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south korean president moon j.n. isn't working towards another summit with him for a walk talk to you know my students his defense ministry spokesperson seemed to play down use of the weapons test so as not to de rail that effort. and speculation is mounting about a first summit between kim and russian president vladimir putin of russia can provide some diplomatic assistance but russia is not going to subsidize. or a large scale russia is not going to violate sanctions exam the key to sanctions relief remains the u.s. and this week show of strength seems aimed in its direction robert bright al-jazeera sold early results from indonesia's presidential election suggesting combine your call where dodo is on course for a second term with a comfortable lead over his challenger proper be on top while official results won't be known until may probable is disputing the early returns on the one hundred
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ninety million indonesians were eligible to cast a vote and to thomas now from jakarta. nationwide there are more than eight hundred thousand places where people voted on wednesday night the vast majority of those voting took place as planned and immediately after the voting finished the results were counted locally the official tally of all of those will take a few weeks but in the meantime a bunch of private companies have done some polls of about two thousand of those polling stations and that's how they've come up with these quick count results and what's interesting about them is how similar they all are all of those product companies can't with a pretty much the same results which is that fifty five fifty six percent of people have both the joker we don't know over his rival. that's where these interim results come from now provo is challenging that he says that those numbers don't a tool tally with what he has been told internally but the margin does seem pretty big and for him to overcome that well that would be
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a remarkable turn around when the official results are published at the end of may certainly the media here in jakarta five more years that's what the jakarta post is saying and that's fairly consistent with the rest of the media's messaging here everyone believes that joker without a has done enough to win another five year term is not just one he's won comfortably won by a greater margin then he beat back in twenty fourteen internees erupt pits exercise in six hours on wednesday but india is staggering its elections over a month in seven phases the second round is underway across thirteen states that includes the politically sensitive indian administered states of germany and kashmir people don't pour casting their ballots with heavy security across the region voting ends on may the nineteenth results are expected in a few days time. still to come for you here on al-jazeera it's the moment much of washington has been waiting for the release of special counsel robert muller's report plus. the music of dissent will
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visit to find out why ukrainians. reject president's pushing and the first round of voting. out of the daily showers are still building in indonesia more so in malaysia and the philippines a satellite picture reveals there is no still slow way sea and west papua which seem to have the biggest ones but the massive cloud actually is gathering over the waters of the indian ocean certainly by day's sumatra in singapore you could get showers for the big sundry ones that stretches down the line towards jakarta and again it's reborn here and sort of racy but i think over the ocean the showers persists and again it's the indian ocean we'll be watching i suspect for the next few weeks to be honest south of the equator different season of course active with
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our currency is a bite you think you should be cool quite often briefly wet as well and so this forecasts might surprise you adelaide's forecast max of thirty one degrees on friday is about nine above the average this time we're twenty three in melbourne or warm two it's rather more reasonable from the for this season in perth crowded right in seventeen degrees most of the cloud rain not in person the sun still at buddy eighteen degrees on saturday at the same time thirty two in adelaide this is a head of a and active frontal system system will eventually get to you but two days about thirty ridiculous. fake news is a global virus but in indian politics it's becoming a cancer one of these up on stock i believe that manipulate them into whatever the party is just based on emotion can skew the perception of reality less pressure to
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create if you're bombarded with feed news it does start to grow as the world's largest democracy goes to the polls how vulnerable are exposed to malicious disinformation. people and power investigates india fake news and agitprop on al-jazeera. welcome back list reclaim your top stories for you so far this half hour government in the southwest of pakistan have ambushed a bus then kidnapped and killed fourteen passengers and alliance a block separatist groups has claimed responsibility for attacking the vehicle on the main road in caracas and the port of water. ahead of the un recognized
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government in libya is threatening to take the warlords after the international criminal court says forces of battling government troops for control of the capital tripoli. protesters in sudan are condemning foreign interference following the overthrow of president omar bashir a special representative of the russian president met sudan to lose their military leaders on the weapons day the day after a high level delegation from saudi arabia and the u.a.e. flew to khartoum for talks. india's biggest private airline has suspended all flights after bankers refused to lend it more money jet airways has been scaling down operations for months and reports say it's down to just five planes over sixteen thousand employees. the demanding a government bailout to prevent the shutdown of the mumbai based company. has more now from you danny. anyone with a booking on jet airways received an e-mail thursday morning canceling their flight and all future bookings as well now what this will mean for passengers domestically
