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one and one comfortably and the main challenger proposal beyond andrew's disputing those initial counts is that likely then the overall result we think. probably not you never quite know he in fact right now his supporters are at the police headquarters here in jakarta saying that these private companies that have released these quick count results that i was talking about have this and i. live it's public life they're calling them and they say that's a crime under international law and they want prosecutions they say that their internal data they've done their own samples they say show them and provoke has won this election with sixty two percent of the vote with a private companies are saying well i want to show is he working so because that doesn't tally at all with what we are all finding now provoker said sit tight supporters don't take to the streets let's wait for the official results and challenge then if they don't tally with what i'm saying now he is saying that he will challenge to the constitutional court if necessary he did exactly the same
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thing it must be said back in twenty forty when he also for sure we don't know for the presidency the constitutional court consider that for a few weeks and then throughout his challenge the same pattern is repeated then short term that maybe a bit of uncertainty here but long term it looks as though joker dodo is home and right are to andrew thomas in the indonesian capital jakarta hundred thank you. not a former proven president alan garcia has died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound as police try to arrest him at his home the two term president was being investigated in latin america's infamous corruption scandal al-jazeera as marianna sanchez reports from lima. the last act in the life of peter's former precedent began with the police raid of his home in an affluent area of the capital lima they were there to arrest him in connection with a long running investigation into corruption during his time in office in the late one nine hundred eighty s. at some point police apparently allowed alan garcia to make a private phone call from his home a short time later was heard was long live on
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garcia was in critical condition doctors fought to save his life he was revived three times before dying from the effects of a gunshot wound to the head earlier produced public prosecutor had issued a detention order in connection with corruption charges over his relationship with a giant construction company in latin america called on there but it alan garcia and nine associates were accused of receiving illegal payments and money laundering the sixty nine year old former president was already the subject of a travel ban on tuesday in his last ever interview he repeatedly denied the charges dismissing them as speculation adding that he never sold himself and that is proven . what i can accept and which i reject completely having been head of state two times is that there are these baseless speculations. and i saw himself as a victim last november he entered the two way embassy in lima seeking asylum he
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spent two weeks there until the government rejected his request saying there was no evidence of political persecution that seal supporters clashed with police here at the hospital where the former president has died his political allies say that this is and to take his life was one of dignity and. he has shown dignity by not allowing the government and the public prosecutor's office which is full of people with hatred to trample over him. a legacy of served two terms as the president of a do with east. he becomes the face of a corruption scandal which has not touched almost every corner of political life in that in america many in the scientist i just needa be might be due. for a tougher short break here al-jazeera when we come back the u.s. slaps new sanctions on three latin american countries. more time for ukraine's president to face the music we visit adesa to understand
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why voters rejected such a policy and go in the first round of voting in that state. and the weather still really quite unsettled over many parts of the middle east we've got one system still in the east of our map and the other one now spiraling its way northwards but still clinging on to have a policy of turkey and stretching across the caspian sea there so more clouds here few outbreaks of rain and that will stretch further towards the northeast as we head into thursday fair amount of snow still out of this to the south on thursday we'll also see another weather feature begin to develop this over parts of western iran that will have some cloud maybe a few showers maybe some lifted dust as well that will gradually push its way
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northward as we head through friday for us here in doha well it's just go hot now again has been it's a thirty four degrees will be our maximum on the day as we head into friday the temperatures might just sneak a little bit higher there will be a fair amount of dust around at times though i think by friday for salada hair will be areas clear about thirty degrees will be quite humid them towards the southern parts of africa and you can see plenty of showers on our map but also some more persistent rain in the eastern parts of south africa say for jo'burg and been there is likely to be some wet weather at times that should clear away as we head into friday say back to the sunshine hedge a about back to twenty five degrees it won't be that will force in cape town they will hold us down to around ninety. the weather sponsored by category is. twenty one and i teach to assert your individuality it's ok to argue with people and it's ok to disagree with people but also a period when childhood dreams can collapse with reality compromising i don't think
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i'm pretty good at compromise in two thousand and six south africa up revisits the children of apartheid for the third time and like their country much has changed over the past fourteen years the teen who are twenty one up south africa announces in. welcome back a quick reminder of the top stories here the north korean state media is reporting that kim jong il has overseen a test launch of a new tata called guided weapon it's unclear what the exact type is the north korean leader has called the test and event of various weighty significance. darkhorse of saddam's ouster of president bashir has been jailed military leaders
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say they've made other arrests including two of the shias brothers but just to say they want proof he's in the maximum security koba person. and the u.n. says an attack on residential neighborhoods in libya's capital tripoli could amount to a war crime at least seventeen civilians were killed and twenty injured during shelling on tuesday soldiers loyal to the warlord anything after one forces blogging to the internationally recognized government of fighting for control of the city. now a troika of tyranny that's how the u.s. national security advisor john bolton described cuba nicaragua and venezuela after announcing new sanctions in all three countries and a reversal of obama era engagement with cuba the u.s. now says it will. traveled to the island along with remittances isn't in session. in his last few months in office barack obama wants to improve relations with cuba lifted travel restrictions to the island give the go ahead for increased trade and symbolically restored full diplomatic relations cuba once more had a u.s.
