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from that but here in the south diplomatic efforts are underway to make sure it doesn't happen. south korean president moon j.n. isn't working towards another summit with kim will walk talk to know my students his defense ministry spokesperson seemed to play down use of the weapons test so as not to d. rail that effort into booms and speculation is mounting about a first summit between kim and russian president vladimir putin russia can provide some diplomatic assistance but russia is not going to subsidize moscow on a large scale russia is not going to violate sanctions regime the key to sanctions relief remains the u.s. and this week show of strength seems aimed in its direction robert bright al-jazeera sold. early results from indonesia's presidential elections suggest the incumbent yoko were dodo is on course for a second with a comfortable lead over his challenger. while official results won't be known until
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may of zero zero is disputing the early returns more than one hundred nineteen million indonesians were eligible to vote and thomas has more now from jakarta. nationwide there are more than eight hundred thousand places where people voted on wednesday night the vast majority of those voting took place as planned and immediately after the voting finished the results were counted locally the official tally of all of those will take a few weeks but in the meantime a bunch of private companies have done some polls of about two thousand of those polling stations each and that's how they've come up with these quick count results and what's interesting about them is how similar they all are all of those product companies can't with a pretty much the same results which is that fifty five fifty six percent of people have voted for jocko widow over his rival provo will be answered that's where these interim results come from now pro bowl always challenging that he says that those numbers don't the tool tally with what he has been told internally but the margin
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does seem pretty big and for him to overcome that well that would be a remarkable turn around when the official results are published at the end of may certainly the media here in jakarta five more years that's what the jakarta post is saying and that's fairly consistent with the rest of the media's messaging here everyone believes that just go without a has done enough to win another five year term he's not just one he's won comfortably won by a greater margin than he beat back in twenty fourteen. well indonesia wrapped up its exercise in democracy in six hours on weapons leave it india is staggering in elections over a month and seven phases the second round is now under way across the teen states it includes the politically sensitive indian administered stated jammu and kashmir people in. poor a casting their ballots with heavy security across the region voting will end on may the nineteenth the results are expected in a few days. still to come for you here on al-jazeera medicines and power generators
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after years of refusing its venezuelans receive their first red cross aid. and it's the moment much of washington has been waiting for the release of the special counsel robert muller's report. helo's warmed up in the last few days quite a lot in northern europe considering we still got a northerly breeze and you see the clouds coming down from the north to prove the point that there's a lot of warm sunshine but a little cloud so you get twenty degrees in berlin eighteen vienna now is about seven or eight any four or five days ago as a rapid rise and in contrast in iberia so spain proscribing in deede including part of france it's cloudy and it's nice if you wait some of dreads at fourteen degrees when the cool places in europe sort of comparable with
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a good part of rumania turkey and greece short notice so will the ones in the north and the wetter cooler stuff is further south maybe an unusual situation but it's spring so it's changing the circulation the black sea continues to keep the weather in turkey likewise in spain imports cool more rain and low ish temperatures and we're warming up in berlin we're at twenty in london twenty three in paris in the sunshine even stockholm's warmed up the middle teens that. because what's happening in spain and portugal you she's bills across into morocco this is no exceptions exactly what's happening safe and satellite picture so you go to day of clad in the cage no showers in morocco and probably algeria head of it is quite warm twenty five you know jesus. weather sponsored by cattle. on line. to the answer for them not to do this or if you join us on saturday
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all of us have been colonized in some form or some fashion this is the diana react talking about front you have seen what it can do to somebody people are using multiple drugs including a funnel and some people are seeking it out everyone has a points. here to twitter and you could be on the street join the conversation on mt is iraq. you're watching al-jazeera a reminder about top stories so far today in the southwest of pakistan government have kidnapped and killed fourteen bus passengers an alliance of bloc separatist groups are claiming responsibility for attacking the bus on the main road between kharaj and the port city of. protestors in sudan
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a condemning foreign interference following the overthrow of president bashir omar al bashir a special representative of russia's president met sudan's military rulers on weapons day the day after a high level delegation from saudi arabia and the u.a.e. flew to khartoum for talks. india's biggest private sale line has suspended all operations after bankers refused to lend more money emergency talks on the way to prevent a shutdown of the twenty five year old carrier the mumbai based jet airways could potentially leave more than sixteen thousand employees without work has more now from new delhi. anyone with a booking on jet airways received an e-mail thursday morning canceling their flight and all future bookings as well now what this. i mean for passengers domestically in india as in the short term they will face higher prices but indian consumers are very price conscious there's only so much they're willing to pay before they stop flying aviation analysts though tell al-jazeera that india is