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in india as in the short term they will face higher prices but indian consumers are very price conscious there's only so much they're willing to pay before they stop flying aviation analysts though tell al-jazeera that india is a growing airline market and competitors should fill the void left by jet airways but that will take at least a few months now jet airways got to this point simply because it couldn't pay the bills anymore specifically for fuel and for airport charges but even stopped paying employees for months but despite that employee he's of remained loyal to the company many of them going without salary continuing to show up for work and now though they're staging protests trying to government attention investor attention to try to save the airline they remember the days when this was considered india's premier airline internationally their biggest private airline and they say that it can still be saved now also on thursday a consortium of lenders led by the state bank of india that effectively own a chunk of the airline say they believe the best way forward is to get any
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interested buyer to formalize their bid but that won't happen until may tenth. in the next few hours will be finding out what's in the report by the u.s. special council robot allegations of russian interference in the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential election the investigation is two years in the making and edited version of this four hundred page report is expected to be released even though democrats have been demanding access to all of its roles in jordan from washington. the timeline for the release of the mole report is somewhat unusual to put it mildly first at about nine thirty am local time the u.s. attorney general bill barr will speak to reporters about this report which will have been edited to protect confidential information that leads to investigations classified information and information that could unfairly bar the reputations of people who are not in the public sphere then ninety minutes later members of
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congress will get the report then afterwards the report will be made public via the internet now that begs a couple of questions how can reporters x. questions about a report that they haven't seed and why is it that members of congress have to first wait for a press conference before they actually get the reports which they say that they need to have as part of their oversight duties jerry dowd lawyer is the chairperson of the house judiciary committee he spoke late good state evening we are certainly not. satisfied with that we've repeatedly said what is demanded of by the situation and that is that the judiciary committee be given the entire report and the underlying evidence. so that we can make those judgments for ourselves and the judiciary committee can as has been the case in prior situations decide which limited portions of the report might have to be kept secret so as not to reveal
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sources and methods of intelligence or for some other legitimate reason but that's a decision for the committee to make not for the attorney general now it was reported late august eighth evening by the york times and other print media that apparently the attorney general's office has been meeting with white house officials about the contents of the bolo report something which is of congress say should never have happened if anything this is only going to ramp up a congressional democrats efforts to try to get the full report as well as the supporting evidence released to the public so that they could decide how to proceed and whether to hold eighty one lead in the tribe presidential campaign of twenty sixteen responsible for any alleged collusion or cooperation with russian authorities in trying to throw the election as a form of proving president alan garcia has died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the police tried to arrest him at his home the president was being investigated and latin america's infamous corruption scandal
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mariana sanchez from the capital lima. the last act in the life of peter's former precedent began with the police raid of his home in an affluent area of the capital lima they were there to arrest him in connection with a long running investigation into corruption during his time in office in the late one nine hundred eighty s. at some point police apparently allowed alan garcia to make a private phone call from his home a short time later a shot was heard was long live on garcia was in critical condition doctors fought to save his life he was revived three times before dying from the effects of a gunshot wound to the head earlier because public prosecutor had issued a detention order in connection with corruption charges over his relationship with a giant construction company in latin america called or they would it alan garcia and nine associates were accused of receiving illegal payments and money laundering