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embassy in egypt after sixty years of sanctions and isolation he said it was time to try something different. different president different approach donald trump's national security adviser was in miami to address a group of exiled cubans john bolton announced new economic sanctions on the cuban military and intelligence services under strictures on the amount of money that can be sent to relatives in cuba and he brought the crowd to its feet with this the department of the treasury will implement further regulatory changes to restrict nonfamily travel to cuba or another would be with each new measures will help steer american dollars away from the cuban regime or its military and security services who control the tourism industry in cuba. came just hours after u.s. secretary of state mike pump cleared the way for u.s. citizens to sue foreign businesses if they're using property in cuba that was
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seized during the one nine hundred fifty nine revolution he was most probably export these days is not cigars it's oppression. detente with the regime has failed. bin is among the countries that has invested billions in cuba and the e.u. is warning this could create a huge international dispute. but it will in the end i think this is bad for everyone it's a lose lose that is why the european union has sent a letter this week to secretary of state pump a zero to ask that the best thing is to collaborate and respect the agreement. john bolton also notes fresh economic sanctions on both venezuela and they could argue all aimed at increasing pressure on three countries he has dubbed the troika of tyranny alan fischer al-jazeera. president maduro has accused the us president of stealing from the venezuelan people through his use of sanctions. i see
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imperialism is crazy and desperate the news also came out the donald trump called the pope i'm sure the pope through holy water on the telephone when he spoke to trump i'm sure donald trump gave his confession he must have confessed to the pope all the harm he's doing in the world he must have confessed to the pope all the harm he's doing to the people of venezuela with illegal unilateral sanctions all the money the thirty billion dollars that he's stolen from the people of venezuela . cafeteria as americans have been waiting to know what the robert muller report is all about the special council was investigating ties between president donald trump and russia a redacted version of the four hundred page report is expected to be released on thursday even the democrats have been demanding access to all of it wasn't jordan has more now from washington d.c. . the timeline for the release of the mole report is somewhat unusual to put it mildly first at about nine thirty am local time the u.s.
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attorney general bill barr will speak to reporters about this report which will have been edited to protect confidential information that leads to investigations classified information and information that could unfairly bar the reputations of people who are not in the public sphere then ninety minutes later members of congress will get the report then afterwards the report will be made public via the internet now that begs a couple of questions how could reporters x. questions about a report that they haven't seen and why is it that members of congress have to first wait for a press conference before they actually get the reports which they say that they need to have as part of their oversight duties jerry dowd lawyer is the chairperson of the house judiciary committee he spoke late on red state evening we are certainly not. satisfied with that we have repeatedly said what is demanded of by
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the situation and that is that the judiciary committee given the entire report and the underlying evidence. so that we can make those judgments for ourselves in the judiciary committee can as has been the case in prior situations decide which limited portions of the report might have to be kept secret so as not to reveal sources and methods of intelligence or for some other legitimate reason but that's a decision for the committee to make not for the attorney general now it was reported late evening by that he york times and other print media that apparently the attorney general's office has been meeting with white house officials about the contents of the bowl report something which members of congress say should never have happened if anything this is a legal way to wrap up a congressional democrats. efforts to try to get the full report as well as the supporting evidence released to the public so that they could decide how to proceed and whether to hold
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a lead in the trump presidential campaign of twenty sixteen responsible for any alleged collusion or cooperation with russian authorities in trying to throw the election. police in the car have stopped a mosque commemorating the one year anniversary of anti-government protests last year more than three hundred people were killed in clashes while protesting against cuts to social security benefits and home reports from managua. the naked eye when opposition it cooled for a day of protests to mucky years since the country's crisis began. in the end they were vastly outnumbered by police together with a feature of recent times here shadowy paramilitaries on motorbikes. the small pocket of demonstrates as we found hope that a copout would give them some protection from arrest after the government declared this protest illegal i said a million we're here despite the repression of all takers police to demand the
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release of all the political prisoners we know are innocent and justice for the victims of the ortega regime and democracy for the country was those of the demands of the civic alliance a collection of business civil and university leaders in dialogue with president will take his government but they say those negotiations are going nowhere god the lake though when i get them all the dictatorship signs agreements but doesn't come through on them we have human rights in the constitution and this murderous government doesn't want to respect them we're here because it is our constitutional right to protest. that they would quickly try to. the police strategy seem to be intimidation i.g. can say they struck up with the police there is growing fear with the fact that there's a huge police presence is around the capital right now and it's a smooth pockets of people to of there it's come out. an umbrella opposition group
