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tv   India Fake News and Agitprop  ALJAZ  April 18, 2019 12:32pm-1:01pm +03

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veterans that are coming back that you know that are very dead or guards they become police officers give them a job just because if he was served our country and he had an part of his body blown off or shot off amputated or something he'd be a perfect candidate sit him in that school inside there indigo give him a gun and he will stop a threat before we have get a pension and p.t.s.d. you know. after what they. did it that stuff covers a lot of areas and now they have to pay attention to ten. that's also police officers go through that then everybody so there's there's ways to to to keep an eye on these people i feel and i'm sure if
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they if they lead a police officer carry a firearm. they could let somebody go in there a lot of more police officers or ex-military. after a traumatic event and we know that one thing that facilitates healthy coping is children feeling like they're safe and so you know i think that the idea is well meaning but on the flip side it may also inadvertently send a message that school actually isn't safe. i think for children who've experienced trauma that could be a big trigger for that and be more stressful than it's necessary. i didn't know that i had p.t.s.d.
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until one of the fire drills and this physics fire drill was i think the fourth one and that hop in the wall that was in the same classroom scene see that i was in on february fourteenth and it brought me back completely hearing my teacher's voice having the friend that i was stuck with in the office right next to me made me think should i get up and walk or know what like what do i do i was in shock i started sweating cold i started breathing heavy and i couldn't control my my nerves that's when i realized that. that's when i realized you know like i'm not ok i need to take care of myself to. have a lot of guts more than i like to tell a lot of people you know so sometimes that's how i'm forty sometimes i'm sixty i
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don't let them know exactly how many i've got i could have a hundred twenty but i let them know that i have a good amount i enjoy bringing my neighbors my neighbors children my neighbors wives and husbands out to the range so they can see and get more comfortable fight i have seventeen year old little girl since she was about seven years old i would take it to the range and we've been learning about gun since she was seven has progressed from small bullets so now she has her own they are fifteen she has her own shotguns she has her own pistols twenty two's this is what she joys these are guns that are in the safe so we can have fun we can enjoy. guns are very important in the united states they are central to how americans think about conflict it's the way they think about mediating conflict in the popular culture and their everyday life and their respect for authority they are like what we might call fetish objects they're something that people find
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attractive as a way to substitute for actually trying to deal with conflict and more interpersonal ways. guns are important to me because i want to be able to protect myself protect my family everybody that i love that's my god given right it's written down it's you know these are my rights and i want to be able to use them is my activity and put that about me and sign on this pink and purple because i like keep em purple it's my favorite gun to shoot because like i just love how smooth it shoots i really don't like a big recoil my gun so the fact that the barrel so mom makes the require a little bit smoother for me to shoot and it's fun because i don't go in the tank
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do. need launched from because. i think my dad is a very educated mir's and i do support like the values and everything that he says i appreciate the truth and that's why he gives me ron uncut splint no. smoke and made these bullets. mahmoud's my grandmother well show them and so ready to go stone tools like this. in the abundance like a few weeks ago we had like a lockdown in my school and. we didn't know what was going on we're stuck in a closet for like an hour and a half i text my dad was like look we're on
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a code red i don't know what's happening and you know from that point all you can do is really like hide in the corner i got a text from my daughter there's a lockdown the school there saying that somebody is running around shooting i want to go run to my car go come to my house grab my rifles grab my ammo grab my those grab my helmet and go hit the school. i mean i may not be running around the campus with a gun but i want to throw guns to the teachers or say go get my kid get up or should i'm coming with you i'll cover you let's go there was a discussion. couple months right after the stillman douglas shooting happened that teachers should be able to be armed and that idea was. i was i had i like the idea personally but there's a lot of teachers like i said that have these democratic my sits there like you know i don't want to have a gun and then these kids are like the teachers to show us and it's like that is
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such an idiotic mindset. i think the reality of gun violence and the reality of these high security schools is something that poor kids and more violent communities have been living with for a long time and it's now that it's heading out into other neighborhoods that we're starting to talk about it more but it's something that's been a reality for lots of our kids for quite some time. miami gardens and there's some people refer to it murder gardens it's a beautiful area as you can see like a lot of trees a lot of just just a lot of shootings so a friend of your family members been affected and it just continues just now from