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the sixty nine year old former president was already the subject of a travel ban on tuesday in his last ever interview he repeatedly denied the charges dismissing them as speculation adding that he never sold himself and that is proven . what i can accept and which i reject completely having been head of state two times is that there are these baseless speculations. and i saw himself as a victim last november he entered the two way embassy in lima seeking asylum he spent two weeks there until the government rejected his request saying there was no evidence of political persecution that's all supporters clashed with police here at the hospital where the former president has died his political allies say the decision to take his life was one of dignity and. he has shown dignity by not allowing the government and the public prosecutor's office which is full of people
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with hatred to trample over him. a legacy of served two terms as the president of a do. with his death he becomes the face of a corruption scandal which has now touched almost every corner political life in latin america maybe i'm a scientist i just see that he might be to. ukraine's president petro poroshenko continues to trail behind the t.v. comedian bloody near selinski in the opinion polls and of sunday's second presidential election runoff robin tryst a walk went to the ukrainian seaport of odessa to find out why poroshenko is fighting for his political survival. you know desa ukrainian multiculturalism finds its truest expression. in music with many different routes going to give a new york a order is like new york city of immigrants settled by people of various
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ethnicities greeks germans jews moldovans russians ukrainians and this book a creates this music of the work with that the move to the same diversity may explain why voters in odessa rejected their incumbent president in the first round of ukraine's presidential election petro poroshenko came third here. five years oh i'm from ukraine's revolution russia's annexation of crimea and the conflict in eastern ukraine on result. poroshenko has campaigned for reelection on a platform of ukrainian nationalism he has promoted ukrainian language culture and religion backing the ukrainian all the docs church splitting from the moscow patriarchate. critics here say that policy has alienated odessa and none of the previous presidents have ever try to measure souls or decent never told them what church to goal is and never told them to speak
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a certain language. exemplifies the complexity of the ukrainian nation the cosmopolitan sea town that is mainly russian speaking this old seaports ethnic diversity is emblematic of ukraine's multicultural society but it's also emblematic of ukraine's greatest domestic challenge corruption petro poroshenko promised to rid o. debtor of organized crime but organized crime continues to cast a shadow over the city. anticorruption campaigners here have frequently been attacked because survived an assassination attempt now he takes necessary precautions he accuses poroshenko of cutting a deal with odessa is mare who is on trial for embezzlement yet still holds his post. going to back to the middle ages there are local feudal lords that have
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corrupt political allies in the capital having served all branches of power to do whatever they please kill people he was the resources of a city of more than a million people and an entire region to enrich themselves. back in this term and politics is strictly off the menu a refuge to odessa is to escape election fever. but if opinion polls are correct it may be time for petro poroshenko to face the music robin for steelworker al-jazeera . a building collapse in nigeria last month that killed as many as twenty children is raising questions about construction safety standards haram a tassel has that story from lagos. every morning. takes his son to school. she says as a parent she understands why gates going to education is important even if it is here are basic the schools had mistress insists children who attend private schools like hers have a better chance of making it in life compared to the us government institutions. to
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teach us a government screws you don't you dare walk off it to the left school at any time you close the lid you don't have to. but after a four story building collapsed recently killing as many as twenty children questions are again being asked about building safety standards in nigeria. i had to dig through rubble looking for a five year old son the day the building collapsed she found him alive but she now wants the government to arrest the building contractors who put people's lives at risk. in. president mohamed dubai heidi has a contract isn't property owners negligent will be prosecuted. the x. means as property has been listed for demolition it's often used in
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a building is built and say but the sometimes don't enforce the law and property owners carry on developing transforming substandard buildings into offices and for . lagos is nigeria's biggest city and it's still growing the population increase it brings with it more demand for housing. some of them may have to. move some of them in a strictly adhere to standards. because they are not consequences when they don't follow the. dark results spurlock's of some of those trying. to strengthen. us. but as a cost of living rises in africa's most populous nation hastily built buildings are sometimes the only option for the poor and that could put many lives at risk.
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welcome if you just joining us you're watching al-jazeera live from doha these are the top stories gunman in the southwest of pakistan have ambushed a bus that kidnapped and then kidnapped and killed fourteen passengers and alliance a block separatist groups is claiming responsibility for attacking the vehicle on the main road between corruption and the port of water has more now from islamabad . and then.
