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tv   The Confession  Al Jazeera  April 17, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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his challenge. official results will be known until may with ballots from almost two hundred million eligible voters to be counted andrew thomas reports now from the capital jakarta i just told you they shout their president's victory may not be official yet but it's no less real for that in the center of jakarta his supporters are celebrating quick counts were carried out of voting stations and soon as the voting process finished each ballot paper held up to show where holes had been punched once tallied they pointed to a clear victory for the incumbent. we have all seen the. result but let's be patient we need to wait for the old. let's all unite as a nation. almost two hundred million people were eligible to vote some with a turnout of eighty one percent wednesday's vote was one of the biggest ever one
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day exercise in democracy anyway. i'm very happy to be here i urge everyone to come because. i'm very proud of this because it proves i have fought for a good leader but it wasn't a smooth process everywhere the biggest problems were in west papua where ballot papers and boxes failed to arrive and voting has been delayed until thursday so. it's not conceding yet and claims the problem showed the election may have been stolen. but take down before folk buy support for safeguards the ballot boxes so we can fight. but the irregularities don't seem great enough to put the overall result in doubt if when it reports in may the electoral commission confirms the informal results beaten proposal this year by great somalis when they last competed in twenty four to. what's up actually in this election
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result we're going to big big break down without a doubt and among. those are coming here at algiers where we find out if the efforts to revive pakistan's oldest ports kharaj paying off. we've got some rather unsettled weather coming into parts of southern china over the next couple of days still looking at a fair bit of cloud drifting in from west to east that will think i'm up to some heavy downpours on the thursday over towards one hand for example south of that on a dry hong kong twenty boris' southerly wind coming in with keeping that southerly as we go on into friday twenty nine separate the rain much just push through and
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notice that right a good deal more extensive by that state good to have you as well we could see some localized flooding as a result of that we have seen some flooding rains some stormy weather across parts of northern india recently a fair bit of cloud across the north of the country at sea just stretching its way into bangladesh towards nepal i saw drifting a swiss still a fair bit of cloud and some bright i did see some snow over the high ground i just the temperatures started to pick up once again kolkata could touch forty one celsius is the thirty two that's the new delhi we're into the myth that the mid twenty's recently said that represents something of an increase in those temperatures and the hate does become a little more extensive as we go on through friday southern parts you could just catch want to say showers into canada and to tumble not there but the rather cloudy to franka.
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fly qatar airways experience economy class like never before qatar airways going places together. to take a look at the top stories here about jazeera sudan's dependence president omar al bashir has reportedly been moved from house arrest to
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a maximum security prison military leaders of arrested dozens of former officials who were part of the shias government. in the past few hours a day sides in the battle for tripoli coming under attack the un recognized government has targeted warlords positions south of the capital and of last three a surrender soldiers as airstrikes hit their troops. counting is underway and into these years presidential and parliamentary elections the incumbent jerk a widow to is facing his main challenger the former army general proposed. to lead the world's largest democracy. now in the israeli coders up held a government decision to expel the israel palestine director of human rights watch here is a u.s. citizen but he's got to leave the country next month we can talk now to shakir who is joining us live from ramallah in the occupied west bank thank you for talking to
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us what have you been up to then that the israelis have taken such exception to. the israeli government's deportation order is actually based on human rights watch's research and advocacy specifically around the abuses of private companies and the illegal israeli settlements in the west bank the court has essentially said that that work constitutes a call for a boycott and a twenty seventeen amendment to israeli law says that those that call for boycotts can be denied entry into the country but what the court has essentially done here has taken that a step further and for the first time using that law to deport somebody lawfully present in the country and one whose work consists of human rights documentation advocacy that they seem to be upset by particularly by you'll use of twitter and what you've been putting out on twitter with regard to the f b m b scenario can you explain a bit about that what did you what did you put out sure so human rights watch in
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november issued a report documenting the role of air b.n. b. and brokering rentals on land confiscated from palestinians who themselves are barred from staying there as part of our global work on business and human rights we called on air b.n. b. to end its complicity in rights abuse and stop the listings in settlements of course air b.n. b. i know it's at the time that it would take down its listings before versing again and one of the piece of evidence that the government used against against us in court and which the court cited in its decision was my advocacy on twitter which represent human rights watch is positions calling for air b.n. b. to adhere to its responsibilities under international law and let's be clear is it you as an individual that's being expelled from the country or is a human rights watch. that decision is specific to me but it's based on my work promoting human rights watch as research and conducting advocacy on behalf of the
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organization as its israel and palestine director and country right and so human rights watch can send in another representative a will. be interrupted the work will continue look i mean israel is now joining a pack of countries like venezuela north korea that have blocked access for human rights watch staff but our work will continue we had planned to appeal this decision and the israeli supreme court we think what's at stake here is much larger than human rights watch or even the space for human rights defenders today we're talking about the space today in israel to criticize settlements you have a court today that's essentially signed off on the israeli government agenda to stamp out the sense i'm a shock here good to talk to you thank you very much and some of the areas opposition parties and former diplomats are saying they would take part in the july presidential election they're angry about the use of violence against
