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and spain at the u. has said that it may well go to the world trade organization because as far as they can see they believe that this is the united states getting involved in bilateral trade agreements bilateral trade. arrangements but tween one country and cuba but this is all about the u.s. fun picking some of the advances that barack obama. healed during his time in office when he of course lifted a number of sanctions on cuba interestingly enough john bolton is currently as i speak talking to the veterans of the b. of pigs invasion that happened fifty eight years ago and at that gathering in miami he's expected no further sanctions on cuba perhaps going even farther than we've heard from mike pompey or no last few hours ok allan first of the time being thank you still ahead on al-jazeera employees seek help from the government as one of india's largest airline struggles for its financial future turkey's opposition
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celebrated istanbul but their victory is being challenged. but i would say the really nasty weather across afghanistan recently that has led to widespread flooding in and around kabul is causing major problems she can see a lot of people displaced hundreds of people have been displaced from their homes as a result of these heavy downpours the flooding rains are in the process of easing out of the way the polling for the north was and they switched the next system makes its way in this rolling across the black sea towards the caspian sea i'm pleased to say it will just again make its way little more in the way of a general ne direction but we can't rule out the possibility. want to see showers
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coming that is eastern iraq into western parts of iran there's the disturbed weather there northern arizona syria pushing up into turkey could see some rain some sleet and snow as well over the next couple of days as she can see that becomes a little more almost for northern parts of iran as we go on into friday afghanistan should be dry kibble gets up to twenty four celsius with plenty of the sunshine and there's plenty of sunshine across the reagan put into that warm sunshine to doha it's up to thirty six thirty seven celsius over the next couple of days a possibility of a few spots of rain just around the gulf of the most is fine and dry without shower to the southern the red sea.
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hello again the top stories on al-jazeera the former peruvian president alan garcia has died after shooting himself in the head police arrived at his house to arrest him. had been accused of taking bribes from brazilian construction company. president bashir has reportedly been moved from house arrest to
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a maximum security prison the military leaders have arrested dozens of former officials who were part of government. in the past few hours of both sides in the battle for tripoli coming under attack recognize government forces have targeted warlords. positions south of tripoli and have lost three of their own soldiers as their strikes their troops. one if india's biggest airlines jet airways is holding all operations after bankers refused to lend more money last year it carried twenty seven million passengers but the company's founder was forced out in march the government. to help avert thousands of job losses creditors are in the process of appointing a new management board spoke to us by skype from new delhi. jet airways had about a twenty two and a half percent market share in india now at down to roughly twelve percent it's had financial difficulty for years twenty thirteen the airline came close to collapsing
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but thanks to a government rule change allowing some foreign investment into indian airlines it was saved when the hot air waves bought a twenty four percent stake in the airline but new domestic players especially low cost carriers kept eating into jet airways market share and profits since late last year they have problems paying back loans and paying employees now what this will mean for consumers and aviation expert has told al jazeera that in the short term for domestic indian passengers prices will go up but indian flyers are very price conscious so they can only go up to a certain amount before people stop flying and india with the having such a growth in the aviation industry it's believed that other competitors will fill the market share now internationally is a bit different jet airways had many agreements and co-chairs with other international players particularly kale m. air france and getting competitors to take over those routes will take time as they have to negotiate with the airlines and airports and countries to fly those routes
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now it's not over for jet airways just yet particularly hundreds of employees are still striking to get the airline back into the skies and the investors the ones who own the debts the banks particularly are trying to get a new buyer interested in resurrecting the airline early results from and didn't as a presidential election suggest incumbent djoko we don't know is on course for a second term with a comfortable lead over his challenger probably be on top official results won't be known until may that's when ballots for more than two hundred million eligible voters voters will have been tallied andrew thomas reports from jakarta. i decoded i shot the president's victory may not be official yet but it's no less real for that in the center if you count. his supporters celebrating quick counts were carried out of voting stations as soon as the voting process finished each ballot paper held up to show where holes have been punched once tolerate they