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the head of the government in libya is threatening to take the war. to the international criminal court. government troops for the control of the capital tripoli for. condemning foreign interference after the overthrow of a special representative of. military rulers yesterday the day after a high level delegation from saudi arabia and the u.a.e. flew for talks north korea no longer wants the u.s. secretary of state. to nuclear talks state media says the government is calling for someone who is more careful and mature in communicating. with the north korean leader kim jong. calls a new weapons system it would be the first public test since the hanoi summit
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between kim and donald trump ended in february minus an agreement those are your headlines so far today the news continues here people. with the news thirty minutes i will see you. need a heading for the second round of the presidential. plan. take a share of the votes in the first round who will lead the country after this historic election ukraine voice twenty nineteen on al-jazeera. has around nine hundred million indian voters decide who should be the next week how vulnerable are they to the kind of social media manipulation that has recently been seen in europe and say amid growing anxiety about the impact of fake news on
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ministers information on the world's largest democracy we've been to invest. as far as crime goes not much happens in. a sleepy drew district in the heart of the south indian state of. mind so when police constable mohammad the smile received an urgent phone call after noon in may two thousand and eighteen he didn't quite know what to make of it. reported that a mob had taken four child kidnappers hostage and was threatening to kill them.
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but some schools. public. hundred to two hundred people gather that. the religious told the constable that they had received messages forwarded a war whatsapp that a child kidnapping gang was heading for their village. the message is what accompanied by a video that showed two men on a motorcycle abducting a child who was playing on the street. it was enough to cause panic and mayhem. you'll know. what. a lot. of the years have never said. they were just.
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to hear your voice give it all get a couple good to talk. to action hopefully with the law and the public. can still pull itself out of the goal. which is. why the constable a smile was able to save the day here things did get out of control in the rest of the kind. over a period of four months in two thousand and eighteen more than thirty people were lynched across india after similar rumors about child abductions began circulating on what side. these killings were eventually dubbed to whatsapp lynchings by the media. among law enforcement officials. chief of police remark with a computer science degree he was one of the first to recognize what was happening i understand that the mall on the videos where did fix they were not real beatles but
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these weirdos and images we're making these religious form into mobs wielding mobs and they were trying to restrain strangers who walked into the village there's this fear there was this mass hysteria we wanted to understand the origin of this we do because they were going but unfortunately we could not get to the origin of this videos because of the traceability problem because what has this and went and corruption and you cannot get to the origin so even today we have absolutely no idea about where these videos originated from. eventually it emerged that the video in question was doctored from an educational video made by an ingenue in karachi pakistan that tried to raise awareness about child kidnapping. with just a little editing the video became
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a weapon in the hands of unknown troublemakers. so we had to do something and we had to do something very quick. when you have a faceless criminal when you don't know who is you know creating this panic or who is spreading these malicious messages then the only option you have us to reach out to the community and up build them not to share them not to make them go. so that's precisely what we did people read not a veteran of the fake news they were not aware of misinformation and the potential it hard to incite winand. but if the actions of free and others have helped raise awareness about the potentially deadly consequences of spreading malicious just information few people fully understand the broader threat that fake news poses to indian democracy. in
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the capital of the north indian state of bihar housings of people have assembled to watch prime minister modi launch his campaign for reelection in the state the excitement is palpable. was. behind the scenes of this festival unlike most experts have been sounding the alarm bells since the last general election in two thousand and fourteen india's political parties including the prime minister's hindu nationalist party jump up party. have emerged as masters of digital manipulation. most of them including the opposition congress now have a social media wing but critics believe that the b.g.p. steam better known as the id cell is far more organized so i reached out to them
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and all requests for interviews were quickly denied but there are three pozen id cell volunteers spread out across the stradley and i hope some of them would be billing to discuss bad work the figures. the starter. motor. vehicle is what they are trying real hard liquor filled up the bombers outside. then in a stroke of good luck i ran into money which he had the id sell for the state of bihar they are often accused of dishing out misinformation in an attempt to sway voters a charge that body image lee brushed aside i want to pull this stunt on it will be your project on what our psyche but then we call the individual if you don't just give us both your part of us they usually if they don't make it up any of the up their brand of overlap or not it was the fake government you could look me. up but
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he explained that he had personally oversee in the setting up of pozen of whatsapp groups each with nearly two hundred fifty members. where bloops a which you don't want to have you'll watch a bit from the official eagleman been some of the year facts you have been on top of. the media want to like make up you would know what the cool facts they brought up are the year i'm fulfilling the indias to mock them say i am. a little a little. over two hundred thirty million people use whatsapp in india and many of them have been added to partisan groups that disseminate misinformation and provoke sectarian tensions nobody understands better how this works than twenty five year old shivashankar saying a whistleblower who was a key member of the bee gees data analytics department until he suddenly quit
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a year ago the matter of the body getting thirty fourteen elections was centered on developers who are dotted and on who are good there's not a multiple message unlike jack who heard i don't at the party want to find if you look at messaging today it's all about how you're going to see the revenue for pollution of the guard to get hold of fighting the us market on how they're all going to nationals and are one of the children coming up for you to go to country and how they're going to save you from all of the fun with all of these up unstructured enemy. that the body is going to do basically a liar. and manipulate them into what a party is just based on emotion that. critics like sharon allege that the b. chippies shifting narrative is contributing to the flood of misinformation on the battlers of the book he now consults with a group of opposition politicians in the state of bihar helping them devise a digital strategy to counter the b.g.p. which is miles ahead in the game. because you know just an i'll be sure.