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a growing airline market and competitors should fill the void left by jet airways but that will take at least a few months now jet airways got to this point simply because it couldn't pay its bills anymore specifically for fuel and for airport charges but even stopped paying employees for months but despite that employee he's of remained loyal to the company many of them going without salary continuing to show up for work and now though they're staging protests trying to government attention investor attention to try to save the airline they remember the days when this was considered india's premier airline internationally their biggest private airline and they say that it can still be saved now also on thursday a consortium of lenders led by the state bank of india that effectively own a chunk of the airline say they believe the best way forward is to get any interested buyer to formalize their bid but that won't happen until may tenth. turning our attention to the states now for two years americans have been waiting to know what the report is all about the special counsel was investigating alleged
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ties between the president trump russia an edited version of the four hundred page report is expected to be released on thursday even though democrats have been demanding access to all of it has more now from washington. the timeline for the release of the mole report is somewhat unusual to put it mildly first at about nine thirty am local time the u.s. attorney general bill barr will speak to reporters about this report which will have been edited to protect confidential information that leads to investigations classified information and information that could unfairly bar the reputations of people who are not in the public sphere then ninety minutes later members of congress will get the report then afterwards the report will be made public via the internet now that begs a couple of questions how can reporters x.
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questions about a report that they haven't seen and why is it that members of congress have to first wait for a press conference before they actually get the reports which they say that they need to have as part of their oversight duties jerry dowd lawyer is the chairperson of the house judiciary committee he spoke late on red state evening we are certainly not. satisfied with that we've repeatedly said what is the mandate of by the situation and that is that the judiciary committee be given the entire report and the underlying evidence. so that we can make those judgments for ourselves and the judiciary committee can as has been the case in prior situations decide which limited portions of the report might have to be kept secret so as not to reveal sources and methods of intelligence or for some other legitimate reason but that's a decision for the committee to make not for the attorney general now it was reported late august evening by the new york times and other print media that
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apparently the attorney general's office has been meeting with white house officials about the contents of the bowl report something which members of congress say should never have happened if anything this is only going to ramp up a congressional democrats efforts to try to get the full report as well as the supporting evidence released to the public so that they can decide how to proceed and whether to hold eighty what the trouble presidential campaign of one hundred sixteen responsible for any alleged collusion or cooperation with russian authorities in trying to throw the election the form approving president alan garcia has died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound after the police tried to arrest him at his home the president was being investigated in latin america's infamous corruption scandal mariana sanchez reports from the capital lima. the last act in the life of peter's
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former precedent began with the police raid of his home in an affluent area of the capital lima they were there to arrest him in connection with a long running investigation into corruption his time in office in the late one nine hundred eighty s. at some point police apparently allowed alan garcia to make a private phone call from his home a short time later question was her. god long live our garcia was in critical condition and doctors fought to save his life he was revived three times before dying from the effects of a gunshot wound to the head earlier produced public prosecutor had issued a detention order in connection with corruption charges over his relationship with a giant construction company in latin america called on the average island garcia and nine associates were accused of receiving illegal payments and money laundering the sixty nine year old former president was already the subject of a travel ban on tuesday in his last ever interview he repeatedly denied the charges
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dismissing them as speculation adding that he never sold himself and that is proven to be a great chance so what i can accept and which i reject completely having been head of state two times is that there are these baseless speculations. and i saw himself as a victim last november he entered the two way embassy in lima seeking asylum he spent two weeks there until the government rejected his request saying there was no evidence of political persecution that feels supporters clashed with police here at the hospital where the former president has died his political allies say that this isn't to take his life was one of dignity. he has shown dignity by not allowing the government and the public prosecutor's office which is full of people with hatred to trample over him. a legacy of served two terms as the president of a do with his death he becomes the face of a corruption scandal which has now touched almost every corner political life in
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that in america maybe in a scientist i just see that he might be. the first shipment of humanitarian aid is finally being distributed in venezuela after years of refusing to accept international assistance the government reached a deal some weeks ago with the red cross to import food medicine as well as hospital equipment but the waiting list is long in america the see and human reports. this refuge in northwestern venezuela is home to sixty seven children and young adults with disabilities who have nowhere else to go yet most of the residents were born with mental retardation severe autism or varying degrees of cerebral paralysis all of which required medical treatment. if they don't get their medication they have or have acute anxiety they fall down they're frightened but there's a severe shortage of treatments which are an affordable now we're all suffering.