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anti-government protests as they accuse the interim government of wasting time the announcement comes off to algeria as interim president ben sala appointed a new head of the powerful constitutional council. why i mean we decided not to take party not to accept not supervise and not run for the elections under the current political regime they are trying to buy time to weaken the popular peaceful uprising we condemn any way to resort to violence against demonstrators and we condemn their practices against their previous marches were renew our call for real transitional period that is reasonable and acceptable. now the authorities in southeastern somali regional state have announced plans to turn a recently clothes prison into a museum the jail in the regional capital was used for more than ten years to systematically abuse and kill dissidents their relatives and other inmates
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mohamed odeh reports. spent four years in this prison in appalling conditions all for criticizing that it cannot miss to sion. it's a place he comes back to with great reluctance. in the four years i spent here what the doctor i like most of them was spent in this room which was of a crowded with inmates we were beaten and tortured several times every day. the former regional president mahmoud is accused of using to go to central prison also known as daily to dump his opponents. he used the hated lou police force he set up to rest on the porch of the inmates human rights watch says rape and murder. former inmates showed us that tiny rooms where they were held and where most of the
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torture took place. they were forced to sit they say in roll see which sometimes for days in these underground bunkers. twenty five year old junaid muhammed. held at the prison for eighty years. doctors up told him he will never walk again because of a severe spinal injury. and he later. and the line were blocked and i was arrested while holding camels and within days was sentenced to life imprisonment then the torture began they would hang me from the ceiling and beat the soles of my feet and bang with sticks and plastic pipes and they broke my spine but that didn't stop them from continuing to torture me. the jail also had a woman swing well former inmates a great pause an intrinsic tool of torture saddam had given them a dime. was held here for ten years later that they will call for some of the girls in the middle of the not only for them to come back to the cell shaking shivering
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and crying we knew what was going on it was ripe for much describe see people buying some pipes in there due to the mountaintop torture and abuse that went on of the day and they say there was little oversight or scrutiny during the decade the former president was in. the former president is now in jail in the capital addis ababa on placing charges for crimes committed while in office the region's new president a former employee of the united nations to close the prison a few months ago and as part of a package of changes this was a systemic problem and most of the people who committed these crimes in some ways will in some ways victims themselves. live in the. police officers were told to do this that's not excuse what they have done but the point is we don't want to. spend our time choosing. the level of he says but at the highest level people who are
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responsible groomed the president of the really no need to. the plan now is to tun the prison into a museum but even before the top and people have been flocking here to see for themselves the facility that's become a symbol for one of the periods of the region's history. how about the world is it or did you get your piece. the former president of peru has shot himself as police try to arrest him in connection with a bribery investigation alan garcia is undergoing emergency surgery in lima and is in critical condition an order was issued for the sixty nine year old's arrest over allegations he took bribes and exchange for infrastructure contracts. france is to hold an international competition to decide how to replace the spire of not to dom that was destroyed in monday's fire the plan was unveiled earlier by
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the prime minister and president wants to restore the cathedral to its former glory within five years but some people are warning that that job could take much much longer donations to help rebuild it have reached nearly a billion dollars. dollars i think we should rejoice beyond emotion in the fact that such a large number of people want to participate in this effort of reconstruction i explained the text conditions in which these donations were going to be handled you will have notice that only the nations under one thousand euros will benefit from up a civic tax break anything above a thousand euros will be subjected to common law and i think that is the question about criticism on donations in a way. pakistan's prime minister i'm wrong as i'm veiled a billion dollar investment program to improve infrastructure in the country's most important port city karate is an economic hub and handles more than half of all
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imported goods come all hide of reports. garage he is still pockets are major maritime link to the outside world and how to go with sixty percent of the country . and all it works for all of its exports as we travel by border undertake security through the water looks more gray. blue because of the toxic mix of three we're going to industrial affluent produce by city now busting at the scene there are fewer ships in port and most of the bush reserve carriers are empty as we go past the oyster we can see the ports new or south wall built by a chinese company or reclaimed from the sea the northwest china port this section and there are thousands of pertain thank you for the nine hundred meters going to stay and especially with the inception of just going down a diamond on a yacht and capable of running the largest container ships for cars you want to
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survive although the poor get harder one hundred fifty million tons of cargo e-r. no herders just sixty million tonnes and that is due to all forging economy and a drop in export many blame the decline and grab and corruption and why pakistan has the capacity its systems need to go to. the government that makes of public money and private interests make we pay forty improvement. once upon a time just to be maybe trying to. do something which are independent individual computer hundreds of recruits just been murdered for. the downfall of any industry we are coming into existence legalisms this is a low this is not a lot inside this is meant to know why she should. do this is the funds we've made the chairman of the karate pork trust or tartar k.