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to unemployment this best fix on me going to. beneficially later shiver my ledge is that when he was with the b.g.p. he was staffed with collecting a large amount of personal data to profile voters these state assets would then be used to add people to different whatsapp group chats based on their interests all their prejudices. of the donors of the public domain that's provided by the election commission of toast the biggest one is the one who were to rule as. each other delivering that agenda that household information and there were none in a large part of her do you can get people's cost in religions just with that being because if it's a muslim name you know that person is probably a muslim so we just don't you can get to sixty five seventy percent accuracy brit this you can also back up other day including say electricity bills which give you
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a good idea of comics practice because whoever's attitude usually has a higher electricity bill because they have air conditioning plus you have for not bush that out of the liberal surprisingly is a leader in the uk if you can back up back to the anecdotal then you basically have a direct to be to message people based on their cost their religion that each group and the belong to the lack of data protection laws in india means that such methods are not strictly illegal. but she was disturbed by the kind of an ethical micro-targeting he witnessed the problem arises when you start using the exact same of the liberty dollar to basically create a divided society and the people what started happening is that there is a very concerted effort to create a divide between hindus and muslims to create a divide between groups really specific kind of messaging they're going to get across they want to get across the messaging that muslims will overtake the population number for this group but the thing is just because the messaging goes
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to such a small subset of people who didn't know all but i am going to believe that person so the thing is if you can profile people and identify what kind of messaging they're likely to believe you can skew the. delist better fix it as best a kind of messaging campaign it doesn't cover them strictly one piece of news that's going to convince you of something but if you're bombarded with fake news point to do is press that direction for months on end it does start to feel. these messages start get minority religious groups or individual politicians journalists and activists. but the problem of fake news it's not limited to whatsapp. its parent company facebook has nearly three hundred million users in india and that's by default plays host to an organized ecosystem for disseminating misinformation. in two thousand and eighteen a b.b.c. analysis of some three thousand facebook pages from a town found uproot dominant trite wing narrative
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a nationalist ideology aligned with the b j p on sites spreading fake names at the heart of this all good nice ecosystem up artists and influences like because spine day i started a facebook in which i mean known as i suppose which is one point six which is the words biggest fan. and i've got more readers which i don't want to name because we will again we've got to get it but it's more than six. with facebook now cracking down on pages that share misleading information because careful not to reveal too much but with his boss reach he can often ensure that certain posts go viral while some experts insist he's part of the b.g. . he denies it i don't have any such formal rule in the party but people nor means since i've been in wards of last fifteen years or so in the same set up so it's like. if you have to. get a broadcast from others or
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a call from somebody in the party or the system was this whole we need to do. to achieve this he has an army of volunteers at his disposal mostly they're all the stewards so i normally see them for a. whole sensibility and home willing to help. if they're willing to help they're willing to learn also. something to make graphics out of so i give them either from my pocket one or two thousand something for the internet i asked some of my corporate friend to help give them a job. not create any content himself he has been accused of sharing misleading information and the dude is that idling boy is a. few doesn't. call him a fee. just to. make sure there's credible these
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laws. in a now deleted post which we were able to pull up with the help of a web tool called wayback machine because she had a claim that the number of running refugees living in india had risen to one hundred ten million people in fact the official figure is close to forty thousand but because the rohingya as are a refugee group that are largely muslim this fed into the preexisting bias in indian society against muslims so therefore the. over twenty one thousand times before it was officially taken off. for facebook proving its credibility in its largest market is crucial two weeks before the election began facebook banned hundreds of pages linked to the idea of the congress and the beaches. but the volume of misinformation on social media networks is so high that technology companies just cannot keep up this explosion has led to the birth of over half a dozen fact checking networks like news co-founded by products and for two years
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now since i am a small team have consistently debunked fake news in a nonpartizan way owning them more than a few enemies along the way you got the cheapest possible place to make an office because we have a shoestring budget so the security cameras that you see you know people that if anything funny is tried being recorded so it is for our own safety. it's a few days after indian air force planes hit a target inside pakistani territory and pretty extreme is neck deep in verifying false claims circulating on social media about the attack. twenty six said. that it would i think. devastation after the estradiol. be found.
