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tv   21 Up South Africa P2  Al Jazeera  April 18, 2019 9:00am-10:00am +03

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time for ukraine's president to face the music we visit to understand why voters rejected their incumbent petro poroshenko in the first round of voting. hello there we've got more rain on the qods force in the southeast and parts of china for a look at the chance for us on thursday you can see the winds feeding up from the south dragging in a lot of moisture as they work their way northward so that will intensify the rains that we'll see on thursday so by friday i think that's when the rain is going to be particularly heavy and we could have a few problems thanks to the amount of rain that we see head before the towards the south and it looks like it should be you know actually fine for the philippines but elsewhere there will be more in the way of heavy showers as we've seen recently
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particular of a possible in through some march in this region again is where we'll see the most likely showers that the day and friday even further north over calls a time like a boat and into viet nam i think here will see one or two pretty heavy showers at times as we head out towards the west the weather here has been very violent particularly over the northern parts of india through pakistan and deposit afghanistan but this whole system is retreating now towards the north and the winds easing as well say things already proving over this region as we had three thursday and into friday that means the temperatures will be rising up as well say from that poet be back to around thirty eight degrees is the maximum as we head into friday towards the south well that's where they'll be a little bit more in the way of cloud i think some of the showers over sri lanka will be quite heavy. sponsored town and. dreams have turned out to be disappointing. if anyone called to say he'd leave each. advice or. three young north africans tell the story
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of how europe is not all they hoped it would be. a wild welcome to italy. hello again i'm just. a reminder of the news this hour north korean state media is reporting that kim jong un has overseen a test launch of a new tactical guided weapon while the exact kind of weapon is. the north korean leader has called it an event a very weighty significance. there are reports that sudan's ousted president al
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bashir has been jailed military leaders say they've made other arrests including to a person his brothers protesting sudanese say they want proof of him in the maximum security prison. the u.n. says an attack on residential neighborhoods in libya's capital tripoli could amount to a war crime at least seven civilians were killed and twenty injured during shelling on tuesday soldiers loyal toward khalifa haftar forces belonging to the internationally recognized government fighting for control of the city. a troika of tyranny that's how the u.s. national security advisor has described to cuba nicaragua and venezuela. new sanctions on all three countries and in a reversal of obama administration era and gauge went with cuba the u.s. now says it will restrict nonfamily travel to the island along with remittances alan fischer reports. in his last few months in office barack obama wants to
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improve relations with cuba he lifted travel restrictions to the island give the go ahead for increased trade and symbolically restored full diplomatic relations cuba once more had a u.s. embassy. after sixty years of sanctions in a solution he said it was time to try something different. different presidents different from national security adviser was in miami we address a group of. cuban's john bolton announced new economic sanctions on the cuban military and intelligence services under strictures on the amount of money that can be sent to relatives in cuba and he brought the crowd to its feet with this the department of the treasury will implement further regulatory changes to restrict nonfamily travel to cuba or another would be. these new measures will help steer american dollars away from the cuban regime or its military and security services who control the tourism industry in cuba. came just
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hours after u.s. secretary of state mike pompeo cleared the way for u.s. citizens to sue foreign businesses if they're using property in cuba that was seized during the one nine hundred fifty nine revolution he was most probably export these days is not cigars it's oppression. detente with the regime has failed. bin is among the countries that has invested billions in cuba and the e.u. is warning this could create a huge international dispute. and the end i think this is bad for everyone it's a lose lose that is why the european union has sent a letter this week to secretary of state pompei to ask that the best thing is to collaborate and respect the agreement. john bolton also notes fresh economic sanctions on both venezuela and they could argue all aimed at increasing pressure on three countries he has dubbed the troika of tyranny alan fischer.