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. that they're already getting fighters. that include cleaning up the board with a water treatment plant and there are other plants too i don't need to leave being one for and half billion u.s. dollars every year on account of freight. and this all good speed in foreign exchange now you can see him on this if we have. fled to years and there are plans for more ships. in b.p. in a sea fleet he tells us they say you exported your for trade and steps are underway to improve going to give it a by building by playing to carry gas there noise out of the port and build a bridge to connect been bored with garage airport and the rest of the country karachi poured in or don't leak a dirty growing need but also provide their drawn and foreign shipment fertility
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for landlocked country love the. state and of running the future of baseball in the mid nineteenth century now depends on the performance of their brand hard fledgling government and its stated desire to push back it started three week road was the pride of this country. that i keep or. time for so take a look at the top stories here it out is there sudan's deposed president omar al bashir has reportedly been moved from house arrest to a maximum security prison the military leaders have a respite dozens of former officials who were part of his government have been asked in the past few hours with bass sides in the battle for libya's capital tripoli coming under attack the u.n.
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recognize government has had its forces target wall no i have to as positions south of the city and have lost three of their own soldiers as strikes hit their troops. outside the capitol two incidents on libya's border raising questions about foreign involvement two newsier says thirteen french nationals with diplomatic passports and weapons were stopped on sunday they were crossing from libya into tunisia and last week eleven europeans were also intercepted at sea we have that. you know the the entered through to rubber boats and they were spotted we followed them till they reached the two boats carry eleven european foreigners from different nationalities and we handed them over to the authorities concerned the second group entered on sunday consisting of thirteen individuals all of them french men under diplomatic cover with arms and ammunitions and initially they tried not to hand
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them over some of algeria as opposition parties and former diplomats say they won't take part in the july presidential election they're angry about the use of violence against anti-government protesters and the q.c. interim government of wasting time the announcement comes after algeria's interim president a bill carter ben sala appointed a new head of the powerful constitutional council. counting is underway in indonesia's presidential and parliamentary elections balance of being tallied from eight hundred thousand polling stations joker with the incumbent is facing his main challenger the former army general prober. egypt is to hold a three day referendum beginning on saturday over sweeping constitutional amendments that could allow president up to fight or else easy to stay in power until twenty thirty the parliament it overwhelmingly approved the amendments for
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a job today those are the latest headlines the stream is next. the current president and a popular comedian a heading for the second round of the presidential election with no official plan yet promising a change the comedian won the biggest share of the points in the first round who would lead the country after this historic connection ukraine votes twenty nineteen on al-jazeera. hi i'm femi oke a and you are in the string today why do prison inmates in united states come to islam. or we discuss the documentary film the honest struggle which tells the story of an exit fender's mission to help muslim converts as they leave jail leave your comments and questions for us in the you tube shop or on twitter. reentry sometimes is a misnomer because it implies a second chance and the reality for
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a lot of our brothers is that they don't really have a first chance i'll begin the thing the best place for me to be was back and one of them say yes because as the only thing it is that you have no idea what it's like in every step for me is. that al davis was just eighteen when he was first sent to prison serving a total of twenty five years behind bars davis converted to islam while in jail taking on the name. truthful as part of an attempt to leave his previous lifestyle behind bought living history and rebuilding a life outside the prison walls presented its own difficulties in the honest struggle davis shares his story of returning to the chicago streets that once led him to prison and his story one of faith and overcoming hardship is not unique
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hundreds of thousands of inmates in the united states have found a sense. community and solace in islam was some studies estimating that muslims comprise about ten to fifteen percent of all american prisoners so what are some of the challenges that former and current inmates encounter as they navigate their faith we're pleased to welcome sidique davis to the stream to help us explore that question also with us justin machine is a los angeles based filmmaker and the director of the on a struggle and in the u.s. state of connecticut it is an islamic scholar and senior faculty member at zaytuna college in berkeley california welcome to the stream everyone good to have a. city hello. there was a moment when you decide you were going to convert to islam now tell us about that moment how did you get. well. really good about what did you get out were you or is this what work. you know will no matter how would you.