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said more than fifty people were detained the police denied that and said no one has been arrested. the united states. was talking announcing new sanctions against the nicaraguan president we are going after the pocketbooks of the ortega family who continue to live off the misery of the nicaraguan people. over rule in the last year more than three hundred people have been reported killed in nick and i were two thousand injured and sixty two thousand have fled the country and the government strategy to hold on to power seems to be yet more repression john heilemann how does it or. now international architects will be invited to help recreate the spire of france has not done cathedral the collapse of the spire was one of the most dramatic moments of monday's fire which devastated the eight hundred fifty year old structure the french president wants to restore the knotter down to its full glory within just five years but some experts are warning it could
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take much longer to talk about the reports now from paris. from above the extent of the damage to not a dam is clear monday's fire ravaged the twelfth century cathedral destroying its roof and making the spire collapse dozens of precious artworks were burned centuries old stained glass windows melted. firefighters continue to assess the cathedral safety and used water jets to cool parts of it the spokesperson said risks remained. the surely most money toward a hot spot that can be found in the cracks between the stones that make up the votes the lead which covered the entirety of this vote as complete melted so we have to continue monitoring the boat to do that with you on the banks of the river saying people watched the overall b.c. i thought to myself i have to come and take in the same ocean it's really deeply moving it's very different to watching it on screen to take time to see the
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devastating impact france's prime minister said a committee will oversee not traditions reconstruction and an international competition will be launched to rebuild the spire. the international competition will allow us to ask whether we should even recreate the spire if we should rebuild the spire as it was conceived and built by the architect in the same manner or if as is often the case in the evolution of heritage and of the cathedral we should give not a new spire adapted to the techniques and challenges of our times the french president emmanuel mccall wants not for down to be rebuilt in five years that would be in time for the paris and then picks but some building experts say that's too ambitious that a project of this scale could take decades the deadline for rebuilding could be a challenge but funding it seems less of a concern with multi-million dollar donations flooding in on wednesday cathedral bells across france rang out in solidarity.
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not or damns devastation has touched many people perhaps because it's a famous symbol of paris because the imposing eight hundred fifty year old building office people a link to the past natasha butler al-jazeera paris. all the news of course on our website there it is on your screen the address al-jazeera dot com. a quick check of the headlines here and al-jazeera north korea has test fired a tactical guided weapon that's according to state media but it's unclear what type it is but it's the first public weapons test since the hanoi summit in february on tuesday the north korean leader told the air force pilots he was pleased with their combat readiness in sudan there are reports that the ousted president omar al bashir has been sent to the country's most notorious jail bashir had been kept in
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the presidential residence since being forced from power by the army last week but he's now been moved to the maximum security prison the military says two brothers of bashir have also been detained. the u.n. says an attack on residential neighborhoods in libya's capital tripoli could amount to war crimes at least seven civilians were killed and twenty injured during shelling on tuesday soldiers loyal to warlord holly for after our own forces belonging to the internationally recognized government are fighting for control of the city. and hundreds of supporters have paid their respects at the coffin of peru's former president alan garcia garcia shot himself at his home in lima when when he was facing a risk he later died in hospital during emergency surgery a former two term president was being investigated over a corruption scandal. in the united states has announced new sanctions on cuba nicaragua and venezuela which national security advisor john bolton has referred to as the troika of tyranny the move is designed to turn up pressure on venezuelan
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leader nicolas maduro and his supporters. from police in nicaragua hope that a march commemorating the one year anniversary of protests against president daniel ortega last year demonstrations against cuts to social security benefits for volunteer oppressed by police and supporters of take it. early early results from indonesia's presidential elections suggest that the incumbent joker we don't know is on course for a second term with a comfortable lead over his rival beyond the vote is challenging the early returns official results won't be known until may when ballots from military one hundred million eligible voters will have been counted and the u.s. attorney general will release a redacted version of the model report in the coming hours following weeks of pressure from congressional democrats the special counsel was investigating times between president trump and russia. so those are the headlines the news continues
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on al-jazeera after the stream starts with. adequate. housing is not just about four walls and a roof it's about living in a place where you have peace security and most importantly dignity un special rapporteur. to our. journalists in tanzania routinely face the threat of office rates of arrest and even violence particularly when reporting on those in power if any ok today we'll look at why freedom of expression is on life support in tanzania and ask how reporters and activists are battling to keep it alive so your thoughts through twitter and the you tube live chat.
