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people voted on wednesday night the vast majority of those voting took place as planned and immediately after the voting finished the results were counted locally the official tally of all of those will take a few weeks but in the meantime a bunch of private companies have done some polls of about two thousand of those polling stations and that's how they've come up with these quick count results and what's interesting about them is how similar they all are all of those product companies can't with a pretty much the same results which is that fifty five fifty six percent of people have voted the joker we don't go over his rival provo world through beyond sorry that's where these interim results come from now provo is challenging that he says that those numbers don't the tool tally with what he has been told internally but the margin does seem pretty big and for him to overcome that well that would be a remarkable turn around when the official results are published at the end of may certainly the media here in jakarta five more years that's what the jakarta post is saying and that's fairly consistent with the rest of the media's messaging here
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everyone believes that just go without a has done enough to win another five year term is not just one he's won comfortably won by a greater margin than he beat back in twenty fourteen. well indonesia wrapped up its exercise in democracy in six hours on wednesday but india is staggering its elections over a month in seven phases the second round is underway across thirty one states it includes the politically sensitive indian administered states of german kashmir people and. poor casting their ballots with heavy security across the region voting will end on may the nineteenth the results are expected in a few days' time. a magnitude six point four earthquake has hit taiwan struck the northwest region of the island on subways services have been temporarily suspended more on that for you since we can. the u.s. slaps new sanctions on three latin american countries that story when we come back and also ahead it's the moment much of washington has been waiting for. the release
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of special counsel robert muller's report. so looking rather wait for some of us in spain and portugal over the next few days critical the satellite picture we can see the clouds it streaming its way across us and then it'll stay very gray there as we head through the next few days at least so lots of clouds loss of what weather around it really does it pretty miserable under all that cloud and rain it's not going to be feeling warm with madrid only getting to fourteen degrees at best to the east of that though that's where the temperatures are rising paris should be up at around twenty three and from berlin we should be up at nineteen the southeast of europe though here we're still plagued by the showers some of them really have been very have lots of thunder and lightning lots of hail recently those gradually of pulling away eastwards but still
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the risk of seeing one to more as we head through the day on friday for the other side of the mediterranean where we can see some of that cloud from spain and portugal does not get its way into the northwestern parts of africa say from morocco and algeria it will be a bit gray at times and you'll see the temperatures dropping as well as have for algae is a good deal of clatter around on friday and a maximum temperature just of eighteen degrees towards the east is fine here it looks like colorado will be up at around twenty five for the central belt of africa though quite a few showers at the moment particularly over positive gabon and then further west over west africa there we quite a few showers to. the .
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera mining's piece it will be in the chair here today in doha these are your top stories protesters in sudan voicing their anger against any foreigners or ference during the period of transition on weapons day a special representative of the russian president met sudan's military as a day after a high level delegation from saudi arabia and the united arab emirates flew to khartoum for talks. the head of the un recognized government in libya threatened to
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take the warlords to the international criminal court after us forces have been battling government troops for the control of the capital city tripoli. north korean state media is reporting that kim jong un has overseen a test launch of a new tactical weapon it's unclear exactly what it was the north korean leader has called the operation and event a very weighty significance. india's biggest private airline has suspended all operations after bankers refused to lend more money the mumbai based jet airways could potentially leave more than sixteen thousand employees out of work the company's founder was forced out in march and the government says our state lenders to help avert thousands of job losses creditors are in the process of appointing a new management board by shamil joins us live from new delhi what does this mean to the employees and the passengers.