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go up all movie but you would have a. good opening. while we're. there . we're going to come up with some opens and we're going to hear. about number experience or more like. to do something about the koran that attracts you that drew you in a was it the brothers in prison that you use. well we're. three brothers. we can direct you to brother cole we well we're so important. that is why we're all look at how what is the use of be able to recognize the fact that it was inhumane and the reason why we're going. because i did recognize this.
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will be going to series because this is real people is that it says what is within the haven't ridden a real mass that i have a lesser beings goal in order to find out who about who do the work in harlem to be living as a human being so we got this tweet from your o'clock here and she kind of picks up on what you're saying there about why she sees people converting to this religion in prisons minority says islam is a religion which will forgive when perhaps the rest of the world are willing to offer you peace and answers for everything going on which makes it easier to be patient during hard times and have hope for the future so with that in mind just in the idea for this documentary in the first place i know it came to you in the form of an email or a letter from a chaplain way back in two thousand and eight. yeah so in two thousand and eight i had received an e-mail from a christian chaplain who was actually in charge of the muslim inmates and he was looking for muslims on the outside be you know pen pals and it was just such
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a stretch that he found my e-mail on the internet and i as a documentary filmmaker said immediately you know started researching the subject i just took on so many other brothers that were locked up through his network through some of my own network and i was in touch with you know about a half dozen and then finally in two thousand and ten i discovered you mons program and i just said it was it was second to none and it was such a unique thing that i just really wanted to tell that story so just in just for the people who are tuned in today for the first time we have covered the program you're talking about with the inner city muslim action network it's called the green reentry program but in the line there can you describe what that program is. yes sure so the the green reentry program essentially identifies positive role models it within the prison that are prisoners that are coming out to give them a safe space to live and then also in addition give them green rehabilitation
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skills and constructions so they are rehabilitating dilapidated homes on in the south side of chicago that have been for foreclosed on and they use solar panel ing they do you know recycled flooring and materials and kind of giving the ideas the good kind of cutting edge job skills so that way people can kind of get on their feet and become self-sufficient in moms and i want to show our audience something that is really relevant to what you do is from the pew research center is quite an old piece of research religion in prisons a fifty state survey of prison chaplains and then here which group some crying is shrinking top of the list muslims who row inc or staying the same in prison why do you think that is what you think it is about islam that actually a tracks people in prison to think that there's something that might help their journey. a thing there are a number of issues first of all for
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a lot of people this isn't universal for a lot of people learned as a protest religion it's a protest against oppression as a protest against conditions that are sometimes cruel and unfair giving and for many people the reigning religious reality is part of what's being protested and so it's not become sort of an alternative but everyone i think is that's where many people i think is universal that islam gives a person dignity by empowering that person empowering the person through literacy i know many muslims who are incarcerated the first book that they read cover to cover and their life was the core answer and so that's very empowering so there are there are a lot of. good there are many many reasons also is to learn because it demands that you study as a it's a religion that's based on knowledge it's
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a knowledge base tradition and religion and that reckon set of values in many instances slows a lot of brothers down for the first time as those who seen the documentary can remember said be talking about just in the street you're going you go and you move in. and break neck speed sometimes and once you are incarcerated and you have a koran that's that slows you down and once you slow down you can begin to get in touch with your true self and so the many of the reasons we commence about i'll turn the michael but to my colleagues well the sid the keep my follow up on that sitting there are some beautiful moments in the film with that moment when nothing within the moments of last crying with each one of my i lost a lot of us a sense of self realisation he said it took you four t.v.'s to realise us dumb as a box of rocks. because it. and you became smart so why
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you were in prison as a comb over. how did it how if you exactly what i was. so insistent that is dumb as a box of rocks that he became a convert and then how did that help you actually get through the rest of your prison sentence. well you know but. you know i mean i really i wouldn't call it is after a little you know like i say it's a border you. dumb as a box when i give it everything else because on folsom the way everything everything became be reclear who are rather. not at all because i wouldn't wouldn't who took my hand and put it behind my back you know i wouldn't really recommend the fact that i wasn't smart of us or a war but then i kept looking at the fact that a could have been to mock with an older couple for an older guy been in sales. done something is not right robin
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givens who earlier worked through the left as part of my life goal and it was something much more and much more rewarding much more is being that i realize and accept the fact that ok now i'm beginning to understand. i'm beginning to see that . how what is it up and live in contrary to what it is that i was created to do and the product through the corrective you know one of the straighten it out of the gang members and they make what that look like would be practice adults who also would be free. and she had of course being the ventilation that it was a declaration of faith go ahead and i made at the age of forty the revolution came to the prophet mohammed. is a very good yes. he met him i need to hear on twitter says that this conversion often is because of a sense of community a feelings of belonging and it's important to then one's well being and that is