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since becoming tanzania's president twenty fifteen johnno mug of food he has a nickname the while supporters say his government has moved swiftly against corruption and high spending critics say he has also pals through constitutional rights and freedom of expression journalists must observe several recently passed laws and there are swift penalties on those who don't fall in line and one of the most recent cases authorities suspended the citizen newspaper from publishing material for seven days saying it had deliberately published false information on the value of the tanzanian shilling other newspapers and radio stations have been suspended for even longer periods accused of sedition and undermining national security they were happy no cease to cross the wider region two weeks ago the east african court of justice was that one particular media door breaches the treaty of the east african community of which tanzania is a member. the government says it is open to reviewing that door but as the
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government faces why spray criticism is it possible for journalists in tanzania to report freely for more we have talked sub-saharan african representative of the committee to protect journalists she joins us from nairobi kenya maria. is director of change tanzania social media movement she is in dar es salaam and from the tasmanian town of machine we have i candy clement kwai you she's a development research political scientist hello everybody it's good to see you so we have an issue here when we're talking about freedom of press and journalism and that is who join is feel comfortable about coming on this show let me show you one example of what we've been dealing with in the last few days i would have loved to be interviewed as you suggested but this is not practically possible now job issues and underline press freedom circumstances in the country at the moment and we just translate that we've had number of people who have been just too scared to come in
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the strain to talk about this and we actually heard from someone who's not a journalist but is has been looking at this issue for a while now who talks about why that might be to give us a tiny little history lesson here and she explains in a video common turn it was anna hangups is the executive director at the legal and human rights center on the fact that this is been a long time coming how listen. started with money going to fifteen. after the hit the previous good election clearly in that we don't really hold the key in that little bit suspicions and move it low enough to say but couldn't act to control people communicating to the beat and then it was ignited the media's its act and i was in that did this to distance act to control deficits and i don't see it not ignitions people and so on and when to use it so
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they had enough of laws in tanzania each be nothing to treat this piece even. so maria she lists the acts that have led to what we're seeing today what a fact had those had on journalists in tanzania. i think primarily we can be looking at something of more of a chilling effect saw apart from some of the more prominent cases where we've seen a pointed up like for the publications been shut down but then there is another angle to that right now most of the editors are very worried of getting letters from the so-called spokesperson of the government and this is the person who by law is in charge of looking at the content of what has been published by newspapers and all sor can write a warning letter we've seen you know of the citizens being suspended because of writing about economic facts so this has become really something whereby the censor themselves and i think that is the most worrying part the example you that you even
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of a journalist or person working in the media being wary about it comes from a bet that they're really worried what if i you know what if i speak out and to morrow my publication gets shut down or get a warning letter i can say you know in tanzania right now for the last couple of years have you see a change in the way that people conduct themselves the way that they talk the way that they write the way that they block for instance. there is loss of change and. a lot of self-censorship even in social media that you know that i'm studying seen many people being very sensitive when careful on actually treating or posting on facebook or least and this is because they are very wary of the legislation that are in place. scared to be challenged so
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people are very sensitive in question was and this has also led to. what we want to express but they're scared for one maybe that they walk in the civil service or maybe worried about their job in even private sector and this is this is really the impact of this is done to organizing for change it becomes very difficult because of the. censorship and sort of censorship that people found themselves. in the situation so we got this tweet just a few minutes ago and i just wanted to bring the same because people kind of can't believe what they're hearing but others are saying we know this is to be true so this is a man sore and he's in that latter group he says journalists reporting issues critical to the government based constant threats beatings jail time and journalists have just disappeared so i wanted to share the story of one of those journalists who reportedly has just disappeared and i know the committee to protect
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journalists is actually trying to make some noise about it so the hash tag is where is. this is a journalist who was looking into. some criminal activity when he went missing and it's now been over five hundred days we're talking. yes so thank you for bringing up the case of a story go on to this because we actually think it's one of the cases there really is symptomatic of what's going on in tanzania but also at the same time has an impostor on the press freedom and firemen in the country so what do i mean by this as you've said i'm very glad i had been missing for over five hundred days yet we have not seen credible investigations into exactly what happened to him grace of course sends the message to journalists that there is a disregard for your safety that if something happens you will not necessarily. at
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the same time because of the controversial and sensitive nature of what she was to court seems tense a chilling message it has an impact on the larger media environment because journalists are left asking themselves if i write this critical story tomorrow if i ask the question is the same thing going to happen to me is something similar going to happen to me so i was only going to this case for us to be p.j. is very much and clematis pick of the whole press freedom crisis that we've seen in tanzania talking have you had your own running for sale signs in tanzania would you my talking about the hot. i would not mind. i did have my own running a colleague of mine and i under the quintiles was our africa program called to make this had a run in with also ricci's last year in november. we'd go on a trip to meet members of the civil society and journalists talk about the press freedom situation in the country and be fair we left we've taken the opportunity to