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oh peter for passengers it means they won't be flying anyone who had a future booking on the airline received an e-mail this morning saying that that flight and all future bookings would be canceled now as for it for them also it would mean the short term for any domestic passengers means they will be facing higher prices in india but indian consumers are very price conscience peter they'll only so much they're willing to pay before they stop flying and india being a growing airline market arab nation analysts believe that the competitors will fill that void in the next several months but internationally it will mean fewer routes that indians can travel going abroad or coming home and could even affect tourism coming into the country now employees though peter haven't actually been paid in months yet despite that they have been sticking with the airlines saying that they liked working for it they remember the good days and they've actually been holding several protests around the country with the latest one happening in a few hours from now in new delhi so the airline itself is beyond saving so one assumes that the carriers will be trying to get those slots because that's what
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other airlines want they want those takeoff and landing slots yeah. that's true peter but it'll take time to negotiate that jet airways had agreements with several international airlines air france being the biggest one but for other airlines to take those over it will take negotiating with the airlines and with the airports and getting permission to fly so it won't be so easy but jet still still has a way to get off the ground a consortium of lenders led by the state bank of india who now own a chunk of the airline say it said in a release just this morning that they believe the best way forward is to get any interested buyer to formalize their bid but that won't happen until may tenth. thanks very much. the former peruvian president alan garcia has died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound after the police tried to arrest him at his home the president was being investigated in latin america as infamous corruption scandal
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mariana sanchez reports from the proving capital lima. the last act in the life of peter's former precedent began with the police raid of his home in an affluent area of the capital lima they were there to arrest him in connection with a long running investigation into corruption during his time in office in the late one nine hundred eighty s. at some point police apparently allowed alan garcia to make a private phone call from his home a short time later us heard was long live on garcia was in critical condition and doctors fought to save his life he was revived three times before dying from the effects of a gunshot wound to the head earlier produced public prosecutor had issued a detention order in connection with corruption charges over his relationship with a giant construction company in latin america called on the average alan garcia and
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nine associates were accused of receiving illegal payments and money laundering the sixty nine year old former president was already the subject of a travel ban on tuesday in his last ever interview he repeatedly denied the charges dismissing them as speculation adding that he never sold himself and that is proven your h.r. so what i can accept and which i reject completely having been head of state two times is that there are these baseless speculations. and i saw himself as a victim last november he entered the two way embassy in lima seeking asylum he spent two weeks there until the food away and government rejected his request saying there was no evidence of political persecution that's all supporters clashed with police here at the hospital. the former president has died his political allies say that this isn't to take his life was one of dignity. he has shown dignity and by not allowing the government and the public prosecutor's
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office which is full of people with hatred to trample over him. served two terms as the president to do with his death he becomes the face of a corruption scandal which has now touched almost every corner political life in that in america maybe i'm a scientist i just see that. the venezuelan president nicolas maduro has accused the united states of stealing from the venezuelan people missed him of thirty billion dollars has been taken through sanctions on his country barely imperioli. i see imperialism is crazy and desperate the news also came out that donald trump called the pope i'm sure the pope through holy water on the telephone when he spoke to trump i'm sure donald trump gave his confession he must have confessed to the pope all the harm he's doing in the world he must have confessed to the pope all the harm he's doing to the people of venezuela with illegal unilateral sanctions all the money the thirty billion dollars that he's stolen from the people of
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venezuela a troika of tyranny and that's how the u.s. national security advisor john bolton described venezuela cuba and nicaragua new sanctions on all three countries and in a reversal of the obama era engagement with cuba the u.s. now says it will restrict non-family travel to the island along with remittances alan fischer. in his last few months in office barack obama wants to improve relations with cuba lifted travel restrictions to the island give the go ahead for increased trade and symbolically restored full diplomatic relations cuba once more had a u.s. embassy. after sixty years of sanctions in isolation he said it was time to try something different. different presidents different approach donald trump's national security advisor was in miami to address a group of exiled cubans john bolton announced new economic sanctions on the cuban military and intelligence services under strictures on the amount of money that can
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be sent to relatives in cuba and he brought the crowd to its feet with this the department of the treasury will implement further regulatory changes to restrict nonfamily travel to cuba or another would be thieves new measures will help steer american dollars away from the cuban regime or its military and security services who control the tourism industry in cuba. came just hours after u.s. secretary of state mike pompeo cleared the way for u.s. citizens to sue foreign businesses if they're using property in cuba that was seized during the one nine hundred fifty nine revolution he was most probably export these days is not cigars it's oppression. detente with the regime has failed. bin is among the countries that has invested billions in cuba and the e.u. is warning this could create a huge international dispute. but it will in the end i think this is bad for
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everyone it's a lose lose that is why the european union has sent a letter this week to secretary of state pompei out to ask that the best thing is to collaborate and respect the agreement. john bolton also notes fresh economic sanctions on both venezuela and they could argue all aimed at increasing pressure on three countries he has dubbed the troika of tyranny alan fischer al jazeera. for two years now americans have been waiting to know what the robert muller report is all about the special council was investigating alleged ties between the u.s. president donald trump and russia a redacted version of the four hundred page report is expected to be released on thursday even though democrats have been demanding access to all of it also in jordan from washington. the timeline for the release of the mole report is somewhat unusual to put it mildly first at about nine thirty am local time the u.s.