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us so continues as all of our people go violence continues to have. with the no intention. has to be outside almost every day to funny how we just go out is everybody want to play football basketball want to do something else a lot of younger kids really go outside it unless it's the weekend because bond weekends are pretty much the same for i guess. full year experience even by police brutality or i have somebody in your family. and you have been a victim by your might call them got shot in the head brandon drive by just go. and i think there's a lot in his head but he's doing fine now but a couple years ago it was really like a traumatic the experience for him. so how do you guys now as you say it was
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a drag they did with it it's harder now in that entire year he was playing basketball at the part it was just a random mike spray shooting so out now let's talk about if your best friend had a gun and i was walking down trees you know open it up to the alpha plus i'm here with this gun so let's say you have jeremiah job on would you feel more comfortable trying to jump on not to use a gun and i will not example i would try to convince the mordant community first because i could lose my life and i no one nobody knew how do you feel about being outside how do you feel about going to the parks tell me a little bit of your views and how you feel about just being in the community i don't usually like to be quiet because mostly in parts you feel like you're going to be see play no one's going to do anything but always have to like be aware of your surroundings absolutely so you don't let what's going on stop you from living
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your best life. ok anybody else how you feel as the officer i don't know because i'm in part because i know there's a vast i'm doing all right i'm going to back around seven states i would say i'm a standard to anybody else. thank you oh. in my neighborhood in people i hang around with most needy always try to make money positive you go but if something goes wrong you have they could fall off the wrong track get into drove drugs in america you can see at a lot drugs even the inner city school we don't worry about was going to happen mostly we have insiders and maybe a fight outside of the school that's what we look to as an oh ok now i've got to survive. right now this is my starting point so in the future is going to.
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be something i want to do entrepreneurship so this is a stepping stone to like. any words younger guy in their way to be i try to be role model to them so they can be role models and they get older to meet other people so that know no more of us as young people had to go get a shot or have a good in this or if it from being alone to be in a free to do what i want to be meet up to look at. everything. is everything. actually i. after the shooting all of us students came together because we wanted change but i think we all realized that politics are slower. than we imagined but we're trying to as much as possible or so far and we just heard in the senate
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and the congress or just in the government service we're in tallahassee florida at the moment the house of representatives capitol building and we are fighting for it we cease to be because we don't want to see a new dispute to get heard. for a long time i think that you have not been able to effect change in the united states and when and where they have tried they have been more did by adult culture by market oriented culture i was and i think until you see a transition of power between the generations it will be very difficult for young people to affect much change so you just sit. so you. try to be careful with what i say sometimes and i know that there's a lot of people that probably won't like me and that there's are going to be haters
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they point out that our shooting was as fake as the sandy hoax and the only dub bodies you have it's just a lot of stupid comments that i really personally don't pay attention to there's comments here that are calling me off for being a crisis i there and these are companies that i honestly don't pay attention to and could care less they can express their opinion anywhere they want to i am just going to keep on moving forward and posting my content is out matters and that's what brings me happiness and i completely changed i feel like i became an adult and that i realized what life was like how cruel everything truly is in the intentions of some people are just beyond my imagination and then when it's i to seventeen people i learned what it's like to go to their funerals and just that sadness that no one can take away. i learned what it's like to tell your mom i love you but you
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know what was going to be the last time on this by the trauma we lived on february fourteenth there are a lot of good things that came afterwards and to this day i say that and the seventeen angels are passed away that they are looking all of us because they truly are blessed my life and the lives of many others and we are better catering are there for the tour down because they they are the reason why we are pushing forward in a while we are motivated to keep on will. be fascist anti establishment and pro violence despite the recent official disbanding of its militarized wing of basque separatist movement is found alive and well on the terraces of a build files stadia. a place where political revolutionaries share a platform an ideology with violent football hooligans. who read all
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death on al-jazeera. examining the headlines a collapsed economy believes that many people are struggling to survive setting the discussions people have to wait i don't think you can look away any more sharing personal stories with a global audience explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform the media's motivate and inspire plans the world is watching on al-jazeera capturing a moment in time. snapshots of other lives. other stories. providing a glimpse into someone else's work out. inspiring documentaries from in passion. filmmaker's i am at the front lines i feel like i know it i have the data to prove
