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tv   Never Again  Al Jazeera  April 18, 2019 6:32am-7:01am +03

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in about a mere zelinsky in opinion polls ahead of sunday's runoff for the presidential election ever been first you will cause to the ukrainian seaport of adesa to find out why bush and co is fighting for his political survival. you notice ukrainian multiculturalism finds its truest expression. in music with many different routes. that is of a new york of an order that is like new york city of immigrants settled by people of various ethnicities and greeks germans jews moldovans russians ukrainians and there's creates this music of the work with that the move to the same diversity may explain why voters you know desa rejected the incumbent president in the first round of ukraine's presidential election petro poroshenko came third here. five years on from ukraine's revolution russia's annexation of crimea and the conflict
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in eastern ukraine on resolved. poroshenko has campaigned for reelection on a platform of ukrainian nationalism he has promoted ukrainian language culture and religion backing the ukrainian also docs church splitting from the moscow patriarchate. critics here say that policy has alienated odessa and who is not the previous presidents have ever try to match with souls or decent never told them what church to go is and never told them to speak a certain language odessa exemplifies the complexity of the ukrainian nation the cosmopolitan sea town that is mainly russian speaking. this old seaports ethnic diversity is emblematic of ukraine's multicultural society but it's also emblematic of ukraine's greatest domestic challenge corruption petro poroshenko promised to rid odessa of organized crime but organized crime continues to cost
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a shadow over the city. anti corruption campaign is here have frequently been attacked. on survived an assassination attempt now he takes necessary precautions he accuses poroshenko of cutting a deal with odessa is mare who is on trial for embezzlement yet still holds his post and you are going back to the middle ages there are local feudal lords that have corrupt political allies in the capital having a circuit all branches of power to do whatever they please for kill people here is the resources of a city of more than a million people and an entire region to enrich themselves. back in this term and politics is strictly off the menu a refuge but odessa is to escape election fever. but if opinion polls are correct it may be time for petro poroshenko to face the music robin for still walker
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al-jazeera odessa. france will hold an international competition to decide how to replace the spire that was destroyed in monday's fire president wants to restore the cathedral to its full glory within five years but some experts are warning it could take much longer to reports from paris. from above the extent of the damage to not a dam is clear monday's fire ravaged the twelfth century cathedral destroying its roof and making the spire collapse dozens of precious artworks were burned centuries old stained glass windows melted. firefighters continue to assess the cathedral safety and used water jets to cool parts of it the spokesperson said risks remained. the surely most money toward a hot spot that can be found in the cracks between the stones that make up the votes the lead which covered the entire voters' complete melted so we have to
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continue monitoring the bird to do that with you on the banks of the river saying people watched the overall b.c. i thought to myself i have to come and take in the same ocean it's really deeply moving it's very different to watching it on screen to take time to see the devastating impact that francis prime minister said a committee will oversee not traditions reconstruction and an international competition will be launched to rebuild the spire. the international competition will allow us to ask whether we should even recreate the spire if we should rebuild the spire as it was conceived and built by the architect in the same manner or if as is often the case in the evolution of heritage and of the cathedral we should give not a new spire adapted to the techniques and challenges of our times. flourish the french president emmanuel mak all wants not for a down to be rebuilt in five years that would be time for the paris and then picks but some building experts say that's too ambitious that
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a project of this scale could take decades the deadline for rebuilding could be a challenge but funding it seems less of a concern with multimillion dollar donations flooding in on wednesday cathedral bells across france rang out in solidarity. not to dam's devastation has touched many people perhaps because it's a famous symbol of paris because the imposing eight hundred fifty year old building office people a link to the past natasha butler al jazeera paris. climate change activists in london have targeted the city's rail network on a third day of protests aimed at causing disruption to the city two demonstrators climbed on top of a carriage and another super glued himself to its window on the train was stopped in london's financial district three hundred forty people have been arrested since the extinction rebellion protests began on monday the group is calling for the
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government to take radical measures to protect the environment. this is really difficult none of us wants to there's someone i'm with here is a mother has children. with a living on violence we don't want to disrupt anyone's lives we don't want to cause any damage we don't see any other option and i love the things that we're doing in town that people are on board with and it's as big in quotes in the little circles so great will that change the world of government so we've got to keep going to go to keep pushing we don't want to do this but it is a sure fire way of getting the debate on the table i mean for me personally i don't mind if i the least popular person in the world off the social as long as the issue is on the table people talking about excesses so. teenage environmentalist critter two in burke has thanked pope francis for standing up for the climate a sixteen year old swedish activist briefly met the head of the roman catholic church in vatican city at the pontiff gave her his blessing and encouraged her to
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continue her work timberg a spearhead of a global movement of students skipping school to strike against global warming. still ahead on the program. whole. world. business updates. going places.