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pointed to a clear victory for the incumbent. we have all seen the. result but let's be patient we need to wait for the old. let's all unite as a nation. almost two hundred million people were eligible to vote some with a turnout of eighty one percent wednesday's vote was one of the biggest ever one day exercise in democracy anyway. i'm very happy to be here i urge everyone to come because. i'm very proud of this because it proves i have fought for a good leader but it wasn't a smooth process everywhere the biggest problems were in west papua where ballot papers and boxes failed to arrive and voting has been delayed until thursday so. it's not conceding yet and claims the problem showed the election may have been
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stolen. but take down before folk buy support safeguards the ballot boxes so we can fight. but the irregularities don't seem great enough to put the overall result in doubt if when it reports in may the electoral commission confirms the informal results beaten proposal this year by great somali when they last competed in twenty four teams. actually can this election result the big picture of. turkey's opposition c.h.p. candidates in istanbul's may or election has been officially declared the winner. of the c.h.p. and narrowly defeated his rival from the party. when you're looking at the latest pictures from istanbul you can see c.h.p. supporters celebrating and this comes this spite the ruling parties formal appeal
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for a rerun of votes the party and its conservative predecessor had controlled for the last twenty five years we've barker has more from istanbul. i can remember lou supporters have gathered outside the mayor's office in celebration the win for the c.h.p. party candidate is a major upset at the ruling ak party who have controlled turkey's cultural capital for many many years it has be more than two weeks now since municipal elections nationwide but the result has been pending here in istanbul because of a dispute over the final result and this is a result. of the new i mean old point two five percent ahead of brutally killed or in the act party candidate the dispute led to a major route between the two parties the act party going through the sea priem electoral council and asking for the entire vote to be overturned but it isn't
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quite as simple as all of say a murder may be mair but that when has already been contested by the act party they have asked for this entire election to be a mold and for there to be a rerun the supreme electrochemical now has a week to decide whether or not to uphold this was all or three indeed allow that rerun to happen this result is particularly bruising for the ruling ak party and for president erdogan this is the city where he began his political career as a man of the city in the nineteen ninety s. it's also particularly bruising because not only has with the h.p. policy one here in istanbul but it's also one in the capital ankara egypt to hold a three day referendum beginning on saturday over constitutional amendments that could allow president on danforth that has sisi to stay in power until twenty thirty the parliament had overwhelmingly approved the amendments on choose day they
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could expand the president's powers and give the military greater influence in politics the first shipment of humanitarian aid from the red cross has arrived in venezuela president nicolas maduro and the opposition have. and accuse the politicizing a delivery during their power struggle general needs people trying to survive in a crisis economy. this pharmacy in caracas isn't closed the metal bars are there because medicine has become one of the most valuable commodities for the working class on the poor places like this are prime targets for robberies hyperinflation and sanctions have led to a shortage of medicine on the ones that are available have increased up to three hundred percent in price there like any c.s.i. sister crisis began it's become more difficult to bring in medicine is very costly now because domestic production has stopped completely before venezuela used to produce some medicines but now we have no choice but to import and it's very
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expensive it is very difficult for. doctors to find you know post tells me she's run out of medicine for anemia and that soon she will run out of diabetes hypertension and diarrhea medication to again mania we've had instances where people came after days of not taking their medication and they've collapsed they paint him in front of me a man who had not taken his hypertension medication for seven days fainted here we had to rush him to hospital. it's not just the price of medicines that's the skyrocketed everything in venezuela has become so much more expensive on the one hand traders have had to raise their prices so as not to make a loss but doing so means risking having fewer customers. it's for some like mine or gonzales to take up a second job in order to make ends meet you know with the u.s. blockade house cause many problems for families they don't realize how much they are harming us my kids are suffering because i am unable to cope with their needs i can't even pay the rent they are about to kick me out of my home u.s.