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attorney general bill barr will speak to reporters about this report which will have been edited to protect confidential information that leads to investigations classified information and information that could unfairly bar the reputations of people who are not in the public sphere then ninety minutes later members of congress will get the report then afterwards the report will be made public via the internet now that begs a couple of questions how can reporters x. questions about a report that they haven't seen and why is it that members of congress have to first wait for a press conference before they actually get the reports which they say that they need to have as part of their oversight duties jerry dowd lawyer is the chairperson of the house judiciary committee he spoke late on a red state evening we are certainly not. satisfied with that we have repeatedly said what is demanded of by the situation and that is that the judiciary committee
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given the entire report and the underlying evidence. so that we can make those judgments for ourselves in the judiciary committee can as has been the case in prior situations decide which limited portions of the report might have to be kept secret so as not to reveal sources and methods of intelligence or for some other legitimate reason but that's a decision for the committee to make not for the attorney general now it was reported late evening by the new york times and other print media that apparently the attorney general's office has been meeting with white house officials about the contents of the bowl report something which members of congress say should never have happened if anything this is only going to ramp up a congressional. democrats are friends to try to get the full report as well as the supporting evidence released to the public so that they could decide how to proceed
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and whether to hold the trial presidential campaign of twenty six responsible for any collusion or cooperation with russian authorities in trying to throw the election a building collapse in nigeria killed as many as twenty children is raising questions about construction safety standards from lagos. every morning. takes his son to school. she says as a parent she understands why getting an education is important even if a basic the school's had mistress insists children who attend private schools like hers have a better chance of making it in life compared to the government. but after a four story building collapse recently killing as many as twenty children questions are again being asked about building safety standards in nigeria. i had to dig
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through rubble looking for a five year old son the day the building collapsed she found him allies but she now wants the government to arrest building contractors who put people's lives at risk . president mohammed dubai heidi has a contract isn't property owners negligent will be prosecuted. the x. means this property has been listed for demolition it's often used in a building is poorly built and unsafe but the sometimes don't enforce the law and property owners carry on developing transforming substandard buildings into offices and for. lagos is nigeria's biggest city and it's still growing the population increase it brings with it more demand for housing. some of them may have to.
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move some of them in a strictly adhere to standards and because they are not consequences when they don't. result in good riddance prolapse of some of these trying. to strengthen their for us. but as a cost of living rises in africa's most populous nation hastily built buildings are sometimes the only option for the poor and that could put many lives at risk. you're watching al-jazeera coming to you live from these are your headlines government have ambushed a bus on a highway in the southwest of pakistan reports say at least fourteen people were then taken away and killed. on the main route between kharaj in the port city of. has more now from.
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and then. have claimed. to have been in. the country. the head of the government in libya is threatening to take the warlords to the international criminal court's. ruling government troops for the control of the capital tripoli sudanese protesters voicing their anger against any
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foreign interference during a period of transition to a special representative of the russian president met sudan's military rule is now the day after a high level delegation from saudi arabia and the united arab emirates flew to khartoum for talks north korea's state media is reporting that kim jong un has the test launch of a new quote tactical weapon it is the country's first public weapons test since the hanoi summit between him and us president ended in february without an agreement. india's biggest private airline has suspended all operations after bankers refused to lend it more money the mumbai based jet airways could potentially leave more than sixteen thousand employees without a job the company's founder was forced out in march when the government was our state lenders to help of thousands of job losses creditors are in the process of appointing a new board of management. those are your headlines up next it's inside story i'm back with thirty minutes of world news immediately after that also use and by. the
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week began with news of a ninety day truce in the to protect us china trade will the world's largest supplier of liquefied natural gas is leaving the biggest oil cartel we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera. will rise from the ashes from the timeline to with build. centers of history went up in flames sure the cathedral be restored and what lessons will how to preserve historical sites this is the inside story. of the welcome to the program on. the nose in paris survived wars and political
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turmoil but it took just hours to destroy nearly nine centers of history the world heritage science was being renovated when a fine golf the gothic cathedral for many friends people than was a symbol of identity the government is already a promising to rebuild and make it more beautiful than ever its announced an architect second petition for the recalls russian fenton lundergan has more. when the spire of notre dame collapsed france felt a part of its identity pull with it more than eight hundred fifty years of history was engulfed in flame. overflowed as thousands of liters of water were pumped in the french president vowed to rebuild the cathedral more beautifully than ever before and within just five years. throughout our history we have