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business updates. going places. in the world. lauren and thank you very much one of the most thrilling european champions league matches in history has ended with tottenham hotspur knocking out manchester city
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and reaching the semifinals for the first time in doing so they ended city's hopes of a quadruple of trophies and a seven goal epic that ended in heartbreaking fashion for the manchester side both teams immediately went on the offensive with tottenham some healing men scoring a double within ten minutes ryan sterling then had his own brace ten minutes later as five goals were scored in the space of twenty one minutes there were two more in the second half the end of the match was even more dramatic a city pressed for a winner sterling thought he'd done it in the one third minute but the video assistant referee ruled an offside. winning four three on the night spurs or into the semi thanks to a way goals in the game not quite as dramatic not that liverpool will mind but they're still goals aplenty they won four want to porto and thanks to last week's victory at anfield liverpool go through six one on aggregates now those results
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mean liverpool will be heading to the new camp for the first leg of the semifinals against barcelona on april thirtieth while tottenham will take home advantage for that tie against i.x. . have blown their third chance in a row to claim the french championship the three two loss to a lowly north's team comes on the back of a draw to strasbourg and their worst defeat in almost two decades five one against lille but p.s.g. still have six games left to get the one point they need to claim their eighth league title. a tennis player who exposed match fixing along his fellow professionals says he's received no backing from the sports authorities and has been alienated by other players on the tour marco from galaxy has moved to andorra from his native argentina after angering the tennis community in his home and he says the tennis integrity unit that he reported to has done nothing to help him with the backlash some of his fellow pros are now banned after he revealed
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approaches made to him by much fixes offering tens of thousands of dollars to fix contests if you are weak mentally then. you go in you are a lean for sure because this is the money you have to them i mean if you think about it one hour working for one hundred thousand dollars you're never going to get money in an easier way in easier whether. rafael nadal has started the clay court season in ominous fashion he was up against fellow spaniard roberto battista and gets in the second round of the monte carlo masters it's just an hour and sixteen minutes to get past his countryman six one six one the doll has won this tournament a record eleven times already he's building up to his french open title defense next month after an injury. and i did i think what they had to do it today. was a day that had been the first much on clay almost
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a year so i just tried to play so that the hole is this so-so especially from a so just enjoying the the fight that i have one more time the chance to be playing in this amazing club. the doll take on grigor dimitrov in round three the bulgarian had a real battle against germany's young strength. but he came through it seven six six four to set up a much tougher challenge against nadal next time he's on course. the columbus blue jackets have won their first n.h.l. playoff series in history and it's come at the expense of the best team in the regular season the tampa bay lightning i'll have the stanley cup playoffs after being swept four games to none this is also the first time in league history the team with the most points in the regular season failed to win a game in the opening round of the playoffs it comes after tampa bay had tied the record for the most regular season wins in the hundred two year history of the late
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. the oklahoma city thunder living dangerously in the n.b.a. playoffs they now trail to nothing in their series against the portland trailblazers the league's former m.v.p. russell westbrook helped the thunder into a ten point lead in the second quarter but portland oklahoma superiors in the regular season and they tied it up at half time damian lillard and c.j. mcmullen combining for sixty two points a fall of one hundred calls a hundred fourteen to ninety four the series now switches to oklahoma for game three. the philadelphia phillies are making the early running at the top of their division in major league baseball scotts kingery got a satellite home run at the bottom of the fifth to lead them to victory over the new york mets on wednesday three two in this one taken the phillies clear of the mets in the national league east to. sawyer sports and i will have more lighter back to you lauren and london. thanks very much you could now experience life on mars as
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long as you go to the middle of the gobi desert that's why china has created a space educational center named mars base one the barren site aims to teach young people about what conditions are like on the red planet china is planning to send a probe to mars next year. that's it for me now and taylor for this news hour started back in a moment with another full roundup of the day's news thanks for watching. in australia more women are being locked up than ever before but what's driving
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this alarming development one on one east meets two x. inmates the block behind bars on a zero. fake news is a global virus but in indian politics it's becoming a cancer on the up and stopped and abuse and manipulate them into whatever the party just based on emotion can skew the perception of the under diva specifically if you're bombarded with freak news it does start to flow to you as the world's largest democracy goes to the polls how vulnerable are expenses to militias disinformation. people and power investigates india fake news and agitprop on al-jazeera. examining the headlines a collapsed economy believes that many people are struggling to survive setting the discussions people have yet to wait i don't think you can look away any longer sharing personal stories with a global audience explore an abundance of world class programming designed to
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inform of the neediest motivate and inspire. the world is watching on al-jazeera. talk to al-jazeera we you're just back from yemen what was the glimpse of the country the gods we listen to the children are deeply affected because of war we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter. sudan's doctors join protesters in the chant for freedom peace and justice as deposed president omar al bashir is reportedly taken to prison.
