet it's not announced yet so that those differences can can be a very dangerous situation for that is lots of this of this uprising or so there are skepticism about the military itself the military council and its intentions some of the top ranks in the military council are part of the former regime so there is this here this fear and also fear of the deep state they say that only the top the top leaders of the former russian are going to move the facade of that former regime but the deep city is still there it is intact and there are fears that it will remain there and with the help of you know joint efforts between the deep state and the military council maybe this revolution will not go ahead maybe the changes will not be implemented so there is a wide range of the. nantes to make sure that everything about belongs to the past
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is changed with the new structures new policies you order forms and so on but also there is a fourth point of force source of fear here which is the foreign intervention we've been listening to these protests that protesters telling us but only only they just want sudanese to deal with their problems they don't want any outside powers to do that and. in this contest in this context we have just confirmed reports that there are even following the regulations that have arrived already here from the united arab emirates and saudi arabia and they have been meeting yesterday with the leaders of the military council all right mohamed valve there with the very latest from khartoum and one other development of worth worth noting one of sudan's armed groups the sudan people's liberation movement north e.s.p.n. n says it is ceasing all hostilities immediately in areas that are under its
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control until the end of july so a cease fire until the end of july currently the group controls parts of the southern states of blue nile and south kordofan now the group is saying that this is a goodwill gesture to help ensure a smooth transition to civilian rule in khartoum. level libya where they have been airstrikes in and around the capital within the past year with both sides coming under attack forces that are loyal to the warlord to leave or have to they're trying to seize tripoli from the u.n. recognize government during the night at least five people were killed by shelling residential areas have been hit with rockets have to as forces deny responsibility . meanwhile an incident on one of libya's borders is raising more questions about the involvement of foreign countries in this conflict tunis it says thirteen french nationals with diplomatic possibles and weapons was stopped on sunday a drastic
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a deer crossing they were crossing from libya into trueness here and the french embassy in tunisia says the group were quote members of the team that provide security protection to the french ambassador for libya but the tunis is they're not happy with this they're refusing to accept it and they say there was another group of europeans who were stopped at sea they were also trying to get from libya to tunis here yeah there are a little you know much of the the entered through to rubber boats and they were spotted we followed them till they reached the two boats carry eleven european foreigners from different nationalities and we handed them over to the authorities concerned the second group entered on sunday consisting of thirteen individuals all of them frenchmen under diplomatic cover with arms and ammunitions and initially they tried not to hand them over all right let's go live now to our correspondent. who's in the libyan capital and bring us right up to date them with the kind of
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fighting that's taking place in the how close it is to the city center. it's been a very close random rockets have been landing in the residential areas it's been very close but currently each faction is maintaining its locations with the exception of the government forces are maintaining. its locations in. that's in the southern western outskirts of the capital also we're getting news about the strikes fighters loyal to the. government have been killed by an airstrike lunch should by have to his forces near that. neighborhood in the southern eastern outskirts of tripoli remember martin that the government forces that took control of areas are two days ago or after
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have his forces took control of it during the past week also in the city center there is a state of anger that is that is a state of anger and people are calling on the international institutions including the united nations to do their part of to stop the military escalation and the targeting of it is it in areas especially after civilians were killed last night and dozens others would wandered by random rockets in several neighborhoods near tripoli's city center and meanwhile the government of national accord is saying that it's now collecting evidence is to prove that have to his forces are involved in what he calls. crimes but again concerning the front lines on the ground that is no major advancement at the moment with the exception of the sporadic fighting and only one axes which is why any neighborhood it's in the southern west of the
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outskirts of there libyan capital martine marich would do what head live in the libyan capital tripoli thank you. well at least one hundred fifty people are missing after a boat sank in the democratic republic of congo on lake kivu that's on the country's eastern border with rwanda so far around thirty three people have been rescued. egyptians will venture in a referendum to decide if president up to foster l.c.c. should remain in power until twenty thirty the vote is shut you up for saturday and will continue for the next two days egypt's parliament today earlier rubberstamp the constitutional amendments the parliament voted five hundred thirty one to twenty two favor they'll give the military a more formal role in the country's politics. early counting of votes in indonesia's election suggests the incumbent president broke a wizard or has beaten his challenger pro bono or so we enter official results will
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be known until may with ballots from almost two hundred million eligible voters to be counted andrew thomas reports now from the capital jakarta. polling they shout the president's victory may not be official yet but it's no less real for that in the center of jakarta his supporters are celebrating quick counts were carried out of voting stations and soon as the voting process finished each ballot paper held up to show where holes have been punched once tallied they pointed to a clear victory for the incumbent. we have all seen the immediate. result but let's be patient we need to wait for the old physical result let's all unite as a nation. almost two hundred million people eligible to vote some with a turnout of eighty one percent wednesday's vote was one of the biggest ever.


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