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play that. and saying that you know this this is the only. news following the money has become increasingly important one way of doing this is trick track how much individual pages are spending on facebook ads. from. one point to one point two groups going in one week the. of course there are bitter feelings there's actually accelerating the amount as the elections approach one thing that we need to do is that we need to go to some of the smaller pieces which are not you know which big thing they're not being sort of monitored and we want to see if there's any and that his book has approved which has an element of misinformation. news recently established that seventy percent of the money spent on political ads in a particular week had come from pro b.g.p. pages nonetheless it's clear that not everyone is ideologically motivated the ones
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that are running the website and making money in the financial motivation is greater in my belief for example there's this guy his name is that we should measure and used to create probably more. videos and he saw that the bias to pull here so he jumped to the other side and started and i believe if there were different political circumstances in the country and if we had to create a different kind of content to make the same amount of money they would. rise amongst a handful of known fake news creators in india is wildly popular website by really in india often carries blatantly false stories with a decidedly anti b.g.p. stance the website was recently suspended but as this one was being made its associated page was still active on facebook and had over a million foreigner was he agreed to meet us in new delhi and was confrontational
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from the start they're not going to have his body image underneath this. little other money website but i don't know part of the bus or by the us what they all vote. was that i knew what i would wear you know a new muddy business model i'm going to. be a smart aleck if he proudly posts pictures on social media with several leaders from the opposition. congress including with the party's president raul gandhi but denies any formal association then i bring up allegations that he deliberately creates fake content op. he seemed easy to put website. up with a good example the if it knows the drop. so i do in may two thousand and eighteen one of his posts went viral on facebook it claims that former indian prime minister manmohan singh who belongs to the congress party had been declared the first of
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fifty most honest leaders in the world in an american survey. many beatrice i make many. people are. sort of a manic. many occupant of side but. i wish i thought it would have you again it doesn't work this doesn't work that if. i may go manic the other side. of the human body. how. like a shake peddlers of misinformation continue to operate with impunity in india the easier we'll ability of datasets with personal information ensures that their content to stalk it to their audiences who are already primed to believe it to be
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over six hundred million indians are connected to the internet as politicians started this rapidly growing constitution see the country's laws have not kept pace successive governments have failed to bring in a personal data protection law believe us draft of this law will now only be discussed in parliament after the ongoing polls. houses of kilometers from new delhi in the french city of toulouse security analyst baptist roberts has given indians yet another reason to demand more stringent protection laws. better known through his twitter pseudonym eliot alderson he describes himself as the worst nightmare of the beach a piece. retuning . to finish the open.
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question a year ago that the prime minister's. with same day uses personal details without their consent to an american behavioral analysis company called clever tap this included specific such as age profession and other voter id details. quickly. we developed on the plane just one more. signal to. wallace in a very big company place specific. one over you move will. push me. and do very scary can you. do it. shortly after baptist's revelations the b.g.p.
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confirmed directly to him that clever tap was using the data from the normal app for. the company remains elusive about the nature of this analysis all our e-mails and calls to them went unanswered. their website provides a few clues. liverpool would all approach is to make relationship marketing. simple and easy for marketers for example little we. can be who. should receive the message the when you know what what the why is that the message should go to and what the actual message is being automating all three of these. for baptist such behavioral analysis raises a few important questions. that people value. you to do.