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and are in tears al-jazeera live from london also coming up. peru's former president i'm garcia dies in hospital after shooting himself to avoid arrest. funerals are held in tripoli after shells slammed into the libyan capital overnight the u.n. says the violence could amount to a war crime. one of india's largest airline suspends all operations after it runs out of money to stay in this tried. to begin in sudan where former president omar bashir has reportedly been taken to the country's most notorious jail bashir had been kept at the presidential residence since being forced from power by the army last week but he's now been moved to the maximum security cobar prison military leaders have arrested dozens of
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former officials who were part of the shias government including two of his brothers. arrests are underway observables of the eyes to the regime in addition to others who are believed to be linked to corruption cases the most prominent of those who have been placed in custody until no or the brothers of the former head of this corrupt regime abdullah and a bus bashir. protests in sudan have kept up their demands for change they say they will not leave the streets until the military has handed over power to a civilian government well the army wants there to be a two year transition period thousands of doctors took part in wednesday's protest demanding a better health care system damage that has more from khartoum. inside the sources told are dizzy about that former president a model has an admission has been moved to the jail of cold war in the north of khartoum that's the district of battery former president omar bashir has been held
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in house arrest since the coup that took place last week and there have been demands by protesters and the by the various components of the sudanese opposition for and bashir to be tried soon as possible there is a lot of criticism among the opposition and the protesters. with regards to the way in which the military council is handling the situation of among bashir and the top leaders of the former regime particularly the fact that they're being very secure about what's going on and what is happening to them until now there is no official statement from the military council confirming or denying that bashir has been moved to this jail and we know that over the last several days the i.c.c. has asked for him to be handed for trial for crimes against humanity in darfur the military council has said that that's not an option sudan when martha hand on bashir but if he's going to be tried he will be tried inside so that itself
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meanwhile the protesters are continuing their sit ins in front of the military had . and they are insisting that they will not move from that place until the complete list of the months which they have submitted to the military council is form filled or so we have seen huge rallies taking place today by various professional organizations particularly the unions of doctors sights of the asking for the same demands and tomorrow more rallies are expected in the streets of khartoum and that's because for the us to say that their only strength and their only power of negotiation with the military council is for them to maintain this high visibility in the streets. bashir is wanted by the international criminal court for crimes against humanity war crimes and genocide in darfur the sudanese military says it will not allow bashir to be extradited to the hague and will instead put him on
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trial in sudan kyra first min is an international human rights lawyer she says that bashir may not need to be extradited to face justice i think it's probably still early to know where and how. omar bashir will be tried. is there a prospect for him to be tried in sudan certainly and even with respect to the international criminal court jurisdiction. if the domestic state is able to show that it's willing and able genuinely to carry out an investigation and prosecution then the first go would be to it's. certainly before the change in the recent weeks it would have not been possible. peru's former president has died hours after shooting himself in the head to avoid
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arrest because he was being investigated for bribery in what's become latin america's largest corruption scandal he turned the gun on himself as police arrived at his home in lima to arrest him garcia was rushed to hospital and had emergency surgery but died from his wounds on latin america editor lucy newman has more. than that seal was one proves most influential politician t.p. and president the youngest president of peru in one thousand eight hundred five as a member of the center left wing popular party he was known as the charmer of the masses because of his extraordinary oratory skills he was also extremely tall very very charismatic but he left peru in tatters suffering the worst hyperinflation in its history and also overrun by left with the rule of violence but when you returned to become president again in two thousand and six he was now if free market conservative he did very very well for the economy but also according to prosecutors for himself he was accused of having accepted millions of dollars in