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form the peruvian president alan garcia has died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound at his home in the capital the president was being investigated as a last in america's infamous oh direct corruption scandal mariana sanchez reports from lima. the last act in the life of peter's former precedent began with the police raid of his home in an affluent area of the capital lima they were there to arrest him in connection with a long running investigation into corruption during his time in office in the late one nine hundred eighty s. at some point police apparently allowed alan garcia to make a private phone call from his home a short time later was heard was long live on garcia was in critical condition and doctors fought to save his life he was revived three times before dying from the effects of a gunshot wound to the head earlier produced public prosecutor had issued
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a detention order in connection with corruption charges over his relationship with a giant construction company in latin america called on there but it alan garcia and nine associates were accused of receiving illegal payments and money laundering the sixty nine year old former president was already the subject of a travel ban on tuesday in his last. interview he repeatedly denied the charges dismissing them and speculation adding that he never sold himself and that is proven your h.r. so what i can accept and which i reject completely having been head of state two times is that there are these baseless speculations. and i saw himself as a victim last november he entered the two way embassy in lima seeking asylum he spent two weeks there until the government rejected his request saying there was no evidence of political persecution supporters clashed with police here at the hospital where the former president has died his political allies say the decision
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to take his life was one of dignity. he has shown dignity by not allowing the government and the public prosecutor's office which is full of people with hatred to trample over him. a legacy of served two terms as the president of a do with his death he becomes the face of a corruption scandal which has now touched almost every corner political life in latin america. police in nicaragua have halted amounts to commemorate the one year anniversary of anti-government protests hundreds of police filled the streets in managua hours before the march was set to begin as part of a crackdown on protests last year demonstrations against cuts to social security benefits were violently repressed by police and ortega supporters at least three hundred twenty five people were killed on home and has more from the. i think the first thing to say is that the number of police was vastly more than the number of
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people who were trying to protest you can actually see some of them now it's all over this seems to be a meeting point for police now says quite a few trucks behind just we would be one of the smooth groups of protesters and basically president or taken to his government have made it illegal now. street demonstrations to take place so they were trying to do so in a car parking space to try and basically avoid arrest and the service they sort of set up shop there there was a big police presence some of them heavily armed some of them with roy shields police trucks whizzing in and out the parking lot with the group of i'd say less than a hundred protesters were there were several others goal to around the cape so we are hearing from an umbrella group of stupid opposition activists and supporters that they think there are around fifty people detained we tried to verify that
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those numbers with the police but we didn't get any answers from their press office we do so trying their reply that in the past with the human rights organizations in the country but a lot of those have even been disbanded the human rights organization that was probably the most respected in the country i was speaking to his head the other day and they said the place to be please come in the night and trust to have their computers search the premises and many of them fled to neighboring costa rica so it's not just about the protests it's a problem today it's about a continuing situation in the car in which human rights organizations people that are protesting and also media groups in the country suffering quite a lot of intimidation and repression and these twenty nine people most of them german tourists have died in a bus crash and portugal the accident happened in the coastal town of kony so on near island city officials say the drive and lost control of the bus on
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a sabbat in street before it rolled and crashed into a house at the bottom of a slope fifty five people were on the bus and at least twenty were injured and taken to hospital. ukraine's president petro poroshenko continues to trail behind television comediennes out of me as a lenski an opinion polls ahead of sunday's second presidential runoff robin forestay will come visit the ukrainian seaport of adesa to find out why a par sankoh is fighting for his political survival. you know desa ukrainian multiculturalism finds its truest expression. in the music with many different routes to. give a new york of an order that is like new york city of immigrants settled by people of various ethnicities greeks germans jews moldovans russians ukrainians and this book a creates this music of the work with that the move to the same diversity may
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explain why voters you know desa rejected the incumbent president in the first round of ukraine's presidential election petro poroshenko came here five years old from ukraine's revolution russia's annexation of crimea and the conflict in eastern ukraine on result. poroshenko has campaigned for reelection on a platform of ukrainian nationalism he has promoted ukrainian language culture and religion backing the ukrainian all to doc's church splitting from the moscow patriarchate. critics here say that policy has alienated odessa and none of the previous presidents have ever try to measure souls or decent i never told them what changed goal and never told them to speak a certain language. exemplifies the complexity of the ukrainian nation the cosmopolitan sea town that is mainly russian speaking. this old seaports ethnic