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sanctions have forced me to look for other work to get extra income more than fifty percent of venezuela's cash flow is now unavailable to the government because of american sanctions so the central bank here has imposed a limit on how much. money people can withdraw from their accounts long lines like these have become a common sight around but. we're only allowed to withdraw two dollars a day it doesn't make sense we should be able to take her money whenever we want to thank you long enough amy if i go to the cashier i can withdraw two dollars if i use the a.t.m. i can only take out one i'm never allowed to withdraw more than that. no one knows how long this crisis will continue or when or if things will get better but what's certain is that the longer it continues the more people who have nothing to do with the politics of power in the interests of foreign countries will suffer from. caracas some of algeria's opposition parties and former diplomats say they won't take part in the july presidential election they're angry about the use of violence
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against anti-government protesters and accuse the interim government of wasting time the announcement comes after interim president. pointed. the new head of the powerful constitutional council. decided not to take part and not to accept not supervise and not run for the elections under the current political regime they are trying to buy time to weaken the popular peaceful uprising we condemn any way to resort to violence against demonstrators and we condemn their practices against the previous marches were renew our call for a real transitional period that is reasonable and acceptable lawyers and several others have joined anti-government protests in several cities in algeria they are demanding the departure of all government officials affiliated with the former president. his resignation also comes after lawyers and algeria said they will boycott their work. france will open the redesign of the natural to international
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architects after a huge fire destroyed its roof and iconic spire the french president pledged in his address to the nation on tuesday that. would be rebuilt within five years the special cabinet meeting was held in paris on the reconstruction of the eight hundred fifty six year old cathedral donations to help rebuild it have reached nearly a billion dollars. look at poor dell as i think we should rejoice beyond emotion in the fact that such a large number of people want to participate in this effort of reconstruction i explained the text conditions in which these donations were going to be handled you will have noticed that i needed nations under one thousand euros will benefit from a pacific tax break anything above a thousand euros will be subjected to common law and i think that on to the question about criticism on donations in a way washington d.c. sits at the fork of two title rivers connected to the atlantic ocean and that makes
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the u.s. capitol vulnerable to rising sea levels and climate change but the frequent flooding within view of the white house is a topic president donald trump has addressed castro has more. thirty six million people visit washington d.c.'s national mall each year drawn to its monuments spring cherry blossoms and the tidal basin one hundred year old reservoir that takes its name from the tides flowing in and out of the potomac river but lately the tides have been rising too high here we're seeing the sidewalk of a cherry blossom walkway around the title basin flooded completely impassable this happens twice a day a result of sea level rise and increased urbanization the bravest visitors may not mind the water but most people have to step around puts in danger the purpose of this place it's
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a formal garden for americans and their guests to wander through and it's also the place where some of our most historic people are memorialized thomas jefferson writer of the declaration of independence is lucky to have a high perch above the waters but the sea wall beneath him is crumbling the white house where the president lives overlooks the tidal basin you can see it clearly from here across the water but despite having evidence of climate. changed literally outside his window president trump has decided to remove the united states from the paris climate accord and he's called climate change hoax i don't think he cares. it's not going to make him any money to save the environment and he won't be here when it's doing and so the carriers. the united nations says the world has just twelve years to stop the climate change catastrophe in washington it's the local government that has stepped up we're proud of on our own now and so
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we're putting really a lot more money of our own in d.c. into innovation research and development and we just don't have the partnership with federal government and that's sad frustrating will this delicate beauty survive and what monument will there be to those who had a chance to save it. castro al jazeera washington. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera peru's former president alan garcia has died after shooting himself in the head as police arrived to his house to arrest garcia had been under investigation in connection with a corruption scandal involving the construction company autocrats to serve as president twice from one nine hundred eighty five to one nine hundred ninety and from two thousand and six to two thousand and. sudan's the post president bashir
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has reportedly been moved from house arrest to a maximum security prison the military leaders have arrested dozens of former officials who are part of this year's governments there have been air strikes in the past few hours with both sides in the battle for libya's capital tripoli coming under attack recognize government forces have targeted warlords positions south of the city and have lost three of their own soldiers as air strikes hit their troops . outside the capital tunis says thirteen french nationals with diplomatic passports and weapons were stopped at the border on sunday they were crossing from libya into sin is what he had to the death. of the the entered through two rubber boats and they were spotted we followed them till they reached the two boats carry eleven european foreigners from different nationalities and we handed them over to the authorities concerned the second group entered on sunday consisting of thirteen individuals all of them frenchmen under diplomatic cover with arms and ammunitions and initially they tried not to hand them over some of algeria as
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opposition parties and former diplomats say they won't take part in the july presidential election they're angry about the use of violence against anti-government protesters and accuse the interim government of wasting time the announcement comes after the appointment of come off an inch as the new head of the powerful constitutional council counting is underway in indonesia's presidential and parliamentary elections ballots are being tallied from eight hundred thousand polling stations the incumbent djoko widow is facing his main challenger the former army general provost to lead the world's third largest democracy egypt will hold a three day referendum beginning on saturday over sweeping constitutional amendments they could allow president. to stay in power until twenty thirty the parliament had approved the amendments that also expand the president's powers and give the military greater influence in politics those are the headlines on al-jazeera inside story is coming up next then it's the news hour i'll see you then