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speak with the high commission in pretoria i called the embassy in nairobi the high commission in their o.b. to just ask us about the visa situations and we had an invite each a letter to do the same thing to go to tanzania we've been in tanzania for about for seven days when these individuals who didn't present themselves with claims that they were from immigration came to our hotel room and took us away to an unmarked location and started interrogating us about why we were in tanzania and one of the things they specifically asked us about was our interest in the case of as lori wonder and we were released after being held overnight and who were able to leave sounds and yet safely but for us that experience was sort of a wakeup call to how bad things are truly become and also for us we see what's happened to us as we were able to leave but we have to ask ourselves what about the
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journalists what about the press freedom advocates that have to operate and walk in this environment on a day to day basis and really we should be speaking out about them and we're trying to speak out about them as loudly as we can show this story as individuals such as a very good and all the sons onion journalists that props to live in this kind of environment on a day to day basis i want to share i guess without an audience a little clip from a report that catherine soy from al-jazeera dated back in december twenty eighth came from tanzania have a listen to how she's you posting about the poll so take him back that the president tanzania appears to be having on the economy have a list. don mogul forty has been described as a populist he often says no ordinary people in tanzania want to hear and most take this fish market for example evening walk. talk to the traders
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about their problems and give them money to build an office cooking area and trading. market trader a miriama chooses where the office is being built. i have been here for about two years but i would almost be president. i want to share some positive headlines from tanzania this one looks about. the positive aspects the president has had on the economy here he is laughing with the former head of the world bank looking very chummy that tanzania ghost workers face purge in store payroll cleanup and that's looking at you know clean up corruption in tanzania so there are some positive headlines coming out of tanzania but so how does this this that there's a contrast between the economy and how the economy is doing and then how freedom of
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speech is allowed to play out intensity can you explain that dichotomy. i think that first of all what has become clear because this was a you know a but. that that was not enough information but what is coming out is that both parties headlines and not that of this is anymore but one of the things that we've been engaged recently has been standing with the control of the auditor general the government has been giving out since last here about misappropriated the missing funds from the government we've seen quite a large scale that there are millions of dollars worth of local currency that have been misappropriated that have not been properly accounted for and these are these are issues that we can very boldly say have raised from many of us to business questions whether the economy is doing that well or whether we are really fighting corruption or whether it is more about not getting the news a speedy used to investigative reporting which was very much in call rate in previous years were the ones that usually unveiled
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a lot of the corruption but this did not come amiss is certainly from the problem and but the problem and act on information that was reported in the media right now what we see for example with the citizens band is that they reported about the economy and very specifically about the currency and saying that the currency was suffering was the left was a band of seven days and on the same day that the citizen was banned we also so that the foreign exchange bureaus or shop were actually be closed down by the government suddenly so what we're seeing is that economy that good news those headlines are not necessarily right now the reality in fact for a lot of people looking at the auditor general's report and looking at the economy and the weight sense they may not necessarily agree but they're scared to state out and in fact one of the things i wanted to quickly jump in that i kind of talked about was a does an additional law that was brought to nick was not raised but on the hang
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that you just called online content regulation and this very specifically has targeted online media houses and balls so they have to get permission even to have a you tube account. so i'm going to actually glad that you brought up permission to have a you tube now because we got a few comments i'm going to read them out there live and they are not agreeing with what our panelists are saying so have a look at one of these this is caroline who writes on you tube maria is one of the opposition if she was not free what should be able to talk now from tanzania the normal citizens aren't even talking about it as this does not affect their lives only the opposition another person writes and this is said about who says please ladies give respect to your country ten zinnias the only country in east africa that all we see is an example of development and great leadership stop being sellouts for westerners you can seize a few of those comments on a feed right there marie i'll give that to you since they mentioned sure what do you say to people who do not apply this view yes yes it's very simple it is it is
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it has become tradition and by the way we didn't start today to say that anybody who is criticizing the government is opposition in fact i think that if we would be all saw free you would see a lot more even from within the ruling party but when the criticize the government but then there is a lot of fear the second thing is the fact that i speak out doesn't mean that a lot of other people are feeling just the street as i talked about is the chilling effect if the journalists don't feel free because one of the leaks got lost and they've decided to self's the third or this thing some of the newspaper has been shut down then that is a problem and i don't see anything wrong but let me bring up something else there has been a lot of retore coming out but it's sometimes quite threatening anybody who says anything that is criticised critical of the government and that is where i think you find some of the people been very reluctant to come onto the shore to speak of the opinion and this is the kind of techniques that they use. do have paid for or