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built cities pullets and churches many have burned many have been destroyed by walls revolutions a human falls every time every time we have we built the. donations for the rebuild have flooded in from france's richest people two hundred twenty five million alone from luxury goods magnate bernard are no. compare that to just before the fire when the catholic church struggled to secure money to repair masonry damaged by time and pollution experts from around the world are offering their services with help of new technology u.s. and european researchers have used lasers over the years to make precise three d. models of the cathedral and some of suggested asking the creators of this computer game for help artist spent two years recreating every detail of the building many hope that it won't be long before the not rises from the ashes and becomes the grand dame at the center of paris once again into manhattan for inside story let's
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have a look at other has his size the have been destroyed in the past when the u.k. was damaged by fire in one thousand nine hundred. it took five years and sixty million dollars to rebuild the. whole burned to the ground in one thousand one to six isn't spent with storing the building. last year brazil's two hundred year old national museum burned down in rio de janiero recovery efforts have been slow for four year war any a man has destroyed heritage sites including historical old city and in syria the ongoing civil war has damaged world heritage sites such as the city of palmeiro and the. let's bring in our guests karen archer is that it is a wreck so the french heritage society and she joins us from paris on skype from
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italy is that a birth or did julio scientific or to nato there's a research project which documents in europe with three d. modeling and the london we have francis maude an architect and director donald associates who took part in the restoration of the windsor castle in the ok welcome to you all karen i think the question that many people are asking right now is how will not all done but we're built is going to be the same again and actually that's a big subject of debate right now because of course there are one norms of construction and the history of the monument that has to be respected but as we know there was just a competition that was announced today. for an international competition from architects across the world with a new spire which is an element which will bring obviously something new to the cathedral so they're not planning obviously do just reconstruct the one nine
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hundred centuries fire which was done during a major restoration by the famous restore of the year later duca so that's one element in terms of the rest of the of the architecture. there may be improvements in terms of techniques but they still have to respect the spirit of the building ok which is always a debate in terms of restoration what we will have to go into more details about those particular aspects of the building robo about to how difficult is this task going to be for for the french architects at the moment they will start the restoration of the hottest site. where if you go well it is in that in the kind of building. it will dispense somebody that. obviously restructuring is based on the knowledge the building that. technology is used in the student and the private sector and it in the center is at
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that particular so no it is not difficult in terms of technologies now it can of physical to understand and to not exactly heart. mate would be very upset about this because of this. but. it was. only friends in europe. presume that there isn't an end they want to inspect. was. you know that it has been locked down so and are stranded and there instead of the fun from lengthens and and their construction. really why. aren't. they cannot and addict knowledge of sorrow that they're having though that they will they will
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build on. ok which is the way for francis tell us a little bit i mean from your own experience with the restoration of the windsor castle what are the major challenges that you faced that the friends architects of the french authorities could face where. i think there's a clear point where you need to start in a project of this kind in that we really need to be able to stabilise the surviving parts of the structure which are going to include the external walls and the vaults which survive over most parts of the cathedral. because obviously the structural dynamic of them has changed considerably with the collapse of the roof above them so there's a big project to do there straight away to make sure that as much of the fabric as possible can be saved and then there's also a need to put a temporary roof over the whole of the site to prevent any more rain for getting into it because the key thing we also want to be able to do is to dry out the
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structure as much as we can you know we've had a lot of water poured into it in an attempt to put out the fire and the building these dry out because of that and then once we have got a weather tight. weather tight enclosure around the building and we've been able to stabilize the standing of the structure we can then go through and look at the day which has fallen from the roof structure which has fallen down into the neighbor's world to identify how much more fiber which has fallen down could be salvaged from that and could be incorporated into the rebuilt cathedral care of the governor says there is going to take five years to complete the restoration of the cathedral do you think this is a realistic aim i would say it's very ambitious it's a very ambitious goal it's difficult to assess as we still don't know what structural elements as roberto was saying need to be replaced also apparently there may have been some damage to some of those stones are on the upper level because of the heat so all of that has to be evaluated. so before before they can really get
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into restoring it they still have to do the finished evaluation for the structure but five years seems like a very very ambitious. to the law that type of project and there are some experts who are now saying that you need first of. to go through all the digital archives technology you need to look at into the financial considerations look into the structure itself of the cathedral and you look at what kind of innovations you were put into place and if you're sum it up it seems that you need at least twenty years to be able to complete this whole endeavor do you agree with this assessment. that it the. moment probably the. story. we know that. there is. so tight about it sorry. but you see.