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because he's known for. his information and i don't snoop i think falls under pressure to not just. kind of the question. there is a sure loser protest group a powerful some control criminal who secured first by due to no tolls on your check and on one quick point on i mean down as it is surely johor crippen don't don't miss it a child in your will one day i will feel sure if kripke her uncle john boehner the president is he sure does that. it's nearly impossible to quantify the damage that such social media manipulation
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may inflict on india's democratic process but if we are to protect and preserve our constitutional right to freely elected does without fia all favor then my fellow citizens will have to demand accountability from those who lead us and from those who mislead us. bank. business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together.
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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together. to. talk to. the foreign ministry.
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to me it was clear it's an intelligence gathering exercise my hands were shackled god back i don't put over the head off into this interrogation tent one by one and he said if you speak again i'll cut your throat. tells his life story and his life changing experience at guantanamo bay. it was. the confession a witness documentary on al-jazeera. zero . richelle carey this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty
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minutes. you want the president to be in prison but look will do you much of what the horrors. protesters in sudan say the arrest of the president is not enough they want the entire administration gone and civilian rule right now. libyan families bury those killed by khalifa have tars forces as calls come for the warlords who face charges and the international criminal court. sixteen thousand jobs in jeopardy as india's oldest private airline shuts down after twenty five years. and the new list is the most dangerous countries in the world for journalists are once again in the middle east. and on sana hamlisch with all the sports a dramatic night in the european champions league as tottenham knock out english champions manchester city to reach the semifinals.
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and it's been a week since the military coup in sudan which ended the thirty year rule of president omar al bashir he is gone but the protesters are continuing to campaign for civilian rule so the revolution is fully realize more protests have been held against any foreign interference after a special representative of russia's president met sudan's military leaders wednesday's meeting was twenty four hours after a high level delegation from saudi arabia and united arab emirates flew to khartoum in egypt's president is also offering his backing or testers are demanding proof aware bashir is some reports say the deposed leader is and sudan's most notorious jail and reports from khartoum. sudan's former president of model bashir is reported to have been moved from house arrest to a maximum security prison there were protesters on khartoum streets welcomed the news. but then the months go much further we are so much happy to hear
6:51 pm
that the president has been moved to a prison that is still not sure what it will be i don't want to assume that we want the president to be in prison but not only him actually but the whole region what he would have been brought to the. brazen it would be on a deal now we have no very. information and people have been brought to the. brazen . wednesday the military council announced a series of measures including the at rest of it bashir has bought his best and along with a number of other high and i can officially say of the former regime it's difficult but the council's spokesman hasn't confirmed that the whereabouts of the depots the president. arrests are underway of symbols of the eyes did regime in addition to others here are believed to be linked to corruption cases the most prominent of those who have been placed in custody until now i are the brothers of the former head of this corrupt regime abdullah and bashir. the council welcomed the ceasefire
6:52 pm
offer from one faction of the sudan people's liberation movement the group has been fighting and bashir is government into southern regions. meanwhile the two main bodies behind the protest so dan professional association and the forces of the declaration of freedom and change say they have submitted a paper for change including the creation of a civilian presidential council with military representation to move the country along with a civilian cabinet made of independent technocrats but protesters say they fear what may happen if the various parties fail to agree on a plan you know that disagreements would mean failure and an opportunity for the military to stay in power how many are dizzy are caught on. get the latest now from khartoum with him morgan so the protesters simmer there already in front of the army headquarters why are there are calls for even more people to join.