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diversity is emblematic of ukraine's multicultural society but it's also emblematic of ukraine's greatest domestic challenge corruption petro poroshenko promised to rid o. debtor of organized crime but organized crime continues to cast a shadow over the city. anticorruption campaigners here have frequently been attacked because khan survived an assassination attempt now he takes necessary precautions he accuses poroshenko of cutting a deal with his mare who's on trial for embezzlement yet still holds his post. we're going to back to the middle ages there are local feudal lords that have corrupt political allies in the capital having served all branches of power to do whatever they please kill people he was the resources of a city of more than a million people and an entire region goodridge themselves. back in this time and
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politics is strictly off the menu a refuge to odessa is to escape election fever. but if opinion polls are correct it may be time for petro poroshenko to face the music robin first to walk al-jazeera. early results from indonesia's president the election suggest incumbent joker widodo is on course for a second term with a comfortable lead over his challenger. official results won't be known until may when ballots from nearly two hundred million eligible voters will have been tallied andrew thomas reports from jakarta. i was just told they shout their president's victory may not be official yet but it's no less real for that in the center of jakarta his supporters are celebrating quick counts were carried out of voting stations as soon as the voting process finished each ballot paper held up to
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show where holes have been punched once tallied they pointed to a clear victory for the incumbent. we have all seen the immediate. result but let's be patient we need to wait for the old. let's all unite as a nation. almost two hundred million people were eligible to vote some with a turnout of eighty one. but since wednesday's vote was one of the biggest one day exercise in democracy anyway. i'm very happy to be here i urge everyone to come because this day represents in the cressy in indonesia it's i have my doubts and i'm very proud of this because if i have fought for a good leader it wasn't a smooth process everywhere the biggest problems were in west papua where ballot papers and boxes piled toroids and voting has been delayed until thursday so proposed to be anti is not conceding yet and claims the problem showed the election
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may have been stolen. but take down before folk buy support safeguards the ballot boxes so we can fight all of the lights but the irregularities don't seem great enough to put the overall result in doubt if whenever ports in may the electoral commission confirms the informal results jocko would have beaten proposal this year by great symbolic when they lost competed in twenty four team was actually in this election result will represent the big picture of john howard and i'm not trying to. pick on. turkey's opposition c.h.p. candidate for istanbul's merrill election has been officially declared winner this comes despite the ruling party's formal appeal for a rerun of last month's votes come in the mall of the c.h.p. narrowly defeated his rival from the ak party the at party and its conservative predecessor have controlled istanbul for the last twenty five years has more from
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the. i called him a loser supporters have gathered outside the most office in celebration the win for the c.h.p. policy counted as a major upset at the ruling ak party who have controlled turkey's cultural capital for many many years it has been more than two weeks now since municipal elections nationwide but the result has been pending here in istanbul because of a dispute over the final result a listen result. of the new we don't point two five percent ahead of brutally killed or in the policy candidates but this led to a major route between the two parties the act party going through the sea priem electoral council and asking for the entire vote to be overturned but it isn't quite as simple as all of say a murder may be mair but that when has already been contested by the act party they
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have asked for this entire election to be a mold and for there to be a rerun the supremely actual council now has a week to decide whether or not to uphold this was old or to indeed allow that rerun to happen this result is particularly bruising for the ruling party and for president erdogan this is the city where he began his political career of the city in the nineteen ninety s. it's also particularly bruising because not only has the c.h.p. policy won here in istanbul but it's also won in the capital ankara. following the sunday attained with the headlines on al-jazeera north korea has test fired a tactical guided weapon according to state media experts tell us it's not a missile silo but it's the fast public weapons test since the hanoi summit instead
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neary. sudan's ousted president omar al bashir has been jailed and two of his brothers arrested by the country's military protesters meanwhile are continuing to call for a swift handover of power to a civilian council the u.n. says an attack on residential neighborhoods in libya's capital tripoli could amount to a war crime at least seven civilians were killed during shelling on tuesday soldiers loyal to warlord khalifa haftar and forces belonging to the internationally recognized government are fighting for control of the city peru's former president has shot himself at his home in lima alan garcia died in hospital during an emergency surgery the former two time president was being investigated in an extensive corruption case police in nicaragua have halted a march to commemorate the one year anniversary of protests against president daniel ortega hundreds of police filled the streets in managua hours before the march was set to begin as part of
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a crackdown on protests last year demonstrations against cuts to social security benefits were violently repressed by police and ortega supporters early results from indonesia's presidential election suggest incumbent joko widodo is on course for a second term with a comfortable lead over his challenger. official results won't be known until may when ballots from nearly two hundred million eligible voters will have been tallied egypt will hold a three day referendum beginning on saturday over sweeping constitutional amendments that could allow president abu faster l.c.c. to stay in power until twenty thirty the parliament approved amendments that also expand the president's powers some of algeria's opposition parties say they won't take part in the july presidential election they're angry about the use of violence against anti-government protesters and accuse the interim government of wasting time well those are the headlines join me for more news here after inside story.