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bye bye. the dumb will rise from the ashes from. time line to live build. centers of history went up in flames of the cathedral it was told and what lessons on how to preserve historical science this is the inside story. of the welcome to the program. the no saddam in paris survived wars revolutions and
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political turmoil but it took just hours to destroy nearly nine centers of history the world has his science was being renovated when a flying golf the gothic cathedral for many friends people than us was a symbol of identity the government is already a promising to rebuild and make it more beautiful than ever its announced an architecture can petition for the recalls russian fintan one again has more. when the spiral collapsed france felt a part of its identity pull with it more than eight hundred fifty years of history was engulfed in flame. overflowed as thousands of liters of water were pumped in the french president vowed to rebuild the cathedral more beautifully than ever before and within just five years. throughout our history we have
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built cities pullets and churches many have burned many have been destroyed by wood walls revolutions a human falls every time every time we have we built the. donations for the rebuild have flooded in from france's richest people two hundred twenty five million alone from luxury goods magnate bernard are no. compare that to just before the fire when the catholic church struggled to secure money to repair masonry damaged by time and pollution experts from around the world are offering their services with help of new technology u.s. and european researchers have used lasers over the years to make precise three d. models of the cathedral and some of suggested asking the creators of this computer game for help artist spent two years recreating every detail of the building many hope that it won't be long before the not rises from the ashes and becomes the grand dame at the center of paris once again into manhattan for inside story let's
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have a look other how does his size the have been destroyed in the past when the u.k. was damaged by fire in one thousand nine hundred. it took five years and sixty million dollars to rebuild the. whole burned to the ground in one thousand nine to six isn't spent with storing the building. last year brazil's two hundred year old national museum burned down in rio de janiero recovery efforts have been slow for four year war any a man has destroyed heritage sites including historical old city and in syria the ongoing civil war has damaged world heritage sites such as the city of palmeiro and the. let's bring in our guests karen archer is that it is director of the french
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heritage society and she joins us from paris on skype from italy is that a birth or did julio scientific or to nato there's a research project which documents in europe with three d. modeling and the london we have francis mord an architect and director donald associates who took part in the restoration of the windsor castle in the ok welcome to you all karen i think the question that many people are asking right now is how will not all done but we're built is going to be the same again and actually that's a big subject of debate right now because of course there are normal of construction and the history of the monument that has to be respected but as we know there was just a competition that was announced today. for an international competition from architects across the world with a new spire which is an element which will bring obviously something new to the cathedral so they're not planning obviously do just reconstruct the nineteenth
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century spire which was done during a major restoration by the famous restore of you the viewer later duca so that's one element in terms of the rest of the of the architecture. there may be improvements in terms of techniques but they still have to respect the spirit of the building ok which is always a debate in terms of restoration we will have to go into more details about those particular aspects of the building rabbo about oh how difficult is this task going to be for for the french architects at the moment they will start the restoration of the hottest site it will be difficult as well it is in that in the kind of building. it will dispense somebody that. obviously reconstruction is based on the knowledge the building above the technology is used in the student in the private sector and it in the center is at
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that particular so no it is not difficult in terms of technologies knowledge and of it is difficult to understand and to not exactly heart. mate would be very upset about this because of this. but. it was. only friends in europe. presume that there is an addon they want to inspect. was obviously. you know that it has been locked down so and are stranded there instead of the front room lengthens and and their construction. they cannot and addict knowledge of sorrow and having that they will they will build on top in
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ok which is the way forward francis tell us a little bit i mean from your own experience with the restoration of the windsor castle what are the major challenges that you faced that the friends architects of the french authorities could face where. i think there's a clear point where you need to start a project of this kind in that we really need to be able to stabilize the surviving parts of the structure which are going to include the external walls and the vaults which survive over most parts of the cathedral. because obviously the structural dynamic of them has changed considerably with the collapse of the roof above them so there's a big project to do there straight away to make sure that as much of the fabric as possible can be saved and then there's also a need to put a temporary roof over the whole of the site to prevent any more rain for getting into it because the key thing we also want to be able to do is to dry out the
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structure as much as we can you know we've had a lot of water poured into it in an attempt to put out the fire and the building these dry out because of that and then once we have got a weather tight. weather tight enclosure around the building and we've been able to stabilize the standing up for the structure we can then go through and look at the day which has fallen from the roof structure which has fallen down into the neighbor's world to identify how much more fiber which has fall down could be salvaged from that and could be incorporated into the rebuilt cathedral care of the governor says that is going to take five years to complete the restoration of the cathedral do you think this is a realistic aim i would say it's very ambitious it's a very ambitious goal it's difficult to assess as we still don't know what structural elements as roberto was saying need to be replaced also apparently there may have been some damage to some of those stones are on the upper level because of the heat so all of that has to be evaluated. so before before they can really get
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into restoring it they still have to do the finished evaluation for the structure but five years seems like a very very ambitious or. to of a lot that type of project there are some experts who are now saying that you need first of. to go through all the digital archives technology you need to look at into the financial considerations look into the structure itself of the cathedral and you look at what kind of innovations you were put into place and if you're sum it up it seems that you need at least twenty years to be able to complete this whole endeavor do you agree with this assessment. that it the. moment probably the. story. we know that. there is a. sound bites about it sorry it really is counted.