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while in prison but then what happens when you get out and oftentimes that is for many people a struggle in itself which takes a sadistic we've just got from t.j. he says i would like to know how the director how you justin came out with the idea of the ana struggle as the title of this documentary what is behind that on a struggle. first of all for all credit to being creative about that titles my wife . and i have most of our titles of the film as i was working on it and my wife came up with the name essentially you know comes from the idea of truthfulness and honesty and the film is completely about his struggle so it just like popped in so you know so well and it worked perfectly to be the on a struggle being sidique struggle a sitting there's a moment where one on you but i could hear you and were wondering what happens when
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you get out you have this community of brothers in prison and then you have to look for your community now that your convert sunlight there was a moment where you met up with an old friend could rachelle notat her friend and you would chit chatting and telling her about your conversion and i just want to share with our audience as well seem from that moment to have a hook. coming back over him unable who while call moves that only block. we did shoot in the playground. coming back home black and be reminded a way it is a calm front is my way of trying to share with the block that i contributed to the problem. my name is dick she didn't mean to force. so one thing is i'm not going to do is just on i'm all name that i've done my life barry. barry any way in which is that i when i had a one sided. i think is good you become the person
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that you are now under you know. it's in a lot yeah you know you turn out. long enough. so do you think that is date dark shade richelle is preying on you our friend. let me out of finding a new community that you've never experienced tell us about that well you know through embrace islam and career. but all again we the crew have been to whether what we're told about remember that read or what you want to gain. late sixty's and said we are because our work. but haven't discovered it is. also remember packwood network. that what your brother who so you know is given. the greatness of it is that i've never
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experienced before the goodness in her family again this is a commitment. coming out to the streets and that's been the same thing that sort of ever devastated you know we had a. community in prison and you know if we come out of produce not experience that we're very desperate to me not think that we're one of the hardest things is that reverend kind of before my life about had so much great experience and so much belief in my community and the brotherhood so i've recovered just enough about that a lot more than one occasion about how we're different out on the streets and i thought it would be a whole lot better over three feet of water than prisoners however you know along with death and then there are a few other brothers who i was able to maintain but it was very difficult why
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wouldn't pretty persistent call the commune kind of now recognize that he's pretty proud of what i called in on. a thing was mentioned is very important and that's why the green reentry program a similar program to so important in addition to the job training there is the still point to support which sometimes the prison life as anyone everyone knows is very structured and islam is a very structured religion five prayers jumana friday congregation koran meeting koran study group conversation fasting ramadan together so you put the structure of this lemon you combine that with the structure and structure of incarceration that's a whole lot of structure and everyone's together almost twenty four seventh's you come out into the street and this is from my my experience working inside of the
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prisons and also and in a city. community mammon an inner city community where we have people reintegrating back into the community that structure in many instances completely gone you might find it in the morning for the badger for a decent number might come together then everyone is going to work this is going to work this is going to take the kids the school boost to going to do this and the other and you might get together and to join my friday prayer and so having problems. existed so continuity in terms of that structure in terms of the support group and terms of job training to assist the process of reintegrating early realtor grading back into society is absolutely important i'm so happy or sad that he was able to find that opportunity in the context of the green reentry program so. what you're saying that i just want to i want to chime in here because
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people watching this are are weighing in this is my norrin she says what returning citizens often need is a little bit of extra help when leaving prison keep themselves out of trouble she says businesses should perhaps accept a quota of former prisoners when employing and give them a chance without that routine distraction it's easier to fall back into old ways so someone else who's weighing in on that idea of what happens when people come home return to society is someone who works at a band the company is the organization that you've heard our guest talk about inner city muslim action network and they're the ones that have the green reentry program that's a dick you are part of one of the founding members of that this is a ten aisha coleman and she talks to us about what some of these returning citizens often face. i believe the main difficulties of being a returning citizen is the stigma that comes with the title of being a returning such as some. people tend to judge you on your past as opposed to