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bribes from all the british the brazilian engineering company and also from other sources he always denied the allegations he tried in fact to seek political asylum earlier this year at the old blind embassy in lima after a judge for banning from leaving proof but why refused to grant this and so when finally police arrived at his house today ready. to arrest him along that sea had clearly preferred to dive dramatically rather than face the courts at least twenty eight people are dead after a tourist bus overturned in portugal veered off the road and rolled down a hillside on the island of madeira dozens have been injured the portuguese president has confirmed all victims were german several ambulances have been at the scene the u.s. national security adviser has announced new sanctions on kubert nicaragua and venezuela john bolton says five names linked to cuba's military will be blacklisted
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and all known family travel to the country will be restricted and official has more . in his last few months in office barack obama wants to improve relations with cuba lifted travel restrictions to the island give the go ahead for increased trade and symbolically restored full diplomatic relations cuba once more had a u.s. embassy in egypt after sixty years of sanctions and isolation he said it was time to try something different. different president different approach donald trump's national security adviser was in miami to address a group of exiled cubans john bolton announced new economic sanctions on the cuban military and intelligence services under strictures on the amount of money that can be sent to relatives in cuba and he brought the crowd to its feet with this the department of the treasury will implement further regulatory changes to restrict nonfamily travel to cuba or another would be with each new
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measures will help steer american dollars away from the cuban regime or its military and security services who control the tourism industry in cuba the announcement came just hours after u.s. secretary of state mike pump cleared the way for u.s. citizens to sue foreign businesses if they're using property in cuba that was seized during the one nine hundred fifty nine revolution he was most probably export these days is not cigars it's oppression. detente with the regime has failed. in is among the countries that has invested billions in cuba and the e.u. is warning this could create a huge international dispute. in the end i think this is bad for everyone it's a lose lose that is why the european union has sent a letter this week to secretary of state pompei to ask that the best thing is to collaborate and respect the agreement. also notes fresh economic sanctions on both
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venezuela and they can argue all aimed at increasing pressure on three countries he has dubbed the troika of tyranny alan fischer. the un says an attack on a residential area in libya's capital tripoli could amount to a war crime at least seven civilians were killed in the shelling on tuesday evening east toward holy for have turned launched an offensive to take control of the capital two weeks ago his soldiers are battling the forces of the internationally recognized government one hundred one had reports from tripoli. the victims of shelling more and in the libyan capital in the main square there are funeral prayers. and calls for the international community to help stop the conflict. folk.
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were speechless and in great shock we stand here by the victims' families demanding an immediate cessation of that barbaric attack by the war criminals have to his forces on tuesday night the rocket fire hits residential areas several people were killed dozens wounded and a state of panic lost eight of my. the outskirts of tripoli are now a battlefield around three million people are now living in the city's suburbs the un has condemned the shelling of civilian areas the secretary general's special representative in libya salaam a condemned in the strongest terms the overnight showing recalling their responsibility for actions that may constitute war crimes no lies not only with the individuals who ordered who committed the indiscriminate attacks but also potentially with those who ordered them since warlord leave there have to his
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forces began an offensive to take control of tripoli two weeks ago the violence has escalated. forces of the internationally recognized government have been defending the catheter have to say as he's trying to crush post arab spring an anarchy in libya the prime minister in tripoli phase as have there is a dictator in waiting aid workers are struggling to reach people trapped in parts of the city where that has been fighting electricity on the water supplies have been disrupted along with telecommunications and there are concerns the violence could spread beyond libya's borders affecting its oil production and bringing a rise in those trying to escape the conflict heading for europe. tripoli a group of people carrying weapons and french diplomatic passports have been stopped by tunis in your thirty's while attempting to cross from libya the incident at the
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country's western border is raising more questions about the involvement of foreign countries in the conflict some binge of aid has more.


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