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and you see. i would assume that we're only. digits are on fire already you know but actually. i don't know at all with chandra levy riette because of course he is being. treated model of very rich and ends up they only for mission. it really are for a little structure or a illusion it was dark and it was the. francis this looks like a very delicate task in a way or another because you have to look into whatever innovation you would put into place as an architect without compromising the structural integrity of the building because we're automated we're talking about a very ancient structure so how to strike this balance between a very ancient structure and the need for more one of a show and draw bost ceilings for example. i think the key
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features of mediæval and other ancient structures is a certain degree of flexibility in the original construction in that the small size of the stone the medium size the stones in the mortar which joins them together as well as the use of term allows a certain amount of movement and subtle within the structure without completely compromising the integrity of the building as a whole and that therefore the imposition of some materials now it's hard cement which acts as a much more rigid type of structure it can give difficulties if not carefully manage that said we need to look back at the history of other repairs which have been made to cathedrals over the past and perhaps good examples include the post-war reconstructions period say reims in france after the first world war where a steel frame roof structure was included there which still stands today and that
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gave a faster rebuilding time as well as a fireproof structure i'm not saying that that's precisely what should be done here but i'm saying there's a possibility of one of the things which can be considered when the quantity of remains of the existing roof has been analyzed and evaluated for suitability for incorporation into the repaired structure as well as of course in the context of whatever new kind of spire will be designed as of the competition that president macro has announced carry the little dam was a process of renovation which was expected to take some twenty years before being completed and they were having problems with financing the whole. project do you think that things are changing you know and that they will not face any problems when it comes to this mammoth task yes well unfortunately this is one of the bright side of this catastrophe. i know that they did have they were still actively seeking funds for the restoration that was just ongoing and you saw the scaffolding
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. in all the all the films of the flames burning i know they were seeking funds in the united states as well trying to get more support abroad and with this. near disaster with notre dam almost disappearing. there's been a spontaneous outpouring of support we've seen that with our organization of french heritage society where we normally raise funds only in the united states and some in france we launched a campaign on monday and we have over thirty five countries that have contributed so far. so and mostly private individuals giving an average of about eighty dollars so it shows that people are really. touched by notre dame and i think also the fact that this could have disappeared for me what was most moving on what happened monday night was not when the when the spire fell but at one point
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during the evening when they said that they were not sure that they would be able to save the structure and just says we can't conceive the world without paris we can't conceive paris own notre dame fair enough and i think that's what we're feeling with all of these outreach that we're coming roberta i would like to go through some of the aspects of the real. reconstruction of the whole project because if you look at the building itself very much celebrated for its flying buttresses god the. rose windows i mean if you have to go through technology to try to record a very thing and bring it back to exactly what used to look like just a few days ago how much time is it going to take i heard it. in about a year. i i don't know which will be. china be they in about. that are instructed.