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a. witness on al-jazeera. and. north korea says it's launched a new tactical guided weapon its first public weapons test since the summit and how to. climb down jordan this is our jazeera live from doha also coming up huge protests continue in the sudanese capital as the former president omar al bashir has reportedly taken to prison. the indonesian president joke of
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a dodo appears to be on track for reelection but his challenger says not so fast rebellious to be on to believes in the lead. and peruvians mourn the death of former president alan garcia who died of an apparent suicide just ahead of his arrest in a corruption. korean state media is reporting that kim jong un has overseen the test launch of a new tactical guided weapon the north korean leader has called it event a very weighty significance this is the country's first public weapons test since the homily summit ended in february without an agreement from abroad as more from seoul. north korea's media is heralding this test is a major achievement by its military what we know is that it took place yesterday wednesday and has been described as a new tactical guided weapon system which seems to suggest that it is
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a shorter range weapon system meant for use on the battlefield rather than any of the ballistic missiles that north korea was testing more than a year ago capable of reaching hundreds or even thousands of kilometers but it is significant that it has to take carried out this test coming after the failed hanoi summit and also significant there was a further visit by kim jong un on tuesday to an airbase having that these two visits both with military themes coming in the same week is seen as north korea possibly sending a message we have been used in the past few months to kim jong un visiting factories and farms all part of his initiative to try to rejuvenating the economy but this does seem to be sending a message to the u.s. and the rest of the world and it comes after kim jong un's warning last week the united states has until the end of the year to come back with what he calls more
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realistic approach to the negotiations that have stalled and give north korea some relief from sanctions as far as south korea is concerned the defense ministry here has said very little about this test they are looking into it they say the south koreans of course will be very careful very concerned not to overreact to this to try to harm the recent progress that's been made in into korean relations mark fitzpatrick is a nonproliferation expert and former u.s. state department official he says this new weapons test could affect north korea's talks with the united states. it's almost certainly not a new long range missile if it was it would be highly provocative and would derail the engagement process with the united states and maybe with south korea no it's it's a tactical weapon it's not a missile apparently north korea is is maybe exaggerating a bit it's newness in order to get america's attention that's what this is all
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about there could have been some deal in one way and the united states by going going big as they put it made sure there wasn't any deal and and kim jong un would like president trump to think again about getting some kind of a deal that would be in both countries benefit the latest reports from young be on indicate that north korea is reprocessing the plutonium that is getting the plutonium from the reactor able to be used in a nuclear weapon plutonium is one of the key substances for tomic bombs and they have been also producing highly enriched uranium throughout the last couple of years so they're continuing on both paths to a nuclear weapon increasing both plutonium and highly enriched uranium and as talks get nowhere their arsenal continues to increase in sudan there are reports that ousted president omar al bashir has been sent to the country's most notorious jail
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she had been kept at the presidential residence since being forced from power by the army last week but he's now been moved to the maximum security koba prison the military says two brothers of bashir have also been detained as part of a campaign of the wrists against what they call symbols of the previous regime but protesters say they want proof that bush is in jail vaudrey pools. so dunn's former president or model bashir is reported to have been moved from house arrest to a maximum security prison there were protesters on khartoum streets welcomed the news. but their demands go much further we are so much happy to hear that the president has been moved to present what is still not sure what it will be i don't want to assume that we want the president to be in prison but not only him actually but the whole region what he would have been brought to the. brazen it would be on a day now we have no very. information and people have been brought to the. brazen
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. wednesday the military council announced a series of measures including vieira stuff and bashir is part of best and along with a number of other high and i can officially say of the former regime is dead but the council's spokesman hasn't confirmed that the whereabouts of the deposed president and. arrests are underway of symbols of the understood regime in addition to others who are believed to be linked to corruption cases the most prominent of those who have been placed in custody until now i are the brothers of the former head of this corrupt regime abdullah and bashir. the council welcomed the ceasefire offer from one faction of the sudan people's liberation movement the group has been fighting and bashir is government into southern regions. meanwhile the two main bodies behind the protest so dan professional association and the forces of the declaration of freedom and change say if submitted