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trying to help you really cultivate and figure out what your future is gonna look like. when you walk around with this dark cloud and it comes with not forgiving yourself for whatever mistake you may may or may not have made but i think it's really important as a returning citizen to really see your future self to forgive yourself for your past and to look at how you can be a better person in the future. so just soon as the filmmaker behind this were you surprised that difficulty or is that the reason you decided to tackle this. yeah i mean it was definitely one of the reasons i decided to tackle it if you look at the statistics on reentry it's just absolutely you know disappointing and depressing frankly and i see you know organizations like him on their contribution is so crucial. they you know kind of following up on on the legacy of people like malcolm
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x. who you know when coming out of prison so you know what the first thing i want to do is try to help hold my brothers out of the situation so i think you know that was definitely a big motivator for me and to you know inspire people to take this is a serious priority and there's a lot that we can do in order to help people that are that are really simple things one of the one of the first people that i spoke to when i was making this film was a brother name alija and he was he was from iowa and when i went out and visited him just the community had just kind of thrown to the side and he just said you know everybody's going to salami at the mosque but i just want somebody to play x. box with. you know so it was really kind of difficult to see that and. that type of statement is asian that happens to people that are coming on was disappointing and i feel like. muslim communities can do a lot to improve the city come just looking at some photographs here from the
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screenings from the on a struggle looking at. screenings in indiana prisons i'm just going to school for some of the public that you know just been doing this is your view to full life you have to watch the film to find out. very interesting that you look so comfortable being a representative of what it means to convert to islam coming out of prison and then going on that journey what are you able to share with people what is your message to people as you enter this film it's more than just your story. well to begin with if i could go in every prison in illinois i would tell them to try to get in first with your mom you know because the mom was responsible for me having a place to come to that was responsible for me being in the muslim serving the community practice it being about was wrong i didn't really begin this problem and left if i had any kind of control religious it's always not
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a running back. to that because i knew. that space was also a bit of the book was coming out so to miss that is that i would like to give to people to sort of this love is this at some point you've got to recognize the fact if you didn't manifest you've got to recognize the fact that you need to be doing something different you know but the results know what separates good you've got or do you have before you realize it is mama's available to the ways in your life over we will have no control over of everything it is double for you. it's low given to you to have great new lifestyle but more than anything i want to continue. in prison when you come out as long as you maintain the thing as know who can make people laugh or know who can send out a ramadan and do everything that is necessary for you to do. no matter what it is
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you go through you go be all right because the last thirty months i've never put on you much more to what it is if you come back. which is why on you tube right now someone is watching what you're saying and writing in if this works for inmates or former inmates and why ostracize them a spiritual awakening is tantamount to rehabilitation of course you can do that in the live feed of the show but i actually want to play a video comment we just got on instagram from someone who talks to us about what he can do is asking a question have a listen to i came in this coming. i sound like a money machine kima hamann i'm from the south side chicago and i was really inspired by them on the struggle and my question is how can we better reach our brothers in the streets with the message of a song for this was his song crush him i'm saying i'll get that one to you. well what we used to do in new haven connecticut amongst other things is we had a van we call the doll on the building with put some speakers on the roof of the
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band we put up p.a. system that was powered by the cigarette lighters and we will go through the streets and pull out wherever there was a cool brothers and we get out and we just talk to the brothers and embrace them and encourage them and many times there would be people want most them sometimes there were people who are muslims who would. start coming to the the mass i think we have to open the doors of the mass i think a lot of beer important thing in terms of what we can do is we have to be living representatives of that true. true regardless of the external situation regardless rather were ostracized or raced rather were marginalized or celebrated no matter what the external condition siddig assert something that's what do this we have to rise above and be an example and. example as
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a race should what i hope that all the who might be dueling with the difficulties the poor through a man i made suitable brothers they're like we came through the prison system and no thank you so much emergency it's all on the outside it was going to stop ok and i was a nobody is needed it's a speaking true fright here on the stream and i'll say city is just saying thank you very much for being on the stream we cannot talk about this film without telling you where to see it and you can see it wherever you are in the world justin is in full promo mode right here so you can see it on ice sheens and also if you go to the website of the on a struggle you will see it on amazon instant city air and also on ice and also a pivot chair around the world and coming seemed to google play thank you very much gentlemen it's such a pleasure having you on the stream today now this show is not just thrown together we put it together with an incredible crew one of my credible crew one of our
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family is maddening finkel finkel who is leaving today so make out how do we see her let's cut to the controller and i would like that so let's cut to the control room so we can give matty a big thank you and the reality was even i guess circle it into your body think oh we will miss you we love you for a much thank you for helping us make the screen see you next time without my. thank.