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to strike back. and asians will be. there imagine plan dining and the time to be involved in it. i i must say that there was little me. freezing on investigation and decision. collection of information that will move by the sentence before that and will. actually honestly. say good. morning are not enough for a ok game announcer in iraq than to act and say something is soothing long. i see your point francis i mean this is general sentiment among the people who are affected by the. the sight of the spire collapsing of the fire engulfing the blazing golfing the building that they were just wanted it to look exactly like
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what used to be but this is a new era with different technology different new what materials what do you think should come first the need to rebuild it along the lines of the new technology or the need to maintain the structure the way it used to be although it's a five zero structure in a way the internal debate really in or restoration project is precisely between the balance between the precise reconstruction of the building that's been lost or the degree to which it can be altered to incorporate new technologies and a lot of what informs decisions to answer that discussion comes from a really close analysis of the fabric that survives and that's going to take into account its significance and value and can has already touched on that and a lot more will also come from the condition of of the remaining fabric and whether it in fact can usefully be reintegrated into the restored not from down cathedral and we should also add that there will be some elements of modern alterations and
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interventions which will undoubtedly be of use to people in the future we for instance would include better fire detection measures as an obvious one particular after a tragedy like this better means of preventing the spread of fire through the building detecting it and extinguishing it as well so there's always going to be a certain degree of innovation in any restoration project kerry many people are asking the question about how did it happen we know that all structures are flood level by definition because they are so fragile with the timber still there years as a wrapping but however is this something which is likely to open a debate about the need to upgrade safety measures along all the historical sites in friends all over the world yeah i think it may well and we have to remember that we were very fortunate in paris because notre dame is. isolated somewhat it's since on the point of the either less a day or so there is buildings to one side the river on the other side and then of
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those square we have the city of paris itself has some ninety three churches that it's responsible for that are integrated right into the fabric of the city and we have many other cities throughout france where that's the case so and oftentimes funding is a critical issue so security was hand in hand with that and i think being right in the center of the city makes that even doubling more important roboto europe in particular is very successful when it comes to reconstruction and restore ation plans we've see of that with trust and with warsaw with italy with different parts of europe and this explains why people are optimistic that not all of them will be or were built to its glory days i think that we can do we can begin to be. we have . a lot of experience in that direction not on it but only certain that you know for example really we ever experience and really close up the weeks
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that we get and prepare to do that. we are experiencing the. experience. of rigorous traction and different approaches being that being tested in. the last think aeration. up the european community about the advance up election data and also it as there is asian novel approach to read it is there important to do it one of the main aim of deliberation and one of the first part of that race should include imber and some of the. creation. and digital. zation. believes send a lecture not. all needed it in the moment the four of us
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are out and must see to it mentally is more important then more. doing what to do after the stroke it floats an example wanted to remove this kind of the work that francis if you were to take part in the restoration work in not whoredom what would be your first advice of the french government knowing that this is ultimately has become a universal symbol. it is a universal summer and that's why it's a world heritage site because in that respect it has something which belongs to humanity as a whole. we've talked already about the need for a full evaluation of what remains from the fire before making any decisions as to the precise process of reconstruction. as karen said not for them it is a symbol of paris and paris of course is the center of france so it will certainly
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be rebuilt and in large measure because so much of the external fabrics as we will expect it to look the same as it does before the fire and that equally applies to the interiors there is going to be something spectacular i think which will replace the former spire in the middle of the future and the maybe other opportunities internally once the table has been cleared away for other items to be introduced which will bring a new sense of wonder and joy to the place but i think one other thing really to note about the process of post fire reconstruction is that it does bring with it a sense of renewal there's a palpable sense of excitement we have been able to save more of not to down than seems likely on monday evening but we've also got the chance to renew it at the same time as a functioning and working building there's a project that was beginning at the time the fabric for a lot of the fabric repairs which were long overdue and to be able to undertake it
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once in this way is perhaps more of an opportunity than than a tragedy before it's always worth noting that if you can. is going to say that if you can have unimpeded access to a structure you're able to focus far more completely on the task of reconstruction work and you can with the building which remains occupied because of course during the probert the project which they were in visiting for the roof repairs and the external fabric is all they need to keep not for dam open the whole time before but now i think is a better opportunity to a more complete project before we wrap up. i would like to hear from the three of you have appreciate really mewe being briefed on this particular question we've seen these are support of emotions about the collapse of the spire of the fire of the not a whole but the same time you look at the world that are places perhaps more ancient than not completely destroyed. by war in places like syria
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yemen forgot to stand sub-saharan africa what do you think should be done to prevent such loss of human treasure was lost with the carrot yes if it's a difficult question because. unfortunately the areas where this is taking place are areas that there's not a lot of state control anymore or there are you know there's active conflicts going on i know there's a debate too about to what degree when when peace comes should those things be restored if they can be but it also comes down to i think there is a bit of inequality when you when you see the more developed countries in in the west and especially urban centers naturally they tend to get more attention there's more focus on them they're more resources that are devoted to them just because more people are familiar with those areas roberto it's in our region were those are
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issues. we experienced the fire areas the same routes the same changes the reason you get a. feel of the very interesting feel of a search. on to protect the remains to damages that. already certainly. can. you know jewelry on the glory because of a lot of possible accepts ok and it. means not only structural action on the collection on the ridge but i think the dimension is the. dissemination of information that let you be dick gloves closer to do. they have to stay in we prove that it is the only reason we all sit for an hour. and this. is
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the year for us in less than twenty seconds please it's a question of who can take responsibility for these places who can look after them who can bring the resources to them we know that they're remote we know that there are vulnerable we know that there is limited government that so ultimately it's the world heritage organizations which will need to step forward here francis maude roberta julia cameron archer thank you very much indeed for your contribution to the program and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website and as you know dot com for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. it's a story you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle is a james i saw it for me but on the hot in here i want to.