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a paper for change including the creation of a civilian presidential council with a military representation to move the country along with a civilian cabinet made of independent technocrats but for testers say they fear what may happen if the various parties fail to agree on a plan you know that disagreements will mean failure and an opportunity for the military to stay in power how many are dizzy are caught on. the united nations says an attack on residential neighborhoods in libya's capital tripoli could amount to a war crime at least seven civilians were killed and twenty injured during shelling on tuesday soldiers loyal to warlord a half ton forces belonging to the internationally recognized government are fighting for control of the city the wind has more. the victims of shelling mourned in the libyan capital and in the main square there are funeral prayers. and calls for the international
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community to help stop the conflict. we're speechless and in great shock we stand here by the victims' families demanding an immediate cessation of that barak attack by the war criminals have to his forces on tuesday night rocket fire hits residential areas. several people were killed dozens wounded and a state of panic lost it all might. the outskirts of tripoli are now a battlefield around three million people are now living in the city's suburbs they were and has condemned the shelling of civilian areas. the secretary general's special representative in libya salaam a condemned in the strongest terms the overnight showing recalling the responsibility for actions that may constitute war crimes no lies not only with the
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individuals who ordered who committed the indiscriminate attacks but also potentially with those who ordered them since warlord who live there have to his forces began an offensive to take control of tripoli two weeks ago the violence has escalated. forces of the internationally recognized government have been defending the capital have to say as he's trying to crush post arab spring an anarchy in libya the prime minister in tripoli phase says half there is a dictator in waiting aid workers are struggling to reach people trapped in parts of the city where there has been fighting electricity and water supplies have been disrupted along with telecommunications and there are concerns the violence could spread beyond libya's borders affecting its oil production and bringing a rise in those trying to escape the conflict heading for europe. how would i do i
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hate. tripoli now early results from in the majors presidential election suggests that the incumbent joker we don't know is on course for a second term with a comfortable lead over his challenger pro-u.s. or beyond so both who is disputing the early results fishel results won't be known until may now thomas joins us live now from the capital jakarta so andrew unofficial tally suggests that woodward is on track for reelection just bring us up to date on that on the vote count so far. well these are all unofficial results because the way it works there are eight hundred thousand polling stations across in these year the vast majority of them opened as planned on wednesday and immediately after the voting finished at one pm local time the officials hold up the ballot papers and they count and declare the result there and then in the places where the voting actually took place but the official tally of all those eight hundred thousand well that takes time some weeks in the electoral commission won't release those results until the end of may in the
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meantime a bunch of private companies phone around and essentially do a sample each of them go to about two thousand different polling stations and they then publish their results of those samples and the reason everyone seems pretty confident the joker without a has won this election is that all of those private companies have come up with pretty much the same result which that is that joke a widow has won fifty five fifty six percent of the vote giving him a comfortable when i overrode so that's where it all comes from this is the jakarta post there is no doubt at all five more years for jocko widodo they are saying essentially the analysis is that has done enough on economic terms to merit reelection there's been five percent growth a year since he was elected in twenty fourteen the economy is taking over he's invested in infrastructure and proposal beato wasn't doing enough to overcome those inherent advantages that the president had so it looks as though and this is a very very big surprise with the official results in may the joker the widow has
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won and won comfortably and the main challenger proposal beyond andrew's disputing those initial counts is that likely then the overall result we think. probably not you never quite know he in fact right now his supporters are at the police headquarters here in jakarta saying that these private companies that have released these quick count results that i was talking about have. lice public lies they're calling them and they say that's a crime under international law and they want prosecutions they say that their internal data they've done their own samples they say show them and provoke has won this election with sixty two percent of the vote with a private companies are saying well i want to show is he working so because that doesn't tally at all with what we are all finding now provoker said sit tight supporters don't take to the streets let's wait for the official results and challenge then if they don't tally with what i'm saying now he is saying that he will challenge to the constitutional court if necessary he did exactly the same.


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