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i would assume that rory. fire at you know but actually. i don't know at all with chandra levy riette because of course he is being. treated all very rich and ends up the only information. he could leave the area for a little structure or a illusion that it was dark and was that. francis looked like a very delicate task in a way or another because you have to look into whatever innovation you would put into place as an architect without compromising the structural integrity of the building because we're automotive we're talking about a very ancient structure so how to strike this balance between a very ancient structure and the need for more were ovation and draw bost ceilings
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for example. i think the key features of mediæval and other ancient structures is a certain degree of flexibility in the original construction in the small size of the stone the medium size the stones in the mortar which joins them together as well as the use of term allows a certain amount of movement and subtle within the structure without completely compromising the integrity of the building as a whole and that therefore the imposition of some materials now it's hard cement which acts as a much more rigid type of structure it can give difficulties if not carefully manage that said we need to look back at the history of other repairs which have been made to cathedrals over the past and perhaps good examples include the post-war reconstructions period it's a reims in france after the first world war where a steel frame roof structure was included there which still stands today and that
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gave a faster rebuilding time as well as a fireproof structure i'm not saying that that's precisely what should be done here but i'm saying there's a possibility of one of the things which can be considered when the quantity of remains of the existing roof has been analyzed and evaluated for suitability for incorporation into the repaired structure as well as of course in the context of whatever new kind of spire will be designed as of the competition the president macro has announced a care in the dam was under a process of renovation which was expected to take some twenty years before being completed and they were having problems with financing the whole. project do you think that things are changing you know and that they will not face any problems when it comes to this mammoth task yes well unfortunately this is one of the bright side of this catastrophe. i know that they did have they were still actively thinking funds for the restoration that was just ongoing and you saw the
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scaffolding. in all the all the films of the flames burning i know they were seeking funds in the united states as well trying to get more support abroad and with this. near disaster with notre dame almost disappearing. there's been a spontaneous outpouring of support we've seen that with our organization at french heritage society where we normally raise funds only in the united states and some in france we launched a campaign on monday and we have over thirty five countries that have contributed so far. so and mostly private individuals giving an average of about eighty dollars so it shows that people are really. touched by notre dame and i think also the fact that this could have disappeared for me what was most moving on what happened monday night was not when the when the spire fell but at one point
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during the evening when they said that they were not sure that they would be able to save the structure and just says we can't conceive the world without paris we can't conceive paris today fair enough and i think that's what we're feeling with all of these outreach that we're coming roberta i would like to go through some of the aspects of the real. reconstruction of the whole project because if you look at the building itself very much celebrated for its flying buttresses god the. rose windows i mean if you have to go through technology to try to record a very thing and bring it back to exactly what used to look like just a few days ago how much time is it going to take i heard it. in about a year. i don't know which will be the. chinese be the in about. that our readers got.