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the place where decision makers opinion leaders and journalists come together every year. for honest conversations on global affairs and the future of the arab region . the thirty al-jazeera full. in a region full of contradictory agendas and deepening decides. with an arms race loosely. where is the gulf headed with the radian influence on the rise saudi influence on the decline. and the casualty crisis. the gulf from crisis to decline of strategic influence this april twenty seventh
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and twenty eighth in doubt. the official story is unfair and unfair we all show you i don't care about the official story what has the media been telling join me to the house an all out front of my guests from around the world take the hot seat and we debate the week's top stories and big issues here and i'll just say. this is al-jazeera. you're watching the news hour live from the headquarters in doha i'm debbie navigator coming up in the next sixty minutes huge protests continue in the sudanese capital as former president. reportedly taken to prison. or ruse former
2:49 am
president alan garcia has died after shooting himself in the head to avoid arrest and a corruption case the u.n. says in this scrimmage shelling in residential areas of the libyan capital could constitute a war crime. nor traitor nandan to the top stories from europe including. church bells ringing across france and on a cathedral as the country's prime minister says an international competition to redesign the spot. as the last two champions league quarter final matches gets underway in just an hour in england and portugal. hello sudan's deposed president obama has reportedly been moved from house arrest to a maximum security prison and he was kept at the presidential residence and he was ousted in a military coup last week military leaders of also arrested dozens of former
2:50 am
officials who were part of governments meanwhile protesters are outside the main military compound in the capital hard to ms you can see they're demanding immediate change the military leaders to give up power to a civilian all forty live to muhammad valley joining us from khartoum any official word on the whereabouts off ahmed and bashir. not to and that's something that has been very criticised very much criticised by the opposition here and by the protesters they think they they said they thought that the new regime would be different the military council would behave differently from the previous practices of the of former president omar bashir and they will be transparent and honest telling people what's going on particularly that this is a matter of high interest to the people of sudan protesters have been demanding the
2:51 am
address and the jail and the title of amal bashir and now they don't really know where he is we have actually highly placed sources in the hierarchy of the government telling us that he's in jail has been transferred to the jail today but there is no official statement from the top ranks from the top leadership of the military council about that and that's because the size that people are gathering in the thousands every day and particularly tonight there is that we have seen more numbers there in the streets and in that city and probably in reaction to this news of his being transferred to jail but the protesters have been trying to increase their numbers every single day to send a strong message to the military that this sort of pollution has not yet ended and this uprising has not yet and and it will not and they will not go home until they make sure all the changes and all the demands the time that they have asked for are
2:52 am
met by the military council we have also lent. that just a while ago a delegation of the components of the uprising the association of sudanese. professionals and also the forces of change and freedom they handed a road map paper to the military council including the points of the program they want to see implemented on top of that is the creation instead of the military council the creation of that but as they should council with majority civilian members but with a presentation from the military council and also the creation of a civilian government not from political parties but made up mainly of technocrats people who can run this country professionally and a lot of other points of so included in the roadmap and this is exactly what the military council has demanded from the protesters over the last few days they told
2:53 am
them we are ok with the idea of civilian government with we are ok with some of your demands but we want you to give us a clear vision of what you want and that has been done tonight ok mohamed vell with an update from the hard to me thank you let's not speak to him or if he is the head of the peace building interventions program at the institute for justice and reconciliation he's joining us via skype from capetown thanks very much for speaking to us and just picking up on what our reporter was saying that news just in some of the opposition members have handed in a roadmap to the military council and what they're calling for is the creation of a presidential council with the majority being civilian members could this be a turning point in the political crisis in sudan. yes this could be a turning point if the military council in fact follows through and accept this
2:54 am