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using fake means that would come they would attack you sometimes the try to hack you so these are techniques that are happening and i think it's just up to the person how and how they deal with it some people just do not want that harassment. i can they have you seen this movie so i would want to go ahead i can enter yeah yeah i wanted to add of the economy issue first of all i think the coverage that you posted were actually all that said can i just give one example that will sure will give you an indication off of the whole problem for example recently i am with which is a very credible international economic institution. truck has did that our economy would go will grow at four percent is actually growing at four percent but there are fish out i totally can the official statement is that the car bomb is going at . between the range of seven i mean six point something to seven but can imagine there's not any newspaper that has actually reported or analyzed or actually said
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anything about the i am with report we actually got to late absolute social media i think it was always an opposition a member of parliament who posted the report and people started talking about it all online only on twitter but there's not any newspaper that has covered in this is from a very credible very credible institution he just picks a lot about how media is very scared to actually put anything about the. about. the situation there really a situation of the economy that vision we have in america has mentioned it a lot about the age europe or the contra auditor general report that has shown there's a huge problem of. trance and settle and we we've seen how the parliament led by the speaker and the who being party the way they are actually
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trying to dismiss actually they see again just. they just don't want they did exactly and they're exactly other say right words so we. that there is a problem because why would you want economic issues are not to be discussed in the media and in the newspaper if i think one of them of the main. things that newspapers are really scared to talk about is the economy they might talk about many other things but when it comes to quantum there are very very scared. contributor and there was an exchange just today between your position leader and the spokesperson on the government whether is it a cup with some of the newspapers covered his analysis of the report of the auditor general's report we're going to receive the letter and of spokesperson said it's true so what i'm trying to point out is these are facts i mean these are not made
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up things these are facts are admitted to it i have i think the fact that you know this is happening is a way of keeping control of what has been discussed but especially interesting the economy issues so maybe just just just saying is just just to add to what you're saying before i move on and maybe the reporters can't report on negative aspects of the economy because back in february here the citizen was talking about the tanzanian economy growing at six point six percent this year so positive stories may be getting fruit the ones that are more critical perhaps not talking about critical stories let me give you a little comment from a member of the opposition how he sees the landscape right now in tanzania have a listen i was shocked sixteen times for denouncing this that the feeling he is coming to office as the country literally you talk a police state where you spend hours at last for criticizing the president and it
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just touches a shutdown. used pepper man and other journalists. beaten up where even to post a single a single message on what's up criticizing the government and over its plans is because i am really not a fence. so that is a member of one of the opposition parties in tanzania his name is too nice to i'm just thinking we're talking if you are looking at an environment where there's a chilling of journalism a chilling of free speech from your perspective how do you tackle that. one of the things that i've been a big proponent of and one of the things that we've been really calling for is from the diaries now if you look at what's happening in tanzania as you rightly pointed out at the beginning of this the beginning of this program it's next exactly news for the people in the region but it might be news for people beyond thought so what
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we've been asking ourselves as and that is face outside tanzania but cover sounds and here is what are we able to do that comes on young journalists themselves and sometimes on the press we don't press we don't advocate cannot do what can we do what can we say and this i think should expand even to the media communities the east african media community the african media community we all thought to be speaking out because our brothers and sisters are not able to speak in the environment within which that is so i think that is very important secondly it's also very important that focalize be shown such as our own and for everyone to simply listen to each other you had that message at the beginning of this program about how the journalists could not come onto the show but you were able to listen and to represent the voice of this journalist so how can we listen to the
1:43 pm
journalists how can we were present these journalists and and even as private citizens that are very in many ways in which we can interact with a sense on your media and with the cons onions governments to push for press freedom we can for instance talk to the representatives of the government in our own country we can continue to tell their stories through our networks through our social media and through any pluck from that we might have and this has been really the aim of the complaint that we started where we've been asking ways i'm sorry. i hear what you're saying but i it's interesting because i'm still seeing this kind of polarized debate and so on the one hand are people who agree with our panelist this is the tweet from. me who says what the government wants is for journalists to not criticize report anything that might paint the president in a bad light and the consequences including newspapers shutting down fines imprisonment disappearance and death threats we have no freedom of speech and our press is far from free but then we gotten several tweets that look like this this
1:44 pm