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the not dom will rise from the ashes. timeline to live build. centers of history went up in flames of the cathedral it was told and what lessons on how to preserve historical science this is the inside story. of the welcome to the program. the no saddam in paris survived wars revolutions and
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political turmoil but it took just hours to destroy nearly nine centers of history the world has just science was being renovated when a flying golf the gothic a federal for many friends people than a was a symbol of identity the government is already a promising to rebuild and make it more beautiful than ever its announced an architect a competition for the recalls russian fintan one again. when the spiral collapsed france felt a part of its identity pull with it more than eight hundred fifty years of history was engulfed in flame. overflowed as thousands of liters of water were pumped in the french president vowed to rebuild the cathedral more beautifully than ever before and within just five years. throughout our history we have
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built cities pullets and churches many have burned many have been destroyed by wood walls revolutions a human falls every time every time we have we built the. donations for the rebuild have flooded in from france's richest people two hundred twenty five million alone from luxury goods magnate bernard are no. compare that to just before the fire when the catholic church struggled to secure money to repair masonry damaged by time and pollution experts from around the world are offering their services with help of new technology u.s. and european researchers have used lasers over the years to make precise three d. models of the cathedral and some of suggested asking the creators of this computer game for help artist spent two years recreating every detail of the building many hope that it won't be long before the not rises from the ashes and becomes the grand dame at the center of paris once again into manhattan for inside story let's
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have a look at other has his size the have been destroyed in the past when the u.k. was damaged by fire in one thousand nine hundred. it took five years and sixty million dollars to rebuild the. whole burned to the ground in one thousand nine to six isn't spent with storing the building. last year brazil's two hundred year old national museum burned down in rio de janiero recovery efforts have been slow for four year war any a man has destroyed heritage sites including historical old city and in syria the ongoing civil war has damaged world heritage sites such as the city of palmeiro and the. let's bring in our guests karen archer is that it is director of the french
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heritage society and she joins us from paris on skype from italy is that a birth or did julio scientific or to nato there a research project which documents in europe with three d. modeling and the london we have francis maude an architect and director donald associates who took part in the restoration of the windsor castle in the ok welcome to you all karen i think the question that many people are asking right now is how will not all done but we're built is going to be the same again and actually that's a big subject of debate right now because of course there are one norms of construction and the history of the monument that has to be respected but as we know there was just a competition that was announced today. for an international competition from architects across the world with a new spire which is an element which will bring obviously something new to the cathedral so they're not planning obviously do just reconstruct the nineteenth
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century spire which was done during a major restoration by the famous restore of the year later duca so that's one element in terms of the rest of the of the architecture. there may be improvements in terms of techniques but they still have to respect the spirit of the building ok which is always a debate in terms of restoration what we will have to go into more details about those particular aspects of the building robo about oh how difficult is this task going to be for for the french architects at the moment that will start the restoration of the hottest site. where difficult will it is in that in the kind of building. that. it will dispense somebody that. obviously reconstruction is based on the knowledge about the building that. technology is used in. the private sector and it in the center is at that.
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particular so no it is not difficult in terms of technologies now again of this difficult to understand and to not exactly heart and eliminate it would be very much about this because this is the. only friends in europe. presume that there isn't a head and they want to inspect. it was obviously. you know that it has been the custom of the lock down so and are stranded and there instead of the front runner lengthens and and their inspection now. they are in deep they cannot and the deck analogy sorrow that they're having that they will it will build on. ok which is the way forward
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francis tell us a little bit i mean from your own experience with the restoration of the windsor castle what are the major challenges that you faced that the friends architects and the french authorities could face with. i think there's a clear point where you need to start a project of this kind in that we really need to be able to stabilize the surviving parts of the structure which are going to include the external walls and the vaults which survive over most parts of the cathedral. because obviously the structural dynamic of them has changed considerably with the collapse of the roof above them so there's a big project to do there straight away to make sure that as much of the fabric as possible can be saved and there's also a need to put a temporary roof over the whole of the site to prevent any more rainfall getting into because the key thing we also want to be able to do is to dry out the
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structure as much as we can you know we've had a lot of water poured into it in an attempt to put out the fire and the building these dry out because of that and then once we have got a weather tight. weather tight enclosure around the building and we've been able to stabilize the standing of the structure we can then go through and look at the table which has fallen from the roof structure which has fallen down into the neighbor's world to identify how much more fiber which has fall down could be salvaged from that and could be incorporated into the rebuilt cathedral care of the governor says there is going to take five years to complete the restoration of the cathedral do you think this is a realistic aim i would say it's very ambitious it's a very ambitious goal it's difficult to assess as we still don't know what structural elements as roberto was saying need to be replaced also apparently there may have been some damage to some of those stones are on the upper level because of the heat so all of that has to be evaluated. so before before they can really get
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into restoring it they still have to do the finished evaluation for the structure but five years seems like a very very ambitious all. of a lot that type of project and there are some experts who are now saying that you need first of. to go through all the digital archives technology you need to look at into the financial considerations look into the structure itself of the cathedral and you look at what kind of innovations you were put into place and if you're sum it up it seems that you need at least twenty years to be able to complete this whole endeavor do you agree with this assessment. that it the. moment probably the. story. we know that. very. sound bites about it sorry it really is counted. and you see.