petition from the people you will recall that the first of january the the movement also issued a declaration on freedom and change and the reason why it could be a turning point is that the african union the regional grouping of fifty five countries of which saddam is a member also has come in quite strongly and issued a statement through its peace and security council on the fifteenth of april the clearing the this this is this takeover by the military council as a coup d'etat and this is this is very rare language for the african union to use and therefore we should also be acknowledging that there is a regional diplomatic pressure beginning to build in from the outside which should support the people's movement going forward and what do you think the military council's response will likely be that's a very difficult question is it it's incredibly difficult to get into the biased
2:55 am
set. of of the of the military council i think maybe more in fresno for you what do you think the military council's endgame is in sudan. well it does not seem to be a very clear strategy because they have not necessarily assaulted the people outside of the compound direct and so they are currently grappling with options and i think we have to put this in a historical context in which omar al bashir has been ruling for more than thirty six years or so and the question now in their minds is how do they move forward and i think the almost the drug woken up from an era that is bygone and there in which we had cooled it tars in africa and the african union has come out quite strongly to say that all of its norms and quiet and protocols. are. challenge such as and that in twenty nineteen notably the peace and security
2:56 am
council protocol and the african charter on democracy elections and governance and there is a very specific statement within that these documents including the constitutive act of the african union on the un the rejection of unconstitutional changes of government which essentially is what has happened in sudan so i think the people on the ground now when it comes to went around the country should take advantage of the situation that the diplomatic opening act provides them to in fact increase the pressure and there is a deadline that the u.s. issued which is a fifteen day timeframe for the military council to in fact hand power over to a civilian authority. on the pain of being suspended i don't know if you are going which will come in automatically yessir absolutely right on that deadline
2:57 am
but one more question to you on all martin bashir himself because there are reports that he has been moved into a prison but no official statement yet is the military council being deliberately vague on the whereabouts and the fates are for modern bashir as you know he's wanted by the i.c.c. for war crimes. indeed i think this is this is it's not really a strategy it's almost a tactic a delay tactic you will you will no doubt be aware that marshall had certain factions within various military arms of his previous government and i think there is an internal if you will battle going on to determine his fate and his future and one doesn't quite know which faction as that has the upper hand at which point in time in fact some of the members sitting around the military council could be hold would use a kind of. supportive semi supportive of ensuring that he is not necessarily
2:58 am
bundled out of the country and we're still waiting to the i.c.c. the hague for example but the african union has a policy of non-cooperation with the i.c.c. so the council will probably not be too concerned about that that that trajectory of events ok to marie three we thank you very much for speaking to us from cape town. one of sudan's armed groups that's the sudan people's liberation movement north or s.p.l. amend says it's seizing all hostilities immediately in areas under its control until the end of july currently the group controls the areas in the southern states of blue nile and south kordofan it says the move is a goodwill gesture to help ensure a smooth transition to civilian rule in hard to. peruse former president alan garcia has died after shooting himself in the head as police arrived to his house to arrest him garcia's under investigation in connection with a construction company order breaths corruption scandal and twenty sixty in the
2:59 am
company admitted to the us justice department that it paid nearly eight hundred million dollars to officials across latin america in exchange for major infrastructure contracts served as president twice from one nine hundred eighty five to one nine hundred ninety and again from two thousand and six to two thousand and eleven politicians worldwide have been linked to the breast bribery scandal of brazilian multinational odebrecht admitted guilt in a cast for contracts corruption scandal and more than half of the countries in latin america the company helped pay for election campaigns and boosting the careers of politicians in return for lucrative construction projects the scandal has brought down politicians throughout latin america including in brazil ecuador and colombia are the brits has admitted paying almost thirty million dollars in bribes in peru since two thousand and four garcia always denied any involvement.
3:00 am
the u.n. says in this shelling in the libyan capital could constitute a war crime very have been airstrikes in and around libya's capital where both sides are coming under attack forces loyal to the u.n. recognize government have targeted warlords khalifa haftar is positioned south of tripoli and lost three of their own soldiers as airstrikes pounded their troops during the night at least five people were killed by shells and rocket fire have to it has launched an offensive to in his words clear terrorists from the capital not more than one hundred times more from tripoli according to the red crescent and the health ministry here which is based in tripoli trying to reach out to civilians and families stuck.


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