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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 18, 2019 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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of receiving illegal payments and money laundering the sixty nine year old former president was already the subject of a travel ban on tuesday in his last ever interview he repeatedly denied the charges dismissing them as speculation adding that he never sold himself and that is proven your h.r. so what i can accept and which i reject completely having been head of state two times is that there are these baseless speculations. and i saw himself as a victim last november he entered the two way embassy in lima seeking asylum he spent two weeks there until the government rejected his request say there was no evidence of political persecution that feel supporters clashed with police here at the hospital where the former president has died his political allies say the decision to take his life was one of dignity you know if. he has shown dignity by not allowing the government and the public prosecutor's office which is full of people with hatred to trample over him. a legacy of served two terms as the
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president of a do with his death he becomes the face of a corruption scandal which has now touched almost every corner political life in that in america maybe in a scientist i just see that he might be. time for a short break here in al-jazeera when we come back it's the moment much of washington's been waiting for the release of special counsel robert muller's report . time for ukraine's president to face the music we visit odessa to understand why voters rejected the incumbent. in the first round of voting in that state. the next storm system is ramping up over parts of north america. on the satellite
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picture you can already see the cloud as it's marching its way eastwards it is thickening up all the while and it's in the south where there's the greatest chance of seeing that severe weather so this is where there's the greatest risk of seeing some large hail some very gusty winds and maybe the old tornado as well that system will gradually edges way eastwards as we head through friday and as it does so we'll see the temperatures really drop behind it so ahead of it you can see the winds feeding up from the south dragging in all that warm air behind it seven degrees would just be on maximum in chicago further west it looks like it should be dry for us on friday except for the northwestern parts and the western parts of canada now a bit further towards the south we're just seeing the tail end of that system over north america just about dive its way into parts of mexico so a few showers are likely here to the south of that it should be fine just one or two showers bubbling up at times and your in the day the showers have a brazil have been far more lively those here are just nudging their way a bit further northwards now so for rio there's a better chance of seeing a joy day as we head through the day on friday to the south of that well it is
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pretty warm for us in asuncion at thirty one degrees and force around corners are is a good deal of cloud stubbornly sticking around for friday they could be a few outbreaks of rain as well. i enjoy bringing my neighbor's children so they can see and get more comfortable five children are at the heart of america's love affair with. their own mom makes a report on the case being there for me to shoot and it's fun but the new generation fighting fire with the reason we are fighting for we see you here because you don't want to see if you do speak it. never again part of the radicalized youth series on a.
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book about a quick reminder the top stories here this hour north korean state media is reporting that kim jong il has overseen a test launch of a new tactical guided weapon while the exact kind of weapons uncertain the north korean leader has called it an event of very weighty significance. there are ports to saddam's ouster president omar al bashir has been jailed the military leaders say they've made other arrests including two of the shias brothers are protesting suddenly say they want proof of him and the maximum security prison. on the u.n. says an attack on residential neighborhoods in libya's capital tripoli could amount to a war crime at least seven civilians were killed and twenty injured during shelling on tuesday soldiers loyal to the warlord and he thought after an forces belonging to the internationally recognized government fighting for control of the city. not only results from in the mazes presidential election suggesting company. is on
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course for a second with a comfortable lead over his challenger for bowyer sabean to one official results won't be known until i'm a pro bono is disputing early but turns one hundred thomas joins us live now from the capital jakarta under an official tallies suggests that would lead us on track the reelection but just bring us up to date on the vote count so far and rick. well let me explain daryn how it works what you get is the one hundred thousand polling stations around the country and that those polling stations they count the results in front of people soon as polling finishes they hold up the ballot papers in the clear the results but the tally of all of those gets done by the electoral commission and that takes a long time and it won't be until the end of may that we know the official results in the meantime private companies go to a sample about two thousand each of those polling stations around the country and then they put out their results right away and it's based on a bunch of those private tally used that we are seeing these results and the reason
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people here are saying they're pretty reliable is that they're all saying pretty much the same thing which is that dr without a has won about fifty five fifty six percent of votes although their song put a pretty small they're thought of as pretty reliable here in jakarta this is the jakarta post for example on thursday five more years and that reflects very the general media mood certainly here the joker without it has done enough to win another term as president andrew the main challenger but. he's challenging these initial counts is that like it's not you know overall results do we think. you know he's not just challenging them down he's saying that he has won that they've done their own sample their own polling and that sixty two percent of voters according to him say that they want to him as president he's declared himself president but he's also saying at the same time we should wait for the official results to come out of the end of may and he said it then if they don't show what he's saying which is that he proposes one then he'll challenge them and he'll do that he's saying through the constitutional court rather than illegal actions or encouraging people