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the home is run by the catholic church with volunteers and donations government subsidies stopped years ago many families here northwestern a lot of states are struggling just to feed their families and can't cope with a child with special needs but the institution says it doesn't have the means to take in anymore like many here hydro was born with cerebral paralysis that's a disorder of movement and muscle tone which means he is confined to a wheelchair but if there was proper specialized treatment physiotherapy he could probably move a lot better perhaps even walk the problem is there's absolutely no budget for that . in fact the institution can barely afford food and salaries for the nurses even electricity and water have become a luxury in this part of the country with constant power blackouts classes suspended so serapis do what they can to keep the residents occupied.
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if they're yeah we demand that the government open the doors to monitor and we need a desperate man there are people dying because there are no resources no medicine or equipment to treat the ill. father bit uncool says that in the thirty six years that he's been here he's never felt so unable to provide for youngsters who have already been dealt a difficult hand. children like ten. year old jonathan rojas a bright incurious boy who was born with hydrocephalus it requires treatment but under other circumstances he could expect to live a normal life. right now the only hope for him and the others is the arrival of international aid and as everyone here will tell you it can't come fast enough to see in human. than israela. international architects will be invited to help
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recreate the spire of france's not. eight hundred fifty six year old structure was devastated by the fire on monday the french president emmanuel macro wants to restore to its full glory within five years from paris. from above the extent of the damage to not a dam is clear monday's fire ravaged the twelfth century cathedral destroying its roof and making the spire collapse dozens of precious artworks were burned centuries old stained glass windows melters. firefighters continue to assess the cathedral safety and used water jets to cool parts of it the spokesperson said risks remained visits to the shore the most money toward a hot spot that can be found in the cracks between the stones that make up the votes the lead which covered the entirety of this vote as complete melted so we have to continue monitoring the boat to do that with you on the banks of the river saying people watched the over the sea i thought to myself i have to come and take
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in the same ocean it's really deeply moving it's very different to watching it on screen to take time to see the devastating impact france's prime minister said a committee will oversee not traditions reconstruction and an international competition will be launched to rebuild the spire. the international competition will allow us to ask whether we should even recreate the spire if we should rebuild the spire as it was conceived and built by the architect in the same manner or if as is often the case in the evolution of heritage and of the cathedral we should give not a new spire adapted to the techniques and challenges of our times the french president emanuel mack all wants not for down to be rebuilt in five years that would be time for the powerless and then picks but some building experts say that's too ambitious that a project of this scale could take decades the deadline for rebuilding could be a challenge but funding it seems less of
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a concern with multi-million dollar donations flooding in on wednesday cathedral bells across france rang out in solidarity. not to dams devastation. has touched many people perhaps because it's a famous symbol of paris because the imposing eight hundred fifty year old building office people a link to the past natasha al-jazeera paris. this is al-jazeera these are the top stories in the southwest of pakistan gunman who kidnapped and killed fourteen bus passengers on alliance a block separatist groups are claiming responsibility for the passengers traveling on the main road between the port of. islam about this particular attack.