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you. people have looked away your whole record on this trouble in fact a few years ago there was a place only for one state on the land of israel all you do not believe in a two state solution the official story isn't there and on it will show you i don't care about the official story if you were to go there is it today you would say what has the media been telling you now the world isn't black and white there's a lot to gratian here join me mad the hot sun on the front of my guests from around the world take the hot seat and we debate the week's top stories and big issues here when i'll just. every week going to see you simply breaking stories and
11:48 pm
then of course there's donald trump the town through the eyes of the well it's generally that's right out of a hamas group that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what that phrase. as we turn the cameras on the media focused on how they were on the stories that matter the most impact is a free palestine a listening post on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. you're watching the news hour live from our headquarters in doha and coming up in the next sixty minutes reports that sudan's former president obama to syria is now in jail as protesters continue to call for a transition to civilian rule shelling in libya's capital kills at least five
11:49 pm
people as a french group has stopped opportunity at a border carrying weapons and diplomatic passports indonesia's president waits to hear if he's won a second term after the world's biggest single day elections. people stand with your sports the portland trailblazers take it to nothing lead in the n.b.a. playoff series against the oklahoma. city thunder that and more later this. helo sudan's president to depose president that is ahmed best here has reportedly been moved from house arrest to a maximum security prison he was kept at the presidential residence since he was ousted in a military coup last week military leaders have also arrested dozens of former officials who are part of the shearers government. i guess you know.
11:50 pm
and that's the scene on the streets of khartoum were protests as including hundreds of doctors are continuing their demonstrations asking the military leaders to give up power to a civilian authority and live to mohammad values joining us from khartoum to first tell us what more you're hearing about ahmed and bashir. and we have those reports from inside our sources started as you are confirming that former president omar bashir has been transferred to that jail the cold the most famous jail in sudan it is in the north of khartoum and we also have indications there like a maximum security being raised around prison. t.v. cameras in front of the gates of the prison that's an unusual situation. that we have been gauging reactions from the protesters and from other sudanese. bodies political bodies and they simply are very critical of the way this situation is being handled protesters have been asking for
11:51 pm
a month to shoot to be put in jail and to be tried as soon as possible but today they tell us the government this government the military council is very very secure about what's going on of security they're being very much highly criticized by the protesters and by the political. you see and so then why you not why not transparency why is the ruling council not telling the people of sudan what's going on with those people who have been removed nobody knows for sure what happened because there are no official statements so. that everyone is waiting for the military council to say something about this in the near future and how much as you're speaking to us we are playing pictures latest pictures that is from the streets of khartoum where we see protesters still out what are you hearing about what's going on there particularly in front of the army headquarters. that's right that sit in that started on the sixth of april is still going on and more
11:52 pm
numbers are joining every day particularly our to night time it gets big. and today . thousands of demonstrators also took to the streets of cotton this is not a city of robbie's industries made organized by associations of medical doctors and other professional associations and the demand is the same list of demands the same that there should be this feeding up of the process of removing the former regime and all its institutions they're saying that what has helped them so far it's only only the top leaders being removed by the deep state so they have all these situations are still in the hands of people who are running them and the shoes and they say they will not go home until they see a complete change in those institutions ok with an update from hard to thank you meanwhile one of sudan's armed groups that's the sudan people's liberation movement north or s.p.l. or men says it's seizing all hostilities immediately in areas under its control
11:53 pm
until the end of july currently the group controls the areas in the southern states of blue nile and south korea fun it says the move is a goodwill gesture to help ensure a smooth transition to civilian rule in hard to if we take a look at how the s.p.l. or men came to be in twenty eleven south sudan gained independence from sudan following a peace deal that ended africa's longest running civil war but the provinces of south kordofan and blue nile were excluded from south sudan anger over this led to the s.p.l. are meant to take up arms against the sudanese government of president on model bashir between twenty thirteen to twenty seventeen the group launched over thirty two attacks throughout sudan killing at least two hundred forty two people let's speak to our mother brought him up was short he's a professor of history at qatar university is joining us here in the studio thanks for coming in and speaking to us. how significant is this announcement by the