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to take to the street he did exactly the same it must be said back in twenty fourteen when he won or rather he lost to jacoby by a narrow margin and then the constitutional court considered his claims then throw them out so if we see that same pattern this time around then we may see him being defiant for a few weeks until we know the official results perhaps beyond that he takes that call to your court but unless something very surprising happens and the unofficial results are way out of line with these or rather the official results are way out of line with these unofficial ones and i don't think he's going to be announcing a serious challenge to the constitutional court will take seriously all the indications are that joko we don't know has won one comfortably and will have another five year term as president or it's under thomas in jakarta andrew thank you. well a troika tyranny that sowed the u.s. national security adviser john bolton described cuba nicaragua and then his way to announcing new sanctions in all three countries and in a reversal of obama era engagement with cuba the u.s. now says it will restrict none some only travel to the island along with
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remittances unsocial reports for. in his last few months in office barack obama wants to improve relations with cuba lifted travel restrictions to the island give the go ahead for increased trade and symbolically restored full diplomatic relations cuba once more had a u.s. embassy in egypt after sixty years of sanctions and isolation he said it was time to try something different. from president different approach donald trump's national security advisor was in miami to address a group of exiled cubans john bolton announced new economic sanctions on the cuban military and intelligence services under strictures on the amount of money that can be sent to relatives in cuba and he brought the crowd to its feet with this the department of the treasury will implement further regulatory changes to restrict nonfamily travel to cuba or another would be with ease new
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measures will help steer american dollars away from the cuban regime or its military and security services who control the tourism industry in cuba. came just hours after u.s. secretary of state mike pompeo cleared the way for u.s. citizens to sue foreign businesses if they're using property in cuba that was seized during the one nine hundred fifty nine revolution he was most probably export these days is not cigars it's oppression. detente with the regime has failed. bin is among the countries that has invested billions in cuba and the e.u. is warning this could create a huge international dispute. in the end i think this is bad for everyone it's a lose lose that is why the european union has sent a letter this week to secretary of state pump to ask that the best thing is to collaborate and respect the agreement. john bolton also notes fresh economic
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sanctions on both venezuela and they could argue all aimed at increasing pressure on three countries he has dubbed the troika of tyranny alan fischer i'll just read it. for two years now americans have been waiting to know what the robert muller report is all about the special council was investigating alleged ties between president trump and russia a redacted version of the four hundred page report is expected to be released on thursday even the democrats have been demanding access to all of it wasn't jordan has more now from washington d.c. . the timeline for the release of the mole report is somewhat unusual to put it mildly first at about nine thirty am local time the u.s. attorney general bill barr will speak to reporters about this report which will have been edited to protect confidential information that leads to investigations classified information and information that could unfairly bar the reputations of people who are not in the public sphere then ninety minutes later members of
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congress will get the report then afterwards the report will be made public via the internet now that begs a couple of questions how can reporters x. questions about a report that they haven't seen and why is it that members of congress have to first wait for a press conference before they actually get the reports which they say that they need to have as part of their oversight duties jerry dowd lawyer is the chairperson of the house judiciary committee he spoke late on red state evening we are certainly not. satisfied with that we've repeatedly said what is the mandate of by the situation and that is that the judiciary committee be given the entire report and the underlying evidence. so that we can make those judgments for ourselves and the judiciary committee can as has been the case in prior situations decide which limited portions of the report might have to be kept secret so as not to reveal
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sources and methods of intelligence or for some other legitimate reason but that's a decision for the committee to make not for the attorney general now it was reported late evening by the new york times and other print media that apparently the attorney general's office has been meeting with white house officials about the contents of the bowl report something which members of congress say should never have happened if anything this is only going to ramp up congressional democrats efforts to try to get the full report as well as the supporting evidence released to the public so that they can decide how to proceed and whether to hold eighty one lead in the tribe presidential campaign of two thousand and sixteen responsible for any alleged collusion or cooperation with russian authorities in trying to throw the election. not to kill him he's more an attorney general william barr and how his approach to a report that isn't public yet is already starting controversy. bill barr is the
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man with all the answers he knows what special counsel robert mueller uncovered in this nearly two year long investigation he took two days after receiving the four hundred page report to release his own summary no collusion with the russian government and he decided the president didn't try to obstruct justice democrats cried foul i must say it is extraordinary to evaluate hundreds said pages that evidence legal documents and finding based on a twenty two month long inquiry and make definitive legal conclusions in less than forty eight hours democrats are demanding he release the full report but he's not promising to do that i do think it's important that the public have an opportunity to learn the results of the. special counsel's work and i said then that i would work diligently to make as much information public as i