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i would assume that rory. fire it you know but actually. i don't know at all with chandra levy riette because currently being. treated will very reach and ends up the only information. it really i think for a little structure or a little illusion it was dark and it was the. francis this looks like a very delicate task in a way or another because you have to look into whatever innovation you would put into place as an architect without compromising the structural integrity of the building because we're automotive we're talking about a very ancient structure so how to strike this balance between a very ancient structure and the need for more were ovation and draw bost ceilings
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for example. i think the key features of mediæval and other ancient structures is a certain degree of flexibility in the original construction in the small size of the stone the medium size the stones and the mortar which joins in together as well as the use of term allows a certain amount of movement and subtle within the structure without completely compromising the integrity of the building as a whole and that therefore the imposition of some materials now it's hard cement which act as a much more rigid type of structure it can give difficulties if not carefully manage that said we need to look back at the history of other repairs which have been made to cathedrals over the past and perhaps good examples include the post-war reconstruction period it's a reims in france after the first world war where a steel frame roof structure was included there which still stands today and that
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gave a faster rebuilding time as well as a fire proof structure i'm not saying that that's precisely what should be done here but i'm saying there's a possibility of one of the things which can be considered when the quantity of remains of the existing roof has been analyzed and evaluated for suitability for incorporation into the repaired structure as well as of course in the context of whatever new kind of spire will be designed as of the competition the president macro has announced a care in the dam was under a process of renovation which was expected to take some twenty years before being completed and they were having problems with financing the whole. project do you think that things are changing you know and that they will not face any problems when it comes to this mammoth task yes well unfortunately this is one of the bright side of this catastrophe. i know that they did have they were still actively seeking funds for the restoration that was just ongoing and you saw the scaffolding
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. in all the all the films of the flames burning i know they were seeking funds in the united states as well trying to get more support abroad and with this. near disaster with notre dam almost disappearing. there's been a spontaneous outpouring of support we've seen that with our organization of french heritage society where we normally raise funds only in the united states and some in france we launched a campaign on monday and we have over thirty five countries that have contributed so far. so and mostly private individuals giving an average of about eighty dollars so it shows that people are really. touched by notre dame and i think also the fact that this could have disappeared for me what was most moving on what happened monday night was not when the when the spire fell but at one point
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during the evening when they said that they were not sure that they would be able to save the structure and just says we can't conceive the world without paris we can't conceive paris today fair enough and i think that's what we're feeling with all of these outreach that we're coming roberta i would like to go through some of the aspects of really a reconstruction of the whole project because if you look at the building itself very much celebrated for its flying buttresses god the. rose windows i mean if you have to go through technology to try to record a very thing and bring it back to exactly what used to look like just a few days ago how much time is it going to take i've heard it. in about a year. i i don't know which will be the chinese be they in about. that are instructed.