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and then. afterward. have claimed. they have been involved in attacks against. the country. government in libya is threatening to take the warlords to the international criminal court to the hague forces a battling government troops for control of the capital tripoli. protesters in sudan are condemning foreign interference after the overthrow of president omar al
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bashir a special representative of the russian president met sudan's military rulers on weapons day a day after a high level delegation from saudi arabia and the united arab emirates flew to khartoum for talks. north korea no longer wants the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o involved in the nuclear talks state media says the government is calling for someone who in their words is quote more careful and mature in communicating the demand comes hours after north korea's leader kim jong il reportedly oversaw the test launch of what it calls a new weapons system it to be the first public test since the hanoi summit between kim and the u.s. president almost ended last february minus any agreement. india's biggest private line has suspended all operations after bankers refused to lend the more money the mumbai based jet airways could potentially use more than sixteen thousand employees without a job those are your headlines so far today the news continues after the stream i
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will see you very soon. adequate. housing is not just about four walls and a roof it's about living in a place where you have peace security and most importantly dignity un special rapporteur. to al jazeera. journalists in tanzania routinely face the threat of office rates of arrest and even violence particularly when reporting on those in power ok today we'll look at why freedom of expression is on life support in tanzania and ask how reporters and activists are battling to keep it alive and your thoughts through twitter and the live chat.
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since becoming tanzania's president twenty fifteen john a mug of food has a nickname the border while supporters say his government has moved swiftly against corruption and high spending critics say he has also pal through constitutional rights and freedom of expression journalists must observe several recently passed laws and there are swift penalties on those who don't fall in line and one of the most recent cases authorities suspended the citizen newspaper from publishing material for seven days saying it had deliberately published false information on the value of the tanzanian shelling other newspapers and radio stations have been suspended for even longer periods accused of sedition and undermining national security there was happy notice across the one. region two weeks ago the east african court of justice was that one particular media law breaches the treaty of the east african community of which tanzania is a member the government says is open to reviewing that law but as the government
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faces why spray criticism is it possible for journalists in tanzania to report freely for more we have talked sub-saharan african representative of the committee to protect journalists she joins us from nairobi kenya maria. is director of change tanzania a social media movement she is in dar es salaam and from the tasmanian town of machine we have i candy clement kwai you she's a development research political scientist who everybody is good to see you so we have an issue here when we're talking about freedom of press and journalism and that is journalists feel comfortable about coming on this show let me show you one example of what we've been dealing with in the last few days i would have loved to be interviewed as you suggested but this is not practically possible now job issues and underline press freedom circumstances in the country at the moment and we just translate that we've had number of people who have been just to sketch it you know
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when the strain to talk about this and we actually heard from someone who's not a journalist but is has been looking at this issue for a while now who talks about why that might be to give us a tiny little history lesson here and she explains in a video common tournaments and a hang us who is the executive director at the legal and human rights center on the fact that this is been a long time coming how listen. started we came to fifteen. after the head hit the previous good election wally missed that we don't really hold the key in that little bit special units move it low enough to say but couldn't act to control people communicating to the lieutenant and then it was ignited immediate it's his act and i was in that did this statistics act to control to the states man was it not it ignitions people and so on land wanted uses so they had enough of laws intensity in each and be nothing to
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treat this beast even. so maria she lists the acts that have led to what we're seeing today what a fact have those had on journalists in tanzania. i think primarily we can be looking at something of more of a chilling effect so apart from some of the more prominent cases where we've seen pointed up like for the publications been shut down but then there is another angle to that right now most of the editors are very worried of getting letters from the so-called spokesperson of the government and this is the person who by law is in charge of looking at the contents of what has been published by newspapers and also can write a warning letter we've seen you know the citizens been suspended because of writing about economics back so this has become really something whereby the censor themselves and i think that is the most worrying part the example you given all the
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journalist or person working in the media being wary about it comes from that that they're really worried what if i you know what if i speak out and tomorrow my publication get shut down will get a warning letter i can see you in tanzania right now for the last couple of years how do you see changing the way that people conduct themselves the way that they told the way that they write the way that they blog for instance. and there is lots of change and. a lot of self-censorship even in social media that you know that i'm studying obscene many people being very sensitive when careful on actually treating or posting on facebook or least graham and this is because they're very wary of the legislation that they're less. scared to be challenged so people are very sensitive in question as and this has