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could in available to congress as i could he could ask a judge to release testimony from the grand jury but he says he won't instead many expect a heavily redacted reports i believe that given his track record being very skeptical of any authority of congress to oversee the executive branch. that i think that he will substantially redact anything out of the grand jury anything that he thinks could taint someone's reputation who wasn't actually indicted. anything that to marginally related to foreign intelligence sources and methods. congress says they'll subpoena the entire report setting up a lengthy court challenge bar has faced off with congress before in one thousand nine hundred nine representatives asked for a legal memo he wrote he in turn released a summary the last dollars later said. misled congress because it left out key findings but this is now barr will find himself caught between
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a congress demanding answers and a president who demands loyalty and a country watching his every move. washington. ukraine's president petro poroshenko continues to trail behind television comedian let him as a landscape in opinion polls ahead of sunday's second presidential election runnels al-jazeera as robin forrester walk on visited the ukrainian seaport of adesa to find out why partially because fighting for his political survival was. you know desa ukrainian multiculturalism finds its truest expression. in a music with many different roots to. give a new york of an order that is like new york city of immigrants settled by people of various information greeks germans jews moldovans russians ukrainians and this book a creates this music of the work with that the move to the same diversity may
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explain why voters you know desa rejected the incumbent president in the first round of ukraine's presidential election petro poroshenko came third here five years old from ukraine's revolution russia's annexation of crimea and the conflict in eastern ukraine on result. poroshenko has campaigned for reelection on a platform of ukrainian nationalism he has promoted ukrainian language culture and religion backing the ukrainian also docs church splitting from the moscow patriarchate. critics here say that policy has alienated odessa and none of the previous presidents have ever try to imagine souls or decent never told them what church to go and never told them to speak a certain language odessa exemplifies the complexity of the ukrainian nation the cosmopolitan sea town that is mainly russian speaking. seaports ethnic
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diversity is emblematic of ukraine's multicultural society but it's also emblematic of ukraine's greatest domestic challenge corruption petro poroshenko promised to rid o. death of organized crime but organized crime continues to cost a shadow over the city. anti corruption campaigners here have frequently been attacked because on survived an assassination attempt now he takes necessary precautions he accuses poroshenko of cutting a deal with odessa is mare who is on trial for embezzlement yet still holds his post. we've gone back to the middle ages there are local feudal lords that have corrupt political allies in the capital having a circuit all branches of power to do whatever they please kill people he was a resources of a city of more than a million people and an entire region to enrich themselves. back in this term and
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politics is strictly off the menu a refuge to odessa is to escape election fever. but if opinion polls are correct it may be time for petro poroshenko to face the music robin for steelworker al-jazeera odessa. white house advisor vanka trump is on the african continent to push for women's empowerment initiative trump met officials from the ivory coast on wednesday to discuss ways of tackling engendering inequality. also participated in the business forum and later she met and danced with some female cocoa producers. part of a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera north korea has test fired a tactical guided weapon that's according to state media it's uncertain what type of weapon it is but it's the first public test since the hanoi summit in february
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on tuesday the north korean leader told air force pilots he was pleased with their combat readiness. in sudan there are reports that the ousted president omar al bashir has been sent to the country's most notorious jail bashir had been kept at the presidential residence since being forced from power by the army last week but he's now been moved to the maximum security prison. the military says two brothers of bashir have also been detained. the u.n. says an attack on residential neighborhoods in libya's capital tripoli could amount to a war crime at least seven civilians were killed and twenty injured during shelling on tuesday soldiers loyal to the warlord early for have to our forces belonging to the internationally recognized government of fighting for control of the city and hundreds of supporters have surrounded the casket of peru's former president alan garcia facing arrest garcia shot himself at his own in lima he later died in
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hospital during emergency surgery the former two term president is being investigated in an extensive corruption scam. police in nicaragua have halted a march to commemorate the one year anniversary of protests against president daniel ortega. hundreds of police filled the streets in the capital managua hours before the march was set to begin as part of a crackdown on protests last year demonstrations against cuts to social security benefits for violent repressed by police and ortega supporters. and early results from indonesia has presidential elections suggesting come but we don't know if it's on course for a second with a comfortable lead over his rival. for bowe is challenging the early returns official results won't be known until may when ballots from nearly two hundred million eligible voters will have been tallied. and the u.s. attorney general will release a reductive version of the model report in the coming hours following weeks of
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pressure by congressional democrats the special counsel was investigating ties between president donald trump and russia all right so those were the headlines the news continues on al-jazeera after radicalized. in australia more women are being locked up than ever before what's driving this alarming development one on one east meets two x. inmates who live blogged behind bars on al-jazeera. over the. it's.
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your work if you. really know what anthony. primarily heard what your bitter. about leaving your body in the third. part. of it went to the door. for one you haven't found your father and. three people. died i know it took a bit of trying to get the ball to stay quiet and can get the i know he killed the building i'm kind. of on the right there was. one. of. the nurse who makes it doesn't hurt to go and.