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destroyed by the evil and asian will be. there imagine plan dining and the time to be involved in it. i i must say that there was little me. freezing on investigation and decision. collection of information that will by the sound dance be more often with. actually honestly i must say good. morning are not enough were ok even hours in iraq and to act and say something is soothing long. i see your point francis i mean this is general sentiment among the people who are affected by the. the size of the spire collapsing of the fire engulfing the blazing golfing the building that they were just wanted it to look
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exactly like what used to be but this is a new era with different technology different new what materials what do you think should come first the need to rebuild it along the lines of the new technology or the need to maintain the structure the way it used to be although it's a five structure in a way the eternal debate really in or restoration project is precisely between the balance between the precise reconstruction of the building that's been lost or the degree to which it can be altered to incorporate new technologies and a lot of what informs decisions to answer that discussion comes from a really close analysis of the fabric that survives and that's going to take into account its significance and value and can has already touched on that and a lot more will also come from the condition of of the remaining fabric and whether it in fact can usefully be reintegrated into the restored not from down cathedral and we should also add that there'll be some elements of modern alterations and
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interventions which will undoubtedly be of use to people in the future which for instance would include better fire detection measures as an obvious one particular after a tragedy like this better means of preventing the spread of fire through the building detecting it and extinguishing it as well so there's always going to be a certain degree of innovation in any restoration project kerry many people are asking the question about how did it happen we know that all structures are flood level by definition because they are so fragile with the timber still there used as a wrapping but however is this something which is likely to open a debate about the need to upgrade safety measures along all the historical sites in friends all over the world yeah i think it may well and we have to remember that we were very fortunate in paris because notre dame is. isolated somewhat it's since on the point of the either less a day or so there is buildings to one side the river on the other side and then of
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those square we have the city of paris itself has some ninety three churches that it's responsible for that are integrated right into the fabric of the city and we have many other cities throughout france where that's the case so and oftentimes funding is a critical issue so security was hand in hand with that and i think being right in the center of the city makes that even doubling more important roboto europe in particular is very successful when it comes to reconstruction and restore ation plans we've seen of that with trust and with warsaw with italy with different parts of europe and this explains why people are optimistic that not all of them will be were built to its glory days i think that we can do we can begin to be. we have. a lot of experience in that direction not on it but only certain that you know for
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example usually we have it because it's important really goes up the weeks that we get. prepared to do to have. we are experiencing the. experience. of rigorous traction and different approaches being that been tested in. the last think aeration. up the european community about the importance of lection data. also it has there is asian not. just their importance of doing it one of the main aim of deliberation and one of the first part of that ration include imber and some of the. creation. and digital. zation. believes and a lecture not. all in the ego it in the mentally and four of us
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are out in n.y.c. that mentally is more important then. what to do after the stroke as it floats an example wanted to remove this kind of. frances if you were to take part in the restoration work in not hard on what would be your first advice of the french government knowing that this is ultimately has become a universal symbol. it is a universal summer and that's why it's a world heritage site because in that respect it has something which belongs to humanity as a whole. we've talked already about the need for a full evaluation of what remains from the fire before making any decisions as to the precise process of reconstruction. as count said the not for the army is a symbol of paris and paris of course is the center of france so it will certainly
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be rebuilt and in large measure because so much of the external fabric survives we will expect it to look the same as it does before the fire and that equally applies to the interiors there is going to be something spectacular i think which will replace the former spire in the middle of the future and the maybe other opportunities internally once the debut has been cleared away for other items to be introduced which will bring a new sense of wonder and joy to the place but i think one other thing really to note about the process of post fire reconstruction is that it does bring with it a sense of renewal there's a palpable sense of excitement we have been able to save more of not for them than seems likely on monday evening but we've also got the chance to renew it at the same time as a functioning and working building there's a project that was beginning at the time the fabric for a lot of the fabric repairs which were long overdue and to be able to undertake it
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at once in this way is perhaps more of an opportunity. than a tragedy or before it's always worth noting that if you can good. story. going to say that if you can have unimpeded access to a structure you're able to focus far more completely on the task of reconstruction and you can with the building which remains occupied because of course during the probert the project which they were in visiting for the roof repairs and the external fabric is all they need to keep not to dam open the whole time before but now i think is a better opportunity to a more complete project before we run the whole. i would like to hear from the three of you have appreciate really. being briefed on this particular question we've seen these are support of emotions about the collapse of the spire of the fire of the not a whole but the same time you look at the world that are places perhaps more ancient than not completely destroyed. by war in places like syria
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yemen forgot to stand sub-saharan africa what do you think should be done to prevent such loss of human treasure i would start with the carrot yes it is it's a difficult question because. unfortunately the areas where this is taking place are areas that there's not a lot of state control anymore or there are you know there's active conflicts going on i know there's a debate too about to what degree when when peace comes should those things be restored if they can be but it also comes down to i think there is a bit of inequality when you when you see the more developed countries in in the west and especially urban centers naturally they tend to get more attention there's more focus on them they're more resources that are devoted to them just because more people are familiar with those areas roberto it's in our region were those are
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issues. we experienced a fire and i respect the same. changes the reason you get a. feel of the very interesting feel of a search that is going up on to protect the remains to damages that. grace in me. can. you know jewelry an ordinary age because there are a lot of possible accepts and it. meets not only structural action on the collection on the ridge but i think the dimension is the. dissemination of information that you feel the take all of gloves closer to do. they have to stay and we look at it as the only reason we also for it. and this.