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also led to a lot of what we want to express but they're scared for one maybe that they walk in the civil service or maybe worried about their job in private sector and this is this is really the impact of this is down to organizing for change it becomes very difficult because of the. censorship and sort of censorship that people found themselves. in the situation so we got this tweet just a few minutes ago and i just wanted to bring this in because people kind of can't believe what they're hearing but then others are saying we know this is to be true so this is a man sore and he's in that latter group he says journalists reporting issues critical to the government base constant threats beatings jail time and journalists have just disappeared so i wanted to share the story of one of those journalists who reportedly has just disappeared and i know the committee to protect journalists
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is actually trying to make some noise about it so the hash tag is where is. this is a journalist who was looking into. some criminal activity when he went missing and it's now been over five hundred days we're talking. yes so thank you for bringing up the case of a story go on to this because we actually think it's one of the cases there really is symptomatic of what's going on in tanzania but also at the same time has an impostor on the press freedom environmentalists in the country so what do i mean by this as you've said i'm very glad i had been missing for over five hundred days yet we have not seen credible investigations into exactly what happened to him grace of course sends the message to journalists that there is a disregard for your safety that if something happens you will not necessarily. at
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the same time because of the controversial and sensitive nature of what she was to close seems it sends a chilling message it has an impact on the larger media environment because journalists are left asking themselves if i write this critical story tomorrow if i ask these questions is the same thing going to happen to me is something similar going to happen to me so i was only going to pay for us to be p.j. is very much in plymouth speak all of the whole press freedom crisis that we've seen in tanzania we're talking have you had your own running for say authorities in tanzania would you my talking about the hot. i would not mind. i did have my own running a colleague of mine and i under the quintiles was off with a program called to make this had a run in with also ricci's last year in november. we did go on a trip to meet members of the civil society and journalists talk about the press freedom situation in the country and before we left we've taken the opportunity to
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speak with the high commission in pretoria i called the embassy in nairobi the high commission in their o.b. to just ask us about the visa situations and we had an invite each a letter to do the same thing to go to tanzania we've been in tanzania for about for seven days when these individuals who didn't present themselves with claims that they were from immigration came to our hotel room and took us away to an unmarked location and started interrogating us about why we're in tanzania and one of the things they specifically asked us about was our interest in the case of as lori wonder and we were released after being held overnight and who were able to leave sounds and yes safely but for us that experience was sort of a wakeup call to how bad things are truly become and also for us we see what's happened to us as we were able to leave but we have to ask ourselves what about the
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journalists what about the press freedom advocates that have to operate and walk in this environment on a day to day basis and really we should be speaking out about them and we're trying to speak out about them as loudly as we can show this story as individuals such as a story go under and all the sense that in journalists the problem is in this kind of environment on a day to day basis i want to share i guess without an audience a little clip from a report that catherine soy from al-jazeera dated back in december twenty eighth change from tanzania have a listen to how she should posting about the poll so to impact that the president tanzania appears to be having on the economy have a listen. don mogul forty has been described as a populist he often says no ordinary people in tanzania want to hear and mostly take this fish market for example evening walk. talk to the
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traders about their problems and give them money to build an office cooking area and trading sheds market trader a miriama chooses where the office is being built. i have been here for about two years but i have been most the president. i want to share some positive headlines from tanzania this one looks about. the the positive aspects the president has had on the economy here he is laughing with the former head of the world bank looking very chummy that tanzania goes workers face purge in store payroll cleanup and that's looking at the no clean up corruption in tanzania so there are some positive headlines coming out of. the near future how does this there's a contrast between the economy and how the economy is doing and then how freedom of speech is allowed to play out intensity can you explain that dichotomy. i think
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that first of all what has become clear because this was a you know a bit and. that that was not enough information but what is coming out is that those positive headlines and other positive anymore so one of the things that we've been engaged recently has been standing with the control the auditor general the government has been giving out since last year about misappropriated the missing funds from the government we've seen on quite a large scale that there are millions of dollars worth of local currency that have been misappropriated that have not been properly accounted for and these are these are issues that we can very boldly say have raised for many of our citizens questions whether the economy is doing that well or whether we're really fighting corruption or whether it is more about not getting the news as we used to investigative reporting which was very much encouraged in previous years.


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