is from baracoa who says we need to stop cherry picking tanzania for hidden agendas second freedom of expression is relative and it's not a bottle of coca-cola which you can import freedom of expression should develop according to that particular country based on its history and culture and then they go on to call out the united states is really not being that free either so i see you smiling there maria how do you move this forward when the debate is that polarized among people who say it's not that bad. i don't think it's better polarize i think that the people that we're seeing in fact many of these accounts are coming from a certain group as i pointed before but if you look at a more wider aspect especially for example recently we we had a company in whereby a petition was put forward by one of the change has been a movement members to ask the parliament to stop its resolution or to rethink its
1:45 pm
resolution of luck working with the control auditor general were able to get fifteen thousand signatures online and these are people ready to give the names and the signatures so what i'm trying to point out is most of the people do understand that what we're seeing right now is a calling civic space but then there are always people who benefit from a given system and those people who do benefit are going to be there to defend it but if you look at it from a completely objective and actual point of view what you can see all these examples that we've been giving is very clear right would for example musicians be detained for giving out assault or why would a blogger be arrested i mean there are so many cases but within a span of a couple of years we've never seen in the entire history of time the media such illegal detention and that is the scary part ok people get arrested and that legally between for more than twenty four hours which is even against the law maria we're talking i can say thank you for shining light on this issue in tanzania we
1:46 pm
really appreciate your time a conversation continues always online blake when i see on twitter at eight chase street thanks for watching see you next. capturing a moment in time. snapshots of our lives. other stories. providing temps into someone else's work. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers and the front lines i feel like i know it i have the data to prove that. witness on al-jazeera. the place where decision makers opinion leaders and journalists come together every year. for honest conversations on global affairs and the future of
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the region. the thirty al-jazeera for. in a region full of contradictory agendas and deepening decides. with an arms race the swing. where is the gulf headed with a radiant influence on the rise saudi fluids on the decline. and the khashoggi crisis. the gulf from crisis to decline of strategic influence this april twenty seventh and twenty eighth in doubt. people have to weigh your own record on this trouble in fact a few years ago there was place only for one state on the land of israel all you do not believe in a two state solution the official story is that there are no i'm sure we will show you i don't care about the official story if you were to go visit today you would
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say what has the media been telling the world isn't watching why there's lots to graze in here join me mad the hot sun on the front of my guests from around the world take the hot seat and we debate the week's top stories on the big issues here and i'll just era. north korea says it's launched a new tactical guided weapon it's the first test of its kind since the summit and hunted. down jordan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up huge protests continue in a sudanese capital the former president omar bashir is reportedly taken to prison.
1:49 pm
indonesian president joker we don't do appears to be on trial for reelection but his challenger says not so fast believes he's in the. peruvians mourn the death of former president alan garcia who died of an apparent suicide just ahead of his arrest in a corruption case. some breaking news coming in from pakistan at least fourteen passengers have been killed in an attack in the port of galaga gunman ambushed a bus on a highway and we'll have more information on that a little bit later in the bulletin not all christe eight meters reporting that kim jong il has overseen the test launch of a new tactical guided weapon the country's leader has called it an event a very weighty significance is the country's first test of its kind since the hanoi summit between him and the us president donald trump ended in february without an agreement from abroad as more from salt. north korea's media is heralding this test
1:50 pm
is a major achievement by its military what we know is that it took place yesterday wednesday and has been described as a new tactical guided weapon system which seems to suggest that it is a shorter range weapon system meant for use on the battlefield rather than any of the ballistic missiles that north korea was testing more than a year ago capable of reaching hundreds or even thousands of kilometers but it is significant that it has to take carried out this test coming after the failed hanoi summit and also significant there was a further visit by kim jong un on tuesday to an airbase having that these two visits both with military themes coming in the same week is seen as north korea possibly sending a message we have been used in the past few months to kim jong un visiting factories and farms all part of his initiative to try to rejuvenating the economy
1:51 pm
but this does seem to be sending a message to the u.s. and the rest of the world and it comes after kim jong un's warning last week the united states has until the end of the year to come back with what he calls more realistic approach to the negotiations that have stalled and give north korea some relief from sanctions as far as south korea is concerned the defense ministry here has said very little about this test they are looking into it they say the south koreans of course will be very careful very concerned not to overreact to this to try to harm the recent progress that's been made in into korean relations for mark fitzpatrick is a nonproliferation expert and former u.s. state department official he says this meal weapons test could affect north korea's talks with the united states. it's almost certainly not a new long range missile if it was it would be highly provocative and would derail
1:52 pm
the engagement process with the united states and maybe with south korea no it's it's a tactical weapon it's not a missile apparently north korea is is maybe exaggerating a bit it's newness in order to get america's attention that's what this is all about there could have been some deal in one way and the united states by going going big as they put it made sure there wasn't any deal and and kim jong un would like the president to think again about getting some kind of a deal that would be in both countries benefit the latest reports from young be on indicate that north korea is reprocessing the plutonium that is getting the plutonium from the reactor able to be used in a nuclear weapon plutonium is one of the key substances for tomic bombs and they have been also producing highly enriched uranium throughout the last couple of years so they're continuing on both paths to
1:53 pm