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is the francis in less than twenty seconds piece it's a question of who can take responsibility for these places who can look after them who can bring the resources to them we know that they're remote we know that there are vulnerable we know that there is limited government that so ultimately it's the world heritage organizations which will need to step forward here francis maude roberta julia karen are sure thank you very much indeed for your contribution to the program and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website and as you know dot com for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. it's a story you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle is a james i saw it for me but on the hot in here i want to. fake news is a global virus but an indian kinetics is becoming a cancer one of the it up on stopping and abuse and manipulate them into whatever
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the body just based on emotions can skew the push struction of the onion diva specification if you're bombarded with fecal news it does start to flow to you as the world's largest democracy goes to the polls how vulnerable are expenses to militias disinformation. people and power investigates india fake news and agitprop on al-jazeera. the place where decision makers opinion leaders and journalists come together every year. for honest conversations on global affairs and the future of the arab region. the thirty al-jazeera for. in a region full of contradictory agendas and deepening decides. with an arms race in the slate. where is the gulf headed with the arabian influence on the rise saudi influence on the decline. and the khashoggi crisis.
4:48 pm
the gulf from crisis to decline of strategic influence this april twenty seventh and twenty eighth in doubt. libya's u.n. recognized government says it will take a war crimes case against the wall or it's a way for how tough to civilians are killed in tripoli. hello and welcome my name's peter w. one. zero live from our headquarters here in doha also coming up protestors in sudan raise their voices against foreign interference as they demand immediate
4:49 pm
return of civilian rule. and uneasy and president yoko widodo appears to be on track for a second term in power but the opposition is contesting the early results. also ahead india's biggest private airline grounds all flights forcing emergency talks to prevent a shutdown. an alliance of separatist groups has claimed responsibility for killing fourteen bus passengers in the southwest of pakistan reports a men in uniform ambushed the bus took away the passengers and later killed them the incident happened on the main route between kharaj and the port city of come all hi there is life for us in islam about what happened here. well this particular incident took place on a remote stretch of the highway leading from karachi to budget was nowhere near the
4:50 pm
hundreds of. away when the bus. like everybody was dropped by fifteen to twenty men who were dressed in the military uniform of the frontier call and then these people were taken out of the bus in that identity paperwork and then sixteen of them was led away to i think into the location where they were shot at close range. tied behind their back according to the locals. two of them and where they. reported to our security and were taken to a hospital and ordered. details that we are getting and that you mentioned a group called brock which literally means. brother and also a part of an airline. group took responsibility for the attack and was the bank's
4:51 pm
story to tensions in this region. well baluchistan. geopolitically strategically important province it's on it has forty two percent of the. arabian sea and also it's close to the straits of hormuz which is one of the busiest shipping lanes august on the nine hundred and nine kilometer border with iran and then. five hundred plus border with afghanistan according to locals living close to the pakistani. border that stated to say that by lutes groups are able to operate freely from of one is done as readily as iran with whom august on stage it has good relations and that the people who find sanctuary there that security forces of course are trying to block that border. and border. of on
4:52 pm
border and blue just under those critically important because. they key. in linking the china pakistan economic order door where china is spending or what fifty six billion dollars and that really of course eventually the port of go. to the matter of time crude oil hugely important province by by violence they have been attacked in this province even in the last week against a minority community in which twenty people were killed and there was also an improvised explosive. on security forces border town. thank you very much. the head of the u.n. recognize government in libya is threatening to take the warlords after the international criminal court for allegations of war crimes after forces about wing government troops for control of the capital tripoli the un security council is
4:53 pm
expected to discuss its response the world health organization says two hundred five people have been killed in the last two weeks of fighting with thousands forced from their homes libya correspondent mark would head has more now from tripoli. the victims of shelling mourned in the libyan capital and in the main square there are funeral prayers. and calls for the international community to help stop the conflict. folk. were speechless and in great shock we stand here by the victims' families demanding an immediate cessation of that barak attack by the war criminals have to his forces on tuesday night the rocket fire hits residential areas. several people were killed
4:54 pm