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to strike back. and the station will be. there imagine playing dining and the time to be involved in it. i i must say that there was little me. freezing on investigation and decision. collection of information that would move by the sentence before that and with. actually honestly i must say good. morning are not enough where ok give an answer in a right answer acted say something this is susan long. i see your point francis i mean this is general sentiment among the people who are affected by this. the size of the spire collapsing and the fire engulfing the blazing golfing the building
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that they were just wanted it to look exactly like what used to be but this is a new era with different technology different new what materials what do you think should come first the need to rebuild it along the lines of the new technology or the need to maintain the structure the way it used to be although it's a five structure in a way the internal debate really in or restoration projects is precisely between the balance between the precise reconstruction of the building that's been lost or the degree to which it can be altered to incorporate new technologies and a lot of what informs decisions to answer that discussion comes from a really close analysis of the fabric that survives and that's going to take into account its significance and value and can has already touched on that and a lot more will also come from the condition of of the remaining fabric and whether it in fact can usefully be reintegrated into the restored not from down cathedral and we should also add that there'll be some elements of modern alterations in
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interventions which will undoubtedly be of use to people in the future we for instance would include better fire detection measures as an obvious one particular after a tragedy like this better means of preventing the spread of fire through the building detecting it and extinguishing it as well so there's always going to be a certain degree of innovation in any restoration project kerry many people are asking the question about how did it happen we know that all structures are flood level by definition because they are so fragile with the timber still there used as a wrapping but however is this something which is likely to open a debate about the need to upgrade safety measures along all the historical sites in friends all over the world yeah i think it may well and we have to remember that we were very fortunate in paris because notre dame is. isolated somewhat it's since on the point of the either less a day or so there is buildings to one side the river on the other side and then of
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those square we have the city of paris itself has some ninety three churches that it's responsible for that are integrated right into the fabric of the city and we have many other cities throughout france where that's the case so and oftentimes funding is a critical issue so security was hand in hand with that and i think being right in the center of the city makes that even doubling more important roboto europe in particular is very successful when it comes to reconstruction and restore ation plans we've seen of that with trust and with warsaw with italy with different parts of europe and this explains why people are optimistic that not all of them will be were built its glory days i think that we can do we can begin to be. we have. a lot of experience in that direction not on that but the second world war that you
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know for example really we ever experience unfortunately goes up the weeks that we get. prepared to do to have. we are experiencing the. experience. of rigorous traction and different approaches being that being tested in. the last think aeration. up the european community about the importance of lection data and also it as there is asia not. just they're important but doing it one of the main aim of deliberation and one of the first part of that really should include imber and some of the. creation. really of the and the digital. zation. believes and should not. all needed
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it in the moment the and all of us are out and must see to it mentally is more important then. what to do after the stroke it floats nansen wanted to remove this kind of the. frances if you were to take part in the restoration work in not hold on what would be your first advice for the french government knowing that this is ultimately has become a universal symbol. it is a universal summer and that's why it's a world heritage site because in that respect it has something which belongs to humanity as a whole. we've talked already about the need for a full evaluation of what remains from the fire before making any decisions as to the precise process of reconstruction. as karen said the not for the army is a symbol of paris and paris of course is the center of france so it will certainly
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be rebuilt and in large measure because so much of the external fabrics as we will expect it to look the same as it does before the fire and that equally applies to the interiors there is going to be something spectacular i think which will replace the former spire in the middle of the future and the maybe other opportunities internally once the table has been cleared away for other items to be introduced which will bring a new sense of wonder and joy to the place but i think one other thing really to note about the process of post fire reconstruction is that it does bring with it a sense of renewal there's a palpable sense of excitement we have been able to save more of not to down than seems likely on monday evening but we've also got the chance to renew it at the same time as a functioning and working building there's a project that was beginning at the time the fabric for a lot of the fabric repairs which were long overdue and to be able to undertake it
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once in this way is perhaps more of an opportunity. than a tragedy before it's always worth noting that if you can good. going to say that if you can have unimpeded access to a structure you're able to focus far more completely on the task of reconstruction and you can with the building which remains occupied because of course during the probert the project which they were in visiting for the roof repairs on the external fabric is all they need to keep not for dam open the whole time before but now i think is a better opportunity to a more complete project before we run the boat over conversely. i would like to hear from the three of you have appreciate really mewe being briefed on this particular question we're seeing these are support of emotions about the collapse of the spire of the fire of the not a whole but the same time you look at the world that are places perhaps more ancient than not completely destroyed. by war in places like syria
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yemen forgot to stand sub-saharan africa what do you think should be done to prevent such loss of human treasure i would start with the carrot yes if it's a difficult question because. unfortunately the areas where this is taking place are areas that there's not a lot of state control anymore or there are you know there's active conflicts going on i know there's a debate too about to what degree when when peace comes should those things be restored if they can be but it also comes down to i think there is a bit of inequality when you when you see the more developed countries in in the west and especially urban centers naturally they tend to get more attention there's more focus on them they're more resources that are devoted to them just because more people are familiar with those areas roberto it's in our region were those are
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issues. we experienced the fire in areas that the same same changes the reason you get a. feel of the very interesting feel of a search. on to protect the remains to damages that. old race can be. can. you know jewelry an ordinary because of a lot of us of all it's ok and it. needs not only structural action on the collection on the ridge but i think the dimension is the. dissemination of information to be take gloves closer to do. they have to stay in we prove that it is the only reason we also for it. and this. is the
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year for us in less than twenty seconds piece it's a question of who can take responsibility for these places who can look after them who can bring the resources to them we know that they're remote we know that there are vulnerable we know that there is limited government that so ultimately it's the world heritage organizations and for me to step forward here francis maude roberta joy or karen archer thank you very much indeed for your contribution to the program and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website and just you know dot com for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. it's a story you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle is a james i saw it for me but on the hot in here i want to.