a nuclear weapon increasing both plutonium and highly enriched uranium and as talks get nowhere their arsenal continues to increase a high level delegation from saudi arabia the united arab emirates has flown to khartoum to meet sudan's ruling military council the news comes amid reports that president obama bashir has been sent to the country's most notorious jailed bashir had been kept to the presidential residence since being forced from power by the army last week but he's now been moved to the maximum security koba prison the military says two brothers of bashir have also been detained as part of a campaign to rest against what they call symbols of the previous regime but protesters say they want proof that bush is in jail volatiles. sudan's former president or model bashir is reported to have been moved from house arrest to a maximum security prison yet there were protesters on cartoons three pts welcomed the news. but then the months go much further we are so much happy to hear
1:54 pm
that the president has been moved to a prison that is still not sure what it will be i don't want to see that we want the president to be in prison but not only him actually but the whole region what the people have been brought to their. brazen it would be on a day now we have no very. information and those people have been brought to the. prisons or wednesday the military council announced a series of measures including the at us to fight bashir as part as our best and along with a number of other high and i can officials of the former regime is difficult but the council's spokesman hasn't confirmed that the when abouts of the depots to president and at the top arrests are underway of symbols of the eyes did regime in addition to others who are believed to be linked to corruption cases the most prominent of those who have been placed in custody until now i are the brothers of the former head of this corrupt regime abdullah and. the council welcomed the cease
1:55 pm
fire offer from one faction of the sudan people's liberation movement the group has been fighting and bashir is government into southern regions. meanwhile the two main bodies behind the protest so dan professional association and the forces of the declaration of freedom change say they have submitted a paper for change including the creation of a civilian presidential council with military representation to hold the country along with a civilian cabinet made of independent technocrats but testers say they fear what may happen if the various parties fail to agree on a plan you know with our disagreements with me and failure and an opportunity for the military to stay in power. or dizzy or cut on the united nations says an attack on residential neighborhoods in libya's capital tripoli could amount to a war crime at least seven civilians were killed and twenty injured during shelling
1:56 pm
on tuesday soldiers loyal to the warlord flee for have to forces belonging to the internationally recognized government are fighting for control of the city ahead of the government's threaten to take have to add to the international criminal court might want to hide reports. the victims of shelling mourned in the libyan capital and in the main square there are funeral prayers. and calls for the international community to help stop the conflict. folk. were speechless and in great shock we stand here by the victims' families demanding an immediate cessation of that barbaric attack by the war criminals have to his forces on tuesday night the rocket fire hits residential areas. several people were killed dozens wounded in
1:57 pm
a state of panic lasted all my. the outskirts of tripoli are now a battlefield around three million people are now living in the city's suburbs the u.n. has condemned the shelling of civilian areas. the secretary general's special representative in libya salaam a condemned in the strongest terms the overnight showing recalling their responsibility for actions that may constitute war crimes no lies not only with the individuals who ordered who committed the indiscriminate attacks but also potentially with those who ordered them this warlord who leave there have to his forces began an offensive to take control of tripoli two weeks ago the violence has escalated. forces of the internationally recognized government have been defending the capital have to say as he's trying to crush post arab spring an anarchy in libya the prime minister in tripoli phase. have there is
1:58 pm
a dictator in waiting. aid workers are struggling to reach people trapped in parts of the city where that has been fighting electricity and water supplies have been disrupted along with telecommunications and there are concerns the violence could spread beyond libya's borders affecting its oil production and bringing a rise in those trying to escape the conflict heading for europe. tripoli early results from in the mangers presidential elections suggest that the incumbent judge that we don't know is on course for a second with a comfortable lead over his challenger. he's disputing the early returns official results won't be known until may under thomas has more now from jakarta. nationwide there are more than eight hundred thousand places where people voted on wednesday that the vast majority of those voting took place as planned and immediately after the voting finished the results were counted locally the official tally of all of
1:59 pm
those will take a few weeks but in the meantime a bunch of private companies have done some polls of about two thousand of those polling stations each and that's how they've come up with these quick count results and what's interesting about them is how similar they all are all of those product companies can't with a pretty much the same results which is that fifty five fifty six percent of people have both the joker we don't go over his rival provo world that's where these interim results come from now provo is challenging that he says that those numbers don't the tool tally with what he has been told internally but the margin does seem pretty big and for him to overcome that well that would be a remarkable turn around when the official results are published at the end of may certainly the media here in jakarta five more years that's what the jakarta post is say and that's fairly consistent with the rest of the media's messaging here everyone believes that you are without a has done enough to win another five year term he's not just one he's won
2:00 pm
comfortably won by a greater margin than he beat back in twenty fourteen well in a major wrapped up its election in six hours on wednesday but india is staggering it's elections over a month in seven phases a second round is now under way across thirteen states that includes the politically sensitive state of jamul and kashmir there's heavy security across the region as people in srinagar. cast their ballots voting will end on may the nineteenth and results are expected in a few days now india's jet airways is holding all operations after bankers refused to lend more money the airline based in mumbai is the country's second biggest airline last year it carried twenty seven million passengers but the company's founder was forced out in march the government as our state lenders to help avert thousands of job losses will.


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