6:53 pm
the sudanese professional association that has been leading the calls for process say that the protesters should not back off from the army headquarters until the major demand is still filled which is handing over power to an independent civilian transitional government today's march is known as the million march people are expected to come to not just from various parts of the twin but from other states as well yesterday we've seen doctors protesting in front of the headquarters they've launched from one of the main streets and help them towards the army headquarters there more protests expected with engineers expected to join later as as well as families of the much as they're called people who lost their lives in the four months of protests which started in december so the army so sort of the political parties and the sudanese professional association are saying that for them to people in front of the army headquarters the only car they have if their women card and they say if those people back off and go back home then they have no way to pressure the military council into handing over power so at the moment all
6:54 pm
sides the political parties and the sudanese professional association are telling the people to stay put and asking for more people to continue with the protests so that the military council hands over power as soon as possible which oh you know we've been saying regional and international leaders weighing in on what is happening and sudan really how close is the country to actually forming a transitional government. while the there are yet to agree on how that transitional government will run the military council wants to be the one supervising it but political parties are saying that they want to be independent the sudanese professional association also met yesterday and there they're expected to have talks with the political parties today yesterday this was he gave other parties twenty four hours to come up with a list of names of the people they want to nominate for the for the transitional government but there are also other issues they have to discuss issues like how long the transitional period will be who's going to present them will it be an
6:55 pm
independent technocrats or will they be political parties because their issue is that if you are in the transitional government then you cannot run for elections in and once the transition period is over so they have a lot of issues to talk at the moment richelle and they will be meeting in the coming few hours as well as the next few days but they don't look anywhere closer to forming a transitional government especially with the african union saying that by the end of the month power should be headed from the military council to an independent government ok have a morgan live for us in khartoum have a thank you more or less and speak to douglas johnson an oxford in the united kingdom he is a sudan researcher and author of the book the root causes of sudan's civil wars thank you so much for joining us so is as we've been reporting there seems to be any number. regional international leaders that seem to be keeping an eye on and in fact sort of dipping into what is happening in sudan soldiers kind of tackle the list let's start with egypt adel fertile sisi what is his concern what does he have his eye on about what's happening in sudan. well aged has
6:56 pm
a number of reasons to be concerned what's happening in sudan. the previous regime of the sheer did have a lot of contacts with islam is groups and egypt has been worried about possible support from sudan for the muslim brothers in egypt there's also the issue of the waters what is happening in. sudan of building their own dams on the renaissance in ethiopia so they have a number of reasons for wanting to maintain good relations with whatever new government comes into power in khartoum do they have any role and well it. well. yes egypt will have some influence but i don't think that it will influence the composition of the new government kyle let's let's move on and talk
6:57 pm
about russia why would vladimir putin be sending a representative there. well russia always finds it easier to deal with authoritarian regimes but their interest in sudan is probably more commercial than political. so the sudan has been a customer for arms sales from russia but russia will also be interested in sudan's mineral wealth not only the small amount of oil that remains inside sudan but also the gold mining that has been going on in parts of northern darfur and north east north west of the country so there are commercial reasons that they would like to be able to talk with the with the new government and possibly to make deals now with the provisional military council before a civilian government has any influence on those arrangements that has also been
6:58 pm
involved in the war in yemen is there any indication that that would change once saying once the government changes. no because sudan has the. military council has made it quite clear that they will remain involved in yemen and in fact the current head of the military council was the person who was in charge of. sending forces to yemen under the previous regime so i don't see any change there though there may in fact be if there is a strong civilian or an active civilian government that replaces the military council there may be a shift in time but not right now a stance and persuade your expertise very much thank you. and libya fighters loyal to the u.n. recognized government have launched a new campaign against warlord khalifa haftar in the south of course forces are
6:59 pm
battling government troops for control of the capital tripoli a group aligned to the government has taken advantage of our forces being tied up in the north to capture one of his bases in southern libya let's talk to our libya correspondent moved up to head who is live in tripoli so what can you tell us about what's happening in the south. well it seems that the forces loyal to the warlords are have to receive more challenges especially in the in the hours this morning forces loyal to the end backed unrecognised government of national called the captured. military base in the sales of libya that's around seven hundred kilometers to the south was from the capital tripoli intent. is a very strategic and it was controlled by have to force as a months ago when have to launch an offensive in the south was to take control over
7:00 pm
strategic locations including aide bases military camps and oil fields and installations in the south of libya medical military sources and the say that heavy weapons were used in this offensive to recapture. and sources with the with the have to say that the fighting is still ongoing and they're receiving have to his forces are receiving military supplies from the east we know that this is this is very this is very important for forces loyal to the warlords for have to position in the south of libya and opening a new front of course most of probably distract half his forces attention to recapture the capital tripoli as you know to shell that have to launch an offensive to take control of the capital tripoli two weeks ago.


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