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this was wrong to teach children away from their parents and herd them into a school against their will there was no mother no father figures they put is a big player and we sort of looked after so i don't remember the children's names. kind it is dark secret on al-jazeera. the current president and a popular comedian a heading for the second round of the presidential election with no official plan yet promising to change the comedian on the biggest share of the vote in the first round who will lead the country after this historic election ukraine votes twenty
9:48 am
nineteen on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where every. hello i missed i was here today in doha with the headlines on al-jazeera north korea has test fired a tactical guided weapon according to state media it's uncertain what type of weapon it is on tuesday the north korean leader told effortless pilots he was pleased with their combat readiness robert bride reports from seoul. this test apparently took place yesterday wednesday in an undisclosed location in north korea
9:49 am
as you mentioned there it's been described as a guided weapons system a tactical weapon system which is presumably some sort of battlefield system as opposed to the kind of missiles that we saw being launched more than a year ago it's certainly not being seen as a ballistic missile test that's the important thing the point distinction to make here but it is important coming after the had always summit the failure to reach an agreement with the u.s. and also significantly it's taken place the day after another visit by kim jong un to a military airfield where apparently he saw the north korea's airforce in action north korea often sends signals through these field visits by kim jong un in recent times of course with the focus being on the development of the peaceful development of the economy we have been used to seeing kim jong un touring factories and the like so it is significant seeing two military oriented military style visits in the same
9:50 am
week and it could well be the north korean sending a message to the united states that as kim jong un warned in a speech last week that patients will will run out eventually they have given the united states until the end of the year to come back with what they describe as serious negotiations basically the lifting of sanctions or this is a reminder that they could return effectively to their old ways in sudan there are reports that ousted president bashir has been sent to the country's most notorious jail there she had been kept at the presidential residence since being forced from power by the army last week but he's now been moved to the maximum security cobar prison the military says two brothers of the share have also been detained but protesters say they want proof that cher is in jail. the u.n. says an attack on residential neighborhoods in libya's capital tripoli could amount to a war crime at least seven civilians were killed during shelling on tuesday soldiers
9:51 am
loyal toward the have and forces belonging to the internationally recognized government fighting for control of the city. peru's former president has shot himself at his home in lima alan garcia died in hospital during an emergency surgery the former two time president was being investigated in an extensive corruption case. police in nicaragua have halted a march to commemorate the one year anniversary of protests against president daniel ortega hundreds of police filled the streets and hours before the march was set to begin as part of a crackdown on protests last year demonstrations against cuts to social security benefits were violently repressed by police and ortega supporters. the united states has announced new sanctions on nicaragua cuba and venezuela which national security advisor john bolton has referred to as the troika of tyranny the move is designed to turn up pressure on venezuelan leader nicolas maduro and his supporters
9:52 am
. early results from indonesia's presidential election suggest incumbent joko widodo is on course for a second term with a comfortable lead over his challenger. official results won't be known until may when ballots from nearly two hundred million eligible voters will have been tallied egypt will hold a three day referendum beginning on saturday over sweeping constitutional amendments that could allow president el-sisi to stay in power until twenty thirty the parliament approved amendments that also expand the president's powers some of algeria's opposition parties say they won't take part in july's presidential election they're angry about the use of violence against anti-government protesters and accuse the interim government of wasting time. israel's president has given benjamin netanyahu a formal mandate to form the country's next government in forty two days forty two days his right wing coalition came out on top in elections earlier this month well
9:53 am
those are the headlines next stop al-jazeera wild. place . the blame.
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