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everyone's. going to write your style. it's a moving. weight or there was a point in that you know when i was hiding my things that. i told myself if i don't make it out that i had to save all that to say in this video. and believably catastrophic day in broward county history it's devastating there are folks that have lost their lives i don't know the number right now it's a fluid scene right now we have multiple swat teams where all the buildings it's. sick.
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i'm speechless i don't know i don't know it said. you. know we're on. a limb here to see us the good students we stand together and we're not just one voice for this cause you know we're here especially we're here as friends. the. if you stand by saying we need to pass commonsense gun legislation you have chosen that and the millions of people marching in this country today will stop until they see those against us out of office because we choose life.
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since the time that i came out here. it has been six minutes and twenty seconds the shooter has ceased shooting and will soon abandon his rifle blend in with the students as they escape and walk free for an hour before arrest fight for your lives before it's someone else's child. was. what i wanted freshman year i didn't know many people i didn't have any friends and it wasn't until the last year freshman year that i thought. that i thought like you had friends and it was because i picked up my camera and i brought it to school i
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decided to make of like that there you know it's good you two today were going to be doing a q. and a you guys to ask me questions and. let me research now i realized my camera was my comfort zone it was a place for me to lay on my worries and preoccupations and just like go of everything that's when i realized a. way of taking care of myself. this past month i saw i saw a dead body you know i went to multiple funerals i just had to learn how to deal with that. it's been rough i don't like to show my emotions on camera especially i don't. it's been rough but we students are getting through it we're strong.
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and as filmmaking has this power to just influence other people i decided to video based project called stories untold some stories untold reposed different videos and we mainly cover people that have experienced conventions and we've had up to you travel across the country and meet so many different people this is christy she's a column on survivor this is omar though god he was the first respondent at the polls shooting i was involved in one of the worse part of the u.s. tragedies that occur you know right before your endo massacre what i would do is for those people courage bodies laid on top of each other again for a lot of us suffer trauma that we want to express but we just don't how about that to go to. if you had a teacher with who was adept at firearms they could very well end the attack very
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quickly so we'll be doing the background checks will be doing a lot of different things but we'll certainly be looking at ideas like that. we've got to make sure we have an increased law enforcement presence on in all of our schools every school so my repos would have a significant long presence in every school now top of that as are school and schools that are larger would have a bigger loss force presence. back when i was in elementary school or middle school i remember school was the school it's a place where i could walk around where i could feel at home where i could just be me i guess now school starting to feel more like a prison there's so many security guards so many policemen in. the united states has been at least for the last fifty or sixty years like lobel.
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power and a leading global power so it has to have a particular kind of brand of of conflict management and this is it it's it's militarized but i'd never accept that argument about militarization as simply the reason to explain why americans like done so much i think there's also a relationship to not ever having to explain oneself i think that's a part of american culture. but it's also really a part of american identity which is never to apologize. she could walk what she's lazing. my goofball. but. i raised two girls and single dad and i watched it with my own two our kids grow up too fast you know it's hard enough now with what's going on in.
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my opinion democrats have been all for our guns for many many years trying to do something about guns but it's in our d.n.a. and in american they can't get it out it's impossible it's like a bad it's a stage and not a bad thing but it's like a stand that's never going to go away we're always going to have no. it was. someone said that it's right. that is that she does have already made it very. clear at least five or six teachers will be carrying guns i want to see military with. me
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sitting in war you know you have anybody to do. so. exactly what they're. telling us is down the street from my school and now we have one fire drill every month same with code red every month in code yellow every month once you go on code red you turn off the lights bring down the shade and you go high like to where like if they look in the window they can't see you like one of the walls but we had one on call back on valentine's day and then i texted my sister saying i'm on code red and she's like yeah there's a shooting at douglas and that's when i told my friends and they started freaking out because their siblings go there it's very close and they're very touchy when it comes to that subject of guns because i say you know i support them but they have to be used the right way you can't you can't use them to threaten somebody with or
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bring them to school to show your friends you know it's not it's not it's not a toy you're so many veterans are coming back. you know that are very there are guards they become police officers give them a job. just because if he was served our country and here i've been part of his body blown off or shot off amputated or something he'd be a perfect candidate sit in that school inside there in the give give him a gun and he will stop a threat before you have get. p.t.s.d. you know. after what they've gone through. dubstep of covers a lot of areas and nobody to pay attention to ten that's also
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police officers go through that then everybody so there's three ways to to to keep an eye on these people i feel and i'm sure if they if they let a police officer carry a firearm they could let somebody go in there and a lot of our police officers or ex-military. the night. after a traumatic event and we know that one thing that facilitates healthy coping is children feeling like they're safe and so you know i think that the idea is well meaning buy it on the flip side it may also end in for at least send a message that school actually isn't safe. i think for children who've experienced
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trauma that could be a big trigger or for them and be more stressful than it's necessary. i didn't know the.


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