11:54 pm
s.p.l. or men because we know that it is by far the largest rebel group in sudan. i think that. after the overthrow of. political development in this would move in very fast and even some time is very difficult to catch up in the spy of god i would say that the declaration of abdulaziz or to cease fire for three months this will be a good show for two reasons number one the sudan's people liberation movement north is one of the founding members of the sudan forces including three groups of. their own parties the community the communist parties the sudanese congress party and you're leading me to my next question because as you're saying it is part of this alliance
11:55 pm
for the sudanese revolutionary runs so how will this alliance off rebel groups then deal with the military council going forward and vice versa in this sense with the strength. of the correlations of freedom and change alliances in terms of the negotiation with your government and in terms of moving for was towards the formation of the civilian government that would replace this transitional military council ok and when you look at the other development today we were speaking to mohamed vall about the fate of the former president ahmed investor mohamed le saying the protesters are angry about the relative obscure. situation or reports that are coming about coming out about samarra and why do you think that it's been obscure i think. the coup took place
11:56 pm
you know transparencies for this reason for the protests. consider this. so you just replace a few by senior generals from his previous government for this reason the protesters and the sudanese professional association needs some kind of confirmation to be to put all of the key figures of the previous regime under the race because one of the primary objective is to dismantle the structures of the deep estate of the previous three and move ahead towards the democratization of the country how challenging is that going to be it is very challenging i would say it is very challenging because till now there is no a clear is strategic plan of correlation of the of the freedom change alliances because from my point of view i feel i need a kind of a strategic plan for me i feel that this is strategic plan should be based on two
11:57 pm
pillars number one they need to analyze a political situation and to highlight the strength their weaknesses and they are both a unity and the threat of the of the previous three g. and this will give them a ground to focus on on the vision of their evolution because the popular a slogan of this it revolution is peace justice and freedom and to achieve freedom and peace and justice we need to have a kind of his strategy that would is objective of this regime. objective of the revolutionary move meant and it is message. all sudanese stand behind it in order to achieve it for moving for was towards the democratization of the country meant of a civilian government ok. thank you very much for speaking to us on al-jazeera. there have been airstrikes in and around libya's capital that's where both sides
11:58 pm
are coming under attack for. loyal to the un recognized government of targeted warlords positions south of tripoli and lost three of their own soldiers as their strikes their troops during the night at least five people were killed by shells and rocket fire have. to in his words clear terrorists from the capital. is joining us from tripoli with an update on the situation there and civilians we're hearing are getting caught up in the fighting. well according to the red cross center and the health ministry here which is based in tripoli they've tried to reach out to civilians and families stuck near the fighting gear yes but in all cases many civilians have been killed or wounded so far since the beginning go there clashes on april fourth also other another
11:59 pm
governmental organizations say that they're trying to distribute food and blankets to those displaced from the fighting as you know daryn that thousands of civilians have been forces out of their homes because of the fighting and recently many civilians who were killed by random shelling people here are very angry and they are calling on the international institutions including the united nations and the european union to do their part to stop the military escalation by have to the forces on the southern part of libya as you know civilians here have just. have just said a funeral for the victims of last night's massacre which killed civilians and wanted dozens others in the neighborhood and a lot of all these are civilian or residential areas near very close to tripoli is a city center of people here are very angry and the government of national court
12:00 am
meanwhile is saying that have to his forces are committing war crimes it also says that it's now collecting evidence is to proving that have to or forces are committing war crimes to be submitted to the international criminal court this is the humanitarian situation where as for the military advancement on the ground the military confrontations we're getting news that their government forces during the last couple of hours have been gaining ground to the are now advancing towards. beyond the tripoli's into the now. airport that was of the capital they have just taken full control of the neighborhood then they have moved forward and have taken control of a bridge near the disused airport and they're now on their way to neighborhood if they take a neighborhood then they can join in the other government forces led by general.


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