dozens wounded and a state of panic lost it all my. the outskirts of tripoli are now a battlefield around three million people are now living in the city's suburbs they were and has condemned the shelling of civilian areas. the secretary general's special representative in libya salaam a condemned in the strongest terms the overnight showing recalling their responsibility for actions that may constitute war crimes no lies not only with the individuals who ordered who committed the indiscriminate attacks but also potentially with those who ordered them since we have to his forces began an offensive to take control of tripoli two weeks ago the violence has escalated. forces of the internationally recognized government have been defending the capital have to says he's trying to crush post arab spring an anarchy in libya the prime
4:55 pm
minister in chipley phase says half there is a dictator in waiting. aid workers are struggling to reach people trapped in parts of the city where there has been fighting electricity and water supplies have been disrupted along with telecommunications and there are concerns the violence could spread beyond libya's borders affecting its oil production and bringing a rise in those trying to escape the conflict heading for europe. tripoli. a special representative of the russian president has met the military rulers in sudan protesters have condemned foreign interference as they continue to press for the immediate return of civilian rule following the overthrow of president bashar omar al bashir now a high level delegation from saudi arabia and the united arab emirates for to khartoum for talks on tuesday reports that bashir is in sudan's most notorious jail it is not calming the protesters anger they're demanding proof of his arrest mom of
4:56 pm
all reports now from khartoum. sudan's former president bashir is reported to have been moved from house arrest to a maximum security prison there were protesters on cartoons three pts welcomed the news. but their demands go much further we are so much happy to hear that the president has been moved to a prison that is still not sure what it will be i don't want to see that we want the president to be in prison but not only him actually but the whole region what he would have been brought to the. brazen it would be on a day now we have no very. information and people have been brought to the. prisons wednesday the military council announced a series of measures including b.r.s. different bashir as part as a bass and along with a number of other high like you know officials of the former regime if the but the
4:57 pm
council's spokesman hasn't confirmed that the whereabouts of the deposed president . arrests are underway of symbols of the eyes did regime in addition to others here are believed to be linked to corruption cases the most prominent of those who have been placed in custody until nine or the brothers of the former head of this corrupt regime abdullah and. the council welcomed the cease fire offer from one faction of the sudan people's liberation movement the group has been fighting and bashir is government into southern regions. meanwhile the two main bodies behind the protest sudan professionals association and the fossils of the declaration of freedom and change say they have submitted a paper for change including the creation of a civilian presidential council with military representation to move the country along with a civilian cabinet made of independent technocrats but protesters say they fear
4:58 pm
what may happen if the various parties fail to agree on a plan and you know their disagreements would mean failure and an opportunity for the military to stay in power. and dizzy or cut on north korea no longer wants the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o involved in nuclear talks state media says the government is calling for someone who in their words is quote more careful and mature in communicating all the demand comes hours after the north korean leader kim jong un reportedly oversaw the test launch of what it calls a new weapons system it will be the first public test is the hanoi summit between mr kim and the u.s. president ended in february without an agreement from seoul this seems to be a timely reminder from north korea of its military strength photos released by state run media show kim jong un visiting an airbase on tuesday his first military drill inspection since last november. and then wednesday he reportedly attended
4:59 pm
a weapons test. described as a tactical weapon it's far less provocative than people listing missiles north korea tested more than a year ago but seems intended to show its frustration at the failure to win sanctions relief at the hanoi summit there could have been some deal in hanoi and the united states by going going big as they put it made sure there wasn't any deal on end and kim jong un would like president trump to think again about getting some kind of a deal that would be in both countries benefit last week donald trump said he was open to a third summit but kim replied he'd be interested only if the u.s. lifts some of its sanctions by year's end. the fear is if the talks fail the north could return to the ballistic missile and nuclear testing of the past we still seem to be a long way from that but here in the south diplomatic efforts are underway to make
5:00 pm
sure it doesn't happen. south korean president moon j.n. isn't working towards another summit with kim talk to his defense ministry spokesperson seem to play down news of the weapons test so as not to derail that effort into booms and speculation is mounting about a first summit between kim and russian president vladimir putin in the russia can provide some diplomatic assistance but russia is not going to subsidize moscow on a large scale russia is not going to violate sanctions regime the key to sanctions relief remains the u.s. and this week show of strength seems aimed in its direction robert bright al-jazeera sold. early results from indonesia's presidential elections suggest the incumbent yoko were dodo is on course for a second with a comfortable lead over his challenger.


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